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My Friend John

My Friend John

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Published by: garradejaguar on May 21, 2013
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My friend john "The teacher


I think that the most memorable teacher I've had is John, because he isn't an ordinary teacher that arrives in the morning or afternoon and prepares his class for an hour, he explain the idea, tells the pupils the homework for tomorrow, and thinks only about giving a good class. My friend John is different because he works with you, and with all the student of your group. He doesn’t care about grades or a bad result. He's said “the best teacher don't care about the grades th ey only help the students to find in them self a part of really, because many people in the world have discovered the importance of continuous learning". He explained me that the teacher think in how he's teaching a biology class (for example) and they only prepare your class about biology. John said "I think that the teacher should prepare a biology class and think about how the student could help in the class because if only the teacher speaks in class the students will always be listening. This is not only boring but also they don’t learn. He said I don’t teach to the student, only I help you to discover the information that you already know and that would you like in life because everyday all people learn. A person could know so much but couldn't know it all, then a person couldn't think about what he doesn't know, because he only thinks and understands a little of this area. This idea is crazy but is good Now he might be in Huatulco with other students, because it is necessary to think that a person can't know everything. He can only understand a part of it all, but this won’t help to explain an idea fully.

Thank you my friend John See you

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