Outside Oslo


Outside Oslo in the base camp after showering you met Moira in the cafe for breakfast and coffee she was in a mood about the Yank girl and having to share a tent with her (when she wasn’t off someplace being screwed Moira said) and always chewing gum and those panties she wears I’ve seen more cloth on a finger cut she said I’ll take your word for it you said she pouted and stared at you the finger cut I meant you said by the way are you into Oslo today?

you asked mind if I hang along? sure as long as you don’t talk about the Yank or football or Mahler or whoever else is hid up in that brain of yours she sipped her coffee and ate her breakfast saying nothing more and you watched as she ate her eyes dark and deep her hair frizzed up after the shower her tee shirt holding tight her tits and her blue jeans hugging her thighs as you’d like to do later in Oslo you toured about the streets saw the sights had a beer or two while you sat with her in some bar

she talking of Glasgow and her job and her brother and his girlfriend and how she had this awful wiggly arse and floppy breasts and large eyes like cow pats soft and brown and she laughed and you liked it when she laughed it made her seem better more human less grumpy less critical and had you been more brave you might have kissed her there and then but you didn’t you just ordered another beer and talked of Nietzsche and Mahler just to watch her lips move and incidentally

bore her.

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