The Coca-Cola Company

Talent Management meets Global Mobility
Classified - Internal use

Internal use . 300 bottling partners • Ca.000+ associates worldwide • Ca.TCCC – Some facts • Worlds largest beverage company and most recognised & valued brand • Servings: 1. 80% of sales outside of North America Classified .7 billion per day • More than 500 brands in 200+ countries • 140.

• Partners – Be the most preferred and trusted beverage partner.Coca-Cola Goals for 2020 • People – Be a great place to work. • Profit – More than double system revenues while increasing system margins. Classified .Internal use .

Goals for 2020 – cont. • Portfolio – More than double our servings to over 3 billion a day and be No. • Planet – Be a global leader in sustainable water use. packaging. • Productivity – Manage people.Internal use . Classified . energy and climate protection. 1 in the NARTD beverage business in every market and every category that is of value to us. time and money for greatest effectiveness.

– Talent Management (TM). – Compensation & Benefits (C&B). and – Global Mobility (GM) across geographies and Business Units Classified .Coca-Cola HR • HR business transformed in 2010 • Even closer synergies now between: – Talent Acquisition (TA).Internal use .

GM Set-up • There is a GM “Centre of Expertise” (CoE) consultant for each region: – North America – Latin America – Europe – Eurasia/Africa – Pacific Classified .Internal use .

Internal use . GM involved in discussions with TAP and Hiring Manager • GM not a driver but now heavily involved before and during the event Classified .Where does Global Mobility fit? • TCCC is a global company and more often. resources only available in another country • GM now included early on in the process • When candidate(s) identified and a crossborder move imminent.

. with input from HRD’s processes Shared Transaction Services GBS HR (located in regional sites) Scaled Expertise COE’s e. • C&B • Talent Mgmt • Talent Acquisition • Global Mobility Corporate Center Scaled Expertise (COE)  HR strategy & thought leadership  Governance of people programs  Global policy sign-off  Interface with Senior Company Leaders  & Operating Committee Support executive development and compensation  Design global . standardized end-to end processes and tools Provide expert consulting and support to local needs With service level agreements with Groups Lean Corporate Center • Governance Classified . in partnership with the business Coach and advise Business Unit leaders Enable talent and performance management for their business  Transactional services across all HR  Implement certain initiatives and plans developed by the COE.The new operating model will allow HR and therefore the business. scalable programs  Create simple.Internal use • Strategy  . to focus on the things that really matter • Planning & driving top-line growth • Building brand love & value with our consumers • Working with our bottlers to build a healthy system for the future • Collaborating with our customers & executing to win Global Business Services Business Unit HR BU / Group HRD’s  Build people strategies and drive   change / organizational effectiveness.g.

Internal use 9 .Building a Global Talent Acquisition Foundation The Foundation Right People • Global recruiting team with deep sourcing expertise One Process • Common global process Technology Platform • Single global technology HIGHLY RESTRICTED Classified .

may have left previous role truly on own accord or may be a potential performance issue. happy.The best talent is often the hardest to find & attract Prospect Types (1) Active .Employed.Unemployed and actively seeking a position Difficulty Easy Riskiest to Value hire.Employed but open to a position Moderate Prospect willing to explore other opportunities Prospect Internet postings referrals Networking and Contingent may be disenchanted with current employer and Retained Search Firms  Contingent (3) Relationship Focused.Internal use . & not seeking external opportunities Difficult Any company’s most prized employees and typically the high potentials & Retained Search Firms referrals  Networking and  Sourcing Consultant 10 Classified . Recruiting Tactics Internet postings referrals Networking and (2) Passive .

The Value of Direct Sourcing Talent External Search Firms Consultant managing multiple clients vs Direct Sourcing Model Dedicated internal expert Pipeline building ahead of Open Requisitions Pro-active introductions of key talent External market intelligence ‘owned’ by Coca-Cola Understanding of the Coca-Cola system and culture Unrestricted access to worldwide talent pool Long term motivation Limited.Internal use . if any knowledge of future needs Motivated to fill immediate hiring needs Market intelligence reused for other clients Limited/Narrow exposure to Coca-Cola Restricted by off-limits policies Short term motivation Build own firm reputation Build Coca-Cola employer brand 11 Classified .

GM “Ownership” • Any cross-border move of an associate is “owned” by GM (host country) • CoE works closely with TAP and Hiring Manager to: – Understand reason for the move – Long-term objectives for the associate – Anticipated length of assignment.Internal use . thus – Type of assignment/policy Classified .

Internal use . SBP and candidate Classified .How does GM help the process? • Guides the Business in relation to policy type • Conducts due diligence: – Review corporate entities in home and host – Consider secondment agreements – Review potential PE and TP issues – Advise on compensation package • All this takes place during discussions with Hiring Manager.

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