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Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! I am currently pursuing my final year of study in my Masters in Computer Engineering at Islamic Azad University in UAE Branch. As a part of the requirement of the program, I have to conduct a research on the evaluation of Cloud Computing used in the Enterprise. I will be grateful if you would spend few moments of your time to respond to the questionnaire that would allow me to complete the program requirements. Please answer the questions and be sure that all information is confidential and used for the purpose of research only. Thank you in advance for participating in this study. Part 1 General Knowledge/Perception in Cloud Computing *For IT Professionals and Users (Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Consumers) Please answer the questions that follow by ticking only one answer in each question. Q1. Do you know what Cloud Computing is? [ ] Yes [ ] No Q2. Do you know how it works? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Q3. Is cloud computing beneficial for doing a business nowadays? [ ] Yes [ ] No Q4. Do you have idea about working of cloud computing? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Q5. Do you know how cloud deployment models establish?

[ ] Yes [ ] No Part 2 E-Marketing services *For Users (Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Consumers) Please review the statements below and indicate the degree of e-Marketing services from B2B e-Marketplace in your organization.

Scale: 1 2 3 Very Important Somewhat Important 4 5 Somewhat Unimportant Very Unimportant

Neither Important nor Unimportant

Q6. E-Marketing resources (e.g. E-mail and Web Site) enable us to communicate more effectively with our customers. (Please tick one box)

Q7. E-Marketing enables us to reduce operational costs (e.g. Online Customer Service). (Please

tick one box) 1 2 3 4 5

Q8. The adoption of e-Marketing has improved our sales and developed more effective marketing services. (Please tick one box)

Q9. E-Marketing resources (e.g. data mining) enable us to identify customers characteristics and their purchase behaviors. (Please tick one box)

Part 3 SME Viewpoints on Cloud Computing *For IT Professionals and Users (Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Consumers) This part aims to identify the reason behind a possible engagement of an SME in the Cloud Computing, the most suitable cloud model, the type of cloud service an SME will likely use, and so on.

Q10. What is the size of the enterprise you represent? [ ] 1 9 Employees [ ] 10 50 Employees [ ] 50 250 Employees [ ] Over 250 Employees

Q11. What are the reasons behind your possible engagement in the Cloud Computing? [ ] Remove economic/expertise barriers impeding to modernize business processes by

the introduction of Information Technology.

[ ] Avoiding capital expenditure in hardware, software, IT support, Information Security by

outsourcing infrastructure/platforms/services

[ ] Increasing computing capacity and business performance [ ] Diversification of IT systems [ ] Business Continuity and Disaster recovery capabilities [ ] Local and global optimization of IT infrastructure through automated management of

virtual machines

[ ] Adding redundancy to increase availability and resilience [ ] Controlling marginal profit and marginal costs [ ] Other (please specify) _______________________________________________

Q12. Which solution do you see as the most suitable for an SME, according to this possible Cloud Computing taxonomy? [ ] Public Clud (owned and managed by unrelated business) [ ] Private Cloud (owned and managed internally) [ ] Partner Cloud (owned and managed by a trusted partner) [ ] A federation of clouds provided by various sources (partner, private, etc)
[ ] Others (Please specify)__________________________

Q13. Which layer of the Cloud would you be most likely to approach? [ ] Individual software packages (SaaS) [ ] Complete operating system and software package available via cloud services (PaaS) [ ] Just infrastructure services such as storage, network, etc (IaaS) [ ] Security services in the cloud
[ ] Others (Please specify)__________________________


*For IT Professionals and Users (Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Consumers)

Strongly Agree (5) Agree (4) Uncertain (3) Disagree (2) Strongly Disagree (1)

RELIABILITY 1. The information on the product/item is clearly organized by catalogue.


The information on the items price is



Information on the product/item is

accurately provided by the website.

USER FRIENDLINESS 1. The option (Menu) available help me to navigate the website easily.

Strongly Agree (5)

Agree (4)

Uncertain (3)

Disagree (2)

Strongly Disagree (1)


The neatly arranged content enables

me to look for information easily.


The main path to get information (eg :

Click Here instruction) helps me to start navigating the web site easily.


The systematic classification of the

content helps me to navigate the web easily.

5. The complete display of the web sites enables to view the content easily.

6. The short time to display the web sites enables me to start using the content in the web site quickly. ATTRACTIVENESS 1. The colours/graphics/background/fonts
Strongly Agree (5) Agree (4) Uncertain (3) Disagree (2) Strongly Disagree (1)

used make the web site attractive.


The animations used make the website


INTERACTIVITY 1. The facility to become a registered customer expectedly. 2. When clicked, most of the available links to other web sites displays the appropriate site expectedly. 3. When clicked, the options available at the menu display the expected contents. of the web site functions

Strongly Agree (5)

Agree (4)

Uncertain (3)

Disagree (2)

Strongly Disagree (1)

4. The facility to give feedback/comments (e.g. via E-Mail) to the customer functions expectedly.