TIPPMANN CYCLONE TROBLESHOOTING The Cyclone, Tippmann's weakest link … General This is a short list of cyclone troubleshooting tips

based upon one users experience and comments from other users This is primarily a list of the problem sources, the solutions should be self evident All troubleshooting should begin with a thorough inspection, look for anything unusual or out of the ordinary Problems may exist due to wear & tear or user maintenance, mods or part installation Cyclone Troubleshooting per Tippmann's website Low Air or Co2 Broken Feeder Ratchet Broken Axel More Troubleshooting Tips Loose or missing paddle hold down screw (consider securing with Loc Tite) Paddles are too tall, protrude beyond the top of the axel, bind in the housing when the screw is tightened Paddle center hole stripped out, paddles wobble Bottom cover screws too tight (usually due to the next item) Ratchet and/or axel are too tall and hit the bottom cover (may need to file them down some) Pins in the ratchet protrude from the ratchet and hit the bottom of the cyclone housing or the cover Ratchet rotates too far and the end of the cylinder rod hits the inside of the cyclone housing Banjo screw(s) loose Banjo screw O-ring(s) missing or bad (should be 2 on each screw) Banjo or microline obstructed Banjo barb broken Banjo microline loose or cracked Banjo Screw Hole and Microline Barb not aligned Cylinder rod U cup seal bad or in backwards Cylinder rod O-ring bad or missing Cylinder rod broken or bent Cylinder spring damaged Bad regulator on the HPA tank (insufficient or inconsistent air output) Bad O-rings in the main valve (insufficient air output for the cyclone) Lubrication insufficient or wrong in the ratchet area or inside the cyclone cylinder (NO WD-40) Missing parts Possible Mods and Upgrades Metal Ratchet & Axel - Strongly Recommended Metal Cylinder Rod Squishy Paddles Interlocking paddles Larger Banjos and microline (recommend 3/32 max) Polish inside diameter of the cyclone cylinder Shorten the ratchet spring Shorten the cylinder spring Shorten the cylinder spring cup

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