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Kenton Kuepper Presents Allin Reading With Kenton and Members of His S.E-C.R.E.T. School bas xique Feige? ardo Silverio raat Oatea Allen Zingg J. Tank Aikin’ Reading ‘This work has its focus on Mind Reading as performed by Kenton and his amazing students at the SE.C.RE.T. School. [fever you have seen Kenton, Enrique Enriquez, Leonardo Silverio, Amado Garza, J. Tank, or Allen Zingg read the minds of others without props or preparation, then you already know why this work js valuable. ‘The material in this book has evolved over many years. Originally, Kenton happened ‘upon some of this material as a so-called fluke or accident. Kenton wanted to demonstrate to insider peers a few outs he was using to apparently do real Mind Reading and psychic readings. He tossed out some very wild and off the wall impressions. The funny thing was that he went on for twenty minutes without ever needing to use the outs he intended to demonstrate. A new type of reading ~ Mind Reading — was born. Kenton returned to Phoenix and called his student J. Tank and demonstrated what had happened. Again, no out or adjustment was needed to make Kenton’s impressions work. Kenton tipped to Tank what he was doing. At that point Kenton felt it could not be taught +0 others. In time, he leaned how to pass along these unusual concepts. Today's mentalists desire to do as apparently realistic Mind Reading as possible. They wish to do so with a minimum of props. Their dream, of course, is to apparently read minds with no set-up, no props, nothing but the minds of those involved. Kenton and his students are often seen to do this very thing. In this work, they will teach you exactly how ‘they accomplish such feats. Some of the material, it will not surprise you, seems risky. But you will be given far more outs and ways to adjust than you will ever use in any performance. You will risk, but with a safety net and a team of helpers underneath you. ‘After just a few attempts, you will be convinced that you need not be afraid to fail. If you are like Kenton and his students, soon you will become so excited you will want to try these methods out everywhere you go. In fact, this isa fine way to practice. Learning to sneak these ideas into everyday conversation will convince you of how simple and natural these methods are. ‘You may apply these techniques to so-called cold or psychic readings. Kenton and his students however feel that the greatest value is to apply such reading breakthroughs to the effect of actual Mind Reading and real mentalism. Here is where the School departs, as it so often does, from what is commonly done. ‘you have wanted to apparently read minds ~ really — without set-up, props, or anything but what may be at hand — this work is for you. Study it well, try it out a few times and learn for yourself how the members of the SECRET. School have managed to impress and fool some of the best minds in mentalism, as well as their audiences. We are thrilled that the School has found a way to teach all of this, and are finally willing to share it with others. We welcome you on your own joumey into the New Incredible. (One of the real advancements Kenton and his students teach is the use of techniques to apparently read minds rather than doing fake psychic readings. ‘This apparently simple notion leads the School to many exciting methods and new performance styles. One of the reasons other mentalists question how we are able to do all that ‘we can has its foundation in part from this concept. While Kenton has shared many practical methods for various types of readings through the years, he now performs very little actual cold readings per se. Most of what Kenton performs in this genre curently is what can only be termed “Mind Reading” or at times, ‘Mind Readings”. It is a peculiar thought. ‘Truly tis isan advance in performing if you follow this line of thinking. Turn all of your cold reading tricks into presentations of Mind Reading instead. Soon you appear to be a svontalist with the amazing ability to scan people’s brains and tell them what you see in. their minds, rather than be one of those “psychic charlatans” the Public regards with great suspicion. Perhaps you already feel you perform this way to some degree. That is fine. We hope to expand and expound on all of this; to increase your apparent powers many-fold without ever having to risk giving advice or acting as a therapist if you are not. Doing readings means you may be pat into a position where others rely on you to solve their life problems or tll them how to best run their ives. This is a horrid position unless you bave proper traning. Even with legitimate training, it ean be most difficult, One little slip up and you could really harm someone without meaning to do 0. For ‘on Kenton has long proposed “anti-advice” structures and shifting any interpretation or decision back to the person being read. Ultimately, these approaches lead us to perform what we share with you now. Evolving from “readings” into seemingly real Mind Reading is both oddly more believable, and far less risky. The pressure is much less when performing Mind Reading as opposed to fake psychic readings.