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2G Network

2G Network

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Published by: Nheil Noriell Ico Lisanin on May 22, 2013
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2G Network  SIGTRAN (vrf SIGTRAN) o Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) refers to a protocol stack for the transport of Circuit switched

network signaling protocols (SS7) over an IP network. VOIP (vrf VOIP_MGW) o Actual voice traffic in UDP packets. TRAFFICA (vrf TRAFFICA_WAN) o Operations and Maintenance of network elements GB(vrf GB)

  

Signalling & SMS Traffic Flow: MS A(User1) --- BTS --- BSC --- MSC/VLR & HLR/SMSc --- Cisco router --- IPBB --- Cisco router ---- MSC/VLR & HLR/SMSc --- BSC --- BTS --- MS B (User2) Voice Traffic Flow: MS A(User1) --- BTS --- BSC --- MSC/VLR --- TDM/CGR ---- MSC/VLR --- BSC --- BTS --- MS B (User2)

MSS/MGW/VLR & HLR/SMSc --.3G Network   RAN (vrf RAN) o RAN is the HSPA payload traffic of RNC to SGSN SS7 (vrf SS7) o SS7(similar to SIGTRAN) is the signalling traffic of RNC to SGSN Signalling and Voice Traffic Flow: MS A(User1) --.Router ---.MS B (User2) .BTS --.IPBB --.MSS/MGW/VLR & HLR/SMSc --.BTS --.BSC --.Router --.BSC --.

MSC. SMP NSS (Network Switching Subsytem) Elements: MSS. MGW MS Elements: SMP: COMVERSE . HLR.Network Elements Connections: MS (Messaging Services) Elements: SMSC.


NSS Elements:     MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) MSS (Mobile Switching Centre Server) HLR (Home Location Register)/ NTHLR MGW (Media Gateway) .

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