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Typical Home Network

The typical home network with Amahi has a router, Amahi

installed on a PC and a variety of other networked devices.

Machine with Amahi installed on it

(wired network connection)

Home Router

(wireless or wired
network connection)

Enabling Amahi

To enable the full power of Amahi networking follow the four

numbered steps below. More detailed instructions can be found

1. Install Amahi per the online instructions
2. Confirm that you can access the internet
from your home server
Home Router
3. To leverage ALL
features of Amahi
Turn OFF the
DHCP server on 4. Reboot your devices to
your home router* renew the IP configuration
(so they get their network
configuration from Amahi)

* Refer to FAQ “How do I set up my network with Amahi as DHCP server? I don't understand how all this works!” at 2
Start Using Amahi

The following instructions will help you start using Amahi.

• From any computer on your network you can access Amahi with
the browser url http://hda (hda – home digital assistant)

• To access File Shares on Amahi visit \\hda in your file explorer

• You can directly access the setup page for Amahi at http://setup

– To add applications to your home server click on the “Applications” tab

• For more documentation on using Amahi visit

• For support you can visit the online chat channel or post questions in the forum (same sign-in as your account)