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Ghost in Ship's Rigging (1907)

Ghost in Ship's Rigging (1907)

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Published by draculavanhelsing
Clarence & Richmond Examiner 1907 (Sept 14)
Clarence & Richmond Examiner 1907 (Sept 14)

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Published by: draculavanhelsing on May 22, 2013
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Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1889 - 1915), Saturday 14 September 1907, page 7






uncxhaustod. The will circulation already-in bo anudo but hore ure up, probably never or one in this country two for published tho first time. Each certain has novel raises it out of tho ordinfeatures, 'which description of ghost story ary from 1 was Hamcrossing tho Atlantic I had York,: burg to New only recently become Swedish woman, ongngod to a young was Miss Erna who also a A-, pussanger on board. was shared with My stateroom mo of my'betrothed, by the brothorrin-law Consul: n to small from EuroNicaragua whilo his .wife und her monarchy pean sister Erna directoccupied tho stateroom ly, opposito ours. was -My intended, who in doliente acto somewhat health, was Consul his wife to Centho and company tral America and remain:with them until X had for our wedcompleted arrangements established'a household. ding and fiancee, My though always sweetly affectionate contoward -seemed to bo me,

Ghost: stories talc of those

bnck from tho spirit world to tillie had brido when tho-proper ovor-son lotter of'U morbid, This. of tho sillvo tllscnrded suitor \vas tho cnusu nnd girl's depression. Tho melancholy poor tho of tliut vision yard-arm" spuctro on killed her. would claim











melanstantly oppressed by a brooding, I attributed to tho choly sadness, which frail stute of her general health, although she .was not suffering from, any specific, all a wo mont1. On wore Wednesday ovening seated in our accustomed place on deck, air-castles, Ídonning, building whispering ittlo confidences, when I suddenly become aware of a frightful' change in my fiancee's features, Her to an unnatural eyes opened size ; her now Hps parted, and hor face, such .un ghastly white and drawn, assumed as shall horror I hope I aspect of utter
. '

series in an of weird old house a to soo lt ls not necessary ghost in orof tho supornuturnl. I der to bo convinced submit porsonal experiences ns n. part my a house lu In of what.-.actually occurred of yours. which I lived for a number landmark. Wo a had houso was Timi' rumours heard of. un past, bub unsavoury fnct that and tho its commodious rooms, it lind long boen untennntud, outweighed renovated for us, and be nil ulso. It WHS ca'mo a tnstoful homo, now of my Soon after taking possession In tho awnkonod early quartors I was knoll.. door morning by tho turning of my move1 heard I listened. It turned again. and culled,- "Is without. I sat ments up reply. Tho hundió ?" No that niothor you, I-'hoard turned aguln. Then a, deep sigh stairs. tho and footsteps descending ls playing, a trick "Somoono upon mo," I thought, but nothing npponrod, as I oponstill. dork Tho hall'was and ed tho door. next visitation removed pillow ns my My I. lay asleep. I awoke,, naturally, and .saw u standing woman by tho chlmnoy pleco, Sho looking ut something in her hand. liku a vnnishod so Buddonly. that it Roomed locked I lind ns which door, dream.

rceordor tolling of a snys, and -Inexplicable experiences










-Instinctively and foldirection thc of her eyes saw tho figuro man of a standing, apparently without any support, forotopstvil tho yard, slowly beckonupon direction. in our ing with his right hand clear how this It was to mo not at once futuro wlfo acrobatic affect my feat could ; 'tho so but terribly just at 'this moment of bro ugh ti tho steamer, swaying motion tho directly silhouetted figuro of tho man seo tho and before tho bright moon, I could if ns that clearly, moon apparition through intervened. voil had a but gossnmcr oven timo to grasp tho imDeforo I had of port of this astounding fnct, a shrluk fiancee's and terror Hps my anguish from caused mo She lind bent to turn to her. hor' head nnd her her bronst to sproud iii oft' if to ward hands front- of her ns out an I. carried her to her impending attack. whore'sho lingered in a comastateroom, till our In New tose stato landing York, lator'. died, without a fow She havdays week uttered a a singlo word, exactly ing fateful the after apparition. hor subsequently from I.lonrnod brother acin-law that I became' shortly, before jilted,' for no lírna sho hud quainted with officer in tho Gera reason, young apparent had been engaged to-her many Navy, who Tho lovc-crnzed a moro for thnn yenr. suicido by committed man thereupon young from tho man-of-war to jumping, overboard attached whilo which thu vessel was ho was far from tho not in tho Atlantic,, possibly saw tho phantom. spot whoro Wo in which he to Erna, In his last lotter his lifo, ho announced his intention to tnko bitterly reproached her for what ho called swore and that she would faithlessness her ; man another that novor wed ho live to bnck from tho spirit world 'como would to tillie when I sprang to my lowing with my terrified 1 gaze, feet

orthodox stood partly opon.. My usual, listen to "nonsonso," ta rofusodmother I curious than norvous. and,' being moro continued to tho room.-.-My matoccupy tress was ofton lifted at tho foot, tho piltho door twitched, lows or counterpane not openhundió twlstod, but tho door was tho wonran several times, ed again. I saw approach, but she vnnishod upon



Ono to breakfast I morning on" my. way a man in tho hall. was met Ho tall, had woro black dark. whiskers, and clothing carried his hat. I went down tho back I. hoard stairs, ho tho front, and tho front .door As. I took and close. seat open my was "Who man I asked, that I mot upstairs.?" "What man?" I described him. Mother suid, "lt must bo some thief; there is no ono como hore.!' to We looked carefully. The front was door locked und nil tho winsamo dows fastened. man Tho iu appeared other afterwards. parts of tho house Certain doors -would romain not closed t)H or alarms from went locked, burglar closed doors; sighs and mado pistol shots .to the a such apparent dogreo unennny offered that tlio piuco was for salo. timo At Christmas I was not woll, nnd had to bod carly. My slstor was sitgone mo. tho ting with Knocks, sounded upon vjiother door, wants something," I said. wns The door Thc hall was opened. dark, and was mother near sleeping in" her room looked Wo each other; at questioningly by. carno distinct Then th roo and knocks, steps stairs.' descended' tho our The next month died suddenmothor ly. Before woro tho burial, whilo relativos us with in tho living-room, I-and all tho
' ? .

rest-heard'un startled, and

agonised moaning.




Thc ing room; curtains. heavy

wont out ascertain to mothor lay in tho adjoinwas arch botween hung with As friend. tho loft tho

National Library of Australia


room across was


As curtains. friend. tho loft tho saw two globes of flory light float Tho tho screoned sound opening.

passwas discovered. ing through my was a nailed small Against the chimney man ladder. Tho who tho it "to climbed a above alr-clmmbor, ceiling found ray scattered in tho corner. hoáp of bones over wo as What ho denever they woro know, clared that something gripped him by tho him throat nnd held ho would buck, and .not return again.-"Weekly, Scotsman,"

Before amined.

unexplained. leaving
A false

to tho room,







of'.tho Royal Geoestimated that tho fertile lands of tho 28 to globe amount million milos, tho steppes, tb foursquare one millions doserts and tho milteen to lion. to \ tho persons Pixing 207 squaro and mile for fortilo lands, 10 for steppes ono ns for'ilosorts tho greatest population tho earth could that properly, nourish, tho lirrives at conclusion Professor tho that tlio of inhabitants numbor reaches wiion six.thousand earth will tho million, about At present to its full capacity. bo peopled mora one somewhat thnn it contains If thc rn to of inquarter of that number.' crease shown statiscensus by tho latest Protics should bo uniformly maintained,. Bavcnstein shows tho fessor that globo would bo fully tho year pooplod about a 2072-about a half-heneo. century and Arthur sclonco tho of surgery, Through 1125, Franklin of Zimmerman, Avenue, now with West boon Sido, hns provided was cyolids. Zimmerman tar burned by was disthan Aftor hoa moro year ago. of tho tho skin churged from'tho hospital, cyolids bogan to contract, and ho could not his sight,. his oyes. This closo threatened was Hospital. Ho taken to St. Margaret's woro tho oyes Tho cutlclo overcarefully renew moved and skin, takby tho surgeons, musfrom tho en tho thigh, graf tod over Sovcrnl cio of tho oyolld. havo operations been to required got this skin properly within think placed.* that Tho physicians 10 days tho patient will bo ablo to open us almost and close his eyes as easily, or in as oaslly, would had been ho hu not Jurod. Ono thing only will bo lacktng-eyeThcso cannot lashes. supply. surgery "I. havo used Chamberlain's Colic, Choland Dinrrhooa and Bomody, speak era, from oxporleneo," Mr, F. ächmakn, snys it nover "I, have known Paddington, W.A. or of .colic, to fail iu .nn. nttnek cramps rcoonnnond it to my always diarrhoea, so no To friands and customers. mind, my of a mother should without bo bottle and DiarrColic, Cholera, Chamberlain's For salo by J. hoea Bomody In tho liouso." and J. T. MckitGrafton, J.'Enright, trick, Grafton." South Tho tallest pooplo in tho British Isles aro district of Galloway, found in tho to bo whoro records of tho In South Scotland, Tho sta turo glvo a holght of 5ft. 10} in. ' Wales nnd ls found in shortest stature of tho Tho south-West Englnnd. pcoplo of Snxon Counties, nnd Eastern Midland aro medium staturo. of descant, I'rofessor











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