Brief 2 Greetings Cards Board 1/4

This brief is based on the YCN Greetings UK brief, the brief was to produce a range of 4 greetings cards for any audience or occasion. The Honeycomb cards range are aimed at young children, they have the element of being interactive and something that the child will keep long past their birthdays. The range includes two designs aimed at girls and two designs aimed at boys. As well as greeting cards the range includes, envelopes wrapping paper and tags.

Brief 2 Greetings Cards Board 2/4 These are the illustrations for each variety of the greetings card range, the alien and dinosaur are aimed at boys and the cupcake and fairy designs are aimed at girls. Each of the four designs has a main character or design and then elements to accompany them, the accompanying illustrations are used on the wrapping papers and tags to create scenes and patterns.