Crucible quotes Power- withcraft accusations give the girls power People thrive and benefit from hysteria

- act on hatred and revenge-happens to everyone Guilt- power of guit- struggle due to guilt, rev hale- desperately prays for forgiveness at end of the play for his role In thw witch trials Proctor’s guilt of his affair consumes him- makes him powerless-when elzabeth thrown into jail Authority belongs to men- until Abigail accuses witchcraft-empowers Abigail, power goes to her, girls get most power to get anyone thrown into jail

P9 She comes so rarely to church this year for she will not sit so next so close to something soiled” “will not black my face for any of them” “gossiping liar” P10 Death driving to the m. forked and hoofed P14 Subservient, naïve lonely girl

P7“Might look to unnatural things for the cause of it” When you leaped out of the bush suddenly, then she fainted” “it were sport uncle”

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