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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS – economic impact

1. What are some of the costs of tourism development that could affect the economic benefits of tourism in a community? 2. How do tourism expenditures turn over (multiply) in the destination? 3. How can leakage be reduced? 4. What advice would you give a community’s destination manager regarding the use of multipliers for his community? 6. What role do indicators play in economic analysis? 7. What are some of the obstacles to generating economic benefits from tourism? 8. As a destination manager, how would you ensure that tourism development generates employment in your community or region?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS – socio-cultural impact
1. Is tourism changing cultures or merely exploiting them? Discuss with reference to the impacts of tourism in both developed and developing nations. 2. If culture is defined as the whole way of life of a group, what popular or general cultural factors might be used more to attract visitors to your city?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS – environmental impact
1. Consider tourism products in your local area and discuss the importance of the physical environment in those products. 2. Suggest management strategies that could be used to deal with the negative environmental impacts of tourism. 3. Describe some examples of positive impacts from tourism in your region and identify factors which have contributed to these positive outcomes. 4. Develop a short behavior code for visitors to your country.