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Theatre History Define who the following individuals were and their importance to Theatre: Friedrich Schiller: A German

poet and playwright who wrote such famous works as William Tell, Die Rauber, Don Carlos, and Wallentein. Many composers have set his work to music in musicals and other orchestral pieces. ( Jean Genet: An author and playwright who contributed such works as The Maids, Our Lady of the Flowers, Miracle of the Rose. (,4.html is famous for his post-modern writing style.) Antonin Artaud: A French drama theorist who pioneered Theatre of Cruelty, a form using onstage violence and themes like rape and murder in order to shock the audience, and make them ponder the human condition. ( Aphra Behn: A 17th century English female playwright who left her job as a spy for Charles II to become an authoress. Her plays display early feminist ideals. ( David Garrick: An 18th century actor and playwright. He became famous for his portrayal of Shakespeare’s Richard III, is considered to be one of England’s greatest actors, and wrote a number of comedic plays. He is buried at the Shakespeare Monument at Westminster Abbey. (