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Clariant Gmbh Phase Product ®LOCRON L Aluminium Chlorhydrate Water POLYGLYKOL 400 PEG-8 A Alcohol Dyestuff solution Preservative Fragrance Product ®TYLOSE H 4000 G4 Hydroxyethlycellulose INCI Supplier (Clariant GmbH) INCI Supplier (Clariant GmbH) % 30.00 % 46.70 % 3.00 % 17.00 % q.s. q.s. 0.30 % % 3.00 %

(Clariant GmbH)


Preparation: I Mix the components of A. II B, which is added by continuing stirring, should swell until a homogenous formulation, free of lumps has been obtained. Notes:

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