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RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MATL) CREATOR: James R Mahoney ( James R Mahoney [ UNKNOWN |} CREATION DATE/TIME: 20-MAY-2002 07:20:04.00 SUBJECT:: Ret Next CCSPO Meeting Tuesday, May 21, 1:00-2:30 PM TO:Phil Cooney ( CN=Phil Cooney/OU=cEQ/ READ: UNKNOWN OPGEOP [ CEQ] ) TEXT: Thanks for your note and suggestions, Phil. T will send you the documents when ready today, and we'll keep in touch. dim wrote: > Jim, Greetings! I do not plan to attend this meeting - unless you think there's >a need. I am interested, however, in Item 3 below [Criteria for CCRI priorities > for the FY ‘04 budget] and assume you will send that to me when available on > Monday. As I have indicated before, the Administraion has set out its view of > the priorities in prior materials. E.g., February 2002 materials describing FY > ‘03 CCRT $40M budget request are instructive (North American carbon eyele, the > role of aerosols, investments in computer medeling and high-quality, long term > climate data records}. Also, the June 11, 2001 Report set out the priorities > stemming from the recent NAS report -- many of which go to basic questions > regarding atmospheric chemistry (clouds, aerosols, etc.. ) Thanks, Phil (Embedded image moved James R Mahoney to file: 05/15/2002 06:14:08 PM pic2$332.pex! Record Type: Record Tot See the distribution list at the bottom of this message Subject: Next CCSEO Meeting Tuesday, May 21, }0-2130 PM. To the agency representatives to the Climate Change Science Program Office (FOR ACTION) Copies to the Interagency Working Group on Climate Change Science and Technology (FOR INFORMATION) NW 8729 Docld:59163653 Page 1 We plan the next meeting of the CCSPO to be held at the Commerce Department in Room 5215, next Tuesday, May 21, from 1:00 to 2:30 eM. Please confirm your attendance, or designate your representative, by return email with a copy to Vicki Horton at: For questions about logistics, please call Vicki Horton at 202-482-3567. For questions about the substance of the meeting, please call me at the same number. An updated copy of the CCSFO Short Term Work Plan (dated 5-15-02) is attached. This will be the primary discussion guide for the meeting. The AGENDA for the meeting will be: 1. Review status of the CCRI (August 2001) document. 2. Review and discuss data call for the interagency Inventory of US Global Change and Climate Change Research Programs (to be sent to you by email on Monday, May 20) 3. Review and discuss the criteria for CCRT priorities for the FYO4 budget (to be sent to you by email on Monday, May 20) 4, Review Congressional Relations plans (see attachment} 5. Review GCRP Strategic Plan revision plans (see attachment) 6. Briefly discuss tasking proceedures for CCSPO (see attachment) 7, Briefly discuss logistics for starting the new (combined) ccspo office (see attachment) 8. Briefly discuss funding for other joint activities (see attachment) 8. Briefly discuss outreach program (see attachment) 10. Other business, if any Please note we plan the following meeting of the CCSPO group to be on TUESDAY, JUNE 4 AT 1:00 TO 2:30 PM. I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Jim Mahoney attl.htm : Hypertext Markup Language (text/html) Internet HTML Name: CCSPO short erm Work Plan $-15-02.doc ‘Type: WINWORD File application/msword} ‘CCSPO Short Tezm Work Plan 5-15-02.doc Encoding: BASEE4 Description: Microsoft Word NW 8729 Docld:59163653 Page 2 > Download Status: Not downloade with message Message Sent William Hohenstein Vicki Horton Tom Spence Steve Ramberg Bob Card Scott Rayder Patrick Neale Phil Cooney/CEQ/EOP@EOP Craig Montesano Mary Cleave Marcus Peacock/OMB/EOP@EO? James R Mahoney Margaret Leinen kyle McSlarrow Kathie L, Olsen/oSTP/EOP@EOP Kevin Kolevar Jim Moseley John H. Marburger/O8TP/BOPQEOP Jack Kaye Charles Groat Mary Gant David Evans Harlan Watson Paula Dobriansky John Beale Ghassem Asrar Ari Patrinos Conrad Lautenbacher Gary C. Reisner/OMB/EOP@EOP Michelle Reed Melinda Moore “ray.orbach" “slimak-michael" Paul T. Anastas/OSTP/EOPGEOP Sarah G. Horrigan/OMB/BOP@EO® Robert J. Tuccillo/OMB/EOP@EOP Joanne Swanson rmoss jhren Kameran L. Bailey/CEQ/EOP@EOP Rrussell Lucia Tsaoussi MaryBeth Nethercutt Ted Kassinger Pat Thorne Pat Simms James Connaughton/CEQ/EOP@EOP Scott Gudes "St.John" Rita Colwell NW 8729 Docld:59163653 Page 3