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Announcement and Invitation US. Climate Change Science Program: Planning Workshop for Scientists and Stakeholders Sponsored by the ‘The Workshop, The United States Climate Change Seience Program will hold a comprehensive Morkshop on the US: Climate Change Science Program, from December 3to 3.2002 in Washington, DC to receive comments on a discussion draft Version of ile Strategie Plan for climate change and global change studies. The US. Climate Change Seience Program incorporating the US. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) and the ‘Climate Change Research Initiative (CRI) is jointly sponsored. by 13 US. government agencies. The Workshop will review the USGCRPICCRI plans with emphasis on the development of short- term (2 — 3 years) prosuets to suppor climate change poliey and resouree management decision-making Background. The US. Global Change Research Act of 1990 initiated the USGCRP that continues today as a major sponsor of| Jobal change research. In Jue 2001 President George W. Bush directed the USGCRP agencies to develop a focused Climate Change Research Initiative (CRD) withthe goal of accelerating the USGCRP research activities in the nest 2 to $ years to ass in the development of public policy and natural resource management tools related to climate change issues When finalized, the draft Statevie Plan reviewed during and after the Workshop will provide the principal guidance for the U.S. global ‘change and climate change research programs during the next several years, subject to fevisions as appropriate fo respond 10 nev developed information and decision support tools Purpose of Workshop. The Wodkshop responds to the President's direction that the US. global change and climate change science programs must he objective, sensitive 10 Uncertainties, and well documented for public debate. The US. lobal change and climate change research programs must consistently meet the highest standards of credibility transparency. and responsiveness tothe scientific community. as well as to all interested user groups, and our intertonal partners. To assure the continued scientiic eredbility of the US. Climate Change Science Program. the Workshop will provide a comprehensive review of the discussion draft of the Statezic Plan. The Workshop discussions, supplemented by waitlen ‘comments submitted during a 30-day post-Workshop period, ill be reflected in te final Strategie Plan Us Climate Chang Selence Program | ‘Who Should Attend? # Members of the scientific community anterested in reviewing ‘and commenting on the plans and espected deliverables of the USGCRPICCRI research program NW 9729 Docta:59163751 Page 1 U.S. Climate Change Science Program, Incorporating USGCRP and CCRI December 3-5, 2002 Marriott Wardman Park Hotel 2660 Woodley Road, NW ‘© Members of the climate stakeholder and resource ‘management communities interested. in commenting on the planned application of the USGCRPICCRI scientific, economic, and eneray system information to policy” and resource mangement decisions ‘© Members of the international climate change community inlereied in reviewing and discussing the updated 11S research and desision support plans Workshop Topies. The workshop will include a plenary session each day as well as the following breakouts ‘Observations, Monitoring. and Data Management ‘© Scenario Development and Evaluation Climate Models: Implementation and Application «© Decision Support Tool Development ‘Atmospheric Composition + Cathon Cycle ‘© Water Cycle ‘© Climate Variability and Change «Ecosystem Interactions: Foreing and Feedbacks Human Contributions andl Responses to Climate Change Land UseLand Cover Chany International Scieatie Collaboration Public Communication of Information and Findings Invited Keynote Speakers, Several senior US-based) and intemational science and user aroup leaders have been invited to be keynote speakers for the plenary sessions. partial list of invited keynote speakers includes Dr. Bruce Alberts, President, NAS Hon, Robert Card, Underseeretay’ of Energy Dr Rita R. Colwell, Director, NSF ADM Conmd C.Lautenbacher, Administrator, NOAA Dr John H. Marburger, Director. OSTP, EOP. Prof, GOP. Obasi, Secretary’ General, WMO Hon, Sean O'Keefe, Administrator, NASA, Dr. RK. Pachau, Chairman, IPCC ‘Workshop/Reviewer Process, The Workshop will inlude daily plenary sessions and several breakout sessions. Each Freakout session will begin witha summary presentation of ‘an element of the diseussion draft of the Stratezie Pau, and ‘ill include invited reviewer comments, as well as general attendee comments, Sumanary records will he prepare for Washin gton, DC. Publica on of t discuss draft the ‘Strategic Plan wi ont web si atescienc gor Novembs rer for scientific and public Connmen suggest welcome from boi scientific and sta ies durin and aft the ‘Worksho tlk Commen scan t submit rt Faawary 18,2003 Oversig he by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. An advisory committee appoint by the U.S. National Academy’ of Setences (NAS) Will Undertake an independent review of the daft Strategic Pan, and Will give consideration to the scientific and~ stakeholder ‘community comments during and afte the Workshop. Product. The US. Climate Change Seience Program will be responsible for preparation of the final version of the Skatesic Plan, based on is evaluation of information presented at the ‘Workshop andor posted on its web site, as well as full review of | the recommendations developed by the NAS. The final Statezic Plan will be published in Apel 2003, Sponsoring Agencies. Departments of Agriculture, Commetee. Defense. Fnerzy, Heath and Human Serviees the Interior. State and Transportation; Environmental Protection Agenes’ National ‘Aeronautics and Space Administration. National Science Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, and US. Ageney for Intemational Development Schedule. Tuesday, December 3:9:30 am, -$:30 pm, Wednesday, December 4: 30am - 5:30pm Thursday. December 5; 8:30am, - 408 pan Registration and Logistical Information is available atthe web site win climatescience gov. Questions about Workshop Objectives and Presentations: James R, Mahoney. PhD. Assistant Secretary of Comumeroe for ‘Oceans and Atmosphere Dinecto, US. Climate Change Science Progsam, ‘workshop dlimateseience gov NW 9729 Doctd:59163751 Page 2 Climate Science and Technology Management Structure Office of the President Climate Change Policy and Program Review by NSC, DPC, NEC Committee on Climate Change Science and Technology Integration Chair; Secretary of Commerce* Vice Chair; Secretary of Energy* Executive Director: OSTP Director Secretary of State NEC Director Secretary of Transportation Secretary of Agriculture NASA Administrator Secretary of Defense EPA Administrator Secretary of the Interior CEQ Chairman OMB Director Secretary of HHS NSF Director Interagency Working Group on ate Climate Change Seience and Technology ‘(ncluding Task Force Chair: Deputy/Under Secretary of Energy* on International Vice Chair: Deputy/Under Secretary of Commerce* Secretary: OSTP Associate Director for Science Members DS/US Level: CEQ, DOD, DOI, DOS, DOT, EPA, HHS, NASA, NEC, NSF, OMB, USDA. Energy Cooperation) DOS, DOE, USAID and Other Agencies ‘Climate Change Science Program | Climate Change Technology Program Director: Assistant Secretary of Commerce |_| Director: Assistant Secretary of Energy for for Oceans and Atmosphere | Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Members: DOC, DOD, DOE, DOI, DOS, DOT, EPA, Members: DOC, DOD, DOE, DOI, DOS, DOT, EPA, HHS, NASA, NSF, OMB, OSTP, Smithsonian, USAID, HHS, NASA, NSF, OMB, OSTP, USAID, USDA. USDA | WW 8729 Docta:59163752 PagéGhair and Vice Chair of Committee and Working Group rotate annually November 2002