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Key Quotes

The Chimney SweeperInnocence

The poem is about a chimney sweeper named Tom Dacre; commenting on his life.

Use of the word lamb could be a biblical reference as a lamb was sacrificed; like the boys in the poem. Juxtaposition of soot and white

Simplistic rhythm and rhyme, suggest child AABB 6 stanzas

The Chimney SweeperExperience

Chimney Sweeper , popular profession

Father sold me. So, if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.

The Blossom

The poem is a short poem about spring.

Robin is unhappy as it is spring and not winter hears you sobbing sobbing Sexual imagery, phallic arrow also it is the first poem about flowers suggesting that it could be about the first sexual experience. Father fatherechos the lords prayer, repetition Allegory of spiritual life, saying that if we chase after riches and power we essentially become lost. Critique of

Repetition Tonesimplistic Trochaic Lines 4 and 5 rhyme

Spring A Little Girl Lost

The BibleAdam and Eve

Sees you swift as arrow.

The Little Boy Lost

This poem is about a father who loses his son in the fog due to negligence.

2 equal stanzas Internal rhyme Omniscient speaker Rhetorical questions

The Little Boy Found The Little Black Boy Bothe Chimney Sweeper poems.

In Blakes period Men were not paternal as they were at work alot of the time.

Father father where are you going The night was dark and no father was there

parenting as father has lost his son, intentionally or accidently is ambiguous.