Ribbon Hairclip Tutorial

Materials you will need: Ribbon Needle & thread Hairclip Sequin Bead Scissors Glue (optional)

1. Loop the ribbon to start with the ribbon tucked inside for a neat finish.

2. Keep looping the ribbon until you have 4 loops on both sides and it looks like a piece of taffy then trim off excess ribbon.

3. Hold the needle and push the loops down.

4. Start to twist the loops around...

5. ..and keep twisting until you like how it looks.

6. Secure it with a couple of stitches.

7. Sew up through the centre of the sequin.

8. Sew through the bead….

9. ….and back down through the sequin.

10. The bead holds the sequin on. I try to do the bead stitch twice (you just have to fiddle and angle under the bead).

11. Add a dot of glue underneath to secure the stitching and to help secure it to the clip. This step is optional though I do recommend it.

12. Stitch around the clip a few times to secure – random stitching is fine.

Voila! Finished hairclip…

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