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Fries 1 Thea Fries English III Honors 29 April 2013 Brave New World Analysis Imagine a world where

everyone gets what they want, where everyone is happy. Personal helicopters ride a person anywhere, sex is as common as a handshake, and whatever someone wants, they can get. But to obtain that happiness, some personal freedoms would be taken away, like individuality and individual thought. In the society of Brave New World the controllers believe that to achieve happiness, there must be a controlled, conformed social structure. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley explores how the government uses the advances in science and technology to force conformity. The World Controllers use environmental control, behavioral conditioning, and the drug soma to gain power to control and conform the people. Brave New World demonstrates how the government forces conformity by using the advanced knowledge in environmental control to manipulate a developing fetus. The advancements in science, specifically controlling an environment, allow the controllers to essentially design a human being to fit their uses. They can form a society by artificially making people for each needed job. The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning explains that during the formation of a baby in a laboratory the lower the caste, . . . the shorter the oxygen *supply+ (14), which depletes the brain of vital nutrients and creates a human who is less intelligent and therefore more qualified for lower class jobs. The government allows laboratories to manipulate the outside factors of a developing baby at several different stages of growth, which normally would have taken place inside the womb, to control how the baby will develop. Controlling the environment of growth can control how smart, strong, and happy a person becomes. Manipulating these factors give the government of Brave New World the power to conform a person to fit their place in society.

Fries 2 Another science that the controlling powers in Brave New World use to force conformity is the newfound science behind behavioral conditioning. Behavior conditioning is a process where scientists force messages into the minds of babies and children and these messages grow inside their mind and become their beliefs. For example, during a tour of the conditioning labs, students watched a demonstration of behavioral conditioning where by toddles are places in a room and exposed to flowers and book, which they seem to enjoy at first, but quickly grow an instinctive hatred of books and flowers due to the electric shock and loud alarm bells that followed their interactions with these items (22). These traumatizing events condition these children to stay away from certain items that would lead them astray from their place in society, theyll be safe from books and botany all their lives (22). To enforce even more conformity, labs playback messages during sleep to implant thoughts and make them become beliefs. This hypnopedia could be used to keep people happy in their social status, Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do . . . Im really awfully glad Im a Beta, because I dont work so hard (27). The government can control people by conditioning them to be happy where they are to keep any sort of individual thinking or rebellions from happening. The last resort the government used to forces conformity and control their citizens was the use of the drug soma. This euphoric inducing drug has all the desired effects of alcohol without the side effects or hangovers. Soma is the perfect drug to keep people happy which, in turn keeps people from questioning and causing disorder in society. When all else fails, theres always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and longsuffering. (238). Whenever anyone felt any pain or suffering, the immediate thought was, a gramme is always better than a damn (90). Aldous Huxley introduces to the readers many new technologies and science in Brave New World and then demonstrates how those advances can be used against the common man

Fries 3 by the controlling forces to conform and control the people. The justification behind these actions is to keep every person happy, but would you give up your individual thought to be happy all the time?