FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  2    


FCED’s Child Advocacy and Protection Program in collaboration with Childhope Asia Philippines and with support from CORDAID have motivated parents, children and community leaders to participate in community building to stimulate action for protection of children’s rights. As one of the pioneer organizations in Metro Manila that have trained and facilitated the organization of Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC), a mandate program by the local government, the program has now reached 27 urban poor communities in Districts V and VI directly working among 2,500 families and their children through training, workshops/sessions on child’s rights protection and community building organization through direct services. Our partnership with NGOs, LGUs and private institutions this year has enabled the program to facilitate sessions on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Violence against Women and Children; with capacity building activities that include training of Instructional Managers for the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Basic Education Program; orientation on small scale entrepreneurship; financial education; and voter’s education. A forum focusing on child friendly governance was also conducted among potential community leaders. These activities aim to provide avenue for the continuous program implementation of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children in the community. For the entire year, six (6) cases related to Violence against Women and Children (VAWC) were identified and referred to PNP-Women and Children Protection Desk while ten (10) cases of crime involving minors were reported. These include theft, bullying and one case of rape. There is a slight decrease with the total number of crime reported as compared to the previous year, which positively shows the effectiveness of the BCPC program among community members. Among the assistance provided were psychosocial interventions among the victim/s and perpetrator/s to identify the cause of the problem and their misconduct, as well as reunification strategies whenever feasible. By the coming year 2011, the program expects to indentify and assist eight (8) more urban poor communities in Districts V and VI in Metro Manila to organize BCPC in each barangay aiming for the protection of children’s rights and development of children and their families.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  3    


Aligning the programs in accordance with Childfund’s global direction, FCED as partner in community development implemented the following projects and activities for 2010:

“Developing healthy mind and body” To ensure that infants and children ages 0-5 are provided with proper care and nutrition and that their parents are provided with adequate information, the following are the main activities conducted this year: • Two hundred fifty-two (252) parents of children ages 0-3 years old from Barangays 823, 824, 825, 826, 843, 844 and 850 attended sessions on Growing Great Kids (GGK). • Eighty-eight (88) children ages 3-5 years old and five (5) parent volunteers from Barangays 825, 843, 844, 849, 850 and 853 attended sessions on Supervised Neighborhood Play Program (SNP). • Re-echo sessions on Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) were conducted among 291 parents from 10 urban poor communities in Paco and Pandacan Manila. • For 2010, 291 mothers from eleven (11) FCED assisted barangays participated in the whole year campaign on Breastfeeding Awareness. • Donated learning materials in three Day Care Facilities (Brgys 821, 824 and 844) in Paco Manila. A total of 107 children benefited from these learning materials.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  4    


“Confident and educated children” The LEAD program provides educational assistance to children to help them develop selfesteem and gain knowledge through proper education. The following are some of the highlights of activities for 2010: • Under the program, two hundred sixteen (216) elementary and high school students were provided with educational assistance for the school year 2010-201. The beneficiaries were also provided with school supplies and meal or transportation allowance • One hundred forty five (145) children, fifty-five (55) youth, twelve (12) parent leaders and eleven (11) support staff attended a Leadership and Teambuilding Camp conducted last May 29-30, 2010 at Los Baños, Laguna. • Eighty-nine (89) children from Barangays 821,823,824,825 and 843 attended tutorial sessions on English, Math and Science for 7 consecutive Saturdays facilitated by student volunteers from De La SalleCollege of St. Benilde. • Among the child development activities facilitated by FCED Foundation among LEAD children are the following: Rights of the Child and Responsibilities; Gender Sensitivity; Primary Health Care with focus on Dengue Awareness; Values Formation; Perspective Building and Adolescence Healthy Lifestyle. • Skills for Life sessions were conducted last September and October 2010 among 248 children in 10 FCED covered barangays.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  5    


“Youth involvement and skills development” The youth plays an active role in community building. Likewise, FCED-PEER Program aims to provide youth groups in Districts V and VI with programs that will encourage them to actively participate in community activities and help them to become productive citizens. The following are some of the highlights of activities for 2010: • For the school year 2010-2011, nineteen (19) youth were provided with educational assistance. The assistance provides meal and transportation allowances; costs of school projects or books and tuition fees for those who are in college. • Seventy-seven (77) out-of-school youth from six (6) FCED covered barangays continue to attend alternative basic education through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program. • Twenty-four (24) out-of-school youth attended a two-day workshop on Job Motivation and Work Ethics last August 2010. The workshop sessions included topics on self-awareness; life-journey; examining career goals; factors affecting job choice; work ethics and job interview. • Four (4) coordination meetings were conducted with Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Foundation, Rags to Riches, Philippine Exporters’ Association and Christmas Association at DTI to gain additional market for the products of FCED and to explore for partners who could help in facilitating skills training. • Youth peer facilitators conducted conflict resolution sessions among 155 youth in seven (7) FCED assisted barangays. One hundred forty-nine (149) youth also participated in the values and arts workshops conducted last October 2010.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  6    


“ Networking with communities promoting the development and protection of children” The ACTION program encourages the involvement of other community members especially parents and community officials to work hand-in-hand with NGOs and LGUs in strengthening advocacy programs for the protection of children and to transform their community into a social organization responsible for its members. The following are some of the highlights of activities conducted in 2010: • Encouraging staff to participate in skills development activities, FCED-Childfund Program Manager attended a two-day training on NGO Governance last July 2010 as well as a workshop on Community Managed Savings and Credit Association last August 2010. Seven (7) program staff also attended a teambuilding activity conducted last May 2010. • Twelve (12) community parents are involved in the production of handbags made out of different woven newspaper bags. Active parents from brgy 844 continue to sew uniforms for a local clinic. • Thirty-seven (37) parents engaged in livelihood activities attended a two- day business planning seminar workshop last April 2010. The workshop aims for the parents to know how to manage a small business. Another fifty-three (53) parents were trained on News paper bag making last July 2010. • The Protection Committees of Barangays 824,849 and 844 assisted six (6) children and women who were victims of abuse. Their cases had been referred to the BCPC Committee for further intervention. • The training and advocacy sessions conducted during the year include: Convention on the Rights of the Child; Child Labor Advocacy; Financial Management; Voter’s Education; and an Orientation on Violence against Women and Children.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  7    


HEALTHY START This program assists parents to provide proper care and attention to their children from 0 to 3 years old. Through FCED’s continued partnership with Consuelo Foundation, the program has been able to monitor and supervise seventy-five (75) partner parents, including pregnant mothers and their infants. Partner babies were provided with complete immunization shots, monthly weighing and nutrition feeding. The following were among the parent education sessions facilitated among the seventy-five (75) partner families: awareness on the use of personal and professional self; understanding relationship pattern; the different tools of problem intervention in working with families; child’s rights; nutrition education; child rearing and discipline; and responsible parenting. The five (5) trained family support workers (composed of active community mothers) were also provided with upgrading training for the reimplementation of the Early Childhood Care and Development Program.

FCED Foundation continues to provide educational assistance to urban poorest of the poor children and youth situated in Districts V and VI of Manila. This school year, in addition to 216 children assisted by Childfund educational assistance program, FCED’s EAP was able to assist 407 children and youth enrolled in local public schools and universities in Metro Manila. The following table indicates the individual, group and corporate sponsors and the number of beneficiaries provided with educational assistance for school year 2010-2011.

SPONSOR Dra. Aleta and group Mrs. Lourdes S. Zamuco and group Mrs. Brenda Vigo and group Atty. Aileen Cordero- Batac



FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  8    

  Couples for Christ One World Foundation Hope for Children UK (Walk to School Program) Merryland Future Initiatives Enterprise Deutsche Bank Singapore TOTAL 11 7 13 6 5 300


Aside from direct assistance from individuals, civic groups and corporations, Food for Hungry Minds (FHM) educates 147 children (79 elementary and 68 high school deserving students) through scholarship grants in Food for Hungry Minds School located in Makati. The Educational Assistance Program also continues to conduct psychological and developmental interventions, values education and advocacy sessions among the beneficiaries and their parents, as well as stress debriefing activities during calamities and disaster.

An accredited program by the Department of Education, the Alternative Learning System Program for Basic Education provides an alternative to the existing formal education for out-ofschool children and youth which encompasses both non-formal and informal basic education and skills development. FCED facilitates this program to ensure that even out-of-school children and youth can have access to education amd may even return to formal education schools. In partnership with ERDA Foundation, FCED’s ALS Program continues to provide basic alternative education to almost 200 out-of-school children and youth from 15 urban poorest of the poor barangays in Paco, Pandacan, Leveriza and Sta. Ana. The learning sessions are carried out twice a week at the barangay hall or community-learning center by DepED trained facilitator/instructional manager who conducts sessions on Basic Literacy Program (BLP) and/or Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Program. This particular approach uses modules and learning materials that are self-paced, selfinstructional, indigenous and integrated. Values education sessions are also conducted once a week.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  9    

  For this year, 130 out-of-school children and youth were qualified to take the Accreditation and Equivalency Examination (A&E) which measures the learners’ capability to move on to a higher level. Among them, 18 passed the examination and were promoted to secondary education. Other passers were able to gain a highschool diploma and took up a vocational course on food technology, building wiring and information technology at Eulogio Amang Rodriquez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST). Partnership with Child at Venture, an NGO based in the Netherlands, enabled us to provide entrepreneurial skills training and initial capital among out-ofschool youth who demonstrated an interest in managing their own business. Currently, the program is finalizing all the business plans that the youth proposed and hopefully by the following year, these business plans will materialize.

As an organization that provides a holistic approach in community development, addressing the basic needs of community members also include the development of positive values and spiritual values. Thus, FCED Foundation continued to facilitate its values education program as an avenue to help the parents realize the role that they play in the values development of their children; positive upbringing of children and youth; understanding the importance of developing positive relationship among other community members; and strengthening their faith and spirituality. This program has been facilitated once a month (an average of 2 hours per session) among the parents in 14 FCED covered barangays and every Saturday among the children and youth beneficiaries of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program and Educational Assistance Program (EAP). Among the values and spiritual values sessions facilitated within the year were: Faith in God, faith in self; Forgiveness; Sin of Commission and Omission; Interconnectedness; Care for others; Trust; Diversity; Self-awareness for Skills for Life; and Environmental awareness.

FCED’s Community Based Recovery Program (CBRP) provides an alternative and sustainable intervention for the prevention and treatment of abused children and families involved in substance abuse and other vices. The program uses ear acupuncture treatment as a detoxification procedure for alcohol and drug dependents as well as to treat common disorders such as dysmenorrhea, insomnia, migraine and other body pains. Currently, the program has seven (7) active ear acupuncturists who underwent training at INAM (Integrative Alternative Medicine). From our pilot area in barangay 823 in Paco, Manila, this year, the program has expanded to eleven (11) more urban poor barangays namely: Brgys. 826; 827; 828; 843; 844; 834; 850; 662; 719; 737; and 775. These barangays consistently provide treatment among 150 indentified out-


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  10    

  of-school children and youth ages 10-21 years old. So far, those who were assisted with acupuncture treatment showed positive responses. Many of the clients shared that they were more relaxed and were able to sleep well at night, others have expressed that their craving for cigarettes and liquor have reduced. Counseling and formation of self-help groups were also organized to help victims disclose family issues and other problems and thus be provided with appropriate interventions. By 2011-2012, FCED targets to expand the program to fifteen (15) more barangays covering the 27 barangays currently assisted by the organization.

The Livelihood Development Program provides technical assistance and financial support among poor and low-income households in 16 FCED covered barangays in Districts V and VI of Manila. This program aims to motivate community members into entrepreneurship, facilitating financial literacy and support for micro-enterprise or livelihood activities. In 2010, the livelihood program expanded to three (3) more barangays namely, Leveriza, San Andres and Sta. Ana Manila from the formerly thirteen (13) covered barangays in 2009. This expansion has increased the number of trained parents on livelihood skills training and clients for our savings program. From 177 client savers in 2009, the number of savers increased to 694 for 2010, this gives a total of 2,694 active saver-clients for 2010. With this number, the Livelihood program was able to mobilize a savings of Php 2,025,689.15; an increase of 77% from last year’s savings amounting to Php 537,683.41. Although there is also an increase in the amount of withdrawals for the period, the program was able to manage it through the replenishment of funds for withdrawal and efficient handling of liquidations. It also continues to receive income from fees, service charges and interest from loans disbursed. Generally, for 2010, the Livelihood program has definitely improved in providing technical and financial support among the community members of Districts V and VI in Metro Manila. Planning is underway to train more community members on financial literacy and management and to expand in more barangays by 2011.


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  11    


FCED Foundation would not be able to effectively assist the urban poorest of the poor families and their children for the entire year without the partnership and support from local and international partner foundations, private individuals, NGOs and Government Agencies. For 2010, we would like to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following donors: Advocacy Program • • Cordaid Ang- Hortaleza Foundation

Community Based Recovery Program (CBRP) • • Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Integrative Alternative Medicine (INAM)

Educational Program • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dr. Aleta-Rojas, VESCC and friends Atty. Aileen Cordero- Batac Childfund Philippines Child at Venture Couples for Christ Deutsche Knowledge Service Deutsche Bank Singapore Educational Research and Development Assistance (ERDA) Foundation, Inc. Eulogio Amang Rodriquez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) Food for Hungry Minds (FHM) Future Initiatives Enterprise Gouldtrust Foundation Hope for Children UK (Walk to School Program) Merryland Mrs. Brenda Vigo and group Mrs. Lourdes S. Zamuco and group One World Foundation Jollibee Foundation Inc. Share Your Blessings

Early Childhood Care and Development / Healthy Start • Consuelo Foundation, Inc.

Integrated Community Development Program • Childfund


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  12    

  Livelihood Program Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Organization Other Donors: Father Vic Robles Mr. David Consunji Ms. Luz Consunji Mr. Edwin Hernandez Ms. Eva Kapen Ms. Cecilio Adorna Ms. Rose De Vries- Baluyot Ms. Jacky Bacal Ms. Ma. Lourdes Tagle PAL Foundation Peer Facilitator Group- University of Sto. Tomas Chummy Chum Foundation EAP Theater Arts Group


FCED 2010 Annual Report          |  13    

Directors and Staff
Ms. Brenda S. Vigo
Board Chairman


Mrs. Erlinda Cordero

Ms. Pacita Sandoval
Board Member

Ms. Teresita L. Silva
President and Executive Director

Mrs. Lourdes Zamuco
Board Member

Ms. Ramona Wantin
Board Member

Ms. Bernardita Perlas
Board Secretary

Ms. Luz Consunji
Board Member

Ms. Love Gregorie Perez
Board Member

Executive Ms. Teresita L. Silva
President and Executive Director

Food for Hungry Minds Ms. Christine Bernadette Solmerano
FHM Social Worker

Ms. Lotus Cabrera
Assistant Executive Director

Livelihood Program Ms. Aileen Barrios
Program Manager

Administrative Ms. Aileen Barrios
Administrative Officer/ Bookkeeper

Nino Yumul
Account Officer/Cashier

Program Staff Advocacy Program Mr. Severo Talavera
Program Manager

Childfund Supported Project Ms. Norilix Razalan
Program Manager

MelitaMarquez Mae Jcnym Meridian Estacio Shelo Balboa
Community Organizers

Lotus Cabrera Maria Jay Belgica Rosselle Amor Escabal
Community Organizers

Amelia Fajardo
Finance & Admin Officer

Educational Program Educational Assistance Program Ms. Marilyn Gamboa
Program Supervisor/ Coordinator

Jimmy Austria
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer/Cashier

Health Services Community-Based Recovery Program (CBRP) Ms. Lotus Cabrera
Program Manager

Ms. Aiza Cabrera Ms. Ma. Jeraldine Rey
Project Coordinators

Alternative Learning System Program Ms. Andrea Bolotano
ALS Coordinator

Healthy Start Program Ms. Lorna Salen
Program Manager


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