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Published by: Zubair Anwar on May 23, 2013
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M.Zubair Anwar


This is because recent studies have proven the financial and strategic impact of IT/IS role in BPR success/failure.Integrating Business Process Reengineering With Information Systems Developments: Issues & Implications The author in this study assessed the relationship between Information system/ IT and business process reengineering. The paper suggests a new definition i. The author concludes that the BPR and IS/IT could be viewed that combined entities and there should be increased role of IS/IT experts in BPR stakeholders for achieving efficiency. by combining the two related fields. The complexity of IS/IT used by an organization makes BPR more complex so for greater business impact IS efforts should be focused on core business requirements rather than simple business processes. Both BPR and IS/IT development are based on the same principles and guidelines. BPR and IT/IS can integrate and help in achievement of business strategic goals. This paper also examines the role of IS/IT professional in process improvement. Therefore. negative employees attitude and lack of framework for integrating BPR and IS/IT. in view of the increasing role of IT/IS in BPR.e. In this context Business process reengineering became a popular mode of organizational change and improvements in 1990. BP & ISR. and how information system redesign can be integrated with the business process reengineering. resources. issues and implications. risk related with business and IS/IT change. The main barriers that hinder the integration of BPR and IS/IT are non alignment. impact of BPR and IS/IT on organization performance and the factors effecting during implementation of information system and business process reengineering. lack of management commitment. . Expertise in IT/IS are essential for achieving advantages because now a day’s organizations try to implement software packages in current business processes rather than first decide how they wanted to do business and then choose software package. but without IT/IS it is not possible to gain competitive advantage and provide quality products and services to the customers. productivity and speed of services and cost saving. IT/IS expertise has to play vital role to reengineer core business process and eliminate the gap between proposed system and current business process. skills and IT systems. For improving performance and cost reduction organizations are trying to re design processes. effectiveness.

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