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By Henry Bradley and Peter Dempsey 3A


70 BC First poem was in four books called the “Georgics” was about farming His last work was called “Aenied” an epic 12 books of poem which describes the journey of Trojan Hero Aeneas to Italy and how he participated in the wars there.Virgil      He was born October 15th. Virgil expressed the importance and greatness of Rome . and were the founders of Rome He held great regard for all living things and all things present in nature In the “Aenied”. founded upon old Roman tradition that Aeneas and his Trojans settled in Italy.

Virgil      He also wrote other poems which were in response to the Iliad and the Odyssey. He died September 21st. 19 BC Has been considered the greatest Augustan poets His writing showed his idea of the Roman countryman and how countrymen should live He wrote about these countrymen during a time when they were beginning to demand more rights and opportunities .

the founder of Rome (otherwise known as Romulus) Before he died. he tells of how Rome was guided by the gods to a magnificent empire The poem is named after Aeneas.Virgil     As Virgil creates Rome as a masterpiece in his writing. Virgil wished for his writings to be destroyed Virgil’s poems were instead spared .

65 BC He wrote the Odes. These stories founded the most original form of Roman poems. and this ruler was only to be Augustus .Horace      Born December 8th. These Odes weren’t spoken. and Epistles of Horace. Satires. they were sung as they were performed Became a firm supporter of Octavian (Augustus) Horace believed that Rome was destined to have only one ruler.

focusing on the criticism of Ancient literature Horace wrote about the daily Roman life These poems were very descriptive and went into great detail .Horace     The last three Odes that Horace wrote imply that he did not want to write anymore regarding the publications of his earlier works He wrote three more Epistles after this.