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Unit 1: What type of education and training in terms of skills and competencies are needed for a person to become

a qualified accountant? Unit 2: Name two or three international professional accounting organizations and the advantages of such for both employers and employees? Unit 3: What are International Financial Reporting Standards? What type of problems might occur during in their implementation and why? Unit 4: In short, name and explain the main items on A) a balance sheet, B) income statement? Unit 6: Define and elaborate on the differences between fair-value and amortized cost asset valuation giving the pros and cons for the banking sector. Unit 7: What is the difference between inbound and outbound M&As? Give a short report on their development in China and the reasons for their undertaking? Unit 8: In which way can start-up companies gather the needed capital to start business operations? What risk do investors face? What is IRR and how is it calculated? Unit 11: Which criteria do investors use to make investment decisions? How have these criteria changed? In your opinion are these new criteria important why or why not?

Unit 12: What type of scam occurred in Indias Satyam Computer Services; what did it involve? What changes did this fraud bring in terms of disclosure requirements? Unit 13: Name the top three credit rating agencies? What do they do and what was their role in the global economic crises which started in 2007. Unit 14: What is company insolvency? Who is held responsible and which steps should be taken by the CEO or the company in such situation? Unit 15: What led to the downfall of HBOS in 2008? What was the difference in the funding of Bank of Scotland and Halifax? Unit 16: What is the auditors report? What different opinions can they give on a companys financial report explain the differences in the phrases they use? Unit 17: Are and/or should auditing firms be legally and financially responsible for clients who fail due to fraud or negligence? Why or why not? Dear students, I have decided to make my own questions, as yours were too specific i.e did not fully incorporate the core. However, to not complicate your lives further, I have also decided to skip some units and to let you choose (only) 6 of the above for your oral exam. (3 units form 1-11 and 3 from 12-17) KK