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if this done correctly it will show an * in front of the description

If you try to execute without creating a group it will prompt for report group creation

This report can also be created in GR51 .

Error Message .

Report Group creation GR51 .


Ensure the report group is attached by clicking on the reports tab .

Company code selection was not defined in General Data Selction .Error Fixed.

Report can be executed from GRR3 or better yet create a transaction code and put in the main menu as explained in the following slides .

You can check the name of the program when you execute the report from GRR3 .

Navigation to create a transaction SE93 .


Copy the name of the program to attach it to the transaction code .


To attach the transaction to a particular portion in the menu we need to go to Area Menus SE43 .

F000 is Fin. Acct Info System .

After clicking on Change mode click on EXTEND .

Then we hit on the Zfinance Enhancement ID which is specific to GE .




DONE !!! .