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Rekayasa Trafik_05 Consider the processor of a packet router in a packet switched data network. Traffic consists of data packets to be routed. Use a pure waiting system with a single server. New packets arrive according to a Poisson process at a rate 4 packets per ms and packet processing times are independently and exponentially distributed with mean 0.2 ms. (a) What is the traffic load? (b) What is the probability that an arriving packet will be processed immediately after the arrival (without any waiting)? (c) What is the probability that a packet has to wait longer than 2 ms?


Suatu konsentrator menerima message dari satu grup terminal dan mentransmisikannya melalui suatu saluran transmisi tunggal. Misalkan message tiba sesuai proses Poisson dg rate satu message setiap 5 ms, dan waktu transmisi message mengikuti distribusi eksponensial dg mean 6 ms. (a) Cari rata-rata jumlah message dlm sistem dan total delay rata-rata (b) Berapa persentase peningkatan rate kedatangan shg menghasilkan dua kali total delay rata-rata


Consider a car-inspection center where cars arrive at a rate of one every 30 seconds and wait for an average of 10 minutes (inclusive of inspection time) to receive their inspections. After an inspection, 25 % of the car owners stay back an average of 15 minutes having their meals at the center’s cafeteria. What is the average number of cars within the premises of the inspection center (inclusive of the cafeteria)?