Price: $22,000 Contact: Steve Hawley,

DESCRIPTION: This 600-liter traditional alembic pot still was built by Al-Ambiq in Portugal. It includes an

onion-shaped head and a copper coil condenser. The unit is built entirely of copper. The pot includes a 10 cm drain pipe to allow for quick drainage. Onion head unit is threaded at the top to connect to a swan’s neck-style lyne arm. Lyne arm threads to condenser coil. Double refining lentil can be placed between the onion head unit and the lyne arm to increase reflux action in the still. Distillation unit includes firebrick to surround the unit and natural gas direct-fire burner unit. The 95-Liter rated Revenoor still , It is an all-copper still with a packed column, sight glass, dephlegmator (with dedicated reflux control valve), worm-style condenser and a pressure release valve. As a companion to the Alembic still, this Revenoor serves as an ideal finishing/spirit still.

Actual Al-Ambiq still.

Actual Revenoor still.

Original photograph by manufacturer.

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