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Benefits of using JAVA: 1. Java is Simple - was designed to make Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) easier . 2.

Java is Reliable - is reliable because it excludes some components that are e rror-prone. 3. Java is Dynamic - java makes it possible to reuse previously written programs to lessen the workload of a programmer. 4. Java is used in Networking - it has many classes to facilitate internet commu nications. 5. Java is Secure - it ensures that a program can go only where it was designed to go. it eliminates the possibility of altering system data unintentionally. 6. Java is Portable - java codes have the filename extension in .java. When comp iled, a class file with .class extension is created. This file can then run on a ny machine which has the Java Virtual Machine, thus, making it portable. Java-en abled devices such as mobile phones are commonly used today. This means that pro grams developed in java can be loaded and used in these devices. 7. Java is Free - it can be downloaded from the internet for FREE. Just