Know that god is a good god and always wants to do good things in our life.

God i s our father and we are his children,as a father in the world we wants our kids to be healthy and live a long life, same way our father God wants us to be healt hy and live a long life.But due to man s sin , sickness came in to this world ther efore god sent his only son Jesus into this world and he died on the cross for u s taking all our sickness .Therefore if Jesus has taken all our sickness we need not bare those sickness but live a healthy life.Jesus died on the cross on our behalf and died at the age of 33 1/2 so that we may live a long life in this ear th and be a blessing to others and fulfill the plan god has in our life.Jesus sa id IT IS FINISHED when he was about to die , because he wanted us to know that h e has taken all our sins , sickness , poverty and has given us righteousness , h ealth and riches in return.But why are people still sick ? The only reason for s ickness is because we are not believing that Jesus paid the price on the cross a nd has taken our sickness and have given us good health.When Jesus came into thi s world he never gave sickness and pain to people , but healed them all.Blind ey es were opened to see , deaf ears started hearing , dead people rose again .The only time Jesus was not able to heal was when people had no FAITH . So start bel ieving , the same Jesus who healed people when he was on earth is able to heal u s from all sickness and give us strength.With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE.There is no sickness or disease bigger than our GOD.Doctors give differ ent name for sickness and disease.But it has been already taken away and we need not bare anything which Jesus has taken away.Now you need to just receive the h ealing. DAILY CONFESSION : Your word says that i should believe that i have received , hence i believe that am healed by your stripes .Thank you lord for you have healed me ! You have bared all my sickness and disease , hence i will never be sick another day in my life . I will live a long life and testify gods goodness

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