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1.- a)Fill in the blanks with the corresponding colors (1 point each one)

b)Fill in the blanks with the type of shoes (1 point each one)

Write 3 answers for the questions you made using the structure "Si/No Tengo _________".. (2 point each one) 4... Write the nouns Spanish.-Cuero c.Write down the following size numbers for shoes (2 points each one) a)42 b)33 c)40 d)38.¿Cuantos años tienes? Bu uer ena S te! . 2.5 e)42.Write the answer (2 points each one) a.Lino b.Write 3 questions using the structure "¿Tiene _________ ?"..¿Puedo probarmelo ? 6.¡Me lo quedo! e.....¿Cuantos hermanos/hermanas tienes? b..-Translate from Spansih (2 points each one) a. (2 points each one) 5. Write the nouns in Spanish..5 3.Seda d.

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