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Published by Ramesh Rajagopalan
Natural eating
Natural eating

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Published by: Ramesh Rajagopalan on May 23, 2013
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It was fascinating to read in this newspaper, that in a water starved district, the use of natural methods resulted in absolute greenery and bountiful crop for that particular farmer. In a retro respective manner, if we would look at the food we consume daily, how many of us realize that a load of chemicals go into every single grain we take. I happen to be a friend of an agriculture wholesale commodity dealer who sells everything from seeds, implements, biocides and pesticides. There are so much on range from different companies, different qualities and prices. The question I posed on him was why was so much stock on hold. The reply he gave me was simply amusing, everyone wants profit. I pondered again that if the end user of the products, the farmer has to use these- synthetically manufactured, genetically altered and additives like chemicals are added to the soil, what will be the end result. The question was reposed to an oncologist who had been my class mate at school. The answer again was simple. The load of the chemical chain triggers cancer! Our traditional medicine systems never indulged in synthetic treatment but relied on two core beliefs- use of herbs and second the belief level of the patient. Every patient was advised to undergo certain “pathiyam” or regulated food intake which would alter or smoothen the curing processes. In this city, there lived a doctor who combined traditional medicines and western medicine and had an amazing practice of curing his patients. His quip would always be when treating cold- “Marunthu sapta oru vaaram, Marunthu sapidlaina 7 naal”, meaning that the common cold would cure itself in a week. In probing into the details of natural food which in case is rarely available, given the chances of preservation is high due to demand and supply of the market, a lot of simple facts go into the eating of the food. Do you still eat garden fresh grapes? Chances are that when plucked, the grapes are smeared with chemicals, so you need to clean it. Do you eat apples from the orchard? We have a varietyWashington, Australia, Simla and Ooty…all preserved for weeks and carry a sticker on it. I find eating some varieties like gnawing a piece of wood. Again to reiterate the “fear factor” of selling, a healthy repose is that “why at all should we encourage buying these foods?” I am not lobbying for any cause, but just a humanitarian thought that should we run to hospitals, for every simple reason. The body is a well oiled machine and it needs the necessary input in adequate levels to run the system smoothly. Keeping fit is a personal agenda which varies from person to person. We are fast depleting ourselves in every manner, in a motive that comfortable living, owning luxurious goods. In a trek to a village in Kodaikanal, which lies between the foothills and the mountain top, access is by walk and horses, I was awe struck when they said, all in this village is naturally grown. Needless to say, the guide pointed out to me the oranges on the ground which had fallen off ripe. I took

and it was heavenly in taste.“Iyarkaiya seiyarkaiya? Ethu nalla payirchi?” Ramesh.Gopal .one to taste it. think. Next time.R.

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