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Human Resource Management Wk10 060409

Human Resource Management Wk10 060409

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Published by prince_RGF
This lecture is prepared by our teacher Owais Alam khan
For us
and it includes how to manage your Human resources
This lecture is prepared by our teacher Owais Alam khan
For us
and it includes how to manage your Human resources

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Published by: prince_RGF on Apr 17, 2009
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Written Tests

•Types of Tests

–Intelligence: how smart are you?
–Aptitude: can you learn to do it?
–Ability: can you do it?
–Interest: do you want to do it?

•Legal Challenges to Tests

–Lack of job-relatedness of test to job requirements
–Discrimination against members of areas protected
by the Employment Equity Act


Performance Simulation Tests

•Testing an applicant’s ability to perform actual
job behaviours, use required skills, and
demonstrate specific knowledge of the job
–Work sampling

•Requiring applicants to actually perform a task or
set of tasks that are central to successful job

–Assessment centres

•Dedicated facilities in which job candidates
undergo a series of performance simulation tests
to evaluate their managerial potential


Other Selection Approaches

•Situational Interviews

–Interviews in which candidates are evaluated on
how well they handle role play in mock scenarios

•Background Investigations

–Verification of application data
–Reference checks:

•Lack validity because self-selection of references
ensures only positive outcomes

•Physical Examinations

–Useful for physical requirements


Questions Not to Ask Job Candidates

•About name changes; maiden name
•For birth certificate, baptismal records, or about age in general
•About pregnancy, child bearing plans, or child care arrangements
•Whether applicant is single, married, divorced, engaged,
separated, widowed, or living common-law
•About birthplace, nationality of ancestors, spouse, or other
•Whether born in Canada
•For photo to be attached to application or sent to interviewer
before interview
•About religious affiliation, church membership, frequency of
church attendance
•Whether the applicant drinks or uses drugs
•Whether the applicant has ever been convicted
•Whether the applicant has ever been arrested
•Whether the applicant has a criminal record
•About the applicant’s sexual orientation

Sample Questions Taken from Exhibit 11.8


Tips for Managers:
Some Suggestions for Interviewing

•Structure a fixed set of questions for all applicants.
•Have detailed information about the job for which
applicants are interviewing.
•Minimize any prior knowledge of applicants’
background, experience, interests, test scores, or
other characteristics.
•Ask behavioural questions that require applicants to
give detailed accounts of actual job behaviours.
•Use a standardized evaluation form.
•Take notes during the interview.
•Avoid short interviews that encourage premature
decision making.


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