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Today, many dissertation guidelines are available on internet but they do not comply with the requirements of most of the supervisors and consequently students get confused and panic. This dissertation guide is prepared with the consultation of 30 supervisors of top UK universities having more than 15 years of supervision experience. You can cover each and every aspect of the topic by following the instructions provided in this guide. Students who followed this guide reported more than 65% marks and distinctions.

Key product features
 Covers both qualitative and quantitative researches;  Suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students;  Covers all research domains including business studies (marketing, management, human resource, accounting, finance, economics) engineering, social science, information technology etc.  Each chapter, section, and subsection is discussed separately  Mentioned about what topics to cover (or what to include) in each section or subsection (see examples snapshot);  Discussed the detailed insights of data collection methods i.e. questionnaires, interview, observation, field experiments  Format, design, and process of each primary data collection method is suggested in detail  The words limit for each chapter is also suggested;  Lines and paragraphs are even suggested for each subsection;  Clearly mentioned do’s and don’ts;  External links are also included to provide more help regarding critical sections of dissertation;  Most inherent points are indicated as (v. imp)  Ideas, tools, and strategies are suggested at several places, where appropriate

Product additional detail
 More than 22 pages;  Over 4,500 words;  Affordable price

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