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Innovators - your curriculum vitae

You should submit a full curriculum vitae (CV) of no more than four pages.
The purpose of submitting a CV is to enable us to assess the skills,
experience, and formal qualifications that you possess which are directly
relevant to your business proposal. This will form the core of the assessment
of your application in the personal characteristics section.

It is important that your CV contains sufficient information for such an

assessment to be made. You must provide appropriate supporting evidence
as available.

The table below outlines some of the information and supporting evidence
you may submit.

Skill, experience, Information you may include Supporting evidence you may
or qualification in the curriculum vitae provide
Business Details of positions held Previous employer
experience with previous employers, references/ testimonials
including roles,
responsibilities, and
Previous entrepreneurial Registered accounts, trading
experience (eg in start-ups, records of own business
self-employment, own
Work experience of relevant
market sectors,
technologies, and national
market characteristics
Educational Degree (or equivalent level) Academic/professional
qualifications qualifications held certificates and references
Post-graduate business Summary of dissertation or
qualification, for instance an main research areas
MBA from an internationally
recognised institution
Relevant post-graduate Previous employer references
qualification or other
relevant PhD from a
recognised institution
Professional qualifications Research output, for instance
publications, patents
Relevant research or Evidence of network
development experience membership
(academic or commercial)
Membership of relevant
innovation network
Personal Anything of relevance not Personal references
experience covered above, such as
outstanding personal