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Starting Equipment

Starting Equipment

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Published by Foxtrot Oscar
For old school RPGs.
For old school RPGs.

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Published by: Foxtrot Oscar on May 23, 2013
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Roll 3d6 but do not add together, instead equip your character based on each die rolled: GREAT MAGIC-USER'S ONLY:




3, 2, 1

chainmail armor A Magic-User's highest single die roll goes longbow and 20 arrows toward his Spellbook, it contains a number of spells equal to the die roll/2 hvy crossbow & 20 bolts (min. 1) + INT modifier or two FINE items: studded leather armor lt crosbow & 20 bolts SPECIAL ITEMS shield, steel 1 stationary, wax ink & seal great weapon (2H sword, greataxe, maul, etc) 2 musical instrument & jewelry or two GOOD items: 3 manacles and a net medium weapon (sword, axe, mace, etc) 4 map polearm 5 soap, razor, mirror leather armor 6 tobacco, pipe & fine wine or brandy Shortbow & 20 arrows 7 vial of holy water and wolfsbane silver dagger 8 tent mule canoe, corracle or raft or two BASIC items: Select a number of BASIC items equal to number rolled: poor quality medium weapon (on a 1 or 20 breaks 2:6) club, spear or staff Example: rolling 5, 2, 1 could get you: (1 small weapon (dagger, hand axe) FINE item) studded leather armor plus (3 4 darts BASIC items) a spear, wooden shield & sling and stones backpack, pouch and associated essentials. OR (2 GOOD items instead of 1 FINE) padded armor leather armor & a short bow, plus (3 shield, wood BASIC) a dagger, backpack etc, and helm perhaps 100' of rope 20 arrow or bolts plus one silver tipped backpack, pouch, d4 sp, tinderbox, 6 torches, 2 days of salt pork, bottle of ale 6 torches or 24 candles or 3 flasks of oil and d6 sp 1 week of bread, sausage and cheese and waterskin or wineskin lantern and 3 flasks of oil bedroll, cookpot, 5 days of herbs, veggies and saltfish, flagon and a small cask of mead holy symbol or lock picks two tools: miner's pick, hammer and spikes or nails, shovel, drill, crowbar, fishing gear 50' rope and grappling hook or 100' rope farm implement (eg. pitchfork or sickle), poor quality knife & a small farm animal one item or group of items on the 'SPECIAL ITEMS' list above
When generating a character Roll (d12) or chose on the following chart twice:

FREE ITEMS 1 2 3 4




10' pole or garlic or string chalk or whistle empty vial jar of lard or large sack

5 6 7 8

bag of flour or salt heavy cloak or blanket handkerchief and/or hat jar of pickles, mustard or jam

9 10 11 12

pouch of snuff or pepper block and tackle or leather gloves jar of leeches or iron pot needle and thread


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