Sheehan 1 Matthew J. Sheehan Dr.

Robichaud Vikings: Myths & Sagas October 22, 2012

Reflection to Essay I For my first paper for this course, I had chosen to write my paper on Thor’s characteristics and his place in Scandinavian society. I wanted to choose this topic for my paper because of the abundance of textual evidence provided which supports Thor’s place in Viking culture along with his qualities. From writing this paper, perhaps the most prominent aspect I have learned was the crudity of Viking culture. One filled with war, raids, and violence which helped me understood why these people would worship such a strong and violent god such as Thor so prominently. My biggest challenge for writing this paper was ironically one of the reasons I chose to write it: the abundance of textual information. This is because I had to patiently read and review almost all myths and poems I previously read during the course since almost everything was related to Thor in one way. This took a great amount of time sifting through what information would be most and least beneficial for me. Regardless, I believe I correctly cited and used the textual evidence wisely and conservatively as not to “drown” the reader with excerpts and quotes from the reading. This is what I believe I did best in my essay.

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