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1. What does protagonist mean?

a. It’s another word for the narrator of the story.
b. It means the working class, according to Marxist socialist theory.
c. The good guy in a story.
d. An example of a protagonist is Darth Vader in “Star Wars (Episode III)”.
2. Who is/are the antagonist(s) in “The King of Mazy May?”
a. Walt Masters
b. Si Hartman
c. Loren Hall
d. The claim jumpers

3. What is/are introduced in the exposition?
a. Setting
b. Characters
c. Conflict
d. All of the above
4. What happens in the rising action?
a. The conflict is resolved.
b. The protagonist and antagonist are introduced.
c. Suspense builds.
d. It is the peak of the plot map.
5. What is another term for climax?
a. Breaking point
b. Halfway point
c. Resolution
d. Turning point
6. What happens in the falling action of any story?
a. Conflict develops between the protagonist and the antagonist.
b. The conflict is resolved.
c. The protagonist falls in love with the antagonist.
d. The reader falls asleep.