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Sep, 2007


Huawei Confidential

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UMTS Market Progress Update UTRAN Portfolio Solution
• Industry-Leading Solution • Future-Oriented Products

Global Application


Huawei Confidential

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UMTS Market Progress Update


Huawei Confidential

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62 UMTS Global References
Note: part of contracts














Sri Lanka





Mexico Spain


Netherlands Antilles









NTS Egypt Uganda Kuwait Saudi Saudi
Mauritius Mauritius





Indonesia New Zealand


Hong Kong



 By Jul. 2007, Huawei had won 62 UMTS/HSPA commercial contracts
HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 4

UMTS/HSPA Top Supplier 2006
Global UMTS new contracts in 2006
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Spain, Romania, Hungary, etc Romania, Belgium, Poland, etc Mexico, Argentina, Chile, etc Brazil, Peru, Ecuador Hungary (IMS) Italy, Brazil U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Netherlands

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Source: In-Stat 02/2007

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No.1 market share of new UMTS/HSPA contracts in 2006, 29 new contracts awarded Huawei is serving 31 of Top 50 operators in the world


Huawei Confidential

Page 5

LTD.One Big Step in UMTS Standard  ETSI essential patents announcement: In UMTS area.5 position in UMTS basic patents HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei has already get 133 basic patents.. which is 7% of all announced UMTS basic patents by the end of 2006. Huawei Confidential Page 6 . Huawei is in No.

LTD.. Huawei Confidential Page 7 .2 UTRAN Portfolio Solution HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

. LTD.Industry leading solution • Mature Distributed Node B & New Generation Macro Node B Solution • RNC Solution • Superior Transmission Solution HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 8 .

Singapore.7~128. 4-way Rx Diversity -129.3 dBm Commercial in Japan. LTD.. not support -125.5dBm not support •Best Receive Sensitivity (With 2-way RX div without ASC /TMA) •Integrated Iub IP Transmission HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.New Generation NodeB -. Huawei Confidential Page 9 . UAE etc.Continuously Leading the Market VS • Commercial launch 1 year ahead • Double density • Best PA power efficiency • Best technology 2005Q1 Other Vendors Later than 2006Q1 2/3/4 carriers 33%/40% (S111: 590W/360W) 2 carriers 9%~23% (S111: 1000W~1400W) Tx-Diversity.

Huawei Confidential Page 10 .. LTD. 2 carriers HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 1U/2U high 2G/3G source sharing BBU extension board Hand-carry to site  Most compact BBU: 2~5 times unit capacity (1U) 1U/2U high 3~4 U Huawei BBU Other Vendors BBU  Double capacity per RRU Carrier 4 Carrier 3 Carrier 2 Carrier 1 Huawei RRU 60W. 4 carriers Carrier 2 Carrier 1 Other Vendors RRU 20W/40W.Innovator of Distributed NodeB Solution Radio Remote Unit RF Unit 20W/40W/60W 2~4 carriers BB Unit Base Band Unit 19 inch.

. Huawei Confidential Page 11 . RRU shipments will be up to 200K+ • Abundant experience and skills accumulated from the DNBS deployment • DNBS can achieve more than 30% TCO saving and 30% performance improved HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Mature Commercial Application of DNBS • First vendor to deploy Distributed Node B Solution. LTD. Large-scale DNBS deployment up to 30K+ RRU • By the end of 2007.

LTD.. wider coverage (avoiding cable loss) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. even no need of equipment room     No need of TMA.Distributed Node B – (Scenario I Millicom proposal) RRU3801C Outdoor Cabinet 20/40W TOC 220VAC or -48VDC RNC E1 Sharing Fractional ATM Optical Fiber CPRI BBU3806 Mini Base Band Unit 19’ inch*1U  Reducing the cost of equipment room. etc. installed by one person and adjusted in a short time Higher quality (Softer Handover). Reducing the cost of engineering installation and operation Fast deployment. Huawei Confidential Page 12 . power supply and air-conditioning.

.DNB for Non-equipment room (Scenario II) RRU3801C 20W/40W TOC 220VAC or -48VDC Optical fiber CPRI Advance Power Module (APM) BBU3806  APM 100: −  APM 200: − -48V / 200AH (>8 hours backup) − Size: 600mmWx600mmDx1600mmH -48V / 100AH (>5 hours backup) Size: 600mmWx600mmDx1200mmH −    BBU is embedded in outdoor Advance Power Module which also includes battery. etc. transmission equipment. Huawei Confidential Page 13 . LTD. easier and faster installation. Non-equipment room solution. reducing civil work cost 5U space for BBU3806 and transmission equipments HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

LTD.High Quality and low cost  CPRI is aiming to provide open interface between base band module and RF module of Node B  Operators can benefit from the availability of wider radio base station portfolio BBU / Host Node B RRU CPRI RRU3801C BTS3812E BTS3812A BBU3806 Over 60 members including Founder of CPRI … HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..Standard CPRI interface Standard CPRI interface -. Huawei Confidential Page 14 .cpri.

Japan DNBS in Middle East DNBS in Brunei HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Flexible Site Deployment with DNBS BBU Distributed Installation Scenarios RRU RRU RRU In 19” Rack BTS3012 D A • F U D T • R U • • • D A F U D T R U On Wall In 2G Cabinet On Tower underneath of antenna • • • BBU3806 •19 inch 1U DTMU 2U In APM On Pole On Wall Centralized Installation • 3 RRUs mounted on the wall or pole • BBU insert the existing cabinet or on the wall on the pole APM Global Application BBU Container DNBS in eMobile. Huawei Confidential Page 15 .. LTD.

.BBU Overview BBU3806 appearance Index Dimension Weight Power and Power Consumption CE Numbers Cells 256CE(UL)/384CE(DL) 3 BBU3806 42mm(H)×436mm(W)×300mm(D) 3kg -48V DC 60W BBU3806C appearance BBU3806C 480mm(H)×340mm(W)×135mm(D) 15kg 220V AC 120W +24V DC 60W -48V DC 192CE(UL)/256CE(DL) 3 100W HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 16 . LTD.

LTD.5 Mbit/s E3 Iub Interface T3 STM-1 Fast Ethernet Interface between BBU and RRU CPRI (optical port or 2 2 2 2 34.5Gbit/s HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.5 Gbit/s 3×2.4 Mbit/s 44.BBU Transmission Interfaces Usage Types of interface E1 T1 Quantity 8 8 Rate 2 Mbit/s 1.5Gbit/s 3×2. Huawei Confidential Page 17 ..7 Mbit/s 155 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 1.25 Gbit/s 3 Or electrical port) EIa Interface between BBUs EIb 1 1 2.

RRU Overview RRU3801C Dimension Weight 480mm(H)×340mm(W)×135mm(D) 20kg 20W Power and Power Consumption 40W Power amplifier -48V DC Sector × Carrier 1×2 Power amplifier -48V DC 220V AC 220V AC 220W 210W 250W 230W RRU3801C(with shell) Dimension Weight 565mm(H)×390mm(W)×165mm(D) 22kg HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 18 .

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 19 ..Flexible and Reliable Coverage SolutionDNBS BBU Star RRU RRU RRU BBU RRU RRU RRU Ring Chain Flexible Networking Hybrid Flexible Network capability: • Standard CPRI between RRU and RRU • Chain network for road coverage • Star and ring network provide high reliability network HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

no power backup for RRU BBU is paced into 3G cabinet   3X2 configuration APM is used for power backup  3X2 configuration. no power backup for RRU Integrated AFB installation HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 20 . LTD.Distributed NodeB Configurations AC RRU DC RRU AC RRU Power cable &Fiber SPD 2G cabinet BBU APM100 Power cable &Fiber Power cable &Fiber Lightning Protection Box AC Power BBU Fibe r Transport Line AC Power AF B BBU Transport Line AC Power    3X2 configuration.

LTD. Page 21 ..Easier RET Maintenance Notes: RCU-Remote Control Unit Sector1 Sector2 Sector3 • • • Huawei DNBS support RET solution. “without CCU and Bias-tee” Support both local and remote O&M Easy network planning and optimization AISG Control Signal RCU RCU RCU Iub Remote control RNC Huawei Confidential LMT HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Huawei Confidential Page 22 . LTD.Sample of Tower Mounted RRUs Sectors configuration: 3*1 Indoor BBU HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

DBS3800 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD.Distribute Node B . Huawei Confidential Page 23 .

BBU3806C. RRU3801C ) BBU3806 Indoor Distributed NodeB BBU3806C Outdoor Distributed NodeB RRU3801C Dimension:42×436×300mm Weight: 5Kg Power Supply: -48VDC /24VDC Power Consumption: 60W          Dimension:480*340 * 135mm Weight: 15Kg Power Supply: -48VDC / 220VAC Power Consumption: Max100W / Max120W Dimension: 480×365×145(40W) Weight: Max 22Kg Power Supply: -48VDC / 220VAC Power Consumption: 240W DBS Capacity: 1 BBU( UL192/DL256).Distributed Node B . Huawei Confidential Page 24 . 2 FE High Sensitivity: -126.. 2 BBUs cascaded (3x2) 2100M/1800M/1900M/850M/900M Iub Interface: 8 E1. LTD.2dBm ( without TMA) High Output Power: 40W 2 Carriers/RRU Full Performance HSDPA DPD + Doherty PA RET with ASIG interface HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.DBS3800 ( BBU3806. 2 STM-1.

LTD.Macro Indoor Node B: BTS3812E  12 cells.59 KW (S111) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. TD and 4 RD 15HSDPA Code/Cell. 1024CE(UL)&1536CE(DL) Receiver Sensitivity: -128dBm.4Mbps RRU remote networking (Star/Link/Ring) through CPRI interface RF module supports 2 carriers.75 KW (S222) 0. TOC: 40W. 160Kg(S111) Power Supply: -48V Power Consumption: 0. 4 Carriers/Sector.. 14. Huawei Confidential Page 25 . no hardware change for 2 carriers expansion 32 E1/T1 and 6 FE based on different interface boards      Dimension: 1400*600*600 mm Weight: 162Kg (S222).

110VAC Power Consumption: max1200W ( S3*1) / max2450W (S3*4) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. temperature alarm.Macro Outdoor Node B: BTS3812AE   Same baseband and RF performance same as BTS3812E Outdoor protection design  Working temperature range: -40℃~+45℃  Special lightning protection design can avoid damaging all the external interfaces  Dedicated outdoor cabinets conform to IP55 standard  Special technologies against theft Integrated Design  Inside microwave or SDH transmission equipments  Inside battery or outside battery cabinet continuing power supply after power down Perfect Alarm Mechanism  Smoke alarm. Huawei Confidential Page 26 . LTD. etc.  Dimension: 1700*1000 * 880mm(H*W*D)  Weight: max 450Kg ( S3*4) Power Supply: 220VAC ..

Smooth Evolution Multi-Carrier Transceiver & High TOC Large capacity. smooth evolution 3×1 M A F U B L A N K 3×2 B L A N K 3×4 B L A N K M B L A A F N K U wireholder M A F U M A F U B L A N K M B L A A F N K U wireholder M A F U M A F U M A F U M M A A F F U U wireholder M A F U M A F U M NBBI T R U B L A N K M T R U B L A N K M T R U B L A N K M b u s b a r T NBBI R U B L A N K M T R U B L A N K M T R U B L A N K M b u s b a r T NBBI R U M T R U M T R U M T R U M T R U M T R U b u s b a r NFAN NFAN NFAN H B B I N M P T N D T I N C C U H B B I N M P T N D T I N C C U NN NNNNNNNNN B B UUUUUU D DM BBL L L L L L L L P I I PPPPPPPPT N D T I N C C P wireholder wireholder wireholder 1 Carrier 2 Carriers No hardware or software upgrading 3 or 4 Carriers No combiner HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 27 . LTD.

Cabinet-based Node B Enhancement  Very high density configuration  Base band board capacity enhancement  Higher multi-carrier TRU capability  Higher output power (TOC)  2 carriers Doherty TRU (40W) in Q1’06  3 carriers Doherty TRU (60W) in Q4’07 Output Power (TOC) 60W/3 Carriers 40W/2 Carriers 20W 20W PA@now 20W 20W 20W PA@Q4’07 Only one cabinet can support up to 3 sectors * 4 carriers (S444) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 28 . LTD..

.6% 97.High efficiency PA Technology Maximum Power at TOC (Pnom ) PA+DC Power Efficiency Case Temperature of PA (Condition: Air temperature 50°C.High Efficiency PA Providing Higher Stability P λ/4 C DPD (Digital Pre-Distortion) -Lower linearity requirement for power amplifier -High efficiency Out In Doherty . TOC 20W) Linearized PA 20W 9% DPD+HPA 30W 19% DPD+Doherty PA 40W 27. LTD.1°C 62.4°C Lower temperature Higher stability Lower OPEX HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Peak signal and carrier signal are amplified separately .4°C 70. Huawei Confidential Page 29 .

LTD.8 Mbps 5 Codes Full Performance • 15 Codes. Max 14. Huawei Confidential Page 30 . Max 4..4 Mbps 15 Codes 5 codes are not enough. especially for indoor data services! Data to User1 Data to User2 Data to User3 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.HSDPA Prompting Service Growth Conventional Node B New Generation Node B Limited Performance • 5 Codes.

. LTD.Industry leading solution • Mature Distributed Node B & New Generation Macro Node B Solution • RNC solution • Superior Transmission Solution HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 31 .

4Mbps/5.5 3 2.5 2 1.76Mbps HSPA fully supported • Integrated ATM & IP. ready for high. Lowest TCO! Huawei RNC: BSC6810 2 Racks.2 Gbps Iub throughput. strong switching capability • Max.Best-in-Class New Generation RNC  High efficient IP switching fabric Throughput(Gbps) • Smallest footprint. LTD. 6 Sub-Racks  Best-in-Class performance • 14. all IP transmission supported HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Highest Performance.speed multimedia services in the MB era • smooth expansion to support HSPA+ and LTE New Generation RNC Capacity Comparison 4 3. Huawei Confidential Page 32 .5 1 Vendor A Vendor C Vendor B 07Q3 07Q4 08Q1 08Q3  Full pooling resource design • Service processing units shared by all controlled NodeB’s for better usage of equipment resources 0. 3..5 0 Ready for HSPA  Advanced RRM arithmetic • GBR-guarantee the VIP user’s QoS • Iub Transmission efficiency improving from 30~60% to 98.8% and HSPA+ era.

# BHCA(K) Max. # Cabinet/Subrack Max. Higher Density Highest capacity and Higher density  Up to 3. Iub DL+UL total payload throughput HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Largest Capacity. 6 Sub-Racks  Saving physical space RNC Max. CAPEX and OPEX saving 2 Cabinets.2Gbps Iub DL+UL throughput. LTD. # NodeB / Cell All IP 2/6 1700/5100 1360 (Based on Huawei traffic model) 51000 (Based on Huawei traffic model) 3. CS Erlang Max. simplifying network infrastructure and maintenance.. VoIP and high rate PS service oriented  Less number of RNC.2 Gbps Max. Huawei Confidential Page 33 .

Highest HSDPA Performance Huawei R99 HSDPA Others R99 + HSDPA •Dedicated HSDPA chipset.. huge cost on software and hardware upgrade Full Performance HSDPA (15codes.4Mbps/cell) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 14. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 34 . no influence on R99 resource Other Vendors • Shared baseband resource for both HSDPA and R99 Dedicated Chipset • Very limited HSDPA/R99 capacity because of its HSDPA implementation comparison limited baseband resource First to support from day one Other Vendors Later than 2007.

. Huawei Confidential Page 35 . LTD.30% HSDPA Throughput Improvement in Spain Average HSDPA Throughput • HSDPA Benchmarking in 8 sites • The average throughput is 30% higher than other vendors Throughput test in Site A • In site A. the average throughput up to 1.33Mbps • Stable and high quality HSDPA services for end users HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

6M: • Average Rate: 1.5M/user HSDPA 1.3M/user • Peak Rate: 1.Superior HSDPA Performance in Maglev Train Maximum: 431 Km/h Over 400 Km/h.8M: • Average Rate: 1. LTD.5M/user Page 36 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.6M HSDPA 1.8M/user • Peak Rate: 2. Still has Stable services and full Mobility! HSDPA 3. Huawei Confidential .8M 384K HSDPA 3..

. only need 60CE for 20 users.45Mpbs: Huawei 0 20 48 60 Huawei 0 3 5 10 20 Vendor A 8 4 8 16 32 HSUPA users Start HSUPA (Fixed) 1 8 20 Vendor A 8 32 56 136 Dynamic adaptive CE algorithm.. Save 30~50%! Fixed Huawei HSUPA key advantages: • High CE efficiency.376Mbps Example: All user sharing 1. LTD.High HSUPA CE Efficiency based on Advanced Design HSUPA CE consumption comparison: E-DCH Start HSUPA (Fixed) 64kbps 128kbps 384kbps 1. 6% capacity improved Other vendor Huawei Huawei Confidential Page 37 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 30~50% saving • Dynamic CE Allocation and Measurement per 2ms TTI • Power Control. save 66 CEs.

Huawei Confidential Page 38 . Fast Measurement of RTWP. Huawei adopt 2ms measurement period of RTWP while that throughput per 2ms TTI of other vendor is 100ms.Dynamic CE Allocation and Measurement per 2ms TTI   Dynamical adaptive CE allocation per 2ms TTI according to the actual throughout. reduced investment HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. make uplink load more stable Other vendor: Allocate CEs by Max throughput • Huawei: Adjust CEs by Besides 2ms TTI scheduling.. Huawei: 2ms load Other Vendor: 100ms load V S time time Improve CE efficiency and capacity. LTD.

15% RGCH:0..Power Control for HSUPA Downlink Channel  Downlink power distribution (Example: 20 HSUPA users) Non-Power control With Power control R99+HSDPA +Common:82% AGCH:1% Up to 8% power R99+HSDPA +Common:88% Less than 2% power HICH:4.6% RGCH:3. Huawei Confidential Page 39 . LTD.1% AGCH:0.4% 6% DL power Saving. Improving R99 and HSDPA capacity HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.5% HICH:1.

.Industry leading solution • Mature Distributed Node B & New Generation Macro Node B Solution • Leading Mobile Broadband Solution • Superior Transmission Solution HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 40 . LTD.

guarantee the VIP user’s QoS. LTD. improving VIP users’ services experiences Throughput GBR user GBR user : 300kbps GBR user 600K 400K 200K N-GBR user N-GBR user Good coverage 15~25 N-GBR user Normal Poor coverage coverage 12~15 5~12 CQI GBR user and N-GBR user move from good coverage area to poor area coverage at the same route User Type High-end Mid-end Low-end User Priority Gold Silver Copper GBR user will get guarantee rate even at poor coverage area GBR ( kbps ) recommended 128 64 N/A based on content Page 41 BE Service Streaming HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Differentiate Service . Huawei Confidential .Guarantee Bit Rate  Providing differentiation services experience..

All IP Transmission ..OPEX Saving Iub over IP Iur over IP FE/GE Iu over IP Clock over IP / GPS FE IP/MSTP/Data Network FE/GE FE RNC1 FE/GE FE/GE FE/GE Hybrid IP SGSN IP MSC E1/T1 PDH/SDH N*E1 RNC2 N* E1/T1 Huawei Advantages: • Inventor of Iub/Iu/Iur transmission over IP solution • IP platform-based design for RAN. CS and PS elements Benefits: • Huge transmission saving: 40-80% • Convenient and flexible access • Smooth evolution to support HSPA+ and LTE HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 42 .

First to Commercialize Iub over IP Transmission FE Node B • Data Network GE The first all IP based 3G network in the world Utilizing existing data transmission RNC FE Node B • FE Media Converter • • 95% transmission rental cost saving Node B acquires clock from GPS E1(clock) FE Node B STM-1 Metro GE OSN Metro Core (Existing) GE • • RNC Utilizing existing metro resources Providing Iub transmission via FE Extracting clock from E1 E1(clock) FE Node B STM-1 • Metro E1(clock) FE Node B MSTP Metro GE GE E1s Node B MW LL SDH SDH STM-4 E1s Node B E1 OSN RNC • StarHub has plenty of IP backbone • Bring highest mobile broadband (7.2 Mbps HSDPA) and lowest transmission investment • Reduce the transmission O&M due to great flexibility of IP Page 43 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential .. LTD.

Future-Oriented Design .. Huawei Confidential Page 44 . LTD.Keep Leading in the Future HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

4Mbps UL: ~5.76Mbps ~70 ms DL: ~42Mbps UL: ~11Mbps HSPA+ Throughout ~45 ms HSPA DL: ~144-360Kbps UL: ~144-360Kbps DL: ~384Kbps UL: ~384Kbps ~20ms 3G-WCDMA GPRS/EDGE Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 or later Focus on RTT latency decreasing and data throughout increasing HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD.Key Technologies for UMTS Evolution ~150 ms DL: ~141Mbps UL: ~50Mbps LTE ~100 ms Latency DL: ~14. Huawei Confidential Page 45 .

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 30% TCO saving for 5 consecutive years. compact and compact multi-mode Node B can use the same module Stackable Installation: more flexible for deployment Large Capacity: the maximum configuration up to 24 cells. 3×8 or 6×4 for smooth evolution in the future Smooth Evolution: to support HSPA+ and LTE 30% performance improved. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 46 .Advanced Design Philosophy Main Module RFU 4 carriers 60W/80W Output Power BBU Indoor Outdoor Distributed Node B 4 carriers with A-Doherty technology: Compact Node B 1 PA efficiency up to 40% 2 Compact Multi-mode Node B 19 inch Support 24 cells 3 Indoor Outdoor • • • • Module Shared Design: distributed..

. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 47 .Multi-carriers for Smooth Expansion Initial Phase: S111 Baseband I &Q F1 RRU TRXTRX F1 MCPA F1 Single carrier OMC reconfiguration F1 RRU F2 Slim RRU  60W with 4 Carriers F3 F4 TRX MCPA 4 carriers  Flexible configuration  No fans  40% PA efficiency Expansion from S111 to S333/S444 • • Only re-configuration needed No adding radio hardware HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

etc. HSPA+. Huawei Confidential Page 48 . LTE.2G bps First to rollout MBMS phase II (standard) First to call through UMTS900 with voice & VP Invention of deep indoor coverage solution: iDBS More Saving on TCO …   5 dB+ plan aims to reduce 30%+ site with larger coverage & capacity All IP Transmission to further reduce 40-80% transmission cost on HSPA introduction   A-DHT improves power efficiency to 40%.. half power consumption of other vendors’ iDBS. MIMO. LTD. IP based platform with Highest throughput: 3. AP greatly cut down cost of indoor coverage Further Evolution …  BTS3XXX.Continuously Leading in the UMTS Industry Leading Innovation …      60W slim RRU / 4 carriers provides much larger coverage with zero footprint First to rollout New Generation RNC. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

. Huawei Confidential Page 49 .3 Global Application HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.

2006.2007.33% Handover success rate is 98% Latest process:   By Jul. Huawei Confidential Page 50 . Poland. Swap Nortel ) 3G subscribers. Greece and so on HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. Romania. won Vodafone Spain Project Market share : Increased to 68% including Barcelona Sites : 7500+ ( 100% DNBS.. became an Approved UMTS/HSPA Supplier Jul. and 1130 sites on air Vodafone group has started to cooperate with Huawei in more countries. such as Hungary. Spain Project Introduction:      Nov.HSPA Network in Vodafone.8% TCO saving for 5 consecutive years Delivery: Maximum 453 sites per month Better performance   CS call drop is reduced to 0. 2005.: over 3 million New share origina l Huawei’s values    Nearly 31. 1441 sites installation finished.

.2M HSDPA and 1. keep competitiveness       7.HSPA Network in Telecom Italia. 20K Euro CAPEX saving per site with DNBS. 2007. IP RAN.92M HSUPA services fast-to-market Distributed Node B.2007. Italy Project Introduction:  Apr. 533 sites installation finished. Market share : 15%  Huawei’s values  Joint BP analysis: 10Million Euro swap cost saving. 1000 Euro power saving per site per year Leading tech. Huawei Confidential Page 51 . LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. won UMTS/HSPA network swap project in south Italy Sites : 1300 ( Swap Siemens) in 2007. and 487 sites on air. High receive diversity AFC Technology for high speed access solution Dense coverage solution Synergy with FTTX Fast delivery (50 sites / week) Latest process:  By Jul.

LTD.: over 180k Huawei’s values    Joint BP analysis: 25% CAPEX + OPEX saving Triple play service on mobile Leading tech. 1178 sites installation finished. won whole UMTS/HSPA network swap project Market share : 100% Sites : 1200+ ( Swap Nokia ) 3G subscribers.. Huawei Confidential Page 52 .92M HSUPA services fast-to-market IP RAN iDBS Commercial trial  Fast engineering delivery ( finished 800+ sites in < 3 months ) Latest process:   By Jul.2007. and 1152 sites on air.2M HSDPA and 1. 2007. Singapore Project Introduction:     Jan.HSPA Network in StarHub. Co-marketing with StarHub to develop more attractive 3G services HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. keep competitiveness    7.

LTD..1.2007. Huawei Confidential Page 53 .7 GHz for Japan First commercial All-IP HSPA network in world Industry-leading IDBS solution Latest process:  By Jul. 403 sites installation finished HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.All-IP HSPA Network in eMobile. Japan Challenges:  Transform from fixed broadband service provider to mobile operator   How to reuse existing broadband resource Extended UMTS band Huawei’s values:     Detailed business plan for greenfield operator Multi-band UMTS solution .

References Mexico  Field-proven performance in commercial/trial networks  Multi-band co-cabinet solution to save site rental and civil work HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 54 ..Latin America .

Thank you .huawei.