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Magic Pebble Project Story Writing Rubric


1 Not Yet No clear topic Little information Very few details Random thoughts

2 Improvement Hint of topic Reader is left with many questions Random details given Weak beginning and conclusion Some attempt to structure order of events Correct words but no “juice” Functional language Attempt to use descriptive words Words convey meaning

3 Satisfactory Has general topic Somewhat clear ideas Details but not precise Some specific thoughts Routine beginning and conclusion Sequence of events makes sense Some active verbs and precise nouns A moment or two of “juicy-ness” Tries to use figurative language Words begin to enhance meaning

4 Very Good Fairly narrow topic Many details written Attempt at new ways of thinking (creative topic) Effective beginning and conclusion Order of events works well Smooth flow Effective and creative verbs and nouns Wording mostly correct Effective figurative language Phrases work well

5 Excellent Narrow topic Clear thoughts, answer reader‟s questions Accurate details Inviting beginning and conclusion Masterful sequence Structure compliments the central theme Powerful, engaging and “juicy” words Words create meaningful pictures Accurate wording


No beginning or conclusion No order of events Hard to follow

Word Choice Limited vocabulary Simple words used incorrectly Words do not convey meaning

Magic Pebble Project Rubric Independence/Checklist use 1 Not Yet Has difficulty referring to checklist or asking questions about what to do next. Constant reminders to use checklist needed. Does not understand how to use checklist. 2 Improvement Always asks „what to do next‟. Needs some support to use checklist. Little understanding of how to read checklist. 3 Satisfactory Sometimes asks questions about what to do next. Frequent reminders to use checklist needed. understanding of how to use checklist after reminder. Instructions followed most of the time. Some reminders given. 4 Very Good Works independently most of the time, occasional questions about „what to do next‟, some reminders to use checklist needed. Shows understanding of how to use checklist. Instructions often followed with only the occasional reminder needed. 5 Excellent Shows consistency in working independently, using project checklist as a guide Asks questions about instructions within steps but not about „what to do next‟.

Following Instructions

Difficulty Some support following needed to follow instructions. instructions. Constant reminders necessary. Illustrations do not relate to the story. Illustrations hint at the story line but are confusing and unclear. Several pictures don‟t make sense. Some support often needed to use technology.


Some illustrations relate to the story. Some pictures don‟t make sense.

Most illustrations have a clear relation to the story line.

Consistency shown with following instructions throughout the project. Very little reminder necessary. All illustrations are thoughtful, effortful and clearly reflect the meaning of the story.

Technology Use

Difficulty using technology. Teacher guidance needed constantly.

Technology most often used effectively and independently.

Technology frequently used independently.

Consistency shown in independent use of technology.