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Learn How to Speak Spanish Easily

Learn How to Speak Spanish Easily

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Published by: cinthya007 on Apr 17, 2009
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Gustar plus a noun means to like something. Literally, it means to please and takes an indirect object,
so the construction of the sentence will be different than that of English.

Me gusta(n) I like

Nos gusta(n)we like

Te gusta(n) you like

Os gusta(n) you like

Le gusta(n) you/he/she likesLes gusta(n)you/they like

Gusta is used with singular nouns, while gustan is used with plural nouns. With le and les, you can
add a Ud., a él, a ella, a Uds., a ellos and a ellas to make the meaning clear.

Me gustan las flores. I like the flowers. (Literally: To me are pleasing the flowers or the flowers are
pleasing to me.)
Nos gusta la casa. We like the house.
No me gusta. I don't like it.
Le gusta a Ud.? Do you like it?
Le gustan a ella. She likes them.

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