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this project on anorexia
this project on anorexia

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Published by: teritan on Apr 17, 2009
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A number of theories have been advanced to explain the

psychological factors of the disorder. No single explanation covers

all cases. Anorexia nervosa has been interpreted as:

•A rejection of female sexual maturity. This rejection is

variously interpreted as a desire to remain a child, or as a

desire to resemble men as closely as possible.

•A reaction to sexual abuse or assault.

•A desire to appear as fragile and nonthreatening as possible.

This hypothesis reflects the idea that female passivity and

weakness are attractive to men.

•Overemphasis on control, autonomy, and independence. Some

anorexics come from achievement-oriented families that stress

physical fitness and dieting. Many anorexics are perfectionistic

and "driven" about schoolwork and other matters in addition

to weight control.

•Evidence of family dysfunction. In some families, a daughter's

eating disorder serves as a distraction from marital discord or

other family tensions.

•Inability to interpret the body's hunger signals accurately due

to early experiences of inappropriate feeding.

Although anorexia nervosa is still considered a disorder that largely

affects women, its incidence in the male population is rising. Less is

known about the causes of anorexia in males, but some risk factors

are the same as for females. These include certain occupational

goals and increasing media emphasis on external appearance in

men. Moreover, homosexual males are under pressure to conform

to an ideal body weight that is about 20 pounds lighter than the

standard "attractive" weight for heterosexual males.

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