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crack cocaine
What is it? Small, irregularly-shaped
lumps or 'rocks' made by mixing
powder cocaine with a range of other
How is it taken? Heated and smoked
in pipe, or dissolved in water and
Legal status A Class A drug;
maximum penalty for possession =
seven years in prison, for dealing =
life in prison and an unlimited fine
– or both.
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Crack cocaine base, pebbles, rock,

stone, wash

Effects > strong cravings for

> confidence and alertness more, often leading to
> euphoria and exhilaration involvement in crime
> increased heart rate to fund the habit
> suppression of hunger > infection by hepatitis or
and tiredness HIV/AIDS through sharing
> numbing of pain equipment
> similar effects to cocaine
Did you know?
but more intense and
Crack cocaine gets its
name from the ‘cracking’
Risks sounds that a rock makes
> massive mood swings when it is heated.
> paranoia and depression
> tiredness
> nausea
> aggression

Mixing substances can make the effects

unpredictable and can be dangerous
Using crack cocaine with heroin can lead
to coma and death

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