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Queens Welcomes Award-winning Quartet
(Charlotte, NC) The Queens University of Charlotte Music Department will host The Jasper String Quartet with the Swannanoa Chamber Players in Dana Auditorium on July 6, 2013 from 7-9pm. The event will highlight four performances ranging from an instrumental trio to a sextet in C major. The stars of the event, The Jasper String Quartet, formed their quartet at Oberlin Conservatory and began pursuing a professional career in 2006. The quartet performed across the United States, Japan, Canada and Europe. They perform music from Beethoven and Ades to Hadyn. The quartet’s latest performance series, “Understanding...through music,” leads the audience through eras, countries, and historical moments with its music. The Jasper String Quartet won grand prizes at the 2008 Plowman Chamber Music Competition and the Coleman Competition for their musical talents. They also received a Silver Medal at the 2008 and 2009 Fischoff Chamber Music Competitions. The Strad deems the quartet as “sonically delightful and expressively compelling,” while the Oregonian says the quartet’s performances take “the listeners from their casual setting into a world of keenly felt emotion and fathomless despair.” Queens University junior Abbey Price claims she is “excited to witness live art in the form of musical innovation.” For more information about the Jasper String Quartet, visit The Queens University Music Department invites audiences of all ages to attend the event. Tickets are twenty dollars a person and are available at the door.

According to its website, Queens University of Charlotte is a private, co-ed, masters level university with a commitment to liberal arts and professional studies. Queens was founded in 1857 by the Presbyterian Church, USA as a women’s college. It is now accredited by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Queens has over 2,400 attendees. To learn more about Queens University of Charlotte, visit

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