THE RANDOM HOUSE THESAURUS OF SLANG A BOOK FOR WRITERS AND FOR WORD BUFFS • More than 12,000 standard English words • Over 150,000 slang and argot synonyms, phrases, and idioms • Each main entry identified with part-of-speech label • Entries cross-referenced to enhance usefulness

"A delightful book... Browsing through the Lewins' thesaurus is like eating peanuts. It's not easy to stop after a few entries. A universal human experience involves going to the John, rest room, library, facilities, amenities, comfort station, sandbox, biffy, bippy, chamber of commerce, gazoo, the Andy Qump and the old soldiers' home... a joy for the word lover." — James Kilpatrick "Slang made respectable: Some word lovers will take offense, and others will peruse the Thesaurus of Slang with glee." —The Editorial Eye "a source for finding words and phrases that often express concepts more vividly than formal language." —Booklist "The working writer.. .will find this book useful when writing informally. It will also appeal to word buffs and other browsers." — Stephen H. Cape, Library Journal

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Esther Lewin and Albert E* Lewin
150,000 uncensored contemporary
slang terms, common idioms, and colloquialisms arranged for quick and easy reference

To Talia and Ian and in memory of dear Natalie

Copyright © 1988 by Esther and Albert E. Lewin All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without permission in writing from the publisher. All inquiries should be addressed to Reference Department, Random House, Inc., 201 East 50th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022. Published in the United States by Random House, Inc., New York. This edition published by arrangement with Facts on File, Inc.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Lewin, Esther. The Random House thesaurus of slang. Reprint. Originally published: The thesaurus of slang. New York, N.Y.: Facts on File Publications, © 1988. Bibliography: p. 1. English language — Slang — Dictionaries. 2. English language — Synonyms and antonyms — Dictionaries. I. Lewin, Albert E. II. Title. PE3721.L45 1989 427'.003 89-10254 ISBN O-679-727OO-O Manufactured in the United States of America 23456789

The Random House Thesaurus of Slang is made up of 12,000 English words listed alphabetically; each is followed by one or more of the 150,000 slang words or phrases contained in this volume. That simple arrangement is what makes this book a useful tool for writers, speakers, students of language and anyone else who might need a quick and easy source of slang. It has been said that a thesaurus is a book in which you look up the wrong word in order to find the right one. That definition fits this book perfectly. As a thesaurus, it offers a convenient translation from standard English to its slang equivalent. It is by no means a slang dictionary, nor is it meant to be. Using this thesaurus, all or part of a formal English sentence can be rewritten in slang, something almost impossible to do using a slang dictionary. This is not to say that slang dictionaries should be considered superfluous. It is the basic premise that is different; a dictionary is meant to define words, but if the user doesn't know the slang word for which a definition is sought, a slang dictionary is reduced to little more than a volume for browsing. If anything, The Random House Thesaurus of Slang should make slang dictionaries more useful. Except in a few instances where the use of an obscure slang term is demonstrated, this thesaurus, since it is not a dictionary, does not define slang words beyond giving them a formal English synonym. For a more precise definition of the words found in this book, a slang dictionary should be used. In a sense, this volume is similar to a foreign-language dictionary in that it "translates" formal English into the language of slang. To some readers slang can seem like a foreign language and, like a foreign language, there are times when it doesn't translate exactly. The same word or phrase can differ subtly in meaning in different contexts. In an extreme instance a word can be its own antonym; for example, baddest can mean "best" or "worst." While attempting to determine the right formal synonym of a slang term, we often asked which formal English word was the one most likely to occur to a reader searching for a slang synonym. For example, it is not likely a reader would .think to find pot likker under the entry residue. Soup stock was more credible. Therefore, for some entries, precision has been sacrificed for ease of use. Where a widely used slang term is not easily translated into standard English, the slang itself is listed at the subject heading. Such a case is blind date. The slang in this collection is based on actual usage culled from a wide variety of sources, such as newspapers, magazines, fiction and nonfiction books, television, radio, trade papers, industry, casual conversation. For the most part, the slang terms in this thesaurus are in current general usage; however, the reader will also find many of the most recent words appearing particularly in the language of young people, technical workers and politicians. In these pages, most readers will discover unfamiliar words and phrases, as well as old words with surprising new definitions. All of language was once "nonstandard," until the invention of the printing press created the need for standardization and inspired the first dictionary. Slang also originates out of need. New words are continually coming into the language, to stay only as long as they are useful. No attempt was made in this book to rule out "vogue" words. Deciding which of these words are merely passing through the language and which are taking up more-or-less permanent residence was not part of our editorial criteria. Slang is created by all social classes in every kind of circumstance as a more convenient, more private, or more entertaining means of communication. Groups create their own language within a language. The various kinds of slang are a means of identification. Peers recognize each other through its use. Slang is a way of belonging, of "speaking the same language." The word slang itself is said to have once meant "to be abusive." And much slang is abusive, chauvinistic, irreverent, profane, and sexually explicit. This book includes all types of slang, uncensored. For better or worse, this is the slang commonly used in America today. Experts in linguistics disagree among themselves over matters of definition, and they are certain to disagree with some of the definitions in this work. It is a risk anyone who prepares such a text must take. In those instances where it can be pointed out that we are in error, corrections will be made most gratefully, but for the moment, what the reader finds within these pages is as close to the correct usage of slang, colloquialisms, and the American idiom as we could presently determine. —Esther and Albert E. Lewin

In many cases. go on. the "See" category can provide many more choices. where exact definitions are often as varied as the locales in which the words are used. Wherever possible. screen and television writers. Standard English words are listed in alphabetical order." and "See also PERFORM. do a turn. nitty gritty. "Enact" illustrates three of these features. nouns are listed with adjectives. positives are used as negatives. . playwrights. " The operational word is basic. verbs become nouns and nouns verbs. Suppose you are preparing a speech or an essay and you want to make the following statement less formal. Still another refinement is offered to aid your search for exactly the right word. It is agreed among lexicographers that finding exactly the right synonym for a word is an inexact pursuit. See also VITAL. coal and ice. The word enact is synonymous with "legislate. the most current." Synonyms for that sense of the word are listed under the numeral J. ENACT v. steamroller through. The thesaurus should not be considered a dictionary. no attempt has been made to define slang beyond the category heading. no two words carry precisely the same meaning and it is no different with slang. nub. journalists. "Enact" also means to "act. parts of speech are mixed." or "Freedom of speech is the nub of democracy. be on. reference to a good slang dictionary is recommended. Following the slang terms there appears "See EXECUTE." Number 2 provides a selection of "act" words. name of the game. where its at. there are no listings simply referring the reader to another category without some slang synonyms listed." "See" references offer a broader selection of slang synonyms. advertising copy writers. 1. See also PERFORM. you find a wide range of choices. railroad. Where definition is necessary. writers of fact or fiction. The Random House Thesaurus of Slang is simple to use. If you don't find the word you are seeking in the first group. Depending on the level of informality desired. That's the way you will find it here. As a convenience.How to Use This Book For speakers. "Freedom of speech is basic to democracy. 2. do a number. so the sentence can be written. A semicolon separates specialized references from the general: such words might refer only to males as opposed to females or might differentiate activities from objects. See EXECUTE. In standard English. " In addition to the listing of slang synonyms under a particular word. Look up the word basic. bottom line. meat and potatoes. Except for the sake of clarity. do ones stuff. plain vanilla. jam through. "See also" references provide a broader selection still. BASIC n. politicians. directing you to collateral meanings of the word. railroad through. the thesaurus also offers a broader selection of words to assist you in finding exactly the sense you seek. publicists. members of the clergy—anyone who deals with the expression of ideas through words. jam. allowing the reader a choice of synonyms without having to look further. name. "Freedom of speech is the meat and potatoes of democracy. Under each of these words is a collection of slang synonyms. widely used words are listed first.

To our many patient friends. who were unaware of their cooperation as guinea pigs in blind tests of questionable material. and who was ever ready to help with the drudgery of checking references. researching. to perform so many complex tasks when personal computers were still very primitive. Joseph Simon. DBMS. for his technical expertise. who kept us current with the youth and music scenes. and preparing bibliographies. who tailored his deftly programmed data base management system. Anthony Borras. for his help in shaping . publisher of Ward Ritchie Press. read manuscript. Charles Bloch of Bantam Books. Professor Herbert Turman. and to provide technical counseling and general encouragement. for his sage advice and our sadness that he will not see it in its final form. who was always available to advise.Acknowledgments Our deep appreciation to: the presentation of the work. Eliza Lewin.

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funny. have savvy. nix out. bunk out. kick. nest. left in the lurch. ease out. stand for. quit cold. burn out. alpha. RENOUNCE. See INHABIT. department of the interior. ABNORMAL adj. know one's [practically anything]. gut. drop like a hot potato. See also SHORT. quit the scene. grab. kick. time to book. for short. give in. cool it. ABHORRENT adj. cutting the mustard. sidelined. ABDICATE v. drop. grody. know backwards and forwards. be down on. change one's song. fuck off. forget it. perch. awful beastly.. what it takes. flaky. run out on. 1. put the snatch on one. right there. pull the plug. there. ABJURE v. know one's goulash. See also ABNORMAL. fuck with. turn it off. cool it. break it up. ABILITY n. who me? not by a long shot. snake out. bear with. give it up. fantasmo. sit tight. get to the meat. off base. shake. opt out. live with. punk out. walk out on. let it all out. storm out. mellow out. Section 8. up to the mark. see also SKILLFUL. fly the coop. know one's goods. swear off. know the score. know-how. wash one's hand of. inner man. take a walk. give up the ghost. yucky. for weird. know one's bananas. hang it up. kick off. go with the flow. off base. opt out. See SKILL. leave holding the bag. stand down. pass up. back down. hang loose. off-color. have an allergy to. be allergic to. chicken out. hatup. cop out. ABANDON v. spaghetti. coast. tummy. dust. savvy. knock off. godforsaken. knock off. leave flat. throw in the towel. angle. know the ropes. See also ECCENTRIC. ABERRANT adj. cut. bag it. chuck. stay away from. bow out. See STOMACH. spaz. ABBREVIATED adj. on the ball. hang up one's spurs. bag it. but out. cave in. pass by. know one's onions. screwy. pull up stakes. check out. weirdo. swear off. flying fool). shake. throw into a tizzy. no way. let it all hang out. sideline. drag it. mad (jazz)> wicked. bug off. total shuck. stow it. slough. bay window. can it. fat chance. chuck it. count out. dancing fool. psycho. take a powder. See also DESERT. sell out. roost. give up the ship. insides. put in a nutshell. kiss good-bye. fool (e. throw into a swivet. pack in. pigeonholed. unlax. ABNEGATION n. drop it. give up. cheese it. grossed out on. boil down. be big. push out. out in left field. ABHOR v. leave high and dry. fuddle. sidetrack. pull in one's horns. ball up. put up with. book. on the rocks. spare tire. flaky. able. leave holding the bag. guts. fold. hang in there. eyes to cool it. pigeonhole. scratch gravel. hang out. off-color. all around. belly. ABDOMINAL ORGANS n. slide. drop out. breadbasket. sidetracked. pull the pin. See DISLIKE. walk. icky. dump. let go. leave in the lurch. dognap (dog abduction). cut down. out of line. mental. pass on. the stuff. rat. leg. See RESIGN. pass. stonewall. lay off. haul one's freight. nix. know all the ins and outs. grody to the max. throw overboard. heel. pigeonhole. ooze out. sniff a powder. peel out. ship out. inner workings. sell out. chuck it. up stakes. corporation. See DENIAL. fase. up to snuff. throw in the sponge. inner works. know one's groceries. bail out. bottle up and go. let it all happen. know one's beans. cut to the bone. gross. know one's oil. just what the doctor ordered. do a fase. leave in the lurch. the right stuff. bug. pull out. ABASH v. duck. change one's tune. sideline. binch (job). go over the side. RESIGN. ABATE v. ABIDE v. quit cold turkey. squat. out of line. weirdo. sneeze. leg it out. pass up. innards. butt out. bunk. pass on.g. See also BEWILDER. take French leave (without permission). up to speed. cool out. ABBREVIATE v. drift away. See also QUIT. See ENDURE. take the oath. See CAPABLE. fase out. See DESPICABLE. paid one's dues. time to bail. the goods. ABDUCT v. flake out. hang tough. passed up. screw. ditch. inners. 2. crash. nutshell. trim. potbelly. hang easy. pot. cut it out. pack it in. cry uncle. know one's fruit. hang in.A A n. toss over. ABLE adj. take it easy. discombobulate. come off. don't sweat it. up to it. snatch. lay back. ABANDONED adj. know all the answers. gross. skidoo. bail out. leave high and dry. nothing doing. take care of business. break it off. shucky. shanghai. See also SHORTEN. hear of. get on the wagon. . put it to the wind. ABDOMEN n. chill out. ease on. bog down. cry off. cut loose. fase away. know one's oats. slam off. have no use for. throw over.

take over. dope off. ABOVEBOARD adj. get. ABRUPT adj. get the hell out. spring. take a walk. flat. take French leave. be filthy with. rotten. sure as I live and breathe. ABSENCE n. on the lemon. whitewash. right on. ABOUND v. no kicker. wink at. be all over the place. ABOUT adv. See BAD. for sure. the real McCoy. real. clear. go easy on. Is a bear Catholic?. PERFORM v. you betcher life. ABSENTMINDED adj. go south with. get. pro-choicer (pro). that's the ticket. right-to-lifer. with knobs on. have a full plate. make oneself scarce. Does the Pope shit in the woods?. no strings attached. sure as death and taxes. snip. bleach. let one off easy. let one off this time. you're not kidding. nutshell. sure as shootin'. the checker. with tits on. See also FAILURE. hand out clemo. and no mistake. washed out. in spades. come hell or high water. grim. in the neighborhood of. skip. ABSORB v. See CANCELED. moony. fershtay. dead cert. let go. See REPEAL. on French leave. call a spade a spade. grody. domi. flush. fade away. right on. shot down in flames. popcorn headed. sure as fate. absitively. gross. craptically. put the kibosh on. crawl with. sure as God made little green apples. bag (Sch. 1. sure thing. zap. asquatulate. latch onto. let up on. take in. short. knock it off. no holds barred. shot. co-op. condo. crash pad. nix. but def. lam. no strings attached. pull a rabbit. See HONEST. no joke. fly the coop. cut out. be no end of. no show.). be thick as flies. Judy (I understand). be thick with. be no end to. git. exfiltrate. flat out. killed. no catch. awful. See UNDERSTAND. why sure. let one off the hook. the very thing. lifeboat. cut. ABODE n. put in a nutshell. goof off. I'll tell the cockeyed world. stone (stone deaf) almighty. go AWOL. scrub. powder. fucking-A. get off the hook. split. wipe the slate clean. right to life. sure as hell. hole. practically. ditch. See IRRITATING. torpedo. eat (eat the cost). jump. wiped out. ABSCOND v. on the nose. surest thing you know. be more than you can shake a stick at. cut class. take off. ABROGATED adj. CANCELED. mooning. French leave. skip. lay off. flat out. call it quits. cut. you're darn tootin'. over the hill. Does a bear shit in the woods?. let it go. over the hill. absofuckinglutely. 2. See also FORGETFUL. pipe dreaming. scrubbed. beat it. dog it. kibosh. be knee deep in. blow. wipe it off. you betcha. rather. no-show. DESTROY. 3. you bet. all off. all bets are off. straight out. AWOL. posilutely. stay away in droves. fuck off. ghost (counted as present). off the hook. digs. shot down. cut and run. out of touch. . no ifs ands or buts. no holds barred. take a powder. you know it. on the button. ABROGATE v. in a handbasket. den. diggings. beastly. really truly. it. do in.2 abode ABSENT adj. you said it. blue pencil. straight from the shoulder. take it on the lam. pretty near. go over the hill. you said a mouthful. breeze. woolgathering. spiky. buck. cert. duck and run. for real. see also STOP. See SHORTEN. absentminded professor. crib. pro choice. scrub. kill. pull out. ankle. AWOL. grody to the max. skin out. write off. ABRASIVE adj. hookey. be up to one's ass in. right you are. out-ofpocket. joint. clemo. co-opt. be all over the joint. make a break for it. See CANCEL. break it off. Is the Pope Catholic?. ABSOLUTE adj. be up to here with. ABSOLVE v. skip class. pro-lifer (anti). cut off. play hookey. ABOMINABLE adj. vamoose. straight out. no buts about it. ABORTION. snippy. ABSENT v. to a tee. clear out. on the money. not show up. skedaddle. make oneself scarce. AWOL. skip out. go AWOL. take French leave. dommy. stinking. make feet. dead sure. no fine print at the bottom. scram. let off. scrub. renig. nobody home. ABSOLVED adj. take a runout powder. a-wol. knock out. coop. break off. call off. in the ball park. lousy. be alive with. duck out. right-o. fade out. def. talk a walk. no ifs ands or buts. cutting. sure as the devil. for a fact. ABORTION n. fer sher. let go. blitz. you know. rub the wrong way. fer shirr. get into. chop. ABRIDGE v. you can say that again. no fine print. finish off. kaput. See HOUSE. pad. hard to take. See also NEAR. hookey. hairy. goofing off. the lights are on but nobody's home. spacey. with bells on. no kicker. call all bets off. up front. check. honest to God. turn up missing. pro life. soak up. walked. zapped. sleazeball. out to lunch. launder. right on. sure as can be. right as rain. beat the rap. space cadet. airheaded. for dang sure. downright. you better believe it. let off. be up to one's ears in. blink at. indeedy. no show. out. snappy. looking out the window. sanitize. no catch. sure enough. I'll tell the world. on the noggin. nix. follow. ABSOLUTELY adv. flop. make no bones about it. no joker in the deck. See CANCEL. fade. fer shure. cut. French leave. hightail. ABORT v. ABOLISH v.

mooning. really into. live with. total. tomfool. dozens. drop the hammer down. cap. on the dry. okay. give one the finger. thumbs up. 1. take as gospel truth. all righty. masscult. pushing around. underline. throw in the towel. give one or something the go by. give five fingers to one. peachy. swallow hook line and sinker. up to one's ass in. slick. pencil geek. give the go by. buy. gome. louse around. put on the afterburners. reat. fence-sitter. got to hand it to one. hats off to. bad-mouth. cut. do the crazy bit. check up. roll. cuss out. rolling in. gagged up. large. peachy keen. sit on one's butt. big deal. filthy with. dory. pipe dreaming. tuff. teetotaler. woolgathering. wonk. coolville. take the pledge. See also TEACHER. get behind. pop. like a shot. cow college. don't rock the boat. kooky. BS. sit out. took the pledge. take the cure. OK. go along with. peel rubber. chop. shit on. A. screwy. slam. swipe. headline. ACCEDE v. jazz. sit still for. balloon juice. See PLENTIFUL. gas. honey. signifying. sit on the fence. kimble (tries to be). mess up. ACADEMICIAN n. sign. okay. fence sit. rag on. See SCHOOL. make tracks. pissing on. mucho. copacetic. okee doke. tool. rev. give the go ahead. vanilla. See SPEED. See NONSENSE. just ducky. OK. freaky. take one's lumps. knock up. bull. hit with buckwheats. put up with. daydreaming. humping. See AGREE. shag. do one wrong. buckwheat. quit. ACADEMY n. swallow. a drug on the market. daffy. on the ball. staring into the middle distance. cave in. hose. one of the boys. be game for. ding hau. dig at. campy. yokky. brain. phedinkus. manhandle. haircut (by a female). okay dokey. cool. cut down to size. dish it out. crazy. slide by easy. gross out. cutthroat. kopasetic. hot air. all to the mustard. head over heels in. See PREOCCUPIED. screwing. a gas. rubberstamp. jokey. 1. so so. trendy. dish out. ABSURDITY n. eat sleep and breathe [something]. camp. all root. 2. ACCELERATE v. piss on. fern sem. 1. ABSTAIN v. grub. dig. sharp. total cahcah. ABUSE v. See also BATTERED. lay a batch. jive. ducky. old Siwash. fold. in the swim. toe the mark. sound. give a black eye. roll over and play dead. batty. have to scrape one off the sidewalk. flaky. Sing n' J ing. hang up. gone. nail it. off the wall. shit. give in. hit. See also FOOLISH. A. sit on one's hands. ABSTAINER n. squid. Greek to me. give the green light. give one a zinger. pass. nutty. moony. set store by. aggie. freaked out. flumadiddle. batch out. on the water wagon. no end of. ABUSE n. pat on the back. bookworm. limelight. horseshit. eat up. don't make waves. tear down. See OBSCURE. ding hao. have eyes for. buckwheats. play the dozens. hassle. make a monkey of oneself. rev up. crawling with. stroke. fire up. nerd. go on the wagon. cut up. stand for. blow off. pick on. goofy. give the stamp of approval. hunky-dory. loony. pass up. give the nod. screw. bad-mouth. heavy. lousy with. sit on one's duff. swell. on the wagon. cockamamie. play dirty dozens. dogged. See ENGROSSED. wet blanket. grind. tool.. railroad through. 2. sappy. step on the gas. run down. sizzler. See also ENDURE. fool. George. trash. bear with. signify. cut to the quick. auger. goofus. shake up. kick one around. ACCEPTABLE adj. OK. hep. fuck over. throat. hammer on. shafted. dry. tool on. bitter mouth. lump it. sign off on. put one's John Hancock on. spotlight. rag. plate is full. screw around. you've got me. give the green light. quinine. take over the hurdles. rough up. sour grapes. 2. cereb. crap. play the game. A-OK. do the crazy shtick. smear. on the right track. play ball with. drooly. okydory. roughhouse. ink squirter. bash. flapdoodle. hump. ABSORPTION n. 4. Christer. open er up. halls of ivy. brainery. do the crazy act. zing. mod. crasher (boy). wacky. lousing around. skinning alive. lulu. walking wounded. wax. go by. sound dozens. joshing. push around. 3. picked on. clear as mud. spider. knock. dizzy. give one the cold shoulder. 1. go on the water wagon. up to snuff. ride. dust. ABSTINENT adj. pooh-pooh. fucking-A. rank out. ACCELERATOR PEDAL n. swim with the tide. knifing. ABUSED adj. bung. slap at. egghead. break one's balls. all reet. lap up. rip up the back. signifyn' shucking and jiving. dry. big. ABSTRUSE adj. shitting on. crazy. cool. for grins. coolsville. spot. mess around with. ABSURD adj. dump on. A-okay. back bite. dippy. jake. okay. ABUNDANT adj. 2. See also APPROVE. do a number on. bullshit. highlight. take stock in. clear as dishwater. hosing. chop chop. take one up on. stinking with. hurl a brickbat. on the beam. up to here in. get bent. put the pedal to the metal. shuck and jive. hip. screwing around. prof. fool around. ding how. give the go ahead. ding ho. teach. lay rubber. take. faddy. make an ass of oneself. right on. on the water wagon. kicking around. fucking over. up to code. fit in. hitting on all six. . cry uncle. power tool. stomach. hammer. ACCENTUATE v. go for. it's the berries. selling. when in Rome do as the Romans do. yentz. back cap. check out. ABSTRACTED adj. it beats me. on the wagon. put down. gasser. bung up. ACCEPT v.acceptable 3 ABSORBED adj. applesauce. sit on one's ass. prom trotter. gun. railroad. go along with.

settled in. brainy. shape up. groove. be a sport. good Joe. shill. tab. 1. puff up. puffing up. hip. dope out. count. draft. Doctor Spocking the help. connection. date. home cooking. the books. abreaction route. sharp. contact. surefire. hear it for. cow sociology. one's two cents' worth. bean counter. See SKILLED. in the groove. whistle for. on the same wavelength. knocked off. score. nail it. score. in like Flynn. take. pileup. get there. unzip. dealt with. shlep along. megillah. fifty-fifty. do the trick.4 acceptance cooking with gas. sew up. APPROVAL. shadow. ACCLAIM v. okay. groan box. the picture. See also CELEBRITY. 1. bring home the bacon. See also INDULGENT. 2. whistle down. stroke. ACCOST v. opening up. all set. carry the load. close. won one's spurs. get one's sea legs. run down. stick to. string along. crack-up. sharp pencil pusher. made it. ACCOMMODATION n. right on. beat one's skin. have under one's belt. okay people. ready. home free. play the game. ACCLAIM n. home. ACCIDENT n. ACCOMPLICE n. highly touted. touted. according to the book. kosher. bang em up. ringer. on tap. drag. mitt pound. in. big hand. shunt. ACCLAMATION n. right guy. deal. checkeroo. go with the flow. do justice. flag. face off. ACCOUNT v. ACCLAIMED adj. count on one. tote. butterfingers. go-ahead. event (nuclear). SKILLFUL. pat on the back. fixed. plant. done to a finish. ACCORDION n. one's own sweet time. lowdown. okay people. pass current. come-atable. right guy. dicker. the whole picture. crib. take account of. grunt. 3. cross. dog. 3. that's it. make hay while the sun shines. playing it safe. give a posy. tote up. See also STORY. hand it to. cut ice. don't rock the boat. See AGREEMENT. total. 2. pen pusher. the door's always open. ice. ACCOUNT n. See CONFORM. right on the money. bring down the house. kosher. 1. on the hook. playing their game. card-carrying. in line. groovy. See also COMPROMISE. roof over one's head. scratch hit. get to first base. good vibrations. check. wound up. count noses. make hay. in a rut. be a regular fellow. stall. tab. STATEMENT. slipup. back up. See also CONFRONT. put it over. boy scout. all over but the shouting. cleaned up. get someplace. ACCOUNTABLE adj. tailgate. in the groove. set. okay. 1. hip to the jive. do a bang-up job. kosher. dog one's heels. user friendly. wrack-up. backing. furp. rackup. hot. run into. push. a wrap. stall. bomb. put away. crash pad. klutzy. washed up. shape up or ship out. story. door. flag down. bad news. root. did the trick. ACCOMPANIMENT n. ACCEPTANCE n. done to a frazzle. knows one's business. See also STATEMENT. open ACCOMPLISH v. Rock of Gibraltar. ACCESSIBLE adj. PR. cuff. squire. put over. score. IOU. pack. arrived. See also ACCUSTOMED. turned the trick. CPA. See also COUNT. pat on the head. meet halfway. have to hand it to. 2. take care of. ACCOMMODATIONS n. pulled it off. belled. whenever. get out from under. pass. rear ender. wind box. . stroking. be a somebody. wired. insider. spiel. blow by blow. good vibes. puff. all around. hotsie-totsie. deal. arrive. all woke up. straight. ABCs. buttoned up. done for. mess 'em up. give a bouquet. brag about. ACCESS n. back. frantic. on the beam. wrapped up. on target. digs. tag along. have em on their feet. legit. See also RESPONSIBLE. pitch. pull off. pad. fab. done to a T. 1. ACCIDENT PRONE adj. mopped up. wised up. ACCOMMODATE v. ACCOMPLISHED adj. hit. ACCORD n. ACCOUNTING n. in the loop. chew one's tobacco. brace. do one proud. score. See ACCOMPANY v. getinable. ACCESSORY n. ACCOUNTANT n. stack-up. figure in. 2. run down. spook. keep score. make. bend over backwards. in. almost home (nearly). go by the book. 2. See also FINISHED. count heads. pencil shover. play by play. lap organ. sharp. make it. put across. blow one's horn. boost. chew one's cabbage. diggings. take out. hep. far out. tab. ACCEPTED adj. kudo. cool. smash. squeeze box. crack em up. in there. handy. hounds. ACCLIMATED adj. sea legs. regular. fender-bender. keep tabs. pen driver. aces. pencil pusher. beat one's drum. getable. See also STORY. don't make waves. smashup. say so. 2. according to Hoyle. came through with. straight arrow. open arms. on the right track. rave. on deck. tag after. whole megillah. hand. with it. highly touted. straight. okayed. shot. savvy. pumping up. See HOUSE. touted. strokes. in orbit. See ACHIEVE. rave. fluke. green light. commercial. polished off. box of teeth. go down. ACCOMMODATING adj. on the ball. Bit 10-4. insider. cut some ice. fender tag. Calamity Jane. plant.

blow the whistle on one. 2. ACQUIT v. Casper Milquetoast. let off the hook. perk. hack it. in the groove. snakebit. eat shit. 2. ACHING adj. snag. come out with. INCREASE. fess up. not give one a rumble or tumble. bring out. 1. go places. as advertised. scare up. ACCURATE adj. access. do the job. See also PERFORMANCE. See also DENOUNCE. sail through. roar. get rich. fink. buy. solid. bring down the house. crocodile tears. dance to ones tune. cry uncle. come up to scratch. buildup. Milquetoast. do to a turn. do the trick. get well. pull off. step into the shoes of. rumble. swim with the tide.B. See also ACCOMPLISHED. tail between one's legs. fess. ACCUSTOMED adj. make out. fake. knock off. let off the hook. unzip. spring with. making like the anvil chorus in one's skull. catch. beefing up. ACCUMULATE v. tick. make it big. whistle-blow. tied to one's apron strings. See also SUBMISSION. not give one a flop. jinxed. up. come through with. gob. See CONFESS. let off. voodooed. pan out. ring the bell. up. dance. pile up. own up. blackout. fly. bring home the groceries. on the button. do a turn. have one's wings. ACQUISITIVE adj. ornery. polished off. lay at one's door. ACKNOWLEDGE v. phony. go on. beef. dido. put it together. make a pile. get ahead. See also GET. give one five (slap hands). put across. make the grade. wangle. bring home the bacon. on the money. come around. bit. stand-up comedy. do one's thing. big stink. dumb act (without words). luck. ACHIEVE v. fit in. on the numbers. come out on top of the heap. rack up. make a name for oneself. the grabs. upping. drive it home. put-up job. hike. See also COMPLAINT. grabby. put it over. grabbing. play ball with. I'll be back to you. polish off. percolate. cop. right on. put away. ACQUITTED adj. let off. number. cave in. holler. get hold of. give a knockdown. out with it. hustle. come clean. go great guns. wipe it off. cut a deal. do a number. do oneself proud. wrap up. pull it off. fold. frame. jibe. get it off one's chest. hoke act. sweet talk. fall guy. arrive. lock up. See also SUM. boost. the gimmies. strut one's stuff. latch on to. put over. wrapped up. frame up. settled in. put over. feather one's nest. do the honors. beefing. goat. let go. bit. grab. greedy guts. butt. get together. take care of. let one have it. eat humble pie. keerect. deal with. hell fire. say uncle. cut. be home free. wound up. strut. patsy. turns out. wind up. get one's hands on. wink at. . shake on. go to town. See PAINFUL. 1. put the finger on. ante. get one's sea legs. beat the rap. come on like gangbusters. the gripes. cream. ACHIEVED adj. kick. do up brown. scare up. shuck and jive. pile. See SARCASTIC. chaser. put away. See GET. fix up. ACCUMULATION n. mitzvah (good). rap. blast. salty. papers (legal). ACQUISITIVENESS n. rack up. make a bundle. pass up (fail to). schnook. ACCUSED n. give out. on the nose. ACT n. make a noise in the world. pin it on one. let off easy. mopped up. do one's stuff. make a killing. be on. See ABSOLVE. go native. blink at. make it. right on the money. put across. 5 ACCULTURATE v. pulled off. (take care of business). fit in. stab in the . stall. hoodooed. intro. put out (sexual). tear off. make one's mark. come on. cream up. do to a T. eat crow. corral. See also ANSWER. 2. ACQUAINT v. See CORRECT. ACRIMONIOUS adj. get one's sea legs. some hide and hair. stink. FORMER. grooved. squawk. knocked off.act ACCRUAL n. 1. false front. clear. See also INTRODUCE. ACCUSER n. hunk. yes-man. come out of the closet. mop up. line one's nest. See also IN- ACCUSTOM v. 1. chunk. I'll get back to you. under one's belt. bitch. 2. name. flop (by trickery). win one's spurs. nail it. crack. set. poligot. squeak by (barely). score. put the lid on. shtick. ditto. ACQUIESCE v. weak sister. soft soap. a hooha. pin on one. give in. cleaned up. cussed. open up. pick up. okay. T. stunt. buildup. finger. See AGREE. get over. earn one's wings. yes one. pass on. See CONFORM. mean. roll with the punches. when in Rome do as the Romans do. afterpiece. ACQUIESCENT adj. hit. clean up. get fat. reat. ass-kisser. get it across. yell. FINISHED. come across. 3. walked. ACCURSED adj. get away with. on a string. clean up. put-on. SAVE. knock one for a loop. ACCUSATION n. bum rap (false). spot. dealt with. all fired. damned. get there. routine. putty in one's hands. one down. beat out. pass. gag. gripe. romp off with. whistle-blower. upping. bitchy. knock down. one down and two to go.C. button up. point the finger at. on a leash. go over big. get to first base. cop a plea. ACQUIRE v. make well. round up. ACCUSE v. See CONFORM. hang something on. hit the beach. make hay. piece. turn the trick. roll over and play dead. 1. hit the bull's-eye. promote. reet. henpecked. hurting. whitewash.

fiend. boost. the straight stuff. station worker. speed freak. hook up with. super. build. do ones stuff. fire up. globetrotter (always moving). See ACTION. punch up. percolate. shit or get off the pot.). on the jump. hoopty do. egg on. google (not common). tear off. cook. piggyback. zoo. perk. See also INCREASE. go into one's song and dance. tick. down to earth. wampus. stunt. hooked. ACTUATE v. cosplug. See also SPIRITED. See also REALITY. no ifs ands or buts. work up. ante. junkie. big idea. ACTUAL adj. ACTUALITY n. racket. stand pat. knock off. hoop a doop. star. hype. hop up. game. go into the toilet (fail). pat. IMITATE. on a merry-go-round. come one. pad. ham fatter. jaboff. in full swing. aspirin hound. pipeline. going. chew the scenery. snow snorter. eager beaver. freak. press a bet. horse. user. say one's piece. snow under. 1. roll with the punches. tack on. 2. burn. go on. straight (after injection). campfire boy. heat up. get it all together. ACTIVE adj. bit player. emote. acid head. what's comin' down. weedhead. baddie. deal. go to town. hang tough. do a number. do one's bit. what's going. ball game. where the action is. extra. get with it. dust head. perky. de-mothball. jack up. pull off. See STUBBORN. all around. tough nut. Saturday night habit (occasional). TRUTH. play one's role. working one's tail off. be on. See also ACT. ball game. tote up. T and A. call up. slap on. goin' down. snifter. cokey. legiter. foil. take out of mothballs. dynamiter. junker. 2. ACTOR n. switch hitter. do. the emess. do double duty (two roles). in full swing. ADD v. running one's ass ragged.6 act ACT v. shape up or ship out. atmosphere. ten percenter. needle knight. take a flier (impulsively). banger. click. beat out. hooked on. hike up. scene sweller. kosher. ACTIVATE v. ENERGIZE. stooging. TCB (take care of business). hopper. key up. bangster. ENERGIZE. sweeten. love interest. cue in. get in there. what's goin' down. heat up. murder (he's murder). trouper. whoop la. hook on. INDUSTRIOUS. plan. for real. snow. viper. goof ball. jumping. turn on. tot up. A-head. ham it up. acid freak. ACTRESS n. telling it like it is. fireball. it cooks. beef up. wasted. no shit. scene chewer. busy as a bee. acdac. zone. thesping. ADDICT n. sweeten the pot. methhead. join together. dopenik. can do it all. whip up. goof. dump on. whittle. blow. AD. add fuel to the fire. shape up. ham acting. See also ACTOR. snowbird. needle man. pour it on. join up with. mugger. fish or cut bait. play one's gig. run with the ball. walk-on. finger wringer. follow through. bit. no buts about it. tag. daffodil. whirling dervish. supe. parlay. trip. tag on. works. hoop de doop. matinee idol. drughead. hammy acting. snowball. where the rubber hits the road. hamming up. ADAPT v. bump up. what it is. etc. knock off. hamming. feet. jazz up. scene. whoop de do. ADAPTABLE adj. ACTIVITY n. tied up. go for it. carved in stone. clocked up. from Mount Shasta (not common). on the needle. in the flesh. hooked. if you can't beat 'em join em. See also DRUG USER. chipper. on the hop. speed up. straight man. pothead. hambone. hyped. add bells and whistles. barnstormer. hitch on. pillhead. ADAM'S APPLE n. go for broke. greasy junkie. hypo. lay an egg. running around like a chicken with its head cut off. whip out. go that route. put up. bit. come over. hepped up. up the ante. ACTING n. go over big. hophead. speedo. works. ham. See also ACTUATE. hoopla. sick (needs injection). feeder. mainliner. flesh out. do black. comin' down. lay a bomb. tea toker. ice creamer. ACTOR'S AGENT n. 1. run up. move. ADDICTED v. smack slammer. hulligan (foreigner). dog (bad). greaseball. student. See also ACTIVATE. where the action is. gargle. hop. stooge. scene. fern lead. tote. bomb. space cadet. the straight shit. for real. thesp. dope fiend. busier than a onearmed paperhanger. bump. tripper. spaced out. ADAGE n. come on like gangbusters (well). bag. mug. head. build up. ham. what's happening. happenin'. set in concrete. hang loose. star. bring down the house. live. Skag Jones. step up. pyramid. tits and ass. get one's act together. do a turn. ACTION n. plug into. charge up. stand-in. movin' out. flesh peddler. spike. proposition. See also ACTRESS. strut. double. spear carrier. honest to God. rollin'. do one's stuff. jabber. lot hopper (film extra). moppet (child). stooge. ball of fire. ADAMANT adj. . strut one's stuff. coke head. tot. game. hyper. hopped up. take up. dirty. bean popper. hot up. bag. stooge. hike. make with (the eyes. jump up. racket. juice up. hard-nosed. up. zoner. honest injun. trigger. doper. operate. improv (improvisation). tread the boards. put up to. whiz. do one's thing. lead. busy as a beaver. comin' off. put it over. come around. stunt. roll with the punches. what's comin' off. go in for. make one's move. strung out. joy popper (new or occasional user). figure in. See also PRETEND. putty in one's hands. bag. like it is. work up into a lather. reckon up. sure enough. the real world. too good to be true. trip. See CONFORM. come on like. movin'. brass tacks. tooter. AC/DC. soup up. play the game. on the go. go every which way.

admirable 7 ADDICTION n. habit, hook, monkey, monkey on one's back, Jones, jones, sweet tooth, thing, to be into, hang-up, one's bag, shot, kick. ADDITION n. options, all the options, bells, bells and whistles, upping, boost, hike. ADDITIONAL adj. option, all the options, bells and whistles, on the side, perks, padding, spare tire, fifth wheel, plus God knows what, and (implied coffee and), and such, and such and such, and so on, all that sort of thing, and all that, and like that, stuff like that, and what not, and what have you, widow, lagniappe. See also EXTRA. ADDITIONALLY adv. one mo' time, una mas, come again, chew one's cabbage twice. ADDLE v. get to, discomboberate, discumbobulate, ball up, rattle, rattle one's cage, throw, throw one, put one on a crosstown bus. See CONFUSE. ADDLED adj. unglued, slap happy, punchy, shook, shook up, up, balled up, fouled up, fucked up, mixed up, farmisht, fertummeled, woozy, thrown, rattled, out to lunch, gone. See CONFUSED. ADDRESS n. pitch, spiel, chalk talk, pep talk, soapbox oration. See SPEECH. ADDRESS v. 1. pitch, spiel, spout, stump, get on a soapbox, hear it for, root for. See SPEAK. 2. dig, hammer away, plug, peg away, go at, go for, have a go at, have at, pitch into. See APPLY ONE'S S E L F . See also ATTEMPT. 3. flag, flag down, whistle for, whistle down, flop, give one a flop, give one a toss, give one the glad eye, give one the glad hand, highball, shoulder, tumble. See also GREET. ADDRESS BOOK n. little black book. ADJUST v. 1. fix up, doctor, fine tune, fiddle with. See also CHANGE, MODIFY. 2. get one's act together, get one's shit together, get it together. 3. fit in, play the game, roll with the punches, swim with the tide, grin and bear it, when in Rome do as the Romans do. See CONFORM. ADJUSTER n. go-between, fixer.

ADMINISTER v. boss, ride herd on, run, run the show, head, head up, hold the reins, sit on top of, be in the driver's seat, be in the saddle, crack the whip, pull the strings, pull the wires. See MANAGE. ADMINISTRATION n. brass, top brass, front office, people in the front office, upstairs, people upstairs, big brother, one's watch, D.C., the digger, the mighty dome, the Union, Uncle Sam, Washington, the Feds (also Federal Reserve Bank). See also MANAGEMENT. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING n. tower of power, HQ, GHQ, CP. ad building,

ADMINISTRATOR n. CEO, exec, boss, Prez, prex, prexy (usu. college), POTUS (Près, of the U.S.), big brother, head, head man, head honcho, brass, man upstairs, front office. See also EXECUTIVE. ADMIRABLE adj. a 10, A, A-l, A-number one, A-plus, A-OK, okay, ace, aces, ace high, ace of spades, super, super-duper, smashing, gnarly, mega-gnarly, unreal, cool, zero cool, cold, wicked, out of this world, out of sight, gilt-edged, drooly, flash, like wow, best ever, crack, cracking, crackerjack, peacherino, peach, peachy, ginger peachy, peachy keen, keen, salt of the earth, top, tops, top-notch, top-notcher, topflight, top drawer, top of the line, tip top, first class, first chop, first rate, star, boss, stunning, corking, a corker, solid, solid sender, great, greatest, a doozie, a daisy, dilly, bo, boo, tickety boo, deadly, deadly boo, bong, sly, copacetic, kopasetic, the bee's knees, the cat's meow, the cat's whiskers, the cat's pajamas, the butterfly's book, the caterpillar's kimono, George, the real George, down, good show, gear, golden, hard, hummer, humdinger, knock out, mad, mess, mezz, nasty, nifty, the nuts, the nerts, ripping, ripsnorter, sanitary, heavenly, bang-up, like dynamite, fab, in fat city, in orbit, murder, neat, neato, hunky dory, all wool and a yard wide, jam up, slap up, dandy, fine and dandy, just dandy, jim dandy, but good, strictly, a sweetheart, catch, find, plenty, zanzy, beautiful, cuspy, check plus, staller, dream, lollapaloosa, whiz, killer-diller, mean, ducky, hot, spiffy, spiffing, ripping, nobby, delicious, scrumptious, not too shabby, something else, groovy, tough, heavy, bad, marvy, winner, choice, rest, gasser, fab, fabulous, dynamite, far out, funky, state of the art, too much, swell, savage, shirt, shirty, tawny, a whale of a, world beater, pip, pippen, lulu, darb, a honey, a beaut, this is some kinda , it's the berries, bully, sharp, the best.

ADEPT adj. sharp, sharp as a tack, smart as a whip, brainy, got it up here (head), no dumbbell, no dummy, nobody's fool, not born yesterday, quick on the trigger, quick on the uptake, crazy like a fox, clean, heads up, on the ball, on the beam, up to speed, phenom, pro, there, whiz, whiz kid, whiz bang, wizard, boss player, has enough ducks in a row, hot, hotshot, know one's onions, know one's stuff, have know-how, slick, smooth, crack, crackerjack, cute, no slouch, savvy. See also SKILLED. ADHERE v. stick like a barnacle, stick like a leech, stick like glue, stick like a wet shirt, stick like a limpet, freeze to, cling like a burr, cling like ivy, hold on like a bulldog, stay put. ADHERENT n. flunky, buff, echo, fan, freak, frenzies, nut, hanger-on, ho dad, ho daddy, plaster, shadow, stooge, tail. ADHESIVE n. stickum, gunk, gummy, spit.

AD HOC adj. ad hockery. See also TEMPORARY.

8 admire ADMIRE v. be crazy for, be crazy over, be crazy about, be nuts about, be daffy about, be wild about, be whacky about, be mad about, be mad for, go for, fall for, moon for, have the hots, be hot for, have eyes for, carry the torch for, torching, have it for one, be gone on, be far gone on, be sweet on, be stuck on, groove on, be hipped on, get high on, freak out on, have a crush on, have a mash on, have a case on, take to, take a liking to, take a fancy to, take a shine to, cotton to, be serious about, be smitten by, got it bad, rings one's bell, hit it off, nose open, be that way, be wrapped up in, be keen about, have a thing about, be struck by lightning. See also LOVE, APPROVE. ADMIRED adj. pop, drooly, okay people, big, large, large charge, big man on campus, BMOC, kimble (tries to be). ADMIRER n. rooter, groupie, buff, fan, autograph hound, booster, bug, freak, junkie, nut, frenzie, crank, culture vulture, fiend, flip, hound, alligator, gator, gate, cat, hep cat, stargazer, blue farouq. See also DEVOTEE, LOVER, SUPPORTER. ADMISSION TICKET n. admish, board, stub, twofer (half price), pasteboard, chit, deadwood (unsold); pass, freebee, paper, Annie Oakley, Chinee, Chinee ducat, comp (free); dukie, dookie (meal ticket); duck (social event); bid, invite (invitation). ADMIT v. 1. spill, spill it, spill one's guts, spill the beans, cop a plea, get it off ones chest, get it out of one's system, let it all hang out, open up, fess up, own up, out with it, spit it out, blab, blabber, come clean, give away, give away the show, let the cat out of the bag. See also CONFESS. 2. give the nod, okay, OK, sign, sign off on, thumbs up, be big on, bless, buy. See also ALLOW, CONCEDE. ADMONISH v. speak to, talk to, tell a thing or two, gig, give what for, give a going over, give a piece of one's mind, give one his comeuppance, call to task, call down, come down on, come down hard on, sit on, jack up, hoist, growl, rap, dance the carpet, call on the carpet, slap one's wrist, rap on the knuckles, glue, ding, draw the line. See also SCOLD. ADO n. stink, big stink, to-do, commo, scene, big scene, dustup, flap, fofarraw, foofooaw, hell broke loose, kickup, wingding, rhubarb, rowdydow, rumpus, ruckus, ruction, shindy, shivaree, stir, fuss, row, free-for-all, rumble, fiizzbuzzy, haroosh. ADOLESCENT n. weenie bopper, bobby-soxer, juve, punk, yoot, jailbait (Fern.), teen, teeny, teenybop, teenybopper, petiteen, sub deb, sweet sixteen, twixt teen. See TEENAGER. ADOPT v. go in for, go native, take up, go down the line, opt, tap. ADORABLE adj. cute, dishy, hot stuff, hot item, sure fire, sexy, lulu, suave, superfly, dream bait, highly salable, good enough to eat up, good enough to eat with a spoon, a catch (usually husband or wife), after one's heart, wouldn't kick [him/her] out of bed. ADORATION n. amore, mash, pash, weakness, yen, shine, beaver fever (Obsc), calflove, puppy love, hankering. ADORE v. be crazy for, be crazy over, be crazy about, be nuts about, be daffy about, be wild about, be whacky about, be mad about, be mad for, dig, go for, fall for, flip over, be gone on, be far gone on, be sweet on, be stuck on, groove on, be serious about, be smitten with, got it bad, have one's nose open, be that way. See LOVE. ADORED adj. touted, highly touted. See also ESTEEMED. ADORN v. doll up, fix up, gussy up, spruce up.

ADORNMENT n. dingbat, doodad, thing, fandangle, jazz, floss, seagoing (large, absurd). ADROIT adj. quick on the trigger, quick on the uptake, savvy, have know-how, sharp, slick, crack, crackerjack, cute, cutie, foxy, hot tamale, neat, nifty, sharp as a tack, smart as a whip, have good hands, clean, heads up, on the ball, on the beam, up to speed, whiz, wizard. See also SKILLED. ADULATE v. suck ass (Obsc), suck up to, kiss up to, kiss ass, brownnose (Obsc), bootlick, massage, curry below the knee. See FLATTER. ADULATION n. strokes, bouquet, posy, eyewash, oil, soap, soft soap, blarney, bunkum, butter salve, sweet talk, shot, shot in the arm, shot in the ass. See FLATTERY. ADULTERATE v. doctor, doctor up, phony up, plant, spike, water, water down, baptize, irrigate, cook, cut, needle, lace, shave. ADULTERATOR n. needleman (liquor).

ADULTEROUS adj. extracurricular, fast, fast and loose, speedy, messy, two-timing, moonlighting, cheating, double-crossing, two-faced. ADULTERY n. affair, fling, relationship, musical beds, carrying on, hanky-panky, playing around, nooner, matinee, two-timing, getting some on the side, a little something on the side, dog one around, tip, tip out, working late at the office, yard on, extracurricular activity, extracurricular sex, extracurricular relations, Roman spring (late in life), thing, your place or mine? See also AFFAIR. ADULTHOOD n. prime, prime of life, dry behind the ears, ripe age, age of consent, drinking age. ADVANCE n. 1. breakthrough, a break, go ahead. 2. boost, buildup. See also PROMOTION. 3. front money,

advertising fraud 9 in front, front-end loading, hike, angel dust, bite, floater, grubstake, jawbone, juice (usurious), score, scratch, take (secure a), touch, stake to. See also LOAN. 4. tip, tip off, feeler, pass, proposition. See also OFFER. 5. up, upping, upgrade. See also IMPROVE. ADVANCE v. 1. get the green light, get the go-ahead, get over, get well, get ahead, get there, get with it, get one's act together, put it together, go places, go to town, go great guns, go straight, make hay, make well, make the grade, make the scene, make a noise in the world, make a hit, hit the bull's-eye, ring the bell, shape up, run with the ball, romp off with, skyrocket, take off, fly, move out, strike a vein, strike a rich vein, hit, sail through, come through with, cream, cream up, step into the shoes of, catch on, score, be home free, knock one for a loop, arrive, nail it, hack it, do oneself proud, come on, come along, come out on top of the heap, win one's spurs. See also ACHIEVE, SUCCEED, IMPROVE. 2. up, up one's pay, upgrade, boost, boost one's pay, get fat, get rich, strike it rich, strike gold, make a killing, make out, pan out, turn out, break the bank, hit the jackpot, hit pay dirt, kick upstairs. 3. plug, hype, push, splash, spot, throw the spotlight on, puff, boost, ballyhoo, put on the map, make a pitch for, beat the drum for, thump the tub for, get ink for. See SUPPORT. ADVANCED adj. leading edge, cutting edge, state of the art, avant-garde, break, breakthrough, far out, out of sight. ADVANCING adj. looking good, looking up, making it, on the upswing, on a roll, rolling, upbeat, on the rise, on the lift, upscaling. ADVANTAGE n. edge, break, bulge, drag, pull, suction, string, ropes, weight, wire, wire-pulling, clout, winner, over, drop, have the drop on, jump, have a jump on, have a leg up on, bargaining chip, big chip, ace in the hole, card up one's sleeve, play the card, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth, head start, flying start, running start, nose out, in, in on the ground floor, inside track, what's in it for one, in pocket, the percentage, the upper hand, whip hand, a foot in the door, sitting pretty, sitting in the driver's seat, sitting in the catbird seat, steal a march, aljoe, alzo, fix, gaff, gimmick, nuts, spot, spark, zinger, all sewed up, loose change (temporary), a lot to do with, a lot to say about. ADVANTAGE, TAKE v. give one the short end of the stick, get one by the balls, get one by the short hairs, make hay, make hay while the sun shines, kick around, pack it in, trade on, cash in on, pour it on, push, push one's luck, burn up, hump, knock up, put one over on one, pull a fast one, push around, screw, screw around, cop a heel, cop a sneak, double bank, piece off; rim, ream (Obsc); shave, skin, play for a sucker, take for a ride, take for a sleigh ride, take the bull by the horns, strike while the iron is hot, not be caught flatfooted. ADVENTURE n. a happening, hap, happenso, a trip, a real trip, scene, a gas. ADVENTURE v. go out on a limb, go for broke, go off the deep end, step off the deep end, go to sea in a sieve, leave oneself wide open, play with fire, be a fire-eater. ADVERSARY n. opposish, oppo, opposite number, bad guy, bandit, buddy (sarcasm), buddy-buddy, buddy fucker (Obsc), crip. ADVERSE adj. agin, down on, allergic to, have no use for, ornery, stuffy, on the debit side, down side, the bad news. ADVERSITY n. bummer, downer, can of worms, hobble, crunch, be clobbered, shit, deep shit, shit out of luck, S.O.L., up shit creek, up shit creek without a paddle, tought shit, TC, shit hit the fan, down on one's luck, rotten luck, rough, tough, tough luck, rotten break, tough break, bad break, total shuck, drag, grabber, hurting, the worst, kiss of death, can't even get arrested, cold, hard time, hard knocks, hard row to hoe, up against it, on the skids, gone to pot, gone to the dogs, it shouldn't happen to a dog, unload, rain, rainin', rainy day, run for cover, bugaboo, double whammy, jinx, jonah, evil eye, poison, that's the way the ball bounces, that's the way the cookie crumbles, a bitch, payin' dues, raw deal, tit caught in the wringer, tit in the wringer, tail in a gate, holy mess, unholy mess, messed up, stew, the devil to pay, hell to pay, pain in the ass, pain in the neck, bad news, clutch, jam, pretty pass, pickle, pretty pickle, fine kettle offish, how do you do, fine how do you do, ticklish spot, tricky spot, sticky wicket, scrape, double trouble, headache, heat's on, hot water, hot grease, jackpot, messed up, screw-up, tsuris, tumul, need it like a hole in the head, rum go, deadman's hand, they're peeing on us and telling us it's raining, next week East Lynne. ADVERTISE v. plug, pitch, make a pitch for, drum, beat the drum for, hard sell, soft sell, tub-thump, thump the tub for, ballyhoo, bill, billboard, boost, puff, put on the map, hype, push, splash, spot, build up, press agent, throw the spotlight on, get on a soapbox for. ADVERTISEMENT n. ad, plug, envelope stuffer, flyer, throw away, literature, squib, want ad, advert, commercial. ADVERTISER n. fairy godmother, sponsor.

ADVERTISING n. Madison Avenue, Mad Avenue, blurb, hype, PR, promo, puff, plug, pluggery, ballyhoo, buildup, pitch, dynamiting, hardsell, blasting, bulldogging, hoopla, pizzazz, squib, screamer, spread. See also PUBLICITY. ADVERTISING AGENCY n. ad agency, pluggery.

ADVERTISING FRAUD, n. scam, hype, limb, tap, tap game, on, con game, on the bite.


advertising man up, airish, crooker, pinky crooker, high falutin', play the , put the hat on. See also PRETENTIOUS. AFFECTING adj. mind-blowing, out of this world, on the move, feel in one's guts, turned on by, turned on to. See MOVING. AFFECTION n. soft spot, crush, case, hooked, amore, mash, pash, mad pash, weakness, yen, mad for, crazy for, wild for, shine, beaver fever (Obsc), calflove, puppy love, hankering, partial to, spoiling for, itch for. AFFECTIONATE adj. lovey-dovey, huggy-huggy, mushy, nutty about, nutty over, all over one, partial to, soft on, big, big for, crazy for, crazy about, crazy over, have one's heart in the right place. AFFIANCED n. old lady, old man, main squeeze, dolly, daddy-o, intended, steady, going steady, pinned, bird, donah, donar, future, asked for. AFFILIATE n. 1. ami (TV), branch, branch house, offshoot. 2. clubber, joiner. See ASSOCIATE. AFFILIATE v. team up, team up with, tie up, tie up with, line up with, throw in together, throw in with, go partners with, hook up with, come aboard, plug into. See ASSOCIATE. AFFILIATION adj. tie-up, tie-in, have an in with, hookup, gang, mob, ring, syndicate, clan, bunch, crew, crowd, plunderbund, outfit, cahoots. See ASSOCIATION. AFFINITY n. thing, bag, groove, in the groove, turned on to, cotton to, flash, weakness for, cup of tea, druthers, hit it off, on the same wavelength, good vibes, good vibrations, simpatico. See INCLINATION. AFFIRM v. swear up and down, swear on a stack of bibles, swear till one is blue in the face, cross ones heart and hope to die, cross one's heart and hope to spit, say so, cinch, clinch, ice, put on ice, have a lock on, lock up, nail down, set, okay, put one's John Hancock on, rubberstamp. See also AGREE. AFFIRMATION n. fuckin'-A, go-ahead, green light, okay, right on, stamp of approval. See CONFIRMATION. See also APPROVAL. AFFIRMED interj. fuckin'-A, alrighty, all reet, right on, absofuckinglutely, solid, O.K., thumbs up, Rodger Dodger, crazy. See AGREED. AFFK v. tack on, tag, tag on, hitch on, slap on. See also FASTEN. AFFLUENCE n. high on the hog, on top of the heap, bed of roses, clover, Easy Street, lap of luxury, the life of Riley, velvet. AFFLUENT adj. uptown, upscale, in the chips, livin' high, have money to burn, shittin' in the tall grass, stink-

ADVERTISING MAN n. huckster, adman, ad writer, ballyhooer, ballyhoo man, booster, pitchman, plugger, spieler. See also PUBLICIST. ADVICE n. tip, tip-off, steer, bum steer (bad), kibitz, flea in the ear, two cents' worth, word to the wise, telltale. ADVISE v. steer, tout, update, level with, clue one in on, lay it on one, lay it on the line, put it on the line, lay it out for, let one in on, let one in on the know, put next to, put one on to, put one on to something hot, put one in the picture, put hip, put hep, put a bug in one's ear, put a bug up one's ass, put a flea in one's ear, put in one's two cents, put one wise, wise one up, put one through the grind, put one through the mill, tip, tip off, give one a tip, give one a pointer, give a pointer to, give one the word, post, keep one posted, pull one's coat, show one the ropes, kibitz, fold an ear, break in, break it to one, lace one's boots. See also INSTRUCT. ADVISOR n. spin doctor, tout, tipster, clubhouse lawyer, jailhouse lawyer, guardhouse lawyer, kibitzer, armchair general, Monday morning quarterback, secondguesser, Dutch uncle, rabbi, buttinski, backseat driver, God Committee, God Squad (both Medic). ADVISORS, GROUP OF n. think tank, kitchen cabinet, groupthink, brain trust. ADVOCATE v. root for, stump for, thump the tub for, bless, boost, give a boost to, give a leg up, give a lift, go for, go to bat for, hold a brief for, plump for, ride shotgun for, stick up for, run interference for, put a flea in one's ear about, put a bug in one's ear about, push, juice up, build up, plug, tout, spread it around, be in one's corner, back, back up, buck up, brace up, hold with, go with, get on the bandwagon, stick by, say so. See also RECOMMEND, SUPPORT. AFFABLE adj. Mr. Nice Guy, one of the boys, one of the guys, clubby, clubbable, breezy. AFFAIR n. 1. fling, carrying on, goings-on, hankypanky, holy bedlock, a thing together, a relationship, getting some on the side, playing around, nooner, matinee, two-timing, extracurricular activity, extracurricular sex, extracurricular relations, tip out. 2. hap, happening, happenso. See also PARTY. AFFECT v. playact, put up a front, do a bit, fake, lay it on thick, make out like. See IMITATE, PRETEND. AFFECTATION n. front, false front, put-on, putting on the dog, putting on the ritz, show, showing out, showing off, Flash Gordon, going Hollywood, neon ribbons. See PRETENSION. AFFECTED adj. ham, hammy, schmaltzy, tearjerking, false, fraud, phony, playactor, gone Hollywood, camp around, campy, artsy, artsy-crafty, artsy-fartsy, chichi, putting on the dog, putting on the ritz, ritzy, stuck

agitator ing rich, well-heeled, well-fixed, have the wherewithal, flush, fat cat, big boys, upper class, the main line, the haves. See WEALTHY. AFFRONT n. put-down, brickbat, left-handed compliment, backhanded compliment, dump, dump on, dirty deed, dozens, dirty dozens. See INSULT. AFFRONT v. put down, dump on, give one the finger, give one a zinger, give one the cold shoulder, hit one where he lives. See INSULT. AFRAID adj. fraidy cat, scaredy cat, run scared, scared stiff, scared witless, scared spitless, scared shitless, have cold feet, shit in one's pants, piss in one's pants, spooked, frozen, goose bumpy, asshole suckin' wind, pecker-assed, clutched up, D and D (deaf and dumb, afraid to testify). See FRIGHTENED. AFTER-EFFECT n. spin-off, fall out, chain reaction, flak (bad), waves, can of worms. AFTERMATH n. chain reaction, waves, flak (bad), upshot, blow-off, payoff. See RESULT. AFTERNOON n. this aft.


AGENT n. flesh peddler, ten percenter. See also OPERATIVE. AGGRANDIZE n. boost, hike, hike up, beef up, jack up, jump up, parlay, ballyhoo, hype, lay it on with a trowel. See EXAGGERATE. AGGRAVATE v. bug, needle, hack, wig, drive up the wall, dog, nag, be on the back of, be at, pick on, give a bad time to, get to. See ANNOY. AGGRAVATION n. aggro, headache, tsuris, pet peeve, a pain, pain in the ass, hang-up, botheration. See ANNOYANCE. AGGREGATE n. the works, whole enchilada, whole ball of wax, whole schmear, whole megillah, whole shooting match. See WHOLE. AGGRESSION n. See ATTACK. blitz, blitzkrieg, push, dirty deed.

AGAIN adv. one mo' time, come again, una mas, chew one's cabbage twice. AGAINST adj. agin, down on, anti, con, copper a tip (act against advice). See OPPOSED. AGAINST, RE v. knock, pan, put down, thumb down, turn thumbs down on, slam, blackball, be agin, hold no brief for, hit, take a dim view of. See OPPOSE. AGE n. mileage, wear and tear.

AGGRESSIVE adj. ambish, ballsy, bogard, pushy, cheeky, cocky, flip, fresh, crusty, gaily, nervy, chutzpadik, biggety, sassy, smart, smart alecky, smartass, wise ass, brassy, bold as brass, come on, come on like gangbusters, come on strong, enforcer, get up and go, be a go-getter, go after, play for keeps, play hard ball, hard sell, heller, take charge, take over, take the bull by the horns, shoot from the hip. See also AMBITIOUS, ENTERPRISING, BELLIGERENT. AGGRESSIVENESS n. guts, push, punch, clout, steam, moxie, spunk, gumption, balls, drive, the stuff, the goods, what it takes, taking it to 'em, in there punching, get up and go, get out and go. AGGRESSOR n. bushwhacker, mugger.

AGE v. put mileage on, push, get along, take hair off the dog, pull pages off the calendar. AGED adj., n. senior citizen, golden ager, ager, gray power, on the shady side, over the hill, been around, bent, geed up, gone, hairy, passé, oldie, sleazy, raunchy, worse for wear, rusty, creaky, hinges creaking, motheaten, got a few miles on one, shot, back number, antique, oldish, relic, from way back, pop, pops, pappy guy, dad, grandpa, gramps, grandma, gramms, grans, granny, old lady, old girl, old bag, haybag, hag, old dame, old hen, old battle-ax, war-horse, old frump, biddy, O.M., old gent, old chap, old cuss, coot, old bat, old dog, old goat, dodo, fogey, old folks, old-timer, old softy, old smoothie, foozle, fossil, old fossil; old fart, old poop, old crock (Derog.), codger, duffer, old as Methuselah, old as the hills, oldster, alter cocker, A.K., duddy, fuddyduddy, no chicken, no spring chicken, buzzard, desert rat, mossback, second childhood, the dwindles, on one's last legs, have one foot in the grave, raisin, pruneface, baldie, baldy, gink, gummer, long in the tooth, upper plates, on one's last legs, one foot in the grave. AGENDA n. lineup.

AGILE adj. quick on the draw, quick on the trigger, twinkle toes. See also FAST. AGITATE v. adjy, psych, spook, get to, make one flip, flip one out, craze, bug, bug up, burn one up, egg on, push one's buttons, turn one on. See DISTURB. See also EXCITE. AGITATED adj. antsy, uptight, shittin' bricks, shook, shook up, wired up, hopped up, hyper, clutched, clutched up, be a wreck, be a basket case. See DISTURBED. AGITATION n. creeps, fidgets, jitters, heebie-jeebies, jimjams, jumps, shakes, quivers, trembles, dithers, allovers, flap, fuss, lather, flusteration, pucker, swivet, tizzy, stage fright, buck fever, needles, stew, to-do, zingers, fuzzbuzz (commotion), fuzzbuzzy, haroosh, scene, big scene, foofaraw, wingding, rhubarb, rowdydow, rumpus, ruckus, ruction, shindy, shivaree, stir, row, rumble. AGITATOR n. adjy, sparkplug, pusher, fireman, hatchet man, needle man, steam up ghee, stormy petrel, wave maker.

12 ago
AGO adv. back, from way back, back when, time was, ages ago, from the year one, since God knows when, since Hector was a pup. AGONIZE v. bleed, hurt, carry on, stew over, eat one's heart out, sing the blues, take it big. See LAMENT. AGREE v. 1. okay, pass on, shake on, shake hands on, sign on, take one up on, clinch, clinch the deal, make a deal, firm a deal, cut a deal, buy, buy into, set, yes one, ditto, take kindly to, get on the bandwagon, track, go along with, go along with the crowd, play ball with, hold with, be in tune with, be on the same wavelength with, be game for, give the go ahead, give the green light, give one a blank check, give one carte blanche, give one's blessing, give one's stamp of approval, give off good vibes, bury the hatchet, check, be game for, give one five (slap hands), jibe, crazy, solid, way to go, there you go, you sold me, you got it, you just ain't whistling Dixie, you said a mouthful, it's a deal, me too, sure thing, I'll drink to that, I hear you, I hear you talkin', like you say, groovey, all the way. See also APPROVE, ENDORSE. 2. come across, come around, give out, put out (sexual); give in, cave in, cry uncle, say uncle, say the word, roll over and play dead, fold, gleek it, throw in the sponge, throw in the towel, toss in the sponge, toss in the towel, toss it in, give away the store, give up, quit, knuckle under, knuckle to, lie down and roll over for, string along. See also SUBMIT. AGREEABLE adj. Mr. Nice Guy, be a prince, be a good joe, be a pussycat, breezy, upper, nervous, wild, reet, all reet, all root, all righty, cool, coolsville, crazy, copacetic, kopasetic, okay, A-OK, fucking-A, okey-dokey, okey-doke, ding ho, ding how, swell, dory, okydory, hunky-dory, right, righteous, snazzy, ducky, just ducky, George, jake, sharp, so so, fine, fine as wine, dandy, fine and dandy, just dandy, jim-dandy, peach, peachy, peacherino, peachy keen, keen, swell, fat, neat, nifty, spiffy, spiffing, ripping, nobby, delicious, flyin', creamy, orgasmic, cushy, fetching, home cooking, buzz, buscar (unexpected), but good, up to code, up to snuff, it's the berries, big deal, chop chop, gas, a gas, gasser, far out, in orbit, groove, in the groove, groovy, hip, on the beam, on the right track, on the ball, on target, on the button, on the nose, right on, right on the money, hitting on all six, all to the mustard, just what the doctor ordered, that's the ticket, frantic, fab, in there, in line, ice, ready, hotsietotsie. See also ACQUIESCENT, CONTENT, WILLING. AGREED interj. uh huh, umhuh, yeah, yeah man, yep, yup, yowzah, yessiree, yes indeedy, indeedy, yea bo, si si, fer sher, sure, sure thing, surest thing you know, shore, check, right, right on, all right, alrighty, right-o, reet, all reet, all rightee, okay, okie-doakie, okie bebe doakie, you betcha, you bet, you bet your life, you bet your boots, A, fuckin'-A, absofuckinglutely, for it, give the nod, thumbs up, Rodger Dodger, crazy, fine, like you say, good deal, kee-rect, solid, Charlie, Uncle Charlie, jake with me, you're damn tootin, you're darn tootin, you're the doctor, natch. AGREEMENT n. good vibrations, good vibes, on the same wavelength, okay, deal, handshake, pact, ticket, piece of paper, Big 10-4, Four Roger for sure, Ten Roger Four, Ten Roger D, Four Roger, Roger Dodger, me too, go-ahead, green light, get the nod. AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE n. AGRICULTURAL STUDENT n. aggie, cow college. aggie.

AID n. leg, leg up, shot in the arm, hand, hand out, boost, juice, on the reservation (political), security blanket, backup, backing, AID v. go with, go for, go to bat for, go the route for, stick up for, open doors for, lend a hand, bail out, straighten one out. See HELP. See also SUPPORT. AIDE n. girl Friday, man Friday, stooge, shop, crew, troops. See ASSISTANT. AIL v. feel awful, feel under the weather, look green around the gills, not feel like anything, come down with, take one's death. AILING adj. down, run down, down with, get a bug, under the weather, below par, feel awful, be off one's feed, feel like death warmed over, rocky, seedy, sick as a dog. See ILL. AILMENT n. bug, crud, creeping crud, the runs (diarrhea), the screaming shits, that's what's going around, the flu, the pip, dose, double scrudfantods, fascinoma (Medic), willies (mythical). AIM n. TIVE. where one's heading, ambish. See also OBJEC-

AIM v. target, zero in, move in, sight, sight on, get one in the cross hairs. AIMLESSLY adv. hit or miss, by bits and pieces, by fits and starts, any which way. See ERRATICALLY. AIR BATTLE n. dogfight, raid, air raid, scramble.

AIRCRAFT CARRIER n. flat top, covered wagon, birdfarm, mother, jeep carrier, blackshoe (crew). AIRFIELD n. strip, airstrip, landing strip, runway, home plate (A.F.). AIR FORCE ACADEMY CADET n. Doolie, gadget, gomer, gomar. doolie, Mister

AIR FORCE PERSONNEL n. flyboy, goofer,
goopher, gimper, kiwi, sky winder, penguin. AIR FREIGHT n. birdieback.

AIRPLANE n. plane, jet, ramjet, scramjet, stretch DC 9, crate, boxcar, fat Albert (jumbo jet), ship, airship, can,

alias 13
big iron (multi-engine), big iron fever (desire to fly big aircraft), cab, kite, cloud buster, crop duster, clay pigeon, coffee grinder, coffin (unsafe), flying coffin, beast, bogie (enemy, target), bus (WWI & II), tail-ass Charlie, bird, bird in the air (unidentified), bird dog (WW II), Gooney Bird (DC-3), bandit (enemy), drone, flivver, flying jenny, grasshopper, heap, hedgehopper, Jenny, Jerry (German), Mig (Russian), pea shooter (WW II), seagull, soup job, wind wagon, Willie Fudd, flying banana, flying boxcar, killer, mosquito, spotter plane, spy plane, zoo (press). AIRPLANE CONTROLS n. joy-stick, joy knob. AIRPLANE CRASH n. pancake, belly landing, ditch, down, in the drink, splash, thud, washout, wipeout, prang, Chinese three-point landing (one wing low). AIRPLANE DEPARTURE n. takeoff, wheels up. jiggers the cops, beat it, look out, amscray, awlay, bleaso, butso, duck, freeze, bird dog. ALARM v. spook, scare to death, scare stiff, scare silly, throw a scare into, chill, chill off, give one a turn, make one jump a mile, make one jump out of his skin, toot the tooter (set off mechanical). See FRIGHTEN. See also ALERT, WARN. ALARM CLOCK n. alarm, clock radio, chimer, tattler.

ALARMED adj. pushed the panic button, scared stiff, scared shitless, spooked, up tight, hungup, frozen, goose bumpy, jumped a mile, jumped out of one's skin, given a turn, struck all of a heap. See FRIGHTENED. ALARMING adj. hairy, hair-raising, furry, scary, spooky, hot, loaded, dynamite, chancey, dicey, unhealthy, heavy, rugged, on the spot, put on the spot. ALASKA Last Frontier, Great Land, North Star State, Sourdough State, Up Over, Sewards Folly. ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO Big A. ALCATRAZ PRISON n. the Rock.

AIRPLANE FLIGHT n. jump, hop, hedgehop (low), flip. AIRPLANE GROUND CREW n. grease monkey, blisterfoot, dust eater, ground gripper, paddlefoot. AIRPLANE LANDING n. three point, three pointer, touchdown, touch and go (practice), put her down, grease it in, dead stick, power off; splash, splash down, go in, pancake, ditch (crash). See also AIRPLANE CRASH. AIRPLANE PARTS n. eve (rib of wing), flaps (ailerons), greenhouse (cockpit cover), stick, joy stick.
AIRPLANE TAKEOFF n. scramble (A. F ) .

ALCOHOL n. hall, hootch, booze, sauce, alky, moonshine, medicine, oil, rotgut, red-eye, rerun, canned heat, smoke, firewater. See LIQUOR. ALCOHOLIC n. drunk, heavy drinker, brown bagger, boozer, dip, dipso, stew, stewbum, rummy, rum bum, wino, lush, barfly, shikker. See DRINKER. ALCOHOLISM CURE n. A.A., dry out, kick the habit, go on the wagon, go on the water wagon, take the cure, quit cold turkey. ALERT adj. 1. sharp, wired, with it, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, jazzed, switched on, on the job, on one's toes, on the qui vive, on the lookout, on the ball, quick on the draw, quick on the trigger, fast on the draw, good hands, have no flies on one, on the beam, Johnny on the spot, keep ones eye on the ball, salty, fly, heads up, hopped up, psyched up, wise, wised up, cagey, leery, hip. See a l s o AWARE, INTELLIGENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE. 2. be all ears, have one's ear to the ground, have eyes in the back of one's head, have a weather eye open, have one's eyes peeled, mind one's p's and q's, scramble. ALERT n. Mayday, SOS, flap, high sign, tip off, tooter, scramble. See ALARM. ALERT v. flag, wave a red flag, cloud up, give one the high sign, toot the tooter (set off mechanical), pull ones coat, tip, tip off. See also ADVISE, WARN. ALEUTIAN ISLANDS Chain. ALIAS n. AKA (also known as), handle, moniker, nickname, summer name.

AIRPORT n. strip, airstrip, landing strip, runway, home plate (A.F.). AIRPORT HOTEL n. AIR RAID n. AIRS n. SION. airtel.

alert, flap (also alert or alarm), mission.

front, false front, put-on. See also PRETEN-

AIR TRAVEL n. flight, hop, red eye (overnight). See also TRAVEL. AIR VICTORY n. zeros (WW II). AKRON, OHIO down one, splash one, splash the Rubber City.

ALABAMA Cotton State, Lizard State, the Heart of Dixie, Yellow Hammer State. ALABAMAN n. Bama.

ALARM n. Mayday, SOS, flap, flash, high sign, sign, wigwag, wink, nod, tip, tip off, tooter, scramble, a bug in one's ear. See ALERT. ALARM interj. fore, watch it, heads up, cheese it, cheese it the cops, chickie, chickie the cops, jigs, jiggers,


alibi ALL RIGHT adj. no slouch, all reet, okey-dokey, okeydoke, O.K., A-OK, ding how, swell, hunky-dory, ducky, fucking-A, George. See ACCEPTABLE. ALLURE n. on, the jazz. bedroom eyes, come-hither look, come-

ALIBI n. cop-out, cover, cover up, cover story, stall, fish story, song and dance, airtight alibi. See EXCUSE. ALIBIER n. Alibi Ike.

ALIEN n. furriner, FOB (fresh off the boat), greenhorn, ginzo, guinzo, gringo, goum, greaseball, jaboney, jiboney, wetback, blow in, bum, face, floater, geepo, weed, strange weed. ALIENATED adj. turned off, on one's shitlist, in bad with, on the outs, at outs, at sixes and sevens, at loggerheads. See also ALONE. ALIKE adj. xerox, carbon copy, ditto, double, dead ringer, look-alike, spittin' image, S.O.S. (same old shit), same difference. See SAME. ALIMONY n. palimony (unmarried).

ALLURE v. hook, pull, vamp, suck in, turn one on, come on, give one the come on, sweep off one's feet. See ATTRACT. ALLURING adj. stacked, built, curvy, be whistle bait, be a looker, be a pussycat, be a sex kitten, be a mink, be a stone, be a stone fox, be a head rush, be a stunner, dropdead beautiful, knock-out (all women); lady killer, tall dark and handsome (both for a man). See BEAUTIFUL. ALLY n. friendly, ours, us. See also FRIEND.

ALIVE adj. alive and kicking, ticking, warm, here, in the lifestream. ALL n. jackpot, the works, lock stock and barrel, whole enchilada, whole ball of wax, whole nine yards, whole works, whole schmear, whole show, whole shooting match, wall to wall, across the board. See WHOLE. ALLAY v. cool, cool out, make nice, play up to, pour oil on troubled waters, schmear, square, take the sting out, take the bite out. See PACIFY. ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Mack City ALLEVIATE v. soft-pedal, take the bite out, take the edge off, pour water on troubled waters, take the sting out. See also PACIFY. ALLIGATOR n. gator.

ALLY v. play ball with, plug into, line up with, tie in with, throw in with, go partners with, play footsie with, join up with, hook up with, interface with. See ASSOCIATE. ALMOST adv. by the skin of one's teeth, pretty near, practically, craptically. See NEARLY. ALMS n. handout, hand, helping hand, do one's part. See DONATION. ALONE adj. be a loner, be a lone wolf, doe, shag, stag, solo, onliest, Herman the hermit, Crusoe, Robinson Crusoe, traveling light, in solitary, batching it (living alone), be all by one's lonesome, me and my shadow, me myself and I, to chew something over alone, on one's own hook, on ones own say so, ace (Rest.). ALOOF adj. cool, cool cat, cold, cold fish, loner, lone wolf, dog it, dog up, stuck up, uppity, laid back, offish, standoffish, on ice, put on airs, thick-skinned, hardboiled, I should worry, hardhearted, Herman the hermit. See also ARROGANT. ALPHABET n. ABCs ALTER v. doctor, phony up, cook, take it in a little, mid-course correction, revamp, tweek, give it a tweek (small), fine tune, dink, dial back, recalibrate. See CHANGE. ALTERATION n. mid-course correction, about-face, flip-flop, switch, switch-over. See MODIFICATION. ALTERCATION n. brawl, brush, fracas, flap, hassle, punch out, rhubarb, rumble, run-in, go, set-to, bone of contention, fuss, wrangle, beef, blowup, spat, tiff, words. See ARGUMENT. ALTERED adj. doctored, cooked, spiked. ALTERNATE n. back up, sub.

ALLOCATE v. dish out, divvy, divvy up, cut, slice, slice the melon, split up. See DIVIDE. ALLOCATION n. piece, a piece of the action, end, divvy, bite, cut, slice, rake off, fifty-fifty, the lion's share. See SHARE. ALLOT v. cut, cut the pie, cut the melon, slice, shell out, split up, divvy, divvy up. See DIVIDE. ALLOTMENT n. cut, bite, slice, chunk, split, end, piece, a piece of the action, a cut of the pie, a cut of the melon, rake off. See SHARE. ALLOW v. okay, pass on, yes one, ditto, take kindly to, be big, free up, go along with, live with, hold with, sit still for, be game for, hear of, give the go-ahead, give the green light, give one a blank check, give one carte blanche, give one's blessing, give one's stamp of approval, give one five (slap hands), check, come around. See also CONCEDE, GRANT. ALLOWANCE n. cut, cut in, cut up, cut a melon (profits), share, drag, P.C., piece, rake off, taste. See SHARE.

ALTERNATE v. yo-yo, blow hot and cold, shilly-shally, hem and haw.

shutterbug. step up. breezy. megadual. in there punching. druthers. other fish to fry. ALTERNATIVE adj. take charge. AMATEUR RADIO n. stunner. crash wagon. till the cows come home. halfbaked. apple. See FRIENDLY. AMATEUR n. blood box. do-gooder. artsy-fartsy. jackleg. Sunday (Sunday driver. AMATEURISH adj. eager beaver. network with. come on like gangbusters. blow one away. prince. full of get up and go. Joe. bowl down. ambish. AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR n. junior circuit (Bsbl). clubby. something to shout about. for keeps. scare up. Yankee. redundancy. buddy-buddy. mope. blown away. AMALGAMATE v. See CORRECT. hook up with. self-starting. get out and go. half-cocked. Stars and Stripes. See also PHILANTHROPIST.g. See ASTONISH. Derog. square a beef. ball of fire. mind-blowing. e. Uncle Tomahawk (friendly to the White Establishment. Red White and Blue. mishmosh. square. mellow. AMBLE v. half-assed. See ASSOCIATE. Yank. AMASS v. round up. when a donkey flies. mob. See also CHOICE. sec. hoof it. for a coon's age. bush. gang. Joe. since God was young. upgrade. come together. pile up. Americano. AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS n. flipside. out for a rep. blow ones mind. sashay. pussycat. AMIABLE adj. gander. clear as mud. big. outfit. AMAZING adj. Star Spangled Banner. ALTRUIST n. floored. old grad. set one's sights high. alum. AC. moxie. bleeding heart. AMBASSADOR n. get up and go. AMBITION n. pool. crew. ammie. duke's mixture (strange). other side of the coin. stunning. join together.amiable 15 ALTERNATING CURRENT n. See ASTONISHED. AMERICAN n. get up and go. do-gooder. toddle. get one in a box. ballsy. bone box. heller. ALTERNATIVE n. buttpuckering. See WALK. lay for. pushy. Mickey Mouse. for a month of Sundays. box in. AMAZEMENT n. make a pile. Sunday (Sunday driver. ALTIMETER n. AMALGAM n. mooch. lorelei. bowl over. tie up. See ASSOCIATION. helluva note. play for keeps. ham.). redskin. make a killing. something to write home about. EDIT. rig. put one away. AMBITIOUS adj. go down the line. ham AMEND v. since Hector was a pup. hard ball. ALWAYS adv. till shrimps learn to whistle. could have been knocked over with a feather. come on. bunch. clear as ditch water. 2. AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT AIM. spark plug. downright neighborly. ham (radio). big-hearted. grabber. stopper. AMBIGUOUS adj. Red Cross. AMAZE v. everything but the kitchen sink. for a dog's age. am. mind blown. band-aid wagon. gringo (Derog. take it or leave it. tight. reat. fireball. meat wagon.I. reet. AMERICAN LEGION n. ank. girl Friday. flabbergast. gumshoe. the heroes union (Derog. other pebbles on the beach. sub. etc. all heart. interface with. butcher wagon. Robin Hood. Cactus City. AMANUENSIS n. gogetter. Uncle Sam. Old Glory. enforcer. percolate. square things. play hard ball. back-up. AMERICAN INDIAN n. drygulch. pool.). operator. AMERICAN LEAGUE n. right stuff. 1. cookie pusher. push. bogard. bush league. bug-eyed.). hard sell. AMAZED adj. plunderbund. G. jump. other fish in the sea. AMBULANCE n. come on strong. megacorp. tie in with. clean up. soup (liquid). combo. cozy. bleeding heart. AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER n. ankle. till you're blue in the face. raise one's sights. See IMPROVE. fruit wagon. bushwhack. ALUMNUS n. ring. stunner. 1. multinational. See also IMPROVE.) AMERICAN FLAG n. on the make. pull a jap.). AMBUSH v. ooze. good scout. pay ones dues. See INCOMPETENT. See also AGGRESSIVE. See also INCREASE. heart in the right place. air log. jap. looking to glom the stepping dough (U. palsy-walsy. till hell freezes over. AMARILLO. fire in the belly. AMALGAMATION n. take the bull by the horns. AMELIORATE v. yanqui. mishmash. make up for. . ALTRUISTIC adj. clear as dishwater. take it or leave it. something else. crowd. something else. stopper. for ever so long. corral. team up with. TEXAS Big A.). square up. Nice Guy. pushy hotshot. one for the book. Mr. man Friday. red power. one for the book. hungry. tie up with. See also ATTACK. selfstarter. Stars and Bars (Confederate). boogie. 2. take over.

just for the heck of it. double blue. crazy. AMPLIFIER. he had 'em in the aisles. AMOUNT. overamp. cozy. sexy. boosted. chalk. damn. blow smoke. cartwheel. two cents' worth. mess. thick as hail. smithereen. bocooz. horny. whoopee. amp. regular. girl crazy. pick up. hearts. white. drop in the bucket. AMMUNITION DEPOT n. LINEAR n. raft. AMUSE ONESELF v. man-sized. pyramided. padded. hot number. hamburger helper (linear radio). panic. hot for. pitch woo. whopping. party. mellow (close). nip. umpty-umpth. . have a crush on. more fun than a barrel of monkeys. lightfooted. right nice. See FRIENDLY. galore. bite. chunk. knee deep in. making out. bombita. lots. See also FOREPLAY. bad news. hit. net. ballyhoo. stinking with. boost. knock dead. chicken feed. jollybeans. leepers. out to lunch. obie. heavy duty. un poco. oodles and oodles. lid popper. mucho mucho. blow. consent. See also ENTERTAINMENT. for grins. bundle. laugh it up. perch. AMUSEMENT n. footsies. SYMPATHETIC. right. hike up. whole slew. field day. upped. pass. umptieth. move in on. kind (that kind of money). lots of laughs. big time. shit. tad. peck. leapers. See also HARMONIOUS. boo koos. crack up. feel one up. flesh out. knock 'em in the aisles. hot pants. move. drop in the ocean. peanuts. skoshe more. bo coo. lollop. 3. sweet for. See PLENTY. slew. ammo dump. grab. have lots of laughs. sweet on. LARGE. copacetic. passle. penny ante. weensy. rolling in. high time. AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE n. blackout. AMNESIA n. amp. ammo. AMPLIFY v. bazillion. hot and heavy. diet pills. boo coo. action. king-sized. good vibrations. whopper. on the same wavelength. billing and cooing. See also SEXUAL RELATIONS. zillion. smidgen. SMALL n. loads. price tag. AMMUNITION n. gnat's heel. mucho. diddley. taste. jump up. AMOUNT n. no end to. 2. AMICABLE adj. heavy. pot. night baseball. list. money to burn. damage. bags. boy crazy. AMPHETAMINE USER n. high old time. blobby. See also FORGETFULNESS. stump. See also EXAGGERATION. smidge. no end. row of buttons. bam. ball. galore. draw a blank. ball. get one's kicks. hill of beans. heavy. AMPLIFIER n. parking. afterburner. get one's jollies. grins. lay em in the aisles. chicken shit. have a few grins. put away. fracture one. ton. fun. puff". wow. 2. fist-full. hiked up. good vibes. party. pash. jillion. 1. kill. speed freak. put up. driver. tinker's damn. titch. peaches. duck (WW II). dry hump. lallygag. drug on the market. get physical. up to one's ass in. See also NOTHING. See FLIRT. AMUSE v. monkey business. fling woo. passle. come on to. AMOROUS PLAY n. in sync. pile. shoestring. AMPLE adj. AMOROUS adj. jellybeans. jack up. slay. scads. row of pins. jacked up. weenchy. buildup. gob. pyramid. kissing kin. AMORPHOUS adj. hot patootie. SEXUALLY AROUSED. alive with. break one up. French blue. aplenty. shithouse full. fiin and games. spark. darn. petting. thrusters. AMPLIFIED adj. built up. small change.16 amicable all reet. cop a feel. 1. knock them in the aisles. AMPERE n. skillion. slat. load. hot. petting party. thick as fleas on a hound dog. all root. up to one's ass in. wake up. would choke a horse. pep pill. lay it on thick. See also WHOLE. spell out. hunk. cut. speed. pack. hot baby. forwards. ripper. sockful. AMUSING adj. doing face time. See also AMOUNT. oodles. padding. See EXPAND. souped up. have a ball. tumul. lay 'em in the aisles. make a pass at. splash. copilot. flock. thick with. gone haywire. wad. CROOKED. LARGE n. kneesies. umpteen. confetti. A-head. score. crack one up. clubby. just for the hell of it. picnic. have em in the aisles. make a federal case out of something. make a play for. coolsville. thick as flies. See also EXAGGERATED. beef up. tidy sum. hoopla. glitched up. cotton (saturated with Benzadrine). one's plate is full. hike. up. hit it off. build up. get some grins. good 'n' plenty. tab. pepper. necking. to the tune of. See COST. slice. together. just for the devil of it. merry go round. gang. AMITY n. no end of. AMOROUS ADVANCE n. a hoot. heap. skoshe. boost. iron rations. square shooter. eye opener. spot. AMPHETAMINE USE v. AMPLIFICATION n. out of it. AMISS adj. AMOUNT. diddley shit. lolly gag. up. mint. upping. teeny-weeny. all over the place. teensy- AMPHETAMINE n. — and then some. just for grins. heap. truck drivers. dollop (serving of food). more than you can shake a stick at. coming out of one's ears. simpatico. cool. make a pass. load. spoon. pack. just for laughs. all rightee. home cooking. set one back. turned on. score. gob. lovey dovey. small beer. See WRONG. righteous. smooch. hit on. make one's move. cut up. suck face. uppers. See EXAGGERATE. laughs. swell. haywire. heavy. A. crawling with. come to. baggy. beefed up. mess. gas.

o. shrinker. sit on it. una mas. blow one's wig. up the chocolate highway (all Obsc). WASP. work oneself into a lather. goin' up the mustard road. tall tale. rim job (all Obsc). conniption fit. have a hemorrhage. make mad. popper. burned one's head. put to sleep. put one's Irish up. ANESTHESIOLOGIST n. peeved. hopping mad. turn on. have a kitten. stew. in a dither. in a pucker. camp. see red. bean ANALYZE v. kick up a shindy. KO. up the old dirt road. blow it out. let the sunlight in. rap. line of cheese. whip a dead horse. Irish. boffo. mad. figure out. counter. blow one's noggin. hack. n'. a scream. old goat. blue angel. hacked. go into a tailspin. get up on one's ear. blow a gasket. whitey. go on make my day. raise Cain. too killing for words. ALASKA The Iceberg. cock and bull. get down to brass tacks. mad as hops. from way back. amy. AND THEN? So?. get into a dither. sound off. talk game. ANCHORAGE. cock-and-bull story. dander. FINANCIAL n. been around. flipped one's lid. oldie. get one's dander up. storm. blue heaven. hopped up. ANALYST. joshing. Vah den? ANECDOTE n. worse for wear. huffy. knock around. chestnut. get one's Irish up. shit on one or something. ANALINGUS v. raise the roof. old touches. conniption. dope. sort out. whip up. get down to cases. more heat than light. fit to be tied. tiff. duck fit. miffed. duck fit. See also AGED. on the warpath. ANALYST n. blow one's cork. rusty. mad as a hornet. sizzling. work up. in a stew. blow up. a hoot. ofay. drop the hook. get one hot under the collar. on a short fuse. yarn. ticked off. mad as a wet hen. ANESTHETIZE v. yokky. the couch. at the boiling point. bent out of shape. blow one's top. twist. raise the devil. so mad one could spit nails. freeze.o. smoke. sore. hit the ceiling. ANESTHETIC n. chew over. old dodo. raise one's dander. get sore. have a cat fit. cheesed off. OLD. raise Cain. get hot. burn up. in a sweat. in a lather. blow the roof. shit bricks. go ape shit. snapper. flip out. brown off. ANGRY adj. fairy tale. wingding. guru. have pups. whiffenpopper.'d. get one's back up. hit the ceiling. T-off. boiling over. flog a dead horse. stick in one's craw. flipped. rise. brown. get one's back up. browning. kayo. frost. ask for it. blow one's cool. boil over. get a rise out of. reach boiling point.F. touches. pissed off. got a few miles on. go up in the air. bent. t. gagged up. blow one's stack. goyim. mud hook.angry 17 hooper-dooper. slow burn. blow a gasket. sore. dope. get hot under the collar. make one's blood boil. guy with the net. huff. cat fit. gut-busting. needle. reem. Greek. back scuttle. bug doctor (prison). anglo. cast a kitten. antique. make sore. get hot under the collar. p. push one's buttons. megillah. pushed outta shape. torqued (A. slow burn. have a conniption fit. let off steam. fish story. ANEW adv. fried. boiling point. tick off. steamed. do a slow burn. slant. fire up. come again. burned. blow ones top. mad. blue devil. ANCIENT adj. flip one's lid. flip one's razzberry. hooper-doo. pear. creak. ANGER n. spinal. have a conniption. bouncing. have it in for one. ANGLE n. one mo' time. old chestnut. miff. flip one's wig. put one's dander up. side-splitting. make waves. race one's motor. shicksa. blue. teed off. steamed up. a million laughs. gag. ANALYSIS n. let the daylight in. fossil. squirrel. AND conj. hershey bar way. ANCHOR n. burn one off. ANGER v. raise hell.). get into a stew. gas. goo man. key up. shagetz. ace fuck. browned off. flip. shot. spell out. head shrinker. goy. tear one apart. a lot of mileage. have a shit hemorrhage. raise the devil. blow one's cap. old fossil. See also SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. shit green. See also CUNNILINGUS. blue bird. ANGLO-SAXON n. get one's goat. numbers cruncher. fly off the handle. blow. Nu? What then?. corn hole. back number. rehash. burnt up. figure. shit hemorrhage. bugged. get in one's hair. shrink. blow one's stack. knock out. tall story. smoking. get a rise out of one.'d. piss one off. drug. flare up. white bread. in a swivet. hash over. . screamingly funny. miff. blow up. get one's dander up. turn one on. nuh. get under ones skin. on the outs. bent. have kittens. kick around. AMYL NITRITE n. bite the brown. blow a fuse. egg on. hot. chewed. p'd off. zetser. see red. moth eaten. campy. couch doctor. throw a fit. go ballistic. shit blue. get one's gage up. hook. poppsies. good and mad. riot. on the couch. t'd off. kick up a dust. break one up. burned up. relic. long and the short of it. guy in the white coat. wheeze. dogleg. pet. sound. creaker. raise hell. blow one's topper. in a tizzy. go ape. kick up a row. fly off the handle. confab. bummed out. rile. laffer. blow a fuse. ANAL INTERCOURSE v. have a hemorrhage. brown hole. priceless. give one the needle. too funny for words. get hot in the biscuit. See also DELIBERATE. get one's balls in an uproar. get one's mad up. jokey. raise the ANCHOR v. hash. yok. work oneself into a sweat. screaming. have a shit hemorrhage. make a scene. go into a tailspin. pearls.

rub the wrong way. son of a bitch. push the right button. headache. trumpet. See also DECLARE. what's eating one? ANNOYANCE n. at the end of one's rope. zip. down the line. bug. one gives one a pain. rub. worried sick. ANNOUNCEMENT n. dedomiciling. downer. miff. stray (orphaned. pet peeve. hock one's charnik. get one's mad up. that gives one a pain. bitch. nudzh. gripe one's balls. play cat and mouse. hack. MARYLAND (resident). drive up the wall. pain in the neck. penny dog. what's eating one?. sound off. get one hot under the collar. get. cow plop. give one a hard time. hit on. fuzzbuzz. peppy. steamed. ANNIHILATE v. ANNEXATION n. fit to be tied. push one's button. sound. what's with. zap. call off. fire up. rattle one's cage. APPROPRIATE. picky picky. graum. CANCEL. take over. kaput. heavy. zippy. hacked. droppings. cooked. buffaloed. crab ANNAPOLIS. burned up. in a short. get off the hook. ask for it. ANNOUNCE v. bring one up short. do-do. salty. slick. hurting. worry. run off at the mouth. hacked. ripped up. get to. beef. rip. hitch up. flyer. pull one up short. ANNIHILATED adj. take on. tag. geed up. be on the back of. flummox. get one's goat. blivit. make it tough for all. eat. cool. run a temperature. make it tough for. peeve. deserted). bone. lube. blister. scream bloody murder. red-assed. riled. start in on. hard put to it. dog. go phftt. bleeding. bird terd. gripe one's ass. See SPIRITED. shiv. bore stiff. plugged. pick at. flare. hook up. pill. varmint. hooky. veejay. discombobulated. drum. kick. See also DISTURBED. pain in the ass. brown off. tail. road apples (horse). get one's dander up. talker. bobby socks. put the screws on. ANNOY v. up the wall. ANIMATION n. finish off. golden apples. needle. tick off. See KILL. drive up the wall. turn one on. sound off. tightened up. pain in the ass. piss one off. curdle. pissin'. worriation. rough go. rile. spieler. stick in one's craw. frosted over. nag. bitch. drug. get in one's hair. Crabtown. bad actor (vicious). T-off. by n' by. on edge. dog one's case. See also WORRISOME. scrub. drive one bananas. work on. See ANIMAL EXCREMENT n. breakup. pass the word. dogged. tore up. kill. ANIMAL DOCTOR n. gripe. gripe one's butt. by and by. ANNEX v. takeover. ANNOUNCER n. ANON adv. riled up. raving mad. driven up the wall. noodge.18 anguished roof. couldn't make it. tack on. discombobulate. sunk. critter. get one's Irish up. cow flop. bugs one. break ones balls. zingy. cob roller. turn one off. get in ones face. zonkers. bobby sox. be at. chiv. totalled. talk one's ear off. tag on. defrosted. evil. peed off. get on one's case. gripe one's left nut. ANNOYED adj. spread it around. get one's monkey up. wig. hook on. call. henpeck. torn down. fighting. vet. tsuris. PROCLAIM. ripped. pressure. throw into a swivet. . mutt. bellyache. bend one's ear. down the road a piece. rag. get on one's back. ANKLETS n. put to it. worriment. drive one up a tree. picked on. ANGUISHED adj. doggy-do. ANNULMENT n. ride. See also DIVORCE. ride. loaded for bear. See also FASTEN. terd. See KILLED. put the heat on. worried stiff. horse doctor. uncool. grouse. poop sheet. uptight. rousted. on one's tail. push all the buttons. gripe one's middle kidney. give one the needle. burn out. yap at. snappy. ranting and raving. rip and reader. grease the wheels. put the squeeze on one. blast. dog dew. hung up. slap on. grab. bum. burn one off. too much. make waves. roaring mad. do. piss and vinegar. botheration. brass off. get a rise out of one. take out. come Sunday. get under one's skin. nudzh. pestiferous. gripe one's back. flea. a bit much. hitch on. a nag. nix. clutched. nudge. howl. cut up. rag on. hang-up. sketched. put the needle in. put one to sleep. clutched up. poop. split. dump on. spooked. burn up. gripe. heat up. marriage on the rocks. teed off. browned off. bounce. drag. turd. fuck with one's head. wiped out. coming down the pike. rub salt in the wound. hashed up. hung. add insult to injury. put one through the ringer. ANIMATED adj. short short. dog (inferior). hock a charnik. yell bloody murder. bad news. give a bad time to. push. rub out. hefty. disc jockey. jump on one's case. choked. zapped. flat tire. gross out. miffed. hit one where he lives. holler. son of a gun. give one a turn. hot up. go on make my day. jumpin' salty. strung out. pissed off. noodge. give one the finger. cheese off. full of piss and vinegar. unglued. deejay. porky. slick on. egg on. peeved. flip one the finger. do in. chivvy. give one the business. nitpick. split up. drip. handful. pain in the neck. chivey. wipe out. bummed out. dog do. bugged. horse hocky. a pain. look daggers at. hassle. hound. throw into a tizzy. ANNOYING adj. put one's dander up. ANNUL v. ANIMAL n. pesky. zappy. pick on. See DISTRESSED. ANOINT v. rubbed the wrong way. all right already. all hot and bothered.

clutched. bumhole. looking for. rear. crack. ANSWER n. antibomb. bearding. exhaust pipe. pay dirt. X. See also BELLIGERENT. able able. what's its name. in the cards. crip. shaking in one's boots. it's looking to. 2. the jumps. heebie-jeebies. rabbit ears (indoor). lather. the jimmies. you know who. what d'ye call it. right winger. X. bazooka (rocket and Crow Jim. George Spelvin. needles. jittery. be in touch with one. ass. downer. pissin'. figure. trembles. ANTAGONISTIC adj. crackback. antsy-pantsy. on target. the jims. red-neck (all Derog. ack ack. mean. See also SOLVE. stage fright. moon. so and so. back at you. hippy. hard hat. scrappy. bad guy. waspish. have it in for. oppo. Hershey bar route. bandit. back talk. X factor. ants in one's pants. lick one's chops. bird snapper. underground. whatzit. John Doe. stew. wisecrack. no big surprise. buddy (sarcasm). ANSWER v. round eye. what's his name. ANTENNA n. silkworm (China). wired. twangers. fidgets. willies. zonkers.). quivers. all-overs. unk. sweat. drag. brown hole. cooler. whatzit. such and such. Cheap John. butterflies in one's stomach. field the question. shaky. bum. you know who. Aunt Tom (all Derog. have a chip on one's shoulder. buck fever. top. ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT adj. all the right moves. back way. where the sun doesn't shine. . waitin' on. MX. fidgety. whatchamacallit. boss class. ants in one's pants. I'll get back to you. servant's entrance. bullwhip. jumpy. the noose is hanging. comeback. own up. See OPPOSITE. antinuker. allergy. ornery. get back at. botheration. SAM (USSR). flak hack. at loggerheads. rosebud. shivery. on the outs. to-do. crack. ANTITANK ROCKET n. con. crack. meat. come back at. get back to one. squelch. a certain person. AA. cold shivers. cold sweat. settle. tuning forks. nervy. nail-biter. Jane Doe. wired up. antinuke. ANXIOUS adj. ants. ANTITHESIS n. Crow ANTI-WHITE PREJUDICE n. yantsy. opposish. topper. pom pom.). 1. no use for. bundle of nerves. the ticket. ANXIETY n. catty. jitters. the jimjams. out for a rep. back garden. quivery. ANTI-INTELLECTUALISM n. fuss. dirt road. what's his name. nasty crack. angries. quick fix. shook up. all-overish. hoop. chocolate highway. See also NERVOUSNESS. hacked. See also BUTTOCKS. cliff-hanging. worriation. Mr. deal with. ANTICIPATE v. other side of the coin. 1. be afraid. goose bumps. about to piss in one's pants. parting shot. wait for the other shoe to drop. hole. what's his face. worriment. be one all over. asshole. feedback. Joe Doakes. pucker. meatballism. take the words out of one's mouth. ANUS n. flip side. wreck. unglued. Archie Bunker. ANTICIPATED adj. snappy comeback. have a bone to pick. the jams. nervous wreck. bitchy. backcap. not put it past. See also FORETOLD. see it coming. thank-you note. be down on. gee gee. incog. CONTRARY. what's his face.anxious 19 ANONYMITY n. dithers. as advertised. ballet dancer. chatterbox. know ANTINUCLEAR adj. anti. back hole. ANTI-AIRCRAFT-GUN n. ABM. hard on for (Obsc). Aunt Thomasina. spooked. sass. dope out. turned offby. at outs. twitty. coffee head. butterflies. agin. heebie-jeebies. twin huskies. allergic to. ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE n. I'll be back to you. uptight. cold creeps. be agin. pins and needles. kazoo. launcher). chopped top. pig in a poke. hustler.). balky. fix. talk back. feedback. whatchamacallit. sky wire. Aunt Tabby. shoot back. clutched up. so and so. Jimism. Joe Blow. keester. count one's chickens before they're hatched. See also CONTRARY. have no use for. scatterstick. I'll never forget what's his name. jitters. 2. spike. jump the gun. all shook up. 3. bucket. too little). snatch. buddy-buddy. guff. creeps. shakes. food dropper. See also PREDICT. hyper. scared shitless. you get it. whatsis. snorky. jimjams. have a short fuse. shittin' bricks. See also SOLUTION. archie. choked. band-aid (temporary. be just like one. owning up. flip. gig. dope. ANONYMOUS adj. real merkin. bugged. in the wind. feelers. on the muscle. whose side are you on?. ANTAGONIST n. rear end. fess up. shivers. shittin'. dragged (following drugs). whip. ANTI-COMMUNIST n. 88 (Ger. back talk. jumps. cross the bridge before one comes to it. in the cards. such and such. nothing. red-baiter. Aunt Jemima. butterflies. dirty crack. buddy fucker. big mama. ANTIPATHY n. ANTI-AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY n. antsy. yippie. I'll never forget what's his name. me and you. flak. a whoozit. snappy comeback. bunghole. whatsis. ANTI-WOMEN'S LIBERATION Aunt Jane. ANTIDOTE n. smart crack. ying-yang. rip. strung out. cussed. quick fix. limber. work through. come right back at. zingers. flap. opposite number. gigi. lick. answer back. lip. unzip. little brown eyeball.

condo. kip. hootmallalie. APPEARANCES n. on edge. doo da dad. pop in. coop. Armstrong (requires strength). delicious. dreamy. cop a plea. domajig. faze. hung up with. whatzis. make matters up. ditto. whoziz. brand. mother. mofo. okay. LANGUID. See also DREADFUL. pop up. box. APPELLATION n. yen. jigger. show a leg. a honey. turf. sweet tooth. worried sick. dofunny. rarin' to go. widget. heavy. come to light. what's its name. the max. See also BEG. any old ANYHOW adv. a pop. get to. worried stiff. I should worry?. big eyes. front name. turnout. APPEAL v. whatever. in a stew. clear as the nose on one's face. big as life. sweaty. punch in. cop out. APIECE adv. what the hell. moniker. doodad. up the wall. image. in one's hair. whoosis. cheesecloth (person). co-op. See also COUNTENANCE. See also ACT. downer. diggings. commando (sex). kit and kaboodle. wimpy. gimmick. lone wolf. couldn't care less. APPALLING adj. dommy. flag (assumed). whats it. See also HOUSE. APPALL v. APART adj. See PACIFY. hit on. flat. doomaflogy. ring in. drapery. pour oil on troubled waters. square a beef. biting one's nails. PLEAD. See IMITATE. make like. do. whosis. all. APPARENT adj. see the light of day. thingamaree. under one's nose. flat. whoose it. place to lay your head and a few friends. See BAD. jazzy. in a state. thingumadoo. show. in a dither. gaff. that's a fact Jack. open and shut. itch. APPEAR v. hootenanny. what's the diff?. APPARATUS n. image. in a sweat. front. stuff. don't give a damn. fall apart. blah. flumadiddle. job. See BEAUTIFUL. thingumabob. bob up. dingus. frobnitzem. drippy. cave. crash pad. out in the open. hickey. hant. plain as the nose on one's face. mean. dohickey. doowillie. talks turkey. thigamajig. at the end of one's rope. gimcrack. turn up. thingamananny. square oneself. drop in. so what?. don't give a hoot. thingamadoodle. daffodil. goofus. hard put to it. but good. things that go bump in the night. . speak of the devil. set up. heave. cubby. having the leaps. See also EXCUSE. crawl. turn out. time in. show up. label. could care less. fandangle. gigamaree. in a tizzy. dopey. in a swivet. padhouse. APPEALING adj. contraption. thingumadad. whatchy. what's is name. flop. clear cut. moony. whatever. dingbat. up there. black box. See DISCONCERT. whatsis. APPEARANCE n. dowhacky. blue denim crib (nice). APPARITION n. camp. make it. do hinkey. gross out. openand-shut case. have kittens. NERVOUS. conjerod. haint. thingamadudgeon. APOLOGIZE v. spook. See also INDIFFERENT. domajigger. doowhistle. mirror. tightened up. meet halfway. motherfucker. laid back. See also COUNTENANCE. you ain't just whistling Dixie. crystal clear. gilguy. makes no bones about it. head rush. scatter. mother grabber. go-down (basement). in a lather. See also AFRAID. draggy. den. on the ragged edge. cold-water flat. beside oneself. cubbyhole (small). have one's teeth on edge. doojigger. can opener (vault). whangdoodle. APPRHENSIVE. jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. tops. John Hancock. walk-up. threads. APATHETIC adj. cast a kitten. do funny. the end. have the blahs. nebbish. thingumajugfer. thingummy. disky. cher. torn down. doohickey. Is the Pope Catholic?. front. APEX n. really up there. dowillie. jigamaree. APPAREL n. thingum. throw. anyhoo. screen (deceptive). jobbie. get one's game together (best). do like. feathers. gismo. dump. any which way. pad. duds. APE v. APPEASE v. dojiggy. joint. the most. whatchee. blind. sweat it. digs. the greatest. wingding. dojigger. it's all the same to me. APHORISM n. jobby. have spring fever. grabber. idiot box. thingadad. glad rags. wampole. zazzle. grody to the max. APHRODISIAC n. turn-on. tab. See also INSULT. place to hang your hat. thingamajig. pussycat. make the scene. put to it. clock in. whoosamajiggle. roof over one's head. screen (deceptive). get one's game together (best). frobnitz. dealie bob. square things. strike. on the gog. John Doe. Does a bear shit in the woods? See also CERTAIN. thingamajigger. . June around. ANYTHING pron. the meemies. getup. whatchamacallit. bugger. check in. make up for. patch things up. gross. ape.20 any the screaming meemies. get down on one's marrowbones. APPETITE n. if it were a snake it would bite you. gilhickey. Spanish fly. John Henry. grody. on tenterhooks. gasser. sucker. doo. don't give a shit. outfit. basket case. fetcher. gilhooley. popper. blind. shot to pieces. punch the clock. roll in. handle. love drug. thingamadodger. APARTMENT n. breeze in. mothafucka (Obsc). rig. bummer. crib. ANY adj. coil. See DESIRE. tag. blow in. far out. walk-back (rear). barefaced. See ALONE. on pins and needles. what's his face. sweating bullets. go like. dowhistle. loner. haunt.

collar the jive. okay. give one a tumble. confiscate. pucker-assed. dithers. APPRECIATE v. paying one's dues. APPLE PIE n. APPRISED adj. dual. rabbity. heavy date. feel. take one's measure. shaky. way sweet. heebie-jeebies. megadual. kipe. opening up. give one a flop. divvy. know the score. spread. put in for. have a hunch. wrinkle. wise to. jimmies. 1. tumble. on the nose. 1. your place or mine. heel. plugged in. tumble. See also GAIN. in a cold sweat. Doctor Spocking the help. get one's hands on. dig. APPROPRIATE v. get one's fingers on. eyes for. give one a toss. pour it on. cold shivers. APPOINTMENT n. blind drag. sissy. give a big hand. dig it. hear it for. Milquetoast. read. beat one's skin. in a sweat. just what the doctor ordered. pat on the head. chicken-livered. ropes. put next to. feel in one's bones. D and D (deaf and dumb. show. See also ACCLAIM. tip off. candy ass. give it the ol' college try. sweat. 2. pumping up. crazy. split. APPROACHABLE adj. APPLAUD v. PLAN. mousy. APPORTION v. savvy. See UNDERSTAND. jitters. flunky. jumps. all-overs. plug. run scared. 2. heeler (reporter). give a hand. the door's always open. big hand. get the picture. stroking. chicken out. piece up. with it. stand one on a corner (fail to keep an). make a meet. APPROPRIATION n. thumb. See also NOVICE. See also CONFISCATE. flip for. butterflies. eye. double date. tailor-made. sugar coated. cow sociology. chicken. grab. APPREHEND v. APPLY ONESELF v. hijack. APPOINTMENT. put one's back into it. annex. pigeon-hearted. frozen. APPRENTICESHIP n. See also CONCEPT. get high on. whack. all woke up. peg. get the nod. scrumptious. keep a meet. get. jams. stand one up. sweetened. rave. freak out on. push the panic button. new wrinkle. treff (secret). snatch.approval 21 APPETIZERS n. shape. jimjams. got the juices flowing. go. OFFER. scared buck fever. stiff. give one a promote. See also SUITABLE. leaping heebies. 1. pecker-assed. APPROPRIATE adj. highjack. student. moonlight requisition. . glom on to. pucker. just what the doctor ordered. hammer away. lily-livered. creeps. weak sister. See AWARE. heebies. radical. check. cut in. heavenly. See DIVIDE. ague. lick. APPLY v. borrow. dope out. PR. dig. APPROACH n. guesstimate. miss a meet. APPLAUSE n. STEAL. rookie. IDEA. See also ASK. jims. kosher. take over. stage fright. APPLICABLE adj. afraid to testify). date. right on. catch the drift. go ahead. grab. See also GREET. take a meet. see daylight. takeover. See ARREST. white-livered. tenderfoot. hump it. hit the ball. Eve with the lid on. grab hold of. run in. baby. 2. abreaction route. grind. rendezvous. size up. biting one's nails. figure out. have one's number. wise up. rook. See also ACCLAIM. worried stiff. jumpy. split up. bring down the house. cold sweat. bust one's hump. grab. yummy. gutless. goose bumpy. gig. boot. h i g h g r a d e . legit. come at. take one's best shot. See also ANXIOUS. mitt pound. blow wise. tip. get the vibes. cut some ice. OK. that's the ticket. crack. divvy up. shake in one's boots. rave. that's the ticket. fraidy cat. quivery. clutch up. FEARFUL. delish. check out. trembles. that's the idea. fling. APPROBATION n. hump. getable. put one in the picture. bag. See also KNOWLEDGEABLE. APPRAISE v. newie. buckle down. comeat-able. weak-kneed. flip. APPRENTICE n. tasty. double digs. hustle. make up to. sweat. scaredy cat. belly up to. getinable. See also KNOW. See also SUITABLE. swipe. have cold feet. See UNDERSTAND. move in on. strokes. freshie. STRIVE. bear down on it. on the button. kept posted. new kid on the block. See also DELICIOUS. meet. give one a rumble. hung up. punk out. knuckle down. the willies. chicken-hearted. contact. PLAN. jellyfish. APPREHENSIVE adj. willies. in a dither. feel in one's guts. give it all one's got. size. read. APPROACH v. bold rave. have em on their feet. peg away. APPRISE v. in the picture. asshole puckerin'. read. on the beam. shivery. pull out all the stops. See also ATTEMPT. commercial. nebbish. on target. hand. shot. nail. See APPROVAL. asshole suckin' wind. hung up. scratch. take in. 1. blind date. divine. liberate. bells. PLAGIARIZE. puff. uptight. APPROVAL n. buzz. slice. on the ragged edge. big baby. flip over. See ENJOY. have butterflies in one's stomach. dip. See also OBTAINABLE. collar. on the nose. spooked. pat on the back. clap hands on. give it one's best shot. in the know. turkey. have a funny feeling. cut. worried sick. munchies. stab. zero hour. look over. triff. milksop. figure. figure in. jittery. root. hump oneself. cut up. finger food. pratt boy. catch. KEEP v. give one a play. puffing up. Casper Milquetoast. milk-livered. take account of. See also INSTRUCT. peg boy. See ADVISE. one's stock has gone up. on the button. feel one out. that's the idea. greenhorn. kudo. learning the APPETIZING adj. groove on.

See also CONTEST. rip up. blowup. set-to. get the green light. atta girl. jump down one's throat. crusher. ring. booster. ARBITRAGEUR n. lingo. hot for. kick. . oomph. have at. keen. APRICOTS n. ARENA n. hack out a deal. See LOVE. give a bouquet. gin. bone. grouse. jump on. sign. sass. give one both barrels. whoop it up for. horny. put one's John Hancock on. lay out. be agin. sand nigger (Derog. one's stock has gone up. dual. wow. OK'd. iffy. work out a deal. cope. maven. face it.). check up on. meet halfway. ARDOR n. maven. salty. bump heads. lump it. give a posy. fly in the face of. rubber stamp. blow. arch supports. set to. carry on over. squawk. pit (racing. neck of the woods. beef. stump for. face-off. in the ball park of. haul into court.22 approve ARBITRATOR n. See DIFFICULT. that's the ticket. arb. forecastle lawyer. trade off. APPROVE v. crazy. flog a dead horse (moot). brannigan. quick on the uptake. bafflegab. words. zap. face down. brush-off. rip into. one to one. come to school. turf. catamaran. rink (hockey). hot pants. speak one's piece. donnybrook. middleman. romp. APPROXIMATELY adv. See AMOROUS. See also SKILLED. push. get the nod. ARCH SUPPORTERS n. give the nod. guesstimate. ENDORSE. hand it to. sharp as a tack. upwards of. rowdydow. have at it. touted. happies. chew over. go agin. land on. 1. play ball with. pisser. hats off to. sound off. hash over. ARDENT adj. stew. pop off. See also NEGOTIATE. lock horns. rip. boards (basketball). ARDUOUS adj. sign off on. flat out. brush. buy. nabe. that's the boy. APT adj. ruckus. ARGUMENTATIVE adj.). See ARBITRATOR. static. push. See also SUITABLE. cots. the zone. crab. just what the doctor ordered. plump for. blast. bone of contention. hot. hash. that's the idea. stroke. ARBITRATE v. cross. ballbuster. top. griping. weakness. that's my girl. come at. up a squawk. growl. come down hard on one. lay at. rab. that's the girl. kosher. uphill. rehash. hubba-hubba. diamond (Bsbl. put up with. talk back. no picnic. hammer away at. lovey-dovey. no joker in the deck. finisher. jazz. sock. APTITUDE n. doublespeak. lay a finger on. gripe. pitch into. go-between. fixer. downright. tiff. ARAB n. lean on. groove. grin and bear it. APPROVED adj. go at. come down on. by George. keen. live with. mondo choice. ARGUMENT n. zapper. street talk. break with. give the stamp of approval. gritch. scrap. ditto. A-rab. fireeater. dig. land all over. atta boy. lace into. George. tasty. pep talk. sock it to one. rave. boost. OK. what it takes. cut a beef. smarts. put up a fight. okay. 2. on the nose. plenty on the ball. gypo (WWII). green light. no ifs ands or buts. ball park figure. get the nod. scrappy. smart. savvy. See SKILL. hassle. make a to-do over. drag into court. smart as a whip. knock around. stick it to one. go for. George. ARGUE v. no dumbbell. knockdown. take one up on. go along with. pit. shindy. light into. See JARGON. go on about. give a boost to. string along with. okay. scene. knockdown and drag out. ruction. jump on one's case. rumpus. middleman (labor). that's the girl. rowdy-dowdy. eyes for. put up a struggle. pash. no joke. have at each other. strike a happy medium. bellyache. puff up. lump it and like it. rhubarb. hammer. legit. turn on. See also DESIRE. handle. pick an argument. savvy. wrangle. stomach something. have eyes for. holdout. root for. blast. hammer out a deal. battle royal. row. nix. get behind. get the go-ahead. See BELLIGERENT. atta boy. APROPOS adj. buy into. on the button. thumbs up. spat. ARBITER n. quick on the trigger. thump the tub for. pick a bone. go-between. brawl. give the go ahead. crack down on. go ahead. megadual. straighten out. talk game. wade into. hubba-hubba. lock horns. tangle with. AREA n. words. kick around. lap up. by George. right on. cross swords. jackpot. nobody's fool. gang up on. give the green light. OK. make a deal. bells. knock the chip off one's shoulder. argufy. cracked up to be. murder. around. gambling). fixer. clincher. fuss. row. ice. kosher. that's my boy. spiky. bowl. that's my girl. roll with the punches. put up an argument. pettifog. bossy. make a stink. check out. bone to pick. mix it up with. atta girl. okay. flak session. that's my boy. push around. stuff. run-in. See also AGREE. lay into. go along with. ARBITRARY adj. not born yesterday. hassle. tough. brag about. buck. take on over. beat a dead horse. have to hand it to. bless. jump. take on. hear it for. that's the boy. hot pants. straight out. radical. let have it. let have it with both barrels. hold a brief for. 2. dustup. face off. See also ACCEPT. back. bells. ARGUABLE adj. go. wow. flap. in one's face. okay people. go one on one. take on. APPLICABLE. jive. bold rave. camel jockey. spat. chip on one's shoulder. check up. hoedown. highly touted. rhubarb. elephant ears (not common). sail into. See NEARLY.). heavy. talking heads. ARGOT n. holdout. SUITABLE. be big on. rip up one side and down the other. gridiron (Ftbl. sockdolager.

spruce up. first man. 2. hook arm. sarge. net. nab. toss in jail. Toothpick State. put to rights. (officer of the day). doll up. grab. bag. buggy bitchers (field artillery. 90-day wonder (2nd Lt. belt out. 1. package. flapper. ARRANGEMENT n. slough up. pack. two-striper (corporal). mitt. rag out. make a connection. heat. one-striper. gaff. stacked.). ARMY PLATOON n. put the sleeve on. slap in the piss can. AROUSE v. ruptured duck. nail. Looey. baker. ARMY TRUCK n. the paper. ARRANGE v. pull in. fall. nab. snatch. early out (medical). sweep. get one's act together. lace curtain. get one's hands on. heat (gun). pull a wire. See also PLAN. spruce. put the arm on. well-heeled. See CLOTHING. accommodation collar (to fill a quota or social or political pressure). A uniform. Sand Hill State. rig. throw in the clink. grab. rise and shine. ARISTOCRAT n. T. whip into shape. dog out. put the claw on. slough. setup. Wonder State. light colonel (It. fort. shape up. the book. iron out. toon. swell. winged. ARREST v. nick. quarterback. trip. glom. pecking order. packing heat. ARM v. lead sheet (music). heel up. pull. flop. rodded up. ARVN. pinch. nip. hack out a deal. ARM INJURY n.. O. package deal. See also ACCUSE. rag up. skipper. put in good shape. jam. shavetail. arvin. put the snatch on. mustang (risen from the ranks). ARKANSAS CITY. snatch. dud. carrying the difference. pull in. regs. ARKANSAS Bear State. heeled up. kick. collar. topkick. threads. bust. pull things together. packed. gloon to. roll out. armed to the teeth. turn on. fix up. 2. wake up. getup. put the bite on. See also WEAPON. framed. kick. ARRAY n. fin. blueblood. ritzy. jackpot. police up. wired. slough up. pull.D. Sunset State. brass hat. put the snare on. knock off. brass. VIETNAM n. ARMAMENT n. blue ticket (dishonorable). bag. hog country. heel. first shirt. pile out. ossifer. ARKANSAS Ark City. deck out. peacoat. land. B uniform. get.arrest 23 ARID adj. ARIZONA Apache State. PREARRANGED. cut and dry. point the finger at. glass arm. lug iron. ARRANGED adj. lugging. score.). snare. slough. get one's shit together. game plan. hot to trot. AROUSED adj. carrying. carrying iron. knock off. run in. tumble. upper cruster. bob tail (dishonorable WW I). old man. put the cuffs on. gaff. collar. put in shape. steamed up. packed. crimp. ARMY DISCHARGE n. Section 8 (mental). NCO. pin it on one. layout. work up. vag. drapes. full dress. ARRAY v.D. lay at one's door. pick up. packing a heater. dry as dust. ARMORED TRUCK n. in the bag. totin'. flipper. tote. fixed. See EXCITED. fit out. branch. O. accommodation collar (to fill a quota or social or political ARMED adj. Arvn. 2. dude up. chicken colonel. wing. dust dust (newly promoted). the mitt. dump. bobtail. Aztec State. silk stocking. haul in. tab. hook. rumble. offshoot. drop your cocks and grab your socks (Obsc). cavalry 1930). sidetrack. set up. nail. gat up. affil (TV). heat up. SCHEME. down the line. police. roust. booby pinch. cooked up. brodie. colonel). turn out. round up. tog. . first soldier (first sergeant). O. chart. throw the book at one. PFC (private first class). bone dry. See also AGREEMENT. glom onto. ARMY. hit the deck. hammer out a deal. NONCOMMISSIONED n. fire up. pin on. packing a rod. clear the decks. put the fix in. ARMY OFFICER. put in apple-pie order. work out a deal. lugging iron. Grand Canyon State. load up. (table of organization). pinch. See EXCITE. book. hopped up. See also ORGANIZED. turn out. 1. drape. suit up. drop. Land of Opportunity. bender. deck. drop. ARMY OFFICER n. dry as a bone. equalize. rod up. come down on. heeled. (Army of the Republic of Vietnam). feathers. Valentine State. sneeze. going down. branch house. get one's head together. fatigues. butcher (M. Hot Water State. skip. able. keep bankers' hours (late). frame-up. hook. Baby State. nick. glad rags. nip. pick up. padre (chaplain). ARM n. frame. point the finger. snag. worked up. show a leg. pack a rod. ARISE v. toting a gun. ARMORY n. buck general (brigadier). tag. Bowie State. glom. promote. duds.. packing a gun. khakis. work out. straighten up and fly right. olive drab. rig up. turned on. gold braid. equalized. barbed wire. ARREST n. loaded.I. tailor. pickle. ARMY UNIFORM n. humbug (unjustified). 1. knock over. pinks (officer). blitzbuggy. send. hang something on one. hardware. G.D. 1. lugging a rod. take in. goat. bust. charlie. money bus. ARRAIGN v. bluestockings. brace. rig out. get one's fingers on. hot. run in.

corralled. mopery collar. phony grab. gooney bird. king shit. cold. upstage. 2. ARTILLERY n. See AUTHORITY. ARTIFICIAL adj. access. ARTILLERY TERMS ack ack. knock off. highway mopery. learn the ropes. leg up on one. dead sure. duck a pinch. crazy like a fox. ARTILLERYMAN n. buzz (to announce an arrival). hooked. collared. 2. dropped. ARTFUL adj. pull rank. think piece. whip hand. pressure). go through the school of hard knocks. hit. phony knock. torching. gooney. AAs. racket. Mao flu. dump. ASCENDANCY n. phony. smooth. breeze in. high-toned. check in. smart guy. falsie. sewer. wise ass. ARREST ON SUSPICION v. ASCERTAINED adj. See also SPEAK. blurb. ASIAN FLU n. size up. bossy. pop in. snippy. looks like rain (imminent). yellow peril. how. flak. ARSON n. on one's high horse. ESCAPE v. bust in. get the hang of. crump (WW 1). fer sher. smarty pants. for sure. tree bursts. time in. scrub. artsy fartsy. sneezed. take a brodie. grift. stuck on oneself. AS. check up on.24 arrested ARTICLE n. fireworks. ENTER. write-up. column. 2. artsy-craftsy. pick up. peg leg. ARSENAL n. doublecheck. ASSIGN. nailed. toplofty. chesty. snotty. miss a collar. WW I). big bertha. See FRANK. red pipe. piece. on the peg. dink. phony pinch. eyeball. wise guy. stuck up. dohickey. bob up. coal box. fall out. got one dead to rights. high hatty. mopery pinch. grandmother (howitzer. can. skibby. AS IF adv. smarty. cocky. slick. dead bang rap. ARSONIST n. snooty. nabbed. See also CHEAT. one move and you're dead. sign in. caught red-handed. rag head. faked. punch in. shut down. slope. queer. thingamabob. know-how. touch off. dead to rights. Divarty (division artillery). cheek. fake. chutzpah. Astroturf. hyped up. upper hand. See STOP. arty farty. scoop. Chinaman. crack the whip. cheeky. pick up on. G. right fall. make sure. phony collar. spread. drop on one. dig it. See ARROGANT adj. get hold of. fall in. Jap. ARTICULATE v. have one's glasses on (Bl. spring in. high-nosed. phony drop. get down cold. Chinx. heavy stuff. wrong drop. drag in. eye. ARTISTIC adj. bum rap. rainmakers. up front. get it down. See ADVANTAGE. 88. ASIDE n. check out. call it like it is. caught dead to rights. drop in. STRATAGEM. reference. jobbie. stovepipe. I'm dead. fer shirr. siditity. fall up. ARROGANCE n. sparkie. chill (submit to arrest). ARRIVE v. show up. ARTLESS adj. verbalize. ARREST. high-falutin'. 1. cornered. see. playing politics. puffed up. high-flown. peg. frame-up. ARREST. make the scene. clock in. JAPANESE. gimmick. hang something on. pick up. gall. See also APPEAR. throw-away. See also STOPPED. uppity. mopery in the first degree. hoity-toity. slant eyes. flopped. size. slant. humbug (unjustified). ASCRIBE v. booked. dog meat. bazooka. dicty. phony snatch. sniffy. jigger. ARRESTED adj. call a spade a spade. throw one's weight around. pop up. smart aleck. wrong fall. foxy. long-haired. mouth. the cosmolines (WW II). make it. guzzled. come breezing in. talk turkey. mopery. wind up at. skibo. thingamajig. hit the pits. read. dead bang. pluck chickens. smart ass. fall by. big guns. carpet. blow in. put on airs. cool. ego trip. brass. fall down. ARTIFICIAL LEG n. walk into a collar.). savvy. Chink. rug. barge in. pin on. like (I'll be worse like I might die). high headed. show. fire buff. plant. See also COUNTERFEIT. high-hatted. torch. know-it-all. crust. sound off. on top. can it. zip (Derog. wrong pinch. hummer. get down pat. fiero. guns. long Tom. See APPARATUS. look-see. nailed down. politician. See also CAUGHT IN THE ACT. right rap. high hat. straight shit. sidity. See also CHINESE. uppish. clip off. bum beef. biggety. peg. ego-tripping. drop. ASCERTAIN v. high and mighty. ashcan. make no bones about it. arty crafty. open. con. smart alecky. jammed up.I. red light. firebug. UNJUST n. touch-off man. sky in. arty. edge on one. ill. gook. ring in. See also SLY. look what the cat dragged in. dojigger. match. roll in. ARREST IN THE ACT n. forty-eight. story. phony fall. Big Bertha (WW I). too big for one's britches. 1. ASIAN n. nerve. cold shoulder. . come out with your hands up. ARTIFICIAL GRASS n. jump on one. gismo. ARTERY n. See PROVEN. all locked up. stiff. get into one's head. hit town. PHILIPPINE. nip. in the pokey with smokey.). slope eyes. frame. buddha-head. dog it. pull in. mooch in. Arty. ARTIFICE n. freeze. beat. punch the clock. mopery rap. for a fact. forty-eighter. check. spark.

hang around. mug. check out. dead. ASK v. cockeyed. See CROOKED. slaunchwise. put the screws on. See also QUESTION. slap at. ASLEEP adj. matinee. ASSAY v. kiss off. collaring a nod. slap around. croaking. making zzz's. fork out. okay. meet. put the muscle on. 1. ace up one's sleeve (hidden). oppo. See AGREE. buy. bushwhacker. ASPERSION n. give a black eye. put-down. put the heat on one. tab. pick one's brains. nervous pudding. go-getter. bash. lambaste. knock. nose to the grindstone. strike. ASSESSMENT n. slam. butcher. bum. off. ASPIC n. flaked out. zap. shootist. liquidation. pat. in the arms of Morpheus. grill. hang out. shoot down. shake on. shell out. pounding ASPARAGUS n. ASSEMBLY n. on the kip. sock. round up. arm. a little something put aside. stuff. hopeful. taking out. dish out. do in. tag. ASSAIL v. smear. burn. sawing wood. blister. making a few z's. go over. quickie. peg. poke. rendezvous. bushwhack. gorilla. see. work one's tail off. light into. ASSAULT AND ROB v. mattress-full. hit man. take one over the hurdles. button man. See also PROCLAIM. soldier. bushwhacker. a ride. knock. taking forty winks. budget. give one five (slap hands). ASSETS n. check. meat-ax. check. roast. 2. See BEG. eager beaver. kitty. out for a rep. bash. Irish dividend. plugger. read. pop the question. zigzag. work over. huddle. pop off. shoot one's wad. slaunchways. ASPIRATION n. dig at. See KILL. eager beaver. give one the third. task. mugger. mouthful (you said a mouthful). liquidate. neutralize. confab. pass on. bang man. switch. take care of.assignation 25 AS IS adj. horn in. cut a deal. 1. backhanded compliment. one's stamp of approval. sweat out. sawing logs. piece man. See KILLING. out like a light. See DEFAMATION. corral. gang up. ASSENT v. put down. mugger. knuckle under. love nest. wasting. go for. blast on. dump. offing. whistle for (but won't get). knockoff ghee. touch. See also HOPEFUL. slam. ambish. ASLANT adj. come down on. See also CROWD. nut. work over. size. ASSESS v. sweat it out of one. See ATTACK. what you see is what you get. hustle. hit. 2. catawampus. hatchet man. hit. goods. sacked out. neutralization. buzz. two cents' worth. a little something put away. butt in. trigger man. troop. hit man. bumpman. out. on the nod. ASSASSINATE v. clambake. name. apache. noonie. reference. ASS n. 1. See AMBITIOUS. See INDUSTRIOUS. blitz. give one the third degree. in the land of nod. okay. gimmick. nest egg. ASSIGN n. knock. shoot off ones mouth. jump on one's case. ASSIDUOUS adj. one-night stand. ATTEMPT. blast. value judg- ASPERSE v. slot. in the lap of Morpheus. meet up. backing. torpedo. See also MEET. ditto. tyro. have at. Rocky Mountain canary. gunman. trigger man. trash. hit man. See MEETING. let one have it. give in. ASSERT v. sit-in. See SLANDER. take out. take one's measure. mooch. capture. pin on. grind. yaw ways. sparrowgrass. ment. plugger. waste. out of it. stash. topsy-turvey. nick. dirty dig. See APPRAISE. ASSASSIN n. check out. dig it. snoozing. bust. ASSAULTER n. rainy day. 2. goon. ace in the hole. getting some shut-eye. figure. See also NAME. 1. jump down one's throat. springbutt. gun. punch. cat haul. twist. stake. size up. right stuff. opposite number. jump. push. angle. date. whiz. haul off on one. out cold. put the slug on. trash. ASPIRANT n. ASSIGNATION n. get-together. See also DIVIDE. dropper (hired). sweat. See also ANALYZE. OK. . put one through the wringer. put the arm on. ASSEMBLE v. black eye. See also APPRAISE. fire in the belly. ASKEW adj. meat. See AFFIRMATION. heavy date. hand out. make the scene. ASSAILANT n. rap. mouth off. on the make. crashed. ASSASSINATION n. dead to the world. put the mug on. clipper. catching some zees. stand pat. size up. in dreamland. slam. bankroll. as advertised. 2. affair. slant. bushwhack. getting some sack time. gunsel. size. figger. promote. turnout. enforcer. say uncle. shoot one's bolt. white hope. 2. ASPECT n. ASSERTION n. coffee klatch. 1. eyeball. So?. 3. See ATTACK. say so. scare up. See also ENEMY. hang something on. bunch up. hit. credit. erase. peg. bite. come at. give away the store. stache. cave in. ASPIRING adj. red hot. ASSAULT v.

struck all of a heap. takeover. tie-in-tie-up.26 assignment triff. join up with. cocksure. moonlight requisition. peon. branch. 1. lock and win. ice in one's veins. hookup. team up with. sneaking suspicion. mob. caught with one's pants down. multinational. bowl down. those one runs with. girl Friday. backup. boost. bum out. get in with. suit up with (team). stuck. home guard. thump the tub for. garbage. lock on. See SUPPORT. pumped up. take the sting out of. ice. looking at something with rose-colored glasses. flunky. high on something. hand. play ball with. ride shotgun for. rain or shine. go in cahoots with. throw in together. looking at the world with rosecolored glasses. have a sneaking suspicion. lend a hand. strike all of a heap. glom on to. serf. 2. ASSUAGE v. ASSUME v. grab hold of. stand up with. combination. playmate. something to write home about. hook on. ASSISTANT n. syndicate. See also BASIS 2. ASSURANCE n. ASSOCIATE n. mishmash. sign up. could've knocked one over with a feather. make nice. apparatchik. put one away. bet on. network with. ASSURED adj. troops. throw one a curve. troupe. See also SUPPORT. take the edge off. 1. flatfooted. grab. 4. yoot (teenage). temp. lock. hijack. in the bag. partners with. snatch. lock up. go down the line for. interface. line up with. See also SURPRISE. straighten one out. have a lock on. ASTONISHED adj. hitch on. tiein tie-up. backup. deal one in. ballyhoo. take on. your place or mine. tie-up. tack on. stab. cinch. bugeyed. ASSIST v. cold lay. boggled. tie up with. slave. AVER. handout. clap hands on. push. tie up. ASSOCIATE v. pool. annex. joined up with. spot. string along with. affil (TV). shit green. floored. lock and win. cool out. shop. backup. 2. leg up. sell. be afraid. come together. pardner. rosy. set. stumped. branch house. go to bat for. one for the book. zoo. all puffed up. sure thing. crowd. shot in the dark. combo. shit blue. kludge (parts). stick up for. got the faith baby. get one's fingers on. run around with. boat race (horse racing). blown away. discombobulated. 1. everything but the kitchen sink. have a hunch. interface with. ASSIMILATE v. keeping the faith. surefire. clubber. combo. grab. shop. lined up with. puff. sidekick. ASSURE v. confiscate. get together. squeak. get on the in with. troops. carry the water for. put on the map. buddy up with. See also PERSUADE. meld with. take over. bag. See RENDEZVOUS. throw on one's beam ends. See CERTAIN. tag on. buddy. kissing cousin. . run interference for. go partners with. go in partners with. hang out with. plunderbund. ASTONISHMENT n. mishmosh. lock-and-win situation. thrown. press agent. hunch. fraternize. stump for. rat pack. grease the wheels for. lift. cool. hang around. glue oneself to. the company. blow one's mind. flabbergasted. beat the drum for. go to the mat for. 1. tie in. 3. gofer. sewed up. floor. shot. one of the boys. megacorp. caught off base. stand up for. fiirp. swing in with. pal. root for. open doors. clan. circle. flabbergast. go with. 1. hand out. hit the beach. go for. See CERTAINTY. See also MIXTURE. beat. have a lock on. See also BELIEVE. set on one's ass. shoo-in. run with. ring. See PACIFY. tribe. stunner. chum. ASSISTANTS n. bug. straw boss. front for. get ones hands on. bowled over. go the route for. slavey. bunch. spring something on one. sell one on. make a pitch for. gal Friday. 3. 2. throw the spotlight on. treff (secret). ASSIST n. take up with. nail down. go native. on ice. dweeb (junior or senior). See also TASK. give a leg up. pal up with. savage. pour oil on troubled waters. kipe. outfit. crew. ASSOCIATION n. sign on. slap on. help. get into. nailed down. 2. mixed bag. hype. gamble on. blow away. liberate. set one on one's ass. plug into. put a bug in one's ear. hooked up with. give a boost to. shot in the ass. something to shout about. hold a brief for. tie-in. put on ice. 3. matie. lock. gutsy. famiglia. See also SUPPORT. iceman. be in cahoots with. hold one's end up. include me in. pard. bet one's bottom dollar on. crew. throw in with. gang up with. borrow. something else. hook up. sure as shit. joiner. in cahoots with. racked. brace up. rock. ASSORTMENT n. bowled down. thrown in with. stand in with. plugged into. play footsie with. high. See FRIEND. pool. See also SURPRISED. troops. boggle the mind. put a flea in one's ear. take care of one for. ASTERISK n. tied in with. ASTONISH v. knock one over. highjack. See also AFFIRM. crew. knock one over with a feather. get in on. swipe. bunch up. shot in the arm. gung ho. gork. give a lift. take over. plump for. bowl over. join together. team up. gang. gang up. clinch. ASSUMPTION n. ASSOCIATES n. sec. ASSIGNMENT n. glad-hander (overly). go along with. plug. boost. ASSOCIATED adj. up. come aboard. highgrade. thrown off one's beam ends. offshoot. leg. family. truck with. bit one in the ass. tie in with. upbeat. buck up. See also IMPERTURBABLE. man Friday. bail out. hook up with. play ball.

square. ATHLETE n. split. soft wall. belt. ATLANTIC OCEAN n. boggled. A-bomb. go in for. bop. bushwhack. hit a clip. nuke. dump. yerk. H-war. shine. kick one on one's ear. get. take a poke at. slap down. booby hatch. whop. funny farm. put the slug on. set on one's ass. 1. knock on one's kiester.. the pond. kick one's cruller in. take a crack at. dry gulch. ivory tower. have at. zapper. put the boots to. eyeballs in eyeballs out. beat the shit out of. meathead. zetz. hook on. crack down on. spaceman. jump. you gonna jump on my chest?. Hot Town. put away. hook up. knock one's block off. See also FASTEN. take a whack at. lean against. ASTRONAUT LAUNCH n. jump on. 2. let one have it with both barrels. ATOM BOMB n. kick the bejesus out of. hole up. flabbergasted. boff. flatten. blitz. biff. larrup. hideout. work over. by. make up for. knock one into next week. conk. godawful. lace. jock. rip up one side and down the other. bloop. place to hole up. beat. big drink. See also APOLOGIZE. Hotlanta. lace into. put the bee on one. case. megadual. go after. blown away. slough around. let one have it. knock one for a loop. gorilla. tangle ass with. surgical mission (quick). ATONE v. weakness. kick the living daylights out of one. blowout center. kick one's sconce in. den. pull a joint. roast. nuclear war. grody. stunning. muscle head. ASYLUM n. yen. lean on. storm. push. double bank. bug-eyed. ATTACHED adj. floor one. rubber room. skin alive. hole in. come down hard on one. ATTACK v. scene. anchored. bowled over. hideaway. timber up. lambaste. wallop. See ASTONISH. lay into. shoot down. ASTRONAUT n. bushwhacker. 27 ATTACHMENT n. See INSANE ASYLUM. See AMAZING. safe house. sock it to one. heat. knock one on one's ass. zap. put the slough on. See LOVE. beat one to a frazzle. fly in the teeth of. square a beef. beaver fever (Obsc). blast. clonk. knock cold. nut house. lay on sap. sharp as a tack. give a deal to.). throw a punch. speed merchant. lousy. lump up. ATTACK n. con (1850). chop down. hang one on. go at. do a razor job on. put one in the hospital. knock one on one's ear. MAD (mutually assured destruction). rip. sock. take on. brain. blind. ring one's bell. pitch into. grody to the max. plant one. ATMOSPHERE n. the unthinkable. mug. See BAD. Big Ditch. pepper. struck all of a heap. sail into. knock dead. amore. blindside. lay at. ATOMIC WAR n. shellack. slap on. far out. ATTACKER n. strike all of a heap. lay a glove on. knock off. chill. cold pack. wipe out. tip over. local color. rip up. have smarts. come at. awful. square things. ape. give one both barrels. ASTOUNDED adj. kick one ass over teakettle. hitch up. dry gulcher. bonk. ATTACH v. not born yesterday. pull a Jap (surprise). ATLANTIC CITY. NEW JERSEY The Boardwalk. soak. dust off. wing. jump on one's case.attacker ASTOUND v. stretch. kick one into next week. hankering. mugger. boot. wade into. knock over. bat. haul off on one. scorch. lay out. rush. measure. clip. Hot Lan ta. mad pash. moonman. read one out. cook. See also DREADFUL. go out for. sport. trash. knock one over with a feather. come down on. shoot down an idea. GEORGIA Big A. the bomb. Neanderthal (Derog. heel. A-war. flabbergast. light into. animal. go for it. ASTOUNDING adj. slam. foxy. give 'em hell. lay a finger on. iron man. See INTELLIGENT. dirty deed. bowl over. bowled down. muscle man. goshawful. doomsday machine. deck. space. hitch on. crush. flip. fire on. knock the daylights out of one. paste. rotten. clout. blast on. have a go at. land on. set on one's ass. gang up. slug. blitz. color. take a swipe at. K. place. PAY. backpack nuke. kick ass. CORRECT. 2. white hope (white contender). tag on. mood. herring pond. quick on the uptake. mind-blowing. blister. swat. jock. take one's medicine. take a swing at. big pond. beastly. clunk. bash. hand it to one. clump. whack. meatball. smack. banjax. bean. work out. give one the blanket. poke. kick one's lemon in. brainy. See ASTOUNDED. puppy love. crown. throw on one's beam ends. blow away. V man. See also SCOLD. lump. Chinese. boot around. Big South. stick it to one. slough. bam wham. ATHLETIC SUPPORTER n. punch out. ATLANTA. nuclear bomb. calflove. go to town on. cold cock. . redshirt (eligibility extended). jockey. knock the shit out of one. slog. mugging. give one a fat lip. latch onto. break one's face. put out one's lamps. kick the shit out of one. blitzkrieg. knock the beholden out of one. knock for a row of [anything]. guzzle. color man (TV sports). shoulders. plunk. SHREWD. knock the bejesus out of one. ASTUTE adj. jump down one's throat. pay one's dues. on the ball. take one over the hurdles.O. hairy. AT prep. drop. whale the daylights out of one. bust. attempting a creep. belt out. push around. land all over one. ATROCIOUS adj. give one the works. land a haymaker. shoot down a thing. clock. knock one ass over teakettle. nailed. push. whack. rip into. go for. gross. superjock. 1. cop.

arrive. fit out. ATTITUDE n. give it the old college try. big rush. have a shot at. ghost (writes briefs).O. beak. knock out. give it one's all. ATTEND v. pettifogger. turn one on. spieler. ATTITUDINIZE v. go. give it a fling. suit up. drop-dead gorgeous.28 attain with one's eyes peeled. in there pitching. knock oneself out. PUBLIC DEFENDER n. pleader. See ACHIEVE. check in. piece of cake. score. routine. hang on every word. Philadelphia lawyer. bait. clock in. tout. shakedown cruise. catch. with a weather eye open. dry run. cheeky. See GET. stab. on the make. lay oneself out. PAY v. not miss a trick. promote. wise ass. fake. have a fling at. vamp. tangle jaw. drape. break one's back. slant. turn on. pull. rind. have a go at. ATTEMPT v. make a hit with.V. bat the eyes at. 2. rigged out. house. See also PRETEND. legal eagle. tryout. give one the come on. rag out. ATTENTION interj. warble. mousetrap. give one a come-hither look. head rush. head-set. the size of it. ballsy. get one's hands on. drop in. See also LURE. pitch into. good looker. dud. sky parlor. all one's got. doll up. gutty. try on for size. make the scene. ATTAINABLE adj. cherry pie. break one's neck. chutzpah. try on for size. be on the ball. drop a line on one. go out for. nerve. dressed fit to kill. bend over backward. show up. hooky. lick. dud. make out like. go for broke. come to light. tog. hooked. keep a weather eye open. spunk. ATTRACTIVE adj. take a fling at. listen up. make a try. beaut. 2. on one's toes. ATTORNEY n. ring in. ATTRIBUTE v. knock one's eyes out. have a fling at. sound. legal beagle. on the job. watch out. speak of the devil.A. heads up. spotlight. ATTORNEY'S FEE n. not overlook a bet. Johnny on the spot. ATTRACTION. crust. take a crack at. ATTEMPT n. knock dead. freak out. deck. do a bit. hook. listen up. give a go. keep one's eye on the ball. gutsiness. cop. ten. state mouthpiece. See POSTURE. glad rags. chutzpahdik. workout. look to. See ASSIGN. decked out. go the limit. on the ball. looker. cutter (prosecutor). say so. AUDACIOUSNESS n. reference. box office. fall dough. See CLOTHING ATTIRE v. punch the clock. See EASY. patch. stunning. try. nervy. ATTIRED adj. bomber (divorce). on the que vive. bob up. stuff. give ears. where it's at. snag. take a cut at. springer. ATTENTION n. See also OBTAINABLE. spouter. dude up. bird dog. Tenhut. ambulance chaser. not overlook a bet. where one's head is. See DRESSED. front. ATTRACT n. brace. balls. See also HEED. stone. no problem. take a stab at. 10. gutiness. knock on your lobes. make a run at. dog out. try one's darnedest. turn out. ATTENTION GETTER n. draw. the A. deck out. turn up. ATTENTION. See also APPLY ONESELF. angle. ATTIRE n. shakedown. unzip. hunk. guts. grabber. See also EFFECT. make it. pick up. get fat. tender loving care. brassy. mugger. tall dark and handsome. get a load of this. mouthpiece. give it a try. get there. cuter. smart ass. pop up. shill. lip. bust one's ass. outfit. fixer. glued. put up a front. hook. billboard. header. shine me on (to me). squeal. See also OPINION. catch. duck soup. doctor. push. ATTAIN v. tongue. AUCTION v. ATTIC n. pay mind to. mind-set. go over big. come through with. glom on to. gall. 1. one's level best. cut and try. can o' corn. D. bat one's eyes at. latch on to. pop to. score. pull off. like it is. nut. jelly go. send. ATTORNEY GENERAL n. show. do one's level best. see the light of day. ATTENDANCE n. come on. lead up the garden path. playact. crack. 1. chemistry. take a shot at. brass balls. take one's best shot. get one's head out of one's ass. it. tackle. punch in. go for it. twist. try on. slay. drapes. looky. shyster. shot. keep one's eye peeled. AUDACIOUS adj. TLC. TCB (take care of business). go in for. dolled up. make a stab at. See also WARY. give it a whirl. bib and tucker. give it a go. beagle. break one's heart. ATTENDANT n. take a whack at.. kill. See DARING. See also ENDEAVOR. give a fling. have one's ears on. suck in. see after. baby-sitter. rag up. See BEAUTIFUL. give it one's best shot. break one's ass. rope in. shoot the works. whack. grab. no sweat. on the lookout. time in. one's darnedest. humbug. give it all one's got. listen up. take on. listen up. moxie. try one's damnedest. cheek. do it or bust a gut. one's all. the L. cut. lay it on thick. promo. take the bull by the horns. threads. draw. steer. ATTENTIVE adj. mindtrip. hang something on. knock off. fling. ATTORNEY. man's mouth. state lawyer. P.G. one's damnedest. get a load of that.A. sweep off one's feet. keep one's ear to the ground. go all out. SEXUAL n. where one is at. credit. all ears. wow. alarm clock. . 3. pov. jam. see to. See also APPEAR. not miss a trick. brass. pin on. see to. feathers.

high-minded. the fuzz. ghostwriter. See also TIMELY. ol' professor. green flag. kingpin. what it takes. heap. playgoer. Auzzie. pick off (pass a car). the word.. hot rod. AUDITION n. bossman. OK. red flag. George. tryout. AUGMENTATION n. telewriter (TV). chief. they. a lot to say about. clapper. read. okay. See PLAIN. one who catches a show. city hall. clunker. word slinger. BillJim. boost. AUTHORITATIVE adj. clacker. AUTO RACEWAYS n. kingfish. front office. top kick. See CONSENT. hall. hooligan race. ass-kicker. edge on one. AUTHOR n. Indy. ropes. beef. upping. See POWERFUL. line. shunt (collide). big chew. fleshing out. in the nick of time. czar. bug. czar. See also POMPOUS. consy (consolation race). CONVENIENT. the righteous. old pro. showgoer. reading. the top. powerhouse. bless. . for real. boost. barn. slave driver. up. scribe. See also ADDITION. kibitzer. big shit. bus. groove. got the horses to do it. say the word. the commish. brass. showcase. string. deadhead. corkscrew. clean. the man. top. jalopy. leg up on one. demo. AUTHOR v. drop on one. people in the front office. high-nosed. pace lap. scribbler. beef up. add bells and whistles. pole sitter (pole position starter). (best route around track). people upstairs. A-number 1. pen. on the legit. the brass. Simon Legree. leadoff man. vanilla. the man. buildup. might and main. punch. clout. brickyard (Indianapolis). nerf (bump during race). piggyback. the stuff. poop. high up. high-toned. a lot to do with. See TRUE. legit. highfalutin'. powerhouse. the old man. hairpin turn. bone man. heart man. pigs. the goods. king. 2. the bosses. hammer-man. brains. turnout. AUTOGRAPH SEEKER n. czar.automatic pilot 29 AUDIENCE n. AUSPICIOUSLY adv. crystal ball it. bleacher bum. shark. standee. Billjim (soldier. AUTHORIZE v. call the shots. bang out. brain. AUTHORIZED adj. big wig. script. rug rank (high). sit in. what you see is what you get. at the eleventh hour. the emess. upstairs. endo (end over end crash). Ossie. try on. Norwegian steam. knee-jerk reaction. ivory dome. a Hitler. See INCREASE. straight from the horse's mouth. rubber-stamp. have a hunch. buff. Aussie. See also EXECUTIVE. driver. AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND Anzas. top brass. sports fan. AUTOMATIC adj. whip hand. See also SPECTATOR. tag on. call it. fishtail. top dog. See FACTUAL. theatergoer. king of the hill. zap. jeep. pusher. the real McCoy. marbles (slippery spot). head. paper (free pass). sling shot (passing strategy). bare-bones. guts. buggy. pow. give the word. Aussie land. MANAGEMENT. heckler. kicker. AUTOCRAT n. hot stuff. bossy. spinout. 2. bosslady. the force. whiz. out of the horse's mouth. legit. Iron Mike. AUSTRALIAN n. See IMPERIOUS. big weenie. AUDITORIUM n. Anzac. geets. ink slinger. power elite. the whole cheese. AUGUST adj. See PREDICT. See WRITER. buff. make hen tracks. boss. van. autograph hound. queen bee. See APPROVE. AUGER n. knothole gang. AUTO RACING TERMS back off (decelerate). scripter. AUTHORITY n. SUPERVISOR. bible. Outback. grid start. nut. OK'd. okayed. dice (close race). egghead. AUGUR v. hike. strong arm. genuine article. head man. legit. bump (poker). crate. head honcho. big shot. executive suite. high priest. jump on one. ghost. higher ups. guru. wheels. psych it out. give the goahead. freak. big league. okay. AUTHORITIES n. Establishment. the emess. AUGMENT v. top hand. See AUTOMOBILE. AUTOMATIC PILOT n. give the green light. the feds. buddy seat. gold braid. reverse start. on top. kosher. governor. the say so. powers that be. AUSTRALIA Down Under. ins. columnist. oink (police). WW I). moviegoer. the long arm of the law. put one's John Hancock on. down under. AUDIT v. sweeten. stiff-necked. them. wordsmith. wizard. See also ADMINSTRATOR. Mr. COMMANDER. big player. AUTHENTIC adj. maven. dinkum (soldier). CEO. weight. the law. big cheese. go ahead. figure out. pizzazz. top brass. biggest frog in the pond. pundit. steam. juice. twenty-four carat. big nose man. bat out. paper house. AUTOCRATIC adj. fan. Sooner. straight from the horse's mouth. squirrel (both skid side to side). CO. upper hand. old hand. beefing up. AUSTERE adj. 1. Big. general. brass hat. topper. the say. moxie. AUTO n. pad. 1. first-nighter. bigwigged. bull of the woods. righteous. fence-hanger. See WRITE. old war-horse. exec. Digger. in-group. OK. green light. whip cracker. AUTHORIZATION n. higher ups. put down. heel and toe (driving technique). pro. aficionado.

cold shoulder. screw. AUTOMOBILE TIRE n. get around. garden. garden variety. shuffle off. stocker. stack-up. new wave. deke. go it all. give the slip. gas guzzler. square accounts. duck. Billy Sixpack. bend the rules. art cart. See STINGY. skinflint. Joe Lunchbucket. slicker. See also AFFIRM. hotshot. jink (enemy planes). pony car. bear food. plastic. leaping Lena (Obs. super skate. up for grabs. say so. hot rod. Mr. chopped. guzzler. cage. barnstormer. bus. love buggy. dune buggy. schtick. shoe. way out. hide. skip town. stretch car (extra length). jitney. on deck. Mrs. fake one out. poligot. bent one. janck. crutch. rack-up. load. stack. not touch with a ten-foot pole. middlebrow. steer clear of. down in the kitchen (low gear). orphan (no longer manufactured). four-wheeler. clunker. AVER v. AVARICIOUS adj. get hunk. ride. tin lizzie. AVAILABLE adj. ditch. banger. zoom buggy. swear up and down. rubber. van. bantam car. on tap. flicker. funny car. flyboy. no top. drop off. soup job. boilerplate. plebe. death trap. weave. swear till one is blue in the face. ready willing and able. bucket of bolts. bug. pony (medium sized). gasoline buggy. pileup. mainstream. blitz buggy. hot car farm. egg crate. give a miss to. have no truck with. theft of). duck out of. bent one. Smith. kill switch (automatic brakes). no great shakes. thing. AUTOMOBILE. retread. short. push hot ones (dispose of). Jimmie. state of the art. push hot boilers. grizzler. boat. Model T (Ford). sashay around. buzz wagon. heap of junk. 2. far out. Smith. struggle buggy. See also GREEDY. beetle. hep. jump. big-eyed. fender tag. truck driver. no eyes for. dodge. eagle. Mr. vanilla. 3. gas buggy. stick it in and break it off. clean 'chine. hot car. rubber. one lunger. tub. See OBTAINABLE. hog (Cadillac). one's bag. benzo (MercedesBenz). fair to middling. white bread. boojy. STOLEN n. cut. lemon. kemp. be into. John Q. AVERSION n.30 automobile AUTOMOBILE n. ordinary Joe. doghouse. shake off. AUTOMOBILE HORN n. midget. ham and egger. pinchy. compact. hard top. starch. run of the mill. wheelchair. See also RETREAT. smashup. hoopty. slick. midgie. AVERSE adj. Sammy Smith concept. jockey. gotta have. sore foot (punctured). AVOID v. skip out on. AUTOMOBILE SHOW n. tuna wagon. juke. meat grinder. junk heap. hatchback. hot boiler farm. shake and bake. AVID adj. give one the runaround. grabbers. on the schlep (stealing). AVOCATION n. low rider. wreck of the Hesperus.). blow (supercharger). John Doe. flat (tire). Brown. circumlocute. clinches (brakes). everyday. ham and egger. in and outer (sports). hayburner. gondola. leading edge. roll bar. fish. hip. AVIATOR n. trans. bag. oil burner. man on the street. AVERAGE adj. creaming to. skins. gig. junker. fliv. dump. hoopy. See PILOT. trap. do one's thing. get even with. piggy. kick. crate. birdwoman. can. wrack-up. gondola (not common). total. move a job. stick. pits (service area). California tilt (front end lower). sled. so so. deuce. banger (cylinder). run for cover. chine. fishtail. rig. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT n. heap. cottonpickin'. stretch limo. Public. AVANT-GARDE adj. consent job. doghouse. John Smith. jeep. rinky. grabby. jalopy. wreck. allergic. crack-up. grinder. Detroit Iron (American). smackup. get back at. journeyman. stutter step. fender-bender. plant. limo. pass the buck. See VANGUARD. . ragtop (convertible). flivver. bottom end. honker. dying to. Easter Egg (decorated). flat hoop. come-at-able. no use for. AUTOMOBILE HOOD n. dime a dozen. hang one out to dry. any Tom Dick or Harry. pumpkin (flat). chrome dome. fair. stash. quad (four headlights). chugalong. Joe Doakes. breezer. give a wide berth. beat. 1. humdrum. goat. buggy. AVIATRIX n. palm off. long John Silver (one headlight). bob. shake. tooter. allergy. peep (jeep). See also VEHICLE. binders. golfer. raked. tiptoe around. a short. cut dead. big hole (gear). skip. coffin. rumdum. baldy (worn). bird legs. jeepers-creepers. AUTOMOBILE TERMS Georgia credit card (hose for siphoning gasoline). turtle (armored). bucket. owner's job (insurance fraud. AUTOMOBILE WAREHOUSE n. throttle jockey. run for cover. bone shaker. See ACCIDENT. get on one's bicycle. slicks (racing). chariot. See REVENGE. dash (dashboard). Brown. flat. give the go by. come back at. run of the alley. hoddy-doddy. Jane Doe. scout car. boiler. have no use for. chopped car. AVENGE v. buzz buggy. bag. rattletrap. cross one's heart and hope to die. Motorama. tight. shot. strictly union. go-cart. into. bear meat (unequipped with citizens band radio). getinable. swear on a stack of bibles. birdman. beeper. give the cold shoulder to. cheap heap. job. puddle jumper. See IMPATIENT. buggy whip (radio antenna). bear bait. fastback. beat around the bush. Mrs. bomb. getable. Brown Jones and Robinson. nowhere. mean machine. scrap heap. skip. make (brand name). lay low. wheels. give one a dose of one's own medicine. rinky (stolen). hole. Susie Smith concept. middle of the road.

AWARDS n. feather in one's cap. cool. AWE v. gift with. tough. know it all. savvy. hell west and crooked. swear till one is blue in the face. AWARE adj. wise to. hear tell of. grungy. See CROOKED. on the beam. the cookies. grandstand. sweat. mind-blowing. AWARD n. showboat. it's looking to. sweeten the kitty. swear up and down. hearsay. hand out. out-of-pocket. raunchy. sweat it. cool one's heels. mean. AWFUL adj. stay shy of. AWAKEN v. hip to the jive. nervous. slaunchways. AWRY adj. megadual. sweat it out. hang in. know what's what. Emmy (TV). know all the answers. drop your cocks and grab your socks (Obsc). hip. See CLUMSY. WWII). clodhopper. out. show a leg. gone. clean outta sight. Grammy (phono record). make one's teeth fall out. shell out. all woke up. really into. See IMPRESS. cockeyed. See BAD. Effie (advertising). in the know. turn out. get up with the chickens (early). grody to the max. into. Oscar (film). Obie (Off Broadway). zero cool. sucks a big one. slaunchwise. the gold. AWAIT v. See also SNUB. grounded. daffodil. AWARD v. E (for efficiency. know one's onions. Clio (TV commercial). double digs. know one's business. pass up. See also DONATION. hang out. synthetic. buck it over. something else. know one's p's and q's. far out. blow one away. groovy. hotdog. put something in the pot. dish out. two left feet. know the score. wised up. AWESOME adj. blow away. fork out. hang around. out of touch. gross. sucks. know one's stuff. See also ABSENT. sharp. rise and shine. be up on. zigzag. AWAY adj. AXIOM n. pile out. kept posted. two left hands. gift. swear on a stack of bibles. cross one's heart and hope to die. real gone. hit the deck. on the beam. plugged in. See GIVE. See IMPRESSIVE. catawampus. grody. hep. in the picture. . hipped. Oscar. keep bankers' hours (late). latched on. stinking. tough nuggies. all thumbs. with it. knock one's socks off. gold star. klutzy. know the ropes. roll out. butterfingers. See also AMAZING. on to. frantic. wait for the other shoe to drop. Tony (theater). tuned in. hairy. ear to the ground. See WAIT. See also KNOWLEDGEABLE. know all the ins and outs. know-how. tuned in. go-go. See also AFFIRM.axiom 31 buck pass. AWKWARD adj. AVOW v.

hell of a note. BACKWOODS n. work on. have diarrhea of the mouth. bad guy. the dogs. hassle. shithead. get. sleazeball. crap. lousy. BAD-TEMPERED adj. BAD adj. fiddlefucking. angel. N. BAFFLE v. worst-case scenario. you get it. bad news. boonies. thrown. mangy. youngster. bundle from heaven. measly. diddly poo. in diapers. meal ticket. little darling. hump. ain't worth the powder to blow it to hell. bachelor girl. BAD PERSON n. lollypop. dirty. pretzels. tax benefit. not so hot. ain't worth shit. darn. spill the beans. peanuts. back gone out. bambino. chiv. diddly shit. BADGE n. bibble babble. ass over elbows. sow belly. cheap. no count. snappy comeback.. diddie bag (Army). See PUZZLED. off the cob. throw. flukum. comeback. BAFFLED adj. gear. hill of beans. bull. give one the business. lousy. feedback. something fierce. angelface. batch it. rotten. run on. spaced out. lip. stick up for. kid. bad apple. ech. button. BABBLE v. sad. Irish twins (both born within a year). topsy-turvy. bass ackwards. See also SPEAK. See SUPPORT. yucky. prick. throw the bull. ass backwards. bummer. buttercup. low-down. single-o. ride. BS. carry-on. the least. potsy. stick by. write-off. murder. punk. BS. angel. grody. See SCOUNDREL. See FINANCE. two bit. swag bag. sponsor. crummy. bum. drape ape. BACKWARDS adj. mofo. dumpling. little doll. snooky. grody to the max. gas. grabber. bravo. little deduction. old bach. bride and groom on a raft. the money. gross. bottom of the barrel. ain't worth a hoot. go to bat for. son of a bitch. BACON LETTUCE AND TOMATO n. BACKER n. floor. eat. rattle. sleazy. eligible. crappy. backachy. sucks. barfy. humpty-dumpty. babe. single. doin'dirt. BACHELOR v. be on the back of. cotton-pickin'. doodly. darned. batch. BACON AND EGGS ON TOAST n. cussed. tot. BAG n.B B n. bogus. goshawful. tin. no account. beans. damn. godawful. be at. shield. the pits. dreck. scuzzy. mean. eighteen carat. bug. bankroll. See ANNOY. catawampus. icky. junk. honeychild. BABY n. keister. spillback. rat's ass. wood. expense. See COUNTRY.). stiffo. shitty. motherfucker (Obsc). arsy-varsy. murderous. in a fog. cheesy. go on. dead ass. BLT on 32 . beastly. BABYISH adj. doggie bag (Rest. ain't worth a plugged nickel. bundle. BACTERIA n. guff. BA. grunge. mother. BACK TALK n. fairy godmother. nipper. jiffy bag. Benny. synthetic. See also IDENTIFICATION. kid stuff. See ANSWER. foul ball. bastard. crusty. crab. toddler. tad. yakking. wheels (to take out). bottle baby. See also REVERSE. cookie cutter. stick. bug. little dividend. doodly poo. crick. cruddy. preemie. white tin. white elephant. run off at the mouth. bach it. old maid. See also LUGGAGE. BACON n. snookums. sticks. yackety yak.G. nuts. a lemon. sugar. flash. tin. one thou. baby boomer (post WW II). BACK v. unattached. sleazeball. tough. ugly. BACHELOR OF ARTS n. papoose. hipper dipper. 2. dirty minded. staker. BACHELOR n. valpack. junky. BADGER v. fuzzbuzz. stump. tripe. garbage. dud. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE n. tough nuggies. BACKUP adj. grungy. cheese factory. talk through one's hat. dinger. See BENEFACTOR. babykins. chicken shit. fuck face (Obsc). sugarplum. SOB. stag. wet behind the ears. bamboozled. yellow tin. available. bitchy. ornery. hellish. blah. flookum. poison. boondocks. downer. boost. little cherub. See PUZZLE. BLT. ice. bullshit. no bargain. tullies. number ten (Korean war). buffaloed. on the fritz. See IRRITABLE. buffalo. crawler. crud. give a boost. little writeoff. chick. rosebud. bad-assed. maggot. cackleberries and grunts. grubstaker. stinking. rough. cock sucker (Obsc). raunchy. diddly. tote bag. boomer. slimeball. give a lift. buzzer. Adam and Eve on a raft. stake. single man. grunts. nogood. button. fierce. jeasley. BACKACHE n. short end of the stick. one thousand (Vietnam war). noodge. damned. grubstake. 1. slime bucket. little angel. beat. give a leg up. bottom out. tripe. cheapie. turkey.

close down. valpack. corn. B-girl. tribe. Ethiopian paradise. belly up. fire. old B. hang. drop in the bucket. See NEIGHBORHOOD. cue ball. BANALITY n. a don't. can. BALK v. BALD adj. jump bail (run away). sky hook. BANISH v. left out in the cold. BALLROOM n. throw a monkey wrench into the works. hoodang. tinker's dam. neck of the woods. cleaned out. close up. pass by. tote bag. corn. jump band. diddly. B. BANAL adj. old chestnut. fortnighter. square. damper. not in the picture. slough. kiss off. BALCONY. hog wrestle.bankrupt 33 BAGATELLE n. See also FINANCIER. hop bail. peter. broke. BALL (DANCE) n. keisterman. bloody-nose gallery. swag bag. and O. high camp. jug. blower. cramp one's style. BAIL VIOLATOR n. fold up. familiar tune. See GROUP. shylock. sneezer. go to the wall. on the rocks. springer (bondsman). a thoushalt-not. bald as a coot. BALL n. blah. chicken feed. go broke. combo. egghead. cornfed. glory roll. gang. upset one's apple cart. ork. 2. stamping grounds. red cap. Philadelphia bankroll. stomping grounds. THEATER n. bunch. tear duster. rat. See also PORTER. shut out. sock. no place. BANKRUPT adj. ring. off-limits. BANKBOOK n. See also AMOUNT. jay. give the mitten. outfit. come on. track. frolic pad. buy new shoes. clan.W. damper pad. no-no. BANKRUPT v. jumper. pellet. to the wall. throw out on one's ear. BANDANA n. BAND n. snot rag. BALLOON VENDOR n. fold. small beer. busted. shoestring. BAGGAGE THIEF n. half in stir (free on bail). . mob. stupid. draddy. pass up. BALANCE n. banjer. darn. throw one a curve. beefsteak and BALTIMORE AND OHIO RR n. brawl. come out. carry on. go Chapter 11. jiffy bag. BALLET STUDENT n. BANKROLL n. BALTIMORE. dough puncher. skycap. close one's doors. picker. See EXCLUDED. old saw. swing band. cramp. hoedig. meter. ho hum. backup. keister mark BAN n. crowd. bald as an eagle. See also DESTITUTE. territory. drag. hop. big band. charge account (access to bail money). cornball. come out even. curly. See HINDER. baggage masher. diddly shit. banjo picker. give one the old heave-ho. See also MONEY. hot foot. (victim). turkey. row of buttons. ice out. damn. chickenshit. BAIL BOND TERMS spring. juice dealer. BALTIMORE RESIDENTS n. banjo strummer. monkey. prom. things. kick out. BALLOON n. BANKER n. apple. baggage smasher. Balto. paradise. blue blowers. small change. chucker out. troops. potboiler. dough head. MARYLAND Bal City. belly up. shill. bald as an egg. keister. tripe. left on the outside looking in. dull as dishwater. old story. SMALL. buzzword. flat. banjo thrummer. See also COOK. dullsville. 1. See also TRITE. blackball. banjuke. bundle. BANK n. BANJO-UKULELE n. banjo twanger. two-suiter. sniffer. hoedown. spike one's guns. gear. jazz band. group. BAILIWICK n. BAKER n. peanut gallery. shut out. BANJO n. flat as a pancake. nowhere. go bust. sidemen. give one the heave-ho. a hoot. chuck out. outta bounds. zero. doughboy. BALANCE v. professor. Baltimorons. old stomping grounds. nigger heaven. give the hook. banjo uke. hokum. mattress-full. wipe. row of pins. BAGGAGE n. Chapter 11. Michigan roll. crimp. lam. baldy. old song. onions. skin head. wad. loan shark. drop in the ocean. sidelined. duster. troupe. hokum. saw. nest egg. tote. give one the bums rush. chestnut. jump. corny. See also PARTY. pablum. shit. go under. banjo man. turf. cold shouldered. shindig. yoot (teenage). boiler plate. roll. rat pack. BANJOIST n. mingle. hokey. bladder. BAND LEADER n. blackballed. peanuts. rainy day. BANISHED adj. even-steven. hill of beans. bags. nothing. See LURE. BAGGAGE HANDLER n. See also EJECT. boot out. dumb. sphere. pill. go to the poorhouse. go up. jazz blowers. OSTRACIZE. those one runs with. BAN v. BAIT n. bounce. go to the cleaners. BANK ACCOUNT n. bag guy.

Chapter 7. roaster. BARBAROUS adj. vanilla. bar girl. ribber. illegal). jeep town. slopshop (beer). emery ball (rough sided. radish. left out in the cold. mow the lawn. EXCLUDED. gashouse. choke up (grip bat high on handle). snake ranch. the nineteenth hole. illegal). clean. See NUDE. in the raw. grody to the max. See also PROHIBITED. ice out. blockbuster. sing. left on the outside looking in. without a stitch. BASE n. big feed. bar keep. work out a deal. joint. banty. pretty near. what you see is what you get. open up. lumber. blackball. blackballed. goof ball. wood. BARITONE n. BARTER v. guzzery. beer slinger. water hole. get one's head scratched. BARB n. blue heaven. dram shop. boot. scuzzy. blind pig. swap. razzer. kid. free and easy. sphere. BARBER v. BARBEQUE n. BANNER n. purple heart. down. switch hit. play the dozens. get one's rug beat. lose the handle. ale house. nitery. put on. mixologist. loss leader. guzzlery. gooseberry. TEASE. blow the whistle on. show up. make a deal. buck ten (low batting average). BANNED adj. nemmy. 1. keystone sack (second base). BASEBALL. blind tiger. die (fail to roll or bounce). gay bar. miscue. swat stick. come clean. kidder. slimeball. slop. bucket shop. sucks. See PLAIN. Chapter 13. nebbie. See also JOKE. give up a walk. BASEBALL. hideaway. bare-assed. fungo. jive. See also PROHIBITED. office. sack. K. jollyer. jiver. spill one's guts. a run for one's money. shut out. BALL n. BARE adj. rum room. 2. pole. left out in the cold. See CONFESS. B-girl. left on the outside looking in. by a hair. go belly up. in the altogether. roast. bird circuit (homosexual). egg. kid around. war club. CHEAP. nightspot. juice joint. BANQUET n. speakeasy. let it all hang out. BARRED adj. hack out a deal. nudie. hondle. pill. keystone. club. pour man. BASEBALL BAT n. squeak by. grody. close shave. needle. needle. free trip. deal.Q. kill-crazy. dicker. BAR n. kibitzer. godforsaken. razz. hooch (quonset). in one's birthday suit. mug house. honky-tonk. (entanglement). rag. peanuts. bobble. yellow jacket. 1. needier. hair bender. HQ. beastly. suds shop. waterholes. candy. cushion. blackballed. plate. spill. gross. BASEBALL ERROR n. bary. grog shop.. BARRACKS n. BARGAIN v. naked as the day one was born. grocery. horsehide.B.34 bankruptcy BARE v. meat market (singles bar). B. ragger.). shut out. Black Betsy. naked as a jaybird. 2. guzzle shop. BASEBALL. go under. buy. pass by. dead ass. up (at bat). gin mill. gooseberry bush BASEBALL. swap horses. take one's cut. hot corner (third base). chain locker (dockside). beaver palace. platter (home). See also AGREEMENT. cookout. BASE ON BALLS walk. globule (Arc). BARBED WIRE n. apple. stick. gargle factory. BANKRUPTCY n. fungo stick. casaba. bad-assed. CP. washer. get it off one's chest. BASE adj. handout. hassock (base). juke joint. looking (not swinging). BANTER v. whip out. tap room. barb. B. BANTERER n. deadfall. BARTENDER n. BARBITURATE n. in the tub. scraper. deal. blow. Jew down (Derog. hammer out a deal. not in the picture. BAR v. fernie. See also HEADQUARTERS. not in the picture. steal. blowout. sleazeball.). Chapter 11. GHQ.A. scatter. practically. meat rack. creep dive. dicker. belly up. See EXCLUDE. after-hours joint. room. choke. rapper. spheroid. shut out. beer house. josh. Phennies. out of bounds. skinny. chin polisher. beer joint. fizzical culturist. voodoo ball. hop joint. axeman. muff. get ones ears raised. horse trade. See EXPOSE. banana stick. BARBER n. hand grenade. take a bath. free ticket. pink lady. grog mill. fillmill. candy store. beer jerker. knock down the price. rib. BARREN adj. buck naked. cantaloupe. (strikeout). close the doors. streamer. josher. by the skin of one's teeth. dive. See NEGOTIATE. nimby. rap. fern bar. a real steal. cheap John. ahead of the count. hit the dirt (drop to avoid a bad pitch). See NEGOTIATE. sidelined. crack. gutbucket. butcher. pass up. no-no. BAT v. sleazy. blab. blue devils. shine box (Bl. BANTAM n. jolly. cowhide. . four wide ones. in the toilet. fleshpot. flash (also used in cards). barrelhouse. abbot. BARELY adv. apron. BARGAIN n. screamer. free transportation. show. rat's ass. smoke out. shine ball {smooth. bad ass. raunchy. cold shouldered. BASES bag.

knuckler. fast ball. guess hitter. woodman. round tripper. force out. flinger. second sacker. sacrifice fly. squeeze. chuck n duck (hanging curve). BASEBALL SCORE n. lawn mower. third sacker. sacrifice. grand slam (with bases full). suicide squeeze. brush back. (catch a ball). beat out (get to first base before the throw). knockdown. fungo. 1. duster. chop. hanger (failed to curve). pinching (umpire conservative call). fastballing. save (relief pitcher game credit). fluke. hit the dirt (slide). nailed at second). smoke ball. go all the way. portsider. fat (perfect to hit). he was cut down stealing). DH (designated hitter). over the plate. dial 8. steam heat. slip pitch (off speed). tape measure. yellow hammer. slider. take. side wheeler. money smash. hesitation pitch. pinch hit. 5. infield hit. sacrifice bunt. hurler. fadeaway slide. splitfingered fast ball. away (one out. bleeder. 2. stopper (able to beat any team). cripple (thrown with 3 balls. knuckle duster. go with the pitch. gobble. heavy sticker. sand lotter. floater. gofer ball. big leaguer. suicide squeeze. home run. circuit clout. punch hitter. homer. airing it out (pitching well). spitter. dump one. tater. round tripper. ear duster. Dusty shaded a little to the left). stuff. sip one. ace (best). utility man. rubber arm (durable). smoke (he throws smoke). derrick. shade (adjust field position. away (wide). touch. around the horn (ball thrown third to second to first base). yank. platoon player. the express. drive in (he drove in a run). bunt. a rope. croakie. a chance. reliever (sub). dial long distance. change up. blow one by. wait for. circuit wallop. go for the fences. cut down (out. BASEBALL HOME RUN n. bush. jug handle curve. fire. blast. burn one over. one away). grand slammer. go the route. roundhouse (slow curve). dipsey do. grass cutter. Clyde's ball (slowball). bat around (full team bats in an inning). barber. chase (replace pitcher). southpaw. tag one. pick off. out of the park. cheese express. skimmer. daisy cutter. pinch hitter. pop out. spitball. circuit wallop. glove man (fielder). single. lace one (hard hit). let up. grand slam (with bases full). crossfire (sidearm). fader (swerve). swat (Babe Ruth was the Sultan of Swat). circuit blow. fallaway side. dying swan. heater. pull the trigger. line drive. clouter. let-up ball. submarine (underhand). poke. three-ply poke. Baltimore chop (high bounce). BASEBALL PITCH n. seeing-eye single. fence buster. 6. clean the bases. clean the bases. cannon (strong throwing arm). canned heat. trap. shoestring catch. cousin (easy to hit). atom ball (hit right atom). run down (caught off base). Sunday pitch. shag (chase a ball). salami. four bagger. Desi. BASEBALL PITCHER n. drop. juiced. drunk (bases loaded). one hand. bush leaguer. hammer. grounder. good cheese. tape measure. peg. boys of summer. gardener. clean off the bases. Iron Mike (pitching machine). pull (he pulled it to left). hang out the hump. drive. arm (ability. homer. fork ball. blue dart. take (fail to strike at a pitch). slugging average. no strikes). palm ball. bleeder. corral. smoke. knuckler. slurve (sliding curve). three bagger. blow. under it. comebacker. let-up pitch. aboard (on base). circuit clout. breaking ball. safety. Cuban fork ball (spitball). safety squeeze. circus catch. crank one out. junkman (throws slowballs). Leaping Lena. four bagger. Texas Leaguer (short fly). chucker. flair. inshoot. bean ball. in a hole (at a disadvantage). butterfly ball. dial 8. two bagger. beat out. crooked arm. 4. sinker. cream. lather. back-up infielder. get good wood on it. power hitter. slam. clean off the bases. hangout the wash. home run. two-ply poke. pepper. chin music. twirl. safe. triple play (three outs in one play). slugfest. stuff on the ball. take one downtown. cockeye. drag bunt. clout. first string. four wide ones. safe. hurl. sinker. slugger. bloop single. scratch hit. battery (pitcher/ catcher). head hunter. aspirin. gun down. double play. leadoff. leg hit. baseballer. glass arm. hook arm. sacrifice. groove one (heart of the strike zone). long ball hitter. curve. fly catcher. slow roller. bouncer. gopher ball. leadoff man (first to bat). caught on the fly. cat. out. nail (out. ball hawk. lefty. squeeze bunt. squeeze. long man. triple. floater. dust. starter. dinger. BASEBALL PLAYER n. die (left on base). first sacker. go for three. fly. screwball. sinker ball. paste. bark (coach). pop up. pull hitter. spray hitter. be- . grease ball. hump it in. force. tater (fly ball). grand slammer. banjo hit. die (runner left on base). hook. stuff on it. tape measure. clothesline (low hard). cannon. scald one. break (unexpected favorable action). send him to the showers. pull the string. junk. fork bailer. beebees. cleanup (fourth batter). cream puff. double. middle reliever. banjo hitter (weak). butte rfingers. lose one over the fence. roller. fireballing. the express. take a lead (move toward next base). scatter (they scattered six hits against Valenzuela). bail out (drop away from a wild pitch). dial long distance.baseball score 35 BASEBALL HIT n. dust off (high inside). cloudbuster. over the fence. lay down a. pinch runner. take one downtown. hopper. circuit blow. hummer. flutterball. fireman (relief). Babe Ruth. money smash. center (center fielder). 3. belt. throw junk. dinger. Uncle Charlie (curve). double steal. second string. fielder's choice. fast bailer. can o'corn (high fly). shell (Lefty was shelled for ten hits). fog. fog it in. lose one. assist. yakker (curve). 0 strikes). lose one. a good eye. BASEBALL PLAY n. deal. fork hander. sacrifice fly. jam (in on the hands). emery ball. Babe Ruth. scorcher. automatic take (3 balls. lose one over the fence. clean (a clean hit). bringing it to em. fadeaway. hand grenader. short man. switch hitter. busher. over the fence. flip (throw). knuckleball. fence buster. go the distance. pole. on (on base). nickel curve. submariner (underhand). punch. dipsey doodle. smoke one. a great arm). steal. pop fly. smash. jammed. hose (throwing arm). turn the ball over (screwball). out of the park. fireballer.

See HIT. swish. nine. blank. BASKETBALL PLAY n. BATHTUB n. See GROUNDLESS. Town BATON ROUGE. fan. three Rs. you're talking through your hat. five. get down to brass tacks. finger roll. See also VITAL. See TOILET. give up a run. meat and potatoes. the iron. tomahawk (dunk). cup of coffee (short stay on a team). vein (double bass). BASTE v. give and go. chippie (easy open shot). the yard. tickytack foul. rest room. sellout (bad play) sweet (smooth player). tank suit. a brick (complete miss). (basket). coal and ice. wallflower. box out. the boys in blue. BS. rock bottom. stick. the big man. hook. bull pen. 2 strikes). LOUISIANA BATON n. get one to go down. where the dicks hang out (Obsc). Hogan's brickyard. gutty. in the slot (awaiting a turn at bat). tub. shower. quint (the team). drain (score). bring it in (from out of bounds). ref. swab down. outlet pass. take one over the hurdles. primo. bury it. BATH n. lay up. punch out. diamond (infield). daisies. air ball. blindside (he blindsided him and stole the ball). ball handler. ump. where it's at. plunger. casaba (ball). bonus situation. farm. pitchers' duel. nuts and bolts. sit on the ball. fungo circle. slop on. lineup (players in game). stuff. arbiter. bat. bomb (long). long count (3 balls. alley oop. sag (they sagged to cut off Alajuan). retire. billy club (policeman's). See FOUNDATION. softball pass (underhand). go ahead run. cousin (easily beaten opponent). lambaste. beat the shit out of. the rockpile (bad infield). the tall trees (center and forwards). powder room. BATHING SUIT n. BASEBALL STRIKEOUT n. you're talking like a man with a paper ass. sandlot (amateur). pull (remove. bikini. flag (pennant). come off (past record. BASKETBALL SHOT n. shutout (held scoreless). go to the line. homer. hot hand (playing well). assist. shoot a pair. let the air out of the ball (slow down the play). my eye. baggies. slam dunk. low post. outlet. eager. hoop. charity shot. bottom (last half of an inning. blind Tom. bat in a bucket. get down. BASEBALL UMPIRE n. kick ass. lineup (batting order). whiff (also strike). set shot.36 baseball stadium hind (balls or strikes to ones disadvantage). bust. the rack. bottom line. twin bill (two games). BASIS n. the dirt part (defense). K. BATHROOM n. tub. doubleheader. bash. nuts and bolts. coal and ice. cut. whataya talking. ABCs. home stand (play on home grounds). clubhouse lawyer (player). sandbox. retire the side. laugher (easy win).R. rag. just talk. farm out (transfer a player to a farm team). come through. piggy move up. nitty gritty. library. front liner. women's room. BASHFUL adj. shoot a pair. cellar (last place in team standings). work out. pull the trigger (shoot). playmaker. . fast break. sit on a lead. the key (free throw lane). kill the clock (time out). he pulled the pitcher). they took the pennant). magic number (formula of victories needed to win pennant). doghouse. jump shot. splash. the garden (outfield). cactus league. he comes off a big slump). flip pass. big man (center). ball park. flip. fallaway. shower. bass. BASIC n. ladies' room. the paint. foul out. name. meat and potatoes. BASKETBALL TERMS cage (the game). B. nitty-gritty. BASEBALL TERMS national pastime. ladies. brass tacks. hoop man. ratty. hole. jammies. shoot some hoops (play). hitfest. blast. play hard ball. BATHE v. jump pass. caught looking. plain vanilla. piggy. hoop man. hook pass. front line (forwards and center). mound. the daisies. horsehide. light splash. park. screen. BASKETBALL PLAYER n. guts. chapter (inning). post man. high post. bull fiddle. farm team. one on one. steal (Magic reached in and stole the ball). hot air. dunk. BASELESS adj. hill. pepper. hijack (blocked play). BASS FIDDLE n. T (technical foul). blind pass (without looking). basketballer. put him in the popcorn machine (outmaneuver and score). hoop. name of the game. pitching duel. dish it off (pass). splash. rainout (postponement). BATTER v. the majors (major leagues). mug. kneebusters. pass off. garbage (score loose ball). punched out. beginners. slab (pitcher's rubber bar). biffy. on deck. bullshit. meat and potatoes. three pointer. Baseball Annie (dates players). run out the clock (stall). jump ball. rounders. slather. monokini (topless). John. BASEBALL STADIUM n. garden (outfield). swing man (plays more than one position). jumper. the call (decision). swisher. twinight double header. jacoozy. little girls' room. bat. old boomer. bring in (a hit brings in a run). girls' room. can one. groceries. charity stripe (free throw line). trash. slugfest. bottom line. high post. turnover (lose possession of the ball). scoop. raincheck. scout (talent scout). jacoozy. grapefruit league. string. mousy. BASICS n. the count (balls and strikes). pennant (league championship. the bottom of the sixth). nightcap (2nd game of double header). can. tub. put the ball on the floor (dribble). (pitching box). low post. work over. gut bucket. lifetime (career record). nitty-gritty. pasture. basket hanger. dunk. flip. nub. throne room. paste. pup (glove). night stick. clamdiggers.

stones. knock down and drag out. hang on. tip. centerfold. hiding. bad actor (vicious). dazzler. trash. main squeeze. beavered. dream puss. A-OK. strap oil.). rough. cane. brushfaced. forty ways for Sunday. brace. galwayed. See DEFEAT. glim. flavor (Bl. hide. Christmas. bash. BEAT v. flax. chin whiskered. honey man. piece. gimme. crack a smile. old man. See also DEFEAT. go-getter. whaling. ticktock. piece of ass. BEANS AND FRANKFURTERS n. army chicken. creamed. toothpick. See HIT. 2. face spinach. BEAT (RHYTHMIC) n. nifty. blank. peacherino. muff. g'd up (coin). nice little piece of furniture. BEARD n. daisy. prairie strawberries. shellacking. stone fox. licking. brush peddler. knockout. BEAM v. BEAU n. alfalfa'd. vicious. built like a brick shithouse. shellack. squelch. BEAUTIFY v. chin whiskers. beans and tubesteak. flame. skunk. paddling. See FIGHT. BEARING n. not hard to look at. swell. dream bait. leathering. bush. rib stickers. biscuit. knock dead. BATTERY n. 2. 1. alfalfa. that a way. pretty as a picture. . kill. peach fuzz. lathering. playmate. licked. bang heads. low down and dirty. hosed. dandy. such a Mona. okay. jim-dandy. put away. gallawayed (false). how the land lies. good looker. pez. bashed. deserted). salty. wipe. ride out. pennyweight. BEARDED adj. musical fruit. tan one's hide. easy on the eyes. junk jewelry. pig sticker. reet. bashed up. the land. hardware. fixed. lovebird. varmint. mink. Mexican strawberries. looker. treat for sore eyes. bullets. piece of furniture. grin and bear it. put one in the hospital. galways (stage Irishman). keen. drub. beaver. boy. purple. hickory oil. dreamboat. long on looks. Rosalie. hey rube. pretty up. whistle bait. peach. cute. 2. hunky-dory. rocks. spinach. sparklers. BEATING n. g'd up (coin). a picture. scrumptious. toasting fork. fetcher. snappy number. chocker. See OBSCENE. muffed. solid sender. rumble. kayo. cher. geed up. spiffing. but good. 2. bury. blue. BEAUTIFUL adj. hardbody. larruping. poundcake. gussy up. OK. murder. slick chick. hot shit. how it is. off-color. good enough to eat with a spoon. BEAR v. brushy. spiffy. gewgaw. brush. mix it up. BEAM n. reat. trim. BATTLESHIP n. pipperoo. stand for. See BOYFRIEND. waste. brass (cheap or fake). squash. bunged up. oomph girl. fix. dressing down. burned. dose of hazel oil. a honey. dog (inferior). pip. Typhoid Mary (disease). See also BAGGAGE HANDLER. ripping. killing. sharp. constructed. traffic stopper. be big. geranium. bashed up. grin from ear to ear. ducky. sex kitten. birch oil. dose of birch oil. knock one dead. dream. shrubbeiy. stay the course. boyfriend. slick. phat chick. bunged up. battlewagon. 2. beans and franks. gallaway (false). stunner. get one's lumps. pinup. eyeful. BAWDY adj. shut down. BEASTIALITY n. brannigan. tanning. built. battle royal. skin. Arizona strawberries. roughed up. BAYONET n. bulldoze. big moment. raise sand. BAUBLE n. pitch a bitch. knock one's eyes out. right. killer. BEADS n. frog sticker. break one's face. snazzy. bunny. dose of hickory oil. 1. drooly. Arkansas strawberries. good enough to eat up. angel face. live with. beat the shit out of one. clobbered. snappy. 10. pippin. raving beauty. smooth. you can't buck city hall. doll up. fix up. brawl. forty ways to Sunday. scrap. every which way. stacked. killer-diller. look like a million. fat. well-built. beatsville. hazel oil. lady-killer. worked over. eye filling. geed up. lather. Santa Clausish. BATTLE v. peachy keen. raunchy. cool. wax. spruce up. Boston strawberries. angel puss. can (WW II). cook. drop-dead gorgeous. stray (orphaned. just dandy. pinup girl. roll with the punches. animal training. Castro. grin like a Cheshire cat. blanked. dimmer. can opener. cream. 1. nobby. roughed up. curvy. oh yeah. angel. delicious. neat. beat up. dreamy. cob roller. BEARINGS n. forty ways from Sunday. crazy. rhubarb. diddly. fine and dandy. critter. grin like a Chessy cat. BEATEN UP adj. beaut. shlepper. junk jewelry. choker. face lace. bashed. ice. raving. beat up. the lay of BEAST n. sight for sore eyes. sweater girl. a lulu. stunning. put up with. look fit to kill. See DEFEATED. 1. BATTLE n.beautify 37 BATTERED adj. torpedo. ten. clobber. See ENDURE. pitapat. hassle. boss. glass. BEATEN adj. dishy. 1. juice box. walloping. lumps. brawl. head rush. paste. wearin' a muff. ripped. hammer. man o' war. you can't beat the system. brush (Army). righteous. number. See WHISKERS. stone. bum. barrel punishment. brain. waxing. bear with. cunning. Castro. roughhouse. built for comfort. Schneider. pussycat. dirty. See also ABUSED. tick. busted. glamour girl. dose of strap oil. worked over. BEARER n. foxy. cheese toaster. BEANS n.

shake. coming out. whistle for (but won't get). a chill. See also VAGRANT. get chummy with. be on the back of. right out of the gate. lumberman. score. fall to. moocher. spooked. promote. forty ways for Sunday. fart sack. life. BED n. open up. knock. barnacle. touch. hit on. get with it. dog. cold coffee. turn in. let's get cracking. stiff. freeloader. mishmosh. come down. break the ice. galley west. batter. have at it. oil. nails done. rat's nest. open. BEGGARLY adj. chugalugging. cipher. rubber bum. pivot. dirty. hoopla. gutterpup. the works. lily whites. ruckus. grub. ding dong. get going. jell. hard up. bite. get in there. bit borrower. barley pop. take up with. get to. needle. BEDLAM n. hacked. hung up. dreamer. punch drunk. chiseler. roll em. case out. color. bull. busted. bindlestiff. hassle. bindle man. snarl-up. get cracking. hair done. BEDBUG n. make. pony. professor. head (foam). break the seal. action. shivaree. hit the bricks. skivvies. sail off. (roast beef. cooked (radiation). get in with. begin the beguine. BEER DRINKING v. play ball. get. hassle. free-for-all. BEFUDDLED adj. schnorrer. rev up. hoodoo. in the gutter. nice piece of work. stony. See SUITABLE. jump off. greaseball. tackle. cook with gas. chroniker. burn. flop. count down. get some shut-eye. bummer. hit the sack. slaphappy. chisel. ding donger. put the arm on. mucked up. mules. cook up a storm. bum. clock in. make a touch. cotton to. wild crash pad. get the show on the road. BEDDING n. young horse. noodge. brew. BEDEVILED adj. stumblebum. See also TURMOIL. blast off. rumpus. pass the hat. hit it off. near beer (non-alcoholic). go to it. get on the in with. Kool Aid. BEDROOM SLIPPERS n. California blanket. get rolling. dive in. ding. hit it off. BEDEVIL v. boilermaker (with whiskey chaser). tuck under one's wing. wingding. flag down. raising a few. muzzier. take it from the top. get squared away. crash. ragbag. on one's uppers. dopey. push off. BEEF n. get things rolling. come out. pub-crawling. put the sleeve on. just what the doctor ordered. pretty kettle of fish. hit the turf. pad. worry. in a botheration.38 beauty treatment BEFOULED adj. go down. according to Hoyle. sack out. geezo. mushroom. bow. wade into. let fly. sponger. hound. See CONFUSED. from the top. blast away. See ANNOYED. BECOME v. belly wash. safety. stanch. strapped. panhandler. hectic. Stu. pig sweat. pretty piece of business. rile. put the touch on. punchy. perm. suds. give one the needle. hang up one's shingle. joint. crip (crippled). lily whites. tear into. roll. hit up. . See OCCUR. pinched. slam a gate. looking for a handout. 1. scuffs. truly needy. drop the lug on one. nick. buckle down. hit. BEFITTING adj. every which way but up. camp. on the button. ride. bag lady. buzz. break in. draw one. gel. bug. balloon. holy mess. rev. needled beer (alcohol added). picked on. get under way. hit for. See also CULTIVATE. to-do. make it with one. uptight. BEGET n. rustler. brown bottle. shoot. crumb. dinger. 2. batch out (accelerate). tap. tiger meat. panhandle. on the in with. See RETIRE. Coney Island (mostly foam). snooze bin. biddle. kosher. fire up. piss poor. put the bee on one. let it roll. head into. brace. chinch. get into. hops. kip. See ANNOY. needle beer. down at the heels. ruction. get in on the ground floor. doss. cook. bo. guttersnipe. heister. fluids and electrolytes. fleabag. parenting. crum. down and out. shook up. (Med. put the horns on one or something. flake out. dino. start the ball rolling. dreamer. fuzzbuzz. sponge. right on. every which way. Coney Island head. send off. flat. BEG v. Alaskan martini. goose. BED. (with crutches). smoke. moo (steak). bag woman. buddy up. hustle. bugged. hay. on the nose. promoter. flat broke. rock. BEFALL v. forty ways from Sunday. See DESTITUTE. push. BEDSHEET n. BEGGAR n. blow dry. all hell broke loose. mission stiff. pling. GO TO v. hop to it. knuckle down. push one's button. voodoo. mooch. freeload. exposed. having a few. pillow pigeon. mess and a half. dingbat. poor as a church mouse. shoe sole. stew). BEDROLL n. put the bite on. cut one's teeth. mishmash. schnor. horse collar. unholy mess. BEGIN v. jump to it. work bench (Obsc).). blow one. come on to. kick off. pitch in. shoot up. pounding a few brews. blinkie (fakes blindness). ring in. cadge. hit the hay. dreamer. hold out for. broke. BEFRIEND v. BEFRIENDED adj. bummed out. stanch out. get on the job. bum. blow job. bindle. sail into. start from scratch. light into. cow. put the whammy on one or something. peggy (one legged). BEER n. bloody mess. nickel up. slum bum. hit the stem. BED SHEETS n. shook. leather. plinger. bossy. dime up. BEAUTY TREATMENT n. sack. take off. get one's feet wet. snowball. hit the ground running (in full operation).

downplay. diddle. doll face. put the zingers in. BELITTLED adj. old lady. from the top. buckwheater. front porch. backyard. top. bellhop. play for a sucker. snow. in with. take stock in. sugar daddy. newie. for openers. tickle to death. first off. opener. lap up. eat humble pie. in. BEHAVE v. See also NOVICE. git go. fluff off. BEHOLD v. See DEVOTEE. sweep off one's feet. run with. BELLOW n. comedown. knocked from one's high horse. toot the tooter (ring a bell). be afraid. send-off. sweetie pie. put a tuck in ones tail. . dinger. glim. take down a peg or two. send. slay. bag. take-off. coming-out party. puncture one's balloon. heeler (reporter). knock down. spot. puddin'. one's stock has gone up. take the wind out of one's sails. BELLBOY n. BELONG v. blast-off. punk. from scratch. say so. poor mouth. back cap. BELLY n. scorch. running start. screw. scrappy. dump on. 2. B. BEHIND adv. take a rap at. bet one's bottom dollar on. G. knocked off one's perch. suck in. eat dirt. sweetie. spare tire. on the outs. BELITTLING n. sour grapes. egg on one's face. square one. rap. tyro. take a swipe at. from out front. smear. take the starch out of. buy. fish. holler. have. needle. prick one's balloon. stick. flip. one and only. blast. rook. put the needles in. tickle pink. bad ass. day one. knock dead. catch. eat one's heart out. shoot full of holes. flimflam. set store by. keep one's nose clean. cut rate. lifing. pat on the back. shit on. See also AGGRESSIVE. give one the needle. right off the bat.V. tinkler. judgment call. heel. swagbelly. first crack out of the box. make one sing small. on the tab. old man. take. mudsling. in hock. BELCH v. bank on. poke full of holes. sold. See also EMBARRASS. hon. pack rat. pratt boy. no shit. have a hunch. squash. preem. baggage smasher. one of the boys. BEGUILE v. sugar bowl. okay. roast. humble pie. knock. honey. O and O. lamp.F. BELL BOTTOMS n. take down. put the crimpers in. mean. on the arm. break in. knock the bottom out of. into the shylock. swing. put down. play down. pipe. number one. at outs. on the cuff. BELIEVE v. repeat. world. pooh pooh. burp. eat one's dust. beller out. yawp. go along with. tank. bad mouth. cut to the quick. toe the mark. above board. cussed. See TRICK. See STOMACH. bells. numéro uno. fire-eater. the big game. new jice. stock. feel. honest to God. boy. BELLOW v. knock one off his perch. See also DISCREDITED. straight. holler out. BEING n. shave. POV. jump off. gospel truth. brush off. gun. mark lousy. corporation. button. new boy on the block. chukoko. tummy. thumb one's nose at. have to play catch up. BEHAVIOR n. snorky. sugar. got one's comeuppance. rookie. turn green.F. doll. See also BAGGAGE HANDLER. crawl. green. have a bone to pick. forecastle lawyer. ornery. spy. shred. greenie. hit. See also ATTRACT. bet on. journey. BELIEF n. at loggerheads. lay eyes on. salty. take as gospel truth. bitchy. gremmie. eat crow. beller. breadbasket. owe one (I owe you one). knock out. BELIEVER n. open up. BEGRUDGE v. slant. turkey. into. life. have a sneaking suspicion. yell out. freshie. shape up or ship out. from the word go. crow. up front. new kid on the block. rip. glom. cheechako. put the hooks in. do a number on. drummed out. dearie. watch one's step. stomach (can't stomach something). blow sky high. tear down. BELIEVABLE adj. sing small. for starters. swallow it hook line and sinker. nut. cantankerous. yell. the get go. bitter mouth. first round. blast. flam. BELITTLE v. pan.. run down. boot. two cents' worth. store. day 1. back bite. gyp. holler. BELLIGERENT adj. ding-dong. out for a rep. jice. pot. flying start.. take the shine out of. swing with. slam. give one one's comeuppance. wow. spiky. mind your p's and q's. baby. potbelly. rat race. countdown. squelch. rope in. greenhorn. BELL n. got to hand it to one. bringing up the rear. op. turn on. openers. chisel. rook. knock the props out from under. knock the chocks out from under. P. dumped on. straight shit. scam. draw in one's horns. cut down to size. rubbish. shoot down. beller. trailing. to die over. on a string. limber. sour grapes. put down. swallow. hand (one is dealt). shape up. blister. tetchy. rip up the back. hit the dinger.O. coming out. gut. curtain-raiser. sweets. BEHOLDEN adj. bow. BEGINNING n.beloved 39 BEGINNER n. bay window. Johnny come lately. swear by. style. give with the eyes. have a tuck in one's tail. yell. eyeball. took down. student. take down a peg. burn. flash. peg boy. hard on for. off the pace. on the muscle. kick-off. no bullshit. tenderfoot.. string along with. gremlin. blow-in. opener upper. have it in for. sweet pea. freak (strong). put away. give a black eye. virgin territory. start-off. beerbelly. starter. yawp. vamp. hop. BELOVED n. I should have such luck. lost face. new boy. 1. have a chip on one's shoulder. foot in the door. string along. melon belly. See SEE. eye. con. lay money on. OK. take the shine out of.

give one the needle. kill. giltedge. beat one out. take one. staring into the middle distance. nag. date. BENEFICIAL adj. gifting. ace. crack. top gun. terrible. zap. 1. BELT n. beat up. poke out. patootie. See also PROFIT. fake out. dish. tip top. all one's got. BEMOAN v. picked on. write off. trash. work over. give a going over. lay one low. topflight. tilt. gift. first chop. one's all. significant other. cream. get it on. let have it. speed. See also ANNOY. noodge. whomp. upper. hock a charnik. cakes and ale. nudge. play cat and mouse. mooning. take care of. Santa Claus. mind-set. egg in one's beer. cream. cry me a river. big-hearted. aces. BENEVOLENT adj. kick in. primo. smack down. take it all. make it. rousted. wipe. knock the daylights out of. hot patootie. A-l. the almost. beat one's breast. A-number 1. skin. mostest. the fat. beat the tar out of. blister. balls out. skunk. number one. put one away. BENEFIT v. See also DEFEAT. cool. hassle. put down. kayo. make hamburger out of one. angel. mitzvah. heartbeat. BESIEGE v. BESPECTACLED adj. bug. total. BENEFACTION n. scorch. fan. heart in the right place. oyster. rave. out of this world. deal a knockout blow to. bad. knock one on one's ear. baaadest. lay one out. coolville. gonest. start in on. put the heat on. greatest. backer. crackerjack. squeeze. generous keeper. K. Santa Claus. drive up the wall. one's damnedest. beat the living tar out of. jump on one's case. whip. mule skinner. A-one. See GIVE. fill the bill. a marshmallow. out of sight. white knight. beat the beholden out of.40 belt daddy. trim. BENEFACTOR n. lady bountiful. wipeout. wallop. knock cold. See also TRIUMPH. clobber. wipe up the floor with. stand up for one. give one hell. whip ass. ten. gift with. eat out. sweet patootie. pay off. one's level best. BEMUSED adj. top dog. See SCOLD. knock one for a loop. live one. what the doctor ordered. perk. the cream. chew ass.O. ace hi. sock it to one. moony. gravy train. roll over. floor one. tops. gold mine. extras. hundred proof. cry over spilled milk. See INCLINATION. bury. knock the living daylights out of. knock for a row of [anything]. murder. bugged. be big. dog. wax. meal ticket. put on ice. benny. See PROFIT. the money. thing. mate. woolgathering. big. See DEFEAT. BENEFICENT adj. blank. all time. four-eyed. hat. head-set. BERKELEY. bag. lambaste. BENT n. sugar daddy. buttonhole. 10. land a haymaker. 1. hard time to. waste. knock the beholden out of. stone. meatball. toots. beat the living daylights out of. come through. See also HELP. tootsie. take the wind out of one's sails. on ones case. money honey. weakness for. best shot. shoot down in flames. numéro uno. go for a crying towel. dogged. wipe off the map. turtle dove. BEST adj. psych out. world class. make a killing. B. take down.. beat the shit outta. lambie pie. BEST v. champ. dress one down. shoot down. tell off. white hope. top-notch. loose. get it up. peachies. bust up. come at from all sides. gilt-edged. stretcher. bitchin'. heart throb. work on. BENZEDRINE n. brain. solid gold. roller. BERATE v. on one's back. benzie. See also BENEFICENT. . jane. honey man. front. drop. larrup. Santa Claus. BEST MAN n. sponsor. one's darnedest. wearing cheaters. do gooder. softie. grubstaker. put out. all heart. prince of a person. 2. good Joe. knock one into next week. thing for. four eyes. murder. benny jag. See also PHILANTHROPIST. biscuit. druthers. bleeding heart. the end. pigeon. give one the business. powder. hide. boss. pay. 2. put the bee on. daydreaming. knock one ass over teakettle. knock off. shut down. BESET v. Sunday best. soft touch. savage. put one through the ringer. top drawer. leather. groove. handout. heart in the right place. See also PERSUADE. put the squeeze on. the most. top of the list. pick on. CALIFORNIA Berzerkely. rank out. give what for. paste. pipe dreaming. hurt. nudzh. big. coolsville. make mincemeat out of. give a BESTOW v. love. wipe up the place with. knock the shit out of. See also BOYFRIEND. tan. knock one on one's ass. See also EXCELLENT. staker. big moment. lump. steady. fairy godmother. lather. bulldoze. chew. jump all over. drub. all-time haymaker. give a bad time to. bug. knock into the next county. top of the class. See LAMENT. good for what ails you. swamp. call down. A. cream at the top. super. king o' the hill. gravy. BENZEDRINE USE v. take out. have a heart. deck. mark. have a bump for. do the trick. kick ass. beat the bejesus out of. clean on. whop. big-hearted. cuss out. bop. driven up the wall. all out. put one in the hospital. flax. tan one's hide. white. flame. BESET adj. BENEFIT n. terrific. endsville. love of my life. torpedo. ride. do for one. winner. far out. dumb Dora. candyleg. rake over the coals. chew out. down one. See ANNOYED. sing the blues. blast. put it in their eye. shut out. mat.

fink. See WAGER. drop a dime on one. the rub. mungo. gaga about. odds on. the good news. in the seam. scene. cool it. play. 2. Jane Crow (against women). foul-up. play. BETHLEHEM. ante. PENNSYLVANIA Steel City. rat on. BIDE v. look up. souped up. BIBLE n. bug juice. fink. keep one's ear to the ground. humongous. . a whale of a. tickle pink. big ass. have a bug in one's ear. pick up. one-sided. got it up the ass. snow. two-wheeler. stab one in the back. BIG adj. donar. snitch. BETTER v. BICYCLIST n. BICKER n. wheel. fox. See IMPROVE. gross. snap up. between the devil and the deep blue sea. BETRAY v. mind one's p's and q's. sing. damned if you do and damned if you don't. keep on one's toes. send. blimp. tickle to death. rattle. hung up. See also CHARMED. feel a draft. cycling. hit on. between a rock and a hard place. upgrade. pick at. fucked over. have an ax to grind. take one's mind. farmisht. shill. grind. down on. BEWHISKERED adj. overblown. pop the question. mess with one's head. punchy. come up with. hang around. back. hold the phone. 1. big daddy. knife. offer. flash. have one's nose open. a regular Archie Bunker. weighted. BEWILDER v. See WAGER. hypercharged. turned on. action. BETWEEN prep. seagoing. brushy. BEYOND adj. See ENRAPTURED. perk up. BICYCLE n. BEWITCHED adj. stool. keep a weather eye open. gone on. on the comeback trail. super duper. intended. shoot. flash. snafu. over the hump. agin. BICYCLE v. betwixt and between. spin. bookworm. snitcher. make book. the Good Book. pedalling. heavyweight. future. traffic-stopping. LIQUOR. thrown. sweat it. drink. buster. Jew-baiter. brushfaced. BETRAYER n. sing on. monstro. out to lunch. scorcher. high powered. buried. knock out. on the mend. slay. overgrown. gallawayed (false). BIAS n. mofo. cycle. wow. throw. mad about. super. BIBLIOPHAGE n. floor. pop. hoodoo. cyclist. greasy grind. out of the woods. super colossal. down on. tilted. hassle. jumbo. Santa Clausish. red-baiter. BEWITCHING adj. double cross. preacher. floored. hooked. muffed. parlay. feeler. sing the blues. BID v. mink. homer (umpire favoring home team). See INFORMER. sit tight. eat ones heart out. put the horns on one or something. spin control. knock dead. BID n. unglued. See INFORM. keep one's eye peeled. Judas kiss. fuck with one's head. long shot. lunker. BIASED adj. pinned. BEWITCH v. a lulu of a. black baiter. See also DRINK. voodoo. head-set. plunge. give the nod. hang in. BICEPS n. donah. spill. big time. sweep off one's feet. singer. mix-up. who's minding the store? See CONFUSED. blabbermouth. blow the whistle. flipped out. brush peddler. BEWARE v. mother. moby. dig. put the whammy on one or something. mind-set. big mother. drop dead beautiful. fuck-up. get down on (on a horse). catch 22. guns. have a bug up one's ass. shot. stoolie. monster. beat out of. 2. rat fink. BEWAIL v. book the action. hyper. See also TRAITOR. squealer. chin whiskered. See PUZZLED. finger. dopey. BEVERAGE n. fink on. BETRAYAL n. make a pitch. keep one's distance. bicarb. wearin' a muff. snitch. BICARBONATE OF SODA n. trade zingers. king sized. hoss. scrape. walk on eggs. man-sized. put up or shut up. barn door. sellout. tilt. bull. bugged. cold deck. crackerjack. pass. steady. wheeling. See PUZZLE. See LAMENT. mother fucker (Obsc). BEWILDERED adj. alfalfa'd. ATTRACT. fucked. heavy duty. big mama. BEWILDERMENT n. hit. put up. proposition. mind trip. cooler. BETROTHED n. make a pass at. handle with kid gloves. See INCLINATION. have a bee in one's bonnet. bend over backwards. unscrewed. BET v. double-cross. whaling. galwayed. big league. proposition. major league. bike. 1. going steady. boost (false auctioneering). chaser. have a thing about.big 41 BET n. Castro. squeal. humungous. tall. biking. BICYCLING n. cover. watch out. watch one s step. letting down. narc. biggy. BETTER adj. tempest in a teapot. the Word. head over heels. take a flyer. vamp. shook up. hassle each other. hefty. big wiz. Steel Town. See BEAUTIFUL. See ARGUE. fallen for. pedal. boost. BICKER v. rat. make a play for. loaded. bird. red-neck. dress up. beefy. stool pigeon. cycle. wheels. giveaway. take on. unzipped. fucked without a kiss. between sixes and sevens. rat. speak one's piece. turn on. See WAIT. asked for. bike. sharpened. beavered. See also ENRAPTURE. fuck.

good old boys network. Mister Tom (middle class). boojie. spill the beans. smithereen. whopper. spill. hot water. double-gaited. milk. tight spot. ditty bob. BIRD n. Vatican roulette (rhythm BIRTH CONTROL DEVICE n. chaw on. lemon. nappyhead. danker. BLACK n. hog tie. far out. skin. he/she. dark meat (sexual). gob. brother. shaft.. have diarrhea of the mouth. zip. coon. hulking. yackety-yak. shvartzeh. frig. darky. jive. kick. camp. BIND v. knock. talk through one's hat. chick. Mr. feel a draft (recognition of). soul sister. switch hitter. Mose. OSTRACIZE. take a chunk out of. chickadee. biddy. black and tan. drop one. BIGOTRY n. no-win situation. AC/DC. Aunt Jane. put the bite on. BILL v. scuttle. lose-lose situation. youngblood. ALABAMA Magic City. groid (So. sister. lemon. Dr. goonie (Virgin I. thumper. cluck. Aunt Tom. See also SPEAK. Aunt Jemima. original. BIPHETAMINE n. soul sister. chaw. zulu. chunk. chocolate drop. jarhead.). gas. beige. Brigham Young. bi. in a box. itsy bitsy pieces. moke. flagwaver. rip off. peola. offbeat. dinge. BIOGRAPHY n. hard tack. blue gum. beat one's gums. hitch on. tab. banging. profile. 2. hunk. piece of the pie. BIRMINGHAM. chomp. blah-blah. mantanblack. pluck. slice of the melon. put the squeeze on. poontang (sexual. checkeroo. whopping. go on. aunt. black beauties. soul brother. ambisextrous. Bones. skillet. peola. check. hook up. birdie. between a rock and a hard place. bird's eye maple (female mulatto). put a half nelson on. BIND n. bullet. squasho. squeeze. (all Derog. bibble-babble. boogerboo. See PREDICAMENT. See ACCOUNT. uncle. box. pinky. hod. bad news. bones. hook on. alligator bait (Fla. male chauvinist pig. pancake (subservient). band. screw. close up. 1. banty. shot. auntie. jazz bo. Guinea. member. zig. BITE v. barbeque. bio. shoot the breeze. bullshit. blue. see you in the alley. run off at the mouth. BISCUIT n. . rake off. twenty-four sheet. blood brother. thumping. jigaboo. raisin. soul. inky dink. IOU. tush (mulatto). red-neck. wild. walloping. con. 2. BLACK (FEMALE) n. strapping. banana. tack on. three sheet. patrioteer. sinker. lock up. faded boogie. fleece. ki-ki. cat head. conk buster (intellectual). black and tan. BILL OF SALE n. Sambo. banana. ac/dc. BIGOT n. jit. BIRTH n. rubber. keltch (passing as white). stump. La. ditty bop. high yella. Archie Bunker. domino. covess dinge. See STRANGE. Uncle Tom. slice. scum bag. score. BITE n. BLACK adj. woolly head. the pill. sink one's teeth into. pickle. shuck. bantam. feathered friend. splib. jingoist. fish skin. sexist porker. grunt. Sam. throw the bull. See also ECCENTRIC. spade. scobe. sting. put a lock on. Aunt Jane. bugs.42 bigamist whacking. lump. kelt. Aunt Jemima. biog. bedbug (pullman porter). resume. BC. ace of spades. superpatriot. sister. grody to the max. dry cush. buck. auntie. thumbs down. cuffee. shine. BILLBOARD n. IUD. BIGAMIST n. kooky. good old boy. Geechee. boid. tidy. jungle bunny. eight-rock. clown. BIOLOGY n. handkerchief head. safety. See CHEAT. pink toes. captain's paradise. Jim Crow. shuck and jive. blob. dingbat. guts. blood. Ethiopian. uppity black. way out.). chase. nigger. high yellow. chungo bunny. take one to the cleaners. pink toes. bird's eye maple. bright (light). pig. BIZARRE adj. smoky. bone. See also SHARE. bumping. satchel mouth. chocolate. crunch. off the wall. Sapphire. BIRTH CONTROL n. ding. blessed event. eightball. hoofer. producing. high yella. bull.) BLACKBALL n. smoke. Aunt Tom. dark cloud. BS. Jim Crowism. yakking. BILL n. BITS n. moss. bleed white. Aunt. lolloping. Thomas. See CONTRACEPTIVE. grody. hardhead.). rook. satchel. nappy. bio. cut. chickabiddy. blue skin. fling a fang into. thundering. Rameses. slapping. Mau Mau. Stu. swings both ways. shad. zap. bite. Jane Crowism. Stepin Fetchit. headlight. ape. nap. BILK v. See also BANISH. snowball. BISEXUAL n. boot. HN (house nigger). McCarthyite. article (slave. clink.). on the pill. take. dange broad. spook. Obs. jig. MCP. buck nigger. visit from the stork. butterhead. birdy. bro. Kange.). gob. tight squeeze. load of coal (group). watermelon. BLABBER v. Trojan. Derog. blab. kinkyhead. Hershey bar. burn. high yellow. Gange. bag. chewed fine. bleed. burrhead. hits both ways. boy. ink. tooth buster. no-neck. suede. cundrum. ambidextrous. papers. 1. put the arm on. Jim Crow. shad mouth. nab at. BIT n. boogie. black 360 degrees. spanking. shadow. run on. slice of the pie. method).

1. ho hum. BLACKSMITH n. See also ACCUSE. zit. sock it to one. ten o'clock. rounder. tie the can on one. come down on. flat. give one hell. hit (card request). gremlins. See also OSTRACIZE. slap on the wrist. mixed bag. go out like a light. stick it to one. voodoo one. cuss. water tank. one o'clock. butt. floating. See also BANISH. screaming. vanilla. BLEMISH n. BLACKMAIL v. read one out. interface. glitch up. under the counter. take down. camouflage. put the horns on. mishmash. low-life. paste. far out. bad ass. BLACK STUDIES n. rake over the coals. sleazeball. dump. BLACK MARK n. soup (liquid). scalawag. second. hit list. stroke. combo. dump. carry the can. shank. catch hell. bat the eyes. grab bag. BLACKLIST v. GAUDY. blarney. lay on. BLEMISHED adj. BLASPHEME v. frame. high noon. BLAZE n. soap. slap one's wrist. go after. fuck up. See SCOUNDREL. See IMPERFECT. snazzy. BLAST n. third base. See also DAMAGE. CONSPICUOUS. diddly bop. blot on the landscape. blow the whistle on. lay a bad trip on one. knock. See also MILD. BLACKJACK TERMS George (generous player). rip. BLACKLIST n. wuss. See INDIFFERENT. blast on. glitzy. shanty. put the whammy on one. dreamy. bounder. dissolve. rank. cool. bastard. mouse. nerdy. blast. salt and BLATANT adj. BLISSFUL adj. black and tan. shakedown gig. etc. eleven o'clock. pass the buck. pan-smear. sound off. smitty. bug. artist. BLANDISHMENT n. under the table. bloodsucker. soft soap. drat. sweet talk. crazy. soap. string along. can. BLIGHT n. bad news. burner. zing. BLAME v. damn. mess up. finger. Nadaville. mishmosh. squelch. flashy. skin. bad-mouth. sweet talk. BLACKS AND WHITES n. rap on the knuckles. smithy. flame. nine o'clock. climb all over. put the slug on one. sight. groked. talk dirty. gone. sent. pigeon. snapper (make blackjack). real gone. eyesore. been around twice. rotter. BLINK v. play the badger game. BFD (big fucking deal). Ruthville BLEACHER SEATS n. let one have it. a lemon. doohickey. bag. . soft soap. lay the body at one's doorstep. BLEND n. done it all. hit list. put up a job. BLACKEN v. everything but the kitchen sink. cap on. frame up. mad. rap one's knuckles. a line. dull as dishwater. shake. butter. DENOUNCE. a few bugs. cover up. catch it. pizzazz. See CAJOLE. energetic disassembly. draw a blank. cool. come down hard on. what's the big deal?. flat as a pancake. shake down. prick. BLAND adj. blah. stoned. put the whammy on one. BLAMED n. thumbs down on one. BLACK EYE n. goog. pepper. find the smoking gun. poor mouth. cool. hickey. iron Chitlins 101. John. twelve o'clock. pipe one off. lower the boom. beauty spot. throw the book at one. tame. jump all over one. squash. rapid oxidation. OSTRACIZE. BLISS n. shit. rip up and down. baloney. BLASE adj. gone. seconds. knock. ram. zone out. BLACKJACK TABLE POSITIONS first base. dohinky. stew. BLACK MARKET adj. BANISH. put the double whammy on one. chew out. who shot BLACKGUARD n. sleazoid. BLIND DATE n. BLACKMAILER n. zing. second base. put the shake on one. shitlist. BLACKSMITH SHOP n. roast. butter up. fed up. hole card. zappy. lorelei. BLANDISH v. blot on the pig joint. BLADE adj. do a number on. trash. 2. knock. goat. point the finger. hold back. cut off. nothing. ding. darby cove. white bread. jump down one's throat. dick. bloom. showy. sight. BLACK OUT v. zero cool. foul up. pablum. pass out. laid back. leech. jerky. zap. soften up. give a black eye. give one both barrels. landscape. See also FLAGRANT. play up to. darn. a glitch. badger. trash. rip. See SLANDER. See FLATTERY. wimpy. blues (circus). eyewash. mellow. loud. demo. shark. hoodoo one. goulash. BLEND v.blissful 43 BLACKBALL v. feather in. NOISY. shiner. rap. blem. bad-mouth. call down. noon. BLIGHT v. bitch bitch bitch. siwash. marry. cross dissolve (film). (baseball). bitch. flying. fall guy. BLADDER n. zero. rip.

hop on board. cocky. bull. blowhard. splash. See ERR. crumb house. ham. lump. phony. fake it. cheek it. muscle. BLOCK n. call a spade a spade. chipper. wigged out. crack one's jaw. oofus. sunny. blow. doss house. blooper. bullshit. zetz. spread oneself. goof. bullshit artist (Obsc). BLIZZARD n. front office. exec suite. foul up. BLOW n. stuck up. See CLUB. dub. perky. yam. stumblebunny. Sunday punch. BS. sock. blow smoke. flip (free. drop one's buckets. nightstick. windbag. key swinger. showoff. ho daddy. wigged. flub-up. monkey wrench. Swede. smart alecky.). stiff. fake one out. duffer. billy club. whitey. goof. blue. dumb trick. loudmouth. gravy. See also DECEIT. fool mistake. fake. zap. throw the bull. BOARD A TRAIN v. See BRAGGART. red gravy. muscle. fine talk. hot-air artist. ketchup hounds. bloomer. shittin'. See also HAPPY. key swinging. boner. tank top. shuck and jive. stuffy. goof off. doss. bunco. BLOCKAGE n. brag oneself up. tall talk. talk like a Dutch uncle. BS. catch a rattler. hotdog. lay it on thick. BOAST v. advertise. BLUNDER v. grandstand. fancy talk. lock. shoot the shit. muffer. BOARD OF DIRECTORS n. jive. three sheet. on cloud nine. fumble fist. jive. hubcap. BOARDS n. in seventh heaven. macho. put all one's cards on the table. blow smoke. rub one's nose in. butterfingers. four flush. noise off. bullshooter. fuck-off. muff. fluff. baloney. BLUSTER n. load of sticks. shut out. fake one out. blowhard. twilight zone. brass. blowhard. dumb thing to do. pitch. ninny. gridlock (traffic). sap. cock. catsup hounds. drop the ball. fake it. crack one s jaw. snippy. BOASTER n. See HINDER. upbeat. fleabag. BLUEPRINT n. full of hot air. belt. BLOOD n. BLUNDER n. big talk. baloney. 1. throw the bull. jam-up. See MISTAKE. laundry (pass on BLOCKHEAD n. lick one's chops. pat oneself on the back. BOARDING HOUSE n. 2. gaff. flub. con. stumblebum. on cloud seven. hotshot. snappy. hotdogger. flub. See CHEERFUL. BLOODHOUNDS n.). See BRAGGING. goof. BS. stonewall. hot air. decided blonde (bleached). dumb move. show off. bleached blonde. flea trap. foul ball. tall talk. fancy talk. con. shovel the shit. people juice. bullshit. bull. Cheap John. catch. See HINDRANCE. cat house. bunco. whiteout. BOASTFUL adj. fuck up. tall story. cock of the walk. joker. peroxide blonde. high falutin'. twit. bull. rube. BLUNT adj. bunko. fine talk. bunk. up. backup. big talking. shucking and jiving. bunkum. fish story. stiff. See also DECEIVE. bog wog. nincompoop. goof ball. far out. fish story. gassy. bash. See BOAST. showboat. shuck. blow hard. BLUNTLY adv. bullshit. crapper. lummox. ketchup dogs. mess up. top. See HIT. goof up. bullshit. slug. cold turkey. foozler. bunko. bottled blonde. hot shit. hop a freight. jam-up. grandstander. flophouse. hobo use). blow off. gall. ash blonde. chesty. close out. hang up. high. wild.44 blithe high. shuck and jive. hick. toppers. talk. See also FRANK. BLUSTERING n. rooming house. blackjack. load of wind. blow ones own trumpet. hot dog. spaced out. beat the pups (evade). psych out. biggety. chinch pad. bunkum. See also RANT. bunco. execs. stick. sound off. close off. goofer. upstairs. talk turkey. sport. bed and breakfast. BLUDGEON n. cadets). gasbag. talk. short. klutz. balls. psych out. talk. sling. guts. bull. fake. sling the bull. tall story. See also STUPID. talk. weird. hang-up. muff. fuck-up. toot one's own horn. BOAST n. muff. ho dad. gas. stymie. howler. puffed up. grandstand. blow one's lines. goldilocks (Derog. flipped out. lay it on the line. billy. gridlock. hold up. hop a choo choo. BLITHE adj. towhead. gutbucket. BLUFF v. jive. See BRAGGART. big talk. shittin'. BLOUSE n. bullshit artist. See also PLAN. main line. bull. bullshitter. high siding. gas. blindside (unexpected). know-it-all. BLOCK v. foul-up. out. big bag of wind. blow one s own horn. big talk. blow. sling the crap. fort (Stu. windbag. blissed out. claret. crumb joint. shuck. BLUNDERER n. conk crusher. wicked. showboat. slob. big mouth. windy. BLOOD VESSEL n. turned on. club. body shirt. board. gam. hot air. in Nadaville. bunk. bread and board. talk big. . signify. BLUSTER v. platinum blonde. goo. weirded out. bullshit. hotshot. four flush. bullshit. shuck. BOARD OF EXAMINERS n. BLONDE adj. clip. crow. cheek it. shut off. dizzy blonde. stuffed shirt. hot stuff. BS. stall. bullshitting (Obsc). tall talk. fluff. BLUSTERER n. BS.

buck up. big head. line up. Strips. shot in the ass. give up the ghost. 1. BOOK v. Sallie Mae. BOORISH adj. count. BOISTEROUS adj. Farmer Mac. BOOKING AGENT n. leave flat. leave holding the bag. tie-in. fringe benefit. spunky. drop out. See also SUPPORT. boloney. See BOASTFUL. blitz. BOOKKEEPER n. loud. hookup. frame. goose. darbies. BOLSTER v. BOON n. cop out. leave high and dry. 2. rough. rowdy-dowdy. 2. hooker. 1. cut loose. pen pusher. fat Albert. booty. cantankerous. BOOST v. built like a brick shithouse. opt out. See also ASSOCIATION. BOO n. stiff. swell head. croppy (R. pencil shover. golden parachute. books with legs. hotfoot. zeroes. cut out. flesh peddler. See also GUARD. a regular I love me. loudmouth. windbag. Molotov cocktail (homemade). ornery. sew up. put one on cloud nine. loudmouth. lift. cowboy. A-bomb. bail out. baby bond (less than $1. 1. stuffed shirt. fire-eater. loved one. BOOST n. ticker. rootin' tootin'. offbase. anatomy. milk run (easy). bucket. See COUNTERFEIT. big I am. fake. BOOKKEEPING n. municipals. nervy. BOATSWAIN n. pill. handout. hinkty. gunk. run like a scared rabbit. BOMBING n. hat. See BOOK n. pick up. goose up. chutzpahdik. poolroom. chassis. derbies. dink (dinghy). out of line. BONDS n. lazy dog. BOMBARDMENT n. BOMBASTIC adj. See also DARING. think one is it. brace up. raspberry. bitchy. book. raise cain. out of order. buzz bomb. swell-headed. firecracker. Bo Derek. blitz. leg. junk bond (low value). razzberry. tetchy. cat (catamaran). carcass. sidewinder. snooty. BOISE. phony. bateau. mitzvah (Yid). BODY n. full of hot air. offbase. too big for one's shoes. not what it's cracked up to be. razz. stickum. James Bond (matures in 2007). BOLOGNA n. raise the roof. BONUS n. runner. banker. tub. Fannie Mae. ugly. think ones shit doesn't stink. CPA. quit cold. mean. bean counter. spyboiler. BONA FIDE adj. hamburger. books. prang. shaft. card carrying. doomsday machine. gutsy. stuck on oneself. the bomb. bookie. button. Ginnie Mae. BOMB v. BOOKWORM n. grumpy. jump off. classy chassis. put one on top of the world. scalper. hot air. network. BOMB n. blitz. the BOGUS adj. hand. hifalutin'. BOLT v. make tracks. BOOKMAKER n. BOLD adj. ice. gravy. bogue. 2. perk. bullshitting. cheeky. greasy grind. BOAT n. daisy cutter. loudmouthed. gazumph (price after sale). biggety. See also STOCKS. See also GO. Bronx cheer. ten percenter. Freddie Mac. built. set up. BODYGUARD n. pineapple.R. IDAHO Spud Town. double-barreled bond (two sources of repayment). blockbuster. ziggy.boost 45 hifalutin. balderdash. come on strong. guinea football (gangster). raise hell. give a lift. highfalutin. walk out on. BODY ODOR n. wire room (place of business). . shot in the arm. backpack nuke. spiff (salesman). grouchy. take off. best-seller. BOMBARDIER n. page-turners. corpus. cold meat. hightail. BOMBAST n. bod. gritty. ditch. muni. bird. See also SUPPORT. kosher. See also COARSE. coke frame (Fern. highfalutin'. GRATUITY. queer.O. ten (Treasury bond maturing in the year 2010). smart ass. skedaddle. bible (authoritative). buildup. nucular bomb. potboiler. windy. prang BOMB MAKER n. Lyon. leave in the lurch. bos'n. football. too big for one's britches. FLEE. out of line. shape. gassy. give up the ship. C (commission). gobbledygook. make a break for it. bag of bones. sharp pencil pusher. See also BLUSTER. kiss good-bye. can maker. lay an egg. Italian football. pipes. pencil in. BOMBING MISSION n. bad ass. high hatty. H-bomb. his nibs. dumb bomb. hoopla. roughhouse.000 denomination). pick up. bad-assed. Tigr. jaboney. slow flyer (cruise missile). out of order. legit. dump. jiboney. egg. step on it. See also SHIP. cussed. See TRUE. B. leg up. horse room. spit. horse cock. customer's man. bubble chaser (WW II). trigger man. pen driver. goodies. for real. all wool and a yard wide. Cats.). rambunctious. See FEARLESS. ersatz. beefcake. on an ego trip. backup. on the legit. PM. big talking. gorilla (trader). lay a bomb. grind. dead meat. cuffs. goose. See also EXTRA. (successful). nuke. SUPPORT. remains. smart bomb. build.). BOND n. cage. brassy. run out on.

wiped out. boss man. BOSTON RESIDENT n. gasser. fed up. bor-ring. white mule. rock bottom. tired. neb. the pits. pill. crab. flat. muff. put the arm on one. corn. pain. moonshine. See BREASTS. See TROUBLESOME. grungy. moonshine. blister. call house. See ANNOYANCE. headlights. browned off. teed off. flub. flat tire. put the bee on one. drag. lay an egg. driven up the wall. BOTCH v. gangster. cuff. bollix up. exec.). bore stiff. messy. Bowwow. dog it. burned up. boner. make waves. BOUNDLESS adj. BOTTLENECK n. draddy. See EXECUTIVE. hub. rousted. Mexican standoff. tits. goof up. bend one's ear. a nag. See also BORING adj. steamed. flat as a pancake. downer. Melvin. rub the wrong way. See BROTHEL. M EGO (mine eyes glaze over). scrounger. fuck-up. pain in the neck. HINDRANCE. bomb. hit. boo boo. appropriate. big yawn. BOSTON. under the table. touch. been around twice. no holds barred. scraping the bottom of the barrel. turn one off. moonshiner. bosshead. grunge. See also LIQUOR. waters. cellar. nebbish. no strings attached. pain in the ass. creep. son of a bitch. mooch. feel a dollar. wimp. Baked Bean. no strings. that's all there is. headache. soldier. call joint. drip. bot. queer. bite. put to it. wide open. bathtub gin. blitzkrieg. screaming meemies. deadwood. pain in the neck. highbrowville. nag. bubbles. pickings. goods. hootch. hot goods. bobble. under the counter. bobble. bug. home brew. panther piss. See MISTAKE. ho hum. snooze act. put the bite on one. BOTHER n. BOREDOM n. hog-tied. more than you can shake a stick at. knock. bore one stiff. corn likker. ho hum. no end of. stick in the mud. cans. bosslady. bum. deadhead. babaloos. put one's foot in it. Dago red (wine). knockers. Nadaville. yawner. spooked. dead. zero. no end to. hacked. lump. spare tire. go over like a lead balloon. grass. grass out. put the lug on one. BOTHER v. bitchy. squeeze. sponge. had it up to here. BOOTY n. dead soldier (empty). get in one's hair. chicken ranch. BOSOM n. talk ones ear off. big zero. pain in the ass. dull as dishwater. rubbed the wrong way. so what else is new?. buffaloed. grub. really deadsville. See also ANNOYING. get on the cuff. pulling rank. Irving. worried sick. Dullsville. BOTTOM n. grunge. nudge. gummy. all hot and bothered. on pins and needles. snake ranch. goof. crashing bore. BOOTS n. boobs. top dog. swag. legger. hard put to it. boodle. worried stiff. head honcho. no . hash up. See also DISTURBED. BORED adj. BORROW v. body shop. BOSS n. just going through the motions. the blahs. snooze. pablum. stuffed shirt. nowhere. bazooms. pesky. rumrunner. lift. ain't no more. mountain dew. just off the boat. miffed. full up. lug. no way to run a railroad. whip hand. BORE v. hook shop. float one. major yawn. a yawn. the least. screw up. waffle stompers. Beaner. Jeff (Bl. standoff. sklonk. at the end of one s rope. honcho. bottom dollar. nudge. bummer. icky. burn out. give one a hard time. bottom line. shine. burn. BOTTLE n. BORROWER n. house. put the sleeve on one. sponge. waders. take. you name it you got it. BOTHERED adj. bummed out. bubs. go on the hook for. tap. BOOTLEG LIQUOR n. meatball. four-flush. son of a gun. big gun. white lightning. drag. drag. boot. noplaceville. big shit. big cheese. low man on the totem pole. feel some bread. leech. cadge. hit up. push one's button. soak. See also UNINTERESTED. smoocher. wet blanket. smooch. boot. blah-blahs. party pooper. ho hums. wonky. in a stew. titties. wet blanket. frog. picked on. Bean Eater. chief. nothing. scrounge. sponger. wheel. pain in the neck. bellyache. boobies. bugged. mess up. drag. pissed off. nudge. cathouse. mince. peeved. sweat it. LANGUID. on tenterhooks. eat. bitch. steal one's stuff. grunch. BOSSY adj. ride. BORDELLO n. See ERR. big weenie. moocher. beige. pain in the ass. done it all. pestiferous. hot items. put the claw on one. boss lady. in one's hair. diddly bop. MASSACHUSETTS Beantown. fool mistake. up to here. head. flea. bummer. dynamiter. flat tire. BOUND adj. grunch. headache. drone. hung up. blah. head man. BOTCH n. See ANNOY. hit one for. grind. four-flusher (does not repay). jugs. big man. blooper. BOTHERSOME adj. brace. riled. draggy. drip. fumble. peed off. get on tick. desperado. jawbone. BORE n. a pain. put one to sleep. BOOTLEGGER n. dogged. make. yawn.46 bootleg BOOTLEG v. worriment. nothing doing. uptight. poontang palace. rum run. dumb trick. downer. graft. moonlight. bored stiff. Beantowner.

flatten. kiss the canvas. listener. horse apples. pass up. glass jaw. cow flops. heart in the right place. falsies.3. Cincinnati (8. uppercut. BOUT n. aplenty. rob the cradle (pick up only one). bub. golden apples.. strike. shut out. BOUNTIFUL adj. total babe. my man. shuck.7 & 10).7. punk. BRA PADDING n. shake a few clinkers out. fancy talk. one-two punch. the shits. crap. BOYCOTT v.10 or 2.2 & 10). best fella. creeper (slow ball). spare. B. galore. bolo. shits. hit the canvas. big moment. & 7or 1. leather. bout. buster. BOY n. hair of the dog.6. potato trap (mouth). BOYFRIEND n. stopper (knockout). passion ration. crawling with. slugfest.2. jive. lovebird. stud. gold mine. See BLUSTER. mug.6. sonnyboy. TKO (technical knockout). See also BOXING. squirt. Santa Claus. Elsie. tin ear. cherry (miss a spare). bedpost. ice out. have a heart. mill. pecker. kiddo. deceivers. BRAGGADOCIO n. prelim. character. chicken. pug. take a dive. & 10). wet behind the ears. Casanova. no end in sight. YOUTH. Bossy. old man. aplenty. kayo. GI's. chip. See also FIGHT. good Joe. go to the can. biscuit roller. garden (arena). road apples. monkey. crap. crawling with. pie alley (grand for strikes). See BOAST. shit. mitt. rabbit punch.10). BOXING MATCH n. throw leather. little shaver. sour apple (5. boychik. See also CHILD. hocky. no joker. kegling. shot in the arm. See also OSTRACIZE. softie. juvie. sugar bowl. beau. spread eagle (2. gunsel.7 & 10). throw in the towel. slam bang (hard fight). back peddle. kegler. small fry.10). hotdog.M. B. deceivers. tonic. no joker in the deck. go. chirk up. 7. aah-aah. cow plops. tank job. cheesecake (a lane grooved for strikes). doggy do. best fellow. BOWLING TERMS big ball (powerful). constant companion. heart in the right place. 2.7 & 10).. Don Juan. buffalo chips. lower the boom. thumb (get finger in opponent's eye). oyster. shittin. number two. dreck. pat oneself on the back. Montezuma's revenge. . kid. guy. roundhouse punch. fix (bribed to lose). be big. tank act. stiffener. BOWEL MOVEMENT n. booger. do-se-do (dull). no ifs ands or buts. companion. jasper.6. my guy. cauliflower ear. dance. boom-boom. BOVINE n. buddy. dime a dozen. shit. dude. baby split (2 & 7 or 3 & 10 standing). set-to. dump. maples (pins). half-pint. man.6.3. loose. hair of the dog that bit BRAG v. poop. turtle dove. sonny. horsemen (1. call. dodo (1 & 7 or 10). KNOCKOUT KO. big game. pass by. jab. goalpost. being regular. horse hocky. duke (win). cat. cow pats. the count (pins downed by first ball). wicket. tear. stink with. sofa lizard. bird. pick up. GI shits. saved by the bell. big talk. BRACE v. chill. stud. perk up. honey man. galore. good Joe. cheaters. eye-opener. do one's business. the runs. punk kid. hot air. showboat. inning. moo moo. carry (knockdown pins). heat (round). BOXING PUNCHES KO. battle. cauliflower ear. poop. See PRIZEFIGHTER. See also PLENTIFUL.7. 1. BOXER n.4. smear. cub. soft touch. scrap. bighearted. toot. BRACER n. no end. talk. pickup. dime a dozen. joker. bust. punchy. BOXING n. up to one's ass in.9 or 2. young fry. BOXING TERMS put on the gloves. no kicker. clown. turds. BOWEL MOVEMENT v. main man. rock on one's heels. 1. pick-me-up. take the count. go to the John. papa. cokey. mule skinner. sweet papa. tadpole. up to one's ass in. boyo. BOX OFFICE n. jelly roll. sugar daddy. no end in sight. tank fight. big. trots. bat. chip off the old block. baby. main squeeze. stiffener. masher. alley apples. Lothario. business. tall talk. slugger. generous keeper. throw a fight. pisser. stopper. splash. the fights. lad. Santa Claus. dingleberries. washout (1. swap leather. runt. dump. flat ball. REVEL. all fixed). ace lane. take the count. tee off. blow one's own horn. John. handle (manage).10). gay buck up. ace. BOUNTEOUS adj. sizzler. bubba. bud. Peck's bad boy. caca. JD (juvenile delinquent). kiss the resin. main dude. plug. bugger. lily (5. feller. See PLENTY. body and soul. go. BOWLING.4. flat apple. palooka. moo cow. bird turd. bender. buck.8 pins left standing). big one. on the ropes. big four (4. tad. pillow (glove). 2. down for the count.braggadocio 47 catch. double pinochle (4. dump (loss. wingding. BOURGEOIS adj. grandstand. be big. duck. lug. TKO. FIGHT. poo-poo. boojy. blackball. kissing cousin. window. BOXING. Nellie. waltz (easy fight). squeeze. YOUNG MAN. bossie. nature's call. money honey. blow (miss). See DEFECATE. go in the tank. stink with. props. cow chips. binge.7 & 10). sprout. punching bag. loose. heart throb. bullshit. have a heart. right cross. daddy. EVENT. SPLITS half Worcester (3. go a coupla rounds. shuck and jive. See PLENTY. back-door man. turistas. honey. fencepost (all 7 & 10 left). flame. chap. lower the boom.O. BS. Christmas tree (3.

fancy talk. grit. think box. hocky. sconce. flip. flash. buck. See also ESCAPE. ho dad. gray matter. bunk. lay down rubber. snot nose kid. KO. fritz. bung up. brassy. stand tall. take out. big head. tall talk. latrine rumor. shit for the birds. genius. layoff. husky. anchor it. retardo. stomach. gutsy. hell broke loose. knock down and drag out. tall story. mess over. bullshitter. bust in. get too big for one's britches. hotdogger. egghead. bust up. moxie. thinker. BRAINY adj. bull. shittin. break out. skuffling. fancy talk. garbage. BOY. See FLAUNT. face down. rumble. GIRL. blower. crash. chisel in. nervy. shingle (toasted slice). build. donnybrook. beef. piece of shit. BRANDISH v. soft in the head. phonus bolonus. BRAVERY n. crapper. put in the BRAND NAME n. binders. gutty. Dutch courage (intoxicated). BRAT n. starch. FEARLESS. cock. face off. leave a stripe. trash. wig. high siding. step over the line. BREAK n. kick up a row. snot nose. hot air. what it takes. barge in. BRAMBLE n. See also DARING. gum wadding. come on strong. BRAIN-DAMAGED adj. bunkum. showoff. upper story. bullshit. fly. BRAVE v. windbag. weak in the upper story. See INTELLIGENT. BRAWL v. gork. nigger toe. crash the gates. strong-arm. pumped up. helluva nerve. knucks. crusty. BRAKES n. talk. smart ass. corazon. BRAZIL NUT n. pile of shit. BS. holy terror. hot shot Charlie. BRAVE adj. goof up. shoot down in flames. swelled head. gutty. BRASS n. big talk. do in. put one's two cents in. take one on. See also STOP. defi. think one's shit doesn't stink. beefy. wild one. put up a fight. of air. BRAIN n. tall tale. upstairs. breather. crack. box. high falutin'. sport. snow job. wrack up. big bag of wind. big I am. hell of a. pate. bra. big timer. brass knucks. roughhouse. vegetable. smart alecky. duffer. 1. riff. See also PENETRATE. no dumbbell. spaz. chit. Dutch gold. BRAWN n. raise Cain. staff of life. fix. big I love me. BREAD n. punk. jimmy. brassy. harness. make (usually automobile). dough well done with cow to cover (also toast).48 braggart BRAGGART n. brain. breathing spell. cocky. hard sell. crap. get previous. anchor. fish story. 4. See also STRONG. See also FEARLESS. know-it-all. label. throw one's weight around. loudmouth. BRAZEN adj. bang heads. little gray cells. duke out. horse hocky. spunky. cutoff. See RETARDED. hogwash. falsies. fly. BREAK v. stand up to. powerhouse. fire-eater. he-man. heart. bust in. breakoff. cocky. downtime. cock of the walk. give one the wind (suddenly). talk big. malarkey. nervy. dry. 2. kick. have smarts. brakie. gas. spunk. gutbucket. squish. See also HEAD. biggern life. See also F E E B L E MINDED. marmalade. bung. fly in the face of. bust. pinhead. rumble. windy. backbone. swellhead. steam. free for all. time. knock the chip off one's shoulder. See CHALLENGE. hairy. think tank. finish off. JD (juvenile delinquent). spunky. put in one's oar. windjammer. bean. knowledge box. blatherskite. take a breather. butt in. shoot down. angel cake and wine. clout. bullshit artist. punk. smart as a whip. crack one's jaw. See also BRAZEN. BRAWNY adj. baloney. noodle. torpedo. cake and wine. head. slab. show off. jim up. clock. come on strong. BREAD AND BUTTER n. true grit. total. penetrate. phoney baloney. salty. wetwear. blowhard. scrunch. balls. hell of a note. See FIGHT. buildup. meet eyeball to eyeball. bullshooter. cinchers. lover boy. cheeky. break in. BRAKEMAN n. steamroller. punk kid. scrap. See FEARLESS. BREACH v. squash. hulk. spiel. See FIGHT. muscle in. total bust. crock of shit. 1. BRAKE v. gritty. jazz. big mouth. hunk. chesty. grandstander. hefty. macho. take ten. muscle man. BREAD AND WATER n. blow job. gasbag. BRASS KNUCKLES n. guts. ho daddy. fine talk. pile of shit. fine talk. hotshot. bust in. time off. line. letup. break to smithereens. double-o. punk and plaster. put on the fritz. chutzpahdik. 2. battle royal. gritty. shove in one's oar. crock of shit. muscle. wise ass. smoke. BRASH adj. Einstein. not all there. horn in. noggin. grab a handful sticker. bold as brass. take five. spetters. kick in. whiz kid. cheeky. kick in. knock out. hotshot. earbanger. talk. 3. flip. sock. crack open. lung hammock. BRAGGING n. stuffed shirt. uplift. balls. See also CHILD. happy hour. think pot. key swinging. put one's life on the line. time out. punch. See MUSCULAR. stuffy. rhubarb. . game. break in. jive. BRASSIERE n. think one is it. See also DAMAGE. gutsy. in short pants. grit. coffee break. break out. break up. hub cap. BRAVADO n. nerve. moxie. BRAWL n. walk tall. be on an ego trip. smart. dummy. cock-and-bull story. guts. biggety. piss and punk. hot-air artist. dream box.

buy. likes. make a deal. Britisher. see. smear. crash. mamas. gentle. bazongas. get it on the line. BRIBE n. bazooms. Mordida. old man. heel. fix. take a chicken. lungs. the fix. main man. protection money. watermelons. brunch (late morning). fall dough. bra busters. Tommy. put in the zingers. show one the ropes. flashy. BRICKS n. net. slush fund. bells. whiz kid. BREAK AND ENTER v. buffalo.). brain. BRING YOUR OWN BEER v. make mincemeat of. mouth jewelry. egghead. milk bottles. boodle. Cockney. juice.). crack-up. rundown. tonsils. influence peddling. feed . all over the place. sharp. front bumpers. gayola. BRIEF v. contract. limey. shmeer. soap. grapefruits. SPEAK. gravy. big brown eyes. BROADCAST NETWORK n. hooters. BY. the long and the short of it. Albion. schmeer. morning chow. See also PAY. ace lane. grease. romp. whiz kid. orbs. BRING YOUR OWN LIQUOR v. piece one off. pair. lot.). see the cops. Tommy Atkins (soldier). upper frontal superstructure. See ADVISE. hump. slush. man. melons. razzle-dazzle. pimples. short and sweet. eat one's wheaties. BRIEFING n. kickback. showy. under the table. slammer. lemons. glitzy. boobs. grease ones palm. shine. See also DEFEAT. BREED n. come apart at the seams. chop. boiled down. freight. likes of. buzz. black market. freight. cans. touch. crack business. nobs. BRITISH FLAG n. BRIER n. Levis. slam. tip off. sweetening. get to. on the take. schizzed out. bubbies. pay off. slip one a buck. BRIDGE. in a nutshell. the envelope. basket case. B. hip huggers. brown eyes. smear. See also BURGLARIZE. sugar. BRITAIN n. sweater full. See INTELLIGENT. can. fit the mitt. BRIGHTEN v.OB. top heavy. all over the lot. envelope. sticker. O. whites. showy. bubs. droopers. cough syrup. apples. get at. plates. BROADCAST adj. 5. strung out. on the pad. make a long story short. telecast. have smarts. clinker. BREEZY adj. milkers. BRIBER n. shake. chop. kajoobies. BRIBE v. BRILLIANT adj. breadwinner. fringe benefit. hoosegow. pack. protection money. walking around money. gun. breastworks. load of rocks. smart as a whip. protection. endowed. pound.O. hat. apple polisher. sugar. my man. number. slacks. update. punch up. See also JAIL. BROADCAST v. Abscam (Pol. schmeer. See also INFORM. graft. Einstein. grease. sweeten the pot. L. from hell to breakfast. tote. a chicken.W. clink. take. globes. oil. brekkie. ride. BREAKFAST n. buck. pokey. jeans. backgrounder. jug. bazoongies. go on the air waves. See also PROTECTION MONEY. gayola. palm oil. kickback. piggyback. growths. sweetener. smart as a whip. balloons. put one in the picture. drugola. knockers. sweeten one up. cook one's goose.Y. take an envelope. toss. confetti. payola. colorcast. take care of. BREAKDOWN n. swing for bread. break in. take. payola. teacups. mordida. warts (Derog. birdie back. put next to. smear. tits. jag. BRIG n. See also INTERRUPT. the payoff. greasy. racks. Union Jack. lockup. back. genius. skein. 1. 2. BREECHES n. break break. boobies. torpedoes. chichi. tight little island. BRITISH n. 6. beefeater. conk out. Y. DENTAL n. iron house. razzle-dazzle. Einstein. put in the fix. kick in. goodies. protection. buff up. laying pipes. fix the alzo. crate. go on the air. psyched out. sharp. 49 BRIBERY n. See INTELLIGENT. perks. Brit. brainy. juice. televise. knobs. barry (hiring boss). pillows (Obs. babaloos. main on the hitch. pumps. peach of a pair. buy off. shlep. lug. on the take. BREASTS n. See also BOYFRIEND. put in the bag. payoff. reach. grease. tank. cush. your own bottle). get out. drugola. shoulder. hawk stretch. PENETRATE. salve. do business. bell bottoms. raisins. web. gayola. update one. cooler. flashy. Blighty. fix. (also bring B. See PANTS. BRIEF adj. penetrate. on contract (police). britches. shorts. payola. gaff. jugs. titties. barge in. put one wise. 2. bags. street money. egghead. fixer. lock up. oil one's palm. snippy. 1. headlights. perk.broadcast network toilet. big one. (source). cut up. truck. ducks. boodle. twins. maracas. baksheesh. eyes. hush money. BRIDEGROOM n. cantaloupes. Merry Old. nut. Irish confetti. glitzy. let in on. plugola. Limeyland. come across. BRING v. put on the feedbag. John Bull. oranges. BRIGHT adj. BRING YOUR OWN WHISKEY v. sweetener. drugola. PRISON. ice. BRIBE MONEY n. ice.

stable boss. nautch joint. BROTHER n. maison joie. house. BROADCASTING n. towers. See DESTITUTE. BRONCHOSCOPE v. hang in there. notchery. bro. See NEWS. hang in. bug out. pill. doss. jag. BROOK v. growler. fancy house. crib. scoop. BULLET n. bronck. on one's ass. house of joy. stand for. BRUSH v. give the once-over. dozer. BUFFALO. brush up. bad eye. BRUTALITY n. BULLET-PROOF VEST n. out. eat one's heart out. place. den of iniquity. sit tight. wracked dead. red lighterie. gooseberry den. camp. jag house (homosexual). the big time. chew the cud. cap. bleed. handout. BROADWAY n. corset. pile o' bricks. air time. gutbucket. stable. BULGE v. bad ass. turn on the heat. wiped out. BULLY v. chippie joint. get the cream. veejay. lay a bad trip on one. BRUSQUE adj. put the chill on. BUILDING n. BROTHELS. kaput.I. airer. whomp up. bed house. sporting house. Great White Way. deuce and a quarter (Electra 225). BUFFOONERY n. seam squirrel. cootie. beefy. short. peg house (male). See also THINK. BRUISE v. grayback. fleshpot. rap parlor. lean on. splash. hook shop. snippy. honky-tonk. busted. shooting gallery. duke. downtime. cathouse. skinny. open. put the heat on. joint. tower. showboat. rip and reader. Mazda Alley. pop out. gay house.). See DAMAGED. cutie. See also HIT. BULLETIN n. the dope. NEW YORK The Buffer. BROKERAGE. fudge together. See also REPORT. BROTHEL n. red light. lead. joint. bud. handbill. BULGE n. man trap. lean on. stew. cobble up. BULKY adj. rockpile. strapped. rocket. on the blink. juke house. broh. handout. in the shop. zoo. BROTH n. BROWSE v. flat. beauty parlor. call house. BRUTAL adj. Auntie. tap city. BUCKET n. BRUTALLY adv. BULL n. dream street. See WOUND. on the shelf. walk heavy. buffalo. do a number on one. choke hold (police). girl's manager. BROKE adj. down to ones last penny. case (not common). . cootie garage (hair puffs in which the cootie lives). BROADSIDE n. hear of. hit one where one lives. what's going down. hang tough. BROTHEL PROPRIETRESS n. love letter. sweat over. breed. BUGLE n. pratfall comedy. ACTING. push around. pickle. the blindfold lady (court). a flash. BROKEN adj. put up with. house of ill repute. camp. BROCHURE n. tapped out. water. slapstick. BULLDOZER n. flyer. throw up. live with. BUICK n. hot wire. degree. parlor house. barrelhouse. madame. BUGLER n. See INTIMIDATE. See ENDURE. on the fritz. googly. rap club. kill-crazy. BUG n. bulldoze. CHAIN OF n. be big. massage parlor. rib joint. stumer. house of ill fame. talker. third something fierce. intimaterie. bugger. bung up. call joint. literature. service station. on one's uppers. prefab. deejay.50 broadcaster BROADCASTER n. birdcage (not common). housemother. knock together. throw together. stew over. high camp. See INTIMIDATE. hit the high spots. hellcat (plays reveille). low camp. pad. sink of iniquity. mother. BROAD-MINDED adj. BROWBEAT v. handout. sporting BUILD v. bear hug. bear with. monkeyshines. cleaned out. bub. poontang palace. bucket shop. buddy. high rise. skyscraper. hefty. misery pipe. B. BULGARIAN n. can house. dive. bowl. mama-san. put one through the wringer. flyer. BROAD SCALE adj. clearing house. something terrible. bung. dishwater. landlady. out of commission. snake ranch. brush down (clothes). body shop. BROTHEL PROPRIETOR n. once over lightly. cut up. spieler. head pimp. bagnio. den of vice. break. dead broke. meat market. doss house. flat broke. See LAMENT. bawdyhouse. Aunt. notch house. blob. blob. down. See also FOOLISHNESS. sin spot. shenanigans. shotgun approach. juke. stiff billy can. disc jockey. sugar hill (Bl. dose. ILLEGAL n. snappy. Polack Town. Cheap John. slug. enforce. bulldoze. bubba. line. house of delight. BROOD v. jackboot. BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE B A R . zing. rap studio. what's happenin'. chicken ranch.

See TROUBLESOME. dustbin. crashing in joints. skin show. cover up. tumul. BUOYANCY n. slap on a jumper. SAFE OR VAULT n. blob. ESTABLISHMENT. load. BURIAL n. stung. prowl. BURLY adj. boo-boo. goof-up. raunchy. bo. mini bus. See ROB. brain train. safecracking. amateur night in Dixie. hefty. put a bug on (install). lost the handle. beefy. front office. goofball. clodhopper. bang into. roomy. busting petes. wire gun. BUNDLE n. topless. pinch. deep six. cooch show. six feet under. h e a d a c h e . safecracker. burlesk. ballbreaker.M. planted. takeoff. bunkie. butterfmgers. burgle. wife. gutterpup. BUNGLER n. ball and chain. burlap. heist. dub. BUNGLE v. BUREAU n. rough and tumble. moonlight requisition. louse-up. stick. foundry. hustle. sting. See also AUTOMOBILE. midnight. COMMIT A. bump heads. coochie show. bug. chum. deep six. leg show. goof ball. second-story worker. moonlighter. bar. two left feet. muff. swipe. fuck-up. burlyque. cold meat party. old lady. cracking cribs. BURGLAR ALARM n. hootchy-kootchy show. pete work. roomie. vim and vigor. the rip. See also BUNK MATE n. dub. stuck. old miss. BURGLARY n. See also bounce. liberate. dish out. cold storage. fly. dinger. flub. See CLUMSY. bobble. marble orchard. screw. clunker. skip. camp. push around. mountain canary. on the prowl. cold storage. skid row. fender-bender. porch-climber. crook. blade.bus stop 51 BUM n. ballbuster. peter racket. bug house. BURIAL PLACE n. See MUSCULAR. spreader. ghee with the boodle. bonehead play. BUMBLER n. bull pen. skin house. six. stumblebum. rip off. peep show. chopper. See also HIT. O. bindle. dumb trick. . albatross. hardware. jitney. blooper. headstone city. two-story lorry. biddle. go at it ass backwards. pushing joints. apparatchik. heavy. See BLUNDER. burlicue. rubberneck wagon (sightseeing). not cut out for. taking boxes. knocking off peters. jimmy. shamus. gorilla. fender tag. BUS n. T and A. promote. briars. hack. empty suit. hay. BUMS' LODGINGS jungle. in the gutter. See also HINDER. muff. laid back. BURGLAR'S TOOLS n. safeblowing. moneyocracy. second-story man. BURIAL GROUND n. bus jockey. See HINDRANCE. kill a bug (divert a). beefcake. caper. BUNKHOUSE n. snatch. drop the ball. crasher. MANAGEMENT. avenue tank (double deck). two left hands. lift. dump. BURRO n. hunk. BURDEN n. boost. rowdy dowdy. appropriate. goof. second-story work. BURLESQUE n. pushing up daisies. planting. flag spot. hack skinner. boot. screw-up. flophouse. BURDENED adj. buck passer. snowed. albatross around one's neck. rig. the scratch park. flat worker. BURGLARY. See also CLUMSY. give it to one. BUS STOP n. cracksman. paper shuffler. kiddie car (school). safecracking. marble town. crash. safeblowing. buff up. chunk. nerf. micro bus. BUS DRIVER n. fuck-up. BUNGLING adj. gunocracy. couldn't get a handle on it. BUOYANT adj. bruiser. BURSAR n. bone factory. kidney buster. cave. bug. HOUSE. boneyard. break-in. BUREAUCRAT n. excess baggage. snow under. put six feet under. setup. bitch. double. BURY v. See ERR. stuck with. shop. tough. red tapery. bummer. BUNGLE n. See CHEERFUL. bone orchard. red tape. hunk. BURDENSOME adj. shine. a roll. sack. BURGLAR n. pete job. See MISTAKE. box work. adios it. red tapism. boot. prowler. shack. owl job. coffin (unsafe). dish it out. stick it to one. foolocracy. square. BUMP v. all thumbs. muscle man. burlesk. plant. fleabag. mediocracy. BUNCH n. store. doss. jitney bus. klutz. kip. See BEGGAR. See also RESPONSIBILITY. bar spreader. See THIEF. a daisy. high wide and handsome. zip. burly. BED. pig. BUNK n. midnighter. amateur night. snow. dice house. snitch. fleabag (Navy). heavy time. bag lady. See also CRIME. feelgood. spider (of house and apartment). deep six. james. jumper. BURGLARIZE v. tough p r o p o s i t i o n . bobble. owl. BUREAUCRACY n. salt mines. BURDEN v. stumblebum. shlepper. outsiders. payoff ghee. stem. foul-up. nippers. See also ADMINISTRATION. dump on. husky. girlie show. BURNISH v. Rocky Mountain canary. guttersnipe. old man. hulk. flag stop. awful.

small time. white elephant (unsuccessful). rusty dusty. the money. run one's ass ragged. put one over. beeswax. kibitzer. built. walk in. labonza. have other fish to fry. racket. what one is into. rich man's tonsillectomy. bring home the bacon. buy into. Sunday face. make a buy. coffee and cake layout. moon. make a mess of. hot up. bollix up. See OCCUPATION. booty. wheeler-dealer. cheeks. whirling dervish. vie. knockers. heat up. caboose. dodge. jazz up. kazoo. back porch. bishop (1775-1875). built for comfort. rump. BUTTRESS v. land. BUSINESS. curvy. rumbleseat. outfit. tushy. cash in one's chips. water under the bridge. tokus. set up shop (start). easy make. ass. handle bars of love. fanny. BUY v. BUTT v. go by way of. in. See ERR. coffee and cake spot (petty). high-priced spread. front. patsy. circumbendibus. tycoon. tail end. Paul Pry. gold mine. dokus. jack up. when Hector was a pup. plunderbund. b u g g e r . contact. BUSINESSMAN n. plaster. soup up. nether cheeks. sidewalk superintendent. bucket. fuzzbuzz. hash up. bucket shop. little p i t c h e r with big e a r s . buy off. take a fling at. BUSYBODY n. rat race. maracas. like Grand Central Station. 3. chase. BYGONE adj. hang up one's shingle. easy mark. Ma and Pa. water over the dam. blow oneself to. jugs. head. mark. spread. setup. on the hop. set up shop. buttinsky. wazoo. clay pigeon. float. fall guy. built like a brick shithouse. moneymaker. tits. buck. satchel. BUTTERMILK n. on a merry go round. snooper. tailbone. See SUPPORT. stern. BUYER n. seat. up to one's ass in. stacked.52 bushfîghter bushwacker. snoop. down memory lane. cow salve. duff. Arizona. score. See PAST. shoestring operation. big wheel. See also FAT. salve. cop. getaway. globes. take up. build up. hard sell. sitter. winkie. coffee and cake joint. hop up. hap. baron. BUXOM adj. marfak. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY n. ongoing. backyard. citizen tonsillectomy. tradester. pigeon. megacorp. frances. chump. chump. 1. buy out. 1. grease. fold. robber baron. 2. make a buy. . goat. parking place. gaper. headlights. duster. beef up (cow). olden days. lube. bum. big-time operator. snowed. big butter and egg man. sucker. keister. Mom and Pop. head over heels in. gold mine (successful). bottom. tied up. boobies. tush. ass end. end user. carrying on. can. show biz. 2 . gesheft. cow. BUSHFIGHTER n. arse. live one. busier than a one armed paperhanger. step up. gazonga. poop. GO INTO v. butt. pads. turnkey operation. full plate. buns. raid. See VICTIM. setup. BUSINESS TRANSACTION v. tail. kibitzer. BUTT n. cockroach. BTO. BUSTLE n. open up. prat. in warp one. birdcage (1870). clocked up. backseat driver. lubricant. wellstacked. nosey Parker. bag. biscuit. up to here in. bizad. front door. zaftig. 1. deal. TURMOIL. hind end. line. multinational. do. beef up. BYPASS v. nark. Big Butte. rumpus. See also CORPORATION. up to speed. biz. enough on one's plate. goof up. goober grease (peanut). See BREASTS. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION n. keester. tuchis. mark. fly-by-night operation. hanky-panky. BUSY adj. go round the barn. get into. canetta. See ACTION. rear end. fern. nickel and dime operator. BYPASS n. boobs. fuss. shop. culo. louse up. 2. behind. goings-on. knobs. axle grease. busy as a beaver. spike (drink). BYPASS SURGERY n. when one was knee high to a grasshopper. screw up. buy out. senior BYSTANDER n. BUTTOCKS n. BUST n. doo-doo. heinder. at the speed of heat. takeover. turkey. BUTCHER v. pigeon. vestibule. take a flyer. small potatoes (small). game. busty. MONTANA BUTTER n. See also NEWSMONGER. BUSINESS n. yenta. finesse it. BUTTE. busy as a bee. on the jump. happening. rumpus. overloaded. softie. make a killing. derrière. close. wheel and deal. heinie. watcher. make a buck. coffee and cake place. swamped.

CAJOLERY n. run after. perambulator. blarney. dive. cad. buddy up. CADILLAC n. pit stop. bounder. bunkum. dope out. plant. sling it. make up to. peaky. gray legs (West Point). footsie-footsie. noshery. butter. peaked. fish. clinker. sell. dog. slow track. bag lady. little red caboose. doghouse. See also ASSETS. sponger. get back to. up to. skin and bones. bury. salve. skeleton. kiss one's ass. build up. crumb. Waterloo. holler. after-hours joint. set. carcass. CALENDAR v. rake. set CALIFORNIA Shakeyside. park. total shuck. pay a call. bed house. suck around. caddie. yawp. schnorrer. sweet talk. CALCULUS n. simonize. stiff. duck. stash away. bistro. scrawl.F. CACHE n. mix. brain. bagplay. hand one a line. jazzercise. bootlick. loud talk. blast. remains. hog. stooge. reckon up. kitty. give a posy. count. hearse. drop joint. brownnose. kaydet. CALISTHENICS n. rounder. stache. stick in the hole. rotter. CACHE v. build. promoter. CAKE PREPARATION n. find (dismissed). RESTAURANT. bum. foundling. hideaway. hen tracks. cage. stash. moocher. oil. fall by. curry below the knee. shoot a line. loved one.C n. nitery. doolie. geraniums. banana oil. polish the apple. CALLIGRAPHY n. holler. cold meat. freeloader. shit. holy mess. golfer. kiss ass. dead meat. unholy mess. charm. sandhog. massage. kid along. stash. schmeer. worm. yawp. stinkpot. CALENDAR n. See DISASTER. shit. buzz. carpet-bag. lay it on. middy (Navy). caf. CALCULATE v. beat. string along. toss a bouquet. gomar (A. way car. apple polish. 53 . CAFE n. contract. shanty. take one's measure. sweet talk. body. plant. van. heel. rub the right way. boost. CADAVER n. See NIGHTCLUB. play CALL v. kitchen. night spot. eyewash. have to hand it to one. See THIN. shine up to. CALAMITY n. yoo hoo. pipeline. Academy). crash (uninvited). butter up. footsiewootsie. grease joint. sweeten up. Charlie. violets. keep tabs. 2. holler out. take account of. parlor. nest egg. tot. snow. CALL n. CAFETERIA n. CAISSON WORKER n. dialogue one. chicken tracks. slimebucket. work on. snow job. hut. CADENCE n. CALCULATOR n. suck ass. get next to. curtains. tot up. grease. tote. the Coast. caboodle. heel. get around. sour note. CADET n. CADAVEROUS adj. eatery. figure out. maggot. gomer. CAJOLE v. diner. gadget. schmeikle (Yid. fall down. TL. blue ruin. croppy. shit. soft soap. beast. drop-off. stake. pat on the back. CACOPHONY n. swing by. contact. puff up. play footsie. the Golden State. CABBAGE n. soft soap. size up. hit. clown wagon. Nice Guy. cattle train. pencil in. fly bait. soap. stache. shit heel. burger joint. CABARET n. keep tab. sling the bull. bag of bones. hideout. Charlie. stroke. scribble. bouncer. deep shit. drop. shoot the bull. ditch. yes. disco. spread it on. soap. C RATIONS n. get on line. handshake. suck up to. squirrel. hack. figure up. put in the hole. palace. panhandler. saloon. shoot the crap. play Mr. suck off. squirrel away. shit. give one a blast. up. work over. play. the worst. brain box. bleep. CAD n. caddy. bullshit. See also TELEPHONE. beep. politic. act up to. glory wagon. kitty. work out. CABIN CRUISER n. soften up. number cruncher. monkey drill. CABOOSE n. lay it on with a trowel. See also cale. buck.). line up. lineup. mark. footie-footie. sleazeball. lay it on thick. cake mix. aerobics. be a yes-man. shack. See also TRAIN. stack of bones. go cart. soup house. See RESTAURANT. tote up. cream. See FLATTERY. crib. fall all over. kowtow. gold star. speakeasy. trade last. over do it. butter. cat. figure. figure in. lick ass (all Obsc). one-arm joint. 1. See BEGGAR. pull one's leg. honey. give the man a big cigar. give one a blow. oil. BS. shade. blarney. jolly. con. CADGER n.

CAMPAIGN v. Big Bertha. simmer down. Kanuck. sweets. do. hard-boiled. big guns. CANNON n. CANDIDATE n. presidential timber. muckrake. talk turkey. take it easy. CALLIOPE n. CALLOUSLY adv. cold fish. sweet shoppe. laid back. low tech. cool out. skinned mush. coffee grinder (silent films). slap on some glims. See DOG. not turn a hair. trim. cool off. snappish. torpedo. See SHREWD. scrub. See ARTILLERY. C. Canuck. CANDID adj. mudsling. war chest. go. long Tom. trash. bad-assed. keep one's cool. kill. heavy stuff. pop top. photog. beanie. Canadian). political hopeful. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. break the lease. cook. blow sky high. handshaker. sweets to the sweet. AAs. CAMOUFLAGE n. bag. knock the bottom out of. kibosh. stalking horse. nowhere. crazy like a fox. gunboat. take to the hustings. green ass. box. wash out. ax. CAMPER adj. racket. See UNSOPHISTICATED. crab. waspish. laid back. See also HAT. full of fancy footwork. beard. hokum. Jack Canuck. cold-blooded. take out. upset one's apple cart. dink. dip. KO. fancy footwork. swindle. bog. I). 88. cunt cap. no heart. CANONICALS n. CANINE n. don't know shit from Shinola. put something out of action. lame duck. growler (large for church key (beer). in cold blood. hoser (north). sparkles. clericals. politick. beer). worm out of. play. baby kisser. stump orator. go back on one's word. CAMBODIAN n. cool. CANDY STORE n. smash. smooth. CAN n. puppy. flea hotel. rhinoceros hide. whistle-stopper. CAMPAIGN FUNDS n. jawbreaker. streetwise. CANCER n. thick-skinned. gedunk. finger food. See also POLITICIAN. wipe out. run. shots. stump speaker. CANDY n. tit cap (Army. hokey-pokey. slot. open. call off. slush fund. stroke. pop bottle (inferior). slick. Arty. See IRRITABLE. smarts. put down. pup. rainmaker (fund raiser). . camel flags (WW CAMOUFLAGE v. shoot down in flames. do in. squash. pogey bait. keep one's shirt on. mean machine. hit the campaign trail. cold. cool as a cucumber. CANNY adj. line. chill. CALLING n. throwing one's hat in the ring. dead ass. break. all quiet on the Potomac. dots. ants. knock off. stump. sourdough tourist. phony up one's get up. press the flesh. shoot. cagey. CANDIDACY n. See OCCUPATION. straight shit. off. put the kibosh on. hopeful. do one in. CALM v. Cambo. knock the chocks out from under. CAN OPENER n. write-in. come down on. tear down. soft-pedal. sink. street smarts. pour oil on troubled waters. CANTON. whistle-stop. welsh. iceman. lay back. X-out. dodge. scratch. doggy. pepsi (Fr. stuffy. See also ASSURED. cool. nix. slippery. CAMERA n. kid. lenser. spread. wear cheaters. ah-ah head. grift. cool. pogie. CAMERAMAN n. frontal. tail wagger. take the edge off. cool cat. commo (prison). launder. ring doorbells. man's best friend. nine-to-five shit. goopus. cover up. choke point. spike one's gun. CANDY FLECKS adj. DISPASSIONATE. throw on a make up. Jean Baptiste. cut. how. OHIO Fame Town. jimmies. jellybean. take the sting out of. CALLOUS adj. sly boots. kayo. mend one's fences. bottleneck. sophomore. See PACIFY. hang. call it like it is. weasel out. stumper.54 calling CANADIAN n. knock out. got lead balls for eyes. CALM adj. unflappable. CANTANKEROUS adj. knock the props out from under. CANCEL v. worm one's way out of. on the ticket. gimp stick. shoot down. tough. rub out. blue pencil. big C. Divarty (division artillery). tenderfoot (first time). renig. CANE n. CAMPAIGNER n. cool it. gig. torpedo. grandmother (WW I). cook one's goose. sprinkles. finish off. gutbucket. rainmakers. call all bets off. beard. bitchy. crawfish. CANAL n. Obsc). not dry behind the ears. smash up. forget it. hump. total. mutt. backward collars. stump the country. See FRANK. flat. all quiet on the western front. right up front. horse piano. favorite son. shutterbug. take the bite out. dial back. hard as nails. running. CAMEL n. dark horse. IMPERTURBABLE. CANAPES n. take the stump. CAP n. up front. cover up. See also POLITICIAN. queer. munchies. ornery. pooch. foxy. flash the gogs. stick. CALLOW adj. rat race. shake hands and kiss babies. zap. sky piece. day gig. nig.

nip. See HEED. TLC 2. CAPITALIZE v. old hand. the one who signs the checks. CAPABLE adj. CAPRICE n. pick up. do to a T. clinch. juice. vamp. put CAPTIVATE v. vet. CO. See ARRESTED. snatch. CARBONATED WATER n. cornered. sweep off one's feet. CAPTAIN n. rumble. exec. skip. small cap. grubstake. stake. helter-skelter. soda back (chaser). on the ball. CARE n. fireball. accommodation collar (to fill a quota or social or political pressure). collar. know-how. seltzer. flimsy. tender loving care. chief. 1. nail. pot. keep tabs on. rope in. he's a 7). CAPTIVATED adj. ride. top it off. bust. white soda. head honcho.care for 55 CAP v. have one's nose open. fold. pull in. dynamite. angel. CAPTAIN (ARMY) n. know the score. ride herd on. jampacked. CARCASS n. jalopy. sardined. sweep. the formula. halftrack. put on. tumble. CAPTURE n. flea in one's ear. cold meat. angel (theater). flaky. gloon to. 2. duals. nuts about. for two cents plain. caper. (Washington). hauled in. old war-horse. stunner. what it takes. A. the hill. nest egg. CAPITALIZED adj. come across. humbug (unjustified). CAPTIVATING adj. CO. flop. fast and loose. snatch. CAPRICIOUSLY adv. I'm dead. van. slough up. owner. beetle. nab. every which way. a pistol. 1. make a hit with. fizzy. crazy about.C. know one's onions.. bankroll. whistle bait. oh yeah. monkey shines. CPR. mad about. CARBURETOR n. uppercased. up. solid sender. carbos. up to the mark. See also VEHICLE. hooked. heap. bat one's eyes at. higgledy-piggledy. go on a tear. CAPER v. can. crisp. mixer. stuff. round up. slough. fantasmo. A-number 1. hot one. horse around. watch over. See ERRATICALLY. boat. nail. 1. got it bad. standing room only. nailed. fizz water. old-timer. Daddy Warbucks. skipper. pro. jam. there. blow hot and cold. See WHIMSICAL. hit or miss. glom. CAPTURE v. cap. rib. 3. back. worriation. dog meat. gag. rib. pussycat. See FULL. chock full. dishy. blow off the lid. go for. pick up the check. whoop it up. wrap. See REVEL. picked up. See also REVEL. bag. back soda. dancing fool). up one's alley. know one's stuff. pull in. up to snuff. CAPITAL n. card shark. wheels. up and down. sizz water. up to speed. bucket. 2. number. pinch. hi jinks. jackpot. RECONNAISSANCE n. 1-10 (degree. See ARREST. clear soda. backer. ammonia. put the lid on. the boss. body. capper (Obs). topper. come out with your hands up. See ASSETS. sit. croppy. head rush. A-l. the goods. trip. nabbed. picky picky. baby-sit. moneybags. soda. top. pick up the tab. turned on. CAPRICIOUS adj. all over the shop. See AUTOMOBILE. won ones spurs. See also PERSUADE. dead meat. See SKILL. . tissue. See also BEWITCHED. 2. collared. CARDIAC MASSAGE v. worriment. pump a patient (medi- mechanic. beep. land. mad for. bust. know the ropes. shenanigans. grab. See BODY. crimp. See also SODA. gone on. See ATTRACT. gone on. hook. yo-yo. See also QUALIFIED. something on the ball. stake. let loose. cut loose.e. been around the block a few times. stone fox. do to a frazzle. top dog. cap. stuck on. CAPTAIN (NAVY) n. stretch car (extra length). kick up one's heels. four-striper. turn one on. fool (i. gaga. pinch. run in. wrap up. CAPTURED adj. pinch. collar. watch out for. hot foot. remains. the boss class. the money. snare. pull. has what it takes. keep an eye on. any way the wind blows. cave in. fool notion. put the cuffs on. knock off. head over heels in. cap. chief. EXECUTIVE. cap. peep (jeep). fallen for. old man. See also COMMANDER. button down.. bubbly. the goods. mind the store. bus. kinky. CARE FOR v. give away the store. See BEAUTIFUL. peep. booby pinch. nab. brodie. old man. recon car. knuckle under.. crazy about. haul in. SRO. fizzy stuff. drop. kitty. See SURRENDER. robber baron. skip. D. grab. hot for. club soda. jeep. nick. See FINANCE. fall. CAPER n. stiff. give out (sexual). maiden's delight (cherry). gag. by fits and starts. skipper. pickle. bug. 1. up to the rafters. punchy. run in. gaff. CAPITALIST n. See LOVE. up to it. raise hell. green thumb. crate. CAPITULATE v. twin pots. pick up. gas guzzler. groove on. ce. know one's way around. CAPACITY n. skip. CARBONATED adj. picky. CARDSHARP n. four-striper. gaga about. boss. oneman band. up to it. skipper. higher up. sparkling. give one the come on. CAPSULE n. high jinks. cal). fizzly. CARBON COPY n. CAR n. watch the store. hook. button up. any which way. owner. loved one. head man. mad (jazz). topkick. the right stuff. nose open. on. CAR. put out.

tough bud. folding lettuce. smash. feed. toot. not on the job. bounce. corn. shorts. throw off. shlep. spinach. broad on the damper. change. oday. whirligig. by halves. shlep along. gilly show. CASH A CHECK v. CARGO PLANE n. any old way. jump off the deep end. mazumah. bunch. shekels. lumps. cush. bust. oof. happy cabbage. fast and loose. crumb boss (hobo and logger). woolgathering. pink-slip. CAREER n. CARELESSLY adv. bomb. float one. CAREFUL adj. make change. drum out. asleep at the switch. tear. folding. lay down. package. on the damper. higgeldy-piggledy. shiv. play it cool. clutch. jingle jangle. any which way. grab. send-up. CASH n. man behind the gun. search and destroy. jack. iron men. CARRIAGE n. folding money. bend over backwards. See also ERRATICALLY. gee. stroke. dingbat. crowd. chump change. on the gun. offing. CARRY v. sheets. squeeze. chips (ship). outfit. looking out the window. break a bill. bat hides (paper). any which way. grab ass. maine line. lucre. darby. handle with kid gloves. daydreaming. pazoza. feel up. do by halves. sleeper. cover one's ass. man about CARP v. happy money. harum-scarum. geets. soft money. tub. geetus. any old way. jangle. piece of jack. dodge. scrip. hard cash. brush (Army). game. blitz. greedus. CAROUSEL n. cool. asleep on the job. geech. color. bob. bark. out to lunch. fire-eating. rust bucket. bag. shoulder. folding green. backpack. rock. fews and twos. piggyback. go on a toot. wasting. wad. put-on. paw. blowout. megacorp. small bread. ointment. glue. give one his walking papers. super. rocks. good time Charlie. CARGO HATCH n. noodge. CAROUSE v. pregnant guppy. give the ax.56 career CARPET n. spot cash. the ready. whoop it up. CARVE v. buttons. green money. iron (silver coin). taking out. walk on eggs. dough. mezonny. boy. glory roll. spending snaps. pussyfoot. dirt. shove out. Michigan roll. drunk. swamper. Typhoid Mary. the soft. loot. tin. See also BAGGAGE HANDLER. CASH DRAWER n. shortbread. chiv. rhino. raise Cain. CARNAGE n. S and D. shinplaster. filthy lucre. ice. CAREFREE adj. bundle. the necessary. small potatoes. salve. tote. slapdash. jag. go to sea in a sieve. grift. gang. brass. go overboard. lint pick. See REVEL. go out on a limb. paint the town red. multinational. fail to cover ones ass. liquidation. rags. hell around. dibs. buy a pig in a poke. fast and loose. birdie back. clinch. step off the deep end. CARELESS adj. piece of change. soap. hack. See CAUTIOUS. tucheroon. bellyhold (airplane). nitpick. mad money. plunderbund. sloppy. ghee on the damper. wingding. heft. CARNIVAL n. greenmail. kick. See also PARTY. coin. pack. skins. paint the town. man behind the stick. fool around. CAROM v. carny. wampum. merry-go-round. cookies. binge. CARGO SHIP n. takeoff. geedus. play with fire. green stuff. hedge one's bets. cold cash. toss out. black money (illegal). simoleons. boodle. hip gee. . folding dough. house-sitter. toss off. roll. feelgood. berries. folding cabbage. ballast. thing. ride. mess around. cabbage. mint leaves. high wide and handsome. bees and honey. laid back. whack. candy. bite. long green. beans. hard stuff. bait. goofing off. ookus. spon. ragbag. CARESS v. dinero. bat out. ring. chicken money. green stamps. back. hump (bags of coffee). bones. soft. jag. hardtack. handsome ransom. box man. leave oneself wide open. crock. blunt. buck. geetis. bird (gold coin). kiss off. alfalfa. bender. sack. go for broke. racket. half-assed. slapdash. ooks. bear hug. paint the town red. REVEL. morphine. oil of palms. go off the deep end. crew. rake. See also MONEY. CAROUSAL n. biscuit. on the town. devil may care. See DISCHARGE. greenbacks. CASHIER v. CARPENTER n. cop a feel. spondoolicks. trading stamps. get in over one's head. taw. dib. number. frogskin. bread. bankroll. heel. truck. sideswipe. baby-sitter. See also CORPORATION. Philadelphia bankroll. damper. gelt. sitter. silk. feel out. butcher. play safe. CARETAKER n. CARTEL n. shlepper. helter-skelter. hard money. moolah. See OCCUPATION. give the air. bat. chicken feed. go on a bat. mopus. slap up. mob. brace. CASH v. lug. buck. CARRIER n. a ride. green folding. stick man. CAROUSER n. mint. hoist. dust. dead president. peanuts. beater. wood CASHIER n. poke. knock off. carnie (also worker). wall-to-wall. bitch. line. stick one's neck out. pay no mind. rivets. paper. offtish. playboy. playing footsie. CARICATURE n. tusherony. helter-skelter. beewy. long bread. town. carps (stage). adobe dollar. gingerbread. grind show. goon. clinks. green. spondoolix. gravy. give the gate. tramp. frog hair. See also QUIBBLE. go on a spree. knock out. croaking. slap out. braver bait. gun.

lean on. in a box. wooden overcoat. unfrocked (any profession). razzberry. tumul. excluded). bindle boy. CATCALL n. nailed. snag. crunch. in a stew. pine pajamas. by the numbers. guzzled. canned. button down. flat out. holy mess. eat out one's ass. in a mess. joker. fire. 2. Waterloo.). Cat. stray. CATEGORIZE v. no strings attached. no holds barred. growley. Waterloo. running iron. be hep to. pigeonhole. spark plug. CATEGORICAL adj. curtains. put down for. cut loose. hooked. homey. borscht belt. down home. brand. take in. hook line and sinker. . stick. pussycat. track. in a hole. meltdown. Bronx cheer. wooden coat. CASH REGISTER n. mackerel snapper. come as you are. chunk. stiffed in. typecast. cash box. CATCH v. I'm dead. dogie. CATSKILL RESORT n. round eyes. corralled. total shuck. wooden kimono. up a tree. gray (Bl. box. chapter and verse. collared. laid back. mellow. jogging things. house. shitlist. CASKET n. papistry. See also ITEMIZE. catch one dead to rights. button down. collar. CATASTROPHE n. See also WHITES. CATAMITE n. CATSUP n. take a brodie. jeans. enemies list. popery. loose. right-handed. CATHOLIC n. size up. double trouble. chicken. blue-eyed devil. unholy mess. put down for. get. sneeze. CAT n. 1. put down as. See UNDERSTAND. chuck. popish. pokesy. deep shit. BULL. the worst. bag. roach coach. See DISASTER. no kicker. bird's-eye maple pajamas. pinto. frolic pad. RC. papism. CATALOGUE n. charts. bad news. lay out. shorthorn. get one dead to rights. denims. got one dead to rights. creep joint. meow meow. in the pokey with smokey. cold meat box. kid stuff. CATCH UNAWARE v. whitey. toilet. CASUAL WEAR n. gazooney. dropped. hatchet man.caught 57 CASHIERED adj. tumble to. punk. jammed up. wood overcoat. haymish. iron. looks like rain (imminent). Chessycat. CATERING TRUCK n. damper. See also ARRESTED. lane. joint. nigger in the woodpile. CASINO n. catch with one's pants down. right foot. wise up to. big store. on the peg. chip. jump down one's throat. 2. bawl out. blindside. tab. sporty. puss. savvy. chew out one's ass. store.). CATHOLICISM n. peg. CASH ON DELIVERY n. pine overcoat. pine drape. whiteface. stormy petrel. raspberry. ream ass. spell out. longhorn. papish. tit in the wringer. dinge (sub standard. CASPER. CAUGHT adj. alter. get the drift. swamped. Romish. curtains. papistic. dog meat. pitch sling. one move and you're dead. nail. catch the drift. get one's fingers on. See also HOMOSEXUAL. blue ruin. let one's hair down. See DISCHARGED. CATTLE BRAND n. catch 22. trap. lob. See also CERTAIN. popeism. shop. red paint. CASTRATE v. drop dead list (fired. grab. walk into a collar. breezy. pusher. catch on. hit list. peg. Mick. get the hang of. honky. razz. straight out. turned off. total shuck. cornered. pussy. up shit creek without a paddle. in a pickle. drummed out. See DISASTER. all out. expelled. blue-eyed. cat lick. typecast. put away. loose as a goose. tree suit. have one's number. See ARREST. pigeonhole. snooker. sandbag. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR n. register. bust out joint. sneezed. easygoing. steam-up ghee. chew out. time. Jesus lover. kitty. deball. nabbed. cut off one's balls. cool. crate. CATACLYSM n. ce pills CATHOLIC adj. rank out. up the creek without a paddle. dead to rights. CAUCASIAN n. See UNCONDITIONAL. see daylight. sports clothes. garbage truck. (punished or ostracized). CATALOGUE v. catch flat-footed. have the goods on. Wasp. wave maker. CATTLE n. See DIRECTORY. read the riot act. paleface. CAST OFF v. pape. fish eater. tab. See also COW. laid off. ofay. CASTIGATE v. adjy. CATCH n. CATCH COLD v. put down as. kitty cat. See HINDRANCE. moo cow. throwaway. chart. CATALYST n. track (Stu. papist. come down on. hit the pits. bust. folksy. dead mans hand. creep dive. 3. needle man. boy. in a jam. sporty. corral. Roman. in a scrape. S list. come out with your hands up. coon cat. fix. the bird. unbranded). booked. Jewish Alps. See DISCARD. be on to. ill. sacked. red lead. white bread. pratt boy. peg. 1. fireman. Anglo. CATALOGUED adj. See PUNISH. WYOMING Ghost Town CAST v. Chicago overcoat. brat. in a fix. CATHARTIC n. dress down. fired. CASUAL adj. heave. flopped. COD. toss. dinger. take one's death.

CAUTIOUS adj. shine me on. go on a rip. take it off the top of one's head. finished up. turn thumbs down. dropped.k. spark. buried. wind up. egg on. bitchy. keep one's ear to the ground. in the limelight. See REPRESS. SUPPRESSION. speak to. not to be sneezed at. big gun. with one's eyes peeled. cagey. CAVIL v. caught dead bang to rights. all ears. caught with the smoking gun. hedge one's bets. shut down. Mr. knock off. shout. make a mountain out of a molehill. pull one's coat. superstar. w. kick off. big deal. brass hat. jamboree. go on a bust. washed up. bigwig. not go out on a limb. bleep. open a bottle. flag. toss in the sponge. banged to rights. See also SUPPRESS. her nibs. Mr. blue pencil. blow the whistle on. bug in one's ear. tell one where to get off. call to task. put the whammy on one. boneyard. all over but the shouting. blowout. name. bone orchard. throw in the towel. put one wise. big league. CAUSTIC adj. rap. bend over backwards.T. caught with ones pants down. back off. nitpick. roast. See also REVEL. hot dog. keep one's eye on the ball. keep one's eye peeled. had. cut up. open. big name. large. trump up. See STOP. take down. big cheese. CAUTION n. call it a day.O. talk to. scissor out. big one. big man. big time. Dixie cup (Southern). break the ice. big-time operator. prima donna. big number. caught flat-footed. go places and do things. B. cork. bow. See also ALARM. whole cheese. break out the bubbly. go on a toot. keep on one's toes. wrapped up. See also GIVE UP. CB Stud. smart ass. CEASELESSLY adv. gun. hooper-dooper. come down on. B.O. champ. CELEBRITY n. lion. CAVALRY n. CB OPERATOR n. sterilize. CB RADIO n. rev. fini. Mr. come down hard on. make a splash. snared flat-footed. tip off. lay a bad trip on one. ring in. . handle with kid gloves. sanitize. listen up. open up. hotshot. party. dead pigeon. brainstorm. caught dead bang. See also STOPPED. hullabaloo. on a treadmill. caught with jeans at half mast. drop. play it cool. great. biggie. face. lower the boom. break in. give the high sign. leave off. real cheese. See REVEL. right up there. See also QUIBBLE. monster. heavyweight. get things rolling. kaput. high monkey monk. drop the boom. marble orchard. caught dead to rights. tell off. sticking the zingers in. big chew. CEASE v. magoo. Miss . CEDE v. See CENSURE v. big. big piece of cheese. written off. paint the town red. tip. touted. turkey. big shot. not stick one's neck out. when the fat lady sings. VIP. cussed. cut it out. pack in. CEMETERY n. number one. (well known). rev up. knocker. CENSOR v. go on a spree. been hit before. high-muckety-muck. high-mucky-muck. cut a dash. fold. hand over. the cheese. walk wide. cut loose. come across with.C. big noise. in the barrel. big boy. CAUTION v. cold storage. his nibs. CELEBRATION n. put the lid on. launder. a somebody. sound. CELEBRATED adj. numéro uno. blast on. black out.58 caught in the act CAUGHT IN THE ACT v. highly touted. leery. thumb down. big stuff. CAUSE v. big man on campus. call on the . play safe. lint pick. up there. quit cold turkey. big timer. flash in the pan (brief). high powered. head trip. SURRENDER. tie one on. wise guy. face card. father. round the clock. monkey around. big shit. star. fork over. washed up. blast. watch out. walk on eggs. hoopla. blackball. watch one's step. wingding. mean. caught red-handed. brawl. visiting fireman. come up with. heavy stuff. big player. Big. wound up. start the ball rolling. bowlegs.). signal stopper. pussyfoot.. split hairs. go on a bender. See also REVEL. CELEBRATE v.M. big ghee. spitball. snared dead bang. See CONTINUOUSLY. big wheel. give in. potholer. channel chump.. the late great . headstone city. decontaminate. with a weather eye open. apple. highmuck-a-muck. blast. number 1. See also CELEBRITY. Show Biz. go on a tear. drop. high pillow. gunk. close out. CENSORSHIP n. dream up. take it easy. day and night. double-barreled. paint the town. caught with one's hand in the cookie jar. tip-off. hush up. big spud. throw in the sponge. paint the town red. bone factory. CAVORT v. be on the ball. party down. celeb. CEMENT n. take it slow. blackout. mud. bash. CAVE EXPLORER n. See PARTY. cloud up. page-oner. toss in the towel. fox jaws (Fe. intro. call down. paste. stickum. catch at straws. drop it. mind ones p's and q's. think up. cover one's ass. lay on. marble town. CEASED adj. high muck. on the lookout. heavy. signed sealed and delivered. wise one up. horse around. iron curtain. make a big thing about. go on a binge. flea in one's ear. wave a red flag. whoopee. See SARCASTIC. fire up. raise hell. major league. tip. pay mind to. squelch. fool around. wheel. large charge. play it close to the vest. not miss a trick. think twice. cook up. go on the town. not overlook a bet. carry on. break off. See also ADVISE. make up. whooper-dooper. come out with. ears.

cold. and no mistake. the chair. cross. CENSUS n. chain gang Charley. whoopee water. out of this world. fuck with. See also EXCITING. cert. bet the house on. laughing water. the grape. make my day. bet the rent on. liberty. shingle. seat. layoff. CENTRAL AMERICAN n. half a buck. knock the chip off one's shoulder. CERTIFICATE n. when push comes to shove. hang tough. odds on. open and shut. giggle water. out of sight. put your money on. sow. put stock in. take out. FIFTY n. set. hang in. pen driver. fuck around with. defi. six bits. paper. come hell or high water. have down cold. racked. quarter. stock. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT n. checked and double-checked. tip top. for certain. sure thing. CENT. sharp pencil pusher. CENTS. demon. gilt-edged. put one on the carpet. candy. all locked up. head count. CESSATION n. sure as shit. throw money. squatter. buffalo. CHAIN n. bet your bottom dollar.A. face off. have a lock on. tops. jit. gamble on. boat race (horse racing). put store by. for sure. meter. red. pipe. sure. sure thing. sure as God made little green apples. go on make my day. have one on the carpet. surefire. giggle juice. lead-pipe cinch. rubber-stamp. sewed up. sure bet. CHALLENGING adj. Minnehaha. bubbly. cinch. straddle the fence. CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP pink. stand up to. red cent. deece. break-off. cush. fish CENTS. cocksure. CHAMPAGNE n. pink slip (car). no ifs ands or buts. Is the Pope Catholic?. Do they grow corn in Iowa? CERTAINLY adv. cinch. first chop. top-notch. bet one's bottom dollar on. deemar. See also CRITICIZE. take one on. scale. keepin' the faith. bean counter.champion 59 carpet. CHAIRMAN n. flat. bull chain. clinched. right on. absofuckinglutely. CENTER n. The Company. CHAIN GANG GUARD n. lockup. screaming halt. cool. mush. store. johnny creep. greatest. the fix is in. count on it. See also MIDDLE. go one on one. long line skinner. CENTS. middle of the road. freeze. ironclad contract. CERTAIN adj. the chair. squirt. wampum. time-out. pencil shover. keep one's chin up. birdseed. OK. cinched. light piece (silver). grape. that's death. thin man. fer shirr. Is a bear Catholic?. letup. absitively. fer sher. jitney. the company. gas meter. angel foam. okay. open-andshut case. long chain Charley. CD. spook (agent). mainstream. breather. nuts. silver. stick to one's guns. cutoff. four bits. drop a lug. put one's John Hancock on. pushover. setup. break. gilt-edge. brown. as sure as shooting. have down pat. washers. grits. shin plaster (paper). sling. dance the carpet. open and shut. passed the litmus test. lock-andwin situation. toy factory. CERTIFY v. CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT n. deemer. racked. when you separate the men from the boys. have one on the mat. grinding halt. take on. brace. CHAMPION adj. fly in the teeth of. lock and win. CENTS. Is the Pope Polish?. keep a stiff upper lip. world class. meter money. super. lead-pipe cinch. thin. bet your boots. nose count. Indian head. quêter. stand up and be counted. C. rattler. dimmer. CHAIRPERSON n. all sewed up. cinch. call one's bluff. CHAIN GANG LEG CHAIN n. ruff. silver wing. pen pusher. downtime. hairy. have one's work cut out for one. ONE n. take one up on. step over the line. CENTS. furry. taped. shuddering halt. hang in there.I. CHALLENGE n. FIVE n. rain or shine. See SCOLD. clinker. zap. thin dime. fer sher. bet your ass. fly in the face of. sparkle water. top drawer. Does the Pope shit in the woods?. string (leash). stick it out. posolutely. CEREAL n. pat. topflight. gospel truth. kyuter. the bubbly. know damm well. cold lay. bite the bullet. See BEST. in the bag. on ice. CHALLENGE v. copper. have a lock on. brown Abe. sure card. thin one. score. soft touch. lock. . got the faith baby. CHAIR n. make something out of. bet your sweet life. face to face. CPA. two bits. TWENTY-FIVE n. nickel. banana bohunk. for a fact Jack. put one's life on the line. know darn well. bet on. dime. CERTAINTY n. right on. defy. dead sure thing. Does a bear shit in the woods?. meet eyeball to eyeball. the johnny. face the music. CENTRAL EUROPEAN n. eyeball to eyeball. SEVENTY-FIVE n. you better believe it. big George.. no buts about it. peanuts. See ABSOLUTLEY. wrap-up. TEN n. brownie. nailed down. G- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY n. blip. cuter. See CONFIRM. hunky. bet your life. shoo-in. face down.

CASH. blow the whistle on one. See CHARACTER n. gifting. star quality. switch over. tickled pink. blitz. CHARITY n. lace into. blitzkrieg. yo-yo. 3. put one's money where one's mouth is. iffy. size up. turned on. See LUCK. bitch. See also PERSUADE. dirge factory. number one. hang something on. bleeding heart. finger. shtick. bag. king shit. shout. luck out. thump for. hocus-pocus. take the plunge. See RISKY. ATTRACT. got religion. every which way. put away. See WAGER. CHARGE n. point the finger at. grab. 2. see the light. switch over. shift gears. make a hit with. dial back. See QUACK. rat's nest. See also RISK. CHARLESTON. doctor. do up. . preacher man. nick. pull up. CHARLATAN n. a hoo-ha. the name of that tune. poke out. drag into court. turn the corner. cuff. operator. lady-killer. shout. turn on the heat. whack.60 champion CHAMPION n. CHARACTERISTIC n. Holy Joe. push. champ. sweep off one's feet. CHAPEL n. 4. newborn Christian. CHANCE adj. big-hearted. See also FEE. the greatest. put one away. chrismo. See also OPPORTUNITY. CHARMED adj. weirdo. seesaw. amen corner. beefing. twist. CHARGE v. card. phony. CHAPLAIN n. that's the way the cookie crumbles. put it on one's card. CHARITABLE adj. CHAPTER n. CHAPERON n. mug. risky. burn one's ass. See also BEWITCHED. wowed. CHAOS n. CHARACTERIZE v. creepo. to the tune of. flip-flop. harum-scarum. 1. affil. free-for-all. turn on. attempting a creep. yoyo. top dog. hooked. haul into court. branch. See also CRIMINAL CHARGE. Robin Hood. be big. CHARLOTTE. do cute. do-gooder. gripe. 1. got it. 2. whammy. topsy-turvy. the way of it. chancy. make change. nature of the beast. slay. a hand. CHANT n. abracadabra. switch. helter-skelter. good scout. dicey. tickle pink. CHARM n. sold on. bat the eyes at. 2. bad news. sky scout. mid-course correction. stink. 1. mugging. knock dead. CHANGE n. evil eye. pizazz. faker. vamp. put down as. See also BEST. shoot a twenty. player. velvet trap. animal magnetism. in the cards. thumbprint. god box. tickle to death. tab. one's thing. transmogrify. 2. put it on the line. lucky break. break a ten. mumbo-jumbo. chickadee checkoff (donation). kite stiffs (checks). joy boy. the jazz. whole new ball game. just like one. saw the light. take one's measure. tweak. blast. belly music. fraud. have up. oddball-type. about face. stick ones neck out. kill. beat the drum for. Santa Claus. phony up. paste. midcourse correction. See also NATURE. jinx. shot at. See ECCENTRIC. flukey. cuffo. turn-around collar. CHARMER n. See WAGER. killer. break. rank out. arsy-varsy. See CLERGYMAN. See also SHIFT. See also MODIFICATION. take it in a little. dink. ASSOCIATE. big. fine tune. that's one all over. something. put on the cuff. put on tick. bird dog. offshoot. do up. land all over one. four-flusher. fake. See also ERRATICALLY. pizazz. long shot. wow. chemistry. storm. gift. ride shotgun for. typecast. skimbleskamble. it. gimmick. lulu. pigeonhole. button down. hit the sawdust trail. back. price tag. SOUTH CAROLINA Charlie. the jazz. flip-flop. See COST. nick. king o' the hill. the gripes. whammy. turn the tables. something. 3. go. swinger. CHANCE v. fair shake. mix-up. law. jump on. turnaround. blow one out of the water. helping hand. bottom out. sky pilot. branch house. do one's part. star quality. head over heels in. new shuffle. butcher. thing. all heart. CHANT v. breaks. CHANGED adj. CHARISMA n. plunge. razzledazzle. turn over a new leaf. man trap. See ACCUSATION. dido. CHARM v. sheik. 2. tick. knock out. put on the tab. bite. slant. sin hound. born again. tickled to death. put down for. it. holy mess. 1. CHANGEABLE adj. CHANCE n. fetcher. big stink. who's minding the store? See CONFUSION. CHAOTIC adj. revamp. bit. take out after. 1. hoodoo. squeeze. write-off. dirty deed. have the law on. go in hock for. wishy-washy. bushwhack. recalibrate. sing a different tune. fighting chance. 3. switch. cook. heart in the right place. blindside. NORTH CAROLINA Queen City. handout. lump. vamp. alarm clock. whistle-blow. turnaround. See SUPPORT. CHAMPION v. monkey around with. See also ACCUSE. peg. See CONFUSED. CHANGE v. 2. damage. white knight. turn one around. surgical mission (quick). glamour. come to Jesus. about-face. go to bat for. chismo. pleased as punch. numéro uno. 1. white hope. send. new deal. kick. See ATTACK. baby-sitter. give it atweek (small). beef. one's bag. flash. streak of luck. haul off on one.

chew out. gas. song. cover up. handkerchief switch. cheesy. doublespeak.cheat 61 CHARMING adj. kinky. dog. skunk. abortion. scrumptious. small time. easy on the pocketbook.. grandstand. dirt cheap. double trays. fix. gook. CHAUTAUQUA n. hogwash. jip. cracker box (house). clinker. royal screwing. dirty dealing. ream out. shuck. Mickey Mouse. schlock. windbag. raunchy. take out after. go after. ratty-tatty. jerk one off. chintzy. deke. schlocky. throw the bull. ain't worth diddly shit. four-flush. gab. shit. flashy. chew the rag. marmalade. run around. visit with. whitewash job. Carrie Watsons. chew. crooked stick. rook. song and dance. lean on. shoot the breeze. chin. tickytacky. gas. monkey business. no account. double banker. razzle-dazzle. clip. bibble-babble. slap down. razzmatazz. glitzy. bum steer. diddling. fast shuffle. hard hat. CHAT n. gyp. bat the chat. righteous. tin. frontin'. low-down and dirty. cheek it. gyp. yackety-yak. close. cheap as dirt. bunko. cross. See also SPEAK.flimflam. CHAT v. no bargain. rinky-dinky. close-fisted. hassle. See GAUDY. sting. See HUMILIATED. jingoist. hype. talkee-talkee. run down. scam. jaw. racket. jive. rap session. sting. not so hot. cake cutter (circus). hooey. cross one up. 4. dipsy doodle. quick and dirty. . whitewash. lay into. go on. fuck. stiff. gabber. red-neck. See FOLLOW. Barney. boiler room. bullshit. dirty work. bill of goods. cross up. track down. gasbag. frog. CHAUFFEUR n. pisspoor. real buy. gas. sexist porker. tripe. hookup. cost next to nothing. flukey. snazzy. hocus-pocus. G. vanilla. two-time. disinform. run a game on. MCP. fast one. bunco. talkee-talkee. cheapie. chin music. cheapie. dirty work. doodly shit. twiddle. shoot the bull. bleed white. cut rate. dirty pool. pile of shit. ain't worth a hill of beans. bibble-babble. tight. chisel. dime a dozen. hump. settle ones hash. windjammer. wrong steer. bum CHATTER n. frame-up. crud. talk through one's hat. See PUNISH. jeasley. string. the least. visit. ding. bullshit. chicken shit. fake. bull. stab in the back. CHATTER v. cross. rap. shuck. yak. fast shuffle. not kosher. bat the breeze. caboodle. doodly poo. tripe. penny-pinching. bitch. CHAUVINIST n. rat's ass. real steal. jive. guff. sharp deal. have diarrhea of the mouth. yackety-yak. CHEAPLY adj. ream. scroungy. flimflammery. el cheapo. chitchat. CHASE v. shoot off one's mouth. blah-blah. double-X. delicious. graft. bull. flam. smoke. the engineer's daughter. cagey.I. dick one around. nickel and dime it. XX. jerk one around. junk. mind one's p's and q's. ham. cotton-pickin'. good enough to eat with a spoon. no-good. the old army game. frame. drop-dead gorgeous. small. gab. borax. low tariff. slimpsey. shuck and jive. yakking. sleazy. cheap John. throw the bull. yacketyyak. stingy. low cost. jaw. bogus. steal. Archie Bunker. bulldog. yak. superpatriot. cruddy. hose. Judas kiss. chinfest. wheelman.. CHASTISE v. blah. male chauvinist pig. gab. shell game. run on. flookum. shaft. diddly. garbage. gum. scam. beans. borax. ate crow. beat one's gums. drecky. ain't worth the powder to blow it to hell. yackety yak. bait and switch. TENNESSEE Choo Choo Town. bat the breeze. ain't worth a plugged nickel. doodly. low rent. honest John. hot-air artist. throw the bull. white elephant. jelly bean. snow job. fast talk. fleece. peanuts. CHEAT n. ain't worth doodly shit.flimflam. flukum. garbage. hill of beans. stiffo. dreck. throw one a curve. lousy. malarkey. grift. hot air. line of cheese. no count. fudge. banana oil. jazz. bought for a song. fool. See also SPEECH. screw. frig. from hunger. rim. the pilgrim drop. ate dirt. hustle. dreamy. CHEAP adj. gummy. bilk. See also SPEAK. got religion. hanky-panky. fake one out. hundred percenter. lemon. two bit. 1. BS. autograph. monkeyshines. blah-blah. ate humble pie. rap. do a number on one. dishy. bullshit. CHATTANOOGA. piece of shit. CHARY adj. shag. CHATTERBOX n. dud. bunk. con. pick up for a song. rope in. guff. diddly poo. ratty. chew the fat. hocky. tap. bucket shop.stick. total shuck. run on the rims. shoot off one's face. gook. sellout. mangy (fur). trim. spoof. tap game (advertising). rip off. yak. two-timing. cheatin' heart. skin game. shit kicker. doesn't wash. turkey. taradiddle. play dirty. double shuffle. cover. throw the bullshit. run off at the mouth. See CAUTIOUS. bat one's gums. Brown Top. leery. bum. confab. sell wolf cookies. buy. junky. funny business. wood. bunko. crappy. double talk. beat. claptrap. climb all over. bleed. hokey-pokey. Murphy game. jitney. snake one in. BS. See also DRIVER. fuck one over. 2. gab. curveball. shady deal. play catch up. plant. put-on. shoot the shit. down and dirty. bird-dog (scout). pratt.). flag-waver. limb. hot air. crusty. el cheapo. hokum. punk. bat the chat. sandbag. CHASTENED adj. gouge. fork. double-cross. shenanigans. short con. cutie.G. gas. spinach. big store. plastic. pig. rapping rash. fishball. twiddle. 3. bait and switch. flavor (Bl. wrong number. crooked deal. burn. parley voo. balls. stunt. shoot the breeze. run on. bunco. con game. baloney. minus. See also SPEAK. big con. rake up one side and down the other. ain't worth a hoot. kiting checks. dog cheap. hugger-muggery. N. CHEAT v. cost nothing. dirty trick. See also BEAUTIFUL. royal fucking. patrioteer. got o n e s comeuppance.flam. go on. beat one's gums. yak. gas. trick. crap. con. dodge. tinhorn. dime a dozen. See STINGY. diddly shit. ain't worth shit. go on and on.

taken for a bundle. brace up. jeppo. sound off for. crimp. stall. four-flusher. lay off. got it up the ass. root for. sold. second deal. pack the deal. pull the wool over one's eyes. mousetrapped. CHEERS n. deal from the bottom of the deck. full of prunes. little Mary Sunshine. hustler. soup soup . bunco artist. got trimmed. deacon. high. gyp. CHEMICAL RESIDUE n. hook. wrong number. been had. choke. sharp. bring down the house. pull a quickie. snap out of it. fudge. sting. sell gold bricks. doublecrossed. boiler (logger). crook. See also ENLIVEN. pigeondrop. have em on their CHEF n. cookie. high. gazoozle. full of beans. moonlighter. put on the check. XX. wolf in sheep's clothing. go South. play the nine of hearts. outfox. throw the hooks into. full of vinegar. Murphy.O. shafted. hornswoggled. splash. rope in. saddle with. slice. doctor. take the air out of the ball. see one coming. can it. ice. jived. boogerboo. shaved. break off. let the sunshine in. ninetynine. bunco. knock off. belly burglar. put one on cloud nine. hasher. sucker. kid. 2. 1. on the grift. shady. pick up. map. cold haul. perk up. give one a bum steer. feather merchant. O. crib. snowed. kiter (writer). dingo. bunco steerer. suck in. rinkydink. took a hosing. CHECK. check it out. buffaloed. grooving. 1. jumping. feet. get the shaft. screwed. stonewall. hoke up. pull a fast one. chouse. broadsman. squack. rocking. give a lift. (silver-lipped operator of bullshit). crust. cream. flammed. skinned. plug. ike. ass in a sling. gouge. give one a raw deal. set up. sizzler. laid relaid and parlayed. flimflam man. peter out. CHECK n. buck up. flimflammer. CHEEKS n. stack the deck. set up. full of go. play actor. they're peeing on us and telling us it's raining. 3. weenie. play for a sucker. bent. snow job. take one to the cleaners. pot slinger. die. vamp. cramp one's style. peppy. 2. milk. do in. conned. double O. play games with. soak. queer. swingle. con artist. pusher. smooth operator. foxed. weiner. CHEERFUL adj. leave off. case. suede-shoe operator.B. go-go. salt. fleeced. salt a mine. easy mark. looking at the world with rosecolored glasses. gold brick. cut off. city slicker. shag. diddler. come off it. gypper. See ENCOURAGE. flimflammed. throw a game. zippy. gyp artist. bamboozle. chiseler. CHEERLESS adj. sneakin' deacon. come to a grinding halt. belly robber. gouged. have. damper pad CHECKERED adj. take one for a ride. freeze. cheese eater. bilked. skunk. make a patsy of.L. screwed blewed and tattooed. honest John. doublecross. humbug. bring to a screaming halt. upper. play for time. skin. up. cut off one's water. stung. he used an airplane. promote. gypster. suckered. chouse out of. rosy. aced out. double shuffle. choppers. throw a fight. double-crosser. slick operator. rubber check CHECK v. score. conk out. phony. slip one over on. smooth apple. perky. sucked in. zingy. ride a pony. S. clip artist. stack the cards. look see. operator. fucked. chiseled. in the dumps. damper. grease pot. check bouncer. load. shut down. call it quits. duff. chipper. CHEMICAL MIXTURE n. snow. cold cock. turn it off. cold deck. shut off. equestrian (test cheating). snappy. check out. See also BAKER. come to a screaming halt. double deal. holdup. single-o. pluck. hear it for. snowed under. take for a sucker. grub chocker. took the bait. shark. jip. con man. roped in. juiced. strip bare. put one on top of the world. buffalo. jive ass. let up. grunt. sunny side up. strung along. stuck with. See also DELAY. faker. burglar. jerked around. smooth article. See also ASCERTAIN. cook up. snookered. fix one's wagon. put on. bust out. smoothie. CHEATER n. 1. phony up. grift.. (bad). sold a bill of goods. shave. See also STOP. hippoed. close out. kick over. short-change artist. not kosher. zappy. gaff. sunny. taken for a sleigh ride. break it up. wrong. taken for a ride. diddled. CHECKBOOK n. taken. skunker. bouncer. shiver. read. checkeroo. Little Merry Sunshine. full of piss and vinegar. got a haircut. do out of. tune out. psych out. CHEER v. whip. fraud. juiced up. pull one's leg. BAD n. mopey. full of hops. rubber check (also forged). jackleg. cut the crap. See also HAPPY. put something across. sandbagged. fake out. bilker. crooked stick. twotimer. frame. shave the deck. been took. fox. fucked over. disinformed. grifter. he had a pony. stew builder. corky. glad-hander (overly). Jesse James. turn off one's water. 2. looking at [something] through rosecolored glasses. mechanic. close off. shut out. pull a fast shuffle. gassed. stiffed. hash slinger. builder. burned. draggy. fast talker. hand like a millstone round one's neck. blue. blackleg. hornswoggle. down in the mouth. gyped. horse trader. chirpy. shucked and jived. take a dive. full of pep. hold up. make a monkey of. bottom-deal. two-faced. CHEATED adj. choke off. hurdy. been taken. fell for. bad paper. kiss out.O. hoser. take. sell one a bill of goods. stuck. biscuit roller. plant. string along. hold the horses. sharpie. worm. hocus-pocus. double-dealer. lead one up the garden path. pull something on one. bouncy. double clock. cool it. cut the shit. clipped. high on something. stiff. cut it out. frisk. diddle. put something over. come to a shuddering halt. weigh down. scout it out. swinging. saw one coming. chirk up. string.62 cheated steer. took. sucker into. bearded. grafter. give one the run around. box in. upbeat. got a raw deal. candle. got the short end of the stick. See UNHAPPY. get one in a box.

ILLINOIS Chi. chickadee. glass chin. anklebiter. Mickey Finn. sea gull. 1.). chocoholic. CHIMERA n. yellow peril. CHINESE RESTAURANT n. other fish to fry. natural. punk. Chicagoan. CHICANERY n. bubba. winner. CHICAGO. See TRICK. monk. A-one. Red China. Chinks. GIRL.. China chin. CHOICE n. chaw. See COLD. big weenie. sitter. visit from the stork. hog. cup of tea. shaver. two-dog night. bambino. Chink. take it or leave it. CHIDE v. CHINESE n. flash groove. take down a peg. ($5). CHILDBIRTH n. WYOMING Rodeo Town. bub. buy in. Cattle Town. clean. barber pole (stacked by color). Mickey. snotnose kid. sprout. chop shit on a shingle. pong. quarters ($25). little kid. sonny boy. gump. take down. CHILDREN n. big shit. Chinee. snappy. other side of the coin. popes nose. Chicagorilla. CHESHIRE CAT n. kid stuff CHILD MOLESTER n. dap. bitchin'. spinach. chip off the ole block. white meat. puppy. CHIMPANZEE n. Big Windy. baby-sitter. John. run-around. . CHICKEN PARTS n. banty. tad. stack (20). CHERRY SODA n. JD. West Sider. parson's nose. CHILDISH adj. nipper. CHILD TENDER n. 2. part that goes over the fence last. curtain. bird. part that goes over the fence last. whiz kid. CHOCOLATE PUDDING n. point. producing. other fish in the sea. CHOICE adj. young chit. CHITTERLINGS n. boy wonder. Chev. CHEYENNE. Second City. CHINA n. Chinks. button. the shakes. punk kid. go down the line. little doll. rug ape. cold creeps. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. druthers. flange head (WW II). fling a fang into. young fry. small fry. coolth. icebox (place). little angel. buddy. bamboo CHINESE IDEOLOGICAL DIVISION n. almond eyes. choc.). CHICKEN n. albatross (WW II). short eyes. CHILD n. tadpole. get (animal). kid. CHIC adj. North Sider. CHIPPED BEEF ON TOAST n. kinchen. other pebbles on the beach. drape ape (Stu. nanny. gangster. CHERRY PIE n. call on the carpet. bonecracker. CHEW v. big wheel. CHILD PRODIGY n. cold tit. CHIEF n. quiz kid. key player. little darling. See EXECUTIVE. juvenile delinquent. CHIROPRACTOR n. knockout drops. talk to. latchkey child.). last word. chit'lins. CHEVROLET n. Windy City. Chinx. the shivers. godfer (Obs. CHILLS n. squirt. CHILLY adj. fool's paradise. CHIPS n. hack. yellow rain (war). chimp. pup. CHINESE DINNER n. Toddlin' Town. shimmy. Brit. natty. Wind City. terrible. little guy. weakness for. CHLORAL HYDRATE n. whack. rice belly. CHIN n. CHICKEN'S TAIL n. top drawer. rug rat. glass jaw (easily knocked out). crumbcrushers. cool. stone. bamboo curtain. slant. pope's nose. dark meat. sharp. Chewy. mice. song and dance. biddy. little bugger. dirty pool. whitewash job. hanky-panky. Big C. South Sider. little dickens. solid gold. kinch. young fry.choice 63 CHEMICAL SPRAY n. CHICAGO RESIDENT n. CHEMISE n. little squirt. aces. Chinx. CHOCOLATE LOVER n. say so. little Michael. cub. bud. monkey business. eat a chinx. gum. suey joint. Chinx. kiddo. creeps. See also BOY. chick. reds. head man. Chi Town. ant paste. brain. offspring. turned on to. nickel. See STYLISH. big gun. See EXCELLENT. top brass. rap one's knuckles. on the button. CHOCOLATE n. the loop. bag. Big Wind. house ape. CHIP v. blessed event. checks. crumbcrusher. Chesycat. Chinky. short. chino. soul food. gull. Chinaman. tight-assed. pipe dream. munch. chow. slant eyes. yellow fish (all Derog. George Washington pie. slap on the wrist. ten. frost one. speak to. chickabiddy. frosty. chomp. latest thing. See REBUKE. drop one. blacks ($100). sonny. small fry. maiden's delight. buzzard. riceman. parson's nose. head honcho. ding. greens. little shaver.

cussed. quadriplex. quote. faggot. heater. get around. 1. burn. kings. b e e f b u r g e r . pimp stick. ready roll. stinker. See also ASSOCIATION. straight. queer. shitwork. no problem. rope. jitney. seegar. upsmanship. fire. bump. funsies. Havana. zero. easy as pie. grumpy. Queen City. picnic. zippo. nobody. CHOOSE v. son of a bitch. pill. bitch kitty. went by way of. pernickety. gypsy. Clem. clean up the kitchen (order for hamburger. CIRCUMSTANCE n.). See also EVENT. mob. hefty. conk buster. mean. nail. cancer stick. ball-wracker. cinchy. ozoner (drive-in). scutwork. ample. big. broadside. chorine. get down to cases. run-around. nail it down. mum. fussy. ciggie. pip-squeak. bad ass. movie theatre. commo (prison). nebbish. See CONDITION. fatty. blow ones cool. See SELECT. watch one's step. CINNAMON ROLL n. 2. cigarette). zippo. joint staff. picky-picky. grind show. the hemp. scud. hot under the collar. strike it (pull up stakes). CIRCUMVENTION n. quirley (cowboy). rope joint. bitchy. call a spade a spade. terper. broom. Guinea. See MOTION PICTURE THEATER. bunch. boxfire. get the nod. folk sing. ground round. ballbreaker. play safe. called. CHOP v. slim. CHORAL adj. scut. chunky. cooch (dancer). roach. front door (Admin. sing in. pegged. smoke. gagger. tiger. CIGAR BUTT n. hemp. CIRCUMSCRIBE v. CIGAR n. grind. sixplex. zilch. CIGARETTE BUTT n. punk. stogie. nose out of joint. ugly. CIRCUMSPECT adj. finger. hey Rube (call for help. CHOSEN adj. spell out. zip. in the line. CIRCLE THE EARTH v. fun and games. drive-in. See also WORK. scene. fag. long way home. name. big screen. shrimp. click. bone breaker. happenso. porn palace. drag. weed. insiders. CIRCUMVENT v. pothole. bent out of shape. goose egg. CHOREOGRAPHER n. the movies. pleasingly plump. slot. situash. light (also act of lighting CIGARETTE PAPER n. dope stick. Wimpy. grounder. flyer. ticked off. stick. spark. slow burners. sing. action. choicy. CHOOSY adj. the makings (includes tobacco). CIRCUITOUS adj. Danish. barker. CINEMA n. tube. backyard (performers). no sweat. lip burner. snail. tailor made. crew. handout. picky. three ring. el ropo. go down the line. long way. butterball. cig. cramp. dead cat (lion. 2. ornery. fight. CIRCUS n. bughouse (cheap). snipe. with it (circus help). that does not perform). gasper. small-town resident). one- CHURLISH adj. red-assed. nabes. tabbed. old soldier. cut cake (short change). CINCINNATI. stump. tap. come in (waiting crowd). b u r g e r . See PREVENT. Big Mac. squirt. hopper. zot. get down to brass tacks. ranting and raving. gang. skin house. porn house. superburger. flicks. tab. tag. big boy. like it is. old soldier. pictures. hap. big rag. chewed fine. duck. maggot. coffin nail. hamburg. snap. local fleabag. grouchy. cheeseburger. ready made. pushover. weed. CIGARETTE n. riot. reference. punk. diddly squat. CIRCUS TERMS big top. dirge factory. gage. fullfigured. Clown Alley. brain tablet. chalk. CIRCULAR n. hack. CIPHER n. snipe. husky. picture show. CHURCH n. curbstone cigar. lung duster. CHUCKHOLE n. persnickety. whack. happenin'. tubby. literature. saying. See NOTHING. cigaroot. crush. gage. adult movies. See EASY. CHORUS GIRL n. CHORE n. show. insert. workout. bonfire. hump (Camel). cagey. etc. geek (freak act). CIRCLE n. See DANCER. dincher. hash or stew). roly-poly. cricket. bijou. OHIO Cincy. See FAT. throwaway. steamed. ring. square. gilly (small). outfit. clincher. snipe. gamesmanship. boxfire. bitch. butt. deck. zaftig. gaffer (manager). god box. ball-buster. the big top. Salisbury steak. bonfire. C H O P P E D MEAT n. stymie. handle with kid gloves. CITATION n. reefer. .64 choleric CHOLERIC adj. See IRRITABLE. grindhouse. twofer (cheap). bad-assed. fast burners (stale). torch. go round the barn. CINCH adj. punk. See also PARTICULAR. opt. wimp. where it's at. chughole. See CAUTIOUS. amen corner. KP (Army). orbit. crimp. CHRYSANTHEMUM n. CITE v. cantankerous. silver screen. joint. clipper. hacked. soft. pony. handbill. roll yer own. tetchy. funsey. snippy. blanket. 1. root. deck of butts (package). chickwork (household). hootenanny. grifter (sideshow concessionaire). squat. See ANGRY. CHUBBY adj. crowd. CIGARETTE LIGHTER n.

Japantown. hit up. catch. buck. red-light district. shantytown. See also SUPPORTER. apple-pie order. garbage collecting. jumping. peg. bang heads. CIVIL SERVANT n. CLAMOR n. frenzie. street clothes. let one off the hook. long-haired. let go. spelled out. CITY DISTRICTS n. apple.. slick. put away. dibs on something. cabin fever. launder (money. stir crazy. CLANDESTINE adj. townee. Chinatown. wide open joint. donnybrook. rooter. plain as the nose on one's face. brawl. See ABSOLVE. stir simple. classy. hell's half acre. cit. CLASSICAL adj. CLAUSTROPHORIA n. CLAPTRAP n. soogiemoogie. dump. insiders. CLASS DISTINCTION n. raise sand. tref. tartown. CLAQUE n. city slicker. hullabaloo. button chop. slab. CLARINET n. hell's kitchen. let off. under one's hat. put down for. Little Italy. clear cut. draw one a picture. size up. swab. swab down (Navy and maritime). two stemmer. CLEAR adj. underwear. bunch. beat one's skins. cits. clinker. chic. slot. rank out. small fine print at the bottom. the right stuff. cliff dweller.C. CITY n. CLANDESTINELY adv. raise Cain. See EXPLAIN. on the sly. black stick.T. triff. CLAIRVOYANCE n. Yank. long-haired. stir daffy. knock. poppycock. give a for instance. row. clinch. bafflegab. bunk. joker. kicker. put down as. give a big hand. skid row. feather merchant (WW II). See FIGHT. likes of. place. See FIGHT. Yankee. ruckus. CLASSIFIED adj. ESP. neat as a button. groupie. down the line. hush-hush. CAP. party.C. See NONSENSE. John Q. CLEAN adj. baloney. pop the question. fine print. C. CIVILIAN n. police the area. agony pipe. high-rent district. Bowery. holler. CLAIRVOYANT n. once over. hoo-ha. put up a howl. crumb up. street people. See DEVOTEE. in holes and corners. mitt reader. squeaky-clean. creep (mission). mix up. CLASS adj. make perfectly clear. CLASH v. straphanger. home folks. hushhush. CIVILIAN DRESS n.. squeeze. G. CLARIFY v. spell out. clutch. take one's measure. tab.. the right people. typecast. grab ass. civ. buck passer. small print. pecking order. title). under wraps. long CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS n. mob. glom onto. hit. See SECRET. Big Time. on the Q. CLAIM v. CLASP v. CLAMOR v. boom town. hubba-hubba.C. lot. gold coast. hush-hush.I. CIVIL AERONAUTICS ADMINISTRATION n. stir bugs. slot. G. See also NOISY. grab. CIVIL AIR PATROL n. dinkytown. put up a squawk. CLASS n. run-in. gob stick. CLAN n. bosh. inner city. buzz-buzz. black belt. crystal clear. See also ASSOCIATION. wrong side of the tracks. howl. jam. open and shut. wop stick. sixth sense. CLASSIFY v. barrio. button down. G.I. ring. brawl. long-hair. in a hole-and-corner way. outfit. downtown. wildcat (plan). bus (Rest. crowd. Public. mix it up. strictly hush-hush. cave dweller. click. sujee-mujee. undercover. kinfolks. tenderloin. hold out for. tommyrot. vanilla. CLAP v. buff. old town. defog. gobbledygook. civvie. subway rider. undercover. peavie. John Q. See APPARENT.. jump. neat as a pin. fan. get one's shit together. family jewels (gov't. sujee. ear popping. CLEAN v. civvies. number. a string attached to it. boomer. have a go at each other. Koreatown. See also GRAB. See COMPLAIN. niggertown. burg. likes. whistle for (but won't get). police. do the dishes. clamp down (Navy). hear it for. Broadway baby. other side of the tracks. apparatchik. narrishkeit.. See SECRET. apple pie. skid road. on the quiet. gang. bear hug. give a hand. urb. under wraps. plain clothes. stick. soogie.clear 65 CITIZEN n. CLAMOROUS adj. crush. fine print at the bottom. spruce up. tough town. rowdydow. paper shuffler. Big Town. licorice stick. CLAUSE n. pigeonhole. wrong tank. under wraps. CITY DWELLER n. touch of class. . place. folks. straighten up. mainline. dobie. doby (by hand). CLEAR v. main street. mufti. barefaced. CLASSICAL MUSIC n. towner.). pecking order. CLASH n. raise sand. yakky. long-hair. pick up. See also TIDY. a string to it. CAA. string. crew. CIA). right tank.

1. have savvy. in one's Sunday best. clemo. deac. rag out. sin hound. clinch. skinflint. See also SKILLED. know one's onions. got one's shit together. call it a day. critical mass. long-haired boy. chroniker. not so dumb. chummy. Big Ben. dressed fit to kill. clam up. no dumbbell. go off. know-how. padre. CLEAVE v. CLOSELY adv. whack. ape. hush-hush. slough a joint. not born yesterday. SHREWD. turn-around collar. sleepin' together. 5. paper shuffler. insiders. sports). CLOSE adj. CLINIC n. el foldo. Scotch. warm. potboiler. CLOTHE v. CLEMENCY n. clabber. in bed with. close down. glory roader. shoot one's wad. put a lid on. neat. white collar. wizard. all there. off the hook. company monkey (Army). clammed up. quick on the uptake. on the ball. tattler. bible thumper. spring. button. in spitting distance. capper. boiler plate. togged. paper pusher. pack it in. far out. bunch. preacher man. by the skin of one's teeth. ticker. 2. harp polisher. call all bets off.). stuck to one like glue. pencil pusher. crush. skimpy. crack. shoot one's wad. stay put. lifesaver. CLIMAX (SEXUAL) v. egghead. in one's best bib and tucker. Dirty City. right apartment house wrong apartment. CLIMB v. stay put. button up one's lip. See SEXUAL CLIMAX. stick like glue. front. haul one's ashes. quick. know one's stuff. click. CLING v. CLERGYMAN n. topper. have one's head screwed on right. CLEVELAND. turn out. mark. come. making it with. on the q. close shave. dummied up. in the ball park. all dolled up. have a head on ones shoulder. freeze to. there. let off. hotshot. stick like a barnacle. with it. deck out. slick. button up one's lip. devil dodger. freeze to. bible beater. 1. mob. Iron Town. drop the curtain. 2. 1. tog. ring one's bell. shutter. stick like a wet shirt. near miss. easy make. tight chops. sharp. See END. chump. clear. zip one's lips. savvy. SNOBBISH. slicing it thin. clam up. thick as thieves. enough ducks in a row. familiar tune. got one's act together. See also SECRETARY. thick. with it. hot. call off. boss player. 4. shoot. buzzword. dried up. gang. 2. clemo. decked out. garbo. black coat. right buck. bitter end.t. beat the rap. blow off. little man in the boat. pally. high camp. nobody's fool. Yap CLEVER adj. corn. stingy. suit up. circle. roommates. cozy with. zip one's lips. hot tamale. cute. quick on the trigger. put to bed.. dressed to the nines. sky merchant. CLOSEMOUTHED adj. pigeon. butcher shop. uppity. ring down. pogey (prison). any closer he'd be on the other side. rig out. trade spit. dude up. saw. blow one's wad. swap spit. bone factory. See also DEVOTEE. crew. that's all folks. CLOSE v.t. sky scout. CLIENT n. sharp. dud. between one and the lamppost. palsy-walsy. abbey. have the smarts. go the route. CLOT v. clinch the deal. between one and the lamppost. palsy. the jeans look like they were painted on. mum's the word. blow. See STINGY. cut loose. CLICHÉ n. CLERICAL WORKER n. sharp as a tack. tight chops. CLEARHEADED adj. buck. fold a joint. fold up. alley (corridor).66 cleared CLEARED adj. See CONSUMMATE. phenom. spare tongue (Obsc). ring one's chimes (Fern. . See ADHERE. drape. in fine feather. kissin'cousins. CLIQUISH adj. sky pilot. CLIQUE n. sew up. hack. high hat. down to the short strokes. lopper. old story. have one's ticket punched. slicing it thin. outfit. wrap a joint up. walked. brainy. See REASONABLE. glop up. tight with. gospel ghee. hold on like a bulldog. button up. sucker. got it up here. ring. rig up. Holy Joe. wind up. button up. pay off. CLOCK n. foxy. cling like ivy. get off. fold. hang in. CLIMAX n. CLOSE n. tick-tock. See NEAR. got one's head together. the rev. hang onto. got the smarts. OHIO Town. ape up. button down. old chestnut. get off one's rocks. clam. old saw. timepiece. button up. on the q. rag up. chintzy. close but no cigar (miss). whiz bang. sign off. get over the mountain. shoot one's load. clitty. fit out. cream one's jeans. stick like a leech. CLOTHED adj. tight. pencil shover. cap. deck. 3. dog out. float. CLOSED adj. pink collar. fit like wallpaper. turnip. See also NEARLY. gone fishing. 3. shut down. cling like a burr. smart as a whip. reverend. give or take a little. crowd. wrap. pro. clit. nifty. walk-in. rigged out. old song. pen driver. stick like a barnacle. no dummy. tight-lipped. See also CLITORIS n. wrap up. brain. pinchfist. together. head. pen pusher. chestnut. hush-hush. stick like a limpet. doll up. just like this (fingers intertwined). crazy like a fox. live one. swan song. whiz kid. INTELLIGENT. buddy-buddy. dark (The. cum. See FINISH. let go. crackerjack. fire proofer. See DRESSED. gussied up. wind down..

lowdown and dirty. loudmouthed. schmotte. cutup. girl. heaven dust. tie in with. CLUSTER n. toggery. tell-tale. Joey. See GRAB. hot lead. klutzy. racket jacket. glad rags. sap stick. maxicoat. 2. vines. whites. jerky. bunch. white face. CLUTCH v. broad (Jive. Christmas (ostentatious). crack. threads. goaty (Army). iron (golf). clobber. duds. boondock (outdoor). drapes. freak (not common). white Christmas. gray flannel. grab. blob. schmaltzy. Charlie. duffy silencer. weeds. C. snag. hangout. main line. ham-fisted. break. works. get out. amateur. dub. See also HOLD. hooligan navy. ol' buttermilk sky. collar. SPARS (Women's bungalow sailor. CLOWN n. . midi. COAST GUARDSMAN n. reach-me-downs.cocaine 67 CLOTHES n. pallazzios. See SENTIMENTAL. speedball (plus morphine or heroin). best bib and tucker. wraparound. the COAT n. greatcoat. chunk. shill. dry goods. See ASSOCIA- COARSE adj. galoot. COACH v. nightstick. cosh. ring. CLUB n. hunk. white mosquitoes. madcap. lay it out for. rope in. drapes. CLOTHING INDUSTRY n. schmotte business. tie up. tip-off. seethrough blouse. amateur night in Dixie. mob. put through the grind. glom. Dr. See ASSOCIATION 4. knee-hi's. granny dress. hook. estate. filthy. zoot suit with a reet pleat. mace. crowd around. trey. getup. cits. tailor-made. persuader. drag one through Georgia (chocolate). zoot suit. cookie. CLOYING adj. handout. sap. berry. dress blues. 1. coke. See OBSCENE. drape shape with a reet pleet. dead giveaway. pantsuit. flake. gang. cloud walk. CLOTHING STORE n. smooth along. hand-me-downs. white cross. harness (leather. bottle club. nineteenth hole. outfit. dirty. COAST v. loppered. raunchy. blue. gold dust. cool suit with a loop droop. jam. snowball. COAL n. stick. COAX v. tie dyes. Mao. schmotte. toggery. Corinne. Sunday clothes. CLOTHING n. threads. drape shape. sappy. hunk. gooseberry (hobo use). rig. glad rags. rags. hone. gushy. Beau Brummel. billy. pull one's coat. Sunday go-to-meeting. khakis. cheap. See also JOKER. convincer. glopped up. felon sneakers. klutz. Sunday best. pale face. duster. work on. CLOTHES HORSE n. bomber jacket. Eisenhower. ice cream suit. CLUBHOUSE n. skate. tent. feathers. COCAINE n. all thumbs. teary. conk buster. Port Arthur tuxedo. toot. lead-footed. lead. clabbered. hookup. two left hands. nose candy. walrus. CLUSTER v. legwarmers. drapery. COAGULATE v. foofooraw. not cut out for. fofarraw. hip huggers. 2. rosh. gagster. Pearl. togs. drape. clunky. joy powder. hook. gin. snowbird. honking brown (flashy). leaf. Peruvian. sugar. join up with. flub dub. Mary Janes. snatch. white ducks. basic black. gang around. See CLOTHING. especially motorcycle). See PERSUADE. old lady white. lopper. ready-made. Nehru jacket. print. diamonds. Sunday suit. eight track (2. henhouse (WWII officer's). outfit. togs.5 grams). sleighride. beery. foulmouthed. jumpsuit. raw. 1935). Sunday go-tomeetin' clothes. Bernice. toot. flute. toots. bobbysox. jokesmith. coke. lady. micro. half-assed. rag business. stamping ground. See also NIGHTCLUB. big bloke. 3. set of threads. gushing. come together. uptown. stumblebum. TION. white. butterfingers. wood. front. two left feet. flash. Dentons. COALITION n. COAST GUARD n. clodhopper. garbage time. reindeer dust. set of drapes. maxidress. lick into shape. peacoat. frown (lemon). garbage. con. Buster Browns. join together. blob. jerk. ready. break in. Nehru suit. mushy. hook up with. glop up. life of the party. put the snare on. Auxilliary). hand-me-downs. gooey. dope. CLOUD n. rocks (hard). rough. crew. threads. CLUMP n. drag. business. full feather. come on. co-ax. See also ADVISE. her. vine. sack. hangout. CLOTTED adj. old man. 1. wings. maxi. CLOTHESLINE n. chunk. civvies. sock frock. joy flakes. fuzz fuzz. frame. afil. rag trade. turnout. jawbone. ground clouds. goofball. bull's wool (stolen). miniskirt. conk crusher. duds. bib and tucker. hot pants. off-color. arm-twist. stamping ground. put through the mill. Connie. bunch up. maiden's delight (cherry). pedal pushers. COCA-COLA n. clunker. estate. glom onto. candy. rosewood. bloke. sloppy. sticky. drag. clabber. secondhand. COAXIAL CABLE n. skipper. cola. hamhanded. harem pants. fashion plate. flogger. real COALESCE v. fatigues. mini. fine feather. namby-pamby. CLUMSY adj. bo. wisecracker. happy dust. gagman. live CLUE n. mufti. black diamonds. Cecil. bill club. Cee. snow. bum steer (false). blackjack. COACH n. frock. glaum.

shanty. with a splash (dark). See also CERTAIN. ski trip. think up. See also KNOWLEDGEABLE. sock. snail. moke. on the pipe (free basing). pulpit. know-it-all. kick around. bilge water. See SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. beef. sync up. mouthwash. flash on. punch. lean on. stash house. tin. mingles. COCAINE ADDICT n. row. fooling around (all Obsc). smoke. handle. wooden kimono. smart ass. plugged in. noodle it around. ARROGANT. garbage (olive. twist one's arm. COCAINE USER n. smart aleck. on to. meat market (singles bar). belly wash. sniff. schoolboy. office. kick. cold creeps. bear claw. 1. cueball (just had a haircut). razor cut. box. up on. Brazil water. jamoke. forty-four. chew the cud. colder than a well digger's ass. hipped. COFFEE n. COFFEE CAKE n. juice joint. with it. whiff. COCKY adj. perk. roomies. 1. smart ass. nuts. COGNIZANT adj. hep to. silver. Men's: trim. gaff. sync. CODEINE n. COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS n. savvy. mule. with socks on (cream). freeze one's ass off. cold meat box. See AWARE. snow snorter. jitney bag. snow snifter. cold enough to freeze the . make one an offer one can't refuse. on the pipe (free basing). smart guy. COIN v. CODFISH n. hep. played up to. and. lay. wise guy. hot stuff. stroked. balling. smarty pants. mocha. jazz. battery acid. pressure. Women's: do. lip sync. stump water. creeps. apartmates. wise to. smarty pants. Cape Cod turkey. squeeze. See also CASH. hairdo. cold and hot. jam house. order). high pressure. 1RS). high beams on (high). strong-arm. tuned in. pinto. draw one (Rest. cawfee. shake. dynamite. wise ass. flag (assumed). to go. fluid. driddle water (weak). clout. brainstorm. cokehead. mixer. made over. have goose bumps. dirty deed. chicken feed. See also FORCE. John Doe. cake). line (single dose). gin mill. put the squeeze on. Danish. Java. meter money. paint remover. know-it-all. See HAIRSTYLE. Charlie. snow snorter. live-ins. hip. stall. steamroller. spark. 2. blanko water (WWII).). bulldozing. trump up. pine drape. hip to the jive. cab. snappy. have duck bumps. Chicago overcoat. See FORCE. POSSLQ (persons of the opposite sex sharing living quarters. action. COGNITIVE adj. tap room. See SURE. wooden overcoat. boff. plugged in. dope. in the picture. black soup. smart aleck. dream up. fuck. sawmill.68 cocaine addict (sniffed). COCKTAIL LOUNGE n. cokehead. sheepherder's 100-mile coffee (strong). grounded. laced (with liqueur). chill. John Hancock. hut. front name. See also CERTAIN. hotdogger. cowboy coffee. arm. smart guy. heat. moxie. coffee and (cream or doughnut. on the beam. pine pajamas. gargle factory. cup a. steam. wise ass. COCAINE CARRIER n. on the beam. hump. stew over. hep to. head trip. hit. travelin' (outgoing order). spot. See THINK. snifter. COCKSURE adj. perc. snifter. tab. varnish remover. got. crate. black water. jam. balloon (bag). embalming fluid. horner (tender nose). jammer. COITUS n. spoiled rotten. COFFIN n. change. COGITATE v. COIN PURSE n. hotshot. blow dry. strong-arm tactics. ARROGANT. sniffer. bang. shag. pine overcoat. snowbird. See SURE. body packing. black strap. coolth. COINCIDE v. mugg. COERCE v. hip to. figger. LTR. small change. brand. ink. C and H. CODDLED adj. bird's-eye maple pajamas. tree suit. decaf. flit. COGNOMEN n. COCKPIT n. cokeland (source). fillmill. take it off the top of one's head. coffee COCAINE USE v. label. John Henry. alkali. make up. setups. COHABITATING adj. COCAINE AND HEROIN n. gueril. cokie. etc. COHORT n. barefoot (black). strong-arm. handle to one's name. wood overcoat. COLD adj. snort. wooden coat. blonde and sweet (cream and sugar). Norwegian. in the know. Joe. roll in the hay. high pressure. speedball (also cocaine and morphine). Cadillac (ounce). boola. COIFFEUR n. head trip. COERCION n. brainstorm. smarty. colder'n a witch's tit. office. COIN n. monniker. snowbird. row. sleeve buttons. mud. creekbank. smarty. dishwater. See BAR. slop and slugs (coffee and doughnuts). colder than a frozen fish's asshole. jammer. snow snifter. See ACCOMPLICE. spitball. cherry. fuzz cut. cut. tuned in. blackout. whizbang. convivante. bootleg. See AWARE. See CREATE. rock house. spoiled. screw. wise guy. tooter. Hollywood stew (creamed). line (dose). tag. forty weight. poop. toot. greenhouse. tooter. Danish. hotshot. hotdogger.

jive. gyp. See also WRITER. tie in. See also TALK. chinfest. racket. rah rah. trooper. scam. breakdown. dog collar (priest). fast shuffle. veged out. cow college. See CALM. dig up. COLLEGIATE adj. running dog. COLLAPSIBLE adj. COLLOQUY n. clambake. street talk. bunco. up. alma mater. COMATOSE adj. glue oneself to. wrack up. foot soldier. (protective). put in a fix. beat the bushes. doughboy. out cold. co-op. cave in. COLLAPSE v. plug ugly. crash. bang into. shunt. Yank. fender-bender. COLDHEARTED adj. pileup. jolt. fall apart. COLLECTOR n. smash. Derog. punching bag. monstro. COLLOQUIALISM n. jazz-bo (Bl. run-in. gorked. . grift. loxed out. go in partners with. mungo. See SEARCH. slugger. COMB v. basket COLOR v. get hold of. smash up. humongous. rap session. double banker. buzz session. bullet bait. be hand in glove with. East Jesus State (small). crash. unflappable. tiger. come apart at the seams. fudge. crack up. sideswipe. crack-up. Fed (Union). halls of ivy. smash-up. doughfoot. rear ender. See BIG.I. bluebelly (Union soldier. break down. fender tag. put up a fight. flash (thieves). team up. bag man (gangster). government-inspected meat (homosexual use). freeze one's balls off. throw in together. flaky. not turn a hair. plow into. whitewash. bitch.). go to pieces. ). put down (wine). a whale of a. jip. galoot. sandwich fixings. See PRIZEFIGHTER. super. double-cross. jackpot. fold. COLORFUL adj. get together. fold up. round up. humungous.). diddling. COMBATANT n. freeze one's tits off. finagle. crunch. delicatessen. brush. hook up. See UNCONSCIOUS. cool. aggie. buck. footslogger. jazzy. COLLABORATE v. COLLECTIVE n. frame. flimflam. bill of goods. truck with. team up with. con. cook up. think-in. conk out. fish-eyed. gravel agitator. hoke up. lug. throw in with. buff. con game. join up with. hook up with. team player. See FIGHT. confab. shoot it out with. keep one's shirt on. one-dog night. COLLAR n. See CALLOUS. brainery. scare up. drop. go in cahoots with. pile up. cauliflower ear. yardbird. a tuckis full offenders. double shuffle. GI Joe. COLLECTED adj. out to lunch. snuffles. the old army game. jive talk. corral. super-duper. buy off. gam. COLLUSION n. cook. sting.). buck private. look high and low. gravel crusher (WW I). ice man. leg (infantry. hump. flam. two-dog night. See also SCHEME. blimp. super-colossal. Tommy Atkins (English soldiers). champ. COLORADO Centennial State. skin game. come together. keel over. nut. pug. See SCHEME. fender tag. cold tit. keep one's cool. mixup. huddle. Jerry (German soldiers). get in bed with. be in cahoots with. See also ASSEMBLE. sad sack. head-on. lingo. 2. crack up. COLUMBUS. conk out. horse cock. COLLABORATOR n. COLLAPSE n. pass the hat. dancer (coward). choker. 2. G. dead. icebox (place). short con. barn door. skip tracer (loan). COMBAT n. got lead balls for eyes. hook on. smell well. frosty. cook up. COLLUDE v. go up against. COLLIDE v. reb (Confederacy). cold. cold fish. big con. weasel words. jumbo. See UNIVERSITY.. paddlefoot. wrack-up. old Siwash. deli. dodge. mean machine. fern sem. stackup. Tommy. tie up with. flap. COLD n. quisling (Pol. Johnny Reb. crackup. shell game. glamorous. Fritz. doctor. fellow traveler. join together. freak. flap (urgent). royal fucking. work hand in glove with. interface. snuff. red legs (artilleryman (WW I). belly up. case. powwow. nerf. do business with. sideswipe. be in cahoots with. grunt. buck-ass private. talkfest. turn upside down. groupthink. breakaway (The. interface with. See also DEVOTEE. bunion breeder. cool as a cucumber. give out. rack. 1. bait and switch. COLLISION n. graft. cannon fodder. family. rap. go partners with. talkee-talkee. See FIGHT. COLOSSAL adj. battle royal. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. horse collar COLLECT v. COLOGNE n. crunch. mug. break up. palooka. give in. bunko. Vietnam). brush-off. COLD CUTS n. out. cross swords with. search high heaven. frost one. COMBAT v. cool. common cold. moonlight requisition. three-dog night. tie in with. OHIO Capital City. leave no stone unturned. dogface. COLLEGE n. royal screwing. dead to the world.combatant 69 balls off a brass monkey. shoot-out. heavy. fender-bend. tight-assed. smash into. skunk. sniffles.

breeze in. pool. fool. tie-in tie-up. feed. fall up. songs). COMEDY n. head honcho. screamingly funny. plunderbund. fool around. digger. See FOOD. See also JOKE. pop up. funny papers. synfuel (synthetic). COMMANDER PACIFIC FLEET n. crew. campy. head rush. See SUPPORT. stunner. go juice. lots of laughs. dive. hot one. liberate. burlap. just for the devil of it. call the signals. CINCPAC. horseplay. hit. See MIXTURE. high old time. 2. hook on. top banana. take over. fall by. walk heavy. let the sunshine in. high priest. rib. chirk up. needle. COMBINE v. See JOKER. big time. do the crazy shtick. funny paper. hoopla. fall out. call the tune. eats. stand-up comic. COMMANDER n. cockamamie. make a monkey of oneself. jerky. boss. side-splitting. call the play. slap on. tie-up. million laughs. hold the reins. hitch on. do the crazy bit. make it. lead-off man. cross dissolve (film). wisecracker. put one's foot down. pecks. banana. throw in together. soup (liquid). whistle bait. snug as a bug in a rug. the brass. snatch. run. skipper. A-number one. pratfall comedy.. comix. be in the driver's seat. give a lift. boss man. comeuppance. COMMAND v. COMESTIBLES n. high time. laughs. top. grub. clown. righteous. cropper. old man. stooge. just for laughs. jokey. (also safe or musical group). slapstick. batty. sit on top of. Mister Big. comix. cussed. trigger happy. COMELY adj. throw in with. See also WEALTHY. See ASSOCIATION. top banana. See also MANAGE. cutup. joshing. king. rishi. buzz (to announce an arrival). straight from the horse's mouth. gagged up. fat. field day. buck up. goofus. COMBUSTIBLE n. got em by the short hair. See JOKER. dogs breakfast (unpalatable). COMINGLE v. soup. boss lady. in charge. COMEDIC adj. guru. throw one's weight around. a million laughs. wacky. . scoff. ten. show. drop in. boss. make the scene. dub. exec. fire-eater. card. send-up. the man. burlycue. off the wall. the comics. run the show. nerky. don. for grins. funnies (also comic-strip page or section). have the say. topkick. COMMANDING adj. action. cantankerous. COMBINE n. hook in. combo. drag in. mother. playon. kingfish. high and mighty. freaked out. throw one's weight around. bitchy. Mickey Mouse. plug into. mastermind. howl. tomfool. too funny for words. show up. baggypants comedy. interface. dippy. motion potion. outfit. snap out of it. camp. the comics. pop in. do the crazy act. mastermind. ornery. See ARRIVE. comics. pratfall. in-one-door-andout-another comedy. syndicate. queen bee. flop. avatar. go juice. comics. cushy. dizzy. out of the horse's mouth. deal with. kingpin. head. nifty. motion lotion. stew. cockamainie. stationhouse bits. See BELLIGERENT. pick up. tie up with. picnic. merry-go-round. czar. piece. COMBATIVE adj. head up. take the conn (Navy vessel). tack on. blow in. marry (film). a million laughs. stand-up comic. tag on. sappy. 10. crazy. brace up. bunch up. clown. COMIC SECTION n. pussywhip (female). bob up. main squeeze. higher up. hit town. roll in. horse's tail. hawkish. whoopee. juice. ball. camp. nutty. boffo schtick. gump. goofy. crowd. See ASSOCIATE. dishy. COMEDOWN n. AMUSEMENT. throw in together. takeoff. stand in with. sign in. moonlight requisition. can't complain. come together. cue in (scripts. bossy. grins. sky in. have no kick coming. ring. wear the pants. time in. everything but the kitchen sink. cool. COMMANDEER v. deal. dreamboat. 3. COMFORTABLE adj. COMIC STRIP n. See BEAUTIFUL. Mister Right. just for the heck of it. loony. gimme. screwy. campy. glue oneself to. freaky. burlesk. conn. 1. looker. spark plug. COMEDIAN n. burly. COMIC n. funny papers. flaky. perk up. COMIC adj. gut-busting. look what the cat dragged in. mishmash. funnies. read the riot act. pull the wires. top dog. burlecue. fall in. network with. lay down the law. gang. scrappy. point man. got em by the balls. comfy. boffo. dramedy (dramatic comedy). ring in. daffy. fall down. get one's comeuppance. fat dumb and happy. get together. spring in. See FAILURE. fun and games. top brass. bunch. hookup. just for the hell of it. horse's collar. sitting pretty. See ASSOCIATE. mob. got em by the nuts. a million laffs. punch in. top banana. life of the party. head. yokky. stooge. swing in with. check in. lorelei. crack the whip. low camp. sitcom. too killing for words. kooky. team up with. take over. high camp. ms. foolheaded. head man.70 combative COMFORT v. rib-tickler. See also AMUSING. clip off. COMBINATION n. mix in with. punch the clock. wind up at. afterpieces. take her. banana. call the shots. be in the saddle. funny paper. screaming. duke's mixture. for grins. mishmosh. cockeyed. on one's high horse. vittles. horse's ass. horse's neck. clock in. top hand. COME v. blackouts. interface with. network. goodies. have the say so. grab. CO. cook. pull the strings. his nibs. mix (recording). push the buttons.

give a boost to. Joe Doakes. family. keep in touch. starch. opening up. plebe. plebe. bolshie. one's two cents' worth. commie. top brass.]. skid row. sound off. give a meeting. 1. from the top. See also CORRESPOND. go in for. mouthful (you said a mouthful). lead-off man. tee off. COMMERCIAL adj. Mr. 1. COMMENT n. run of the mill. bow. lefty. fellow traveler. See ACT. mainstream. main man. commo. neck of the woods. starch. Jane Doe. go for broke. put away. the brass. territory. Mr. chicken colonel. bolshevik. 2. dime a dozen. A-number one. get cracking. build up. commonsensical. scoop. COMMAND POST n. share. hack. See also TRITE. modjitate. comsymp. plum. rumpus. go for broke. piece of the action. COMMOTION n. four-star general [etc. comeback. ordinary Joe. slice. head man. low. COMMISSION n. open one's face. COMMERCIAL n. pitch. TL. John Smith. hats off to. See also DISTRICTS. bouquet. dime a dozen. drag. pinko. the man. COMMUNITY n. abreaction route. pink. interface. See also SHARE. the hot story. hood. exec. inner city. network. CP. hot poop. wisecrack. taste. jaw. topkick. John Doe. COMMISSIONED OFFICER n. garden variety. Brown Jones and Robinson. chip. COMMISSIONER n. COMMITTEE TO REELECT THE PRESIDENT n. pat on the head. outreach. See also APPROVE. have truck with. give a posy. See DETERMINED. start the ball rolling. old man. goods. top dog. mesh. set in concrete. juice. flap. red. have good vibes. skig. locked in. the brass. leftist. ante. drop a line. break. cut a melon (profits). parlor pink. stroking. first skirt (WACS. raise. give the man a big cigar. touch base. put on ice. vanilla. See also RADICAL. interact. John Q. pat on the back. Brown. big stink. middle of the road.. the inside story. confab. COMMON adj. Smith. run of the mill. left-winger. COMMIT v. 2. zoo. cut-in. build. hear it for. old man. CINCPAC. jungle. head honcho. boss lady. countdown. crack. main squeeze. BEDLAM. lieut. COMMUNIST n. get one on the horn. top. Brown. Billy Sixpack. give one a ring. run of the alley. lowdown. shantytown. commish. stroke. cutup. 2. See BEGINNING. Doctor Spocking the help. See INFORMATION. TL. go for it. pink. turf. what's happenin' what's going down. plug. John Smith. red fellow. hold. rave. lefto. five-star general. set. shot in the arm. mother. radical. rumdum. ghetto. CREEP. so so. everyday. PR. garden variety. mainstream. info. pinko. linkydink. ham and egger. skinny. shavetail. boiler plate. CINC. COMMON SENSE adj. potboiler. relate. points. Public. back channel (secretly). puff up. commercial. buzz. jump into. rake-off. piece. 71 pickin'. ENDORSE. trade last. cut. garden. spot. go out for. See also APPROVAL. COMMON MAN n. lefto. COMSAT. reach out. See also TALK. stomping ground. Mr. poop. no great shakes. slum. strokes. kick-off. stroke. beat. rumdum. backtalk. COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER n.community COMMANDING OFFICER n. poop. ordinary Joe. See also AVERAGE. any Tom Dick or Harry. opener. vox pop. COMMUNIQUÉ n. boss. COMMENCEMENT n. drop a note. trade last. bound. get the message. COMMUNICATE v. 3. cardcarrying. give one a call. See also CONFUSION. CINCAT. get the show on the road. reach out and touch someone. dope sheet. toss a bouquet. all hell broke loose. everyday. give one a jingle. pat on the back. commish. hold a meet. first crack out of the box. chunk. Brownie points. mean business. end. boojy. be on the same wavelength. neighborhood. cow sociology. Joe Lunchbox. hand it to. 90-day wonder. big scene. vigorish. grok (sympathetically). get across. P. CO. run of the alley. cheap. comsymp. plastic. pumping up. have good vibrations. boost. tear into. See also AVERAGE. 1. Joe Doakes. lag. COMMUNICATION n. WAVES). give one the horn. See TURMOIL. Public. slick. pipeline. COMMUNE n. vanilla. Mrs. COMMEND v. the great unwashed. Smith. have to hand it to. scoop. bound and determined. the latest. bite. Billy Sixpack. git go. garden. give a bouquet. boss man. curtain-raiser. cotton- .M. hoddy-doddy. touch. COMMUNICATIONS SATELLITE n. puffing up. point man. soapbox. corn. take one away. connect. dope. Smith. Mrs. masscult. input. chestnut. COMMENCE v. hit the ground running (in full operation). pulp. COMMONPLACE adj. preem. Brown. top brass. skipper. handout. comrade. head. COMMON-LAW HUSBAND n. COMMENDATION n. fellow traveler. COMMITTED adj. loudmouthed. See SPEAK. left winger. Tom Dick and Harry. See BEGIN. get one's feet wet. contact. get going. modulate. posy. Mr. Joe Lunchbucket. gold star. family. dope. familiar tune. stir. looey. puff. John Q. cool. the hot poop. brass hat. teleblurb.

stack up against. groovy. ice. cush. yammer. know one's bananas. just what the doctor ordered. clan. eagle shit. bleed. fink. rain. COMPANIONABLE adj. make a stink. grouse. carry on. socks and stocks (non-banking company such as Sears. blast. multinational. mix. feather in one's cap. push. togetherness. outfit. big one. pay. lifeboat. old softie. cash on the nail. gang. megacorp. in the hunt. street money. know all the ins and outs. kick. growl. run one's mouth. on the same wavelength.g. COMPATRIOT n. horse race (close). See FORCE. opposish. COMPETITION n. cozy. 1. split. know all the answers. COMMUTATION n. boodle. payola. moxie. more bang for one's buck. straphanger. COMPETENT adj. raise a howl. opposite number. paid one's dues. what it takes. beat the chair. have savvy. good vibes. COMMUTER n. piece. hit it off. payoff. strokes. gayola. pitch a bitch. deal. buddy buddy. put the arm on. See PAY. put the chill on. COMPACT adj. dog eat dog. gripe. hang (how does that hang?). COMPETITOR n. See FRIEND. squeeze. get along with. hush money. roomie. freight. plank out. cotton to. dicker. got a commute. dancing fool. cozy with. amigo. on the ball. walking-around money. mob. piece of paper. graft. landsman. gold star. offering financial services). cut a beef. beefy. grease. CAPABLE. buddy. go after. fool (e. 3. hung up. in a nutshell. go for broke. there. got a lifeboat. bellyache. COMPENSATION n. hold a candle to. gutsy. COMPETITIVE adj. commute. bugged. turn on the heat. fogey (Mil. gritch. clubby. throw one's weight around.mark. tight with. hefty. jump (raise). killer. mellow. divvy up. match up. bleeding heart (Derog. have a bug up one's ass. fogy. husky. See also URGENT. take home. ring.). influence peddling. fall dough. take. know one's groceries. COMPELLING adj. crisp. 2. live with. COMPLAIN v. laying pipes (Pol. in the groove. chuchula-muchula. have a tiger by the tail. touch. blow the whistle. hacking it. go for the jugular. cuz. ticket. all heart. gutty. wicked. crowd. drugola. shake. contract. put up a squawk. buck. the right stuff.72 community sing COMMUNITY SING n. up to snuff. piece. COMPARTMENTALIZE v. sugar. angries. brother. salt. pally. come on strong. got bugged. streetwise. have a thing about. sing in. competish. salve. savvy. go for. place. got clemo. dog eat dog. know the score. COMPARE v. jockey for position. pony up. in the rat race. take over. up to the . speak one's piece. bacon and eggs. kvetch. crab. crew. punch. COMPANY n. squawk. compasino. plum. sound off. compadre. come down with. palm oil. making the grade. know one's goods. scale. steamroller. on the merry-go-round. take care of business. hat. go for the throat. all around. groceries. squeal. know one's fruit. COMPATIBLE adj. get out the crying towel. COMPANION n. meat. piss up a . chop. shell out. comp. COMPELLED adj. bring home the bacon. soap. See OBSESSED. spring. folk sing. bacon. go easy on. clemo. bitch. cutting it.). 1. COMPETENCE n. boost. See also BRIBE. COMPETING v. take care of. no slouch. sister. killer instinct. payoff. cry the blues. playmate. know one's stuff. zoo. nut. hike. know-how. sing. know one's business. break up. where's the beef?. cash on the barrelhead. plunderbund. COMPETE v. sweetening. plugola. See also SOCIABLE.. one-man band. palsy. beef. COMMUTED SENTENCE n. go for the gold. put up a howl. schmear. goombah. sweetener. fireball. a regular jungle out there. know one's onions. take charge. COMPENSATE v. go for the gold. a pistol. oppo. short and sweet. sing the blues. knock off. baksheesh. juice. go easy with. rat race. lifesaver. pal. dark horse (unknown). jungle. mellow (close). up to speed. handshake. know backwards and forwards. See also ABLE. tight. pigeonhole. in sync with. syndicate. gang. know one's oil. good vibrations. dynamite. flying fool). got an anchor. hootenanny. split. up to it. pard. under the table. money on the side. See AGREEMENT. do or die. tickle the palm. sidekick. holler. pay up. know the ropes. scramble for. peanuts. Brownie button (facetious). know one's [practically anything]. boiled down. See CORPORATION. go. what's in it for one. chicken feed (small). a fix. mordida. mad (jazz). gripes one's cookies. soft shell. kickback. See SKILL. COMPASSIONATE adj. me and you. simpatico. cutting the mustard. know one's oats. make a long story short. slot. COMPEL v. one on one. paper. run.). chakra gonged. See also CONTEST. COMPANY SPY n. howl. growl. cousin. know one's goulash. 2. rake off. beat the rope. makings. on the take. crack down. go for it. bread. niche. be big. sing. company man. take on. soft-hearted. know one's beans. in the hunt. divvy. bunch. pop off. See INTIMATE. the goods. made the bughouse. coffee and cakes. palsy-walsy.

under one's belt. Rube Goldberg. hi tech. click. gasser. go social. COMPLIMENTARY adj. dead right. See also DIFFICULT. don't make waves. See FINISHED. See END. board. acdac. say goodnight Gracie. when in Rome do as the Romans do. rat's nest. do it according to Hoyle. rapper. dig. sourpuss. scratch out. six ways to Sunday. whomp up. 2. button down. toss a bouquet. keep one's cool. tunesmith. that's all there is there ain't no more. lie down and roll over for. you got it. toe the line. trade last. stone (stone deaf). foul up. blues singer. say uncle. COMPLICATED adj. play the game. make the cheese more binding. bang out. stew. heat merchant. call it a day. kicker. clef. keep a stiff upper lip. goulash. kick. stay in line. plug-in. number. fudge together. arrangement. keep one's cool. 2. ah ah head. knuckle to. toe the mark. griper. sew up. comp. ice maiden (woman). See AGREE. toss it in. polish. combo. warm fuzzy. note down. put to bed. forecastle lawyer. go along with the crowd. bitcher. See also OBEDIENT. wired. set. make waves. you sold me. catch. fixin's. COMPOSITE n. script.comprehend storm. makin's. COMPONENT n. duke's mixture. See PRAISE. it's a deal. get the picture. play ball. COMPLAINER n. I hear you talkin. See CONFUSE. putty in one's hands. turnaround 73 COMPLIMENT v. raise Cain. part and parcel. COMPREHEND v. wrap-up. COMPLETELY adv. cool as a cucumber. get. read. sorehead. guff. put away. together. add fuel to the fire. you just ain't whistling Dixie. shed ink. keep ones shirt on. COMPLETE v. straighten up and fly right. Rube Goldberg. screw up. all the way. See also ASSURED. See SUBMISSION. coin a phrase. kvetch. have one's act together. See FINISHED. whip up. put down. whistle-blower. See WHOLE. duke's mixture (strange). curtains. by the numbers. stink. I'll drink to that. give out. CALM. stew. mug. tune. stain a paper. top to bottom. COMPLAINT n. make hen tracks. COMPLETION n. wheels within wheels. lead sheet (music). open up a can of worms. crybaby. ditto. making. mega factor. COMPLEX adj. give a posy. can of worms. snafu. squealer. hi tech. fini. scriven. me too. galley west. setup. score. tune. smack. gotya. scribble. cry uncle. paste-up. home free. beefer. phiz. songsmith. that's all folks. home free. grubstreet (hack). hips. to a far-thee-well. COMPLIANT adj. whole enchilada. comp. go with the flow. whole hog. whole nine yards. front. push out one's lips. fold. follow the beaten path. crab. wheels within wheels. you've seen my whole spring line. COMPLICATE v. tumble. 1. zoo. snake pit. commonsensical. windup. not get out of line. fershtay. See FREE. that's it. complected. cool. mishmosh. mopped up. knock out a few pages. COMPOSITION n. lock stock and barrel. tunester. whiner. push a pen. unflappable. up the ass. peripheral. smack out. plainer. COMPOSED adj. snake pit. dream up. crazy. rumble. time. See FINISH. lorelei. when in Rome do as the Romans do. way to go. go by the book. give up. pill. give in. See UNDERSTAND. shape up or ship out. spoil a paper. from A to Z. go the route. come up to scratch. lemon puss. drive a pen. COMPLY v. . mishmash. crank. roll over and play dead. wound up. 2. beef. gripe. getup. toafare-you-well. go along with. from A to Izzard. hook line and sinker. sure thing. Annie Oakley. I hear you. grouch. where's the beef?. cut of one's jib. spill ink. CC (chief complaint). give away the store. cosplug. COMPLEXIONED adj. from soup to nuts. can of worms. all (all dolled up). comp. come across. hangup. gleek it. quit. bellyacher. gasser. savvy. cool. combo. bat out. chart. COMPOSURE n. put out (sexual). TL. piece. COMPOUND n. 1. mind blower. solid. all hollow. yes one. COMPLETE adj. COMPLETED adj. all over but the shouting. groovy. a wrap. ac/dc. knock out. put pen to paper. throw in the towel. drive a pencil. throw in the sponge. shoot the works. come around. cold turkey. See GRIEVANCE. shape up. pen. author. swan song. capeesh. plenty. grouse. turnaround. COMPOSER n. slam bang. pussy whipped. toss in the sponge. raise sand. free lunch (seems free but isn't). ghostwrite. royal. looks. don't rock the boat. cook up. you said a mouthful. go through channels. clean up one's act. from hell to breakfast. squawker. COMPLEXION n. a thing about something. hogcaller. knuckle under. COMPLETION TIME n. on the house. blow sunshine up one's ass. COMPOSE v. cave in. rap. wrap up. not turn a hair. whole megillah. flat out. give a bouquet. dead. knock off hen tracks on a rolltop piano (type). the works. push a pencil. eat one's heart out. ghost. all the way. fixings. toss in the towel. soup (liquid). get it under one's belt. roll with the punches. knock off. mega factor. there you go. finished off. pat on the back. dead to rights. wind it up. rat's nest. fit in.

down. cover up. dope out. 2. paper over. think one's shit doesn't stink. ho daddy. 1. deal. gronked (inoperative). multinational. (illegal). cut down. 2.74 comprehension COMPREHENSION n. mainframe. COMPUTER CONTROL n. COMPREHENSIVE EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ACT n. highfalutin. flatten out. let on like. beard. gall. copout. stashed. micro. no way. double take. trade off. slap on some glims. gassy. tiger. cover up. play ball with. tote. cut. hammer. a compatible (using same architecture and operating codes as a leading brand). quit. his nibs. CONCENTRATED adj. strike a happy medium. matie. jerk around. hot stuff. hang-up. hushed up. come to school. smart alecky.' high muck-a-muck. sellout. laundromat (places used to hide illegal transactions). gang. front. too big for one's shoes. CONCEITED adj. gofifty-fifty. drop. COMPROMISE n. fold. garbage out). CETA. tender loving care. clone. COMPULSION n. brain wave. keep tabs. fuck over. tot up. cut to the bone. pull up a bluff. bagbiter (failure). See FRIEND. head trip. crashed. bury. take it big. key swinging. knuckle under. sweat. stuck on oneself. figure. crapper. put on a front.T. CONCEAL v. make a deal. residence (file location). wienie. mob. sell out. megacorp. palm. crew.. head trip. zero in. gigo (garbage in. LAN (local area network). COMPROMISE v. give in. put in the hole. tot.if you can't fight em join em. monkey. flippy (disks). See IDEA. hold out on. cut ice. duck. See also DISGUISE. crashed. cocky. PC. big idea. pull-down menu. give in. over my dead body. nutshell. CONCEPT n. debug (error correction). COMPUTER OPERATOR n. See WHOLE. run down. launder. the picture. gweep. be agin. get knocked up (pregnant). planted. deadlock (jammed). hide out. joy stick. buddy. jungle. CPU. cop out. flash on it. big I am. crash. spitball. See SURRENDER. take account of. plant. big head. hinkty. win-win situation. dream up. docs (instructions). boiled down. biggety. keep buttoned up. spark. put on an act. board. hole. keep under wraps. puffed up. big talking. take it off the top of one's head. See CREATE. Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get). sharpen. outfit. chum. whore. mouse. 1. wear cheaters. happy medium. whole shebang. count heads. AI (artificial intelligence). stuffy. hubcap. stuffed shirt. take one's measure. cover-up. hot shot. brain. crack one's brains. ditto. breadboard (fits into an expansion slot). slant. meet halfway. swell-headed. user. windy. put up a bluff. 1. HIDE. macro. slow take. See AGREE. Silicon Valley. think up. have on the brain. buddyroo. lurker COMPUTER USER n. number cruncher. full of hot air. fig leaf it. bunch. hog. 2. chesty. incog. go with the flow. gweep. flash the gogs. crowd. lock stock and barrel. get to the meat. expansion slot. footprint (table top area occupied). dink (modify). laptop. telescoped. figure out. cock of the walk. go along with. CONCEALMENT n. COMRADE n. aha reaction. stash. stuffed. count noses. CONCEALED adj. covered up. brainchild. hackerdom. 4. phony. stick in the . hone in. multitasking. agin. say uncle. hush-hush. hacker. yes one. 1. telescoped. gutbucket. blow smoke. the name of that tune. hole up. 1. ho dad. See CORPORATION. think one is it. on the Q. run down some numbers. user. bug. keep it under one's hat. put in a nutshell. COMPREHENSIVE adj. boil down. blowhard. bosom buddy. cave in. beard. move in. half and half. cook up. hacker. take. doggo. transparent (unobtrusive program operation). across the board. floppy. COMPUTER n. See also RECONCILE. a regular I love me. tweek. windbag. make like. COMPUTE v. con. put something across. pull the wool over one's eyes. hot shit. twist. mini. backup (safety copy). holed up. wrinkle. whitewash. crack one's jaw. 2. icon (pictographic utility label). bullshit. load of wind. the works. put in the hole. CONCENTRATE v. COMPRESSED adj. figure in. approach. put something over on one. trade-off. zoo. CONCEIVE v. finesse it. the big picture. skim (income). make up. dubock. on an ego trip. sidekick. trim. stonewall. fifty-fifty. size up. bullshitting. toss in the towel. CONCERN n. mung (change). ham. too big for one's britches. COMPUTER USE n. fig leaf. put on a false front. high hat. fool notion. CONCEDE v. snooty. multiuser (network unit). 2. wall to wall. TLC. pal. See OBSESSION. high nosed. throw on a make up. stuck up. See THINK. four flush. ring. pour it on. tiger by the tail. brainstorm. trump up. play ball with. loudmouth. stuffed. put up a front. phony up one's getup. hammer away at. cuspy (excellent). throw in the sponge. 3. tote up. let on. windows (divided or superimposed monitor screens). under wraps. know-it-all. CON adj. ego-tripping. online. bury the hatchet. asshole buddy. amigo. play possum. COMPUTER TERMS go down. plunderbund.

close out. marina). send up the river. 2. boiled down. CONCLUDE v. ENDURE. kiss and make up. small print. super. CONDESCEND v. how things stand. clean up the calendar. king shit. bury the hatchet. fine print at the bottom. French tickler. put the lid on. call it a day. huddle. 1. litmus test. catch. for sure. I hear you. boil down to. See also ACCEPT. confab. CONCLAVE n. all the way. showroom perfect. channels. Ramses. CONCILIATOR n. gig. rap. See PREPARATION. with a string to it. sharpen. what you see is what you get. give the green light. buzz session. jibe. the way one sees it. trade-off. how things shape up. stamp of approval. See END. CONDITION n. 2. by the numbers. uppity. ball game. in the bag. headfuck. programmed. telescoped. cut to the bone. with a grain of salt. boiled down. get the nod. CONCLUSION n. condomarinium (beside a CONCESSION n. green light. I'll drink to that. nutshell. lap up. CONCIERGE n. come down on. watchdog. See FINISHED. in a stew. swamper. where it's at. worried sick. buttoned up. giveback. readying. snooty. that's all folks. meet halfway. nod. how de do. wrap it up. shape up. half and half. See AGREEMENT. CONCLUDED adj. how do you do. fuck with one's head. . scene. CONDITIONING n. CONDOMINIUM n. slap on the CONDONE v. put in a nutshell. buyback. CONCILIATE v. bag. you just ain't whistling Dixie. 2. happenin. bag. knock off. you said a mouthful. pro. put the finger on. 1. takeaway (labor union bargaining). make it up. powwow. hap. condo. name. with a catch to it. stand. when the fat lady sings. get together on. 2. purse. Trojan. rubber boots. figger. have one's glasses on (Bl. act like one of the boys. CONDENSED adj. raincoat. shaping up. wind up. thumbs down on. program. how things stack up. way of the world. safety. rollback. CONDITION v. get to the meat. coffee head. hatch. have a hunch. See FINISH. store. fine print. OK. with a kicker to it. See also BELIEVE. rubber. cherry (perfect). cut a deal. in sync. CONCUR v. hole in the wall. how things are. string. fuck over one's mind. 2. action. boil down. joker. figure. rent a judge CONCISE adj. French letter. deal. you got it. fix up. give in. See MEETING. 1. win-win situation. all-overish. Manhattan eel. brainwash. warm-up. See CREATE. See ARROGANT. build up. flat out. CONDITIONALLY adv. okay. CONDUCT n. loosen up. armor. on the beat. riff. groovy. cut. break one's license. eyeball-to-eyeball encounter. send up. daily dozen. point the finger at. you sold me. straight out. four Roger. drop the curtain. wrap. make matters up. wrapped up. what it is. See also ACCUSE. frame. with a string attached. what one is saying is. skin. put to bed. get-together. See AGREE. chop. payoff. throw together. toss a few crumbs. in a nutshell. set. See also TRAIN. be afraid. cool. break down. make up. happy medium. blue pencil. CONDOM n. go along with. I hear you talkin'. warm up. CONDITIONED adj. toughen up. uppish. patch things up. scumbag. on the same wavelength. by the book. copout. cadet. put away. CONCURRENTLY adv. rap session. 1. give one five (slap hands). hold with. an edge. CONDENSE v. work over. See PACIFY. smart ass. red tape. rockfest. See ANXIOUS. make a long story short. CONDEMN v. sellout. with a joker to it. all over but the shouting. way it shapes up. finger. home. lay at one's door. mint. lay of the land. like it is. size of it. signed sealed and delivered. blow the whistle on one. CONDESCENDING adj. hang something on. how it is. cut to the bone. nightcap. spot. give. prefab. small fine print at the bottom. end of the line. no ifs ands or buts. head-fucked. pin it on one. fish skin. fini. CONCOCT v. okay. whistle-blow. way things are. slap together. throw the book at. fifty-fifty. flap (urgent). a string attached to it. fudge together. sharpening up.' situash. how it goes. mind-fuck. clambake. rap on the knuckles. brainwashed. gam. high hat. on pins and needles. point the finger. stuffed. all out. work up. let it come. trim. big 10-4. meet. short and sweet. city (fat city). See SHORTEN. shake on. down to the short strokes. the go along. crashed. where one is at. cut down. uptight. call down. put the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on.). CONCURRENCE n. it's a deal. dead heat. goahead. biting one's nails. CONCERT n. wrist. CONCLUSIVE adj. snip. protection. pass on. let one have it. frame up. whip into shape. 3. buy. See also SURRENDER. kicker. add up to. come together. put down. with the beat.conduct 75 CONCERNED adj. how the land lies. ad lib. Frenchy. butterflies in one's stomach. 1.

bet yer life. put one in the picture. buzz. blitz. holler. tip. tip one's duke. CONFIRMATION n. crack on one [or something]. unload. cough up. get it out of one's system. spring with a crack. Abscam. sweeten the kitty. bet on. rubber stamp. dig up. run one's mouth. rubber-stamp. one's stamp of approval. spring. store. informal. bat the breeze. between you and me. CONFERENCE n. off the cuff. crack to. Grey. lay on. See MEETING. leak. owning up. unload on. See also JAILED. give a meeting. put hip. don't breath it to a soul. have a big bazoo. See also DISCUSS. top secret. cool off. sure as shit. glom on to. go into a huddle. bet one's bottom dollar on. CONFIRM v. make doubly sure. CONFEDERATE SYMPATHIZER n. bullshit. police up. spill the beans. groupthink. say so. have a meet. flimflam. cool. 1. on the q. CONFIDENTIALLY adv. fink. put it on the street. wise one up. on ice. shepherd. dump on. cork. hustler. butternut. keep one posted. chew. send up. spill to. 2. between you and me and the bedpost. sure bet. sign off on. guts. spring with the score. CONFESS. blab. brush. CONFEDERATE SOLDIER n. slick operator. See SECRET. lap up. See also. drop a dime on one. tip one's hand. spill one's guts. bury. sing like a canary. you can say that again. contifisticate. crooner. crack on. up in smoke. butternut. croon. come out of the closet. song. hickey. See CHEAT. drum. don't let this get around. dry snitch. flap. sell down the river. stool. finger. confab. between you me and the lamppost. con. con game. stock. come through. See CHEAT. cop out. OK. chalk talk (prof and students. put away. CONFER v. hog-tied. See also ASCERTAIN. put one wise to. belch. chilled. 1. kipe. CONFIDENTIAL adj. feather merchant. green light. bunco. fess up. give one the word. open up. dance. looking at the world with rose-colored glasses. See APPROPRIATE. CONFLAGRATION n. lay it on. gung ho. chew the rag. clue one in. CONFINE v. singer. gift with. size up. let the cat out of the bag. the ground floor. squawk. . right on. for your eyes only. put something in the pot. out with it. CONFIDENCE GAME n. mechanic. bump one's gums. canary. throw the bull. give the high sign. inside. take a meeting. CONFECTION n. jive ass. huddle. pumped up. sports). got the faith baby. rosy. keeping the faith. moonlight requisition. Johnny Reb. gedunk. mouthful (you said a mouthful). lay the gaff. ice in one's veins. get it off one's chest. grounded. post. iced. hush-hush. chirp. call the tune. gobble. run things. give the go-ahead. con artist. crack. rhubarb. eyeball-to-eyeball encounter. give the stamp of approval. shoot the breeze. ride herd on. take a load off one's mind. rap. rag around. check up on. sign. high on something. on the cuff. See MANAGE. See CERTAIN. chin. spill. chew over. fess. thinkin. tip off. sweets. own up. racked. sing. hose. AFFIRM. rat on. you said it. upbeat. pop off. come clean. have a big mouth. run-in. rat. cocksure. unload on. buy. See also SECRET. huddle. fuckin'-A. hassle. CONFESSION n. story.76 conduct CONDUCT v. let down one's side. CONFESS v. liberate. VERIFY. CONFISCATE v. run. row. take a load off one's chest.t. ruckus. sting. let next to. put a half nelson on. do one dirt. switch. classified. spit it out. hold down. weasel on. reb. blabber. gutsy. keep the lid on. peach. put hep. break a story. bless. grab. cush. eyes only. shark. corked up. rapid oxidation. CONFIDENCE MAN n. horse trader. lay it on one. chew the fat. cork up. pick one's brains. let one's hair down. put on to. give away. bend an ear. noise off. don't even tell your mother. off the record. give the nod. CONFIDENCE n. split. blow the whistle. meet. hijack. bottled up. OK. talk turkey. 1. kick some ideas around. shoot the bull. groupthink. run something by one. check out. gamble on. talk. brainstorm. between us girls. under one's hat. BS. sing on. okay. swipe. See GIVE. put next to. give with. get heads together. squeal. the Grey. sock it to one. don't spread this around. give it to one up the ass. lay it on the line. put the finger on. put on ice. for the cuff. buzz (in secret). CONFINED adj. let one in on. gab. let it all hang out. glad-hander (overly). deal. update. take a tip. put a bug up one's ass. bait and switch. sound off. blow. breeze. confab. the old army game. trailblaze. fuss. go ahead. high. See FIGHT. fink on. cool down. bull. off the record. bat the chat. See JAIL. 2. highgrade. debunk (prove false). iceman. Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval. flap. all puffed up. spring one's duke. take over. CONFIDE v. blow the gaff. ice. pull a fast one. shell game. let down. toss some ideas around. mouth off. looking at [something] through rose-colored glasses. okay. sell out. shoot the shit. bottle up. CONFIDENT adj. 2. CONFESSOR n. give the green light. squeal. give the show away. annex. powwow. hold a meet. See RESTRAIN. CONFLICT n. put it on the line. put a bug in one's ear. you betcha. con man. thumbs up. hog-tie. make sure. g'dong. put ones John Hancock on. you bet. jaw. double-check. cop a plea. come out. squawk. let one in on it. snitch.

stew. discombobulate. unglued. in a stew. gonzo. fuck up. bamboozled. hugger-mugger. bloody mess. blow sky high. throw a monkey wrench into the works. Barbie doll. shook. in a flush. make hash out of. all over hell. add fuel to the fire. fubb (fucked up beyond belief). shot to pieces. muck up. etaoin shrdlu. pat on the back. CONFUTE v. farmisht. scrap. stroke. flipped out. tangle. lose momentum. hassle. move over. straight. get the drop on. in a fog. half-baked. bowled down. in a mess. comfu. fuck-up. give the man a . stumped. beat. stir the waters. CONFUSION n. mess with one's head. in a pickle. discombooberation. don't rock the boat. go by the book. bowled over. make waves. find the middle ground. sardined. mussed up. bugged up. don't know from nothing. throw into a swivet. unglued. snafu. See CONVENTIONAL. don't make waves. gummixed up. face down. take it. regular fellow. hit one with. buffaloed. stump. mess up. See CROWDED. CONFRONT v. unscrewed. fuck with one's head. play the game. goulash. dizzy. draw down on. Mrs. CONFORM v. on a merry-go-round. come around. snafu. blaaed up. come up to scratch. who's minding the store?. lost one's cool. mixed up. ball up. screwed up. bamboozle. roll with the punches. cross swords with. hugger-mugger. get one's act together. rattlebrained. toe the mark. get. Chinese fire drill. tap. See CONFUSED. lopper. haywire. harum-scarum. galley west. play hob with.). flummoxed. forty ways from Sunday. fit in. by the numbers. screwy. if you can't beat em join em. CONFOUND v. go through channels. follow the beaten path. plastic person. throw. mind is blown. knock the props out from under. come unzipped. foul up. brawl. put one on a crosstown bus. synomaniac (one who complicates). all hot and bothered. make room. bug. fertummeled. pin. dizzy. in a panic. swim with the tide. CONFUSE v. throw into a tizzy. square off with. draw on. lean over backwards. loused up. boggily-woogily. discombobulate. shape up or ship out. messy. CONGRATULATE v. Ken. woozy. don't know one's ass from first base. double Dutch. lather. take one's mind. mixed bag. fucked up. company man. make a deal. square. yes man. hoopla. clean up one's act. rattled. toss a bouquet. sloppy. CONFRONT WITH A WEAPON v. ball up. clubby. all balled up. in a dither. rat's nest. hung up. tell off. horseshit and gunsmoke. stay in line. tarfu. drowning. CONGLOMERATION n. snow. in a fog. psyched out. punchy. bollixed up. in a fix. come apart. forty ways to Sunday. helterskelter. bass ackwards. shape up. drowning. shindy. mess and a half. messed up attic.congratulate 77 CONFLICT v. See CONFUSE. rattle. thrown. See also DISTURBED. profundicate. mishmash. give a bouquet. flustration. higgledypiggledy. bug. goat fuck (Mil. topsy-turvy. ass backwards. gridlocked. harum-scarum. mixer. fuddle. thrown off one's beam ends. go on make my day. put one on a crosstown bus. meet halfway. CONFORMIST n. everything but the kitchen sink. See FIGHT. duke's mixture (strange). skimble-skamble. foggy. topsy-turvy. stuck. gross out. when in Rome do as the Romans do. kerflumixed. mobbed. every which way but up. floored. up to the rafters. all over the shop. licked. ball up. Mickey Mouse. arsy-varsy. discombobulation. bump heads with. CONFUSED adj. ruction. buffalo. go one-on-one. holy mess. half-assed. plastic.). foul-up. don't know shit from Shinola. kerflumixed. arsy-varsy. come apart at the seams. get to. louse up. come to school. mishmosh. mishmosh. spring with. mellow. CONGESTED adj. don't know one's ass from a hole in the ground. shook up. come unglued. screw up. mix-up. dopey. meet eyeballto-eyeball. mussy. flummox. tangle ass with. make my day. tuifu. foofaraw. Babbitt. take one's mind. spaced out. right neighborly. Grundy. rattle one's cage. fried (Stu. grin and bear it. tizzy. nuts. unholy mess. discombooberated. caught short. sheep. discombobulated. all over hell. do it according to Hoyle. nice piece of work. hell of a note. stuck. boost. romp. all over the shop. all hell broke loose. make a mess of. organization man. come over. don't know which way is up. fouled up. fuck with one's head. free-for-all. bollix up. galley west. jam-packed. smack with. CONGENIAL adj. Grundy. open up a can of worms. cross. thrown. give a posy. slaphappy. fuddle. throw. screwed up. CONGEAL v. muddy the waters. floor. every which way. pretty piece of business. all over the place. fuck up. hot up. discomboberate. blow up. mucked up. slug. heat up. shoot full of holes. struck all of a heap. screw up. flap. go kerflooie. straight arrow. glop up. straighten up and fly right. Mr. bend over backwards. flusteration. go blooey. put off. punchdrunk. See BRAVE. go up against. combo. screw-up. in a tizzy. stumped. don't know crossways from crosswise. wandering around in a fog. gone. psych out. See FRIENDLY. Marin (County) Monopoly. fussed. unzipped. See REFUTE. messed up. clabber. like a chicken with its head cut off. go with the flow. kludge (parts). balled up. in a lather. ruckus. shot. mess with one's mind. farmisht. lick. sweat. packed like sardines. swivet. rattled. snarl-up. hectic. in a sweat. CONFOUNDED adj. upside down. toe the line. upset one's applecart. mocus. pretty kettle of fish. lock horns with. mishmash. glassy-eyed. in a botheration. out to lunch. go fifty-fifty. call one's bluff.

mouthful (you said a mouthful). 2. CONSCRIPT n. sit-in. See SCHEME. something else. finagler. Birchite. round up. clout. toss in the towel. tuff. Posse Comatatus. See also IMPORTANT. splash. wire-puller. call up. solid. See also RECRUIT. CONGREGATION n. See SPECULATE. quit. on the make. meet up. make a deal. whip. sign on. play safe. cook up. duck squeezer. maven. storm trooper. clobber. sure thing. noodle. in. drub. draft bait (subject to conscription). racket. you got it. meet. squirrel away. CONSIDER v. like all get out. peacenik. scam. I hear you talkin. throw in the sponge. you just ain't whistling Dixie. wipe off the map. sweat over. (scripts. Wooden Nutmeg State. toss it in. See MEETING. Brown Shirt. real Amerikan. hustler. meld with. mad. give up. figure. See also CONSPIRATOR. barber bait. CONSERVATIVE adj. See TRIUMPH. like you say. whitewash job. gang around. 2. fab. you bet. Archie Runker. yes one. stab. a pip. hear it for. hook in. fallout. good ol' boy. radical right. cut back. hookup. hunch. powwow. CORE. fan. gold star. cream. See DEFEAT. follow through. CONNIVER n. finagle. the mighty dome. See also COMMUNICATION. tie in. sneaking suspicion. heart and soul into. CONNIVANCE n. See also COMMUNICATE. get-together. greetings. eagle freak. See THINK. blank check. hook up. fat. join up with. chain reaction. flimflam. draftee. you sold me. score. monstro. diddle. duddy. OK. See AGREE. sign up. killing. inside track. super-duper. shot. tits. takeover. big John. CONSCRIPTION n. zap. get into. you can say that again. CONSENT n. the house. bimbo. network. pinkeye. sweat. CONNIVE v. big Joe. the Hill. angle. shake on. cross dissolve (film). See SAVE. right angle. . wires. man-sized. red-baiter. CONSCIENTIOUS adj. flak (bad). CONGREGATE v. CONNECTION n. operator. say so. CONJECTURE n. crazy. econut. nut. plays close to the vest. waves. slap on. cry uncle. rookie. wangle. something. old line. skimp. toss in the sponge. total. stab in the dark. white bread. into. 1. tie up with. cave in. 3. give away the store. right. wire. Klu Kluxer. See also FASTEN. take a stab. neo-con. give the nod. corral. a doozie. caveman. frame up. whip ass. frame. have to hand it to one. See ASSOCIATE. throw in the towel. hook on. Black Shirt. 1. cool something over. keep one's ear to the ground. CONQUER v. boot (Navy). contacts. dub. okay. Ivy League. See CHEAT. take a shot in the dark. hitch on. trash. right of center. fold. strings. you said a mouthful. red-neck. CONQUEST n. CONSIDERABLE adj. guesstimate. John Bircher. bozo (WWII). work hand in glove with. shot in the dark. CONSCRIPT v. shut down. hang out. standpatter. unreal. I hear you. confab. squirrel. letter from Uncle Sam. meet. mix (recording). See also PRAISE. walk on eggs. buff. ms. conchie. come aboard. diehard. it's a deal. CONSEQUENCE n. CONNECTICUT the Constitution State. hard right. See INFLUENCE. mind one's p's and q's. right wing. watch out. promote. diddle.78 congregate big cigar. marry (film). guesstimate. CO. grand slam.. watch one's step. plug into. sock away. graft. feel. tack on. I'll drink to that. dynamite. New Right. give in. make the scene. fuddy-duddy. rightist. CONJUNCTIVITIS n. hard shell. all the way. reaction. say uncle. See also AUTHORITY. groovy. huddle. McCarthyite. rack one's brains. CONGRESS n. interface. bend over backwards. songs). cut down on. right winger. tag on. CONSERVATIONIST n. scrimp. knuckle to. to the max. lie down and roll over for. carpetbagger. fuddy-dud. CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR n. ropes. clambake. CONJECTURE v. solid gold. gang up. hard hat. spin-off. tie-in. tenderfoot. there you go. CONNECTIONS n. noodle it around. bottom line. keep on one's toes. gettogether. way to go. 1. tag. green light. tough. gleek it. confab. citizen (anyone more conservative than you are). clean sweep. chicken. cue in. operate. be in cahoots with. me too. See MEETING. right on. carte blanche. CONSENT v. right of Attila the Hun. freak. hanging in. you said it. stamp of approval. gam. take a shot. roll over and play dead. greeny. ecofreak.. old guard. sign off on. witch hunter. bet yer life. hanging tough. big win. lunatic fringe. can of worms. Bircher. extreme right. stash. white bread and mayonnaise. go-ahead. CONNOISSEUR n. bless. CONGRESS OF RACIAL EQUALITY n. knuckle under. CONSERVE v. kick around. super. turnout. lump it. network with. blessing. the Nutmeg State. tidy. follow-up. CONNECT v. bunch up. 2. okay. straight arrow.

CONSOLIDATED adj. jazzy. clambake. trump up. CONSTITUENT n. CONTACT n.. kick some ideas around. See also MEETING. jell. plunderbund. not go off the deep end. cobble up. throw in together. snack. candy kid. . regular fellow.). not go off the deep end. pal with. a no-no. road ranger. makings. think-in. CONSULTATION n. a little something to sweeten the pot. clinch. cool off. See SCHEME. tub. buzz session. guess.). throw up. See INFLUENCE. wrap up. jones. whomp up. cool down. figure it to be. get in bed with. team up with. shamus. tie up with. long arm. network. chum with. glitzy. bottle up. cook up. change one's luck. promote. tie in. take care of. throw together. cooked (radiation). headbeater (Derog. fudge together. hooker. take a meeting. cork up. all the way. deal in coal. flap. stick out like a sore thumb. confab. bunch up. John Law. tag. cool. fudge together. hold down. operate. groupthink. CONSUMED adj. CONSTABLE n. go into a huddle. interface. CONSTITUTE v. polish off. mop up. be in cahoots. See also ACCOMMODATING. See also BASIC. CONTAINER n. board. hick dick. See SCHEME. cruddy. nigger lover (all Derog. pig (Derog.). nab. second opinion. fixin's. 2. wrap. scoff. See EAT. keystone cop. toney. wrapup. call it a day. crew. wind up. hang out with.).). finger. See RESTRAIN. dirty. candy. button down. marry (film). gang. solid as a rock. mastermind. keep the lid on. CONSPIRE v. fold up. belled. hanging out. See HINDRANCE. gam. long arm of the law. Barney. dream up. county mounty. law. scarf. unflappable. mow (mow a burger). get heads together. wangler. outfit. hook up with. big brother. huddle. eyeball-toeyeball encounter.). frame. keep the lid on. top it off. local yard. hook on. little game. badge. reach out. flossy. CONSORTIUM n. loud. cool down. put the lid on. CONSUMMATE v. clown (Derog. stuff one's face. dub. plug into. CONSTRUCT v. touch base. skull session. prefab. brain. put out. button up. frame-up. CONSTANTLY adv. mix (recording). 3. round the clock. hang around with. ring. work something out. tack on. plug-in. whomp up. knock off. bolt.). dream up. showy. a must. sky. CONSPIRATOR n. bottle up. nibble. ring down the curtain. flap. put out a contract. game. bull. connect. roach (Derog. growler. close. run with. head to head. GRATUITY. a sport. spot one like a lead dime. CONTAIN v. fuzzy. shot. network. pal around with. CONSTANT adj. do to a T. bucket. shoofly. songs). the men. flic. cork. See also FEE. arm. cross dissolve (film). CONSORT v. slap on. local bear. county mountie. together. mellow. in. be afraid. do to a finish. cool. rap session.). crowd. hogtie. cossack (Derog. gang up with. toss some ideas around. pool. bunch. put a half nelson on. Rock of Gibraltar. collar. Mulligan. a gent. wire. cool. sparrow cop. day and night. petered out. run around with. screaming. end user.). wolf. sign. hatch. button. CONSIDERATION n. deal coming down. mob. See ASSOCIATE. exposed. connection. clean up. channel. put on the dog. fink (Derog. wangle. boy scouts. PAY. go the route. men in blue. hog-tie. hang-up. local boy. cork. monkey. payoff. rabbi. chow down. a little slack. classy. mucked up. CONSORT WITH BLACKS v. CONSTRAINT n. (scripts. local yokel. CONSPIRACY n. flashy. CONSUME v. splurgy. huddle. powwow. elbow. make a big splash. hookup. sew up. put to bed. cook up. whip up. See also POLICE OFFICER. penny. operator. flatfoot (Derog. See COMMUNICATE.contaminated 79 CONSIDERATE adj. rap. cookie cutter. ms. high-toned. do to a frazzle. telescoped. pal up with. fix. get it together. See END. fuzz. cop. clique with. See RESTRAIN. wrap. CONSPICUOUS adj. tie up with. the man. gum foot. cool. duded up. CONSOLIDATE v. relate. put a half nelson on. part and parcel. 1. CONSUMER n. CONTACT v. stuffed. finagler. also BAG. oink (Derog. wire-puller. See also BUYER. wind-up. multinational. to a T. CONSTRUE v. a mensch. come through. run something by one. splashy. take up with. CONSUMMATION n. CONSTRAIN v. dick. copper. groupthink. cutout. tag on. pick one's brains. mop-up. to a finish. smokey. smokey the bear. down the tube. Kojak. cork up. Johnny Law. See CORPORATION. little bear (local). cleanup. knock together. pal. one's best CONSULT v. chum together. put away. hookup. grok. drop the curtain. have a meet. megacorp. to a frazzle. brainstorm. crashed. cook up. cue in. live in a glass house. hold down. confab. See also CONFER. See also APPARENT. hook in. bear. cool off. interact. county Joe. put-up job. can. hoke up. See CONTAMINATED adj. Rock of Gib. all spiffed up. hitch on.

put on the gloves. for a coon's age. put up one's dukes. go for the throat. cussed. fish skin. armor. lay out.). let have it with both barrels. tangle. hard. 1. drag into court. shoot the works. flak. ring. See NEW. break with. sidity. dicty. lay a finger on. rubber. come down hard on one. CONTENTIOUS adj. for a dog's age. the pill. throw one's weight around. slug. hack it. CONTEMPTUOUS adj. give it all one's got. sticking the zingers in (remark). rip. lay into. shield. pettifog. keep on trucking. chip on one's shoulder. pussy butterfly (inter-uterine device. the lowest. jump down one's throat. fishball. till the cows come home. contempo. round the clock. lace into. crack down on. looped. shoot for. hook up with. handshake. CONTEND v. See also FIGHT. scrappy. guts. have a bone to pick. go for the throat. go at. wade into. CONTENTION n. king shit. beef. tangle ass with. pact. Melvin. fink. heel. blast. CONTINUE v. See DESPICABLE. push around. fly in the face of. rip up one side and down the other. uppity. fire new. See HAPPY. plastic clam (diaphragm). knock oneself out. high-hatted. go for broke. cheeky. give one both barrels. come at. pleased as Punch. lay at. take on. tetchy. for ever so long. B. hassle. fire-eater. dog it. go after. gang up on. See also PERSIST. jockey for position. have at. chew over. till shrimps learn to whistle. high-headed. set-to. set to. be agin. French letter. 3. nub. CONTINUOUSLY adv. See BELLIGERENT. give it one's all. snooty. make a play for. 1. forecastle lawyer. uppish. CONTEMPTIBLE adj. dicker. on one's high horse. . rip into. CONTEST n. it's looking to. high hatty. flak session. scene. no end to. give it all one's got. for a month of Sundays. romp. CONTEST v. Obsc). See AGREEMENT. in the cards. dark horse (unknown). goods. nix. catcher's mitt. swag. pettifog. CONTRACT n. hopeful. FIGHT. handle it. lay out. CONTRABAND n. be agin. static. go for it. wait for the other shoe to drop. See ARGUE. break with. dead horse. bone to pick. CONTRACEPTIVE n. just out. push for. rip up. jump on. have the law on. brawl. crack the whip. rip. jockey for position. cross swords with. skin. dirty. deal. put the slug on one. duke. size up. See also PRIZEFIGHTER. if it's cool. siditity. row. hack. if money. knuckle with. shoot at. zap. CONTEMPORARY adj. chicken shit. See also ARROGANT. snippy. run-in. blast. bone of contention. right and left. safety. tangle with. sail into. shoot the works. haul into court. pitch a bitch. get on with it. come down on. rat. scrap.80 contemplate CONTEMPLATE v. hassle. prophy. in one's face. give it ones all. pitch into. push. now. shoot it out with. wade into. lay into. See also FIGHT. cantankerous. ornery. lean on. come down on. push around. bitchy. jump on. tickled pink. high and mighty. See also COMPETING. knock one's brains out. day and night. hot off the press. lock horns with. zapper. salty. See ARGUE. CONTENTS n. cross. mix it up with. scramble for. zap. sail into. make it. light into. kick around. tickled to death. go for the jugular. See also ARGUE. upstage. sock it to one. pro. wrangle. let it ride. put up an argument. See also FIGHT. jump down one's throat. shoot at. innards. lean on. CONTENDER n. live with. break one's neck. hassle. jump on ones case. take on. white hope. cool something over. set to. sock. beef. go at. put up a fight. bump heads with. scramble for. light into. bone to pick. raincoat. CONTINGENCY n. bag. tickled. square up. sniffy. spiky. leading edge. handle. go. till you're blue in the face. take a poke. 2. no end of. rat fink. gweebo. let have it with both barrels. minipill. cool. bump heads with. cross swords with. have a bone to pick. have at. set-to. cross. be afraid. till hell freezes over. hard-nosed. zapper. fly in the face of. rip up one side and down the other. gang up on. lock horns with. rip into. land on. take in. See ARGUMENT. when push comes to shove. day and night. knock oneself out. rumble. crack down on. give one both barrels. cold shoulder. lay a finger on. go for. can't complain. buck. go a couple of rounds. rubber cookie. have no kick coming. pitch into. kick up a row. static. duke it out. high-nosed. See ANTICIPATED. 2. scrap. shindy. stick it to one. percolate. white hope. come at. come down hard on one. go for it. duke out. cocksucking(Obsc). touchy. stuff. go after. shoot for. stick it to one. bust one's ass. make a play for. shit heel. fat dumb and happy. 3. 2. sock. IUD. bone of contention. snotty. bat it around. get a handle on something. crabby. squelcher. buck. row. square off.. on a treadmill. wrangle. let have it. have one's glasses on (Bl. go up against.C. dark horse (unknown). Trojan. raise sand. make a go of it. scumbag. go for. biggety. lay at. land on. rhubarb. sock it to one. scrap. battle royal. break one's neck. go for the jugular. push for. pro pack. let have it. SOB. CONTESTANT n. See THINK. high hat. prophylactic. jump on one's case. son of a bitch. nightcap. law. put up an argument. papers. CONTINUOUS adj. see it coming. nix. low-down no-good. push. 1. bust one's ass. go for broke. lace into. run-in. mix it up with. put up a fight. Frenchy. purse. CONTENT adj. state of the art. come down on.

2. have a lot to say about. con. sign. new born Christian. anti. be in the saddle. gimcrack. See TALK. hold the reins. on the beam. see the light. dodge. get one in a box. cubeular. sucker. row. hit the sawdust trail. head. gab. a hand. ride herd on. take one's death. according to Hoyle. thumbs down. go-go. mastermind. kept posted. CONVERSION n. write-off. handle. shoot the shit. lump. See also MANAGE. have the whip hand. bass ackwards. be agin. powwow. come around. call the shots. one's own sweet time. at loggerheads. widget. bung up. CONTROVERSY n. frame up. buster. box in. do it your way. twist. saw the light. whatsis. bang up. have a finger in the pie. by the numbers. put in one's two cents. fly in the face of. have the say. firm a deal. wire-pull. anti. truck with. cool and collected. 1. shake on. See CHANGE. ink. deal with. 1. dream up. jobby. See WOUND. words. g i s m o . hustler. the high ground. show. Elk (person). run. get in the act. See APPARATUS. come up with. See SPEAK. CONTRARY adj. bung. by the book. dealing with. See APPARATUS. in the groove. be in the driver's seat. angle. clambake. See PLAN. See also HIT. CONTRADICTORY adj. pact. take the high ground. go along with. See MEETING. have the say so. uptight. CONTRIVER n. jockey. fuss. chicken. playing their game. ornery. all around. CONVENTIONAL adj. See ARGUMENT. slant. CONTRIBUTOR n. CONTROL n. switch. have it covered. born again. throw a lot of weight. clout. hammer out a deal. CONTRIVANCE n. hit the sawdust trail. 1. white bread. hip. See also AUTHORITY. pussywhip (female). finagle. call the tune. make a deal. no go. buck. CONVERTED adj. motherfucker (Obsc). See also MEET. meet up. trick. angel. hip. schmoose. crack the whip. small talk. arsy-varsy. sugar daddy. 2. get together. henpeck. CONVENIENT adj. fold one's ear. have a lot to do with. Santa Claus. sit in on. trump up. 2. have a bone to pick. chickadee checkoff. kick one around. confab. CONTUSE v. chip in. rag around. scene.converted 81 CONTRACT v. round up. flak. scrap. rule the roost. turn thumbs down on. all woke up. run the show. copper a tip (act against advice). pull the strings. Clyde. giver. CONVENIENCE n. you got it. 2. ass backwards. wind around one's little finger. contraption. playing it safe. on the outs. clinch the deal. poke out. brush. hang (how does that hang?). gift. get together. scare up. CONVERSATION n. hep. a lot to do with. plastic. have a finger in. flak session. CONVERSANT adj. CONTRIBUTE v. CONTRADICT v. stuffy. whenever. hack out a deal. into. switch. CONTRIBUTION n. yack-yack. 1. reel one back in. straight. lady bountiful. whip up. in line. be born again. in the drivers seat. be agin. wear the pants. straight arrow. flip-flop. a lot to say about. inside track. g a d g e t . in a rut. quarterback. set. angle. maxed out (political limit). ante up. belt around. about-face. CONVENE v. twist around one's little finger. call the signals. cook up. rube. play games. dohickey. switch. CONTROLLED adj. other side of the coin. lead by the . stack up against. squaresville. keep under one's thumb. ropes. See also SHORTEN. got religion. hold the aces. the driver's seat. 2. handout. chew the fat. be down on. plugged in. Babbitt. jock. fly in the face of. cool. CONTRARILY adv. sign up. have a bone to pick. got a handle on it. on deck. wrangle. four square. run things. cool cat. shake hands on.). no go. have it in for. come to Jesus. push the buttons. maxed out (Pol. come through. square. finagler. kick in. heavy hitter. take on. sit on top of. in charge. 1. juice. user friendly. bring to heel. call the play. pull the wires. rap. reup. have the upper hand. pull the ropes. catch. CONVERSE v. modjitate. stuffy. visit. yack. beef. flip side. agin. do one's part. ornery. CONTRIVE v. get it up. switchover. cool. work out a deal. CONTRAPTION n. see the light. you sold me. at outs. rough up. pillow talk (confidential). thingamajig. throw together. quadrennial circus. meet. See SCHEME. 1. helping hand. bat the chat. switch over. hold a candle to. pony up. drippy. bone of contention. See CALM. buy. eyeball-toeyeball encounter. gab. come to Jesus. head up. in front of. throw one's weight around. dealie bob. match up. See KNOWLEDGEABLE. jive. gimmick. topsy-turvy. CONTROL v. stuffy. See GIVE. it's a deal. ice man. handy. wire pulling. lame. laid back. mastermind. weight. boy scout. 2. CONVENTION n. come down with. nose. cross. rap. con. on tap. fairy godmother. born again. CONVERT v. on the other hand. mother. gifting. CONTRAST v. chin music. whatchamacallit. corral. string.

hasher. CORNED BEEF HASH n. ride. a fit. throw in together. megacorp. shoulder. fish. spaz. live with. pirate. The Company. up to one's ass in. make like. lifer. COPULATE v. ditto. biscuit roller. alive with. plunderbund. frame. shlep along. COOPERATE v. CONVOCATION n. pass it on over. hump. say so. work alike. See SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. put away. CORPORATION n. matinee. See FRIENDLY. satisfied. galore. team up with. parallel parking. screw. bungs. birdie back. back. 1. put across. quickie. get together.C. no end. COOPER n. hen and she'n. lip splitter. coming out of one's ears. flimsy. jailbird. weed. spread for (Fern. bang. kid. play ball. piggyback. See also BAKER. robuck (bully). fake. brass officer. partner. heavy. pull together. do business with. COORDINATE v. buddy-buddy. in cahoots with. geezo. co-op. cozy. hipster. rag top. team up. hog. See ASSOCIATION. swinger. fuck. get-together. hide out (escapist). team up with. go the limit. throw the book at. shag. chase up a tree. phony. politician (privileged). get in bed with. parallel park (all Obsc). grease pot. gee. apple knocker. a little heavy breathing. vox pop. frame up. doctor. a mess. hump. bought. jump on one's bones. gun. double. do a take-off. truck. See MEETING. 1. pot slinger. get it on. COOPERATIVE n. quarterback. player. tough. have a fit. xerox. hash slinger. go partners. brig rat. corn willie. goodie. sizzler. pirate. nitty gritty. make a go of it. thick with. 1. throw in together. get a handle on something. tote. knock-off. 2. eel. 2. play the (affect a role). burn. look-alike. vie. merchant. Square John. CONVICTION n. See SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. wolverine. balling. chocker. CONVINCE v. night baseball. jag. warming down. punk. take off as.82 convertible chopped top. meat and potatoes. dupe. sold. rock crusher. aplenty. send up. stooge. salt horse. mirror. compatible (P. right guy. clubby. Irish turkey (with cabbage). fuck. throw in with. rap. hack it. jazz. 3. two-time loser. grub chocker. 3. COOPERATIVE adj. take a leaf out of one's book. CONVICT v. ringer. do. copycat. spitting image. hide the salami. clambake. COOK v. lay. dry cush. COPULATION n. xerox. ball. bottom line. crawling with. dork. See ARRANGE. shlep. in the same bed with. short eyes (child molester). PW. operator. ruin. chain gang. real man. CONVERTIBLE n. shtup. chase up a stump. be in cahoots with. carbon. COPY v. cremate. CO-OWNERSHIP n. rat. pack. Jimmy Bungs (ship). throw COOK n. stew builder. spear chicken. carbon. stat. corned willie. CONVIVIAL adj. boiler (logger). vamp. red horse. dead ringer. make out. COPILOT n. multinational. powwow. make a believer out of one. quail. lagger. spoil. cruiser. mousetrap. coop. CORE n. COPIOUS adj. twist one's arm. nookie. ninety-nine. CONVEY v. score. fun and games (all Obsc). clone. roll in the hay. man trap. schmeikle. act like. COPY n. gorilla. See also COLLABORATE. break one's license. screw. ditto. horse. red-carpet treatment. hack. corn bill. hoosier (new). hook in. line up with. slant. do the dirty deed. repro. boff. CONVINCED adj. CORNET n. buddy-buddy. yardbird. hook. phony. See PERSUADE. spot. work hand in glove with. center man. cookie. meter reader. heel. team player. chip off the old block. fall. put the boots to. CONVICT n. tree. fresh one. nooner. mimeo. dupe. CORNER v. meet. fix. lag. gut burglar. syndicate. handle it. slippery eel. belly robber. See SENTENCE. con. CONVULSIVE adj. carbon copy. velvet trap. jungle. buddy. make it. CORDIAL adj. go like. short. jeppo. twin. duke. op. judgment call. COOLING adj. handle. get-together. get one's act together. go to bed with. ex-con. jice. spit and image. stir bird. stat. go partners. compatible). steal one's stuff. pull things together. pardner. get one's ducks together. COQUETTE n. lug. do like. clubby. lane. buck. young horse. 2. builder. belly burglar. make it. COOKIES n. turn one's head around. go along with. See PLENTY. gold digger. trusty. turnout. go all the way. get to first base. CORNETIST n. COORDINATES n. new jice. brainwash. have one up a tree. two cents' worth. peas in a pod. no top. COPE v. See BASIC. knock off. CORNED BEEF n. glad-hander. lay. sell one on. mimeo. get it together. clone. mellow (close). elbow-bender. nub. heart. throw in with. shape up. palsy-walsy. herky-jerky. fake. confab. knock-off. pard. join up with. play the game. clan. live with. . knock off.). CO-OWNER n.

stood. check up on. legal eagle. open. padding. highway robbery. an A. under the table. upgrade. go ahead. knock out a tab. wise one up. upstairs. brain trust. wide open. according to Hoyle. arm and a leg. CORPULENT adj. mat down. fly speck. CEO. pay one's dues. paid the piper. payola. debug. See also ADVISE. tab a kite. outfit. flying jinny. CORVETTE n. bomber . huddle. bad news. nick. Vette COSMETICS n. crew. confab. on the button. have good vibrations. ring. something rotten in Denmark. crowd. turn things around. hat. pen. make first rate. See FAT. TEXAS Taco Town. S. keep posted. tab. square the beef. get one's act together. cold meat. drop a kite. 1. followers. okay. crowd. Five by Five. executive. good eye. terps. outfit. give one a tip. on target. OK. tip. COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENT n. execs. boodle. steer. groupthink. flea in the ear. crush. righteous. move back. buddies. outfit. tidy sum. See also RECOMPENSE. getup. tie up. powwow. on the take. back. COST n. hummer. right on the money. goup. score. that's for sure. bunch. square. damage. COUNSELOR n. COUNSEL v. COTTON GIN n. goonk. bigger bang for the buck. 2. cut it fine. make up for. brass. you're darn tootin'. show one the ropes. right you are. 1. fat city. legal eagle. bull's-eye. clean up one's act. follow the straight and narrow. okay. drop a line. mob. beagle. money talks bullshit walks. brainwash. body. mob. biggies. beak. launder. on track. straighten up and fly right. green light. paint. payoff money. mob. loved one. COUGH SYRUP n. CORRAL v. BUSINESS. to the tune of. get with it. hook. mouthpiece. tainted. bunch. croppy. man's mouth. set one back. toppers. line. cher. fuckin' A. war paint. See CONFIRM. news hen. telewriter (TV). you said a mouthful. gone to bad. put hip. give the nod. right stuff. 2. COTERIE n. lace one's boots. word to the wise. right on. COSTUME n. check up. also a letter smuggled in or out of prison). amen. gook. 1. top dollar. poke. drop a note. rubber stamp. turn around. clean up. patch. lip. Mr. fat slob. dues. bomber (divorce). gang. confab. ring. COUNSEL n. tick. turps. on the nose. meat-eater. outlay. steep. check out. check. gayola. okay. solid. CORROBORATION n. price tag. CORRUPT adj. on the money. check on. 2. See WRITER. squeal. exec suite. fans. shake. gloppy. pen pal. lead one down the primrose path. insiders. clan. gone to hell. a throw. hack. meet. CORRECT adj. chop-chop. dot the i's and cross the t's. lip sync. glob. scrub. CORPSE n. fix up. get on the ball. cook with gas. dead on. one's two cents' worth. CORRELATE v. hefty. pick up. tip-off. shell. on the beam. right-o. scribble a note. rubber-stamp. blimp. have good vibes. draw it fine. set one back. right as rain. doctor. stone. click. fly bait. croup. on the pad. go straight. pricey. put on to.counselor 83 zoo. PROTECTION MONEY. board. square up. See also IMPROVE. See ATTORNEY. an arm and a leg. tout. keerect. See also DISHONEST. carcus. See also CONVENTIONAL. get heads together. skimming. ring. rat pack. goopy. double check. go over. double check. below the line. nickel and dime (minor). huddle. be on the same wavelength. gunk. put a bug in one's ear. crew. stringer. recalibrate. payoff. sync up. juice. makeup. oil. squeeze. fly a kite (airmail. dear. COLA. See also GROUP MEETING. give a pointer to. come to. goo. legal beagle. steer. racket up. drugola. See also ASSOCIATION. take a brace. put hep. bum steer. on the ball. bite. shape up. sweep. gang. what's it come to?. beagle. fiddle with. scribble a line. get one hooked. kitchen cabinet. hit the nail on the head. CORRESPOND v. on the right track. dial back. beak. remains. on the numbers. globby.O. See also BRIBE. dead meat. CORRUPT v. OK. tie in. drugstore complexion. put one in the picture. put in one's two cents. put pen to paper. OK.. CORRESPONDENT n. highway robbery. CORRECT v. you better believe it. big shot. come to. reet. hookup. on the take. baby elephant. outfit. cage. tip. COUGH n. fast and loose. kibitz. sync. See EXPENSIVE. front office. beef trust. bottom dollar. jenny. tune in on. squeeze. tip off. COST v. CORROBORATE v. shape up. put a flea in one's ear. highway mopery. to the tune of. COUNCIL n. 2. punch. straighten out. bottom line. gang. 1. stiff. bark. heavy sugar. put one wise. CORPORATION OFFICERS n. groupies. stiff. ticket. fold an ear. CORPUS CHRISTI. turn over a new leaf.P. put on to something hot. CORRUPTION n. kosher. cook on the front burner. gone to the dogs. mouthpiece. glop. COSTLY adj. See also EXECUTIVE. nut.

killer. COUNTRY n. map. phiz. gut course. COUNTERMAN n. stix. penciler. COURSE (COLLEGE) n. zillion. grit. handle. bum. shove the queer. make out like. tracer (crude). cluck. be agin. spitting image. go agin. crock. See FEARLESS. umpty-umpth. true grit. pan. paper. keep tabs. frame. mugger. train station (traffic). okay. fire eater. cope. bogue. puss. xerox. by the book.84 count (divorce). God Squad (both Medic). red tape. thick as hail. sincere. go steady. gobs. stand tall. COUNTLESS adj. jailhouse lawyer. pass the queer. soda jerk. aisle. gruesome twosome. duo. thumbs down. gutty. tick off. put-on. bet one's bottom dollar on. soft shell. buck. COUNTERCULTURE n. coffee pot (lunch). COURT v. boodle. COUNT ON v. See also DARING. mush. COUNTERPART n. bum. 2. heart. no such animal. stack. chutzpah. go along with. have eyes for. speedy. COUNTERFEIT MONEY. date. phony. green goods. wrong. COUNTERFEIT MONEY n. doc. penman. street people. looks. COURIER n. cobbler. designer. chase. mint. plant. load. Dutch courage (intoxicated). stacks. pass. See also HINDER. bottled courage. See COPY. swallow. make like. bags of. scrip. live with. bogosity. ringer. backs. tot up. mule. fly in the face of. woods. pile. COURT n. intestinal fortitude. put up with. groove. snap course. stiff. pair off. queer. spunk. go with. faked. cut ice. wallpaper. 2. COUNTER n. phizog. slider (easy). cool hand. carbon. cutor. gopher. fixer. raiser. phony. tote. See also PROCEDURE. top. carbon copy. Monday morning quarterback. grad. backbone. stumer (coin). not kosher. thick as fleas on a hound dog. stroll. post doc. every which way. umpteen. phony. rut. landsman. dial. grin and bear it. wrong number.A.boards. wad. ersatz. keep company. ditto. forty ways to Sunday. slug. DISSEMINATE v. biscuit. spit and image. guttiness. yippie. thick as flies. undergrad. springer. hippy. COURSE n. fishy. mucho. phony up. score. pirate labels. tongue. falsie. ditto. sticks. tangle jaw. clone. knock off. pud. slew. paesano. script writer. gutsiness. queer hustler. junque. take account of. one of a scratch mob. two-faced. 3. tipster. phony money. shuffle. head . nerve. bet on. go like. the D. lip. autobogophobia (fear of bogosity). take as gospel truth. pack. take on. spieler. COUNTER v. sourdough. pirate goods. tot. moosh. jillion. fake. bear with. deadpan. channels. dope out. it won't fly. count noses. front. gofer. have a bone to pick. smack with. cross. get behind. hardcore.. 2. conk. pleader. bigger'n life. planted (evidence). scratcher. chevy chase. ambulance chaser. count the house. smurf (carries illegal money to launder it). run down. stat. sass. give the nod. kibitzer. mess. lousy with. put the blocks to. by the numbers. armchair general. loads. scads. thumbs up. paperhanger. See OPPOSE. moxie. weathermen. tout. item. actor. queer. COUNTENANCE n. mask. pipe course. shoe (also passports). butterfly man. do like. COUNT v. jerk. that a way. COUNTERFEIT adj. framed. COUPLE n. postgrad. squash. paisano. tab. mucho. rafts. See also ENDURE. act like. starch. warble. chow line. 1. umptieth. poker face. rush. shove. run after. cut of one's jib. kisser. twosome. COUNTRYMAN n. See also FORGERY. underground. guardhouse lawyer. Dutch uncle. forty ways from Sunday. tote up. Philadelphia lawyer. 1. bunco. deuce it. scratch man. backseat driver. long green. keep tab. up country. oodles. clubhouse lawyer. figure in. sourpuss. God Committee. See also FALSE. bogue. bogus. turn thumbs down on. bunko. clock. pseudo. dead ringer. what it takes. COUNTENANCE v. stand for. runner. Hollywood. clock. nervy. stiffing it. spouter. stomach something. bill poster. lay paper. balls. loaded. peas in a pod. mimeo. team. two of a kind. look alikes. heap. pseudo. count heads. grinder (hard). eleventeen. peck. COUNTERFEIT n. spic and span (Black and Puerto Rican). COURAGE n. bogotified. hot dough. not what it's cracked up to be. bank on. COUNTERFEITER n. corazon. give the stamp of approval. shyster. lots of. gritty. no end of. gills. fake. guts. buttinsky. picklepuss. stomach. gil. kangaroo court (mock or harsh small town). fronts. brass balls. rip. outback. crock of shit. pseud. funny money. hokey. dupe. cut some ice. cutter (prosecutor). tidy sum. connection. sugarpuss. put one's John Hancock on. reckon up. maker. pseud. boondocks. hear of. figure out. go together. COURAGEOUS adj. plug. boonies. spunky. sign off on. backtalk. do. index. bent. funny paper. make time with. junque. gutsy. potato. hairy. front. flower children. mug. game. pettifogger. no end to. more than one can shake a stick at. bagman. tough it out. give the green light. byway. raft. go for. COUNTERFEIT v. passel. whole slew. short-story writer. paper. ghost (writes briefs). See ACCEPT. put on. sit still for. gypsy bankroll.

baby. put on an act. smooth. COVER n. nerd. 8 the hard way. yen yen. Milquetoast. cantankerous. flash the gogs. finesse it. nebbish. perfects. bite the dust. slippery. keep under wraps. dicker. See RAGE. front (all places used to hide illegal transactions). cox CRAVE v. weakkneed. lousy with. yellow belly. COVENANT n. rear end. squire. CRAVEN adj. African dominoes. no dice. rear ender. on a bed of roses. cussed. got up on the wrong side of the bed. CRASH n. in a hole-and-corner way. pull an all-nighter. yellow. total. lily liver. mouse. boxcars. fender tag. lech for. wrack up. dancer. on the quiet. itch for. mangy with.. snug as a bug in a rug. splash down. African golf (both Derog. slap on some glims. go to the front for. sappiness. out of sorts. the munchies (food). hurting. Casper Milquetoast. foxy. yen. choker.t. piker. fever. sideswipe. launder. See INTIMIDATE. See DESIRE. fraid cat. slyboots. dog biscuits. fraidy cat. CRASH v. in holes and corners. COWARD n. squash. spoil for. fraidy cat. Phoebe (5). hard-on for. sissy. nebbish. See also AIRPLANE CRASH. stack-up. whackiness. grouchy. candy ass. run scared. creep (mission). CRAZE n. front. cover for. milk candy ass. CRAPS TERMS snake eyes. 2. hush-hush. a bear. stretcher. 2. pact. COURTHOUSE n. CRANIUM n. stonewall. street smarts. big baby. 3. in velvet. push around. snappish. 1. set one's cap for. ram in. buy the back line. wuss. scaredy cat. streetwise. COZY adj. whitewash. COVERT adj. COW v. yellow. bang into. Nellie. 2. shed. smart. pancake. COVETOUS adj. sashay out with. ornery.craziness 85 rush. 1. undercover.. ditch. pile up. dripping with. keep it under one's hat. See DESIRE. yen for. turkey. gutless. moo cow. CRAVAT n. play up to. auger in (WW II. blindfolded lady with the scales. wimpy. yen for. megabook. play the goat. jelly. wrinkle. COXSWAIN n. See also SHREWD. triff. sashay. prang. itch for. cover up. tetchy. . papers. go in. crack up. CRAM v. eat one's heart out. washout. doggo. come. enforce. chicken heart. chockablock. See also AIRPLANE CRASH. CRANKY adj. buffalo. front for. the willies. ditch. Big Dick (10). under wraps. fancy footwork. have one's mouth fixed for. the last word. drop. jellyfish. 1. pull the wool over one's eyes. cuz. moo moo. fender tag. undercover. grumpy. paper tiger. wear cheaters. jam. bossie. q. pecker ass. in clover. prang (aircraft). flats (dice). battiness. fill to the brim. noose. mean. doggo. have the hots for. spark. hanker for. ivory.). See HEAD. put on a false front. rabbity.t. See DESIRE. goofiness. ivories. See IRRITABLE. covered. chock. bones. dominoes. 7 come 11. full of fancy footwork. COVERTLY adv. in-thing. take the rap for. See STUDY. whitewash. nerf. speed. eighter from Decatur. scared shitless. aircraft). snow. chicken. wimp. COUSIN n. lean on. sideswipe. rack-up. beard. lech. fender bend. nuttiness. phony up one's get up. See also WEAKLING. cushy. headbone. pack like sardines. tref. little Joe. the latest thing. CRAVING n. CRAFTY adj. COW n. CRAMP n. kick. you're faded. slick. screwiness. See AFRAID. smashup. cloud cuckoo land. ugly. COVERED WITH adj. deal. walk heavy. palm. have one's tongue hanging out for. go black. q. keep the lid on. wildcat. chicken. Elsie. incog. in. spoil for. splashdown. have one's mouth fixed for. CRAZINESS n. pileup. put up a front. pack em in. throw on a make up. handshake. on the q. give ones eyeteeth for. bulldoze. top off. heavy booking. smash into.t. die for. deuce. jam pack. sweep under the rug. incog. COWARDLY adj. chicken liver. fenderbender. showboat. paper over. Bossy. green-eyed. COVER UP v. COVERED adj. crunch. on the sly. crack-up. 2. yen. smash up. chocker. pancake. weak sister. it is to die for. strictly hush-hush. natural. cagey. See SECRET. lech. bitchy. itch. charley horse. See WEAKLING. crunch. dubok. COVET v. fig leaf. stuff. CRACKERS n. 1. hushhush. white liver. hit the books. chicken out. squelch. lily livered. turn on the heat. newest wrinkle. burn the midnight oil. crap out. smarts. walk out with. come out. sardine. daffïness. under wraps. biscuit. See AGREEMENT. under wraps. put the lid on. gutless wonder. milksop. carry a torch for. crazy like a fox. comfy. washout. put on a front.

See INSANE. unglued. gaff. cool. gone. caser. sneak. off one's nut. steer. store. CRESTFALLEN adj. schitz out. no bullshit. off the wall. goonk. off one's head. 1. hip. brainstorm. CRIME n. fried. move. far out. on the tab. See BELIEVABLE. blue loco. flipped. stock. zonked out. lay the gaff. cut in for a gapper's bit. schitzoid. See BELIEVE. meshugana. swallow whole. a prince of a fellow. gooey. straight. off one's trolley. creed. psych out. strokes. totally baked. snapped. promote. dingy. duke in. ape. fruitcakey. just plain nuts. one's stock has gone up. EXTEND v. off one's rocker. CREW n. nick. goofy. gnarly. psyched out. make up. mad as a March hare. CREDITABLE adj. unzipped. singing the blues. lay. mount (theatrical). spot (inspect site for). out of one's gourd. snakes in one's head. nut up. nutsy fagan. spitball. non compos mentis. come unglued. beany. tin. blow. down in the dumps. screwloose. minus some buttons. CREATE v. flaky. hands. goup. gospel truth. bonkers. cutting out paper dolls. 2. psycho. clock. case. moo juice. wrongdoing. dash off. Jesus bread. not have all one's marbles. spill the lay. critter. Christian. come. CREDENTIALS. freak out. See PRAISEWORTHY. coin a phrase. crazy as a loon. racket. potty. See GULLIBLE. declare in. schizzed out. squeeze. non compos. riffle. aboveboard. have plastic. hairpin. buggy. tip off. lug. gospel truth. ring in. lamebrain. dippy. crack up. cockamamie. give one a send in. whacko. crowd. GO. set store by. headcase. take as gospel truth. slaphappy. taken down. doin' a hundred. dirty work. 1. not too shabby. have a screw loose. See also DEVISE. tetched. hep. ding-a-ling. case out. bloomer. piece of work. out of one's skull. pussyfoot. loose in the bean. not all there. gook.86 crazy CRAZY adj. CRIME. doodle around. cracked. out to lunch. half deck. points. cuckoo. heavy racket. flip out. straight shit. grift. loopy. salt of the earth.. cross the line. gloppy. hustle. mooch. tick. tout (supply with leads). knock out. finance CREDIT RATING n. bananas. cook up. cracked up. clout. a case. smoke a joint. buy. daffy. touched. flippo. cum. crunch. flipped one's lid. schitzy. tip. go ape. screwy. off one's hinges. button. crackpot. gumshoe. dream up. batting a thousand. bughouse. snap case. on the arm. correction. varmint. in the ozone. noodle. racket. D and B CREDULOUS adj. GO v. nobody home. CREATURE n. not playing with a full deck. take stock in. screwball. CREAM n. nuts. caper. script. gang. out of one's tree. down. not right in the head. baked. get off. nut cake. give one a steer. press. on the cuff. snap. come unzipped. throw up. mid course CREDIT. keister. unscrewed. looneytune. true Christian. knock off. dick-brained. whip up. phony steer. bum steer. section 8. gaga. trump up. nice thing. cockeyed. crawly. beat. daffydill. freaky. . fruity. birdie (teenage). mob. kooky. be taken in. team. wacky. scatterbrain. out of one's mind. banana pie. sickie. bat out. author. on the muscle. creepy. go ape shit. goopy. come through with. See DEPRESSED. 2. barmy. out of one's head. See COMMENDATION. drive a pencil. steer wrong. easy mark. screwed up. riffle. CREAMY adj. CREAM AND SUGAR n. honest to God. bugs. candy. loony. COMMIT A v. touched in the head. bonkers in the conkus. CREDIT v. haywire. take the bait. think up. flake out. quickie. CREDIT n. pat on the back. pixilated. gone ape shit. fudge together. on pump. flipped out. blind steer. spring the gaff. yo-yo. batty. crazy as a coot. fast one. CREEP v. stock. CREAM CHEESE n. squirrelly. flash. up the wall. CREDENCE n. flipped one's stack. hit and run. nertz. loco. score. in cloud cuckoo land. way out. head trip. missing a few buttons. scriven. caser. got to hand it to one. caper. gone ape. not have all one's buttons. swallow hook line and sinker. make. pull off. funny. trick. job. missing a few marbles. touch. put the pike on. CREDIT CRISIS n. knock together. 3. gunky. gooky. fall for. case. red one. CREDIBLE adj. no shit. nutty. craft. sappy. set up (plans for). job. CREASE v. CRAZY. crazier than a bedbug. hatch. meshuga. blow one's soul. dotty. throw together. up front. feeler. spark. lay out. whomp up. extension (maximum). blue. loose in the upper story. organic. mad as a hatter. cow juice. leak in the think tank. a sweet make. offin the upper story. blonde 'n sweet. on tick. pat on the back. off the track. nutty as a fruitcake. mad as a weaver. leading edge. bunch. flipped one's wig. make. lost one's marbles. FORGED n. dream up. store. round the bend. pillar of the church. freaked out. come up with. ass in a sling. Brownie points. pen. cut in on a touch. crackers. gunk. nasty. 3. wrong steer. CREATIVE adj. mad as a coot. hit. bats. beat. peg a joint. (supply with faulty leads). shmeer (on a bagel). bat out. dog ear. wire (tip leading up to). over the edge. See WRITE. take it off the top of one's head. bats in the belfry. paper. knock off hen tracks on a rolltop piano (type). ape shit.

in over one's head. lousy caper. louse up. walkout rap. squash a holler. second-story man. pinch. finger man. hoodlum. screw up (exhaust an area). break out. F. hipster. hit the turf (leave for scene of). wrong beef. large order. joker. mopery in the first degree. hard going. pull a one-two play. toss. on the hustle. queer. smoking gun. aisle-sitter. game. arm man. on the spot. when the shit hits the fan. on the make. chill. squash a rap. pinch. jam. shape up. one small difficulty. soft giver up. sucker who kicks over. bitch. sticky wicket. card. in action. put the finger on. spotter. mooch. muzzier. rank a play. goon. blow. pedigree. in a squeeze. downer. stiff. mug. the boys uptown. squeeze. knock up. stiff beef. hog-tied. guerilla. bad actor. hood. crumb a deal. hoosier. sucker. hep ghee. heats on. go on a trick. make one's prints (at scene of crime). fish. step out on a caper. right rap. troubleshooter. sweet mark. spot. cropper. a nice score. tough going. fritzer. out for a buck. See IDENTIFY. when the going gets tough. CRITIC n. blotto. CRIME. eel. bloomer. wrong. perp. wrongo. hummer. go back for seconds (against same victim). screw up (bungle). wheel man (driver). keister mark. in a pinch. good giver up. CRIPPLED adj. hustler. CRIMINAL. PETTY n. CRISIS MANAGEMENT n. bend the law. make one's mug. steerer. dropper. hit a snag. bummer. get the rapper to pull off. hoosier (new). pull off a job. two-time loser. pick man. boxed in. lush. nitpicker. jailbird. bad egg. plant. light time (nonviolent action). in a jam. jerk off a rapper. caught in the act. hot potato. the commission. catch 22. marker. jim. come a cropper. hit the heavy time. wildcat. plug ugly. hatchet man. CRIME.. outfit. grift. stepping out. strongarm man. clutch. degenerate. in man.V. behind the eight ball. record. wrong rap (unjust). in a fix. plunge out on a score. on the promote. flashpoint. gimp. heel.F. pull a fast one. tight spot. in a hole. in deep water. yardbird. making a clean buck. sailor. dropper. up a tree. CRIMINAL RECORDS n. play the deuce of clubs (quash or withdrawal of charges). See also THIEF. CRISIS n. blank. bum finger. sleeper. rub. in a stew. fixer. tipster (spotter of victims). gimpy. sidelined. shady. our organization. rat caper. books. phony rap. Monday morning quarterback. stiffo. mob marker. pull a heist. finger mob (gang). record). go out on a touch. finger. chill a beef. mugger. run the roads down. up shit creek. squeeze. gunsel. mopery rap. a good touch (profitable venture). push the panic button. yank a sticker. gun moll. when the chips are down. turkey (profitless venture). flap. hit the panic button. racket. vie. the mob. torpedo. rank and lam. gangster. pull a quickie. syndicate. boot. tumuling (regularly engaged in). deuce (small time). stiff. g'd up. up shit creek without a paddle. crook. in a box. frame up. score. caught with ones hand in the cookie jar. zero hour. gorilla. on the sail. fireman. crash. hamstrung. yellow sheet. right beef. button man. CRIMINAL n. zapper. smash and grab. grabber. crip. soft touch. out of line. pig. China syndrome (nuclear). jim a deal.critic 87 tumul. cherry (no rap sheet. bollix. square. cat burglar. CRIMINAL CHARGE n. jay. the boys. fagin. racketeer. family. in a spot. finger. crunch. hooker. lag. rank. CRIME INSTRUCTOR n. square a pinch. hit and run. mobster. mess up. tough rap (supported by ample evidence). crime cartel. hit the hard way. play a bloomer. . hard time. CRIMINAL'S TOOLS n. prowler. bum rap. box man. the gang. charge out. hog. repeater. call the turn. rumble. Springfield. piss up. blank. play a matinee. yuld. fink caper. Organization. scissorbill. up the creek. goodie. inside man. bum beef. stick. tumble. Cosa Nostra. fire in the belly. matter of life and death. hep broad. fix. IDENTIFY v. trick. in a scrape. stuff. spitting on the sidewalk. all caught up. out of commission. off base. racketeering. hung up. ten percenter. cop a sneak. hurry-up call. CRIMINAL RECORD n. rehash. rank a joint. have one's ass in a sling. lemon. crab. rank a mark. mopery collar. crimp. fagin. when push comes to shove. hump to death. square a rapper. put on the spot. pull a sneak. all washed up. meltdown. stiff rap. crab a play. go out on a piece of work. give one a blow. hip up on the score. shag. burn up. cop and blow (swiftly). in a tight spot. muscle man. CRIMINAL adj. cut out on the stem. lush who won't go. up the creek without a paddle. blow. bad guy. Mafia. at. the arm. piece man. mooch out on the grift. the People. hung up with. trigger man. make one's kisser. double trouble. glitch. bang to rights. skunk. chiseler. stabbing a horse and stealing his CRIMINAL VICTIM n. beef. square a beef. slippery eel.. ORGANIZED n. shylock. heavy. heavy. hardware. peg. drag. square John. in a mess. hooligan. mark who kicks up. dirty. touch. crooked. on the move. reload. come on. in a clutch. tough giver up (victim who resists). sweetheart (docile victim).b. mooner. piss in a snowbank. spike. crash. pull a bloomer. payoff ghee. geed up. con. caught red-handed. flop. hot. when things get tough. Mafioso. moll. turning a smart buck (nonviolent). right fall. wrapup rap (supported by little evidence). chill a rap. excon. wrong number. get out on the hustle. on the turf. in a pickle. turkey. make. boot around. famiglia.

filled to the rafters. sing- . grill. knock the props from under one. fanny bumper. asshole buddy. hellish. CRITIQUE n. sweat. doctor (one who drugs). pan. hard. blue. CROSS EXAMINE v. sidekick. wild-assed. rake up one side and down the other. blast on. CRONY n. old man. static. knock the chocks from under one. snipe at. 2. put the lid on. throw a monkey wrench into the works. catawampus. behind the eight ball. crush. hurt. go after. be agin. notice. touch and go. jam-packed. squash. hanging by a thread. riffraff. dirty. knock. clobber. buddy. everybody and his brother. squashed. third. jam up. cheap. sardined. mobbed. bum. bar. dim view. jack up. cutter. put down. touchy. agee. gunkhole (sailing ad lib). CROSS v. blow one out. CRUDE adj. throw the book at one. hop up. showdown. down. CROWRAR n. give a black eye. skewed. stick. kablooey. chock. give one the heat. take a dim view. 1. sock it to one. boo. give one the raspberry. cattle. doin' dirt. good buddy. bitch. notice. gone clean (The. cramp. loud-mouthed. sardine. 2. bank. jammed. stick. knock. full as a tick. bitchy. murder. boat race. crimp. CROUPIER n. CRUDENESS n. snafu. standing room only. scorcher. tear into. kablooey. ram in. go agin. CROTCH n. tacky. jump on. give it to. mate. mellow (close). put one's nose out of joint. cut up. gum up the works. rough. mob. matter of life and death. bad ass. take down a peg. eighteen carat. flak. cockeyed. CRITICISM n. scrunched. Bronx cheer. face off. zigzag. light into. slap. sound off. blast. crumbed up with. kinky. put through the third degree. taken down. lousy. pal. rap on the knuckles. See HUMILIATE. CRUELLY adv. third degree. trash. lay out. jockey ring. CRITICIZE v. stickman.88 critical CRITICAL adj. ornery. take a potshot at. third degree. SRO. grody. dress down. fast pill (drug). stick it to one. ragtag. full up. in a blue funk. loaded to the rafters. cutting. mean machine. cockeyed. CRUSHED adj. stiff with. total. gum. sing small. squelch. 1. in smithereens. clean. jack deuce. CROSS EXAMINATION n. mean. slog. eat humble pie. write-up. bad-assed. with a straight face. crawling. give one the needle. down in the dumps. joint (all used to shock horse). the great unwashed. pack em in. jam pack. crummy with. poor mouth. touchy. See REPRESS. slam. knuckle dragger. See CRITICISM. deadpan. rip. packed. rake. something fierce. buck. buzzer. tough. up to the hilt. skewgee. put down. packed like sardines. up to here. heats on. queer. attend to. CROSS-EYED adj. on thin ice. box man. draw in one's horns. putdown. lambaste. sold out. flak. hanging by a thread. ice. wall-to-wall people. house. everybody and his uncle. cut. slug. call down. slam. dealer. wamper jawed. takedown. rap. book. come down on. squish. bronx cheer. slow pill. have a bone to pick. shamus. let down. scrunch. cut in half. got lead balls for eyes. bash. sit on. chips are dawn. busted. CRUCIAL adj. crab. push. skank. CROOKED adj. skin alive. hell west and crooked. eat dirt. put a crimp in. stonewall. man behind the gun. battery. agee jawed. raunchy. full house. zap. pardner. needle. See FRIEND. slam. up the creek without a paddle. rap. put the screws to. CROOKED HORSE RACE n. stuff. CROWDED adj. pop off. See also COARSE. lousy with. cut down to size. topped off. lean on. snatch. blowout. nuts. See QUESTION. land on. taken down a peg. MEETING. take a swipe at. take on. stymie. take the wind out of one's sails. cut. CROWD v. CRUSH v. James. on slippery ground. put away. spike one's guns. turnout. yaw ways. 2. dump on. call down. ragtag and bobtail. fuck up. put the blocks to. sellout. let one have it. zapper. kill-crazy. a downer. murderous. rap. run down. hit. right to the roof. dump. blister. write-up. sail into. bitch bitch bitch. give a going over. fluff. backtalk. on slippery ground. sass. wall-to-wall people. slaunchways. on thin ice. slaunchwise. jam. fixed. with a poker face. See CRITICAL. screwy. 3. jam-pack. something terrible. in cold blood. scorch. up the creek. foul up. hit. 1. bad mouth. sideswipe. totalled. cockeye. hurry-up call. 3. See HUMILIATED. bollix. raunch. take down. fire in the belly. pan. poison. slap on the wrist. jump all over. snow under. CROSSING POINT n. man behind the stick. slap. bosom buddy. cussed. mob scene. the bird. See also GROUP. CROWD n. checkpoint Charlie (Berlin). cut to bits. CRUEL adj. sleighride. zing. swipe. rake over the coals. CRUISE v. tee off on one. the fix is in. kill. romp. stump. jimmy. chockablock. flummox. nitpick. fit to bust. top off. do a number on. louse up. jam. read one out. bunged up. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. loud. trim. give what for. haul over the coals. swagged up with. lemon. come down hard on. eat crow. rave. swipe at. topsy-turvy. zapper. roast. hit. upset one's apple cart. touch and go.). pack like sardines. up shit creek without a paddle. blow away. pan. shit on. grody to the max. squished. knock the bottom out of. raw.

get one in a box. snoopy. lumps. pooch. cunt lapping. gelt. idiot board. con game. See also BEFRIEND. knowhow. sting. grift. make up to. face job. frenzie. nightstick. the rev. crazy. the big stick. billy. die. hold down. muff dive. CULMINATION n. off base. foxy. baby-sitter. box lunch. See REPRESS. sky pilot. jailbird. CLUB. 1. box in. hat job. sitter. street smarts. blown out. eat it. one-upmanship. offtish. tongue wash. skullduggery. hanky panky. hard stuff. cuke. two-time. gimp stick. cool. hoot and holler. flam. zapped. cheese up. smoking gun. Heinz 57 varieties. dorg. yawp. big store. put the horns on. folding. face. holler. moonie. get on the right side of. blow off. cold cash. kick the habit. monkey business. fast shuffle. gyp joint. sixty-nine (all Obsc). face job. short con. bottle up. idiot cards. seafood. go over the mountain. crack up. wad. get on the good side of. fruit cup. become Mr. CULTURED adj. French. mopus. DEVOTEE. put on ice. CURATE n. CULTIST n. See DEPRESSED. give head. CURE n. hot lead. let it all out. feel up. funny business. spic. green stuff. See CLERGYMAN. 2. sweat it out. oint- CULTIVATE v. waterworks. long-haired. head. set up. CURDLE v. CRUTCH n. heart. chicken money. caught with one's hand in the cookie jar. lead. give face. blow one's wad. hardtack. stretch the rubber. nub. holler. send up. the wherewithal. fast shuffle. frame up. dough. cool down. go around the world. Heinz 57. smarts. CUDGEL n. long green. fancy footwork. almighty dollar. big con. hustle. creep. streetwise. goodie. nitty-gritty. dinero. get next to. Holy Joe. clunky. kick. See CLUMSY. chicken feed. savvy. scam. CUBAN n. jip. muff dive. top it off. galumphing. bunk. fur pie. holler out. fur burger. blubber. critical mass. 4. CRY v. perform. mint. teleprompter. See also CONSUMMATE. hokey pokey. quick fix. gamesmanship. moolah. piece of jack. feed line. fix. blown out of the water. bunko. smooth. let it out. sap. quit cold turkey. See INQUISITIVE. 2. bottom line. happy cabbage. bait and switch. put on the weeps. house-sitter. pick-me-up. Fish. flea hotel. CRYING n. clunker. French. scrub. cork. CURATOR n. hoosier (new). CURRENCY n. mutt. hog-tie. 2. sing the blues. CURATIVE n. slick. go the route. shine up to. mint leaves. run around. See RESTRAIN. shot in the arm. PREVENT. brownnose. skins. clabber. set. ruckus. suck up to. mace. laugh on the other side of one's face. tuna taco. quit cold. double shuffle. shed bitter tears. See CUE n. payoff. one's wad. play up to. line. meat and potatoes. shake. let go. CUR n. weep bitter tears. CUCKOLD v. bread. CUMBERSOME adj. lay down. hung up with. lag. sit on one's face. run after. cry me a river. frame. bogue. gel. bog. morphine. take the cure. yodeling in the gully. CUNNING n. yawp. Heinz. clit licker (Obsc). diddling. gyp. blown away. CUDDLE v. ex-con. sly boots. shoot. have hair pie. eat at the Y. bog down. CURE v. slippery. keep the lid on. cork up. weeps. bring to a screaming halt. flimflam. stunt. CULPABLE adj. See also STOP. dead end. jangle. hatchet thrower. sin hound. padre. CULPRIT n. jingle jangle. See also SHREWD. fuss. eat out. kick. CULMINATE v. face man. bunco. full of fancy footwork. handsome ransom. dirty. break down. get in with. crazy like a fox. French kiss. CUL-DE-SAC n. clunk. switch. put a half nelson on. kiss ass. CUNNILINGUS v. con. oil of palms. CUNNING adj. ice. ice. ass kiss. CURIOUS adj. cagey. shill. folding money. put away. main line. turn on the water works. grab ass (Obsc). CUNNILINGUS n. French way. eagle shit. song and dance. vie. 1. See also REFINED. sugar bowl pie. boo hoo. capper. See DOG. lopper. taradiddle. hog. nod. . mezonny. eat pussy. mezumah. highbrow. out of line. hard money. cool off. jell. fast one. 89 CRUX n. get on the in with. go down on. feed. cheat. cunt lap. caught in the act. hip gee. See DEFEATED. high sign. con.currency ing the blues. coin. nosy. just what the doctor ordered. cry one's eyes out. CUE CARD n. glop up. hung up. eating at the Y. caught red-handed. all the way. CUCUMBER n. hoity-toity. flimflammery. See also CURB v. See also CRIMINAL. French job. yardbird. tip off. CRYSTALLIZE v. iron (silver coin). bawl. CRY n. 1. dry out. piece of change.

number CURSING n.). g'dong. CUSTOM n. CZECH n. CYMBALS n. regular. curves. poke. Jones. color. flame. walk-in. drat. bleep. CURSORY adj. downsize. chicken. hip. float. shot. faddy. suck up to. cussing. give one a kine ahora (Yid. peanuts. CURVED adj. put the whammy on one. micro. on the front burner. in the swim. curvy. cut to the bone. playing it safe. curvy. dirty talk. dig in. dirty language. cuss word. put in a nutshell. ookus. snappy. talk dirty. gedunk.90 current ment. See NEW. by bits and pieces. easy make. daily grind. stacked. in the groove. swear word. cuss. yes. skewed. baby-sitter. vita. stroke. four-letter word. hoodoo. brownnose. CURTAIN CALL n. 2. dead president. ooks. jinx. CUT v. groove. according to Hoyle. roll back. customized. snakebit. fall all over. same old shit. magoo (for throwing). tailor-made. damn. by fits and starts. swinging. voodoo one. sucker. swamper. swear word. CUSTARD n. in the mainstream. snippy. goop. leblang (theater ticket price). kiss of death. CURTAIN n. apple-polish. CURRY FAVOR v. chop. rag. CURSE v. cuss. double whammy. super. shiv. put the horns on. ). can. four-letter word. sloppy. built. voodooed. chicken shit. CURVE n. Chesky. AC. CURRENT adj. cuss word. trendy. brain. take a bow. glop. one's p's and q's. brag sheet. the leading edge. hoodoo one. play footsie. oof. boil down. CURVACEOUS adj. head. into. pazoza. 1. pardon my French. barrel. voodoo. whack. trim. half-baked. CURT adj. hoodoo. cut. kick. hack. tighten one's belt. mod. according to the book. give one the evil eye. put the double whammy on one. mark. CYLINDER n. chiv. CURSED adj. chump. buddy up. hit or miss. cruncher. See FLATTER. in a rut. in dribs and drabs. darn. half-assed. dirty name. dirty word. built for comfort. now. thing. highhat. with it. CURTAIL v. short. cuss. to order. house- CUSTARD PIE n. CURSE n. kibosh. See also BEAUTIFUL. pigeon. CUSTOM-MADE adj. cut down. juice. one's bag. dirty word. . CUSTODIAN n. no no. corn. hang-up. live one. front. cookies. state of the art. bend. hairpin. get to the meat. massage. oleo (both The. See SHORTEN. no-no. special order. curvaceous. CYBERNETIC MACHINE n. swim. CURRENT n. cut back. See CARELESS. grind. sitter. sitter. French. See MONEY. what's happening. hell fire. CUSTOMARY adj. SOS. jinx. built like a brick shithouse. all fired. cush. nutshell. DC. CURRICULUM VITAE n. potlids. kiss ass. hoodooed. darby. pud. CUSTOMER n. whammy. package. dirty name. by the numbers.

dilly-dally. bobbled. get some on the side. bally stand (circus). bugger. shimmy. hip hop. on the bum. hoodoo. mess up. rock. get. alligator. play games with. li'l mama. carry on. clotheshorse. had it. DAMAGED adj. striptease artist. billing and cooing. nutty. go at it half-assed. playing around. twist. wrack up. muck around. hoedown. camel walk.. Roman spring (late in life). fanner. etc. out of action. lollygag. fuck around. mini skirt. potchky. rough up. DANGEROUS adj. soft shoe. prom. peeler. break dance. go at it half-baked. DANCE HALL n. totally baked. cooked. play around. fucked up. doll. chick. on the blink. talk dirty. grind. 1. drat. boogaloo. on downtime. square. hoof it. twist. bent. sizzler. foozle. bumps and grinds. fiddle with. shout. petting. lollygag. flubbed. DAMP adj. tweak. lean on. balled up. bonkers. disco. sink. go at it artsy-fartsy. have a fling. play around. classy chassy. go-go. busted. louse up. hoedig. shake. babe. shake up. loused up. bollix up. hootchy cooch. clog. jive. jerking off. See CURSED. bunnyhug. See CRAZY. strip tease. flaky. 2. Beau Brummel. boogaloo. loaded. DAMSEL n. down. play the devil with. unhealthy. fart around. on the fritz. jitterbug. dap. put the horns on. spooning. kidding around. gone. wrestle. fart around. shindig. 2. dinged. tomato. in the ozone. kaput. baked. messing around. black bottom. rock. DANCE v. nooner. cut a rug. hoofer. Delta. stump. strut one's stuff. kid around. bumps. lollygagging. See also AFFAIR. flash. thin ice. mess around. bugger up. DANDY n. steam bath. play around. wracked up. rock out. lay iron (tap). pogo. horse around. fool around. ding. conga. touch dance. put the double whammy on one. shake. boogie woogie. Lindy hop. coffee grinder. making out. darn. a little on the side. hooch. the big apple. out of whack. out of one's gourd. buggered up. cuss. rugged. monkey around. do in. swell. Big D. rock n' roll. totaled. Dapper Dan.D D. working late at the office. Charleston. sport. screw around. hog wrestle. shimmy. 1. hot. body dance. track. high on the hog. kid around. lay a bad trip on one. fooling around. zoo. frolic pad. terper. DAMNED adj. gypsy. DALLIANCE n. wing. play merry hell with. queen. dynamite. 91 . horse around. gone haywire. fool around. play games with. glitch up. fool with. monkey. flame. blansh. commfued. play hob with. DAFT adj. stripper. bollix. boodle (candy. muck up. sent to students and soldiers. apache. hash up. fuck up. funky chicken. shuffle. screw around. spin. strip. heavy. mingle. no go. cakewalk. the line. do a number on one. wax. mess around. 1940). ball up. hop. voodoo. steamy. smooching. DANCE n. DAMN v. messed up. hairy. dilly-dally. monkey. do. shag. glitched. dynamite. circus (naked). hustle. foul up. gum up. run down. See DUDE. jitterbug. slip up. juke it. 1. See also FLIRT. shot. fried. macaroni. buggered. total. break. mucked up. hustle. brawl. skirt. jitter. gummed up. screw up. snarl up. ballin' the jack. swing. groovin' and duckin'. hip hop. farting around. frill. See GIRL. jump. frug. in smithereens. crawl. mucking around. hanky-panky. grinds. screwed up. swing. bollixed up. hell fire. carrying on. voodoo one. jinx. jimmy up. break. snakebit. wacky. breakdown. DANGER n. zing. strut. belly to belly. bump and grind. song and dance man. all fired. frail. dude. cheek to cheek. crackers. bunny hop. play hell with. bitched up. soft-shoe. queered. muck around. jitter. off the wall. fling. DABBLE v. sock hop (shoeless). stomp. cement mixer. hoodang. jungle. toddle. bend the goods. sweat box. shuffle. hit one where he lives. toff. cook. hashed DANCER n. boogie. DAMAGE v. relationship. horsing around. jerk off. goof up. spot. sticky. DAIS n. samba. out of kilter. widow maker. hoodooed. fouled up. rug cutter. snappy dresser. bumper. put the whammy on one. topless. chorine (chorus). rug cutter. fuck around. snafu. necking. screwing around. alley cat. risky business. queer. truck. rock n' roll. dog. hoodoo one. get down. boogie down. voodooed. jill. DALLY v. sunk. ADULTERY. DAINTIES n. pony. snafued. jitterbug. hot potato. fool with. frug. goodies. double trouble. whacko. screwy. up. grinder. trip the light fantastic. jerk off. 2. DALLAS soapbox. monkey around.

stick around. drag. moon. toddle. rinky dink. grit. crack of dawn. pie in the sky. bright. sit on one's duff. DAYDREAM v. lie down on the job.92 danger warning DATA n. cheeky. of the old school. Baker flying (Navy). dressed to the nines. hot potato. rinky-tinky. cloud up. DAUGHTER n. DAWDLER n. DARING n. blind date. bell the cat. DASH v. gauze. DATE n. smart alecky. on slippery ground. out of it. day peep. 1. stare into the middle distance. square. step over the line. has-been. dicey. stare into the middle distance. play with fire. poke. brass. sofa lizard. hanging by a thread. DASHED adj. sunup. fuddy-duddy. DASHROARD n. glaze. touch and go. jelly. zex. guts. nobby. chutzpah. leave oneself wide open. do by halves. bright. ritzy. down in the dumps. spaced out. natty. steamy. off the cob. gasser. freeze. dope. DATED adj. stuff. helluva nerve. pizzazz. slapdash. mope. fast and loose. crusty. spiffy. shag. nix. earth pig (unattractive). glazed. snatch the cradle. watch it. furp. score. specs. See also OLD. mind trip. IOWA Quad Cities DAWDLE v. slowpoke. steam bath. mosey. dressed to the teeth. wave a red flag. See WRITE. tweeked . wise up. bright. not a prayer. DAY ORIENTED adj. sunup. bat around. pizzazz. swanky. head trip. can get burned. DASH OFF v. glims. the know. heads up. sweat box. get on it. go on make my day. go for broke. clown. play Russian roulette. fat chance. swell. trip out. shlep along. rob the cradle. salty. fireeater. sit on one's butt. wise ass. pipe dream. defi. close. bum. get no place fast. M EGO (my eyes glaze over). dopey. info. scoop. DAPPER adj. spunky. poop. dressed to kill. pipe dream. frog. cradle snatcher. import (out of town). step out. chintzy. smarten up. snazzy. any which way. press the bricks. out on a limb. corny. scrounge around. gorked. tail. on thin ice. mask. moxie. stick in the mud. defy. spacey. go for broke. wise up. DARE n. screw off. funky.. helter skelter. R. toot the tooter (mechanical). ALARM. See also COURAGE. dash. in a blue funk. DAWN n. See STYLISH. gutty. sloppy. mince. not with it. bold as brass. See also LOAFER. down. hep up. DANGER WARNING n. go to sea in a sieve. razzmatazz. taken down a peg. early DAYRREAK n. jiggers. fuck off. smart ass. fool around. blue. bright. See also FEARLESS. See also INFORMATION. make my day. Nadaville. tweak the devil's nose. play with fire. rat. on the spot. put on the spot. turned out. go steady. See also ADVISE. go around together. out to lunch. call one's bluff. see. bat out. a downer. off the deep end. goof around. molasses in January. out of it. singing the blues. grit. yesterday. chancy. goof off. go around with. moldy fig. egg (Dutch treat). peepers. See FACTS. step off the deep end. trippy. nerve. give one the high sign. poke around. horse and buggy. fix up. cheese it. bail out. crack of dawn. F. early bright. cocky. bent. tired. hairy. tip. harum-scarum. take one on. DAYDREAM n. bebop glasses. cornball. passe. hell of a. dinosaur. rat fuck. speed. warm a chair. chutzpahdik. hang around. knock out. poop sheet. brass tacks. DAZED adj. blind drag. foozle. icky. ricky tick. castle in the air. clean. chapter and verse. DARING adj. DAREDEVIL n. highball. DAY n. moldy. brassy. fire-eater. goldbrick. whole story. picture. slap out. knock the chip off one's shoulder. poke along. nebular. hell of a note. WARN OF v. too hot to handle. let down. day peep. sprout. goof-off. play around. sharp. rush period. Faust. tool. hangout. corn. early bright. hip up. DATE v. sit on one's ass. corn-fed. gritty. on a wing and a prayer. toss off. shlepper. sticky. crack. shades. fuck the dog. gutsy. gone. See DEPRESSED. goods. touchy. jack around. dap. slower than the seven-year itch. spunk. rush act. DAVENPORT. moth-eaten. taken down. 1. in a zone. hasn't got a Chinaman's chance. See also GO. See ALARM. woolgather. John. fuck-off. sleepyhead. hot shot. deuce it. bum around. snap out of your hop. little beaver. go to sea in a sieve. nifty. fuck around. knock off. nervy. any old way. come on strong. a snowball in hell. DANGER. tip off. ticky. classy. jazzy. swank. toss out. sunshades. fossil. make time with. flag. face off. iffy. smarten up. fool's paradise. shove out. DARE v. 2. go off the deep end. mess around. DANK adj. cat. spetters. smart. See CHALLENGE. throw off. foot dragger. wraparounds. day people DAYTON. trip. 2. DARK EYEGLASSES n. make a run for it. dream bait. out. build castles in the air. duddy. OHIO Gem City DAZE n. keep company. make it snappy. squaresville. See also APPOINTMENT. old hat. bird. go out on a limb. slap up. mooch around. posh. back number. joanie. go together. lounge lizard.

connect with. See LECHER. on the town. the clock's running. drop. box man. hammer. sugar. wrangle. See DEAF AND DUMB adj. lovey. ropes. sweetie. mechanic. tap city. See DIS- DEBASE v. lumps. burn one's candle at both ends. ol' man Mose. cashed in one's chips. in the doghouse. lead poison (by shooting). See MANAGE. put one away. D and D. gridlock. gone to hell. gone to the bad. See EXPENSIVE. have at it. See BELITTLE. back gate parlor. DEAD adj. heavy sugar. fast living. goner. clerk. handle it. irons. slim pickings. hack it. deac. high. cross swords. dirt nap. talk back. chancy. ASTER. dead and done for. out of sight. rap. DEBIT n. rehash.O. shit hit the fan. the end. THE n. stiff. dance hall. bone to pick. an arm and a leg. chew over. dumped on. bat. pushing up daisies. dead as a dodo. down in the gutter. in Dutch. deliver. run em. rap session. CARDS n. went West. touch and go. betwixt and between. went to the happy hunting grounds. went to the last roundup. done for. lost face. dead as a herring. DISCUSS. DEALER. DEATH CHAMBER n. take down a peg.debris 93 out. big jump. parole. the majority. hash. in Davy Jones's locker. corner. hassle. on the nod (narcotic). sweet face. stiff. dick. fluff off. gone to kingdom come. DEBAUCHERY n. take down. glitz. dead as a doornail. glitzy. swinger. have truck with. DAZZLE v. wingding. back door. shit on. fancy. crap. cunt chaser (Obsc). 2. See also ARGUMENT. checked out. Jew down (Derog. woozy. back parole (prison). See DOUBTFUL. make a go of it. drive in the fast lane wih no brakes. took down. See also ARGUE. punch-drunk. make it. last debt. stick man. in the red. high liver. come across with. lights out. catch 22. pricey. red ink. iffy. network with. DEAL v.). dummy. gone to the dogs. toots. go to hell in a handbasket. See WANTON. swap horses. wires. bull yard. bust. pickle. DEAD ON ARRIVAL adj. curtains. swap. baby. rake. hash over. DAZZLING adj. dearie. DEBACLE n. dump on. DEBT. blue ruin. the hard way. DEBATABLE adj. irons in the fire. damned if you do and damned if you don't. gone to the happy hunting grounds. time lock. lock horns. last out. standoff. fence. croaked. tack. stop. between a rock and a hard place. honey. DEARTH n. down the drain. in a fog. DEALER. grim reaper. offed. box. powwow. live fast and leave a beautiful corpse. hondle. cher. one's number is up. hammer away at. DEAL CARDS v. handle. the cuff. See BELOVED. doll face. eat humble pie. jag. horse trade. handle. put up an argument. See also REVEL. dee and dee. punchy. set to. confab. DEADLOCK n. put down. slaphappy. final thrill. knock down the price.A DEAD. razzle-dazzle. blowout. gone to hell. gone to that great (whatever) in the sky. flak session. drive in the fast lane. pick a bone. under the gun. kiss off. See BELITTLED. dead as mutton. pettifog. back gate. nodding. curtains for one. make a deal. buy the farm. hassle. hammer out a deal. a daisy. work out a deal. blah-blah. gone to bad. puddin'. finish. conked out. wandering around in a fog. DEAL WITH v. talk game. life in the fast lane. DEBATE n. hole. finished. kick around. playboy. cashed in. tiff. foggy. hit. go to hell. balls in the air. gone glimmering. last waltz. deal out. put down. subway expert. tootsie. dead end. binge. bit the dust. DEBATE v. 1. cold. stone cold. pretty penny. last mile. tear. high living. bump heads. fini. dead duck. boxed. DEACON n. time frame. had it. See NEGOTIATE. hack out a deal. get a handle on something. kicked the bucket. GAMBLING n. DEAR adj. live in the fast lane. hack. belly up. DEATH n. when the lights go out. love of my life. trip up back. last roundup. junk. -30-. words. shit. dicker. wire pulling. D. on a slab. stone dead. toot. rhubarb. popped off. in bad. pitch. hellbent. taps. DEAN n. the jury's out. passed away. DEADLINE n. 1. 2. drunk. womanizer. passed on. the nut. DEBRIS n. flashy. bone. went. DEBAUCHER n. dish out. between sixes and sevens. live with. bought the farm. strings. showy. la dolce vita. DEALS n. drop-dead date. kaput. the great majority. fork over. Mexican standoff. paint the town red. bender. DEBASED adj. gone to the dogs. spat. . took ones last curtain call. gone. shoot one down. razzle-dazzle. dead meat. gone west. See also CONFUSED. knock around. bone of contention. out of range. dead and gone. steep. merry-go-round. chaser. crossing the bar. DEBAUCHED adj. DEATH WALK n. six feet under.

jive ass. S. meet Mr. come out. in the barrel. on the up and up. terribly. closed one's eyes for the last time. bow. gyp. price tag. down and dirty. stone (stone deaf). fake. in hock. shuckin' and jivin'. terminological inexactitude. DECEIVED adj. story. whitewash job. doctor. powerful. wrong number. dirty work. cinched. buy the farm. balls. showdown. DECKHAND n. See also SLUMP. gave up the ghost. deadbeat. dirty dealing. FAILURE. two faced. DECEPTION n. bow. DECEIVE v. disinformed. passed on. stiffed one. cropper. jive. no kicker. slick. right. way off. DEBUT n. DECLINE n. nut. foxed. story. four-flusher (does not repay). DECEPTIVE adj. the call. flatline (Medic). go. shark. come to. whitewash. been taken. coming out party. go to pot. set up. bite. no buts about it. on the skids. dead horse. bottom line. nail down. dog biscuits. DECIDEDLY adv. real. talk big. sandbagged. topside. you said it. Derog. bad news. slippery. malarkey. jive-ass. sharpie. DECLAIM v. soapbox. fast one. phoney. straight out. REPORT. dues. skunker. bought the farm. DECEITFUL adj. roustabout. get on a soapbox. white. two-faced. come hell or high water. bomb. pull the plug. DEBUTANTE n. bent. DECEASE v. snake in the grass. deb. snow job. gone to a better place. sponger. cuff. but def. PROMULGATE. See PROCLAIM. two-timing. spiel. head for a hearse. con artist. sincere. shaft. honest John. deacon. bloody. con. DECEIT n. no ifs ands or buts. crossing the bar. DECIDED adj. in debt. terrifically. DEBTOR n. See DETERMINED. flam. been had. snowed. pitch. mousetrapped. See DIE. two-timing. spout. fake. no catch. DECAY v. cinch. double crossed. See CHEAT. chit. gone to hell. IOU. cook up. get on a soapbox.). DECEASE n. jive. cover-up. in the red. DECENT adj. for a fact Jack.O. off. hummer. I owe you. really. opt. buy the farm. go downhill. no ifs ands or buts. DECADENT adj. and no mistake. DECIBELS n. pushing up daisies. scam. in a hole. gone. See also SHIFTY. disinform. fuck one over. a livin' doll. shuck. cheese-eater. 2. DECEASED adj. hot air. salt. spiel. straight out. shuck. duff. whitewash job. crooked stick. phony. smoke and mirrors. sting. slick. the end. cert. in the ketchup. See BEGIN. sellout. cheatin' heart. nailed. fishy. dirt napping. def. hose. kicked the bucket. subdeb. flat out. almighty. dirty work. See CHEATED. litmus test. say so. fast shuffle. clinch. leech. go down the line. for sure. crock. momzer. straight. taps. DECISION n. speak with forked tongue. opener. suckered. score. deep six. snide. load. use it or lose it. straight arrow. red ink. spiel. to the tune of. See DETERIORATE. baloney. one-way ticket. call the shots. screw. all out. tab. due bill. sweet talk.B. skids. salt a mine. fishy. (silver-lipped operator of bullshit). worm.94 debt DEBT n. total shuck. two cents' worth. conned. scrounger. tap. is the Pope Catholic? See also ABSOLUTELY. dirt nap. albatross around one's neck. jerk one around. take a decision. go soft. on the nut. give one a bum steer. . coming out. smoothie. con game. hoser. checked out. diddled. rabbit. See CHEAT. hoke. absitively. See DETERMINE. tap city. hustle. out in left field. doesn't wash. See also SPEAK. croak. DECIDE v. double crossing. no strings attached. jolly. hoke up. con man. sting. for a fact. that's a fact Jack. dive. spoof. cook. run off at the mouth. crooked. mat (usually aircraft carrier). baggage. DECLARATION n. shady. gone to meet one's Maker. Hollywood. boogerboo. See also PROCLAIM. DECISIVE adj. gil. pratfall. huggery-muggery. dead meat. flop. See DEATH. not kosher. Jordan. no holds barred. See VIRTUOUS. gone to the dogs. head for the last roundup. reach-medown. call off all bets. play actor. nigger rich (borrowing to buy luxuries. sure as God made little green apples. See BEGINNING. smoocher. all locked up. dirty trick. wrong. clinched. See ORATE. fraud. fib. DECLARE v. jivey. straight shooter. off the nut. the nod. hogwash. See CHEAT. curtains. DECEIVER n. shuck and jive. regular. fucked. living over ones head. check out. faker. blow hot air. fast talker. gone to the bad. woofing. DEBUT v. in the bag. dance on air (hang). shiever. sharp. below the line. moocher. ASSERT. spout. bum. absofuckinglutely. damage. 1. blast. highway mopery. cool off. soft soap. worm. throw one a curve. sponge. whip. feather legs. low-down and dirty. sure. See CHEATER. set. phony up. bit the dust. grim reaper.L. See WANTON. sound off". flat out. albatross. set one back. crocodile tears. desperado. posilutely. open. on ice. chew the scenery. DECK OF SHIP n. See DEAD. pile it on. dirty. in spades. dirty pool. pull one's chain. See LIE.

DEFEAT v. lay one low. skedaddler. knock cold. lathering. running out of gas. feel. skipper. DECOY v. slime. down and out. smearing. take one. meet under the arch. steer. backbiter. shoot down in flames. make mincemeat out of. be on one's last legs. slam. lather. See UNDERPLAY. slam. brag rags. tout. take it out of one's hide. bad-mouth. go downhill. See DETERIORATE. what one is saying is. pepper. dirty laundry. knock one out. hit the skids. bends. dirty linen. DEEMPHASIZE v. seagoing (large. See also DAMAGE. hiding. downplay. purple heart. done. welsher. not buy. knocker. total loss. shirk out of. cover up. knock. welsh. happenin'. throwaway. plan. scrambled eggs. put down. See SLANDER. deek. beat the bejesus out of one. beat the shit outta. poor-mouth. put on the cuff. chest hardware. take a fall. brickbat. put the sleeve on. deadbeat. See also LURE. beating. pass on. jazz up. leather. black eye. shoot down. fix up. run out on. come down. hit. thing. DEFAME v. See BELIEVE. 2. con. put down. skeleton in the cupboard. dingbat. pan. bait. whopping. stoolie. lay one out. pan. See also BELIEVE. tanning. scorcher. no show. take down. clean on. drub. welcher. smear. kick ass. put the zingers in. Waterloo. flax. take it out of one's skin. upset.defeat 95 DECLINE v. lambaste. zap. low rent. heavy. total. wipe off the map. knock around. mud. whomp. DEDUCE v. rap. paste. set store by. slap in the face. rope in. blow off. pusher. come down in the world. blue murder. tear down. rabbit. See also INFERENCE. stunt. See CONCLUDE. flunk. pasting. disaster. stool pigeon. DECRY v. chicken guts (Mil. dirty shame. fandangle. dirty dozens. take out. soft pedal. whomping. nark. bonk. soft-pedalled. 1. whaling. clobbering. the way one sees it. bad-mouth.). take the wind out of one's sails. See COMMAND. clobber. jazz. gingerbread. DECORATE v. come apart at the seams. poke in the eye. knock. slam. knock off. beat the living tar out of. punch one out. hit. DEDUCT v. played down. fall. knock the beholden out DECREE v. shutout. boil down to. bloop. See also CENSURE. dressing down. do. big idea. sitting duck. dress one down. desperado. beat the tar out of. welch. wipe out. workover. play down. whipping. 1. See also REJECT. zetz. waxing. skip. smear. KO. fuss. the word. conk. DEFACE v. pratfall. low-keyed. knock. not think of. larruping. wipe up the place with. DEED n. stiff. figure. booster. gum up. smack down. true blue. take care of. bunco steerer. shut down. cat. deck. scorch. played out. shill. in a bad way. 2. screw up. ruptured duck. fizzle. shoot one's wad. backhanded compliment. dirty dig. larrup. go to pot. down on one's luck. trash. dump. knock off. low-down dirty shame. woofing. foul up. See also TRIUMPH. follow through. See CRITICIZE. make light of. DEER AREA n. say. take a swipe at. DEFAULT v. glossed over. cuttin' (jazz). behind. low profile. do a number on. whip. lambasting. chum (fishing). roast. plant. bump. DECOY n. add up to. bash. DECORATION n. total shuck. See also UNIMPORTANT. the riot act. DECLINING adj. DEDICATED adj. go to the dogs. washout. ball game. gimcracks. tan one's hide. beat the living daylights out of. BELITTLE. kept under one's hat. button up one's pocket. game. hash up. licking. DECOMPRESSION SICKNESS n. walloping. beat up. suck in. cut back. burning shame. mousetrap. leathering. wing. skeleton in the closet. down to there. DECREE n. left-handed compliment. powder. mitzvah (good). embarrassment. fruit salad. dozens. plunging neckline. on the skids. skate. crying shame. rank out. mess up. dynamite. shellacking. put one's foot down. bit. cream. . DÉCOLLETÉ adj. be afraid. Watergate. antler alley. muck up. knock. foozle. come on. drop. cheap shot. ] . lumps. old faithful. spruce up. be afraid. egg one on. rap. paddling. come on man. have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. take it all. DEEM v. See also ACTION. See LURE. 1. gussy up. down played. read the riot act. gewgaws. stiff. bells and whistles. DEDUCTION n. DEFAMER n. whitewashing. DEFAMATION n. wipe up the floor with. deduck (income tax item). sizzler. papers. see in the alley. fuck up. absurd). do a number on. trash. whip ass. stunt. figger. wax. hurt. roll back. bloody murder. shut out. bet on the muscle. shuck. louse up. not hear of. rap. turn down. mudslinger. tan. humbug. DEFAULTER n. DEFEAT n. dish. kayo. waste. skip out on. lay down the law. trashing. dirty wash. brain. DEEMPHASIZED adj. gloss over. beat the beholden out of one. 2. turn thumbs down on. done up. give one the arm. bust. garbage (food). whipsaw. shill. let it all hang out. doodad. DEEP adj. lead up the garden path. dirt. have a hunch. draw the purse string. 3. doll up. blister. down for the count. See LOYAL. trimming. whack. See SERIOUS. drubbing. on one's last legs. body blow. put on the bells and whistles. whop. get one's lumps. cut.

murder. go to the John. number two. make one lose face. blems. DEFILE v. beat all hollow. Enhanced Radiation Device (neutron bomb). have one's ass in a sling. song and dance. give one a rain check. blow sky high. crap. See also SUPPORT. fish story. body count. knock the props out from under. catch. DEFEATED adj. hosed. DEFENSE DEPARTMENT TERMS MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). marved. in a wait state. jive. lay it out. DEFERRED adj. done for. upset one's apple cart. knock one for a loop. shelve. deal a knockout blow to. second fiddle. scuzz up. with one's face hanging in the breeze. take a shit. squelch. sucker for a left. put the slug on one. piss on. poopoo. cover. DEFICIT n. creamed. glitch. knock one ass over teakettle. torpedo. put the kibosh on. blast. muck up. answer nature's call. have a hurry-up call. topped. in the hole. See EXCUSE. not up to scratch. lathered. outta gas. in the line of fire. not make it. on the back burner. clay pigeon. knock the chocks out from under. ready to be taken. run out. blow off. mind blown. tall talk. on the spot. gas. business. dump. settle. tube. squash. blown out. cool it. burned. tee off on. blow one out. wide open. skin. not cut the mustard. stymied. cap. knock the bottom out of. shoot full of holes. . wrack up. top. murdalize. sell out. shake a few clinkers out. hang fire. cooked (radiation). haul ashes. down. whitewash. throw a monkey wrench into the works. off-time. DEFENSELESS adj. blanked. on the shelf. go poo-poo. fix one's wagon. theatre war. poop. go to the mat for. squat.96 defeated of one. cover one's ass. pigeonholed. put on the back burner. caca. 1. one's hands are tied. See DELAY. knock one on one's ear. shellac. knock for a row of (anything). call. give into. balls. kill. grunt. upset. cry uncle. steamroller. crumb up. lick to a frazzle. snowed under. cover up. not hack it. aced out. mug. out on a limb. go. a few bugs. all up with. See also BLEMISH. finish off. pigeon. caught in the open. DEFIANCE n. sneak past. you cant buck city hall. glitched. pull out. in the red. shut off. throw for a loop. beatsville. DEFILED adj. schlock. skunk. turd. trim. go to bat for. whitewash. shut down. knock the living daylights out of. caught with one's pants down. floor one. not up to scratch. go to the bathroom. have a BM. DEFEND v. poke full of holes. beat the system. go over the hill. done in. lambasted. See also GO. skinned. knock the shit out of. exposed. lick one's wounds. floor. whitewashed. not make it. ride shotgun for. due bill. plunk. dump. cooked. trash. shake the ashes out. DEFECT v. knock one into next week. cook one's goose. hack it. bury. put on hold. dirty. down one. put the skids to. bug. make caca. stick up for. DEFER v. blown away. make hamburger out of one. collateral damage. defy. say uncle. blank. murdered. nature's call. cover one's ass. go to the the can. beat the game. go caca. fish tale. black mark. have it all over. skinned alive. up the creek without a paddle. take it. swamp. dead horse. stonewall. Schneider. blow one out of the water. in the ketchup. mega deaths (one million killed). bit the dust. go ah ah. Star Wars. terd. blown out of the water. make ah ah. call a spade a spade. crap. go over the fence. whale the [anything] out of. snowed. whale. second string. map out. down and out. See also IMPERFECT. sitting duck. See IMPERFECT. hold off. put away. give one the business. give one a black eye. mirved. tail between one's legs. knock one's socks off. macho. See DEBT. blem. DEFICIENT adj. stick one's neck out. put on ice. back talk. answer a call. scooped. scrubbed. big talk. scuttle. sink the opposition. take a dump. ERD. BM. trimmed. been through the mill. you can't beat the system. on the line. go to the chic sale. banjax. ripped. mucked up. plow under. edge out. See BOWEL MOVEMENT. trashed. beat by a nose. clobbered. DEFECT n. kiss ass. snow under. have to see a man about a dog. you can't buck something. bug. on the bum. skank. 2. spike one's guns. caca. mess up. do in. pin one's ears back. take a walk. SDI. back. ass out. meatball. kink. shit. shut off. beat the drum for. oil. sleaze up. trounce. run circles around. let have it. caught with the smoking gun. go to the two holer. play in the sandbox. kowtow to. trounced. stand up for. clean one's clock. make one say uncle. snow. bring home the bacon. irregular. 2. put one away. massage. clean on. settle one's hash. knock the daylights out of. See also SLANDER. wallop. red ink. crud up. thrown for a loss. sconce. second. put one in the hospital. surgically clean strike. busted. DEFECATION n. take it on the chin. licked. sass. take the cake. not cut out for. cook. nail it down. make number two. third string. dump a load. tag. rollover. not pass muster. shit. shave. gremlins. nose out. put one's nose out of joint. thump for. dust one's jacket. dues. story. go upside ones face. on hold. do one's business. not come up to scratch. take a crap. knock on the head. hot air. in hock. eat one's lunch. knock one on one's ass. lip. settled. DEFECATE v. get one's lumps. blow away. lick. cleanup. stool. put it in their eye. take a squat. naked. song. drop a terd. DEFENSE n. bulldoze. on the chin. strategic hamlet (target city). glitch. guts. copout. knock one's block off. DEFINE v. run rings around. gremlin. fish. finish. not make it. label. zapped. seconds. smear. bonus kill. fixed. DEFICIENCY n. fix. DEFECTIVE adj. flameout. knock into the next county. whipped.

See also PAYMENT. kaput. DEGENERATE v. . mofo. pan. put on hold. good hands. debunk. DELAWARE the Blue Hen State. kickback. showstopper. in a bind. sit on one's butt. come hell or high water. See also DAWDLE. give one a rain check. cover up. crackerjack. kick in the stomach. lock and win situation. jammed. shit heel. sit tight. stabbed. sanitize. shuck and jive.delete 97 DEFINITE adj. hang up. shoot down. holding pattern. on the shelf. come apart at the seams. no ifs ands or buts. bump. DEJECTED adj. cash on the barrelhead. cut. DELEGATE n. defi. shelve. dragged. foot the bill. snip. sheepskin. hold off. die. hold fire. hung up. buttonholed. See ULTIMATE. shot down. take down. geek. put down. stooge around. DEFRAYAL n. goof off. hold on. 1. dead and done for. delish. bind. maggot. knock. DEGRADED adj. trim. clip. gone glimmering. slimebucket. mumps. See CERTAIN. hang. puncture ones balloon. dumps. lost face. DEGREE n. take one to the cleaners. pan. squash. holding. have know-how. shelved. screw. stonewall. cert. the wherewithal. slow up. ante up. Head Knock. on ice. divine. clean up. goldbrick. go to pieces. gut. vamp. See ABSOLUTELY. hold on. letdown. the Diamond State. break in. See also SEDUCE. downright. hose. burn. drag one's ass. jam. turd. take the air out of the ball. pull a stall. DEITY n. squelch. gone. sterilize. stall. the needful. let slide. done for. mopey. blues. sidetracked. pay up. bench. meet eyeball to eyeball. comeuppance. the First State. gone to hell. knockout. mutant See VILLAIN. 2. fool around. held up. See HUMILIATE. 1. snooze you lose. hold the phone. go on make my day. holdup. have lead in one's pants. hang around. checked and double checked. hang about. drag one's feet. X-out. shit. blahs. put off. DELECTABLE adj. motherfucker (Obsc). sucker into. DELAY n. let go to pot. Lordy. debunk. on hold. DEFINITIVE adj. heavenly. See DISGRACED. screw around. flat out. DEGRADE v. make my day. spitting dust. DEFRAY v. DEFINITELY adv. tear down. tie-up. slip. scrubbed. hurtin'. fork over. shoot down. downtime. blue devils. See HUMILIATE. in bad. let the wind out of ones sails. drag one's heels. front. run down. cool. cool one's heels. sit on one's hands. double clock. PHT (putting hubby DEHYDRATED adj. See DEAD. dolefuls. straight out. put on the back burner. break ones heart. DELAY v. drummed out. DEGENERATE n. takedown. See also ABSOLUTE. bounce. down the drain. DEFRAUD v. DELETE v. drop. bounce off. shithead. bust. dilly-dally. hang back. put on ice. fuck around. cut down to size. lollygag. Man Upstairs. plunk down. play for time. bleep. fuck off. what you see is what you get. knockdown. launder. See CHALLENGE. stall. See DETERIORATE. go to the dogs. hang tough. fly in the face of. had it. stooge around. go downhill. mopes. bad ass. DEFUNCT adj. pony up. on the back burner. dilly-dally. kick in the ass. fart around. sleazeball. give one the hip. drag out. burn the midnight oil. stick. cough up. stick fast. DEFLATION n. let the air out of one's tires. through). die on the vine. posilutely. put on the shelf. dally. conk out. fleece. rip off. hold up. DEFY v. break one's cherry. pass up. stretch out. See EDIT. See DEPRESSED. pigeonholed. set. blue funk. hang back. string out. absatively. DEFLATE v. down in the mouth. yummy. sidelined. kick in the stomach. no buts about it. touché. down trip. crawling. give one the run around (repeatedly). hang. gone to the dogs. bad news. 2. bummed out. take one on. cut down to size. shilly-shally. play around. rub. slam. payoff. won't take no for an answer. rep. Dad. cotton mouth. hang up. mulligrubs. stall. with tits on. DEJECTION n. crack. bummer. all torn up. infra dig. shell out. logjam. cash on the line. jammed up. DEFLECT v. the mokers. come up with the necessary. scrumptious. DEGRADING adj. cute. kick one in the heart. take down. sit tight. See PAY. stonewall. put-down. rook. blue pencil. absofuckinglutely. in spades. downer. let down easy. mouth full of cotton. kick in the ass. freak. sit on one's duff. kick one in the heart. shingle. drag one's heels. in the pits. DEFT adj. kick over the traces. futz around. shaft. the necessary. See CHEAT. gone to bad. bleep out. funk. sit on one's ass. put down. pop one's cherry. nailed down. decontaminate. pull a stall. strapped for time. knock down. mudsling. creep. cash on the nail. pigeonhole. in the bag. bad guy. cold. stall around. DELAYED adj. hang fire. passed up. DEFLOWER v. take down a peg or two.

). the horrors. eat crow. See TRICK. demob DEMILITARIZED ZONE n. banana pie. blow one's mind. out of one's head. break the lease. little devil. beezie-weezies. strung along. dingy. take apart. bad-mouth. hype. swank. black mark. eat dirt. chew over. fool's DELUSION n. ding-a-ling. the creeps. DELUGE v. whistle for (but won't get). sweat over. handcarry. backbreaker. deli. getaway route. demo. See CRAZY. DELIRIUM TREMENS n. totally baked. pink spiders. flipped. 1. chew the cud. freak out. just what the doctor ordered. got one's comeuppance. crawl. dish out. driver. swanky. DELIVERY n. flipped out. solid South. grok. See TRICKED. gimme. knock down. etc. the clanks. in the ozone. a rush. goulash. demob DEMOCRATIC PARTY n. hit. trip.98 deliberate DELIBERATE v. spring. blue johnnies. one's number is up. sold on. DELINQUENT n. See LUXURIOUS. fork over. shot. handsprings. boodle (candy. gopher. take out. kick around. rap. totalled. torpedo. dumped on. weed. foxed. drop. pipe dream. DELUDE v. leave no stone unturned. rack one's brains. DEMON n. See HUMILIATE. divine. cold cuts. stew over. See BELITTLED. donkeys. figary. DT's. pink elephants. live a little. goodies. jerked around. 1940). fish or cut bait. pour it on. See DESTROYED. DELUDED adj. DELIGHT v. delish. get naked (not necessarily sexual). DEMILITARIZE v. big jump. skedaddler. the end. knock dead. tickle to death. snow. trash. flipped out. get a boot out of. getaway. skipper. live it up. fruity. DEMOBILIZE v. desperado. Dixiecrats. 2. bananas. wiped off the map. speedy. DEMOLISHED adj. knocked from one's high horse. welcher. schizzed out. dig. pleased as punch. get off on. have a tuck in one's tail. lights out. sent to students and soldiers. conned. DELIVERY BOY n. tickled to death. infra dig. gig. DELIGHTED adj. sucked in. knock. schizoid. DEMOCRATS n. heavenly. buy the farm. gofer. SOUTHERN n. sink. hand-walk. stiff. fiend. juvie. beat. knock around. posh. pop the question. plush. DEMANDING adj. put out. jive. put down. DISCUSS. snow. DEMENTED adj. out of one's skull. scrumptious. hashed up. DEMEANING adj. DEMERIT n. they're peeing on us and telling us it's raining. off one's head. duke. See THRILLED. See also HALLUCINATORY. yummy in the tummy. last out. See SEARCH. See also AMUSE. down the toilet. mousetrapped. yummy. hurting for. jimjams. DEMAND v. tough. fruitcakey. snakes in the boots. DELUXE adj. whacko. really get into. lookin' good. See also ANALYZE. down the tube. flipping. boll DEMOCRATS. cuddle bunny (young female). paradise. delly. punk. tear down. dump on. score. the shakes. out of one's tree. . put in the toilet. -30-. hellion. cut rate. groove on. knocked off one's perch. tickle pink. tap city. swamp. high on the hog. taps. do a number. Demos. welsher. deadhead. JD. grooving. shit or get off the pot. drop. fucked over. See DIFFICULT. Dix. sell wolf cookies. s u c k e r e d . rip. THINK. schitzy. pass it on over. dibs on something. snow under. final thrill. DEMISE n. DELICACIES n. party of Demos. DELIVERANCE n. set up. ballbreaker. mooch. put on one's thinking cap. hit up. skin. tear away. done for. bat it around. caboodle. dick one around. See ENJOY. poor-mouth. first cabin. send. See DESTROY. shit on. hammer away at. pan. flood with. cut down to size. head trip. shuck. ritzy. DEMEAN v. slay. cool something over. get high on. total. DEMEANED adj. blue ruin. powder. knock out. deadbeat. nutty as a fruitcake. last roundup. put on. run it up the flagpole. the heebie jeebies. shuck and jive. Brownie (R. weevils. behind. DEMOLISH v. donkeys. DELIRIOUS adj. unglued. be just the ticket. separates the men from the boys. See DEATH. backflips. eat humble pie. screaming meemies. blue devils. mope. turn on. break. DELIVER v. snakes. disinform. go over big. ram. wow. psycho. hold out for. DELVE v. d i s i n f o r m e d . out.R. rabbit. no show. DELICATESSEN n. jerk one around. DMZ DELICIOUS adj. out of one's gourd. breakout. hit the spot. DELIGHT IN v. See DEVIL. tickled pink. noodle it around. turn inside out. come across with. the people. wipe off the map. wowed. kaput.

rat on. rock. fuck off. take off. hook. not by a long sight. new wrinkle. stone cold. hard time (sexual). hold back. panned. name. roll out. damned. nix. bump. boxed. make. no can do. ask me another. in the bag (police). trot out. See DEAD. take the fifth (plead the Fifth Amendment). broken. teach-in. bad mouth. fat chance. busted. See also ADDICTION. fanger. stool on. crack on one or something. naw. butcher. latest thing. room. stage a walkout. scram. not by a damn sight. go by. debunk (prove false). passed away. DEMONSTRATION n. kick off. finger. blackballed. stonewall. too drunk). DEPENDENCY n. pussyfoot around. bop off. blow out. rif. buck it over. not a Chinaman's chance. DEPART v. DEMOTION n. fubis. bust. no dice. 2. put the finger on. nixed. DEODORANT n. latest wrinkle. put down for. run down. move out. no sale. six feet under. no way Jose. Rock of Gibraltar. DENIGRATE v. mudsling. who me?. punched out. See STRIKE. split. move on. what's in. on a slab. not by a darn sight. unglue. in thing. dent DEMORALIZE v. include me out. slap in the face. tag. always there in a pinch. angries. 2. shove it up your ass. no soap. DEMUR v. tab. DNA. carry the load. Mile High City. get git. forget you. pin it on one. last word. like hell. hem and haw. knock down. lie-in. DEPART EARLY v. unh unh. come apart. tag. wait and see. rat. DENY v. unzipped. N. buck. one who delivers. walk one through. march. caved in. get to. smoke screen. not by a long shot. haul ass. not much. what's happening. psych out. See DISPLAY. make one sing small. no way. monkey.dependency DEMONSTRATE v. tooth booth. sit-in. put down. frig it. DENVER. not by a damn. DENIED adj. DEMORALIZED adj. slot. DEPARTURE adj. get. love-in. cut out. turn down. blow the whistle. See TRUSTWORTHY. button down. caught with one's pants down. playroom. no siree. blow up. cold shoulder. brand. plead a five. ooze out. security blanket. hit the bricks. take apart. COLORADO DEMOTED adj. peacenik. Jones. 1. habit. you should live so long. drop a dime on one. 99 DENOTE v. hit the trail. Mile High. See GO. newfangled contraption. wing. take the steam out. stick it up your ass. ease on out. See INFORM. cut ass. finger. not a chance. uh uh. not by a darn. sing on. ugh ugh. beat it. DOE. handle.O. lay at one's door. no go. roast. hang a sign on. nah. shove it. over my dead body. make feet. fucked over. benched. rally. blasted. stick it. eighty-six (denied service. take a powder. blow. fink on. popped off. kick in the ass. negatory. turned down. peel out. stow it. send up the balloon. bust. See DISCOURAGED. fly in the face of. DENTAL STUDENT n. no go. 86. come apart at the seams. forget it. break with. bow out. go to pieces. See also DISTURB. DEPARTMENT n. nothing doing. 3. knock. show and tell. DENOUNCE v. powder. fink. cut. put one's finger on. give a black eye. slot. rumpus room. tear down. See SLANDER. bench. take it on the lam. kicked the bucket. DENTAL OFFICE n. DOT DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION n. hit the road. jones. cut and run. DENTIST n. send up. protestnik. finished. See also STRIKE. tab. DEMONSTRATOR n. killed. rip up the back. put away. psyched out. rec room. held back. turndown. turn thumbs down. give a for instance. thumbs down. lie in. set back. party pooper DEPARTED adj. pussyfoot. label. march on. . See NEW. nix. not on your life. put the finger on. set back. pushing up daisies. go jump in the lake. Vietnik. DEN n. cashed in one's chips. one who comes through. shove off. molar masher. bag ass. 86. DEMOTE v. vanishing act. not a bit of it. not by a long chalk. kick in the teeth. count on one. DENOMINATION n. newie. getaway. walkout. peg. go take a running jump for yourself. sit in. knock one off his perch. thumbs down. unzip. rif. blackball. like fun. nope. DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID n. lumps. like hell I will. break. kaput. I'll see you in hell first. family DENIAL n. set down. blister. lost momentum. walkout. stonewall. flake out. moniker. make a break. git. monkey on one's back. bought the farm. DEPENDABLE adj. ixnay. flash. be agin. DENOUNCED adj. skin out. flag (assumed). takeoff. See EXPLAIN.. blast off. 1. caught with a hand in the cookie jar.

booted out. run down. low down. needy. run out of town. blue devils. hurl a brickbat. See LAMENT. have the blues. off one's feed. on a downer. down on all fours. cheeky. DERISION n. shook. 2. have-nots. plunk. rip. in one's clutches. razzberry. bad times. bummer. grim. letdown. grabber. carry the torch. tied to one's apron strings. DEPRESSED adj. totally baked. drum out. See EJECT. have the blahs. out of line. kinky. bleed white. flaked out. in one's power. crying the blues. awful. take down. give the old heave-ho. put down. nervy. rainin'. at one's feet. chill. gone ape. See RIDICULE. blue funk. gone to the bad. let down. gone ape shit. comeback. slimeball. cry over spilled milk. faze. dirty. drop DEPOSIT v. crummy. DEPTH BOMB n. skid row. in the toilet. in pain. See also BEGGAR. cocky. ditch. put-down. moony. put down. turn one off. 1. ash can. SQUANDER. play down. white cap. brickbat. pooh pooh. See CRAZY. sent packing. run out of town. in the dumps. throw cold water on. in the doleful dumps. cracked up. mopes. DEPRESSION n. plunk down. sourpuss. sleeper. gamble on. skim. a downer. swipe. cry me a river. mokers. DERISIVE SOUND n. plop. rag. carry the mail. rainy days. DEPRAVED adj. rank out. mulligrubs. go soft. killjoy. put the needle in. gloomy Gus. dogcatcher. ash can. can. sad sacky. razzberry. ripped. act like a wet blanket. hurtin'. dismals. drag. bummer. got the blue devils. crack. put the zingers in. bank on. plank down. on one's coattails. on one's back. biggety. poor mouth. cut down to size. squirrel away. flip. bug. skidrow stiff. hit the skids. bum. throw cold water on. in the pits. go downhill. at one's mercy. thumb one's nose at one. DERISIVE adj. all torn up. scumbag. fried. parting shot. dolefuls. downbeat (movie. DERANGED adj. boo. taken down a peg or two. down. funky. DEPEND ON v. DERIDE v. DEPOSE v. downer. DEPLETE v. bummed out. roast. feelthy. gaily. sob stuff. dirty dig. See also DESTITUTE. down in the mouth. nutsy Fagan. DEPRESSED AREA n. DEPRECATE v. See WANTON. See SARCASTIC. ghost town. carry a heavy load. have the dolefuls. DEPLORABLE adj. bring one down. whacko. mumps. rigville. hard times. dance to one's tune. raining on ones parade. crash. hang crepe. give a black eye. stiff. tin can. at one's beck and call. bag lady. led by the nose. dick in the dirt. stumblebum. blah blahs. DEPTH CHARGE n. slump. stiff. DEPRIVED adj. jab. fresh. beat. grifter. damper. raspberry. etc. Bronx cheer. downer. teardrop special. ride out on a rail. clanked up. smart ass. suck dry. flipped out. run down. give five fingers to one. ass in a sling. low. godawful. in a blue funk. ride on one's coattails. floater. cleek. Bronx cheer. See also BAD. loose in the upper story. stinking. on a bummer. have the mulligrubs. song. baked. taken down. jolly. send packing. can. dinky town. take a dim view of. plank. leak in the think tank. tar town. dump. tin can. should have stood in bed. bear market. shitty. bleed. .100 dependent DEPENDENT adj. unglued. go to pieces. down and out. shot down. a slave to. pooh pooh. crusty. nuts. hold no brief for. ape. shanty town. bust. not go for. dump on. slap. blue. bottom out. unfrocked (any profession). truly needy. park. under one's spell. slam. not have all one's marbles. kick out. rotten. bounce. do a number on. in the dumper. backup. See also sob story. dirty-minded. dirty. gone to the dogs. drug. sock away. put away. put on. DEPOSIT n. singing the blues. DEPRIVE v. rhino. destroyed. blue funk. under one's thumb. TS. stache. freeze out.). wet blanket. not get all choked over. dig. spring fever. mopey. lay money on. ape shit. beholden to. downer. DEPUTY n. smart. sub. dragged. blues. droopy. loco. grim. DEPLORE v. bum out. backhanded compliment. tore up. beat down. hold back. goshawful. make like a crocodile. blahs. bet on. go to the dogs. duck. prunefaced. throw a wet blanket on. DEPOSED v. turned off. lousy. weeper. bummer. throw a wet blanket on. chill off. bleeding. gone to hell. wise ass. carry the load. See SLANDER. unscrewed. flipped. clanked. funk. drummed out. rig city. DEPRESSANT n. put the hooks in. bet one's bottom dollar on. slide. raspberry. drop. carry on. put a damper on. sassy. in one's pocket. the poor. sing the blues. down in the dumps. slam. drifter. die on the vine. tough shit. DEPRESS v. the big trouble (the 1930s). eat one's heart out. the bird. plant. hooked on. take on. pan. throw out on one's ear. dragging ass. unzipped. smart alecky. carrying one. stash. DERELICT n. tent city. rust belt. bird. come apart at the seams. tear jerker. skidrow bum. kid. cold turkey (suddenly and completely). left-handed compliment. dumps. cave in. put down. go to pot. ghetto. have one's ass in a sling. mudsling. hurting. boot out. down trip. squirrel.

take to. name. bag. stone. story. comp. light out. go over the side. ten. See HOPELESS. what one has coming. game. up shit creek. eyes for. gone. what one was asking for. sunk. be smitten. untouchable. no-win situation. go down the line. DESCENDING ORDER down the line. fall for. give up the ship. leave flat. carry a torch for. cook up. O. IOWA Dez Minnies. paste-up. fingerprint. destroyed. DESK n. how one figures it. die over. wash one's hands of. fighting to keep one's head up. get one's comeuppance. in the soup. picture. do a fade. hard-on for. piss on. booby trap. yen-yen. beaver fever. go A. what one has coming. track. DESIRED adj. not a prayer. rate. make tracks. hot number. 10. DESPAIRING adj. 101 DERMATOLOGIST n. take one down. DESCENDANT n. deball. itch. put down for. horny. DESPAIR v. what is coming to one. layout. flatten. DESCRIPTION n. . DERRICK n. blue. go west. lay of the land. can't win for losin'. gone goose. cut off one's balls. be in line for. take down. lay the blues on. wild for. bug out. bail out. scene. shot down. See PLAN. hightail. have a crush on. DESOLATE adj. play. dick in the dirt. bit. crying the blues. weakness. got one's back to the wall. partial to. hard up. sweet tooth. good enough to eat with a spoon. not a ghost of a chance. have one's mouth fixed for. See also INCLINATION. hit rock bottom. mink. cop out. clanked. hot patootie. leave holding the bag. child. go AWOL. check out. destroy. skedaddle. Christinas tree. quit cold. in the pits. get his. setup. amore. rat. pitch.. leave high and dry. 2. no way. up the creek. what is coming to one. quit the scene. comeuppance. trick. drop-dead beautiful. mad on. at the end of one's rope. DESEXUALIZE v. kiss good-bye. clanked up. button down. big eyes. big eyes for. raining on one's parade. fade away. See PLAN. take off. spin-off. kick. crumb up. 1. not a prayer. hot. hit the hump. up the creek without a paddle. crawl out. give one's eyeteeth for. flash groove. mash. up against it. cop a broom. slot. take the air. give one's kingdom in hell for. brainchild. picture. See also GO. go for. DESPERATE adj. DESERVE v. blow by blow. DESERTER n. take French leave. have one's tongue hanging out for. ditch. make. itch. up shit creek without a paddle. get hers. hookey player. peg. cut loose. DESERT v. ABANDON. IMPATIENT. lech. godforsaken. DESIRE n. drop out. in deep shit. fix. oh yeah. give one a black eye. L. bummed out. flake out. lay out. hurting for. fade out. 1. mess up. stone fox. mad for. have it bad. cup of tea. sunk. crying the blues. have hot pants for. sleaze up. DESIRABLE adj. have the mulligrubs. walk. scuzz up. up shit creek without a paddle. have one's mouth fixed for. snake out. See also SCHEME. workstation. have eyes for. muck up. turn on. dummy. no-win situation. trying to keep one's head above water. pash. not a Chinaman's chance. shake. goner. opt out. cut out. eat one's heart out. sweet tooth. put one's finger on. scenario. piece of ass. dead duck. sweet on. chuck. run down. DESIGN n. what's cookin'. proposition. mad for. DESIRE v. work something out. let the air out. split. head rush. in pain. 2. sexy. DESCRIBE v. alter. 1. recipe. fuck off. trash. piece. lay one's finger on. angle. take a liking to. no more cards to play. zazzle. blue funk. DESIGN v. itch for. DESECRATE v. light. lech for. no more cards to play. yen. centerfold. pecking order. tryin' to stay alive. have a case on. pash. down. hot baby. cotton to. crud up. walk out on. DES MOINES. spoil for. ass in a sling. gimmick. hotfoot. tab. have the hots for. make. bum out. nasties. zazzle. doodle. heavy. big picture. runnin' out of time. run out on. chip off the old block. hankering. hots. See also ACCOUNT. waves zit doctor. finger. skank. down in the dumps. AWOL. turned on. piece of furniture. shine. no-show. teardrop special. hurting. in the pits. runnin' out of time. pin down. picture. in the toilet. See AMOROUS. hard on for. See DEPRESSED. See BEAUTIFUL. 2. in heat. take a walk. take a shine to. sniff a powder. skin man. die for. DESERTS n. DESIGNATE v. game plan. dream up. collar a broom. hot pants. sketch out. have a mash on. put the finger on. up shit creek. the munchies (food). gimme. cream for. have one's ass in a sling. puppy love. See DEPRESSED. See also SEXUALLY AROUSED. ABCs. pull out. in pain. yen for. dump. not a snowball's chance in hell. fade. LOVE. tag. run through. at the end of one's rope. can't win for losin'. crazy for. in the soup. hot and heavy. not till hell freezes over. the urge. go over the hill. hanker for. action. scrapin' the bottom of the barrel. duck. fire in the belly. druthers. hang crepe. make one lose face. take a powder. rundown. leave in the lurch. give up the ghost. calf love.desperate DERIVATION n. wanted DESIROUS adj. W. ABSCOND. heel. hot pants.

to the wall. See DEPRESSED. snake in the grass. dirt poor. touches. megillah. goof up. botch up. dirtbag. have nots. momzer. fix. son of a bitch. on the hog. motherfucker. godawful. kaput. feeling the pinch. do. down the rathole. on the fritz. cleaned out. kill. a Hitler. the numbers. rat caper. shucky. all torn up. the way the ball bounces. sunk. out the window. wiped out. scuzzbag. scuzzo. stony. half-assed. slap up. had it. strapped. See also ERRATICALLY. lousy. wipe out. queer the works. sweat the details. pisshead. DESPOT n. gucky. cook one's goose. can. knock out. rubbish. tapped out. rim rock. snarled up. play it cool. smash up. flivver. bummed out. bog. toss out. bitch up. wiped out. on the rims. helter-skelter. DESTROYED adj. ass-kicker. done in. scud. g'dong. wiped off the map. down the drain. shot down. squash. belly up. hickey. scumsucking. totaled. clue. shit detail (Mil. chicken. bollix up. down the tube. dead broke. fast and loose. allergic to. kiss [something] good-bye. karma. the beads. DESPISE v. fink caper. bat out. queer. just around the corner. tapped. wipe out. schtoonk. foul up. mess up. get down to brass tacks. stinkeroo. muck up. low-down. snake. yicky. sink. short strokes. hurting. in the lap of the gods. melted out. bossy. not have one dime to rub against another. by and by. mess around. 2. lay out. beastly. put the skids under one. knock the chocks out from under. finished. flat. scurve. down the toilet. poor. the goods. pickle. mother grabber. See IMPERIOUS. buddy fucker. fink. queered. torpedo. finish off. by bits and pieces. chicken shit. by fits and starts. wouldn't touch something with a ten-foot pole. maggot. scut. fucked up. do one in. garbage can. pig fucker (Obsc). Lady Fortune. DESPICABLE adj. See also RUINED. do a number on. louse up. grody. dirty. mother lover. stone broke. spike one's gun. down the spout. from now on in. tear down. knock the bottom out of. DESTINY n. low-down nogood. down in the mouth. truly needy. KO. put in the toilet. mucked up. take it line by line. blasted. chill. put out of commission. at the end of one's rope. laid back. throw off. stamped out. See also ALOOF. DESULTORILY adv. so and so. poor as a church mouse. nuke. yucky. cream. cooked. DESTITUTE adj. heel. break the lease. take out. pissant. rat fink. down on. run on the rims. down to the short strokes. beats all. dirtball. down. gum up. breaks. look down one's nose at. busted. gross. bad ass. finish. icky. put out of action. gooky.102 desperately DESPERATELY adv. in the cards. flat broke. down and out. bugger. grody to the max. DETAIL v. out of it. meat and potatoes. break. See RUIN. turn up one's nose at. low. low. like crazy. gone. . jim. gone to wrack and ruin. the lowest. wipe off the map. tin can. X out. pile up. son of a so and so. like it is. on the edge. quote chapter and verse. loused up. do in. the way the cookie crumbles. flub the dub. do by halves. rhino.). fouled up. seen better days. slapdash. to hell and gone. in the pits. on the ragged edge. sweets. on one's uppers. trash. settle one's hash. played out. what's what. the way the beads read. DETAIL n. any old way. nix. grim. body robber. the size of it. pinched. from here in. slave driver. in smithereens. spelled out. brass tacks. zap. the handwriting on the wall. bottom line. ABCs. Czar. sleazeball. dope. out to lunch. looking for a handout. gone to pot. rundown. toss off. blue. grungy. gospel. knock out. flub up. run down. pinched. Simon Legree. deep six (evidence). ass in a sling. DESPONDENT adj. shove out. where it's at. throw a monkey wrench into the works. spell out. screw up the works. hard up. snarl up. cold in hand (Bl. on the blink. balled up. nittygritty. shit heel. baby-sitter. on the rocks. KP. wracked up. rat. nuts and bolts. picture. cool. triple clutcher. shit-ass. hash up. from here out. son of a b. mother dangler. short stroke. run down at the heels. coffee and cake time. DESTROYER n. blow sky high. chapter and verse. shit stick. double clutcher. hairy. finishing touches. totalled. put down. feeling the pinch. messed up. clean. fuck up. Dame Fortune. wash out. the straight of it. down at the heel. screwed. fuckhead.). rub out. INDIFFERENT. the way the cookie crumbles. crummy. the way the ball bounces. break. crack up. cruddy. total wipe. DETAILS n. meanie. really fix it. DESTROY v. on the turf. buggered. goshawful. slimebucket. bollixed up. sleazy. spacey. down to ones last penny. in dribs and drabs. slap out. stamp out. son of a gun. rust bucket (all Navy). snide. total. DESSERTS n. SOB. rotten. gedunk. in dire straits. fly speck. Dutch. low-life. driver. take apart. kitchen police. slimey. mofo (all Obsc). clip one's wings. stinking. wasted. pusher. DESPOTIC adj. bastard. crab. 1. cross the t's and dot the is. stinky. down to one's last cent. done for. low-down and dirty. axe. 2. blue ruin. on one's ass. shot. taken out. blow-by-blow. shitty. MF. oofless. whip cracker. awful. wrack up. fix one's wagon. blue funk. DETACHED adj. poke full of holes. trash. zing. hit or miss. floor. for the yoke. cush. ball up. knock off. total shuck. gummed up. spaced out. far out. in Queer Street. beat. any which way. cue. Lady Luck. mother rucker. locked out. DESTINED adj. gone to the dogs. que sera sera. handwriting on the wall. gum. get down to cases. dead and done for. make. fuck pig. have no use for. stinker. bitchy. like mad. ABC of it. hashed up. dweeb. wipe out. nitty-gritty. smash. screw up. knock the props out from under.

DETOUR n. Fink. absitively. sweat. go to the dogs. push the button. DETEST v. grind. black eye. backbite. pounder. sleazy. figger. eagle eye. give the litmus test. playing for blood. narc. put down. DETER v. send up. become Mr. take a decision. Pink. put away. no bird terdin'. hold the line. take the cure. for a fact. take the tiger by the tail. hawkshaw. 2. DETOXIFICATION CENTER n. cave in. gumboot. fly mug (aircraft). turn off. go off. 1. bird dog. knock down and drag out. bet one's bottom dollar on. spunky. nose out. DETERMINATION n. for sure. tail. rotten. damper. go to Hell in a handbasket. bear down on it. godawful. stumble on. have a lock on. DETERMINE v. fly dick. make no bones about it. unflappable. have one foot in the grave. mean business. gritty. DETONATED adj. cool. posilutely. brickbat. getting it straight. go down the line. DETECT v. set. run down. stick to one's guns. uncover. DETECTOR n. lock-and-win situation. buttonholed. do a number on. let go. See PREVENT. gumshoe. hard nut to crack. for damn sure. See also DIGRESS. take the bit in one's mouth. dig up. grody. kick the habit. no shit. Pinkie. See DESPICABLE. shamus. pat. size. crack. give a black eye. went by way of. shadow. hold the fort. guttiness. opt. sleazeball. launched. slide.detraction 103 DETAIN v. slimey. deek. spyboiler. peeper. kaflooey. playing hard ball. starch. bet on. the way the cookie crumbles. that's the way the beads read. do or die. held up. be afraid. DETERMINED adj. DETONATION n. stag. va voom. gutsy. slam. mystery. DETRACTION n. lousy. hair trigger. See SLANDER. knuckle down. be on one's last legs. the eye (Pinkerton det. stand by one's guns. hang tough. have blood in one's eye. open and shut.I. house dick. kablooey. energetic disassembly. call the shots. or Pinkerton National Detective Agency). solid as a rock. have the shakes. spotter. fer shure. private eye. rubber heel. Pinkerton. hit. stay put. go for broke. dump. fly ball. See DEFAMATION. over the hill. fly bull. grabber. bound. die on the vine. cinched. surest thing you know. size up. P. surefire. not playing around. go flooey. flatfoot. down on. DETONATABLE adj. figure. fold. grossed out on. slewfoot. ready to blow. on ice. in the bag. peter out. tap. come hell or high water. break. cinderball (railroad). hit upon. backhanded compliment. DETONATE v. buckle down. use it or lose it. poop out. chiller. be out for blood. triple clutcher. tear down. have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. hell bent for breakfast. knock. spunk. no ifs ands or buts. sweat it out. have the wet dog shakes. star. cinch. hammer away. T-man. heart. high water. See hang in. peg out. eye. come apart at the seams. finesse it. sot. fed. . elbow. See also STUBBORN. playing for real. op. go to pieces. gumheel. plug. make no bones about it. chiller-diller. hell bent on. dick. DETOXIFY v. 1. hick dick. DELAYED. mean serious jelly. peeper. have an allergy. no buts about it. put on ice. sleuthhound. skip tracer. boil down to. no fooling. go round the barn. federal. have no use for.. drive. brain. strictly business. put one's finger on. slam. fly cop. bogue. guts. bound and determined. DETAINED adj. energetically disassembled. DETERIORATE v. moxie. have a hunch. low down. be in the driver's seat. hang in there. that's for sure. the Eye. touchy. stick at nothing. the way the ball bounces. wise up to. whodunit. See DISLIKE. shagger. stand pat. revenuer. backbone. grody to the max. pan. detox. clinched. go blooey. lose it. smell out. go the whole hog. left-handed compliment. DETECTIVE n. spot. put off. mudsling. dry out. hard boiled. smoke out. brick wall. crack up. detox. cut rate. thriller. throw cold water on. set. blister. conk out. fly bob. hump it. live ammo. nail down. put one's back into it. gross. chill. DETOUR v. gutty. tec. hit the skids. maggot. bear tracker (plain clothes). beagle. put a damper on. See also POLICE OFFICER. snoop. skid. 2. OPERATIVE. all locked up. hustle. sleeper (male). DETECTIVE STORY n. DETRACT v. shocker. awful. go for it. quit cold turkey. what one is saying is. set one's cap for. sure. go downhill. tin star. who-done-it. in the cards. the way one sees it. act like a wet blanket. nailed. put one's foot down. FBI. clinch. allergic to. peg away. nab. dig in one's heels. intestinal fortitude. hard as nails. dead set on. plumber. fink. shoe. stick at nothing. cliff-hanger. the right stuff. slime bucket. stop at nothing. lay one's finger on. blown. scratch. live (ammunition). nailed down. pin down. mark lousy. hold one's ground. circumbendibus. 3. hung up. throw a wet blanket on. take the bull by the horns. man. G-man. fizzle out. ice. hard-nosed. game. fer sher. DETESTABLE adj. sleuth. add up to. go soft. hell bent for leather. set off. que sera sera. stick it out. pour it on. money talks bullshit walks. checked and double-checked. rap. beastly. tumble to. bent on. go to pot. stand one's ground. rip up the back. shoot down. chill out. dig. See DISCOVER. bird dog. put down. See JAIL.

chow down. the Deuce. throw together. right dice. picture. 2. DIAPER COVER n. DEVOTED adj. trendoid. didie. dealie bob. Old Clootie. hipped on. hypo. flap (urgent). craps. confab. Christmas trees. edgework. comic book. cook up. demon. 1. down the rathole. stooge. DEVELOPING SOLUTION n. DIALOGUE n. knee bender. inhale. get one's act together. noodle around. powwow. shits.I. funny book. gadget. DEXEDRINE n. totalled. horses. pennyweight. 1. stamp out. freak. DEXAMYL n. slick. t's. go round the barn. pad roller. DEVIOUS adj. DICE GAMBLER n. dexie. DICE. mastermind. cracked ice. flunky. Jasper. rap session. punker (punk rock). Old Bendy. trots. little devil. buildup. crack. Johnny trots. DIAPER n. dodge. DETROIT. crazy about. rubber cookie. DIAGRAM n. down the tube. DEVALUATE v. trump up. think up. devil's bones. shits. get off. runs. DEVISE v. wipe off the map. whatzis. ad lib. football. alligator. bottoms. cute. big picture. hike. talkee-talkee. behind one. stamped out. wolf. trashed. rap. kaput. MICHIGAN Motown. goody two-shoes. 2. DEVOUR v. widget. total. not kosher. operator. perfects. Montezuma's revenge. debbil.). filbert. playing games. off the top of one's head. See also HOMO- DEVIATE v. DIARRHEA n. See DESTROY. bug. sharp. See also BOWEL MOVEMENT. G. dexie. DEXEDRINE USE v. get around. DETUMESCENT adj. fudge together. See SKILLFUL. dominoes. turistas. DEVASTATED adj. shucked. roller. goody-goody. shady. didy. Mexicali revenge. booster. Old Harry. culture vulture. scarf down. good hands. G. born again. busters. head trip. gismo. pervo. See PLAN. cat. dybuk. nut. horses. shot. rock candy. smash. Old Gooseberry. hash up. bevels. savvy. oranges. DEVIANT n. devil's teeth. African golf. dexed DEXTEROUS adj. DEVASTATE v. sides. gulp. angle. metal head (heavy metal). break the lease. headlight. circumlocute. had it. take apart. fishy. Delhi belly. go limp. eager beaver. frenzie. scoutmaster. Aztec two-step. SEXUAL. tappers. Jesus freak. fool. noodle. See also STRATEGY. ivories. garbage down. Holy Joe. swindle sheet. small talk. ice. jim. fake it. bend the rules. Old Poker. catcher's mitt. DIARY n. lingo. DIAPHRAGM n. gaffer. buff. uphills. flip. upping. Hong Kong dog. See DESTROYED. work something out. Old Scratch. See also PLAN. craft. Michigan hound. dex. fix one's wagon. knock off. game. ready up. Old Horny. high roller. playing politics. idiot box. true blue. fiend. See also LANGUAGE. gimmick. frame up. old faithful. game plan. hepcat prophet. put in the toilet. cubes. go flat. 2. eat like it's going out of style. wrong dice. long way. CROOKED n. galloping dominoes. spitball. flats. up. soup. take down. See EAT. platinum loaders. mother. soup. black box. fandom. went by way of. book (The. Old Gentleman. nose dive. spark. gator. bones. switch. Old Nick. dex. DEVOUT adj. got religion. Motor City. See IMPROVISE. ring. wild about. chinfest. goody. junkie. rooter. wheeler dealer. a girl's best friend. mad about. downhills. Simple Simon. See LOYAL. gimmick. DEXTROAMPHETAMINE n.trash. whomp up. grabber. plastic clam. soaker. dexy. tops. lines. See also APPARATUS. put something out of action. whip up. cut rate. bolt down. pig out. SHREWD. sparkler. drift. fiend. put the skids under one. take it off the top of one's head. DEVIL n. bustouts. fan. do one in. knock the bottom out of. Old Ned. twist. gypsy tummy. stuck on. shapes. DICE n. gate. play it by ear. See also SUPPORTER. coolers. faking one out. greenie. wolf down. .'s.104 Detroit. repeaters. the Dickens. fading dice. make up. Mississippi marbles. promoter. slant. See also AFFECTIONATE. missouts. Mary. See RUIN. DEVICE n. builder. dice hustler. dexy. 1. prevert. 2. DIALECT n. football. trick. DEVOTEES n. the big put on. See also SLY. dealie. DEVELOPER n. heart. put on. cutter. African dominoes. groupies. dream up. frenzies. rock. nuts about. 1. gone on. hatch. sucker for. peeties. purple heart. Jesus lover. have a thing about. great one for. crazies. hellion. have know-how. groupie.I. crank. DIAMOND n. to hell and gone. thingumabob. DEVOTEE n. make hash of. DEVELOPMENT n. brainstorm. stargazer. oranges. Basra belly. crackerjack. come up with. boost. heart. spark. fancy footwork. dispatchers. See ADVANCE. line up. gone. blue farouq.

cut a deal. make the last muster. meet Mr. backbreaker. rhubarb. hang-up. drag. in a clutch. handful. call off all bets. squeeze. heavy sledding. conk buster. can of worms. mean. snake eyes (two aces). headache. unholy mess. go blooey. sound a sour note. up the creek without a paddle. hammer out a deal.). in a pickle. a Hitler. like night and day. kick off. hard time. grounded for good. fever in the South (five). funky. turn up ones toes. drop off. no win situation. fine how do you do. quit it. step off the deep end. dif. hard pull. go north. crap out. ballbuster. in a hot spot. peckings (Bl. son of a gun. 1. fever. smudge pot. a fine mess you've got us into. snafu. in deep water. wicked. go home in a box. bad news. bones. know one's ass from a hole in the ground. in a spot. up against it. cook. clutch. trumped. pop off. tall order. DIET SPA n. Jordan. grabber. separates the men from the boys. DIET v. different strokes. in a scrape. See also DISAGREE. DICTATE v. hitch. bone to pick. strike bedrock. spat. floating crap game. different strokes for different folks. raw deal. know a rock from a hard place. blowup. take the last count. tough. sprout wings. rotten luck. how do you do. bitter ender. had it. See IMPERIOUS. tough nut to crack. no picnic. check out. hard knocks. DICTATOR n. go offthe deep end. hard row to hoe. catamaran. one-way ticket. pain in the ass. fine kettle offish. DIEHARD n. count calories. bump. scrap. tit in a wringer. in a box. little Joe from Kokomo (four). head for the last roundup. dance on nothing. African golf (Derog. go to the wall. one-way ride. ticklish spot. go belly up. hassle. pretty pickle. buy the back line. go west. know what's what. offbeat. kettle offish. large order. perfects. pass out. slip one's cable. go to Davy Jones's locker (drown). dance. brush. step off. Jim Crow. march to the beat of a different drummer. DICTATORIAL adj. deep shit. peg out. puzzler. dustup. handful. flake out. give up the ghost. hell to pay. behind the eight ball. DIFFERENCE n. niner from Carolina. little Joe. roundabout way. ballbreaker. eighter from Decatur. box cars (pair of sixes). bump heads. in a fix. pull the plug. throw one's weight around. buy it. toughie. kick the bucket. serious shit. honey. skinny down. tough one. large order. hack out a deal. crunch. OD. hard row of stumps. in a tight spot. tiff. 105 DIFFER v. makes the cheese more binding. back door parole. DIET n. grub. tough proposition. snack. bite the dust. diff. brannigan. botheration. go flooey. rotten break. ivories. croak. sticky. See ARGUMENT. put one's foot down. See ADVERSITY. downer. go after each other. mess. garrison state. flack out. up shit creek. on the hot seat.difficulty DICE GAME TERMS craps. tall order. serious jelly. bummer. call the signals. call the play. heavy sledding. in a jam. quit the scene. pickle. blow-off. worriment. chalk out. up and die. bitch. cool. chow. DIFFICULT adj. slim down. tight spot. go juice. goodies. ass buster. bulldoze. head for a hearse. rat's nest. go to kingdom come. rain. in a mess. push up daisies. lay down the law. hi tech. get a backgate commute. See FOOD. heavy load to haul. Simon Legree. bite. buy the farm. bossy. strike out. up the creek. can of peas. hop the twig. uphill. breathe ones last. redline (financial). kiss the dust. walk heavy. boxed in. read the riot act. catch. DICKER v. go at it. brushoff. hooker. hard pull. hondle. tough luck. go down the tube. hard row to hoe. tail in a gate. gasser. bitch. fall off (lose weight). natural (seven). loselose situation. slam off. dif. DIFFICULTY n. See NEGOTIATE. downer. grubbery. kick in. over the creek. hairy. go. tough lineup to buck. run-in. pipe off. DIFFERENT adj. tight squeeze. knock off. hot water. hit a clinker. down on one's luck. scrape. poles apart. rough go. between a rock and a hard place. 2. pisser. tricky spot. niner. come. bind. holy mess. dominoes. a mountain out of a molehill. take a dirt nap. son of a bitch. sticky wicket. diff. rough. standpatter. kayoed for keeps. heat's on. heavy. uphill battle. DIDACTIC adj. pass in one's chips. in over one's head. in a stew. kiss off. eats. hard row to hoe. double trouble. know shit from Shinola. cool off. DIFFICULTIES n. gone across the creek. check in. work out a deal. pain in the neck. take the reins. in heavy water. call the tune. catch 22. shove over. double bind. take the long count. DIESEL ENGINE n. no piece of cake. lock horns. words. cash in. watch one's weight. African dominoes. meet one's maker. DICTATORSHIP n. bad break. in a hole. flatline (Medic). eat it. fat farm. pass in one's checks. back gate. sticky wicket. rough go. tough break. stew. cash in one's chips. jam. shove off. the devil to pay. hard row of stumps.). deep six. bummer. dance on air. shit. glitch. stiff. up a tree. hard way. know one's ass from one's elbow. DIFFERENTIATE v. See COMMAND. brawl. hit a sour note. snake pit. czar. hobble. fry. bug. bump off. nina from Carolina (nine). preachy DIE v. on the skids. fade. pisser. crack the whip. murder. mix. slave driver. split hairs. hard job. Jew down. weird. beef. headache. box. go home feet first. dance off (hang). . flack. pass away. whale of a difference. pretty pass. can of worms. hand in one's chips. up shit creek without a paddle. skinny. far cry. row.

mate. on the beam. take the sting out. DINNER n. boil down. whitewash. crimp one's style. nose bag. soft-pedal. POMPOUS. Mister (Derog. water down. tsuris. eats. down the alley. cut down. fruit. eat dirt. rinky-tinky. See QUIET. throw cold water on. DILUTE v. DINNER PAIL n. beat up. inners. stealers. come a-cropper. guts. crimp. innards. DPT DIPROPYLPHYPTAMINE n. frowzy.). wee. screw up. sheepskin. high nosed. work one's tail off. put in a nutshell. feedbag. hoo-ha. fang (musician). halfcocked. rinky-dink. move in. grabber. go by way of. take the edge off. mother. See also FOOD. DILETTANTE adj. DIPLOMA n. grind. do lunch. cookie pusher. Man. darling. got one's comeuppance. See FRANK. sandhog. cook. See PREDICAMENT. dump on. wino. stinky. bub. Son. plumbing. ratty.106 diffident DIMINISHED adj. fatso. sweetheart. old DIMINISH v. 1. DILEMMA n. Mac. used up. needle. boomboom. water. rub. Early Bird Special. twister. buzz-buzz. See SHORTEN. tumul. shake. hard going. DILIGENT adj. plant. Brother. stinger. springbutt. dipso. hullaballoo. dip. straight. feeler (middle finger). be in the driver's seat. See also MAJESTIC. mini. boozehound. See INDUSTRIOUS. calling a spade a spade. Doc. feedbag. sticker. buster. stuffings. cut. bind. major munch. See SMALL. hot potato. pop. 1. claw. toots. straight out. See also EAT. have the say. Sonny. DIFFIDENT adj. double bind. tough proposition. get to the meat. from the horse's mouth. run things. stumper. people. put down. buttercup. circumlocute. tacky. so and so (affectionate or Derog. nutshell. four eyes. long way home. a hold up. DIPSOMANIAC n. hey you. DMT DIPHTHERIA n. RESTAURANT. 2. spike. sight on. DIN n. stiff-necked. conn (Navy vessel). See BELITTLED. DIGEST v. high-minded. tubby. go round the barn. slummy. crumb hall. crummy. eat out. barfly. eat humble pie. water down. pinkie. cut down to size. poor-mouth. up shit creek without a paddle. daddio. motherfucker (Derog. buddy. DIGESTIVE TRACT n. Jackson. pint-sized. eat crow. bud. shave. in the groove. dear. pardner. need it like a hole in the head. DIP v. . highfalutin'. good buddy. Sir. stupid. get sidetracked. next week East Lynne. DIRECT ADDRESS n. old man. shake down. DIGNIFIED adj. potluck. rabbity. tear down. put down. whiz. DIGIT n. shepherd. meat hooks. irrigate. target. leave no stone unturned. Sister. See BELITTLE. dip. drunk. caf. half-baked. ma'am. hooks. run down. jackpot. DIPPER n. lace. mama. fish hooks. cropper. jellybean. turn upside down. one small difficulty. matie. doctor up. 2. boss. hit a snag. Joe. Melvin. long way. See SEARCH. shingle. See DRINKER. zero in. push comes to shove. hump. bitty. what's with. pard. chow. dad. bug (industrial or baker). beeline. DIGGER n. one small difficulty. old chap. doctor. tough going. mousy. bad-mouth. Joe Blow. Charley. teaser. mite. cut to the bone. down the pipe. DIPLOMAT n. raunchy. din din. DIRECT v. souse. artsy fartsy. toughie. teensy. throw a wet blanket on. pussycat. scuffle. rummy. search high heaven. turn inside out. catch 22. DINING ROOM n. call the shots. itsy-bitsy. dip. chow fight. open. spaghetti. buddy boy. old bean. boozer. all hell broke loose. in a box. really get into. bitsy. kiddo. DIGRESS v. dunk. lush. nonstop. peewee. cut.).). yea big. knocked from one's high horse. hot grease. DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE n. look all over hell. pickle. hooker. sing small. quarterback. dog eared. kid. ramshackle. teeny. half-assed. sixty-four dollar question. DIG v. soak. put on the spot. plugger. head up. groundhog. ma. long hitter. bugaboo. old friend. as the crow flies. take the reins. doll. sweetie. phony up. hubba-hubba. dearie. shikker. poppers. trim. talk turkey. pal. sweetie pie. keed. lunch hooks. juice head. rowdydow. Bo. pops. Chester. put away. power drinker. DILAPIDATED adj. tough to buck. DINE v. button. take the bite out. mofo. forks. 2. all over the map. shortie. joker. tough nut to crack. in a bad way. nose to the grindstone. tootsie. 1. high-toned. floorer. box. Lady (sarcastic). DIRECT adj. eager beaver. hey. Jack. stewbum. ribs. old boy. egg on one's face. mess up. See MANAGE. baby. kiddie. straight from the shoulder. green hornet (Mil. baptize. tippler. when things get tough.). mother grabber. DIMINUTIVE adj. gizzard. hell broke loose. insides. Jim. See also Pandora's box. stinker. sight.

icky. Mr. yellow pages (telephone). brass. See also ARGUMENT. be had by the balls. bitchy. tweak. be had by the short hairs. pain in the ass. wastebasket. nix. dope sheet. tangle with. 1. downer. out of com- . mucky. no show. the old one two. jump down one's throat. bump heads with. buck. slap. down in the dumps. pigpen. crud. key player. go at it. top brass. on the debit side. son of a gun. put up a fight. little black book. 2. down. stall. half-assed. old sock. muss up. go for the jugular. muck up. wade into. truly needy. jump. old fart. do a vanishing act. fade away. gook. be had by the tail. old thing. brawl. catamaran. cantankerous. black list (punished or ostracized). cruddy. sock it to one. shitlist. bone to pick. let down. hassle. stand one up. fly in the face of. DISAGREE v. put down. bugger. hit list. DISAGREEABLE adj. white pages. DIRTY ROOM n. knock out. forty ways to Sunday. 1. sound a sour note. fade out of sight. crummy. bluebook. ruction. DISAPPEAR v. kingpin. jump on one's case. zing. crumb. See also SABOTAGE. not hack it. tip. lineup. blast. put a spoke in ones wheels. knock. drag. laundry list (agenda). g'd up. drop dead list (fired. jockey for position. let down. chili bowl (person). whale of a difference. grouchy. also ran. uptight. shindy. old top. row. locked out. cross swords with. crumby. DIRECTORATE n. DISADVANTAGEOUS adj. scrap. crack down on. brush-off. the poor. HFDF. come at. screw up. hit a sour note. break with. put out of commission. set to. crum up. hog-tied. pain. DTRT (do the right thing). stable. state.disappointment fellow. sidelined. DC 107 DISADVANTAGE adj. book (pimp's list). scuzzy. dreck. rip up. excluded). throw a monkey wrench in the machinery. positions). son of a bitch. blowup. out of sorts. fizzle. not make it. pigpen. sucker list. clip the wings of. beefing. 2. break a date. wrangle. DIRIGIBLE n. man upstairs. down and out. DISALLOW v. See DESTITUTE. DISAPPOINTMENT n. letdown. go south. needy. big player. yecchy. queer. mung. wing. brannigan. go after. hard up (also sexual). mung. rip into. hipped. sail into. not leave a leg to stand on. come down on. bringdown. 1. DIRECTLY adv. DWIM (do what I mean). take on. hamstring. bitter pill. fade. DIRECTION FINDER n. DISAGREEMENT n. stall. prut. rip up one side and down the other. big chew. head honcho. pettifog. in a blue funk. top dog. gasbag. kibosh. lay at. mess. 2. debit side. front office. DISAPPOINT v. pitch into. knock the props out from under. have-nots. cut the ground out from under. sour. DISABLED adj. hamstrung. brush. crusty. exec. go after each other. bum steer. beef. See DISAPPROVE. a lemon. land all over. take the wind out of one's sails. raw deal. go at. lean on. right outta the box. white book. expelled. 1. poop sheet. muss. words. pull a Judge Crater. cross. gunk. sock. DISADVANTAGED adj. See OBNOXIOUS. charts. dead man's hand. grungy. fizzle out. bend the goods. smack dab. spike one's guns. flak. spat. down side. drag. plum book (Govt. stable. pain in the neck. Big Daddy. sleaze up. a downer. sourpuss. bummer. gimpy. total. real estate. mess up. let have it. smut. short list. put up an argument. the bad news. top brass. skipper. dust. old man. rumpus. witch. kill. far cry. hogtie. set back. See MANAGEMENT. have a bone to pick. See also COUNSEL. land on. melt into the scenery. mix it up with. live-in DISABLE v. jump on. steer. black book. lock horns with. have at it. fuck up. messy. yucky. queer the works. awful. lace into. bitter pill to swallow. be agin. nix. stick it to one. scorecard. sleazeball. sound a clinker. barn. 1. scramble for. sleaze. crip. crap list. DIRT n. down tick. zapper. half-baked. slam bang. ding. DIRECTORY n. smack. pick a bone. Coffee Nerves. let have it with both barrels. gimp. go for it. crud up. tiff. every which way. taken out. bellyaching. blimp. DIRECT CURRENT n. DIRTY adj. man upstairs. come down hard on one. set to. no way. below the belt. See EXECUTIVE. poles apart. bone. bone of contention. screw up the works. run-in. people in the front office. fuss. son of a sea cook. light into. 2. give one both barrels. draggy. scuz. zap. Big Brother. game. pigsty. gummy. ruckus. plump. huff duff DIRECTIONS n. go for the throat. sleazy. people upstairs. hit a clinker. underdog. have at. See also FRUSTRATE. enemies list. not cricket. lay out. See also UNHAPPY. gang up on. crud. skank. that's DIRECTION n. 2. gum up the works. See IRRITABLE. rip. DISAPPOINTED adj. old fruit. ding. geed up. executive suite. take out. DIRECTOR n. that a way. raunchy. go for. put the kibosh on. rhubarb. throw a monkey wrench into the works. S list. shoot down. go for broke. See also UNPROFITABLE. pap (Annapolis). pass on. split. blow-off. taken down. forty ways from Sunday. lay into. old goat.

mess up. chuck. See DEVOTEE. junkie. all over hell. fan. beat the rap. chuck out. chew out. See also PUNISHMENT. give the bum's rush. aha reaction. D. DISASSOCIATE v. skin. ditch it. renig. walking papers. toss.. walking ticket. downer. see the light. kiss. unfrocked. drummed out. energetically disassembled. DISC JOCKEY n. come down on. DISAVOW v. fiend. got the burlap. no siree. fired. give the gate. junk. DISCHARGE n. pass on. over. beat up. kiss off. no way. kick. shit hit the fan. horse hockey. hard time. See PAY. chew ass. DISAPPROVED adj. eighty-six. crawfish out. come across. ax. thumb down. headache. packed it in. send packing. see the light. got the ax. DISARMAMENT n. toss onto the scrap heap. kiss one good-bye. scuzzed up. dig. DISCERN v. bounced. FROWN. mussed up. curtains. go back on one's word. nothing doing. zing. get what is coming to one. can. have one's number. throw on the junk heap. punker (punk rock). put down. put out. hockey pucks. boot out. dumped. no you don't. damned. 1. 2. your mama (Bl. got the mat. stooge. boot. DISCERNMENT n. got a pink slip. come up with. lumps. dadblasted. booted. holy mess. DISCIPLE n. lock out. back away from. get. crawfish. written off. izzat so. bullchitna(Esk. it just came to me. unholy mess. DISCHARGE NOTICE n. total shuck. ugh ugh. eat out. get one's drift. grubby. 2. bullshit. crank. mussy. turn thumbs down. you want it should sing too?. slap on the wrist. for it. pink-slipped. it hit me. not get all choked up over. bloody mess. get yours. all over the shop. messy. See also MISFORTUNE. DISAPPROVAL n. this is what we came for. bust. drummed out. give the hook. freak. cagey. give the ax. get rid of. See SEE. file it in the circular file. bum's rush. given the boot. been hit before. DISASTER n. lay off. rough.J. worm out of. rap on the knuckles. sacked. bounce. kicking out. nix. back to the salt mines. ax. turned off. killed. no way. put the squint on. jump on one's shit. wash ones hands of. flunky. pink slip. scrub. sack. canned. DISARRANGED adj. freeze out. blooming. dial back.). straighten out. give the sack to. crunch. send to the showers. See DISMISSAL. balls. on the same wavelength. let go. buff. zing. salt mines. nuts. scuzzed. need it like a hole in the head. walking papers. got the sack. bad news. DISBELIEVING adj. unfrocked (by profession). throw overboard. let out. blow it out. ding. figure out. so's your old man. section eight. holy mess. weasel out. rainin'. leery. throw over. blow one off. messed up. DISARM v. comeuppance. MISFORTUNE. chicken shit. sloppy. in the doghouse. deejay. backwater. kiss [something] good-bye. bitch. . 3. nig. tsuris. adios. deep six. read. Waterloo. N. take in. bounce. out in the cold. bull finch. drat. panned. ante up. gate. unholy mess. culture vulture. walked. jackpot. chicken shit guy. hold no brief for. cut loose. nix. wash out. welsh. drop out. shell out. heads rolled. catch hell. cut loose. screw up. nut. DISCIPLINE n. See DENIAL. arsy-varsy. launched. dadblamed. going over. focus. rap. dig. run out of town. read. topsyturvy. take 'em down. shake. I got it. kiss off. jawbone. show the door. take a dim view of. cough up. give with the eyes. DISCARD v. throw out on one's ear. get the picture.O. ass-kicking. door. no go. chew. hell to pay. fat chance. chicken shit. shee-it. DISCHARGE v. blown. let off. left out. DISAVOWAL n. kick out. drum out. old heave ho. blow wise. pink slip. DISARRAY n. kill. ream out. no eyes for. fork out. let one go. See PUNISH. give one his walking papers. slam. chop out. flush. hand one his walking papers. I know where you're comin' from. no dice. spot. tough. come through. have no truck with. give the pink-slip. shit. that's all there is there isn't any more?. kick upstairs. pay through the nose. savvy. get a load of. locked out. horseshit. set off. vanilla. pan. dump. hot water. what you see is what you get. nope. rif (reduction in force). let out. laid off. give the old heave-ho. not go for. rubberneck. give one the old heave-ho. pony up. flash on it. knock. See also CHAOS. give one the beady eye. show the gate. fire. 1. hep to. worm one's way out of. booster. not on your life. blackball. ride out on a rail. bummer. DISAPPROVE v. kissed off.108 disapproval it?. walking ticket. DISRELIEF n. hound. ding. foot the bill. the worst. blasted. blow it out. pink slip. kicked out. sundowner. steer clear. drop out. harumscarum. DISBURSE v. get outta town. See DISENGAGE. pay off. See also REJECT. boot. See UNDERSTAND. bump. rooter. DISRARRED adj. can of worms. no way Jose. is that so. shown the door. DISCIPLINARIAN n. climb one's frame. double trouble. retire. give the air. hit.). square. got the gate. get wise to. got it in the neck. blue ruin. wise to. grabber. balls. back off. DISCIPLINE v. DISCHARGED adj. See also SEPARATE. this is what it's all about?. axed. darn. bug. groupie. scrap. hot grease. call down. nix. deep shit. X-out. call down.

DISCOVER v. tip. clinker. sideline. button up one's lip. crabby. lost face. kill. down. leak. fess. button up. ripped. DISCONTINUE v. kid out of. See SPEAK. call all bets off. know one's ass from one's elbow. unzipped. in a blue funk. blue. See STOP. upset one's apple cart. give a meeting. static. tight chops. zinger. DISCRIMINATING adj. redline (Fin. clam. on the lookout. in Dutch. squeal. cut up. blow off. See also ARGUMENT. luck out. DISCONNECT v. discombobulate. turn off. come out of the closet. mudsling. break it off. in the dumps. crusher. know one's ass from a hole in the ground. shindy.T. confab. in the doghouse. tip-off. chew the fat. choosey. catch red-handed. ruction. poles apart. put off. DISCONSOLATE adj. cheap shot. hit upon. in pain. DISCONCERTED adj. shot. herky-jerky. beef. sockdolager. fall apart at the seams. handout. pick up on. make out. see the light. know shit from Shinola. disco. DISCOUNT n. put down. cut. See CONFUSED. croon. rhubarb. talkfest. spark. fall into. know a rock from a hard place. DISCOURSE n. hit a clinker. See SPEAK. dead horse. caved in. DISCONCERT v. hassle. willy-nilly. knock one off one's perch. griping. picky. cold shoulder. not stand for. by fits and starts. modulate. See CONFESS. luck into. in bad. bring to light. clam up. bad ass. DISCOUNTENANCE v. dump. See PARTICULAR. hoedown. bone of contention. include me out. back-handed compliment. leak. See DISCONNECT. row. sour note. modjitate. throw a wet blanket on. crusty. between one and the lamp post. roll over one. bull fest. in a botheration. mind one's p's and q's. far cry. See also BELITTLED. dig up. come apart. chew over. buzz session. handle with kid gloves. what you see is what you get. the judge and jury. take a dim view of. rap. clambake. rap session. know what's what. beat down. stumble on. wise up to. bitching. cool. in the pits. all shook up. Jim Crow. be on to. knockdown. not one's cup of tea. drop it. wrangle. drop a dime on one.discriminating 109 DISCLOSE v. suss out. poles apart. 2. split. left-handed compliment. messed up attic. knock it off. . nose out. chit. know one's ass from first base. picture. break off. snitch. DISCLOSURE n. gone to pieces. picky picky. psyched out. bad vibes. dustup. break it up. pack in. gabfest. unglued. punch the gun. clinker. sour note. down in the mouth. spill. like night and day. See INSOLENT. gold). fess up. sound a sour note. the call. not one's kinda guy. by bits and piece. drop. squelcher. picky-picky. talk turkey. flak. DISCRIMINATE v. DISCOVERY n. hush-hush. DISCREPANCY n. fresh. march to the beat of a different drummer. DISCOTHEQUE n. hit a sour note. smell out. fuck up. stool. See CONFUSE. mark lousy. DISCREDIT v. hash session. that's it?. See PREVENT. 1. fuss. catch with one's hand in the cookie jar. chew the rag. snitch. paper tiger. have dead to rights. have one's number. cut. cut back. cheeky. spot. choicy. showdown. bug. come unzipped. See ERRATICALLY. zip one's lips. DISCONTENTED adj. come apart at the seams. whale of a DISCRETIONARY adj. DISCOURAGED adj. blow change. psyched out. chew. bone. rapping rash. flip. sing small. spiel. far cry. put the zingers in. put away. squeal. hit or miss. DISCOURAGE v. put a damper on. run down. go the hang-out road. ruckus. DISCREET adj. come apart. spat. whale of a difference. kick the gong around. scene.. be hep to. rumpus. discomboberate. throw cold water on. low. down in the dumps. call it as one sees it. shot to pieces. chill. catch with one's pants down. tear down. destroyed. tumble to. split. crawl.). uncover. rag around. deduck (income tax item). bag it. run-in. hurtin'. get to. psych out. make. downbeat. smoke out. picky. knock off. DISCOURTESY n. put it on the street. lost momentum. put one in the picture. DISCORDANT adj. diff. See BELITTLE. drop. dribs and drabs. beat. low rent. you want it should sing too?. in a funk. hold a meet. trip over. poke full of holes. buzz (in secret). spaced out. unglued. smart alecky. not go for. pooh-pooh. kvetching. the natives are restless See UNHAPPY. a find. sound a clinker. hung up. huddle. down in the mouth. this is what we came for?. foul up. DISCONTINUOUSLY adv. finisher. pernickety. rollback. clincher. scrub. scrap. sassy. DISCORD n. ABCs. ball up. DISCREDITED adj. cracked up. noway. See also REVELATION. that's all there is there isn't any more?. See DEPRESSED. call it quits. take the air out of one's balloon. on the Q. bull session. right under one's nose. split hairs. blow by blow. cut rate. strike (oil. brickbat. run down. setto. DISCOURSE v. this is what it's all about?. put down. catch flatfooted. pick a bone. hold no brief for. in. drummed out. tore up. persnickety. DISCOURTEOUS adj. difference. talk out of.

dog. on one's high horse. the pip. grody. bent. crawfish out. let the sunlight in. sort out. bitchy. rap. scrud. wrong gee. flap. sing small. full up. flog a dead horse. wrong number. on the make. stumped. shady. See also MEETING. figure out. in Dutch. got one's ass in sideways. come down. scuzzy. quit cold. medical student's disease. cool. turn tail and run. beard. browned off. mother-grabbing. on the pad. ech. wrong. back out. DISH n. in Dutch. DISENGAGE v. pick one's brains. crud. draggy. put a tuck in one's tail. black eye. faust. chew over. slimy. dirty work. in bad. goshawful. put one on one's shitlist. king shit. CONFER. it sucks. back out of. front. gives one a pain in the ass. dumb cluck. no bargain. pissed off. DISENTANGLE v. the bug. in bad. not get all choked up over. blackball. beastly. throw on a make up. scuzzed out. have a skinful. what's going around. DISGUISE n. crumb. blow one off. put-down. gives one a pain in the ass. pesky. grossed out. shit hook. grody to the max. weasel out. fink out. fink out. eat humble pie. DISHONEST adj. T'd off. backpedal. beat up. double scrudfantods.. gone to bad. double scrudfantods. See ILLNESS. godawful. icky. DISCUSSION n. dicty. down on. eat crow. cut out. grody to the max. grousing. lose face. crooked. play hard. knocked off one's perch. creeping crud. dirty. egg on one's face. groupthink. flash one's cookies. pull up a bluff. turn thumbs down on. gives one a pain in the neck. informal. hold no brief for. scuzzed. in limbo. out in the cold. think-in. kiss off. wimpy. grouchy. opt out. yecchy. honest John. off one's list. crabbing. crawl out of. DISEASE n. and Stu. barf. have no truck with. toss one's tacos. shifty. powwow. DISGRUNTLED adj. fed up. trust one as far as one can throw an elephant. mothering. on the take. turn up one's nose at. uppity. See also DESECRATE. rehash. back off. gone to the dogs. put up a bluff. bearded. it stinks. See also SEPARATE. confab. dose. chalk talk (Prof. no-good. fig leaf. bad ass. sports). have a bellyful. have one's glasses on (Bl. racket. take a meeting. pray to the porcelain god. DISGUISED adj. skeleton in the cupboard. yucky. the flu. cotton picking. messed up. creeping crud. shifty eyed. sloppy. bug. mothernudging. scratch one off one's list. whitewash. manhole cover. throw over. let off. sleazy. flash the gogs. scuzzy. funky (Bl. knocked from one's high horse. in the doghouse. puke. mother-fucking (Obsc). huddle. gives one a pain. crash. mussy. put on an act. throw up. bounce off one. low-down and dirty. crum. front. fishy. cheatin' heart. dummy. incog. pestiferous. beard. trust one as far as one can swing a cat. gyp. drummed out. gaposis (gap in clothing). make like. simpy. left out. the pip. turn tail. lousy. drive the porcelain bus. lost face. no count. skank. fish. awful. kvetching. on one's shitlist. toss some ideas around. skeleton in the closet. crud. spastic. eat dirt. bad case of the uglies. See FREE. DISGRACE n. cover up. kick around. DISFAVOR v. blitz. in the doghouse. scuzzed out. let go. chill. put down. huddle. crooked stick. furry. cheesed off. hash over. wangle out of. toplofty. See VOMIT. poop out. allergic to. have a meet. worm. gross. gam. get heads together. on the shelf. in wrong. on one's enemies list. . messy. camel DISGUISE v. stand down. gone to hell. See DISAPPROVE. bull yard. groupthink. DISDAINFUL adj. not kosher. gummy. convict.. bail one out. in the shithouse. gives one a pain. bellyaching. put up a front. put on a false front. comedown. upchuck. draw in one's horns. grubby. specimen. get out from under. crabby. fascinoma (Medic). rag around. steer clear. lousy. draw in one's claws. hagged out. eyeball-to-eyeball encounter. dump. clambake. draw in one's horns. sneaky. pull in one's horns. York. See UNHAPPY. go into a huddle. blow. put down. mussed up. griping.G. cut loose. nerdy. cheatin'. crawl. stinking. took down. flags (WWI). no account. blow hot air. kick some ideas around. brainstorm. let off the hook. laugh at the carpet. MYTHICAL n. drop out. meet. DISGUSTING adj. phony up one's getup. DISGRACED adj. slap on some glims. pull the plug. Ralph. slick. grossed out. tinhorn. copper-hearted. rap session. shitheel.110 discuss DISCUSS v. sharp. buzz session. rotten. snooty. backwater. give a black eye. put on airs. DISGORGE v. DISDAIN v. N.). rap. stinky. creepy. See HUMILIATE. See also DELIBERATE. veg out. See also SCANDAL. drippy. DISFAVORED adj. DISGRACE v. the runs. run something by one.). back away from. frosted. figure. wouldn't touch [anything] with a ten foot pole. DISGUSTED adj. hash. willies. talk game. stymied. knock around. sleazeball. turned off. See ARROGANT. bitching. eyes to cool it. scuzzed up. high hat. on one's list. dumped on. grim. confab. uncool.. worm out of. look down one's nose at. up to here. gives one a pain in the neck. DISEASE. in the doghouse. grody. wear cheaters. flap. rotten. whip a dead horse. put on a front. talk to Ralph on the big white phone. sleazy. eeoooh. beefing. twerdy. cranky. turn off. DISHEVELED adj. in one's hat. let the daylight in. cover-up. kicking. run down. for the birds. leave flat.

unscrewed. simp. loser. PROFANE. eat dirt. slam. dump on. snafu. dumb cluck. corpse. allergic to. nowhere. drummed out. deep sea chef (hobo). screw up. See CONFUSION. ass in a sling. give one a black eye. rif (reduction in force). worm. spaced out. specimen. bollix up. borax. flummox. sleazeball. DISMAY n. puncture one's balloon. See TURMOIL. scumbag (Obsc). stinker. throw a wet blanket on. unzipped. kick. boot. have no use for. snake in the grass. out to lunch. See UNFAITHFUL. DISORGANIZATION n. DISMAY v. spastic. push the panic button. bullshit. walking papers. put off. bloody mess. discombooberation. dummy. foul up. throw. down trip. pucker-assed. out of line. kicking up a shindy. turn thumbs down on. scorch. weasel. topsy-turvy. BS. get to. bummer. pink-slip. fuzzbuzz. grand bounce. snarl-up. sacked. gives one a pain in the neck. cold shoulder. talk out of. 1. See CONFUSION. cock sucker. peckerwood (B. send packing. the mokers. canned. fuck up. put one on one's shit list. fire. in the wrong pew. debunk. droop. downer. holy mess. DISMAYED adj. send to the showers. bullshitting. in the pits. not give a shit. dragged. make one lose face. See also FEAR. won't give one the time of day. horse's ass. miseries. See DISGRACED. scared stiff. stinkpot. cool. dick in the dirt. cheater. 2. axed. drummed out. in the doghouse. kicking out. turned off by. mulligrubs. DISLOYAL adj. got the blue devils. mopes. screwed up. down on. down in the mouth. gives one a pain. brushoff. DISLIKE v. DISLOCATED adj. boot. DISHWASHER n. louse up. cotton-picker. See DISCHARGED. dipstick. ). door.D. give one his walking papers. foul up. funk. mess. lay off. mother. See FRIGHTEN. pretty kettle of fish. out of it. See DEPRESSED. lost face. out of one's element. fuss. low. yo-yo. See BELITTLED. give the ax. jackass. DISORDER n. put the hooks in. they're pissing on us and telling us it's raining. hold no brief for. See INDIFFERENT. shake. eat crow. old heave ho. eat humble pie. smear. in the wrong box. drummed out. eat humble pie. drip. crying the blues. right church wrong pew. screw up. have a hate on for. can. kick in the ass. throw out on one's ear. in the barrel. the big lie (Pol. discombobulation. take a dim view of. on a tear. gross. mussed up. scene. DISPARAGED adj. far out. BANISH. DISMISSAL n. throw cold water on. break one's heart. kiss-off. motherfucker (Obsc).I. muthuh. bum's rush. the gate. eat dirt. sour grapes. OUSTER. let out. faze. DISMISSED adj. scratch one offone's list. spazzed out. See CONFUSED. DISORDERLY adj. blues. blahs. two-faced. baloney. blue devils. throw into a tizzy. See also CONFUSE. bummed out. flaked out. DISINTERESTED adj. who's minding the store?. kick in the heart. mince. turkey. ride out on a rail. run down. mess up. get rid of. zod. fluff. like a fish out of water. bump. spooked. snakey. gives one a pain in the ass. clockwatcher. two-timing. rat. suds buster. grossed out on. goose bumpy. nice piece of work. See also EJECT. bull. down in the dumps. pot walloper. sack. horseshit. fired. 1. 111 DISHONORED adj. out of order. raising a rumpus. moron. lay off. rat's nest. deep funk. given a jar. bloody mess. bad case of the uglies. schmo. holy mess. See also DESECRATE. shot down.disparaged DISHONOR v. kiss one good-bye. rif (reduction in force). louse. See BELITTLE. winner. part out. play hob with. walking ticket. ax. tear down. let down easy. con. D.). See FRIGHTENED. blue. rap. hassle. banana. muck up. draw in one's horns. a line. kicking up a row. arsy-varsy. bounce. kid out of. fuzzy. flush. pink slip. booted. meatball. unholy mess. topsyturvy. stir. not give a damn. . Chinese fire drill. double-crossing. wimp. roast. fuck up. sing small. kick in the stomach. put one on one's list. for the birds. 2. pearl diver. dolefuls. all torn up. asshole. unfrocked (any profession). out. lost face. flap. so? so what? what's the diff? what the hell. unholy mess. mumps. off base. blue funk. pan. prune. DISPARAGE v. DISMAL adj. rat's nest. have an allergy to. bummed out. DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE n. run out of town. DISORGANIZED adj. fink. eat crow. pretty piece of business. prick. DISLIKED PERSON n. hurting. DISMISS v. crawl. spiel. scam. play it cool. holy mess. DISINFORMATION n. shook. spacey. turn off. herkle. weenie. rat fink. bounced. ball up. DISILLUSION v. mofo. sack. twerp. creep. housecleaning. jerk off. mix up. put down. not get all choked over. turned off. every which way. wash out. nothing. See DISCHARGE. not go for. letdown. nerd. scrub. mole. dumps. jerk. hang crepe. kickup. DISMANTLE v. DISJOINTED adj. pee in one's pants. in the right church but the wrong pew. zombie. to do. unglued. raising a ruckus. sleaze. mess and a half.

where one is at. DISPARATE adj. put away. bad guy. knock the bottom out of. could care less. blue. dragged. put up an argument. rhino. 1. rhubarb. REPLACE. game for. far cry. on the fritz. break up. get bent. bag. exhibish. make a scene. show and tell. shell out. break it up. boot out. deep six. bone of contention. busted. chop. Sing n' J'ing. bad ass. come across with. See DAMAGED. nowhere. See also DISCHARGE. be asleep at the switch. with a straight face. turn the trick. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. split up. groove. sport. call the tune. take it big. cool. DISPUTE n. row. take over. down. dick in the dirt. fan it. an act. so what?. come on strong. break up. See also ANNOY. opposite number. frame up. throw out on the street. DISPENSE v. run with the ball. let it go. knock the chocks out from under. lay a bad trip on one. ride herd on. play to the gallery. DISPIRITED adj. blow sky high. a bone. unflappable. different strokes for different folks. wing. that's your lookout. See MANAGE. dead. carry on. go through one's paces. poles apart. look the other way. cool. come up with. game. See EVICT. bust up. See also DISCHARGE. See GIVE. cut off. smack with. DISPLACE v. railroad. hurt one where one lives. read the riot act. 3. cup of tea. pooh pooh. DISPOSESS v. what the hell. miff. for show. DISPASSIONATE adj. show off. spring with. curdle. opposish. tiff. be agin. expo. sound. scramble. chuck. break out. every which way. shine. beef. live with. See IGNORE. tune out. shot down. See also BAD. pick a bone. NEWS. wracked. step into the shoes of. scoop. streak. jump on one's case. parade one's wares. do the trick. deadpan. fork out. scramble. See FINISH. flash. adios [something]. DISPERSE v. all over the lot. kiss. not turn a hair. take care of. DISREGARD v. run up the colors. don't give a shit. out of one's element. grandstand play. play dirty dozens. DISREPUTARLE adj. in the wrong pew. let slide. dog. turned on to. DISPOSE v. come the heavy. a scene. put one's foot down. toss out on one's ear. DISQUALIFY v. give the go by. whale of a difference. brush off. play past. put to rights. See DISPATCH v. DISPOSED adj. showcase. eighty-six. cut. poker-faced. sounding dozens. Philadelphia lawyer. at the drop of a hat. like night and day. what's the diff?. See also SPEED. gross out. ig. See also READY. all over the place. DISPERSED adj. beat. do a number. cut. lay down the law. INSULT. DISPOSE OF v. signify. split up. railroad through. tough. exhib. kiss off. See ARRANGE. whip out. wink at. DISPATCH n. throw over. handout. DISREPAIR adj. buddy (sarcasm). turn off. nick. shoot full of holes. flash. in bad. chuck one's weight about. not make the cut. bump heads. knock off. chuck out. 2. throw one's weight around. junk. DISPROVE v. . hit one where one lives. aadios one. poke full of holes. diff. break it up. give with. roll with the punches. low. exbo. drag into court. cool cat. from hell to breakfast. handout. not give one the time of day. let one off this time. bust up. flat. 2. flash (gaudy merchandise or prize). 2. DISPUTE v. blue funk. guardhouse lawyer. signifyn'. DISPLAY v. leave out in the cold. in the right church but the wrong pew. wrangle. in cold blood. See ARGUE. oppo. iceberg. give away the store. it's all the same to me. take on. words.. pay no never mind. keep ones cool. in Dutch. like a fish out of water. fireworks. let go to pot. in the doghouse. that's your pigeon. splash. fuss. wave it around. shucking and jiving. file it in the circular file. different strokes. See ARGUMENT. cool as a cucumber. downtime. no good. blow off. druthers. do one's stuff. me and you. bounce. out of commission. knock the props out from under. cold fish. deal with. throw on the junk heap. toss onto the scrap heap. fair to middling. hotdog. See DEPRESSED. bummed out. throw overboard. run with. pay no mind. tailor. mind-set. strut one's stuff. haul into court. keep one's shirt on. dash. poop sheet. do the heavy. 2. dozens. dish out. look right through. DISPARITY n. polish off. cool. let it all hang out. have at.112 disparate DISPLEASE v. 1. front. hit one with. DISPUTANT n. See also DISPLACED adj. 1. 1. trot out. with a poker face. got lead balls for eyes. See INCLINATION. promote. take off in all directions. lock horns. chop out. shepherd. downbeat. See DISCARD. splurge. showboat. let one off easy. hand-carry. thing. kaput. walk through. eighty-six. grandstand. capping. send packing. meat. don't give a hoot. angries. cut to the quick. DISPLAY n. showoff. put in apple-pie order. DISPEL v. cap. DISPOSITION n. put on an act. in the wrong box. roll out. funky. zing. I should worry? DISPASSIONATELY adv. type. don't give a damm. laid back.

put on the check. bad vibes. gone. fresh. go to hell.O. blaaed up. this is what we came for?. DISRUPTIVE adj. flower child. you want it should sing too?. life in the fast lane. go blooey. shot to pieces. live in the fast lane. stonewall. two-way ghee. helter-skelter. See INSOLENT. smart ass. sassy. tear. strip. kiss good-bye. fall apart at the seams. bad vibes. See also FAKERY. speedy. sour note. hippie. DISSENT v. discombobulated. faze. messy. scene. night owl. sour note. fake.. night people. 2. operator. played out. See NONCONFORMING. nothing doing. beef. make like. See CONFUSE. throw cold water on. sleaze factor. See also CONFUSED. toot. street people. high living. bust. nervy. fertummeled. this is what it's all about?. gone to the dogs. break with. lean on. funky. sour note. all shook up. bohemian. higgledy-piggledy. kiss something good-bye. down the toilet. discombooberated. jump on one's case. what you see is what you get. down the drain. unglued. rattle one's cage. shot. discombobulate. talk out of. all balled up. open. come unglued. peel. wingding. DISSUADE v. go to hell in a handbasket. crabby. See also PARTY. hellbent. flash the gogs. smoothie. down the tube. fake it. go through. swinger. pick a bone. go kerflooie. static. put off. pass. gone bad. clinker. take it off. go to hell in a handbasket. playboy. high living. out of order. come unzipped. N. spat. See DISSIMILAR adj. talk trash. put on an act. gone to hell in a handbasket. shuck. gone to bad. put the arm on. out the window. no siree. not a chance. balled up. kerflumixed. ball up. get all naked. go to hell. buck. pissed away. come apart. living in the fast lane. fast. Sunday run. bit. fast and loose. dropout. diddled away. phony. march to the beat of a different drummer. DISSENSION n. hellbent. struck all of a heap. flak. throw a wet blanket on. clinker. shuck and jive. DISTANCE n. wear cheaters. bone. crocodile tears. swinger. doublespeak. gammon. playboy. swinger. weird. put up a smoke screen. driving in the fast lane wih no brakes. stone's throw. 2. picky picky. harum-scarum. nope. See UNHAPPY. sour. fussed. thrown off one's beam ends. operator. player. that's all there is there isn't any more?. bitching. shook up. gummoxed up. soft soap. put up a front. swift. gone to hell. maverick. beefing. circus. on the pad. do a strip. DISSIPATION n. fucked up. no way. drive in the fast lane with no brakes. bowled over. fouled up. whitewash. that's it?. DISROBE v. whale of a difference. forget it. 1. loused up. 1. pull up a bluff. life in the fast lane. throw on a make up. messed up. night owl. nature boy. beatnik. farmisht. DISSONANT adj. See also ROWDY. DISSIPATE v. fubb (fucked up beyond belief). See DENIAL. galley west. DISSENTING adj. DISSEMBLER n. 3. meat-eater. muddy the waters. kvetching. double talk. spitting distance. slap on some glims. husk. grousing. bollixed. whale of a difference. put a different face on. pussyfoot. wishy-washy person. See also WANTON. out of line. two whoops . high liver. fuss. cheeky. bold as brass. poles apart. DISRUPTED adj. speed. See also PREVENT. no go. flabbergasted. burn one's candle at both ends. far cry. DISSENTER n. flummoxed. DISSOLUTE adj. gone to hell. screwed up. oddball. agin. 1. DISSEMBLE v. upset one's apple cart. nighthawk. FRITTER AWAY. gone to the dogs. turn off. let on. like night and day. DISSATISFIED adj.distance 113 DISRESPECTFUL adj. phony up one's getup. bollixed up. See REVEL. cover up. bender. psych out. See DISAGREE. on the take. thrown. 2. pump up (gambling). hugger-mugger. off base. put up an argument. hassle. bone of contention. rattled. put up a fight. driving in the fast lane. bat. far cry. binge. mucked up. fly in the face of. come apart at the seams. whoop. skimble-skamble. put up a bluff. not on your life. picky. high liver. player. DISSENT n. burnt out. blow. bowled down. out of line. poles apart. blown. piss away. bad vibes. kid out of. bugged up. put on a front. See CHEATER. four-flush. angries. griping. clinker. play possum. pettifog. strip to the buff. down the rathole. blink. signify. haywire. chicken out. sour note. hung up. weirdo. See LECHER. slip out of. burn one's candle at both ends. nighthawk. DISSIPATER n. put off. an act. offbeat. be agin. flak. See DISCORD. con. gone to seed. DISSIPATED adj. DISREPUTE adj. anti. wolf in sheep's clothing. drive in the fast lane. yippie. down the spout. split. a good ways. put on a false front. blown out. dump. sweet talk. let on like. clinker. beard. marcher. freak. DISSEMBLING n. mixed up. DISSIDENCE n. stuck. also DISCORD. shook. fish out of water. gummixed up. racket up. smart alecky. hellbent. See SQUANDER. DISRUPT v. trouble-making. do a strip tease. offbeat. tidy step. square peg in a round hole.

BS. lame. mega-gnarly. heavy. in a stew. offish. rubbed the wrong way. rile. fidgety. worriment. air-headed. deep shit. different strokes for different folks. in and a holler. See EXCELLENT. jimjams. cook. middle of nowhere. gnarly. phony baloney. blues. get to. See CELEBRITY. peeve. choked. wired up. the screaming meemies. all wet. DISTILL v.k. discombobulate. sour. . off. yucky. dig. See also PREOCCUPIED. grody to the max. DISTASTEFUL adj. poles apart. building castles in the air. unreal. See also DISTURB. absentminded professor. flash. ripped. choke. burned up. tullies. figure out. like wow. See CONFUSED. make out like. off the beam. catch. hung up. DEW line. rattle one's cage. DISTINCTION n. nervous wreck. pissin'. can't even get arrested. flash. take in. uptight. jitters. name. cool cat. bummed out. fine how do you do. shook up. woolgathering. give one a turn. unglued. know a rock from a hard place. rerun. bug. bugged. drive up the wall. tough luck. tick off. laid back. 1. spooked. shittin' bricks. unscrewed. goofing off. screw up. beam. stuck up. zonkers. offbeat. big name. get in one's hair. not on the job. double trouble. a shlep. know what's what. See DISCRIMINATE. far cry. shittin'. unglued. nag. DISTRESSED adj. VIP. moonlight. mooning. up the wall. brass hat. ticklish spot. standoffish. picky-picky. here in body only. moonlight. DISTINGUISHED adj. hot grease. 1. See ALOOF. crap. bass ackwards. See SEE. give one a snow job. in a lather. can of worms. put on airs. See UNSAVORY. devil to pay. push. rerun. trim. 3. lay a bad trip on one. large. DISTRACT v. scam. get one's goat. hung up. pick up on. 2. out to lunch. make it tough. the jims. tsuris. asleep on the job. DISTRESS v. turn over. dog it. tit caught in the wringer. See also UNIQUE. brown off. all shook up. put the squint on. DISTRACTED adj. need it like a hole in the head. in a world of one's own. hurting. number 1. DISTORTED adj. zing. get to the meat. eagle eye. bummer. numéro uno. gammon. break one's balls. focus. do a number on one.). nervy. whale of a difference. all torn up. bad news. mess. piece. jittery. dog up. fine kettle offish. pay no mind. See REMOTE. push one's button. zero cool. DISTINGUISH v. dragged (following drugs). boonies. country mile. next week East Lynne. hobble. the jams. cut. throw into a tizzy. heartache. fussed. wicked. hit one where he lives. turn over. popcorn-headed. shit. hack. shot down. hot water. antsy. miff. wired. peeved. all-overish. tore up. the big lie (Pol. flash on. DISTINCTIVE adj. 1. read. tricky spot. w. lose one's cool. miffed. grody. screwy. spy. cockeyed. shaking in one's boots. pain in the ass. hit on. moonshine. shook. riled. DISTANT EARLY WARNING LINE n. hacked. bull. rotten luck. penny dog. con. 1. tightened up.114 distant daydreaming. pipe. different strokes. See also LIE. clutch. weird. See also ADVERSITY. cut down. hell to pay. have on the brain. heebie-jeebies. rainin'. holy mess. off base. nutshell. butterflies in one's stomach. bullshit. what's eating one. crunch. headache. know one's ass from one's elbow. far piece. put one on. cool. pretty pickle. in a panic. yicky. like a chicken with its head cut off. flummox. shook up. cook. gross. DISTILL ALCOHOL v. wig. glim. rum go. unzipped. super. heavy stuff. butterflies. this is some kinda . bundle of nerves. all-overs. (well-known). spot. tightened up. be on the back of. sticky wicket. fall apart. downer. a million miles away. drag. shaky. jam. fuck with one's head. bum. wreck. yantsy. hard time. pipe dreaming. on one's case. get. get an eyeful of. diff. jackpot. stew. pickle. strung out. get under one's skin. stick in one's craw. have on one's mind. hyper. throw one a curve. thrown. get a load of. boil down. lamp. empty-headed. number one. eat. line. See LIE. trump up. hound. unholy mess. hard knocks. burn up. needle. torn down. about to piss in one's pants. clutched. phony up. march to the beat of a different drummer. heavyweight. ride. quivery. 2. on ice. fudge. hit where one lives. dog. 2. nudzh. icky. jazz. shot to pieces. pain in the neck. antsy-pantsy. hoke up. give one a hard time. a sleeper jump. a hop skip and a jump. clear to hell and gone. cold. cut to the bone. champ. looking out the window. 2. catch flies (The. uppity. stall. pins and needles. sticks. ways. like night and day. moony. ants in one's pants. noodge. eyeball. latrine rumor. DISTORT v. bum steer. clutched up. pick on. scared shitless. fertummeled. doctor. hard row to hoe. 1. crock of shit. moonshine. back asswards. ass backwards. tail in a gate. jive. grabber. make out. cold. choke up. snow. fur piece. up against it. DISTRAUGHT adj.for. far piece. basket case. put in a nutshell. piece. tumul. gun. fake. down the road a piece. tough break. bone. rainy day. way off. chewing gum. give a bad time to. know crossways from crosswise. the jumps. rattled. whitewash. DISTRESS n. cliff-hanging. pretty pass. the jimmies. smoke. cut up. scrape. a hoot and a holler. 2. WORRY. DISTANT adj. asleep at the switch. get a hinge. cook. discomboberate. in the limelight. throw into a swivet. glom. DISTORTION n. double-talk. eye. be at. jumpy.). twitty. shivery. bullshit. tall story. nitpick.

like night and day. neck of the woods. have kittens. raise a ruction. burbs. DIVERSION n. having the leaps. have a heart attack. fuss. on edge. throw wood on the fire. Clown Alley (circus). ask for it. get to. belly whack. in one's hair. belly flop. ball. down on one's luck. DISTRICT n. flip out. drive one up a wall. DISTURB v. in mothballs. the meemies. dish out. worried stiff. discombobulated. Storyville. the City. leery. slum. big scene. bring one up short. psych out. have one's teeth on edge. bug up. NoHo. lots of laughs. the jams. thrown. on the gog. put the needles in. brodie. in a dither. DISTRUSTFUL adj. slum. net. CONFUSED. piss one off. red herring. cut the pie. work up into a lather. in a foofaraw. twitty. stutter step. shot to pieces. stew. field day. gutter. red-light district. shoestore alley. drunk alley. on the shelf. in a state. mothballed. take a header. a real nail-biter. wired. turf. beside oneself. rattle. in a lather. bundle of nerves. put to it. See also BOTHERED. NERVOUSNESS. down. beside one's self. . bum trip. on pins and needles. jittery. The Great White Way (The. Back Bay. jumpy. flummox. inner city. See also RIOT. header. on edge.diversion 115 a sweat. the jungle (crowded city). tightened up. discombobulate. diff. drive one bananas. put a crimp in. See EXCITEMENT. foul up. lather. garment district. belly bump. needle. in a scrape. nervous wreck. gone to pot. make a fuss. 1. gasoline alley. haroosh. give one the needle. spook. shelved. make waves. craze. ghetto. See also DISTURBED. put up to. chewalloper. high time. laughs. fuzzbuzz (commotion). hopped up. 2. zoo. the jumps. slice up. in a flap. old town. raise the devil. knock the chocks from under one. Mainline. flap. throw. fuck up. big stink. rattle. cut the melon. all shook up. UNEASY. shook up. DISTURBED adj. turn off. shitting. worried stiff. flap. floor. belly bump. been hit before. the screaming meemies. stir. cutter. in a swivet. sweat it. have ones teeth on edge. get under one's skin. in a sweat. foofaraw. Hell's Kitchen. queer. network. inner city. far cry. spooked. DIVE v. DISTURBANCE n. raise the roof. See also ENTERTAINMENT. stir up. cast a kitten. fussed. West End. egg on. chewallop. Lunch Bucket City (working class). get a rise out of one. in a botheration. hood. sound off. DIVERSE adj. jitters. down the line. sewer hog. Tin Pan Alley. throw a monkey wrench into the works. shook. pick on. tenderloin. in a tizzy. DISTRICTS n. DITHER n. belly whop. sweaty. pipeline. high old time. knock the props from under one. DISTRIBUTE v. basket case. on the gog. the Strip. fuzzbuzz. used-car alley. See AGITATION. commo. dustup. hard put to it. fidgety. sweating bullets. belly whopper. psych. in a tizzy. flap. flustration. have a fit. pucker. stick in one's craw. tizzy. cut up. divvy up. flustrated. jimjams. 2. whale of a difference. at the end of one's rope. jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. middle man. DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM n. D. skid row. whoopee. throw into a stew. Track One (brothel). stink. throw. on pins and needles. rust belt. godforsaken. ruckus. Broadway. DISUSED adj. hyper. fork out. give one a bad time. See also EXCITE. the jims. jobber. get one's goat. See also CAUTIOUS. DITCHDIGGER n. floor. turf.A. in a flusteration. upset one's apple cart. grins. Rialto. fuss. Shubert Alley. the Street. rile. raise hell. put the zingers in. ball up. choked. on tenterhooks. Sunset Strip. make it tough for all. discomboberate. picnic. on the ragged edge. Wall Street. See DIVIDE. antsy. adjy. hood. fun and games. jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. rabble-rouse. discombobulated. the heebie-jeebies. black bottom. wired up. skid row. fake out. row. nervy. See AMUSEMENT. gold coast. having the leaps.. on tenterhooks. DISTRIBUTOR n. raise a ruckus. fire up. black belt. big time. pissing. bug. neck of the woods. TROUBLED. to-do. Sugar Hill. all-overish. go on make my day. slurb. mixed bag. DIVE n. in a stew. belly whacker. dump altitude (aircraft). dif. territory. DISTRICT ATTORNEY n. jungle. the Loop. uptight. gum up the works. get in one's hair. Las Vegas strip. zoo. burn up. swivet. cagey. action. raise cain. See NEIGHBORHOOD. belly flop. shell out. ANXIETY. merry-go-round. ghetto.). have kittens. turn gray. rumble. shanty town. throw into a snit. belly bust. brown off. make it a tough go. fall apart. gone to the dogs. EXCITED. territory. turn on. drive one up a tree. discombooberate. work up. make a scene. shanty town. funky. clutched up. uptight. wreck. ride. throw into a tizzy. cast a kitten. biting one's nails. pull one up short. curdle. all hot and bothered. sweaty. worried sick. get to. in a pucker. DIVERGENT adj. clutched. flip. 1. throw into a swivet. SoHo. stomping ground. biting one's nails. louse up. on the skids. Bowery. yantsy. in a swivet. raise a rumpus. steam up. rumpus. belly buster. hoopla. fuddle. give one a hard time. foofaraw. high-rent district. distrib. give one a turn. zonkers. header. heavy lump (Sugar Hill). add fuel to the flames. flusteration. See also NEIGHBORHOOD. throw one a curve. key up. Track Two (homosexual). shitting bricks. kick up a row. poles apart. on the ragged edge. Hashbury (Haight-Ashbury).

bigger half. bleed white. iceman. kill em. gaga. grass DODGE v. DOCUMENTARY FILM n. come on like. TCR (take care of business). operate. DOCUMENT v. melon. dump. bone setter. pooch. purp. See INTEREST. blow the whistle. bones. sawbones. the rev. See CLERGYMAN. duck. cut up the jackpot. get around. See CONFESS. dorg. bullheaded. marriage on the rocks. sell off. pull off. take a shot. DIVORCE v. muleheaded. bone polisher. branch house. go phftt. pigheaded. cool. diff. DOGGEDLY adv. slap-happy. fifty-fifty. ducker DOER n. cutemup. divvy. DOCKHAND n. Heinz 57. BTO. wow. quack. cut the pie. right rocker. stall. cut the melon. pages. PHT (putting DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY n. spring. duke one in. on the out and out. cut up the pipes. cocksure. take a stab in the dark. jink (enemy planes). stick it.116 diversity DIVERSITY n. bone breaker. pffft. affil (TV). whack up. bump into. pill roller. See VERIFY. Feelgood. mellow. DIVORCEE n. pill slinger.). 86. M. put the move on one. See also SUBMISSIVE. slay. splitsville. take a stab. do. dumped. hang tough. docudrama. ice tong doctor. dish out. med. pie. piece of the action. dog dew. fess up. mule. talk off the top of one's head. break one up. taste. put em away. light-headed. 1. leave a paper trail. couldn't make it. end. Lordy. ditch. woozy. laid back. PhD. milk. Mexicancellation. See also TENACIOUS. take a shot in the dark. hubby through college). Dad. man's best friend. DOCILE adj. come to a parting of the ways. halver. have em in the aisles. doggy do. panic. split up. Doctor Feelgood. shake off. give the slip. four-legged friend. script writer. pill peddler. unload. knock em dead. go public with. bend the rules. Heinz. get around. unloaded. DIVINE n. .D. cough up. Head Knock. See AMUSE. shake. See OBSTINATELY. See also PREDICT. mentary (music). cut up the touches. ball of fire. branch. fork out. See MAN OF ACTION. pot hound. stiff-necked. go for it. go phfttt. roustabout. 2. own up. DD. come hell or high water. ms. salts (prison). crack on one or something. ditch. debunk (prove false). murder (he's murder). pills. get with it. medico. pup. sidewalk obstacle course. cut. big eye man. tip off. slice of the melon. dedomicile. See AVOID. split up. butcher. language. dog do. give the show away. slice. pill bag. doc. big end. phfttt. sure as shit. dog turd. pill pusher. See ACT. cut. get one's jollies. bossy. bullhead. different strokes for different folks. mulish. pot licker. hang tough. divvy. goop. the room going around. go all out. (prescribe drugs illegally). break up. minus. widow. eighty-sixed. preacher man. split. flaky. hound dog. hand over. See ASSOCIATE. split. juke. go for it. bite. pill punk. offshoot. shell out. perk. slice. fracture one. mixed bag. slice up. piece of the pie. breakup. let it all hang out. soup hound. different strokes. split. put it on the street. untie the knot. dopey. horse. size into (chips). red DIVULGE v. cut one in. big nose man. live wire. cut of the melon. get one's kicks. hang in. Turk. poochy. skip out on. piece. divoon. eager beaver. hardheaded. bolus (U. 1. go for broke. DIVINITY n. Ms.. doc. medic. rocku- DIVINE v. blab.. Mexicancel. dog hockey. ex (wife or husband). move. phfft. go to Reno. Reno-vate. do one's thing. headspinning. go out on a limb. chunk. barefoot doctor (rural). milked. tail-wagger. See also INTEREST. DO v. divvy. punchy. jank. catch flies (The. hand out. DIVORCE n. Man Upstairs. plum. bulletheaded. big heart man. got the faith baby. DOGGED adj. See also SEPARATE. Heinz 57 varieties. piece up. DOG n. bowwow. circumlocute.). circumlocute. cook. cut up. go halfies. DIVEST v. buck it over. slice the pie. go fifty-fifty. mutt. bleed. dumpee. bone bender. DOCTOR OF DIVINITY n. DOGMATIC adj. 2. sticky. bled. harp polisher. iodine. DIVINE adj. DIVISION n. bled white. rake-off. hustler. DODGE CAR n. spill the beans. eighty-six. dock walloper. the game ain't over till the last man is out. go even-steven. tough nut. sidetrack. call it quits. doggy. divvy up. DOCUMENT n. workaholic. punchdrunk. DIVESTED adj. send on a wild-goose chase. DIVERT v. lagniappe. MS. croaker. operator. SHARE. puppy dog. lay em in the aisles. SHARE. stick croaker. cut in. flea hotel. split-up. Reno-vation. cut. has one's Dutch up. dedomiciling. big-time operator. rocky. on the rocks. pan out. washed up. shit or get off the pot. DIVIDE v. STUBBORN. bone eater. slice the melon. doggie. DOCTOR n. gyp (female). go halvers. fido. adios. DIVIDEND n. stubborn as a mule. DOG EXCREMENT n. sky pilot. biscuit eater. let one's hair down. script. hard-nosed. open up. glory roader. DIZZY adj. buck it over. selfstarter.

stomping grounds. ante up. rag out. dumps. run things. DOGMATIST n. lunchie. fit out. pussy whipped. old stomping grounds. patrioteer. DOLLARS. dommy. domi. houseboy. be in the driver's seat. pony up. wing. back home. lay down the law. DOMESTIC CRISIS n. ONE MILLION n. half a century. call the tune. Abe's Cabe. henpeck. crib. a yard. thou. wear the trousers. two cents. two spot. See SUBJUGATED.). be in the saddle. reel one back in. McCarthyite. smacker. ride herd on. See also DISTRICTS. double sawbuck. FIVE THOUSAND n. airhead. throw a lot of weight. half DOLLARS. bob. lay on. rock. soap. bulldoze. half grand. plug. C note. G note.donation neck. hollow note. good old boy. do one's part. sap. rig out. joint. slot. fin. one dollar. run. hold the aces. boy. C. girl. turf. DOLLARS. Suzzi. pillow punk. cabin girl (chambermaid). wear the pants. single. one. pass the hat. coop. woman. throw one's weight around. deuce. bossy. number one boy. suit up. saw. chicadee check off (charity). do it one's way. shoot on. dime. high and mighty. roost. DOMINATED adj. big nickel mil. ball. DONATE v. hun. scoot. deuce spot. twist around one's little finger. two case note. have the whip hand. bill. See also DISTRICTS. tied to one's apron strings. PREJUDICED. live-in. See also ARROGANT. DOLLAR n. on a string. ace. scrip. plaster. sexist porker. pig. dodo. See OCCUPATION. wheel (silver). cleaning lady. sit in on. man. blue devils. DOLLAR. rule the roost. call the shots. put something in the pot. blahs. clacker coconut. yard. lump. half G. TWENTY n. simoleon. DOMINEERING adj. have a finger in. man. dix. five C's. half eagle (gold coin). slab. sinker. shiner. take the high ground. year. condo. clam. finif. blue funk. flag-waver. ten spot. D. crash pad. rule the roost. dews. bring to heel. pussy whip (female). cluck. blah-blahs. DOLLARS. hardtack. dork. rag. TWENTY-FIVE n. case. in front of. superpatriot. rutabaga. slavey. wear the pants. a regular Archie Bunker. cartwheel. frogskin. dude up. DOLLARS. berry. henpecked. mulligrubs. TEN n. cleaning woman. kick one around. yard. DOMESTICATE v. poke out. stamping grounds. fifty. horse. old stomping grounds. pratt boy. 1. century. five-case note. put in one's two cents. have a finger in the pie. bring to heel. stomping grounds. plug. See HOUSE. handout. cucumber. case dough. DON v. fiver. simp. yo-yo. ball. rig up. DOLLARS. miseries (Bl. case note. red-neck. bummer. have the whip hand. DOLLARS. dump. maxed out (political limit). roof over one's head. big one. 117 DOMAIN n. iron man. bailwick. gifting. dog out. hog. stupe. kilobucks. sweeten the kitty. century note. See also APARTMENT. territory. twenty cents. out to lunch. call the shots. DOLDRUMS n. See STUPID. Simon. help. stamping grounds. dude. get one in a box. lizard. deucer. meathead. fish. five spot. rack. box in. lead by the nose. lead by the nose. shekel. mokers. small nickel. dolly. slug. pad. D. turf. boob. helping hand. FIVE n. homeplate. 2. check. G. handout. tweeny. megabucks. feed the kitty. half a C. See also STUBBORN. DOMINION n. wheel. DOMICILE n. FIFTY n. copeck. copeck. keep under one's thumb. tenner. neck of the woods. under one's thumb. DOLLARS. down trip. 2. ten. hardtack. doesn't know from A to B. TWO n. case buck. gentle. home grounds. twenty. downer. get it up. drape. plunk. Archie Bunker. smack. iron man. last dollar. SILVER n. Jewish flag (Derog. 1. See MANAGE. get in the act. skin. castle. doll up. bust. furp. gift. jingoist. dolefuls. wear the pants. blues. ONE HUNDRED n. bone. mumps. FIVE HUNDRED n. do one's part. DOLT n. rag up. mopes. dumdum. fishskin. grand. DOLOPHINE n. good old boys' network. reel one back in. lamebrain. get one in a box. boffo. DOLLARS. throw one's weight around. cholly. sawbuck. serf. crack the whip. DOLE n. peon. five. buck. ONE THOUSAND n. frog. shiner. one bill. male chauvinist pig. dismals. a hand. DOMINATE v. squirt.). write off. run the show. MCP. DOMINEER v. peso. eagle (gold coin). five yards. See GIVE. DOMESTIC n. sinker. DONATION n. biddy. sit on top of. bullet. letdown. five centuries. tog. . on one's high horse. bullet. territory. bean. co-op. sit on top of. funk. push the buttons. potato. soap opera. wind around one's little finger. sweeten the pot. DOLLARS. hogs. cartwheel. dud. dime note. run the show. turn out. shekel. DOLLARS. D. one's neck of the woods. call the tune. box in. double eagle (gold coin). crack the whip. in the driver's seat.

heavy hitter. DONKEY n. the needy. doghouse. MAINTENANCE burnout pit. iffy. dead ringer. que sera sera. sheet. dose up. funny car. bust. call up. DOVETAILED adj. betwixt and between. hot rod. dead meat. lip sync. moldy. DOUGHNUT n. sign on. twin. DRAFT BOARD n. 1. kiss of death. banzai (all out). flake out. dull as dishwater. the jury's out. bummed out. frau shack.118 done DOUSE v. shot down. touch and go. knothole. in the cards. slug. bench. fix. singing the blues. led by the nose. the way the ball bounces. sync up. DOWDY adj. DRAG RACING. 1. DOPEMINE n. letter from Uncle Sam. See FINISHED. leery. sit on the fence. hencoop. cat nap. dope off. Rocky Mountain canary. sync. sad sack. out of the rat race. on the bench. chancy. DOUBLE BASS n. the way the cookie crumbles. DOSSIER n. held back. the way the beads read. shot. Calamity Jane. in the lap of the gods. DRAG RACING CAR n. that's for sure. done with. DRAG RACING TERMS drag. broken. set down. in the bag (police). ringer. slammer. sure as hell. in pain. at one's beck and call. See SINCERE. maxed out (political limit). backer. twofers. DRAG RACING. See DESTITUTE. dead duck. set. frumpy. dope up. stand by. nip. hit the skids. catch a wink. put all one's cards on the table. hit. See SLEEP. quail roost. wired. down in the dumps. slug. spitting image. 2. down at the heels. 2. DOVETAIL v. bump. shoe (tire). knock off. DRAFT n. DOSE v. rundown. lady bountiful. down. waffling. See also RECRUIT. blow hot and cold. done to a T. DOUCHE BAG n. (past finish line). fairy godmother. out of the swim. no ifs ands or buts. co-ed. dorm. greetings. doubting Thomas. touchy. rundown. grab a few z's. up front. DRAG v. handwriting on the wall. collar a nod. on the skids. done. birdcage. altered. wheel stand. DORMANT adj. sorenity. START hole. hit. set back. drag strip. burnout (soften tires). DOWNGRADE v. in sync. See DEPRESSED. buttoned up. mince. dragging. benched. bag. hole job. a wrap. talk turkey. file. on ice. fer shirr. sidelined. call a spade a spade. straight shit. DOWNGRADED adj. the beads. stuck. all over but the shouting. DOUBLE n. lookalike. bench racing (race analysis). in one's pocket. stuffer (supercharger). dope. bullypen. dance to one's tune. rookie. dram. done for. closed down. dicey. vein. on ice. DORMITORY n. dig oneself a nod. rap sheet. calk off. mud ball. the underdog. a slave to. DRAFTEE n. the skids. rif. gasser. Santa Claus. wear two hats (two kinds of work). fueler. hole shot (get a winning start). fixed. tenderfoot. DOZE v. See also COPY. DOWNRIGHT adj. DRAB adj. DOOR n. dippydro. out of action. sinker. karma. is the Pope Catholic? See CERTAIN. at ones feet. DOOMED adj. go. sure as I live and breathe. set back. See FAILURE. in one's clutches. trap DONOR n. bull pen. don't hold your breath. bleach box. fratority. make no bones about it. See also RECORD. off the cob. doubleheader (successful two ways). dozz. lug. L. grungy. bang. 2. DOSE n. giver. frowzy. flat. you should live so long. sugar daddy. See DIRECTORY. zoo. dog. DOUBTFUL adj. slicks (treadless tires). cruller. shilly-shally. at one's mercy. straight. busted. fat chance. DOUBTLESS adj. let it DOOM n. on the beach. shlep. cannon fodder. DRAFT v. on the shelf. stand-in. gummy. submarine. DOOMSAYER n. ass in a sling. drop off. low. shutdown strip dragster. See BORING. Dopo. in one's power. in the pits. El Dopo. double in brass. blah. zero. doz. Christmas tree (starting . DOWNCAST adj. posilutely. sign up. have-nots. dope. fix. big zero. truck. sit on ones hands. long shot. cagey. tics and twitches. cop some z's. DRAG RACE TRACK n. snooze. 1. sunk. talk like a Dutch uncle. truly needy. cork off. DO NOTHING v. wheelie bar. dragged. the handwriting on the wall. Alice under the ax. doctor. hold back. angel (radar). dunk. bull fiddle. up for grabs. doss. DOWNFALL n. angel. DOWNTRODDEN adj. the way the cookie crumbles. the way the ball bounces. DONE adj. on thin ice. henranch. dragway. rack and ruin. on slippery ground. rule of twice. on the rocks. between a rock and a hard place. under one's thumb. open. let it come. been hit before. hanging by a thread. between sixes and sevens. wheelie. boot.

dead end. gook. go on a toot. goose bumps. quick one. Christmas (ostentatious). doll up. scratcher. rotten. 2. air. See also WRITER. suck dry. 1. put on the dog. snifter. play doctor. midi. DREAD n. dude. DRAMATIZE v. ghostwriter. Sunday go-to-church. down. castles in Spain. ham it up. joint-hop. storyboard. dream up. think up. whites. glad rags. spiffed up. go on a bender. mean. gray flannel. See WEARY. telewriter (TV). beat. snorter. mini. burned out. duded up. on the sauce. shot. sop it up. tip one's elbow. ghost. maxi. lap. bindle stiff. cool suit with a loop droop. paint the town red. splash. make up. knight of the quill. fit out. go on a bat. crook one's little finger. swig. Sunday go-to-meetings. guz. hit the sauce. rig. spooky. mug up (coffee). tog. guzzle. play it don't say it. floater. toast. peaked. liquor. See PRACTICE. word slinger. crook one's elbow. Mother Hubbard. one for the road. jumpsuit. toggery. play fixer. peaky. dump (win). primp. juice back. especially motorcycle). zoot suit with a reet pleat. deck up. duds. DREAM v. Sunday go-tomeeting. dolled up. scribbler. knight of the plume. pound. on the bum. Sunday clothes. DREAM n. pooped. tryout. Nehru jacket. get in shape. hit the booze. best bib and tucker. D. comp. worriment. warm-up. go forty ways to Sunday. belt. sponge. ready made. slam. tricked out. godawful. tog out. stage fright. trump up. duded out. clobber. heavy. beastly. fine feather. drapery. Sunday best. draggin' ass. spot. togged. DRAWN adj. shot in the arm. take a pull. jazzercise. bottoms up. 2. fig up. asshole suckin' wind. lousy. drape shape. DREAMER n. pecker-assed. bum. put away. slicked up. grody to the max. frock. stack of bones. schmatteh. creeps. brainstorm. kick around. hit the bottle. gussied up. dressed fit to kill. handout. call. rigged up. See also WELL DRESSED. turned out. castles in the with a reet pleet. gross. rag up. drown one's troubles. tailor made. scribe. drop. looking sharp. get every last drop. lap up. Mexican standoff. wash. ragged up. sock frock. the numbers. fancied up. get out. short one. slug. togged up. tune up. See also THIN. trick up. liquor up. wearing one's best. dog out. groundhog. shakedown cruise. foofooraw. throw in the hook. beer up. rag out. bleed white. DRIFTER n. rigged out. togs. fishtail. break in. in one's best bib and tucker. chugalug. dry run. play on the heartstrings. See also BEGGAR. anywhere the wind blows. See FEAR. weeds. mufti. rag up. even steven. DRAIN v. full feather. grim. fofarraw. dressed to the nines. drape. dry goods. jigger. hairraising. stargazer. secondhand. cold shivers. See also LIQUOR. gunk. hacked. turn out.I. hairy. 2. skin and bones. work out. wiped out. short dog (cheap wine in a brown paper bag). zoot soot. slicked up. constitutional. See VAGRANT. DRILL INSTRUCTOR n. DRIFT v. threads. furry. graphics. in one's Sunday best. deck. prank. DRESS n. drag. See also CLOTHING. nip. scrape the bottom of the barrel. sop. break. snort. dead heat. drape shape DRINK n. DREGS adj. pubcrawl. juice. lay it on thick. DRILL v. crawl. trick out. DRESSED adj. double. granny dress. knight of the pen. maxidress. one too many. civvies. DRAMATIST n. push. racket jacket. gym. go that a way. dress blues. hung.drink 119 lights). go on a binge. outfit. DRAW n. bull's wool (stolen). frozen. doodle. jitters. khakis. altered (vehicle class). go forty ways from Sunday. frame. ragbag. zoot suit. front. hit the red-eye. fatigues. nightcap. dress. fig out. in fine feather. have one too many. daily dozen. dead tired. flute. walk through. feathers. make a production of. teleplaywrite. used up. standoff. Port Arthur tuxedo. taste. dead. icky. Nehru suit. asshole puckerin'. the rooting interest. mellow back. harness (leather. scripter. stiff. set of threads. dude up. ragged out. float. hand-me-downs. knock back. yucky. schmotte. scrivener. take it off the top of one's head. buck fever. rag out. bo. tog up. miniskirt. heads up (no handicap). quickie. prink. bleed. rig up. boondock (outdoor). goshawful. pull. cits. hone. rig out. suit up. reach-me-downs. shakedown. micro. cold creeps. wordsmith. set of drapes. 1. DRAINED adj. grody. DRESS v. flash. DRAWING n. the numbers game. See also TEST. pint. bag. spitball. bag of bones. wee drop. decked out. lick. pallazzios. maxicoat. goose bumpy. getup. vine. pie in the sky. finger. layout. the grabber. STYLISH. head trip. fresh one. cooler. creepy. dud. booze up. bib and tucker. king of the road. finger or two. sandhog. rags. spooked. Sunday suit. eye-opener. go on a drunk. go every which way. DREADFUL adj. serum. DRINK v. scoutmaster. drapes. honking brown (flashy). bottom of the barrel. 1. cold feet. spark. swig. gin up. drape. DREDGER n. pantsuit. wicked. bend one's elbow. workout. play up. deck out. in high feather. spruced up. run through. See also WANDER. DRILL n. soak up. tank up. workout. lick into shape. yicky. juice .

dime bag. tool.fluffyfoot. crack em up. the right stuff. penny plain. elbow crooker. growler rushing.D. lift. shikker. See NONSENSE. boozer. bust. AUTOMORILE v. copper nose. dope off. pour it on. calk off. conk buster. key. swillbelly. barfly. DRUG PACKET n. steamroll. mule skinner. tank. plug. cowboy. bindle. DRUG n. go full steam ahead. blow one's mind. tootle around. dig oneself a nod. wash out. out of it. nickel bag. workhorse. riot. pot. 1. town drunk. adios that. burn up the road. dynamiter. washed up. 2. dope. road hog. dose. drop off. heel and toe (racing). swillpot. belly wash. Alphabet Town (N. bum. at the wheel. roll. turkey (diluted). joint (total equipment). overcharge.). mixer. eight-sixed. fruit salad (mixture). tommyrot. jick head. yok. off. road jockey. DRINKER n. skate jockey. See AMUSING. shoe. DRUDGE v. Sunday drive. give one knockout drops. scud. bag. adiosed. bitch. zone out. buggy rid ing. scut. washed out. backbreaker. the stuff. irrigate. step on it. DRUG ADDICT n. nose-dive. push. flake . rock out. DRIVE v. sell. offed. sweat. blast. kibosh. crock. catnap. swiller. See AMPHETAMINE. swigger. campy. bug juice. burn out. kick. kill. gumption. lush hound. drive-in. lid. See FORCE. bird's-eye. kee. chining. jokey. leadfoot. head. overjolt. donkeywork. pour on the coal. A-head. cruising. DRUG CURE take the cure. DRUG PARAPHERNALIA n. catch a wink. coachy. spike. fireman. pull. passion pit. heel (Stu. SOFT n. whoosh. guts. stewbum. wash down. fit. grind. lean on. cop some z's. flop. eighty-six that. sleepy head. wasted. souse. burnout (high speed). fly. tosspot. DRINK. ETC. rumpot. dime's worth. bottle man. works. nose to the grindstone. fix. tripe. upper. scat.Y.. DRIVING. all washed up. shithead. bag. dip the beak. ozoner. down. overamp. airing. get up and go. bomb around. burn rubber. ginhound. hustle. nag. sponge. cop a nod. grab a few z's. hogwash. cruise. joshing. matchbox. road runner. cap. alky. DRIVER n. Anywhere (possession). hook. barrel house bum. OD. Mickey Finn. guzzler. workout. dope up. wet one's whistle. back to the salt mines. busthead. dose up. stretchy. off the habit. swill. on the nod. quarter bag. dozz. laffer. kit. shitwork. kill the Chinaman. See ADDICT. railroad through. gruntwork (Army). monkey on one's back. brick (compressed kilo). doz. DROWSY adj. lay rubber down. magic bullet (Medic). dive. Harvey Wallbanger (reckless). rum hound. deck. DROLL adj.A. peg away. do a brody. poke. pressure.). tooling. get cutting. scoff. sweet tooth. mother (plane). lush. pretzel bender. setup (for alcoholic mix).). DROWSE v. brown bagger.). Finn. DRIVEL n. kick the habit. little Mike. joyride.Z. can. push. ballwracker. tipple. Cokeland. get a buzz on. Scag Jones. slip one a mickey. bone breaker. floor it. hit. drag. steam. bear down on it. inhale. head kit. 86 that. big drunk. soaker. grind. dipso. DRUG MARKETPLACE n. overvamp. See also DISCARD. zetser. dip. hang on a few. pop. starch. stiff. downs. nerf. dope. ups. get the monkey off. goose up. hardstuff. zizz. long hitter. collar a nod. break one's neck. wipe out. hoghead. put the kibosh on. wheelman. daily grind. high pressure. hump. 2. crack up. what it takes. fall off the wagon.. outfit. bottle baby. groghound. See also TRUCK DRIVER. elbow grease. camp. knock off. downer. Jones. knock off. bag that. make the sparks fly. chaser. slurp. dopey. rot. bear down. get a bun on. two-cents plain. jones. juice head. hogger. hang a few on. ammunition. coke. DROPPED adj. DRIVE n. tippler. slave. jawbone. scrub. COCAINE. workaholic. charger. lid. soak. yokky. burn the breeze. swillbowl. waste one. elbow bender. crack a six-pack (beer). 1. the goods. DRUG v. blank (non-narcotic). DRUG BUY n. hitch. 2. tailgate. bottle cap (tank truck). get the monkey off one's back. spunk.120 drinker DROP v. rum. shlep. sell one. clout. O. cold turkey. grind. skinner. oh dee. wino. gagged up. scrubbed. bitch kitty. DRUG ADDICTION n. stew. weight (oz. gypsy. freak out. in sleepsville. scratched. dig. shot. bulldoze. pickup. spin. zonk out. rock house. greasy grind. for grins. seltzer. fire up. the business. knockout drops. See SLEEP. habit. commute. DRIVE-IN THEATER n. go all out. lovepot. See ADDICTION. whirl. ballbuster. rat race. punch. goose. belt the grape. cooler. cork off. run. DRUDGE n. See also ATTACK. jazz out. ballbreaker. DRONE n. Sherm Alley (L. egg on. boozehound. A. stewie. step on the gas. doll. See PLOD. scratch. ki (kilo). rummy. 1. lean on it. DRUDGERY n. juicer. son of a bitch. poppycock. fire in the belly. Willy Weaver (drunk). stick (cigarette). lusher. splice the main brace. break one up. HEROIN. tip toe. eye trouble. ass breaker. little Michael. double clutcher. fun and games. snoozy. dump chump (truck). fight a bottle. A-bomb. moxie. hoochhound. DRUG OVERDOSE v. gobbledygook. grog blossom.

blown out. needle park. bangster. flying. tooter (cocaine). sick (need). stash jar (marijuana). hopped up. tracks. quill (matchbook cover). cubes. pusher. smashed. hyp. hit. greasy junkie. junkie. splash. gow. spot. parachute. carrying (possession). hit the pipe. shooting the pin. g'd up. jab off. stuff. doper. on the hype. Fink. g'd up. stums. Saturday night habit. snow snorter. jabber. torn up. doper. cokie. D&N (drugs and narcotics). heavy man. use. do a toot. wake up. needle candy. cold stuff (deadly). on a cloud. sugar. smashed. the needle. cork the air. reefer man. hypo. flying. scag trade. on the needle. bingler. DRUG TRAFFIC n. mother.D. methhead. lid popper. nose habit. bundle. light artillery. heeled. bindle. scag trade. go up. geed up. peddler. balloon room. hit the needle. needle knight. reenter. DRUG SELLER n. leapers. string out. factory. stoned out of one's gourd. cook. house connections. happenings. floating. dust. marygin (seed remover). junked up. skin pop. deck. kicking the habit. shot. Tijuana cap. hop. fix. straighten one (administer). strung out. ballroom. sweet tooth. source. gaged up. hopped up. get up. chalk. dabbling. DRUG TERMS cut. on the hype stick. forwards. bang. brown bomber. gaged up. on the light artillery. shooting gallery. hook. ice cream (crystals). pothead. stash box. bingles. A. can. flying. ken ten (lamp for opium). ripped. uppers.D. fires. user. Skag Jones. driver. psychadelic jelly bean. death wish. truck drivers. cement. blow coke. bing. twisted. bomb out. on the weed. roach clip. phony up (adulterate). Mexican cap. globetrotter (always moving). dopenik. double blue. smack slammer. fours. sniff. stoned. A. drug pusher. head. geed up. hype. zone out. hot shot. dust head. on the needle. gowed up. up. goof ball. flea powder. cut deck (adulterated). weedhead. acid head. blind. dealer. sleigh riding. artillery. pillhead. dope peddler. bombita. high. nickel bag. DRUGS: AMPHETAMINE n. charged up. toke. geezed up. snowed. tripping. dime bag (ten dollars' worth). the business. mainliner. O. take a hit. get high. chippy (occasional). swing man. head shop. happy. chemical dependency. station worker. dynamite (pure). freebase. skinful. merchandise. Allah Supreme. teaed up. space out. tea toker. downers. campfire boy. hophead. do a blow. blast. nodding. joy riding. hokus. DRUG USE adj. on the hype stick. stash bag. joy pop. coasting. corporation cocktail (coal gas bubbled through milk). shit. gallery. shot. check. mojo. contact high. DRUGGED adj. bong (pipe). fix up. hop. acid freak. mouth habit (smoke). bongs. sweet surrender. zonked out. sick (needs injection). jolt of junk. freak. hold. zonked out. short. spaced out. stoned out of one's gourd. dirty. hype. coasting. floating. coked up. fiend. mainline. lid. lightfooted. shot. bomb. viper. hard stuff. on a cloud. cold turkey. DRUGS n. pothead. on the nod. beaming. geezer. freaker out. on the light artillery. death boy. Z (ounce). dope fiend. belly habit (oral). tripper. hype. cooker. bean popper. drop. becoming Mr. wigged out. junk. card (portion). kick the gong around. pepper. doctor. needle. the Man. lucky seven (mixture). snowed up. dossing. score. ammunition. bag. dozzing. nixon (poor quality). ice creamer. the big drive. coked. bagman. leepers. dynamiter. beat artist. snowstorm (party). ping wing. contact high. pinned (constricted pupils). deck. chase the dragon. needle habit. bogue. biddle. pop. snort. spaced. goods. snifter. shoot. snowbird. candy man. wasted.drugs: amphetamine 121 spoon. tall. shoot up. DRUG USE v. piece. mule. from Mount Shasta (not common). happy. loaded. heeled. caught in a snowstorm. reentry. blow. bam. wiped out. jolly beans. cartwheel. crispy. jellybeans. high as a kite. aspirin hound.. gone. twisted. hook. floating. ripped. out of it. hype stick. lit up. junker. drive. trip. juggler. junked up. DRUG USE SITE n. operator. mellowed out. caught in a snowstorm. banger. out of it. torn up. eye-opener. wiped out. candy. fix. kick the mooch around. obie. trafficker. mellowed out. West Coast cap. straight (after injection). pep pill. joy riding. charge. big man. cokey. . hooked. reds. peaches. charge. blown away. take a drag. drughead. cap. snowed in. in orbit. banger. A-head.. Woodstock Emergency pipe (aluminum foil). wigged out. habit. junker. speedball. drying out. coke head. get off. way out. jolt. load. in orbit. charge. up. speed freak. speed. hearts. strung out. teaed up. dust. nod. stallion stick. goof. on the hype. gowed up. tripping out. French blue. pin. goofed. cotton (saturated with benzadrine). fixer. blown out. goofed. casa boom. tweek out. copilot. blown away. do drugs. coked. taking the cure. uppers. phony bingle. jaboff. Jones. broker. snowed. gow. missionary. geezed up. thrill. stoned out of one's head. kick. thrusters. gun. weedhead. basement lab. shooting gallery. trip. blow snow. on the weed. AD. shoot the pin. high. DRUG WITHDRAWAL n. pin shot. use the needle. DRUG USER n. bust a cat. shover. diet pills. having a buzz. jolt. birdsize. shakes. wet dog shakes. needle man. joy popper (new or occasional user). shot in the arm. bingle. high as a kite. coked up. Frisco cap. connection. hit. pinned (constricted pupils). sleigh riding. one who's holding. charged up. God's medicine. use. coast. wired. half load. student. take a fix. loaded. stoned out of one's mind. on the nod. flyin'. sweating it out. underground factory. scagman. viper. boot. torn up. goof ball. ripper. tea man.

popper. catnip. sugar. pot. Cris. purple heart. black gunion. mesc. DRUGS: BARBITURATE n. cold and hot. junk. beat. sugar. candy. aitch. snowbird. bones. gold dust. Corinne. greenies. DRUGS: DEXTROAMPHETAMINE n. witch hazel. dexie. tea. thing. DRUGS: METHAMPHETAMINE n. drag. tecaba. crap. joy powder. dynamite. kef. yellow sunshine. poppsies. C and H. bhang. dolls. big bloke. Bernice. horse. blue flag. bar. China white. seed. roach. joy smoke. hay. peanuts. salt. spliff. DRUGS: DIPROPYLPHYPTAMINE n. African black. bomb. candy. boo. abbot. heart. Panamanian red. yesca. line (dose). DRUGS: BIPHETAMINE n. pink lady. LSD. Toklas brownies. big chief. cokey. charge. hero of the underworld. blockbuster. DMT. polvo. black tar. Acapulco gold. speed. blue heaven. DRUGS: METHYLENEDIOXYAMPHETAMINE n. instant Zen. weight (ounce). heesh. nose candy. joy flakes. DRUGS: MORNING GLORY SEED n. cheeba. mellow yellow. dollies. salt and pepper. benny. atom DRUGS: AMYL NITRITE n. dex. DRUGS: METHADONE n. him. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. grass. lone weed. Mexican brown. joy powder. Mary Anne. nemmy. devil's testicle. windowpanes. bush. DRUGS: COCAINE AND HEROIN n. stuff. Mary. white mosquitoes. Connie. snap. pillow. white stuff. dexie. DRUGS: ISOBUTYL NITRITE n. bag. blue sage. Mexican red. white. dynamite. fu. DRUGS: FENTANYL n. brown sugar. dew. upper. old lady white. giggle smoke. pearls. estuffa. DRUGS: LUMINAL PILL n. wings. whizbang. sweet Lucy. weed. DRUGS: METHAQUALONE n. elephant. blotters. DRUGS: MANDRAKE n. dynamite. DPT DRUGS: MARIJUANA n. flake. Mexican mud. yellow. snowball. balloon (bag). Harry. down. deck. joint. pod. apple. Cadillac (ounce). brown. oranges. dots. oranges. toots. the mighty mezz. domes. amy. dex. sinsemella. hash. candy. purple heart DRUGS: CHLORAL HYDRATE n. keef. Coli. hit. Banji. heavenly blue. Devil's trumpet. sunshine pill. doorjee. B. goof ball. scag. Charlie. crystals. benzie. Mary Jane. meth. Panama red. reefer weed. rocks (hard). Hawaiian sunshine. bombita. Texas Tea. flea powder. snop. golden leaf. Mary Warner. soaper DRUGS: METHEDRINE n. sativa. Viper's weed. China white. crystals. sensemilla. Jersey green. powder. mootah. stick of gage. flats. LSD-25. cloud walk. speedball. fix. gungeon. Pearl. sugar. speedball (also cocaine and morphine). 25. coffee. Big Harry. DRUGS: DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE n. blue cheer. mu. brother. pack. bloke. Mickey. chiva. dew. hard stuff. blue heaven. weed tea. dexy. smack. ecstasy. doojee. goldfinger (synthetic). Cristine. her. hook. Cecil. baby. white cross. orange. bo bo. piece. jam. hot shot (overdose). reefer. smeck. knockout drops. toot. mohasky. trey. Christmas trees. DRUGS: HASHISH n. sugar lump. blue devils. tranquilizer. Lady H. herb. jay. candy. blue. heaven dust. Satan's DRUGS: DEXEDRINE n. yen shee. panatella. heart. trip. reindeer dust. manicure. Phennies. cube. white. H. splay. bush. baby. peachies. sunshine. Colt . birdwood. blue angel. red dirt marijuana. lids. blanks. grafa. black beauties. stuff. snow. row. first degree. Santa Marta gold. MDMA. rope. cold 45. DRUGS: HEROIN AND MARIJUANA n. red chicken. dagga. Thai stick. antifreeze. sleighride. Chinese red. white lightning. lady. Peruvian. 13-M. . cola. snow. jadja.122 drugs: amyl nitrate DRUGS: HEROIN AND COCAINE n. dynamite. blue acid. DRUGS: DEXAMYL n. C . Indian hemp. muggles. jabooby. nimby. griefo.. gold. DRUGS: MESCALINE n. uptown. blue devil. Alice B. boy. shit. barb. tab. frogs.45. whiffenpopper. belt. big D. whiff. C. pear. gunion. purple heart. dexy. football. Dojee. soap. crank. speed. noise. coke. the tragic magic. wedges. cobics. DRUGS: METHYL FENTENYL n. acid. the big H. DRUGS: LYSERGIC ACID DIETHYLAMIDE n. cadillac. dope. Colombian gold. Cee. California sunshine. angel. sheesh. hemp. cap. scramble. popper. shit. M DA. smoke. Chinese. snapper. ace. leaf. DRUGS: BENZEDRINE n. Owsley Acid. juane. Lipton's (fake). peace. giggle weed. gage. Mexican brown. girl. moocah. Mickey Finn. DRUGS: HEROIN n. hash. dynamite. barrels. cookie. speedball (plus morphine or heroin). yellow jacket. live (sniffed). sinsemilla. Owsleys. happy dust. grefa. Mary Wanna. caballo. lemonade. goof ball. liquid sky (with sex). eye-opener (first of day). beetle. poison. T. blue heaven. blue bird. mezz. flying saucer. schmee. gin. gold leaf. stick. little Michael. Indian hay. DRUGS: COCAINE n. bomber. greefo. nebbie. crack. keef. heroina. Maui-wowee. hash head (user). flight. paper acid. scar. DRUGS: JIMSÔN WEED n. football.

sloshed. dizzy. piflicated. pox. piffed. featured. half cocked. beat out some licks. boxed. lit. bent out of shape. nimby. half under. snow. bent. on a bat. tore up. beery. lit up like a Christmas tree. gow. out like a light. Secos. zonked. well oiled. bongos. screaming. blockbuster. half shave. snorts. blasted. schnoggered. horse. hit. out on the roof. brushes (wire). high as a . primed. elevated. snares. pop. Ixey. dummy. angel dust. boozed up. tic. slugged. blind drunk. over the bay. DRUGS: SECONAL n. wasted. dead drunk. aglow. on a bender. monkey. cyclone. on instruments. rummy. cockeyed. ate the dog. button. DRUGS: PEYOTE n. Seggy. stretched. scronched. plowed. stem. stewed. have a can on. mello yello. soaked. pissy eyed. laid out. score. juiced. monkey dust. high. killer weed. stinko. lemon. DRUGS. Miss Emma. bongoed. zonked out. loopy. feeling no pain. purple kite. drunk as a skunk. rocky. scag trade. afflicted. out cold. new magic. pink lady. turn. drunk as a lord. frozen. burned to the ground. on a tear. sloppy drunk. sock. on a binge. plonked. DRUMSTICKS n. lit to the gills. wet. blotto. daquifried. dreamer. bashed. antifreezed. schikker. half shot. DRUMS n. rocket fuel. crocko. dream gum. spaced out. God's drug. pissed. merry. busy bee. plotzed. dreams. half sprung. soldier's drug. schnokkered. white dust. pruned. Seccy. cop. snokkered up. lude. have a kick in the guts. woozy. pipped up. mud. have a bun on. fried. double trouble. boozy. elephant tranquilizer. hide beater. have a rubber drink. padded. pigeon-eyed. big O. hog. sugar. bullet proofed.J. piffled. horseback. press roll. spifflicated. mist. red and blue. DRUNK adj. ossified. P-stuff. shikkered. zapped. owled. goon. three sheets to the wind. loaded. off the wagon. pen yen. traps. tanked. seeing double. ghow. score some. M. happy. parboiled. make a buy. quad. bombed out of one's skull. jug-bitten. cadillac. rainbows. bamboula. smoked. mellow. yellow jacket. SELL v. soma. cannabinal. snozzled. potted. addled. paralyzed. roaring drunk. polluted. soused to the gills. morph. heeled. activated. dime's worth. DRUGS: TUINAL n. blues. muzzy. boozed. behind the cork. spiffed. Sherms (cigarette). half slewed. tanked up. lit up. abbot. pasted. buzzy. sloppy. K. skunk drunk. poppy. three bricks short of a load. scuffle. alkied. DRUMMER n. organized. carrying a heavy load. pixilated. half snapped (half drunk). three sheets in the wind and the other one flapping. hides. grease. nemish. comfortable. fractured.drunk 123 DRUGS: MORPHINE n. preserved. torn. have an edge on. pillows. nebbie. trey. overtaken. true blue. baptized. saturated. giddy. push. lit to the gunnels. DRUGS. stewed to the gills. potsed. with a bun on. on a jag. fallen off the wagon. shellacked. under the influence. bombed. stiff. PCP. petrificated. hop. pieeyed. pied. full of Dutch courage. wallbanger. canned up. snokkered. Christmas trees. passed out. fried to the gills. boggled. embalmed. tied one on. pickled. zig zag. DRUGS: VALIUM n. O. wall-eyed. happy dust. rock dust. hops. canned. yen. have a brass eye. vitamin Q. bleary eyed. bent and broken. have a skinfull. screeching. bottled. tore DRUGS: OPIUM n. rumdum. re-up. prestoned. mescal. yam yam. blindo. goma. have a skate on. ten cents. petrified. pissed to the ears. heading into the wind. set up. C. pill. out. sail. skin beater. on a toot. half stewed. lubricated. Aurora Borealis. looped. crashed. downer. guyed out. booms. zozzled. skins. stoned. nemmie. pissed up to the eyebrows. crashed. stinking. ding swizzled. T dust. heart. boiled. shot. smashed. have a glow on. drunk as a skunk in a trunk. dream beads. God's own medicine. tiddly. joy powder. on the juice. red. lovely. mojo. roaring. sent. snootful. animal. half seas over. walking on rocky socks. nimtopsical. DRUGS: PAREGORIC n. stinking drunk. ripped. decayed. soused. juiced up. bunned. whooshed. blind. alight. dust. put to bed with a shovel. muddled. DRUGS: PHENCYCLIDINE n. mint. DRUGS: NEMBUTAL n. tight. woofled. crocked. glazed. half crocked. super grass (marijuana sprinkled with PCP). sopor. bagged. suitcase. tar. God's own medicine. boom sticks. crashed and burned. flannel mouth. rosy. cut. tipsy. sozzled. peace pill. sticks. blewed. blue velvet. medicine. DRUMMING v. DRUGS: NEMBUTAL AND MORPHINE n. on the sauce. tootsies. sheets. black jack. beerified. balmy. peddle. gee. blued. whiz bang (mixed with cocaine). reds. black stuff. have a slant on. in the bag. midnight oil. pissy drunk. smoke. Chinese tobacco. higher than a kite. shitfaced. vulcanized. elephant. BUY v. alcoholized. keep the meet.. super joint. wicked faced. white nurse. red devil. purple heart. dream wax. boiled to the gills. fuddled. potty. twisted. cube juice. red cross. teed. yen shee. back teeth afloat. hang one on. corked. pen yan. turned on. buzzed. hipped. lit a bit. hammered. volume. illuminated.J. corned. adrip. hammered. DRUGS: QUAALUDE n.. tired. dipsy. ozone. gom. alkied up. buzzed. tubs. DRUM v. leaping. pissed as a newt. basted. plastered. carrying a load. crystal. cooked. pill. bombed out. on the shikker. rolling drunk. afloat. six sheets to the wind. swacked. have a flag out.

blow one's mind. juicy. spliced. down. swillpot. main brace well spliced. Dutch courage. buffaloed. cow chips. draggy. blah. licked. lamebrain. ho hum. gassed. holding up the wall. double in brass (two kinds of work). cow pats. foozlified. See STUPID.124 drunkard DUDE n. See BORING. had a bun on. dumb cluck. dumb ox. slewed. wingding. had a skinful and a half. knock one over with a feather. hanging by a thread. under the table. what one was asking for. impaired. sizzled. DRY adj. DUBIOUS adj. steamed. bowl down. dipso. blue jeans. sponge. jick head. grog blossom. golden apples. alky. bone. pet. See STUPID. jagged. grunge. bowled over. liquored. horse hockey. top heavy. DUMBFOUND v. lushed up. dumb head. lushed. doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain. stone blind. jeans.U. blow away. dragsville. ripe. gaffed. soak. jugged. touch and go. jazzed up. Kentucky fried. yawner. See PIQUE. schlemiel. lathered. jugged up. honked. beat. smashed out of one's mind. chinos. liquored up. jaheembie. bottle baby. lushington. rumpot. discomfuddled. . dander. bamboozled. see in the alley. miff. throw. lush. bum. moose nuggets. be in line for. DUDGEON n. little 'round the corner. dead. rate. liquified.B. mizzled. floored. pretty far gone. stiffo. totaled. sport. glassy. goof ball. ginned up. grogged. flabbergast. giggled. yold. ding swizzled. DULUTH. See STUPID. leaves. snappy dresser. DUMB adj. stitched. I. dodo. wino. ho hum.M. noddy headed. twin. DRYDOCK n. dipstick. buffalo chips. flying one wing low. macaroni. coveralls. twofers. stiff. fossilized. killed. cotton mouth. clotheshorse. dumbo. floating. tiff. blowup. stewbum. squiffy. you should live so long. copper nose. DRUNKARD adj. turd.). squiffed. whiffled. dumdum. ruckus. deadneck. swillbowl. laced. popcorn head. half-baked. struck all of a heap. teed up. shit. rummy. huff. hepcat. listing to starboard. draggy. blah. groggy. DUE BILL n. drinker. throw on one's beam ends. decks awash. deadsville. big yawn. DUNG n. stew. whoozy. crock. feel good. tippler. sore. storm. jerk. bor-ring. dill. spaz. road apples. geehemy. Dapper Dan. DUMBFOUNDED adj.O. shikker. fired up. rumbum. toxicated. DUNGAREES n. barfly. flabbergasted. put the squeeze on. doubleheader (successful two ways). fuzzy. Twin Forts. longhitter. bust. jiggered. phoned in. loser. city slicker. DULLARD adj. frazzled. wiped out. DRUNKEN COURAGE n. See DOUBTFUL. ginned. in one's cups. boozer. dip. spaz. dumb Dora. bingo-boy (gang). boozehound. fuzzled. pointyhead. geared up. nobody home. duck fit. DUNCE n. bottle man. blown away. mouth full of cotton. lushie. Irish. town drunk. DUE n. rise. hooch hound. guttered. what is coming to one. stuck. pot. dumb bunny. souse. turkey. deadneck. starched. flat tire. sop. Mexican fried. dealy. maxed out. horseshit. in orbit. varnished. ginhound. comeuppance. chancy. jaheemy. what one has coming. big drunk. geeheebee. four-letter man (D. inky poo. dullsville. moose pecans. tangle-footed. elbow bender.U. Levis. sewed. put the arm on. DUN v. slow burn. conniption. glass-eyed. dodo. noodge. heavy drinker. strike all of a heap. galvanized. iffy. flare-up. dork. switch-hit (bisexual). loud and proud. southern fried. had one too many. ripped to the tits. borring! See also TRITE. tight as a drum. lean on. schmuck. oiled up. swacko. birdbrain. knee walking drunk. bombed. rattleweed. thrown off one's beam ends. get hers. set one on one's ass. booze fighter. See ASTONISH. juicehead. ripped and wrecked. dumbbell. nuthin' upstairs. bowled down. snooted. likkerous. ninny. wear two hats. power drinker. barrel house bum. don't hold your breath. brown bagger. cat fit. greased. bowl over. flash. stew. aced. moose beans. airedale. suffering no pain. hotshot. conniption fit. MINNESOTA The Little Twin. stewie. mashed. put the bite on. hock one's charnik. rule of twice. under the weather. jazzed. swell. jolly. See also DRINKER. limp. rum hound. double-dip (two incomes). DRY-MOUTHED adj. marinated. lush hound. lusher. swillbelly. had one or two. tanked out. gumby. bottle nose. nerd. go over like a lead balloon. get a rise out of. Beau Brummel. tight as a goat. chase. intoxed. lay an egg. irrigated. get his. discomboobulated. dummy. stoop. stiffed. slathered. DUN AND BRADSTREET n. grunch. candy kid. inked. busthead. nerd. winner. cow flops. in the gutter. drunk. gay. shot down. big stiff. dork. tank. DULL adj. stunned. hosed. DUAL adj. twit. stumped. bad news. toff. dull as dishwater. throw into a tizzy. D & B. dumbo. See also ASTONISHED. schizzed out. inpixocated. knockered. seeing pink elephants. thrown. juicer.

taken. been took. See VICTIM. do a take off. xerox. the other on a banana peel the other in the grave. dupe. nest. pussies. play for keeps. bunk out. bantam. owe one one. dirty dealing. spit and image. take a leaf out of ones book. double. pirate. stick-toitiveness. intestinal fortitude. knock off. RESPONSIBILITY. shortish. shuck and jive. bunk. rope in. act like. DUPLICATE n. carbon. gamesmanship. shaft. dusty butt. TCB. gutsiness. hang out. dimday. DYNAMITE n. mimeo. digs. See ENTERPRISING. screw. carbon. squirt. fish. peas in a pod. pigeon. DWELL v. butter box. repro. DWARF n. ditto. grit. squat. come on strong. dinah. phony. domi. guts. taking care of business. work-alike.C. stick.dynamite 125 DUPE n. roost. at the end of one's rope. See INHABIT. compatible (P. ditto. do. See TRICK. checking out. DURABILITY n. sucker. DYNAMIC adj. dead ringer. took. knock off. spitting image. DUST n. perch. house moss. short pint. do like. easy mark. ringer. do a number on one. pad. hard as nails. dirty pool. grease. aced out. steal one's stuff. fake. hang up one's hat. clone. half-pint. beggar's velvet. chip off the old block. ballsy. done for. ghost turds. See COPY. knock off. DUSK n. 2. diddled. 1. Judas kiss. stat. on a string. castle. Frank (obs. bogard. stiffed. stat. go like. dirty trick. rip off. See CHEAT. DUPLICITY n. heart. slut's wool. DWELLING n. eat nails. See also RESPONSIBLE. xerox. 3. mimeo. dust bunny. 2.). suckered. dupe. stab in the back. dirty work. sawed off. one foot in the grave. staying power. fake. go-getter. heading for the last roundup. peanut. locate. crash. shorty. noise. jerk one around. DUPLICATE v. repro. make like. See COPY. DUPED adj. knee high. DUPE v. stung. pigeon. DYING adj. fucked over. burned. runt. play hard ball. rook. crib. backbone. vie. DUTCHMAN n. kittens. greeny. clay pigeon. . dump. See HOUSE. starch. dustball. See TRICKED. mark. one upsmanship. take off as. mirror. flimsy. knee high to a grasshopper. shrimp. reinvent the wheel. hole in the wall. sitting duck. cubbyhole. half-portion. park. MFC (measure for coffin). fuck one over. look-alike. play the (affect a role). dues. hang up one's shingle. 3. den. little person. on one's last legs. peewee. phony. been had. dust kitty. clone. taken for a bundle. dick one around. knock off. dine. hole up. See also APARTMENT. minding the store. twin. chump. flop. hooked. DUTY n. skullduggery. copycat. compatible). carbon copy. pirate. diggings. 1. patsy. little people. moxie.

dangler. See also OBTAINABLE. make money hand over fist. grits time. cauliflower. setup. drag down. salty. bolt. EARSPLITTING adj. whipsaw. turn. dirty. tin ear (deaf). EASILY adv. eat like a horse. a pop. old sod. money talks bullshit walks. make hay. cans. latch on to something. collar a hot. pay one's dues. selfstarting. EARDRUM n. don't sweat it. buzz around the barrel. down to earth. no problem. sails. hunkie. scarf down. leather-lunged. dig into. big blue marble. munch out. dying to. walk in the park. board. let it all hang out. mellow out. hot to trot. duck soup. hunk. make a pig of oneself. make a good thing of. dispose. bottom line. put on the feedbag. brown bag it. previous. cheap. bohunk. for real. take it on. See DEDICATE. ants. EARPHONES n. chow. cash in on. See NATURAL. snag. salt. scare up. leadpipe cinch. soft. lick the plate. per. take home. garbage down. hands down. tie on. flippers. eat like it's going out of style. chow down. slot. clear. mow (mow a burger). grease the wheels. go after it. back east. do lunch. feather one's nest. go with the flow. bright and early. EARS n. chew. ready for Freddie. not about to let any grass grow under ones feet. be in line for. like nothing. run interference for. eat Chinx (Chinese dinner). down home. EAT v. feedbag. EAST COAST n. tuck in. needles. piece of cake. EAST n. gulp. EASE UP v. nothing to it. knock off. sitting duck. early bird. come and get it. clear sailing. hand-carry. gung ho. scarf back. no sweat. rarin' to go. sock. snack. spaceship Earth. fluff. easy digging. in the black. eat like a bird. See FOOD. grease. child's play. no shit. squff. 2. filthy. itchy. easy as pie. picnic. cinchy. EARNINGS n. keep the wolf from the door. meat-andpotatoes man. whipsaw through. turkey shoot. cool it. mug up. wired. rough. snap course (college). cream puff. antsypantsy. bring home the groceries. terra firma. dirty side. dispatch. wolf. waltz. 126 . pitch in. nosh. EATABLES n. grab. gorp. home cooking. apple. can o' corn. payoff. wangle. line one's nest. kipe. echo. no fooling. open doors. a piece of cake. win in a walk. walkover. surround oneself outside of. walk through. See INCOME. down. n. in the gutter. grease one's chops. EASY adj. make with a knife and fork. See OBSCENE. EASTERN EUROPEAN n. rough stuff. name. fall to. snap. pushover. rate. knack. peach. dust. See IMPATIENT. scarf. make. kype. chuck. pork out. East. Mickey Mouse. EARTHY adj. let it all happen. eats. homey. gorm. stuff one's face. early on. graze. swimmingly. moveable feast. at the drop of a hat. pull. get along. gut course. flappers. picnic. tag. drum. swabble. easy. pop a drum (rupture). gum. sweet. EAGER adj. at the drop of a hat. playing hard ball. 1. mick. eat out of house and home. make a buck. tie on the feedbag. pretty ear (deformed or cauliflower). EARLY adv. mikes. funky. make a hog of oneself. stroll. eat high on the joint. cushy. grub pile. toss it off. Litvak. foot under the table. pick up. free ride. EARN v. groceries. eat like there's no tomorrow. j e l l y . EARRING n. EARMARK v. tab. hang loose. ants in one's pants. velvet. yam. feed one's face. gobble. tie on the nosebag. make a killing. like shooting ducks in a barrel. nothing to it. no sweat. cop. slick as a whistle. dirty side. score. eat one's head off. raw. off-color. lighten up. get away with. EASE v. easy as falling off a log. cherry pie. clean up. pack it away. a bit previous. See RELAX. make it big. easy make. tuck away. pud (test or course). EARTH n. real estate. EAGERLY adv. polish off. bring home the bacon. breeze in. foul mouth. EACH pron. wolf down. win hands down. break bread with. lugs. See also COMPENSATION. grit. nibble. g e r a n i u m . pig out. folksy. put away. meaningful. EARNEST adj. slurp. chewings. home folks. pie. downhill. haymish. breeze. racket. loudmouthed. blue. gate. simple as ABC. white meat. scoffings. inhale. kill. pick at. eat high on the hog. flaps. See SERIOUS. laid back. low-down and dirty. serious jelly. antsy. snack. soft touch. peck at. fress. blimp out. foulmouthed. scoff. mean business. pull down. like nothin'. piece of the pie. raunchy. put oneself outside of. peck.E E. throwaway. hustle. melon. fling a fang. munch. snack on. net.

steal. up. zap. follow up. nutroll. double dig. wild. zippy. clean up. cook shack. on the ball. real steal. pull it off. crazy. full of piss and vinegar. EDUCATED adj. on a joy ride. beat generation. whacko. EFFECTIVE adj. in seventh heaven. nickel nurser. funny-looking. out of it.. scrub. bible thumper. let in on the know. thinkpiece. teach. EDIBLES n. brainy. long-haired boy. Paul Pry. on cloud nine. off. fly ball. scrub. bleep. creepy. mad. wipe off the map. See INSTRUCT. grub. wind up. herky. avant-garde. take care of business. loner. hit or miss. far out. See SPIRITED. dreamy. coo coo. percolate. turned on. Nadaville. wild. EDUCATE v. pit stop. full of beans. oddball. real gone. EAVESDROPPER n. nix. yenta. hammer out. sky pilot. low cost. do one's thing. kayo. debug. chow line. put hip. crackpot. put across. drum into. fly speck. flipped out. gone. whacky. freaky. high as a kite. ECCENTRICALLY adv. real buy. take out. EDUCATION n. EDIT v. beatnik. hippy. eco. hummy. reaction. slurp. pleased as punch. far out. shook up. powerhouse. out in left field. live. know one's onions. fallout. far out. nutty. spaced out. EERIE adj. nutcake. star boarder. sunny side up. full mooner. See RESTAURANT. close. fast food. kibitzer. listen in. tick. dirt cheap. sunny. snoop. bite. wiretap. get it across. rare bird. kinky. play doctor. wig.C.B. wigged out. come through with. queer potato. caf. wicked. ECCLESIASTIC n. scrimp. put hep. clean up. strange duck. make waves. do the job. 1. birdy. screwy. potty. gasser. make it big. sent. off the beaten track. feeling one's oats. speed. get to. brains. stretch a dollar. chow. way out. See CLERGYMAN. foul ball. cool. one-armed joint. EDIFICE n. jell-brain. tap. little pitcher with big EBULLIENT adj. run on the rims. weird. do like. shirttail (column). bent. See also CAPABLE. knock off. POWERFUL. cut rate. towers. the rev. play fixer. flak (bad). prof. nosy Parker. weirdo. bug.effective 127 EATER n. whacked out. blue pencil. EDUCATOR n. right and left. tea'd up. character. launder. popping one's nuts. ECONOMICS n. fringy. high. ECCENTRIC adj. feedbag. EATING PLACE n. blowing one's top. See THRIFTY. noshery. put through the grind. buy. garbage. chipper. el cheapo. skimp. scrimpy. tickled pink. ears into. ECSTATIC adj. go like. follow through. by fits and starts. ec. See KNOWLEDGEABLE. all over the shop. beat. rub the print off a dollar bill. deal with. ECSTASY n. queer fish. put it over. goof ball. eats. flaky. EFFECT v. recalibrate. on a cloud. perk. sold on. chow hound. polish off. out. nosher. cool. low tariff. Asiatic ( WW II N. tight. jayhawk. in the twilight zone. ed. jelled. scary. 2. flyin' high. EDITOR n. ECONOMIZE v. case. X out. See SAVE. every which way. workout. weirded out. cost next to nothing. spooky. sell. do a number. wrap up. gooney bird. Holy Joe. slop. See ERRATICALLY. skimpy. queer in the head. hack out. meshugah. scoff. here there and everywhere. snooper. gonzo. cut corners. offbeat. Scotch. wombat. hopped up. ECONOMICAL adj. upbeat. bouncy. tickled to death. launder. off the wall. mirror. know what's what. spaced out. unzip. go to town. EFFECT n. T. in Nadaville. tighten one's belt. feed. pogey. stoned. dial back. do to a turn. blue penciler. beanery. See RESULT. skyscraper. savvy. trippy. do one's stuff. harp polisher. ed. See CANCEL. greasy spoon. chain reaction. bleep out. put away. do up brown. crazy. funny. funky. stingy. put the lid on. . fresser. ditto. fine tune. score. blissed out. screwball. know all the answers.). See also ELATION. dime a dozen. massage. zero cool. tear off. do the trick. spookish. make it. buy. kooky. penny-pinch. play hardball. pull off. decontaminate. bistro. waves. geeky. cheap as dirt. See FOOD. freaked out. bought for a song. tune in on. chirp. cool. KO. mop up. highbrow. nut. lead in one's pencil. econ. floating. spacey. snack. can of worms. floating on air. cheapie. chow hall. three-dollar bill. aired out. wipe out. button up. cost nothing. meshuganah. pile o' bricks. on cloud seven. brainwash. twerp. EDITORIAL adj. weird. turn the trick. special. cutter (film). on the rims. make like. dog cheap. tighten. rubber-stamp. cockeyed. EAVESDROP v. kook. be all ears. grease joint. ECHO v. do to a T. sanitize. shaky. take care of. not wrapped real tight. eatery. show one the ropes. twilight zone. sterilize. on the Erie. fruitcake. strange one. mess. See also COPY. yo-yo. nutty as a fruitcake. bugger. chirpy. blowing one's roof. brain. flyin'. wicked. op ed piece. spin-off. queer duck. gone. pigpen. fruity. goony. rockpile. right buck. EFFACE v. go over. freak. cut to the bone. cut. hit. Erie.

dynamite. press the flesh. Golden Age. no problem. bow. See also ORNATE. milksop. flamer. camp. lily. come. limp wrist. open and shut. over the hill. sissified. puss. bounce. get an early shower. DC ELECTRIC CORD CONNECTOR n juice box. go. cum. old-timer. twinkie. run out of town. panic rack EFFEMINATE adj. on ice. kiss off. stab. grandma. brass. Gilded Age. shot. ELECTED adj. gassy. plush. charge. See SEXUAL CLIMAX. plug. See also CHEER. windbag. EFFORT n. shoot off. boot giver. crazy bone. flash. smart. gray power. bounce. lost his cholla. shoot. buzz. chuck out. Sunday punch (best). juice. Gypo (WW II). sass. cinchy. upper. wheels within wheels. crack. pop one's cookies (all Obsc). heave ho. Mauve Decade. dump. give em the hook. hi tech. home free. wreck em. ELDER n. up. nancy. EGOTIST n. shot. give one the bum's rush. frame. blowhard. big timer. A. a pistol. chakra gonged. windy. go on an ego trip. hopped up. grampa. sauce. high. rush. the smarts. EJACULATE v. be on an ego trip. golden ager. with all the extras. over easy. ELDERLY adj. gay. granny. spend. kick. lookin' good. alte kocker. . cluck and grunt. shirt up. all out. been around. ride out on a rail. off base. crisp. fireball. OLD WOMAN. cream puff. See CAMPAIGN. EFFRONTERY n. look out for numéro uno. give the mitten. a shoo-in. AC. over. fling. single-o. cheek. gall. wad (all Obsc). weak sister. up. gramps. piece of cake. big I am. cream. tap. balls out. chucker out. chick (all Derog. backchat. EGYPTIAN n. boot. pressing the flesh. stumping. EFFICIENT adj. big I love me. out of line. backtalk. EIGHTEEN NINETIES n. See also BANISH. fagela. flyer. face. long in the tooth. Nellie. crust. easy as pie. sissy. show the door. adios it. old woman. give the air. blow. cackleberry. on a ego trip. senior. send packing. out for yours truly. go off. EJECTION n. EGG n. go to the wall. See OLD MAN. shoot one's wad. run. womanish. bouncer. old fogey. cookie pusher. kiss-off. pack off. look out for number one. gasser. play hardball. throw out on one's ear. Percy pants. muscle out.). one foot in the grave. ELECTRIC CURRENT n. one man band. politicking. has seen better days. push around. pansified. ELATION n. Percy boy. load of wind. go down the line. pops. in there pitching. stuck on oneself. all jaw. the gate. old fart. See CONCEITED. goody-goody. ditch. See EXCITEMENT. dude heaver. kiss good-bye. duck soup. gramms. hit the campaign trail.128 effeminate EJACULATION n. nerve. nailed down. Ethel. give one the old heave-ho. gramma. chutzpah. g'd up. ELABORATE adj. EJECTION SEAT n. nance. shake hands and kiss babies. flying high. flying. fruity. give' em the 1-2-3. chucker. picnic. bait. See EASY. snap. stump. See also HAPPY. hen apple. lacy. ELECT v. lah de dah. hubcap. politick. come off. can. bent. red eyes. See COMPETENT. load. pimp. oldster. EFFUSIVE adj. try. pantywaist. high. ELECTIONEERING n. jit. take care of number one. give em the old heave ho. mother. grandpa. smoking. EIGHT n. whistle-stopping. See SELECT. think one's shit doesn't stink. set. turn on. pretty boy. blindfold a pair. lot of mileage. rough and tumble. hen fruit. drop one's load. go the extra mile. cum. hinge. take care of numéro uno. gabby. eighter from Decatur. no sweat. EJECT v. tired. kicks. EGO n. ELATE v. give the gate. fired up. with all the options. boot out. swishy. pop. sunny side up (fried). fire up. more bang for one's buck. yellow eye. Naughty Nineties. kick out. set up. guff. dad. no spring chicken. blow. mudsling. get over the mountain. senior citizen. swish. Gay Nineties. Spanish walk. turned on. ma. dropped (poached). put out. eighter. cackle. haul one's ashes. jollies. posh. with bells and whistles. Rube Goldberg. child's play. ELBOW v. ELATED adj. bust one's nuts. chicken. See AGED. mammy boy. EFFORTLESS adj. swellhead. cheeky. French walk. See BRAGGART.K.. cream one's jeans. smart ass. power trip. EGGS AND HAM n. ELBOW n. get one's rocks off. faggy. funny bone. EJECTOR n. on one's last legs. hotdogger. full court press. bareface. wall plug. in the bag. scaredy cat. named. send to the showers. See TALKATIVE. capon. whack. lip. running. ELECTIONEER v. EGOTISTIC adj. opt. fraidy cat. flush. on the ball. push. fire. fairy. send. wreck a pair (scrambled). macho trip. See ENDEAVOR. Mama's boy. pansy. big mouthed. bum's rush. know-it-all. mega factor. music major. go the full yard. get off. get one's nuts off. grandstander. cloud nine land.

axed. EMACIATED adj. dressed to kill. high hat. blue blood. Four Hundred. drag one's foot. child's play. shut out. top-notch. cramp one's style. goose up. wipe out. topped. topflight. See ERADICATE. shuck. dressed to the teeth. cop a plea. EL PASO. gaffer (movie). ELONGATE v. tube. done to the nines. big-time. 1. scratched. fetch up. fancy shmancy. greasy. See also EXPAND. those in the know. snarky. put in a spot. give one a hard time. build up. nobby. elevated. make perfectly clear. give one a bad time. setup. bring up. high-rise boys. put the handle on. redfaced. makin's. the 400. get the hot seat. peaked. main line. 3. drag one's feet. boost. old smokey. CRT. carriage trade. ax. deep six. ELEVATE v. shake out. easy make. high society. squat hot. throw overboard. do away with. executive fallout (business). Brahmin. give the slip. put up. hike. run up. greatest. ditch. tops. our crowd. eat humble pie. give a wide berth. swell. 1. hot seat. swellelegant. smart set. make clear. crème de la creme. jukey. See also STYLISH. duck. ride the lightning. the chair. washed out. pryamid. silk stocking. ELECTROCUTE v. cagey. pull one's coat to. dressed to the nines. give the go by. See HUMILIATED. hot shot. fill. bug. high-rise. ELUCIDATE v. EMBARRASS v. TEXAS Border Town. put the gorilla on. crawling. decode. zap a patient. squat. shoot up. spin out. 2. . ELITIST n. discomboberate. skin and bones. grunt. See THIN. pull one's leg. blackballed. primo. throw away. ELECTRICIAN n. airplane). cognoscenti. discombobulate. catch one short. old money. eat crow. world class. stack of bones. jivey. get around. manufactured lightning. hang up. pad. bugging. AC. glitterati. pass by. el. fixin's. throw into a swivet. scrub. spiffy. burn. 3. See also BASIC. ELECTRICITY n. chuck. coupon clippers See BEST. eighty-six. wring out.embarrassed 129 ELECTRIC CHAIR n. ride old smokey. lace-curtain swell. liquidated. ELEMENT n. badger. cop out. give one the runaround. goose. put on the muscle. body mike. go to the chair. alter. ELITE adj. EMANATION n. See also KILLED. classy. 1. worm something out of one. burned. scrubbed. permanent wave. bag of bones. arm-twist. three r's. ELECTRIC GUITAR ATTACHMENT fuzzbox. out of this world. electric cure. junk. catch with one's pants down. making. juicer. screen. heave-ho. get across. fry. stonewalling. washed up. jump up. beat around the bush. like nothin'. shake. See also PROLONGED. throw on the junk heap. run around. stonewall. wire. bug. ELECTRONIC MONITOR n. sanitize. shake a joint. swanky. EMBARRASSED adj. wasted. cool. See KILL. sing small. sizzle. 1. stretch out. country club set. ELONGATED adj. plush. elbow out. upper cut. eight-sixed. give one the run around. steer clear oi. can o' corn. plug in. make one see daylight. king size. put the bee on. sterilize. super. spell out. See also BELITTLE. horsey set. posh. upper crust. easy digging. part and parcel. hike up. simple as ABC. give a miss to. chuck out. put the arm on. meat and potatoes. hem and haw. ELEPHANT n. stay shy of. Cliveden set. make a citizen's. DAR. top drawer. basics. 2. slippery. stretch (auto. ELICIT v. dinge. vibes. put in a hole. snazzy. splendacious. ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE n. 2. tap. shake down. (stage). draw one a picture. ELEVATED TRAIN n. catch with egg on one's face. ELEGANT adj. adiosed. splendiferous. DC. smart money. See also PERSUADE. rattle. hummingbird. adios. hot spot. the establishment. duck soup. first chop. vibe. egg on one's face. baker (not common). skinny. ELUSIVE adj. low grade. ELUDE v. electric cure. throw into a tizzy. stall off. stiff neck. reform crowd. scratch. bite. get around. ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY v. eat dirt. out of sight. offed. pass up. pass up. buck pass. fix. See EXPLAIN. tip-top. high life. blackball. Boston Brahmins. egghead. shut out. not touch with a ten-foot pole. caught short. jack up. hair curler. waste. in crowd. iced out. all washed up. fuzzbuzz. bluenose. beat around. juice. ABC's. jet set. crowd. throw. ice out. 2. put some rubber in it. plushy. ELEMENTARY adj. lean on. drag out. gilt-edged. hike. upper ten thousand. lace curtain. ELEVATED adj. ritzy. juice ELIMINATED adj. highbrow. play the badger game. readout. See AVOID. swanky. liquidate. FFV's. hot squat. L EMASCULATE v. rattleboned. dodge. cut off one's balls. punk (young). put on a spot. ELIMINATE v. jive. ELEVEN n. make one sing small. pass the buck. peaky. board. worm out of one. heavy. deball. squeeze. bull. See EASY. beautiful people.

abreaction route. grab. peon. icky. rat race. help. hot potato. egads button. garbage (food). star. head hunter. See EXAGGERATE. cold-blooded. 2. EMPLOY v. hokum. emote. shot down. clinch. frantic. make a federal case out of something. over the hill. out of circulation. EMPHASIS n. choked up. EMPLOYED adj. cool. juice. add bells and whistles. when the shit hits the fan. gussy up. spot. hired gun. hit it off. touchy. in place. do they grow corn in Iowa? See CERTAIN. takedown. vibes.k. bear hug. hopped up. I hear ya. mushy. cry crocodile tears. fix up. ink. sure enough. celeb. EMBRACE n. take up. setup. drop a brick. champ. bring on board. lock. soapy. lion. EMBRACE v. breadwinner. white-collar thief. goof. hoke. flesh peddler (employee or owner). old man. opening up. signed. why sure. blow. limelight. choked. good vibes. what one is into. spruce up. egads switch. See also APPROVE. chicken switch. stony-eyed. inked. get one's gage up. white collar. on board. can get behind it. get into. in cold blood. be there for one. brand. off the cob. number. (well known). grooving. dust em off. ham and egger. truck with. See also IMPORTANT. put a hand in the cookie jar. lay it on. gushing. for a fact Jack. fall apart. cold turkey. abreaction. headline. jazz. See OCCUPATION. . thick-skinned. superstar. on the same beam. cold fish. gun. beeswax. clinch. feel stuff. EMPLOYEE REENFORCEMENT n. blue collar. you know it. brawn drain. rep. See COMPATIBLE. syrupy. boo boo. gutty. yeast. EMPATHY n. EMOTION n. ESOP. meal ticket. simpatico. good vibes. sure. EMOTIONLESS adj. name. glom onto. froufrou. absofuckinglutely. posilutely. fuss. game. See also BUSY. sign up. See also STEAL. logo. headlined. EMBROIDER v. See WORKER. seagoing (large. egg in one's beer. gut reaction. hyper. icing on the cake. sloppy. company man. EMPHATICALLY adv. hammer man. highlighted. good vibrations. EMERGENCY n. bear-hug. brain drain. full up. gooey. underline. big gun. tune in. EMERGENCY SWITCH n. shook. soupy. hokey. EMPATHETIC adj. on the same wavelength. doodad. EMPHATIC adj. tear-jerker. dingbat. gewgaw. gimcracks. VIP. soap. fandangle. laid back. 1. cornball. wished the floor would open up. on the shelf. gingerbread. egg on one's face. EMISSARY n. all tore up. green ice. EMPLOYMENT AGENCY n. terrifically. slave driver. doll up. work in a bank and take home samples. bundle of nerves. spruce up. put a hand in the till. EMOTIONAL RELEASE n. come on board. EMOTIONAL adj.130 embarrassment touchy feely. shoot oneself in the foot. funky. prima donna. EMBEZZLE v. Doctor Spocking the help. all torn up. has-been. shook up. hearts and flowers. biz. sappy. highlight. where one is at. in the groove. all shook up. racket. in a squeeze. doll up. ice man. underlined. hung up one's spurs. gummy. really truly. line. big shit. EMBLEM n. bag. sticky. cow sociology. clutch. See CRISIS. EMERALDS n. be on the same wavelength. EMIGRATION n. soul. See ABSOLUTELY. corny. thing. could have sunk into the floor. EMINENT adj. woofing. wreck. EMERITUS adj. cool cat. come on board. namby-pamby. on the same wavelength. hired gun. safety valve. skim. front. See CELEBRITY. desk jockey. EMPLOYEE n. puff". frills. rhinoceros hide. job. absurd). with a straight face. feel for. chief. cold. CO. cotton to. EMBELLISH v. thing. EMBEZZLER n. lead balls for eyes. slush. clutch. a once was. mighty. nowhere. schmaltzy. 2. head honcho. spotlight. bells and whistles. frill. make a mountain out of a molehill. See EXECUTIVE. give out. panic button. passed it. emoting (simulate). page-oner. chill. China syndrome (nuclear). fix up. EMPLOYMENT n. chicken button. gussie up. in a pinch. hit. gut reaction. go in for. 1. bull of the woods. drive. ENDORSE. not to be sneezed at. blow off steam. old-timer. put-down. indeedy. gesheft. flat. grab ass. EMPATHIZE v. coffee-and-cake job. pick up on. and no mistake. slave market. take on. boss man. EMBELLISHMENT n. teary. EMBARRASSMENT n. spread it on thick. hard-hitting. soppy. beery. deadpan. EMPHASIZE v. razzmatazz. absitively. working stiff. crunch. sure. squeeze. no ifs ands or buts. sign on. meltdown. boss lady. EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN n. nervous wreck. drippy. w. where one lives. EMPLOYER n. pink collar. squeeze. softy. stroke sessions. poker face.

that way. hooked. chain store. stuck on. mantrap. EMPOWER v. gop. legit. there ain't no more. 2. smitten. dead soldier. give the green light. fired up. tag end. juice. crack. See FINISH. bodega. nuke. whammy. turtle dove. short stop. whirl. hassle. put one's two cents in. wall to wall. blow-off. baby. worm one's way in. whack. swan song. ENCHANTER n. full blast. mop-up. full steam. hoodoo. lopper. pull the plug. go on. plump for. END v. boutique. END n. make a hit with. ENCROACH v. EMPORIUM n. scrub. fag end. all one's got. sheik. 7-11. stick by. bitter end. whole ball of wax. five and ten. fling. work in. ENDEARMENT TERMS n. See also LURE. schlock joint. do. See also FIGHT. ENDEAVOR n. wow. rub eyeballs. bat the eyes at. all the way. See also BEWITCH. that's all folks. See also PERFORM. psyched up. See also ATTEMPT. strike. payoff. meet up with. kill. sweetkins. steal one's stuff. etc. See SUPPORT. sweetheart. dead marine. sweetie pie. ENACT v. empty. babe. crash. have one's ass out. when the balloon goes up. IN. gone. play into one's hands. OK'd. wrap. foot dragging. shove in one's oar. lay on the line. worm in. on the line. sew up. bubie. jam. turn on. hocus-pocus. wrap up. ENCOUNTER n. give the go-ahead. make a break. drag one's foot. stab. shut down. lambkins. saddle with. stick one's neck in the noose. end of the line. butt. outlet store. get behind. honey bunch. plane. ENCOURAGE v. voodoo. doll. baby doll. out on a limb. full court press. flea market. sweets. five and dime. ENCOMPASSING adj. lookin' around. -30-. when the fat lady sings. pack it in. and that was all she wrote. caught with one's pants down. co-op. kill. EMPTY adj. turned on. play the (affect a role). kosher. hooked. steamroller through. gunk. duck. goopy. curtain. have a fling at. dove. See ENRAPTURE. balls out. swinger. gone goose. Kresges. do one's stuff. kiss-off. has a thing about. sweetie. el foldo. vamp. slay. double whammy. dead marine (empty whiskey bottle). head over heels in. cleanup. babyface. super. try. i. player. supermarket. one and only. 1. hold up. slay. down to the short strokes. wrap. gook. circle the want ads. hang up. lick. clabber. love. hog-tie. See ATTRACT. tag. try. gloppy. run in. See also BEWITCHED. dry run. outlet.endeavor 131 EMPLOYMENT. hon. cutey. say the word. egg on. make a hit with. See ARGUMENT. juiced up. all out. baggage. gin. barge in. butt in. curtains. honey pie. See HINDER. gone on. stall. crash the gates. EMULSIFY v. open sesame. cut the crap. mark. hang it up. ENAMOR v. crash program. ENDANGERED adj. scrap. 2. stand. sign-off. sugar. chisel in. luv. take a leaf out of one's book. all there is. joy boy. 2. See EXECUTE. wind-up. up. lamb. follow in one's footsteps. across the board. lambie. SEEK v. vamp. best shot. See LOVE. capper. toots. EMULSION n. root for.. one's darndest. ENCHANTED adj. ENCOURAGED adj. one's level best. one's damndest. close out. catch. sound off for. say goodnight Gracie. vamp. honey child. railroad through. do a turn. See HINDRANCE. shot. mirror. Woolworth's. hipped on. back up. knock on doors. give the nod. ditto. duckling. cut-rate store. butt end. give a leg up. make like. joker. ENAMORED adj. muscle in. EMPTY BOTTLE n. chase. bump into. flap. thirty. excess baggage. try on. mumbo-jumbo. sugar pie. abracadabra. be on. crash project. ring off. psych up. bag. rumpus. stick ones neck out. ENCHANTMENT n. goo. ENCHANT v. stinker. wrap-up. baby. lambie pie. okay. call it a day. set to. sweet nothings. operator. . glitch. tootsie-wootsie.). close the books on. gooey. See also APPROVE. jam through. velvet trap. the grab. boost. push. dead. on the spot. header. ol' college try. OK. hang up. dead soldier.e. hips. ENDANGER v. run into. do like. 1. ENCUMBER v. put to bed. railroad. 1. run smack into. put in one's oar. tail end. glop. prop up. weigh down. little stinker. thrift shop. chick. push. give the word. deadhead (empty return trip. meet face to face. honey. glob. psychological baggage. cut off. out lookin'. elbow in. an ENCOUNTER v. chickabiddy. put on the spot. grab. discount house. EMPOWERED adj. goop. chance it. snookums. go like. grab. jinx. horn in. got one's neck out. pound the pavements. evil eye. break off. sweep off one's feet. one small difficulty. EMULATE v. go. 2. ENCUMBRANCE n. superette. where one's heading. buttercup. bus. set up. has one's nose open. taxi. all the options. okayed. sweep off one's feet. squeeze in. See MEET. cupcake. do a number. globby. one's all. send. turn on. send one south.

hump oneself. hurt- . juiced up. See also INCAPACITATED. put a flea in one's ear. pour it on. See APPROVAL. pizzazz. hubbahubba. stand for. See ATTEMPT. be big about. squeeze. forever and a day. good and flabby. See also DONA- ENERGETIC adj. catch. put one's John Hancock on. buddy-buddy. thing. wait out. come through with. See also ALWAYS. a wrap. clip one's wings. See also EXCITE. day and night. put up with. show one's stuff. all out. cool one's heels. put a buck one's way. go along with the crowd. piss and vinegar. for a month of Sundays. See also ACTION. hang in. juice up. 2. heart. soften up. lump it and like it. not what one used to be. deal. See POWER. high pressure. ENERGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION n. take it. bandit. bear hug. grit. sit and take it. stick with it. done with. ENFEEBLED adj. sweat. OK. grind. got the horses to do it. TION. try on for size. stand up to it. sweat it out. crip. set in concrete. sweat it. on a treadmill. abreaction route. show one's mettle. when the fat lady sings. stand behind. gift with. intestinal fortitude. ENERGETICALLY adv. peppy. live with. 1. opposite number. give the nod. more than you can shake a stick at. give the go-ahead. ENEMY LIST n. hustle. thumbs up. ENEMY n. staying power. boost. get the nod. bite the bullet. till hell freezes over. strokes. proposition. ENFORCE v. ENDOW v. cow sociology. tackle. go out for. sit out. hear of. zip up. ENDURE v. no end to. backbone. ENDURING adj. strongarm. legs. clutch. handle. angries. go for. pep. movers and shakers. zapped up. dig. moxie. peg away. grab. plump for. thump the tub for. face the music. wave makers. hang on. meat. for ages. by storm. bad guys. sweat it. starch. stick it out. ENDEAVOR v. stand up. grin and bear it. root for. buttoned up. sweat one. shape up. thing one's into. full steam ahead. bleed. set. vim. push. in for the long haul. ENDOWMENT n. zippy. carry the torch for one (love). out of gas. prime. 2. See GIVE. lay on. See FORCE. have a shot at. till you're blue in the face. be big. give a boost to. wrapped up. take a fling at. make a run at. stake. gifting. 3. hold a brief for. gutsiness. give the green light. ENFEEBLE v. out of steam. staying power. not hold one's breath. jazz up. powered up. scratch. sitzfleisch. back. lean on.132 endeavor ing. roll with the punches. goose. guts. bear with. get behind. pepped up. bless. ride out. buddy (sarcasm). See PERMANENT. give a try. zappy. corazon. take one's medicine. turn on. go with. bag ones into. take on. win out. push. eat shit. okay. go in for. wound up. not let it get one down. hassle. till hell freezes over. juice. go along with. zipped up. cut it. commercial. show some starch. pump up. See STIMULATE. face it. take kindly to. oppo. wing. truck with. come on board. have a fling at. ENFOLD v. lean against. See INTERMINABLY. hump. come on strong. ENDLESSLY adv. make one an offer one can't refuse. go juice. buy. soft. take on. full head of steam. pitch into. go-ahead. ENDLESS adj. rubber-stamp. shitlist. whose side are you on?. grab ass. go the limit. lump. slam bang. sign on. buddy fucker. like gangbusters. out of shape. gone to seed. de-mothball. work up. sit tight. take the bull by the horns. hanging in there. hack it. ENDORSE v. See FINISHED. hang tough. run down. hurt. fair hell. take it on the chin. stick. hang tough. go along with. sit still for. pep up. ENDORSEMENT n. arm-twist. cool. give a whirl. string along with. 1. sign. hang in there. trigger. get the green light. rusty. take. ENERGIZED adj. ERDA. hammer away. put a bug in one's ear. sign up. ENDURINGLY adv. zing. pet project. keep one's cool. go for broke. shake up. stay the course. put the arm on. round the clock. green light. nailed down. ENERGIZE v. take out of mothballs. work one's head off. See EXCITED. crazy. pepper-upper. stand the gaff. sock. hit list. go-go. plug. stick-to-itiveness. ENERGY n. ENDED adj. no end of. hang in. ditto. pat on the back. pepper. ENGAGE v. okay. hook. out of condition. ink. go for broke. full bore. sweat out. snappy. sign off on. ENDURANCE n. in the bag. keep one's shirt on. See SPIRITED. eat ones heart out (envy). pay dues. OK. grab. in full swing. zap. turn on the juice. buck. run to seed. hold one's own. all over but the shouting. get on the bandwagon. on the ropes. pfft. get the go ahead. sweat. get a lift. hold with. me and you. hump it. See also APPROVE. take care of. have a go at. biggie (major). for a month of Sundays. bring on board. lump it. stump for. See also TENACITY. pow. cut and try. ball of fire. full tilt. opposish. be big on. clinch.

box in. ENGINEER n. hooked into. jumped up. groovy. sign up. cook. pull strings. the blahs. ENMESHED adj. ENIGMA n. rendezvous. drop the bomb. hoghead. scam. sharp. get naked (not necessarily sexual). pull ones coat. ENGAGEMENT. knock oneself out. jimjam. lay for. dig one or something.I. really into. run out. paint the town red. ENLIGHTENED adj. See BIG. rile.enrage ENGAGED adj. Blow Joe. slideruley type. techie. hack. lime juicer. ENHANCE v. spice up. have a bee in one's bonnet. stumper. motherfucker (Obsc). whip up. put one on. draftee. put on to. add bells and whistles. brown off. pad. live a little. rig. adore. just for laughs. snap up. jazz up. get a bang out of. gone. technonerd. See BUSY. had it up to here. ENGAGEMENT n. brace up. doctor. have a thing about. fine and mellow. 2. fun (fun party). play games. needle. one-night stand. See also EXAGGERATED. tied up. See EXPAND. all wound up in. John Bull. hogger. all woke up. flip over. pyramided. hiked. R. fenagle. Tight Little Island. Merry Old. perk up. give one the word. mind-boggier. just for kicks. up to here in. soup up. signed.. F. FIDO (aerospace). Joe. stand one up. See SOLDIER. have a skinful. See also EXCITE. angle. . putt putt. take it easy. clear sailing. blow up. just for grins. plant. in place. chirk up. know what's what. jacked up. future. upstage. big mother. ENGINE DRIVER n. get a kick out of. ENTERTAINMENT gig.I. slap on. teaser. just for the heck of it. scratch. faniggle. 3. Tommy. turned on. hitch. ENLISTED MAN n. twister. lay a trap for. die. hard nut to crack. blind drag. the King's English. pull wires. rubber band. buck up. wrapped up in. monstro. let in on the know. PLAN. blown up. have a ball. humongous. join up. snap out of it. snowball. flesh out. stand one on a corner (fail to keep an). get a lift out of. be big on. pinned. have a bug up one's ass. hung up. gross. cliff-hanger. put one in the picture. on board. just for the hell of it. barrel (cylinder). get one in a box. put zip into. take on. donah.. ENNUI n. blah-blahs. ENGLAND n. Mexican war). spark. one-lunger (one cylinder). flip for. treff (secret). sign up for. upgrade. 1. Brit. update. beefed up. spice. build up. tuned in. padded. ENMESH v. Cockney. beefeater. jockey. add bells and whistles. Tommy Atkins (soldier). juice up. finagle. turn. barn door. groove on. put pep into. doughboy (WW I. hiked up. have other fish to fry. See ANGER. ENJOY v. into. mungo. jazz up. spun out. wangle. pick up. ENGLISH n. let the sunshine in. wised up. 2. fan (AE). grok. dogface. sticker. flip. pad. limey. rat fuck. hit 133 the high spots. split week. pot. ENLIST v. super-colossal. conned into. had it. wire-pull. mother. See also BETROTHED. get a boot out of. just for kicks. tied up. humungous. whopping. zip up. ENLARGE v. gig. head over heels in. just for laughs. date. get a charge out of. intended. miss a meet. date. technie. going out. ENLIGHTEN v. G. out on the town. turn on the juice. eat it up. get it on. get one's rocks. savvy. ENGINE FAILURE adj. get one's cookies. piss one off. enough of that shit. ENOUGH adj. up to here. paint the town. Blighty. bellyful. come up with. See AWARE. fiend. under the hood. steady. see the sights. have a tiger by the tail. that's it. sick and tired of. bird. make a day of it. power plant. a grabber.M. trif. seeing one. enlistee. sign on. head over heels in. operate. step out. horses.. playdate. with it. power train. ENLIVEN v. big mama. beef up. work. down the primrose path. See also MANAGE. pep up. blind date. last straw. sixty-four dollar question. into. ho hums. E. fed up. that'll do. all right already. have a snootful. T-off. jack up. freak out on. on the town. plugged in. maud. built up. Limey land. ball. dragged out. poggie. heavily into. get one's mad up. punched out. ENGRAVING n. hip to the jive. pyramid. boosted. Albion. G. kvell. work up. tough nut to crack. SCHEME. strung out. enrollee. all wound up in. in the picture. enough already. sucked into. funk. dig the most. hooked. See EXPAND. inked. See ADVISE. flameout (jet). meet. ENGROSSED adj. donar. Joe Blow. ask for it. ENGINE n. get under one's skin. lots of laughs. build up. zero hour. doughfoot (WW II). give a lift. get offon. asked for. get in one's hair. Joe. bugged. king-size. live it up. make a night of it. con. ENJOYABLE adj. double date. big daddy. have an ax to grind. get high on. eat up. ENORMOUS adj. eat sleep and breathe something. juice. dig. zap. going steady. savvy. call up. have a bug in one's ear. 1. black gang (ship worker). just for the devil of it. put hip. get some grins. ENGINEER v. fire up. blimp. get-together. put one over. ENLARGED adj. heavy date. Britisher. have oneself a time. ENLISTED adj. ENRAGE v.

blow in. hotshot. hike. turn on. take over. mad as a wet hen. wigged out. bag. carry on over. zappy. walk-on. turn-on. full of pep. chorine (chorus). bash. grooving. sweeten. go on about. coming up. 4. balls. on cloud seven. turn on. ENSURE v. high. follow through. grins. I'll get it (pay the check). barge in. See ATTRACT. 3. wingding. take charge. baggy-pants comic. jack up. knock out. scene-chewer. proposition. ambish. p'd off. tickled to death. cat. blow a gasket. SOCIAL v. in the twilight zone. take on over. stripper. full of beans. grab 'em. sweep off one's feet. lead on. zippy. whoop it up for. jazz up. sign on. full of piss and vinegar. ENTERTAINER n. trouper. 1. come on. have a get-together. fun and games. be just the ticket. pick up the tab. figure in. happenin'. pet project. big time. drop in. up. high old time. steamed. pop for. hot stuff. nail down.134 enraged ENRAGED adj. slay. bat. floating. crack up. See ACTOR. suckered into. knock them in the aisles. come. See DANCER. come on. soup up. moxie. all over oneself. See also ARRIVE. flyin' high. self-starting. in seventh heaven. be just what the doctor ordered. blowing one's top. ball. flier. vamp. spaced out. baddie. up. sucked into. score. go-getter. matinee idol. ENSUING adv. slay.o. flipped out. terper. toss a party. ENTERTAIN v. bent out of shape. ENTHUSE v. foozle. See AMUSE. pyramid. gypsy. lots of laughs. see red. faker (illiterate). bomb. ENSLAVE v. suck in. flop. I'm buyin'. tear-jerker. real gone. lock on. ENRAPTURED adj. get up a head of steam. hike up. blowing one's roof. a riot. bent. gas. OK. guts. peppy. Hollywood. crazy. zero cool. ninety-day wonder. turned on. song and dance man. gut-busting. out of it. embrangle. bag.'d. ENRAPTURE v. Broadway. mooch in. bag one's into. pleased as punch. show biz. fun. grab. bat the eyes at. pour it on.o. ENTERPRISE n. ENTANGLED adj. ball game. put on a party. bit. hummy. clinch. straight man. long hair. beef up. jump up. floating on air. 1. gate. go over big. the movies. bat the eyes at. ENTERTAINMENT n. all wound up in. step up. See also ATTRACT. side man. come breezing in. long underwear. okay. stooge. insect. pushy. stand-in. stand for. swindle in. enlistee. ENTERTAIN. snappy. a scream. See also ACTION. give a come hither look. take on. full of prunes. blowing cat. ENTERTAINING adj. pick up the check. horn in. wow. hopped up. ENTERPRISING adj. See MUSICIAN. knock dead. put on ice. ENROLL v. on one. breeze in. come on like gangbusters. tickled pink.'d. pad. moving out. play hard ball. full of hops. top banana. wig. rocker. grocked. spark plug. spunk. See SUBJUGATE. flyin'. game. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY n. oomph. ENTHRALL v. ham. See INVOLVE. jitterbug. set. spike. hit the spot. weird. sunny side up. foil. put one's John Hancock on. enforcer. long-hair. get one's hook into. moppet (child). make a hit with. ENTANGLE v. plan. come busting in. tickle to death. hitch on. come all over oneself. spring for. clambake. blissed out. side-splitting. too funny for words. gagman. ENRICH v. upbeat. break in. pop. p. t. See COMIC. jazz. ENTER v. gone on. taking it to em. mad about. See AMUSING. swindle up. show biz. ice. the Industry. wrapped up in. have one's nose open. stiff. sold on. build. ace in. pop in. duke in. run up. ENTERTAINMENT FAILURE n. come barging in. baby. builder-upper. gumption. hard sell. wicked. solid sender. stand-up comic. 2. thing one's into. set up. dreamy. ENROLLED adj. crack. popping one's nuts. full of get up and go. lip-splitter. hook 'em. turkey. bag. give a party. bit player. pump up. ENTHUSIASM n. fallen for. ball of fire. screamingly funny. sunny. join up. monster (popular). sign up for. drive. tickle pink. clown. big idea. press a bet. flesh out. penetrate. See ANGRY. See PARTY. gone. spanking. fair hell. gaga about. pep talk. freak out. shook up. stinkeroo. ENSIGN n. come on. ENSNARE v. long haired. bomb out. ball. weirded out. blowout. in Nadaville. go ape shit. shindig. tumul. extra. do. . heller. crack one up. go-go. a million laughs. call thing. full of hot air. have lead in one's pencil. hooked. hop up. big time. 2. knock dead. priceless. have a do. make a to-do over. wild. crack a safe. bogard. dragged into. on a cloud. lock up. far out. next off. come on strong. build up. rope in. brawl. access. in there punching. second banana. hook. high time. throw a party. on a joy ride. sent. on cloud nine. hoofer. go down like the Titanic. hook. bust in. freaked out. send. have a shit hemorrhage. biggie (major). CORPORATION. ear man. get out and go. stunt. one-striper. tea'd up. mad. cinch. hooked into. blow one to. keep under one's thumb. give a comehither look. deal. upgrade. sign up. parlay. high as a kite. yok. laughs. rope in. legiter. add bells and whistles. stinker. plunge. the line. ballsy. take the bull by the horns. head over heels. play for keeps. enrollee. up. sweeten the pot.

keep tabs. ENTRANCE HALL n. draw. count heads. steamed up about. get-well card. cold meat party. hooked into. crazies. what's going around. even-steven. springbutt. shook up. zoo. slap in the middle. tot. stoned. rarin' to go. ENVIRONMENTALIST n. hood. in. happenso. large for. ecofreak. turn on. ENVIRONMENT n. get one in a box. let one in on. fall apart. stomping ground. deek. ENTICER n. be in line for. make with the bedroom eyes. high. whole megillah. hot to trot. hog-tie. hipped on. EQUAL adj. eagle freak. glad hander (overly). ENTIRETY n. mousetrap. whole nine yards. sweetener. spring with the score. line. inner city. fiend. skid row. count noses. come up to. knock oneself out. hot. flipped. See LURE. suck in. worked up about. ENTICE v. tot up. bugged. territory. ENUMERATE v. to die over. by the numbers. nutty over. lay the gaff. suckered into. See ATTRACT. EPISODIC adj. See DEVOTEE. mousetrap. come on. tout. grab. big on. ENTOMOLOGY n. eat this shit. doings. butterfly chaser. shill. finders keepers losers weepers. etc. ENVOY n. shill. EPISODE n. ENTRAILS n. lay it on. econut. cracked on. See NEIGHBORHOOD. EPIDEMIC n. chapter and verse. flip. run down. See also SEDUCER. swindle up. freak. fired up. rosy. See LURE. looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. cooking. scratch. Dear John. ENTRÉE n. innards. betwixt and between. opposite number. spittin' image. ENVIOUS adj. squat pad. steamed up. cornered. turn green.equidistant 135 ENTHUSIAST n. gate. count the house. slammer. happening. sweetening. lay for. crack to. ENTRENCH v. sugar report (love). gone on. turned on. ENTOMBMENT n. goings-on. thank-you note. whole ball of wax. contact. whole enchilada. slum. take account of. stomping ground. ENTOMB v. guts. keen. nuts over. See also SAME. whole bit. insides. full of piss and vinegar. dope out. booster. neck of the woods. spit and image. tag. crazy about. web-foot. looking at something with rose-colored glasses. deep six. cookie pusher. wig out. what's going down. jelly. wingding. eat ones heart out. poison pen letter (malicious. planting. up. carry on over. put six feet under. inner city. I should have such luck. tab. turf. open arms. territory. dead (not deliverable). man with the net. wild about. plump in the middle. like two peas in a pod. mad about. freaked out. same difference. nuts for. cooking with gas. drop a line. rate. tick off. jungle. spill to. in a big way. all hopped up about. bag. duck squeezer. See WHOLE. looking great.). hooked. push (bet). whole schmear. gung ho. dear sir you cur. See NEIGHBORHOOD. rooter. soap. nut. duke in. hood. upbeat. gaga over. hap. EQUAL v. jacked up. . hung up on. the works. EPISTLE n. ENUMERATED adj. smack in the middle. bat the eyes at. seg. ENTHUSIASTIC adj. bug hunter. everything including the kitchen sink. adios it. enthuse. ENVIRONS n. look-alike. dig. neck of the woods. ENTRAPPED adj. sucked into. smack dab in the middle. box in. high on something. bugology. swindle in. stoked. falling sickness. sitting duck. invite. FYI. See also EMULATE. connection. come hither. six of one and half a dozen of the other. keeping the faith. hopped up. memo. fair practice. double. nutty about. EPAULETS n. hot for. fair shake. See INFLUENCE. put two and two together. EQUALITY n. ENTICEMENT n. fan. flip one's lid. bait. dragged into. jungle. what one has coming. horse to horse. in segs. hepped up. greeny. bait. hook. hot shit. ENTRAP v. cover up. ENTRUST v. kite. ENVY v. ape about. ghetto. cannonball. come-on man. skid row. chitlins. See also PERSUADE. eager beaver. stack up with. give one the come on. dig in. ghetto. set up. go overboard about. green-eyed. break even. open door. ENTRANCE n. rope in. See EVENT. ENTITLED TO v. bug chaser. swab downs (Navy). EPILEPSY n. great one for. full of ginger. scene. buzz. ape over. soap opera. looking good. jive. nark. hole up. bugologist. evener. left holding the bag. shanty town. overboard. bend an ear. tote up. figure in. EQUATE v. bugs on. shanty town. starry-eyed over. have big eyes for. tote. halfway in the middle. zoo. slum. turf. frenzie. stiffo. ENTOMOLOGIST n. plant. plant. EQUIDISTANT adj. EQUALIZER n. obscene.

rubber. go wrong. See also LIE. louse up. shovel the shit. stamped out. See ECCENTRIC. fluff. blue. totalled. EQUILIBRIUM n. sanitize. bark up the wrong tree. screw up. See MISTAKE. shoot down. stonewall. hot stuff. smut. bobble. fix up. boot. adios. heart. porno. fair to middling. total. blot out. slapped out. bonehead into it. donkey act. warm up. gear up. Big E. stamp out. put one's foot in it. jump out of the frying pan into the fire. catch at straws. talk through one's hat. way off. See also KILLED. psych oneself up. drop the ball. herky-jerky. get around. sink. bull. eight-sixed. muff one's cue. beg the question. waffle. sit on the fence. con. blindfolded lady with scales. cover your ass. put up. terminological inexactitude. hard. waste one. hot stuff. blow hot or cold. soft core. wipe off the map. bone on. jerk-off material. any old way. EROTICA n. rod on. ERRONEOUS adj. half-assed. knock off. miss by a mile. EQUIVOCATION n. waste. jerk-off material. mow down. launder. foulup. fuckstick. square deal. in dribs and drabs. kit and kaboodle. trash. slap up. put in the toilet. scratch. dead and done for. hem and haw. janfu (joint Army-Navy fuck-up). cut. foozle. throw up a smoke screen. gofer. tarfu. dirty. flaky. cook. T and A. cricket. put the kibosh on. See FAIR. queer. pettifog. beat around. even-steven. piss-hard. kinky. EROTIC adj. ERASE v. turned on. clinker. pull a bloomer. take out. washed out. steamy. prep. Tijuana bible. See also KILL. gone. done for. rag up. snafu. play merry hell with. ball up. song. blow hot and cold. washed up. cover up. shoot oneself in the foot. wipe out. hot. nitpick. torpedo. ERASER n. fubar. all wet. hash up. throw together. bitch up. See LIE. See SAME. contraption. stumble. make a mountain out of a molehill. screamer. out in left field. all over the shop. squash. commfu (monumental). See also CANCEL. set up. skin pix. bugger up. typo. down the drain. ERROR n. dead ringer. kibosh. deep six (evidence). ERR v. kaput. flub. play the deuce with. ERRAND BOY n. keep one's cool. queer potato. knock together. dub. ready up. shuck and jive. thing. . fall flat on one's face. knock out. schmear. fast and loose. hit or miss. stall. pull a boner. heel (money). off. X-out. cover. count one's chickens before they're hatched. rub out. floater. split hairs. eighty-six. up and down. ditto. triple X-rated. muff. same difference. jive. no matter how you slice it cut it or dice it. rig out. pull a blooper. scratch out. do by halves. higgledy-piggledy. also CALM. PENNSYLVANIA Dead City. EQUIVALENT n. helter-skelter. had it. gum up the works. wipe out. put out of the picture. stub one's toe. strange duck. wrong number. KO. cop a plea. any which way. EQUIPMENT n. adiosed. shillyshally. fit out. stuff. bollix up. right and left. play hell with. play hob with. ERRATIC adj. rig up. slipup. make a mess of. cloud the issue. square. run-around. sterilize. stall off. drop a brick. make a booboo. slapdash. rag out. purple. jim a deal. mess. stiff stander. con. piss up. fool mistake. square deal. all over hell. kooky. speak with forked tongue. blow. jerk off. psycho kick. goof up. blob. peep show. prefab. scrub. cop out. hard porn. trashed. have another think coming. filthy. jack-off material. fuck up. all washed up. boo-boo. BS. hash. pass the buck. hard core. offed. gopher. make a big thing about. stamp out. oddball. mess up. gut. blue pencil. slip up. song and dance. EQUIVOCATE v. bobble. EQUITABLE adj. by bits and pieces. turnout. horn. cobble up. blow one's lines. give one the run around. scratched. boggle. whomp up. leg man. double-talk. tell a little white lie. fumtu. shoot down in flames. shuck. willy-nilly. bollix. bone. scrubbed. make a blooper. by fits and starts. make a hash of. here there and everywhere. cover-up. at one's own sweet will. six of one and half a dozen of the other. out of line. golden rivet. ERADICATED adj. gum up. skin flick. blow hot and cold. snarl up. raunchy. See WRONG. mess and a half. shoot down in flames. boner. talking like a man with a paper ass. fall flat on one's ass. bitch. line ones nest (at the expense of others). See also OBSCENE. goof-up. screw-up. goof. See ERECTION n. wash out. turn out. ax. boot. play the devil with.136 equilibrium cool. piss-proud. spitting image. charge. stiff on. joystick. setup. carbon copy. con along. polish. have lead in one's pencil. black out. stake. cop out. trim. ERRATICALLY adv. jack-off material. bullshit. ERECT v. outfit. ERADICATE v. go at it ass backwards. flip-flop. See APPARATUS. do away with. put one's foot in one's mouth. soft porn. fuck-up. don't know one's ass from a hole in the ground. bugger. EQUITY n. EQUIP v. fluff one s lines. off base. make a federal case out of. stonewall. throw up. beat around the bush. ERIE. boo-boo. porn. jazz. foul up. off-color. fubb. pull a boo-boo. line of cheese. fudge together. all over the lot. piece. cunt stretcher (all Obsc). wasted. feather one's nest. boner. fudge. every which way. CYA. muck up. make a boner. wiped out. X-rated. routine. raw. run around. fair shake. hard-on. finished.

conniption fit. rabbitfoot. have a go at. contract. score. squeaker. ESTABLISHED adj. caper. break. ETERNITY n. wild blue yonder. figure. cliff-hanger. the Man. dodge. meat and potatoes. meat. one's all. stuff. salt of the earth. ESCAPEE n. hide out. drooly. wanted. make a run at. tear away. shag.). jump. hi jinks. See . name. take up. coal and ice. See also CELEBRITY. absquatulation. ETCETERA n. BMOC. ESCAPE n. See ATTEMPT. steer clear of. date. splits. cat fit. leg it. take an educated guess. scram. make a break for it. ERUPTION n. mope. runout powder. up and running. try on. bird dog. See also PROVEN. fly right. lamster. out. kosher. ERUDITE adj. shot. ESSENTIAL adj. smoke. squire. they. breeze. worm out of. double-barreled. them. do it or bust a gut. go. not to be sneezed at. pfft. spring. 3. push. take it on the lam. alarm clock. blowup. ETHICAL adj. close shave. MANAGEMENT. big league. mind one's p's and q's. at outs. ESCHEW v. 2. rib. till hell freezes over. beat. ETIQUETTE n. straight shooter. ESTEEMED adj. on one's shitlist. shake. meat and potatoes. See BASIC. head for the hills. break away. ESSEX n. punch line. brass tacks. See HEAVEN. get away. jank (enemy planes). See ALWAYS. See also ENDORSE. gigolo. gag. big. give a posy. slip away. ESCORT n. in the ESTIMATE v. jink. double dig. hop. the old bye and bye. for a month of Sundays. EULOGIZE v. shake off. okay people. See also PRISON ESCAPE. upstairs. See IMPORTANT. fade out. large charge. whack. etc. nose-closer. one's level best. try. take a run-out powder. ESTABLISH v. nitty-gritty. shenanigans. take one's measure. conniption. ESPOUSE v. wised up. dry run. high jinks. nuts and bolts.eulogize 137 ERUCTIVE adj. white. hoof it. father. tight squeeze. ditch. city hall. great ad agency [any business] in the sky. 1. where it's at. fling. in bad with. farty. Hudson pup. groceries. pop. size up. ESTRANGED adj. stand behind. bob. in place. at sixes and sevens. lam. ballpark of. scoutmaster. big-wigged. APPROVE. drag. fart blossom. steer clear of. hot. monkeyshines. cold turkey. not touch with a ten-foot pole. hook it. wise to. kicker (one that negates work. one's damndest. fine print. beginners. savvy. escape hatch. steal away. nice guy. See also PRISON ESCAPE. See also ANGER. cold. coal and ice. large. jargonaut. big. ESTIMABLE adj. tote. skip out. crack. nitty-gritty. lammister. ESSENTIALS n. dope. blah blah-blah. regular. one's darnedest. getaway. nitty-gritty. up there. big time. breeze dust. at heart. figure in. fadeout. touted. name of the game. figger. give the go by. in the limelight. P's and Q's. till the cows come home. run for cover. disappear. crash out. rock bottom. square shooter. ESSAY v. stab. into. size. bottom line. ETERNALLY adv. big man on campus. See also ADVENTURE. mooch. 2. on the lam. give a bouquet. cop a mope. give a miss to. straight. wriggle out of. make try on for size. 1. cop a plea. big wig. powder. mope. put on. nuts and bolts. kingdom come. ESTABLISHMENT n. date. true blue. duck fit. ESSENCE n. nub. back. FLATTER. clean as a hound's tooth. ESCAPADE n. old boy network. highbrow. hot one. See BASIC. See BASICS. set. ABC's. square. break out. fly the coop. See also ADMINISTRATION. vanish. crash out. small fine print. ETYMOLOGIST n. amscray. ESCAPE v. Christian. ring in. give it a go. have a shot at. hide. get on one's bicycle. till shrimps learn to whistle. spring. highly touted. go over the wall. name of the game. guts. going concern. See also BEGIN. get while the going is good. wingding. getaway route. getaway car. guesstimate. in the know. tryout. make a getaway. boy scout. windy. whatever. lick. shit hemorrhage. heart. on the outs. close call. have no truck with. big name. point. ESCORT v. bottom line. See AVOID. guesstimate. hightail. weave. split. turn tail. set up. brainy. go in for. skip. See ATTEMPT. for ever so long. high-powered. beat it. at loggerheads. paper. take account of. dope out. exfiltration. duck. ballpark figure. ESSAY n. get into. get out with one's eyeteeth. breakout. cut dead. close squeak. for keeps. duck. take on. ESTIMATE n. breathe easy. gassy. take out. figary. furp. lay low. heel. flare-up. vamoose. major league. See also BOYFRIEND. good old boys. start the ball rolling. header. Johnny. and like that. take a whack at. take a powder. cut out. take a stab at. nub. kimble (tries to be). blow. have small pox. See KNOWLEDGEABLE. turned off. exfiltrate. really into. John.

aah-aah. keep one's shirt on. chucker. give the go by. See ALWAYS. goings-on. check. stonewalling. bum's rush. in the twilight zone. mofo. deal. See BAD. EUPHORIC adj. info. 1. displaced EVADE v. come off. EVIL-MINDED adj. hap. fudge. give a wide berth. smack in the middle. business. EVIL SPIRIT n. take a shit. the shits. See DEFECATE. where it's at. thing. abroad. being regular. get around. hold water. See FUTURE. guesstimation. stall. old heave-ho. the emess. check out. read. powder. EVER adv. pull out. gone. Yurp. beat around the bush. in the cards. pass up. EVENTIDE n. EVALUATE v. dim. hood. bouncer. real trip. See . pass the buck. EVENING n. six of one half a dozen of the other. shake and bake. plain as the nose on one's face. garden variety. get on one's bicycle. sleazeball. mind in the gutter. dark. poison. bail out. like it is. take account of. EVASIVE adj. whammy. figure out. chucker out. dump. wrong'un. no good. garden. from pole to pole. run-around. double whammy. mother. take a dump. boot. halfway in the middle. ooze out. EUNUCH v. any case. rush. from here till Sunday. shithead. stonewall. price out. EVACUEE n.M. give one his walking papers. give the cold shoulder. EVIL EYE n. give one the bum's rush. fix. go down. big deal. cover your ass. give the slip. for keeps. clincher. happening. See also LIE. routine.. EVILDOER n. open and shut. the Fribbish EVASION n. D. shit heel. B. deball. clue. Euro. stutter step. happenso. goings-on. copout. 1. rumdum. bag ass. adios one. hellion. See BOWEL MOVEMENT. grabber. dead even. stinking. walking papers. EUROPEAN adj. shag ass. jivey. rat. beastly. capon. heel.G. slap in the middle. give one the heave-ho. dump. send packing. dodge. French walk. guesstimate. poo-poo. EUROPEAN COMMON MARKET n. hedge one's bet. look over. middle of the road. crap. See ECSTATIC. figure. run of the mill. skin out. dope. cool. throw out on the street. number two. the runs. jukey. buck-pass. cue. the gate. little devil. vanishing act. greasy. slip. EVACUATE v. lay low. big one. EVENT n. give em the 1-2-3. pack up. slippery. defector. dim. poop. See ORDINARY.P. caca. cut out. mainstream. crap. shake a few clinkers out. bow out. whole kit and caboodle. floating. figure in. break even. hap. give the air. peg. creepo. that's a fact Jack. the old country. horse to horse. murderous. shit. cincher. Scale (business). familiar tune. do. cagey. fancy footwork. bit. dime a dozen. clear-cut. boot out. See SCOUNDREL. piece. whole enchilada. shuck. See also DEPART. routine. size up. run of the alley. 2. from hell to breakfast. down the road. EVICTION n. to hell and back. across the pond. scene. mercy killing. keep one's cool. vanilla. deek. pussyfoot. EVIL adj. Euromart. nature's call. time to bail. plump in the middle. give the slip. stonewall. drum out. go down. shit. DEVIL. take. EVICTOR n. toss out on one's ear. EVERYWHERE adv. show the door. case. fixins'. give a miss to. black. the works. turd.. alter. kick out. cool as a cucumber. dirtyminded. trial (bad). 3. down the pike. EUTHANASIA n. EVIDENCE n.138 eunuch EUNUCH n. to hell and gone. happening. See LEAVE. shuck and jive. black. EVIDENT adj. EVALUATION n. EVENTUAL adj. even-steven. trip. See FACTS. gospel. dark. N. ditch. give the gate. bad-assed. open-andshut case. not touch with a ten-foot pole. do one's business. heave-ho. jive. starch. lock stock and barrel. across the drink. bounce. smoking gun (crucial). all over the map. EVICT v. 2. dirty. kicking out. freeze out. crystal clear. dirty old man. rats ass. EUROPE n. hightail. boot-giver. all over hell. till you're blue in the face. walking ticket. stay shy of. jive. keep a stifFupper lip. bummer. EVEN-TEMPERED adj. blissed out. EVERYTHING adj. throw one out on one's ear. smack dab in the middle. sent. CYA. EVERYDAY adj. till the cows come home. get git. walkout. come off. EVENTUALITY n. See WHOLE. flying. person. stutterstep. take a crap. fiend. till hell freezes over. everything including the kitchen sink. dodge. See APPARENT. See HEDGE. dope out. early black. size. run for the hills. pull the plug. business. EVEN adj. See AVOID. all over creation. over there. boat people. not turn a hair. dudeheaver. the size of it. bounce. See also ACTION. 1. dreamy. sleazoid. 2. unflappable. goods. early black. roll with the punches. See also COMPLETELY. See IMPERTURBABLE. take one's measure. barefaced. skidoo. happenso. EVACUATION n. waffle.

bunk flying. EXACERBATE v. full of hot air. flat out. spinach. frantic. egg on. tripe. 1. head of the line. grill. bugs one. right on. hard sell. terribly. f rinstance. ex-con. on the button. check. top of the line. hand one a line. fudge. for sure. to a tee. hit the nail on the head. corking. on the nose. brutal. corker. first class. grooby. cool out. spread it on thick. tough. hundred proof. line up. tearjerking. nose cone. bs. garbage. cock-and-bull story. EXACT adj. scam. far out. con. comma counter. make a big production. eye. whitewash. wring out. 4. hot up. take it big. radical. prelim. phonus bolonus. lag. 2. for instance. EXCAVATOR n. gas. and no mistake. EXAGGERATION n. yeast. cut it fine. give one a hemorrhage. sure. jolly. blue book. make a citizen's. rehash.). vicious. wax. throw one a curve. chew over. that's for sure. drooly. come through with flying colors. by the book. give one a snow job. on the noggin. snow job. hoke up. check out. See also LIAR. let the daylight in. first rate. stunning. shoot the bull. doctor. boss. straight out. rad. rubbed the wrong way. flea. burned up. ex. stone (stone deaf). hit on. flash quiz. up. vanilla. See PRECISELY. See also CORRECT. gasser. solid. con. See also THINK. rub salt in the wound. EXCEL v. marvy. salve. tall story. hack. blowhard. tops. jack up. sweep. frisk. greatest. super. sling the bull. lay it on thick. work on. dead on. final. for a fact. cook. on the nose. lay it on with a trowel. okay. pestiferous. pop quiz (all unannounced). flash. riff. in the groove. mostest. bulldog. a bit much. jive. out of this world. off. evil. EXAMINE v. why sure. pat down. OK. buzz. rap. BRAGGART. story. on the money. full of prunes. fish story. tuff. first chop. gnarly. dynamite. chill. read. cat haul. confab. aces. . cert. baaadest. pyramid. big talk. line of cheese. crapola. EXAMPLE n. bullshit. the very thing. talk trash. overkill. buildup. Judy (I understand). A-l. not too shabby. eye. puff. hemorrhage. sandhog. cold. See ELICIT. winner. fake. tall tale. EXAMINATION n. EXASPERATED adj. put up. throw the bull. spread it on. sure thing. horseshit. too much. choice. See SEE. See ANALYZE. give one the third. terrific. See VERY. A-number one. tip top. horse hocky. 3. stickler. on the lemon. look see.excellent 139 EVOKE v. bullshitting. the ticket. topflight. brown off. tall talk. lagger. burn one off. got a hot hand. legwork. bull. A. BS. shit. orals. shoot the crap. full of hops. trump up. seagoing. the big lie (Pol. too much. hash over. bitch. fer shirr. shoot a line. ten. blow. build up. rat fuck. put the shake on. yarn. put the bite on. put one on. checkup. you said it. scope. awfully. in spades. groovy. full of beans. on the noggin. top-notch. shovel the shit. persnickety. gun. on target. world class. sound off. blow smoke. top drawer. EXAGGERATED adj. scam. hike up. peeved. tidy. malarkey. bugged. jump up. oral. out of sight. into a tailspin. EXACT v. downright. knock around. powerful. case. bullshit. kick around. miffed. make it. 4. build. EXAGGERATE v. head of the class. See ANNOY. fab. peed off. case. See ANNOY. dilly. lay it on. cheese. shake. cap. 3. riled. drop quiz. too-too. come through. make a federal case out of something. smoke. bullshitter. EXCEEDINGLY adv. funky. send one drive one up the wall. jazz. wicked. the utmost. line. cream (successful). everything going for one. 10. fabulous. awesome. hogwash. hacked. great. pissed off. loud talk. heavy. on the button. eyeball examination. no buts about it. boost. stick it sound. gammon. tits. blow job. push one's button. the most. shoot the shit. gives one a pain. add insult to injury. ace high. on the numbers. go to town. go from bad to worse. crock. groundhog. hustle. shotgun quiz. hike. worm something out of one. schmaltzy. thin. state of the art. smashing. stone. phony up. make waves. overdo it. something else. make out like. bad. T-off. bitchin'. whopper. ace of spades. driven up the wall. ballyhoo. really. pesky. the checker. spiel. shoveler. worm out of one. third. sweat it outta one. bullshit artist. put the arm on. blarney. phony boloney. unreal. See ELICIT. top. EXASPERATING adj. no ifs ands or buts. exam. fishing expedition. double-o. piss one under one's skin. down. stone. See also EXCESSIVE. song and dance. bleed. let the sunlight in. nitpicker. thick. latrine rumor. surest thing you know. Mother Macrea (story). pain in the ass. EXACTING adj. steamed. shit for the birds. dot the is and cross the t's. snow. borax. hash. A-plus AOK. nailed down. a good eye. crock of shit. gander. like wow. crap. EXASPERATE v. EX-CONVICT n. chicken shit. piece of shit. put the gorilla on. doozie. mega-gnarly. put the arm on. star. cool. zero cool. rattle one's cage. bull's-eye. excuse. draw it fine. pike. shitting. Mother Machree. lean on. EXCELLENT adj. marmalade. gilt-edged. guff. third degree. See ANNOYING. squeeze. fer sher. ace. solid sender. gonest. on the money. heat up. on a roll. EXACTLY adv. daisy. picky. hocky. teed off. fudge. arm-twist. comp (comprehensive). 1. get give one a shit in one's craw. EXAGGERATOR adj. See ANNOYED. terrible. shit. 2. top. coolsville. bite to death. exam. put one through the wringer. jump out of the frying pan into the fire. best ever. shine. hammy. baloney. bull. all systems go. too much. See QUESTION. gunning over. jailbird. reet. make a mountain out of a molehill. physical.

cut out. muthah. cuspy. the best. high. horny (sexual). worked up. nobby. keyed up. boss. mind-bending. blackball. jazz up. wizard. barn burner. the butterfly's book. quote. had a spaz attack. big deal. chiller. zero cool. mindbending. grind. mad. cut up. cast a kitten. holler out. fine and dandy. far out. snip. send. salt of the earth. ginger peachy. run a temperature. sharp. juice. ace high. the end. skull. endsville. mess. contact with. work oneself into a pucker. zing. open one's nose. in a tizzy. whatever makes your boat float. pip. the cat's meow. hots. large. feel in one's guts. hand one his walking papers. have a shit hemorrhage. brain. drop. real George. gear. EXCITE v. gimchy. adjy. See also STIRRING. sensay. high-strung. muthahfuckah. sly. too-too. jazz. sideline. razzle-dazzle. pass on. dream. out of this world. stir up. holler. humdinger. spiffy. hyper. all keyed up. hotheaded. ready to cook. high cotton. gut. way out. cool. wild. trim. steamed up. scrumptious. EXCEPTIONAL adj. See also EXTREMELY. EXCESSIVE adj. tickety boo. evil. burn up. something else. the Big Board. blow one's top. kill.flashy. darb. saying. launder. good show. live one. flash. dandy. motherfucker (Obsc. swell. righteous. sizzler.140 exceptional on the heat. lush. cloud nine land. ripsnorter. beautiful. job. See also DISTURBED. EXCISE v. hot under the collar. hit the ceiling. honey. for kicks. hot around the collar. EXCERPT n. zapped up. rush (get a rush). murder. whatever turns you on. megadual. overkill. EXCESSIVELY adv. out of sight. zap. blow one away. hot. snap up. neat. link up. turned on to. the cat's whiskers. ripping. shit in one's pants. holler. lollapaloosa. egg on. rowdydow. charged.). wipe out. crack. hooper-dooper. stellar. blow one's stack.). jam up. cut. clean outta sight. bug up. EXCLAIM v. hummer. swinging. cliff-hanger. mofo. bang up. heavenly. get ones pratt. the limit. freaked out. yawp. hot stuff. flip-flop. get hot under the collar. brain. wiggy. keen. up. having the hots. peacherino. hook. delicious. hard. upper. supercolossal. eighty-six. killer-diller. turn EXCLAMATION n. throw wood on the fire. too-too. blow one's mind. ROUSE. cut. EXCLUDE v. tawny. the nuts. he's the limit. large charge. rooty. the Street. out of sight. in a foofaraw. beller. zip up. grabbed by. jollies. snazzy. this is some kinda . large charge. nifty. flap. blow up. fireworks. worked up into a lather. hog wild. zipped up. the cat's pajamas. diddly bop. turn on. 1. rootin' tootin'. out of all bounds. world-beater. turn on the juice. splash. big splash. go up in the air. fine. put the cart before the horse. scissor out. net. kick. flipped out. something to write home about. frantic. mind-blowing. beller. glorkish. warm around the collar. whiz. shut out. bong. fired up. hopped up. bang. EXCITING adj. stoned. 2. ice out. in the groove. gone. swell. hyped-up. all the way live (Stu. over the counter. EXCITED adj. in a pucker. buzz. sanitary. juiced up. fussed. pumped up. pep up. turn the tables. something. feel in one's guts. knockout. juice up. the caterpillar's kimono. it's the berries. hot stuff. EXCITABLE adj. 3. cracking. high. mother. the bee's knees. jumping. mega. beaut. crack. have a short fuse. blood and thunder. reat. ducky. mess. pass up. work up. the Exchange. too much. EXCITEMENT n. hot and bothered. like wow. horse trade. EXCHANGE n. bang up. smashing. yawp. corker. work oneself into a tizzy. blast. wig out. nervous. switch on. strictly. EXCESS n. rabble rouse. hit the ceiling. kicky. in a stew. jazzy. overkill. mad. tubular. fire up. ultra-ultra. fab. plenty. the nerts. something to shout about. turned on. catch. turned on by. in the bubble. nifty. wake up. LAN. fly off the handle. blot out. needle. knock off. in fat city. whale of a. flip one's lid. knock out. switched on. a gas. put the zingers in. fuss. kicks. mean. steam up. too much. put the needles in. headin' up the mountain. find. See also EMOTIONAL. primo. turn one on. rowdy-dowdy. steamin' under one's silks. flip. send . George. world class. ding. all wool and a yard wide. hot to trot. ready for Freddy. mean. swap horses. savage. boo. perk up. peachy. reet. page-turner. hot. had a cow. add fuel to the flames. grab. have truck with. pippen. the most. shook. key up. have a fit. figure. mean. See also DISTURB. bo. See EXTREME. marvy. gas up something. pass by. glitzy. lulu. zonkers. too much. hunky-dory. groove. everything but the kitchen sink. race one's motor. stunning. golden. hot. have kittens. mind-blowing. thriller. hotter than a two-peckered mule. get all worked up. hellacious. high as a kite. super-duper. spiffy. shook up. deadly boo. like crazy. See also NEGOTIATE. work up into a lather. get to one. nasty. dolce vita. hot under the collar. make waves. copacetic. charge.showy. shirty. scratch out. overruns. hot-headed. turnon. hook up. cloak and dagger. scorcher. jim dandy. bully. solid sender. real gone. lop off. in a swivet. peach. live wire. stunner. one for the book. EXCHANGE v. real cool. Wall Street. crackerjack. X out. toast. network. hot as a firecracker. in orbit. heaven. pick up. wired up. check plus. hairy. mostest. sweetheart. peachy keen. blow a gasket. razzle-dazzle. stamp out. kopesetic. STIR. zanzy. blue pencil. spazzed out. circus. work oneself into a stew. skull. all shook up. like mad. heat up. solid gold. sensaysh. big shit. groovy. wired. in a dither. deadly. slap up. worst-case scenario. head rush. solid. turn on. mezz. black out. 86. in a lather. swap. but good. network.

bootin' height. cop a plea. topper. blackball. stall. turn the trick. poop. Mother Machree. go. Right. stretch. wig. his nibs. big spud. fried. not bad. adios it. nuts and bolts. biggest hand. make number one. chief cook and bottlewasher. honcho. chuck out. go pee-pee. upper hand. trigger man. guts. be on. tuff. go to town. cover story. have to see a man about a dog. the goods. square things. road apples. left out in the cold. whitewash. the why and wherefore. high priest. go on. win one's spurs.). tinkle. head honcho. big shit. scrag. sweat like a trooper. zap. do a turn. See SINGULAR. Charlie. the say. shoot down. routine. tick. boss man. do Europe [or wherever]. big-time operator. perkman.C. throw out. EXCURSION n. CO. thumb down. pull off. righteous. worm out of. lead-off man. pusher. whitewash. call. czar. See KILLER. let one off easy. write off. poo-poo. boom boom. big league. pea. digger. upstairs. brain box. song. pizzazz. drop a turd. 1. let off. rug rank (high). old pro.O. top brass. head. exec suite. golden parachute. poot (gas). piddle. baron. make number two. See FINISHED. EXCLUSION n. the stuff. torpedo. rub out. cover one's ass. wrapped up. See also ALOOF. cook. See URINATE. kingfish. beat the rap. hack it. piss. EXCRETE v. dump. turd. shake a few clinkers out. hit. caca. hit the bull's-eye. wheel. moxie. godfather. juice. big shot. fast track. top hand. goodie. heave-ho. the say so. hit man. big-wigged. buddy seat. wee-wee. buffalo chips. fluff off. pee. piss on. fish. make out. king..E. block and tackle. big apple. piece man. big timer. EXCUSED adj. shit. let go.exemplary 141 one to the showers. big cheese. EXCRETION n. do up brown. let one off this time. dance. squirm out of. guru. uppity. the shits. hocky. moose nuggets. shit. Mother McCrea. shuck and jive. where the buck stops. cleanup. not too shabby. do one's thing. cow plops. one and only. topkick. cruise. crawl. come on like gangbusters (well). percolate. pow. stick it. get all in a lather. do one's stuff. break a sweat. trots. BM. brains. clout. catbird. style. oink (police). bull of the woods. onliest. wired. skipper. out of the loop. shut out. 3. go wee-wee. ropes. do to a turn. big man. go easy on. kicker. Mister Charlie (Bl. dealt with. hoist. point man. rishi. old war-horse. EXECUTE v. 2. shit on. one down. 2. blackballed. square a beef. put it over. slave driver. get over. not in the picture. as advertised. copout. a lot to do with. score. 1. cop out. lynching bee. cover. Anumber 1. crap. do oneself proud. aah-aah. the whyfor. neato. put over.. put it together. EXCUSE v. nix. song and dance. bueno. square oneself. hammer man. Montezuma's revenge. the whole cheese. sweat like a horse. man upstairs. drain the dew. let one off the hook. 2. cold-shouldered. tear off. fly. strut one's stuff. done to a T. EXCLUSIVE adj. GI shits. left on the outside looking in. big one. punch. jive. take care of. chuck. alibi out of. apple. piddle. EXECUTIVE n. big weenie. tap a kidney. gun. EXECUTION n. make it. polish off. big chew. 1.B. top drawer. perks. necktie party. bread. top. take a leak. front office. hot stuff. big daddy. See also BOWEL MOVEMENT. chief. gunsel. old hand. T. (take care of business). sidelined. pish. cow chips. heavy stuff. heavy. coverup. strung up. horseshit. moose beans. 2. gunman. knock off. give one the fluff. lawn dressing. Big. high hat. off time. whip hand. See DEFECATE. big wheel. Mr. shark. on top. tycoon. meal ticket. EXECUTIVE BENEFITS n. perk. squeak by (barely). do the trick. king of the hill. put down. VIP. biggest frog in the pond. head man. sail through. tinkle. main squeeze. don. moose pecans. C. put over. straw boss. apparatchik (junior). avatar. pee-pee. horror show. the man. gorilla. shit. crawl out of. crap. See SNOBBISH. turistas. might and main. mastermind. big player. sail through. number one. put away. gold braid. burned. old man. throw away. 2. go through the trap. strong arm. dump. the big bowwow. poop. big boy. big noise. come through. BTO. do the job. string. gun. airtight alibi. the word. general. mopped up. fish story. the force. wire man. EXECUTED adj. atsa nice. higher ups. leak. big gun. give one the cold shoulder. ding. front office. EXECUTIVE SUITE n. swing. piss. enforcer. See ABSOLVE. one down and two to go. wire. get there. pee. off the hook. steam. horse hocky. shits. buttoned up. queen bee. EXEMPLARY adj. boss lady. perc man. governor. shove it. wee. big number. the runs. take a squat. bosshead. fish tale. golden apples. chops (talent). . Mr. top dog. Gis. big name. EXCUSE n. super. a lot to say about. stow it. See also COMMANDER. EXECUTIONER n. cow pats. pull it off. big brother. catch rope. 3. put across. walked. do to a T. geets. kingpin. EXECUTIVE RECRUITER n. spark plug. the brass. Cook's tour. key player. beef. wink at. business. fruit. big stuff. dump. EXCLUDED adj. big ghee. powerhouse. headhunter. mother. being regular. ring the bell. get to first base. old man. cock. earn one's wings. deal with. upstairs. let it go. brass hat. story. nail it. EXCLUSIVELY adj. exec. nature's call. papa. Simon Legree. number two. go on apex. hit. cow flops. make up for. weight. turn thumbs down on. 1.

EXPECTORATE v. alive and kicking. pyramid. put through the grind. dig. let one off the hook. EXERCISE SUIT n. pep up. hawk. I'm outta here. hyper. aerobics. the works. see it coming. steep. See EXCITEMENT. figure. build. join up with. sweat it. step up. 1. EXERCISES n. gimmick. pour it on. fireworks. as advertised. burn out. tucker out. See ANTICIPATED. showboat. wipe the slate. EXEMPT v. EXHORTIVE adj. far out. lick into shape. poop out. knock out. showcase. pick up. hanging in there. EXHIRITOR n. sanitize. roll out. EXISTENCE n. warm up. grandstand player. highway robbery. run interference for. join together. break. bible thumpin'. hop up. fag out. hand-walk. jazzercise. EXPECT v. cher. way out. juice. boost. up to here (elbow). hotfoot. had it. jack up. See also ALLURING. in the lifestream. jazz up. pour it on. hook on. jazz up. boneweary. See ATTEMPT. dog-tired. snow. EXEMPTED adj. See EXCITED. weird. heat up. high pressure. brain fag. See TIRED. beat the rap. split. exhibish. See ABSOLVE. looking for. expo. tack on. let off. rat race. to a farethee-well. warm-up. blow this pop stand. workout. big price tag. let go. put through the mill. wave it around. a rush (get a rush). snowball. See also BELIEVE. juice up. move out. be just like one. E X H I R I T I O N I S T n. EXERCISE n. 2. hotshot. bleed white. frame up. walk through. slap on. spritz. frazzled. See DISPLAY. fire breathin'. journey. be afraid. workout. parade one's wares. conk out. ticking. fuck off. avant garde. holdup. press a bet. See ABSOLVE. ooze out. let off. EXOTIC adj. here. just makin' it. break one's heart. jump up. do up brown. send. put one's back into it. showoff. give it all ones got. be one all over. from A to Z. for show. not overlook a bet. band-aid. EXHAUST v. EXHIRITION n. flash (gaudy merchandise or prize). at the end of one's rope. EXHILARATED adj. plug. burnout. EXIT v. go to the whip on. it's looking to. head rush. still around. gym. EXIST v. high. plug into. get by. squirt. up. spin out. EXHIRIT v. See EXPENSIVE. fucked out. workout. turn on. Flash Gordon. get. the real world. waitin' on. bushed. flesh out. world. grease the wheels. builder upper. waiting for the other shoe to drop. all in. flipped out. get along. tish. let one off the hook. body stocking. See GO. show and tell.142 exempt nasty. sweat suit. suck dry. let it all hang out. an arm and a leg. the noose is hanging. pad. figured in. exhib. grandstander. turned on. put zip into. string out. haul ass. See SPEED. See ANTICIPATE. preachy. EXPEDITE v. wait for the other shoe to drop. hand-carry. walk it through. soup up. monkey drill. gym. balloon. kick. run with the ball. walk it over. add fuel to the fire. out of sight. whitewash. dodge. hike. EXISTING adj. git. EXERT v. an act. batting a thousand. fag. give it one's best shot. tucker. sweeten. do a vanishing act. dump on. in the cards. EXONERATE v. front. zip up. gym. EXHAUSTED adj. wink at. warm-up. put pep into. See EXCITE. EXHILARATION adj. piggyback. clear. exbo. a scene. trick. EXHAUSTING adj. not put it past. run up. easy way out. . EXHAUSTIVE adv. go easy on. daily dozen. build up. walked. push. let fly. work out. worn to a frazzle. hand (one is dealt). EXPEDIENCE n. break in. tune up. flake off. jazzercise. doin' a hundred. outta juice. clear. over one's head. I'm history. EXPAND v. heavy sugar. hopped up. tag on. off the hook. EXCERCISE CLASS n. charged. railroad. stiff. parlay. exhib. the big game. dry run. EXHAUSTION n. handle personally. heavy. making it. hotdogger. cut red tape. perk up. spell out. jim jam. blow one's mind. EXPECTED adj. hone. EXERCISE v. fast track. spike. lifing. hike up. wipe the slate clean. add bells and whistles. write off. outta gas. See THOROUGH. hot dog. See PRAISEWORTHY. figgered in. run through. flasho. hook up with. See also HOPEFUL. hitch on. drag out. dear. leave no stone unturned. absquatulate. too pooped to pop. high. bust ones ass. peg away. sweeten the pot. See STRANGE. snap up. crispy. hefty. work up a sweat. kinky. constitutional. EXHILARATE v. pricey. shot. poop. warm. peter out. beef up. EXORBITANT adj. EXPECTANT adj. no big surprise.

phenom. EXPENSE n. EXPERIENCE n. old pro. at the end of ones rope. eighty-sixed. shark. high. rundown. play around with. dance on air. bite. why and wherefore. break wind. high rent. trek. EXPELLED adj. up to here (elbow). solid!. know one's onions. slick. kiss it good-bye. groovy!. wasted. See SKILL. on one's last legs. French walk. savvy. price tag. cut and try. out of pocket. give a tryout. spotlight. happening. See AUTHORITY. diddled away. been there. up one's alley. See also TEST. dynamite.expletive: agreement 143 EXPEDITION n. spring for. leave one. kick out. 2. EXPERIMENT n. all reet!. boot out. heart man. old hand. washed up. have heart. down the tube. offed. below the line. all washed up. payoff. buff. EXPENSES. give the hook. give one the bum's rush. cash in one's chips. See also PROFIT. shot. worth a king's ransom. dance. have know-how. adiosed. checking out. an arm and a leg. show the door. swindle sheet. trumped. a pistol. splendacious. mad money. done for. boot. EXPIRING adj. out the window. hummer. sharpness. the whole picture. pricey. get off the nut. hap. bump. chalk out. fork out. highway mopery. nickel and dime (minor). kicked around. show and tell. send to the showers. big nose man (Medic. ol professor. fell between the cracks. See SKILLED. scrubbed. bounce. one's thing. See DISCHARGE. pro. kick the bucket. give one the old heave ho. See EJECT. lay out. on one's own nickel. out of bounds. the idea. fart. deep six. hell yes!. send packing. See SOPHISTICATED. pay out. sharp. nose-closer. See DIE. bag. worth its weight in gold. can. adios one. throw money at. croak. on one's own time and own dime. cruise. the butler's revenge (silent). cash on the nail. been around. have a hunch. guru. chops. See COST. try-on. sport. one-way ticket. pay one's dues. MFC (measure for coffin). a trip. fling at. get off the gun. put across. fry. EXPERIMENTER n. EXPENSIVE adj. pass out. highway mopery. See also DISCHARGED. safari. the other on a banana peel. old war-horse. EXPLANATION n. flake out. R and D. See COMPENSATE. EXPERTISE n. decode. crackerjack. give the bum's rush. EXPENSE ACCOUNT n. big ticket. been there before. through the mill. shake down. quit it. mad doctor. a throw. something on the ball. pull one's coat to. heavy sugar. stuff. highway robbery. fool around with. dance off (hang). cash on the barrelhead. been through the mill. savvy. drum out. stiff. nut. dance on nothing. out of sight. dodge. pissed away. buy it. throw one out on one's ear. get in touch. back gate. let one fly. scandal sheet. blow. been around the block a few times. 1. there. backfire. See PAY. make perfectly clear. EXPEL GAS v. bottom line. dish it out. lulu. pro. fancy. cut one. the right stuff. trot out. tryout. CLEAR v. out of the red. down the spout. pretty penny. mean bean. makings. be turned on to. a real trip. whole megillah. get over. to the tune of. spell out. vet. enough ducks in a row. city slicker. have a funny feeling. go. lay it out for. draw one a picture. See also KNOWLEDGE. put one in the picture. EXPLAIN v. nickel and dime (minor). the picture. oil. See SKILLFUL. meet one's maker. give one the heave ho. specialists). happenso. whatfor. give up the ghost. kickback. down the rathole. washed out. EXPIATE v. scratched. out of pocket. cher. one foot in the grave. down the drain. know one's stuff. blown. know-how. 2. bounce. plushy. strike out. reet!. goods. EXPENDED adj. gnome. try it on for size. right on!. 1. crack. stuff. futz around. EXPERIENCE v. numbers cruncher. square things. make clear. give one his walking papers. posh. cut the cheese. bummer trails (bad). give a work out. EXPERT adj. the big idea. dear. petered out. one foot in the grave. swing. EXPERT n. uptown. put one straight. shell out. let sunlight in. give a frinstance. head for a hearse. kayoed for keeps. give a for instance. heading for the last roundup. EXPENDITURE n. limelight. trial run. bust. outlay. poot. big league. EXPEND v. go to Davy Jones's locker (drown). been hit before. fireball. bone man. get across. crazy!. ritzy. EXPIRE v. try on. line. old-timer. up and die. EXPERIENCED adj. one-way ride. snofari. See also TEST. make one see daylight. break it down. let daylight in. bottom line. back-door parole. get a back-gate commute. whyfor. Cooks tour. cover story. nut. EXPLETIVE: AGREEMENT absofuckinglutely!. feel in one's bones. fire. lay down. down the tube. old hand. one-man band. steep. highlight. hotshot. splendiferous. kick. holdup. shove over. maven. make up for. mess around. executive. EXPERIMENT v. story. See EVENT. come to. collectibles. fall money. . roll out. set one back. upscale. swanky. feel in one's guts. peg out. foot the bill. EXPEL v. outlay. have vibes. give it a go. bite the dust. jaunt. whiz. know one's stuff. high price tag. chuck out. paid through the nose. put out. make the nut. below the line. open one's head.

stunt. damn it!. dash it all!. leak. flashing. for crying out loud!. yeeuch!. See CAUGHT. stick it up your ass!. blow one's cover. stick it!. goody goody!. goody!. way!. spill the beans. shoot one's bolt. you bet your life!. hit the fan. Jeezy peezy!. one on the make. fuck you!. get it out of one's system. on the spot. fuck!. like wow!. oh shit!.144 expletive: anger EXPLETIVE: UNPLEASANT eeyuk!. I'll be jig swiggered!. pick one's brains. go fuck yourself!. pugh!. lay it on one. whip out. dammed if I know!. stick it!. spring. ugh!. shove it up your ass!. wow!. See ACTION. pineapple. holy Christ!. whamo!. ding dang!. EXPLICIT adj. satchel charge. yich!. whammo!. holy moley!. go to hell!. cowabonga!. whole megillah. oh yeah!. energetic disassembly. EXPOSURE n. come clean. blow the whistle. nuts!. hotdiggety dog!. do one dirt. mining. why and wherefore. bury yourself!. eeehaw!. holy mackerel!. for a fact Jack!.kablooey. you know it!. I'll be jiggered!. spill. no shit!. peter. cripus!. Jeez!. feh!. blow up. piss off!. spill it. keen-o peachy!. God damn!. darn!. what you say!. goflooey. dash it!. burn (spy). blown. EXPLOSIVES WORKER n. crimus!. fora fact!. leave no stone unturned. NUDE. muthuh fuckuh!. drop dead!. the big idea. come out of the closet. dad blasted!. motherfucker!.!. that bleeping thing! EXPLETIVE: DISDAIN phooey!. dad burned!. the picture. blow sky high. operator. crap!. show one's hand. ach!. stick it up your ass!. let go. your mother's mustache!. your mother!. give the show away. Jiggers!. dad blast it!. merde!. sakes alive!. eeyoo!. no ifs ands or buts. oh hell!. ick!. turn inside out. for danged sure!. search me!. feh!. horseshit!. energetically disassembled. spring with a crack. flash (also used in playing cards). stick it in your ear!. for darned sure!. all hanging out. spit it out.!. EXPRESS v. EXPLOIT n. beats me!. streak (run naked). fuck it!. mine. handout. eeyuck!. blechhh!. cripes!. noise. EXPOSE v. See also SEARCH. yeeuck!. wowie!. son of a bitch!. See also CHEATER. Jigs!. holy smoke!. doggoned!. nuts to you!. pugh!. blab. on the nose. shine it!. EXPLODE v. show up. bastard!. for dammed sure!. bletch!. zowie!. hang it in your ear! EXPLETIVE: HAPPY wow!. groovy!. caught with one's pants down. INVESTIGATE. shot. keen-o!. goldarned!. spill one's guts. goody gumdrops!. twenty-three skidoo!. holy Christmas!. PUBLICITY. mother clutched. own up. thunderbird! EXPLETIVE: ANGER shit!. what the fuck!. yech!. rundown. got one's neck out. get mileage out of. baloney!. REVELATION. See SPEAK. hot ziggety!. mercy!. open up. See also DEFENSELESS. really get into. caught with a hand in the cookie jar. EXPOSITION n. your father's mustache!. See also DISCLOSURE. put it where the sun don't shine!. EXPOSED adj. ugh!. you just ain't whistling Dixie!. shove it up your ass!. tip.T. for crying in a bucket! EXPLOIT v. lay it on the stick. don't look at me! EXPLETIVE: REJECTION forget you!. darn it!. bullshit!. let it all hang out. fuck off! EXPLETIVE: SURPRISE no kidding!. yahoo! EXPLETIVE: HOSTILE asshole!. shoot one's wad. shee-it!. blow up. stew. holy shit!. up the wazoo!. dig. out with it. EXPLOITER n. tough titty!. wire-puller. shoo fly!. break. holy Moses!. caught dead to rights. mother!. spring one's duke. shoot off one's mouth. UXB. search me!. sez you!. piss on you!. ding blasted!. rats!. blow it out your barracks bag! EXPLETIVE: IGNORANCE it beats me!. you got me!. whyfor. picric. God only knows!. debunk. gosh darn!. crack. the idea. go blooey. TAKE. EXPLOSIVE n. hot dog!. See also ADVANTAGE. goodness gracious!. phew!. fuck off!. whatfor. dig up. out on a limb. big deal!. set off. See also DESCRIPTION. heaven knows!. See also OBVIOUS. let the cat out of the bag. nuts!. says who!. peach. mofo!. yeeuck!. holy Toledo!. hot diggety!. expo. go off. the whole picture. mooning. pop off. man!. EXPLODED adj. string. grease. shove it!. phooey! EXPLICATION n. megillah. dagnabbed!. carpetbagger. break it to one. mulligan. flip one the bird!. work (she worked the Johns for tips). tip one's duke. like wow!. out of sight!. you said it!. phew!. mother grabber!. up yours!. toughshit!. soup. man-oh-man!. . you said a mouthful!. it's Greek to me!. Bouncing Betsy. booby trap. moon (buttocks). what in Sam Hill!. dinah. nerts!. dad blamed!. Lord knows!. for sure!. no buts about it. blabber. stow it!. go on!. oowhee!. yucky!. your mama!.S. make noise. crimeny!. yuk!. go soak your head!. damn!. shove it!. go to!. T. piss!. you bet!. streaking. goldinged!. come out. EXPLORE v. T. for Pete's sake!. bitch!. EXPLOSION n. powder monkey. blow the lid off. get out!. Jees!. boy oh boy!. fuck you!. fer shirrr!. pish!. way rad!. crazy!. cowabunga!. fer sher!. bull!. don't need no diagrams. you know what you can do with it!. let the good times roll!. dump on. giveaway. show. you bet your boots!. fuck a duck!. I pass!. outta sight!. far out!. tip one's hand. yeehaw!. beats the shit outta me!. get it off one's chest. up your ass!. tip off. power. SOB!. fireworks. go soak yourself!. hell!. va voom. eeoooh!. what the hey!. story.

GRATUITY. offed. payoff. throw out the baby with the bathwater. shakester. the dogs. EXPURGATE v. stretch out. choke. too much. flaming. nobody home. See CANCEL. kill (lights. scrubbed. sterilize. tip. posh. atmosphere. out of bounds. scrub. old heave-ho. vulture. all the options. grafter. launder. down the drain. EXTOL v. high on the hog. EXTRACT v. the pits. put the shake on. gayola. pressure. zapped. EXTORTION n. till hell freezes over. cooptation. one thousand (Vietnam war). went. hand it to. nose cone. EXTRA adj. chichi. fleece. go easy on. G. gut feeling. all fired. room to swing a cat. off the cuff. jump off the deep end. sanitize. fifth wheel. kaput. kaput. cool it. EXTERMINATE v. glorkish. wipe out. squash. shakedown artist. out of this world. ultra-ultra. skin. stiff. padding. . clean up. ad lib. douse. push. number ten (Korean war). pad. like carrying coals to Newcastle. take the sting out. way out. high. ape. root. old-timer. See ADULTERY. kiss off. icing on the cake. EXTEMPORANEOUS adj. stretch. got his ruptured duck. fake. stroke. brag about. high. bleed. old hand. shark. kill. wicked. EXTORTIONIST n. string out. like money was goin' outta style. war-horse. bad news. widow. EXTERMINATED adj. perks. a beaut. See also SUPPRESS. make one pay through the nose. kayo punch. nose cone. dead duck. like teaching one's grandmother to suck eggs. thinking out loud. knock off. scrub. KO. 1. plush. passed on. take the edge off. shake man. frills. EXPUNGE v. hold up. last straw. rush. bells and whistles. worst-case scenario. alien. take out. old pro. wink at. See REPRESS. spreading it around. carrying on. crazy. DESTROY. bum's rush. boss. heavy metal. shellback. everything but the kitchen sink. hell of a. blue pencil. arm. call all bets off. drag out. brush. fuss. egg in one's beer. too-too. give a bouquet. steep. ET. frou-frou. put some rubber into it. squeeze. cushy. sixth sense. wiped out. man from Mars. wasted. tip out. nix. 2. playing around. drugola. soak. go all out. washed out. out of sight. extracurricular activity. straight face. EXTRAORDINARY adj. boost. bleep out. spiffy. shot down. in line (paying sums to). leg-puller. mega-gnarly. fancy. heave-ho. payola. bite. the straw that broke the camel's back. like dynamite. spare tire. the end. stall. up. buildup. dead as a dodo. EXTEND v. living high on the hog. drag out. goodies. all off. toss off. bitchen. squeeze. swanky. across the board. sweetener. send to kingdom come. drag one's feet. tough. See EXPAND. bleep. shake down. pull out. affair. out of bounds. drop dead . EXTENT n. leech. wring out. blue pencil. frill. squeeze rates. spiff (salesman). fish eye. toss out. pad. flash. give a boost to. erase. like wow. ice. EXTRA DURABLE adj. leg pulling. checked out. improv. EXPUNGED adj. spaceman. scratched. cut. knock down. shot down in flames. popped off. horseman. hats off to. See EXCELLENT. EXTREME adj. run on. EXTINGUISH v. EXTENSIVE adj. all bets off. ritzy. clip. hell fired. have to hand it to. EXPULSION n. hike. cut. winging it. hear it for. EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION n ESP. gravy. fling. ex-GI. boss. primo. EX-SOLDIER n. See also B E N E F I T . sting. take the bite out. here to hell and gone. poker face. first cabin. EXTRAMARITAL n. boost. wall to wall. flossy. old salt. fire or cigarette). worm something out of one. stamp out. EXTRAVAGANCE n. leeway. bottom out. See KILLED. give a posy.extreme 145 EXPRESSIONLESS adj. deadpan. shake. See SOFTEN. upping. little green man. offed. done for. double duty. lead eyeballs. rubbed out. badger. FILM n. elbowroom. one thou. finished. option. the least. bloodsucker. had it. See ELICIT. PM. call off. saucerman. gewgaws. all out. See EMOTIONLESS. all get out. getting some on the side. pull one's leg. See also EDIT. See DEAD. all get up. taking it for a ride. brush-off. blink at. zap. short end of the stick. sanitize. yank. blow away. far out. heavy. lagniappe. blue penciled.. in orbit. rave. blow the deal. put the arm on. gash. gingerbread. fancy. See KILL. gone. kayo. puff up. write off. button. off the top of one's head. ice. dead and gone. X out. See IMPROMPTU. jamming. steep. EXTORT v. shot. rub out. hat. See PRAISE. gut. KO. vet. trim. the chips are down. taken out. gone. killed. stamp out. golden parachute. the gate. penguin (formal wear).I. badger. launder. protection. EXTENUATE v. bounce. Martian. stick. pro. googly. extracurricular relations. gnarly. EXTRATERRESTRIAL n. worm out of one. decontaminate. EXTENSION n. old sea dog. fab. EXTRA. shakedown. zero cool. knock off. in spades. bitter end. out of sight. goner. EXTINCT adj. EXTRAVAGANT adj. stiff.

too much. do a Rocky. EXTRICATE v. size up. mini specs. shades. See VERY. cockeyes. lamps. turned on. pies. See EXCITEMENT. blow one's mind. deadlights. terrifically. zip. EXULTANT adj. nippers. EXUBERANCE n. pepper. clap eyes on. glims. GLASS n. check out. upper. get up and go. also UGLY. glom. zappy. EYE v. go juice. zap. set up. give the OO. shutters. sus-specs. let go. give the once over. peepers.146 extremely EXTREMELY adv. walleyes. eyeballs. EYEGLASSES n. googly eyes. lay eyes on. give the double O. showboat. popeyes. blinkers. saucer eyes. piss and vinegar. zingy. bounce. pep. blinders. high. pincers. full of piss and vinegar. banjo eyes. See ECSTATIC. character. gravel eye. gleeps. bounce. fireworks. mince pies. save one's bacon. sight. glims. lamps. baby blues. fucking. shutters EYES n. glimmers. get out from under. flying. bail one out. See SPIRITED. EYELIDS n. goggles. cheaters. wowed. specs. Flash Gordon. See FREE. totally. give the eye. gagers. swivel eyes. flipping. almighty. four eyes. set eyes on. save one's neck. large charge. EXULTATION n. make up. slanters. chipper. windows. EXTROVERT n. high. juice. See SEE. bang. terribly. headlights. zippy. professor (wearer). let off. powerful. EYE. hopped up. spotters. See GLASSES. charge. gogs. sock. peekers. blot on the landscape. bugeyes. granny glasses. up. EXUBERANT adj. See . cheaters. EYESORE n. stone (stone deaf). dump. feeling one's oats. plenty. take in. bouncy.

stick it out. old wives' tale. See PRETENSION. old chestnut. crock of shit. how it is. nothing to it. switch. the utmost. the caterpillar's kimono. all wool and a yard wide. repro. jazz. have a bone to pick. smooth article. turnon. See LIE. nasty. cross. spitball. kopesetic. FABLE n. call one's bluff. fast talk. fudge. something else. tawny. okay. knock-off. helluva. tough. primo. cuspy. tip top. a gas. kicky. sanitary. honey. rad. FABRICATE v. ace high. squash. cold. gas up something. cook up. nobby. 10. the nerts. one for the book. in fat city. ten. shit. mezz. put one's life on the line. nose cone. check plus. some (some show!). face down. fly in the teeth of. knock the chip off one's shoulder. megillah. jam up. whomp up. ginger peachy. corker. hummer. face to face. zanzy. man-sized. out of sight. let on like. gills. stat. peachy. bottom line. song and dance. clone. breeze. smashing. dream up. paint. sly. take it off the top of one's head. mug. humdinger. but good. gasser. maple stick jive. mad. beaut. false front. FACE TREATMENT n. something to write home about. prefab. make something out of. FACADE n. 1. slick. knock together. copacetic. A-OK. compatible (P. fab. walkover. solid. fox. kisser. wizard. 2. yarn. make like. 1. make up. step over the line. sugarpuss. scrumptious. 2. mimeo. stick to one's guns. fairy tale. brass tacks. this is some kinda . FACE n. index. A. winner. the nuts. peacherino. grease the wheels. unreal. mess. top-notch. strictly. like all get out. 1. hand-carry. take on. shirty. something. the cat's meow. signify. take it on the chin. talk trash. dilly. mind-blowing. take out. tits. deadpan. mush. FACE POWDER n. thick slung. glor. line of jive. smooth apple. old touches. bang-up. square off. hunky-dory. phony. gnarly. take it. crock. high cotton. aces. it's the berries. standout. FACT n. not take it lying down. See LIE. bull. biscuit. old smoothie. ripping. no shit. like it is. foxtrot. far out. for the birds. stellar. bull. make my day. See EASY. nifty. tell off. funky. darb. reet.C. yarn. slicker. fake. flip. brace. FACET n. A-numberone. child's play. terrible. nose job. mega-gnarly. fly in the face of. brainstorm. pushover. straight shit. emess. ace of spades. conk. spit and image. face the music. map. hell of a note. golden. corking. turkey shoot. lulu (often Derog. splash. stunning. heller. FABULOUS adj. savage. solid sender. eyeball. poker face. whip up. carbon. smoothie. spiffy. meet eyeball to eyeball. go one on one. go on make my day. keen. tidy. the bee's knees. 147 . murder. crackerjack. face off. sticks out like a sore thumb. smooth. See also BRAVE. OPPOSE. good show. look-alike. twist. cool. front. the end. way rad. zero cool. topflight. dozer. best ever. tops. xerox. something to brag about. beautiful. tuff. dupe. show. hooper-dooper. cracking. hogwash. walk through. carbon copy. the cat's whiskers. sourpuss. gear. one to one. choice. whale of a. world beater. See TRUTH. hogwash. great. fib. Al. groove. fish story. ripping. greatest. something to shout about. jive. clock. down. copycat. dynamite. hamburger (mixture). groovy. super-duper. bad. not too shabby. peachy keen. slap up. bong. hard. chip off the old block. put-on. like wow. bunk. gone. real George. easy make. George. easy as pie. phiz. pippen. deadly. hot. boo. real gone. knock out. rat fuck. cock and bull story. FACILITATE v. mean. terrific. shit. the butterfly's book. find. bully. 2. FABRICATION n. run into. fast talker. mind-bending. fat. puss. heavenly. claptrap. 3. too much. think up. catch. face-lift. froody. gift of gab. window dressing. A-plus. like gangbusters. killer-diller. marvy. head trip.F n. crap. super. flimsy. cock and bull. crack. the cat's pajamas. mask. picnic. straighten out. See STORY. sweetheart. dead ringer. phizog. delicious. sharp. line. FACILE adj. chevy chase. supercolossal. potato. open doors. first chop. smoke. top of the line. picklepuss. spark. first class. jumping. bo. fib. facial. makeup. wicked. pan. spitting image. first rate. lollapaloosa. take one on. FACSIMILE n. salt of the earth. plenty. solid gold. top. stick-out. gilt-edged. dial. eyeball to eyeball. 2. double. top drawer. compatible). OK. wild. old saw. FACE v. twin. out of this world. ringer.). ace. like mad. flash. flour. stand up and be counted. bite the bullet. run interference for. the best. boss. doozie. take one up on. whiz. work alike. swell. star. neat. daisy. cobble up. throw together. the most. jive. peas in a pod. See LIE. tickety boo. whopper. in spades. smooth operator. in the groove. drooly. heavy. dream. fudge together. angle. like dynamite. pip. throw up. ripsnorter. ducky. state of the art. shuck and jive. 1. in orbit.

dump. be taken to the cleaners. FAILURE n. strike out. blow the gig. story. has-been. freak. back to the drawing board. right up front. Chapter 13. See UNSUCCESSFUL. poop sheet. fold up. take it on the chin. bugger. brown off. a pistol. phftt. 2. FACTORY n. hold the sack. bitch. go FAINT v. go wrong. down for the count. hash up. turkey. blown out of the water. foozle. go out like a light. meet one's Waterloo. have a bad go at. go sour. legit. rocky. on the level. click. come out on the short end of the stick. flush. clambake. FACTS n. bust. stub one's toe. flub the dub. tube it. draw a blank. down-and-out. brass tacks. blackout. cropper. flummox. total wipe. go kerplunk. real people. total loss. from the horse's mouth. crap out. plug in. go to the wall. turkey. not come off. crap out. fold. buff. louse up. down the chute. shop. miss one's cue. no go. score. muff one's cue. left at the post (lose from the start). flummox. down-and-outer. on the ropes. FAD n. drop. fall guy. bite the dust. has what it takes. righteous. in deep water. go into the tank. pull a bloomer. put one's foot in one's mouth. fall down and go boom. get out of kilter. tanking (on purpose). foul ball. sweatshop. down the drain. pass out. putdown. drop the ball. pancake. peter out. a nobody. dues payer. salt mines. goof up. clutch the gunny. gum up. the straight stuff. tucker out. know one's way around. on the level. boo-boo. up front. A for effort. sport. turd. take the heat. make a boner. stumble. skinny. botch. near miss. draw a blank. hound. go phut. washout. FAINT adj. flush it (test or course). circle. flunk. nitty-gritty. groupie. boot. die. all wool and a yard wide. flake out. belly up. pump up (gambling). break. not get to first base. go blooey. cricket. dynamite. mess up. go bust. peg out. come a-cropper. not fill the bill. square John. boffout. defeatee. blank. also ran. flunk. header. Chapter and verse. muss up. fold. TEACHER. keel over. flash in the pan. flat failure. misfire. bomb. have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. put one's foot in it. piss up. good-fornothing. woozy. flag. wipe out. Chapter 7. 1. crack up. die on one's feet. freak out.148 faction flooey. fuck-up. goods. drop a bundle (money). broke. 2. FACTOR n. bilge out. FAILED adj. stiff. for real. never pass go. board. 3. hit the skids. washed up. 1. gospel. the last word. should have stood in bed. fag out. FACTION n. go to the cleaners. go haywire. go kaput. fizzle out. wash out. conk out. blue ruin. make a boo-boo. die on the vine. drawing dead. take the count. go up. clunker. not come off. rack and ruin. what's what. snafu. die standing up. FADDIST n. the numbers. insiders. go over like a lead balloon. bum. drop the ball. go broke. fizz out. muff. miss by a mile. not hack it. curdle. can't even get arrested. part and parcel. meat and potatoes. mess and a half. Chapter 11. flopperoo. go west. flop. lemon. go under. clue. See DEVOTEE. jumble. loafer. blob. poop. straight from the horse's mouth. square. kosher. get out of commission. frost. inside dope. be on one's last legs. go on the blink. fluke. enema. fuck up. frenzie. fall flat on one's ass. not work. ace out. land on one's ass. brodie. See ASSOCIATION. See also INFORMATION. cold turkey. foul-up. crazies. make a mess of. not make the grade. the emess. pull a boo-boo. come apart at the seams. down the toilet. roll over. go Chapter 11. blow. go under. no dice. drop a brick. See RAGE. poop out. See SKILL. in. foozle. washed out. p' r Ï. blow it. out of luck. cue. FACTUAL adj. trendoid. the right stuff. fink out. get out of whack. can't punch his way out of a paper bag. cool. disaster. the lowdown. bagel. fair to middling. fixin's. stiff. foldo. skids. have one foot in the grave. out of it. combo. peter out. in the dumper. down the drain. poop out. croak. bugger up. veg out. See TIRE. old boys network. stinkeroo. in over one's head. tap out. piss up. can't even write home for money. lick the dust. bust out (expelled). combination. lamo. dinkum. false alarm. in the toilet. wet smack. booby. on the skids. flunk out. facts of life. square shooter. whole story. See also PROFESSOR. get hung up. take it. regular. in-thing. peg out. sucker for. the goods. dull thud. open. stinker. the know. never passed go. up to snuff. make a hash of. brodie. roll over and play dead. saint. hold the bag. lose big. beat. the boys. hooked. flicker (also pretend). go to pieces. makin's. nonstarter. kick. dope. FADE v. no shit. go soft. fluff one's lines. FAIR adj. duck. lead balloon (idea went over like a lead balloon). foul up. go on the fritz. great one for. . on the rocks. stifferoo. flunkee. FAIL v. bitch up. lowdown. shellacking. wrinkle. totalled. neverwuz. trip up. newest wrinkle. moocher. gutted. scoop. pull a blooper. be on the skids. crowd. fair shake. come apart at the seams. eat one's lunch. abortion. pratfall. dud. wasteland. be cleaned out. belly up. gum up the works. card-carrying. pratfall. cave in. bringdown. even-steven. See also WEAKEN. lumpy. turkey. tap out. flag it. fall down on the job. loser. cut no ice. dead pigeon. not make it. flookum. trip up. flunk out. honest to God. bobble. fall flat on one's face. flub. hash. pull a boner. dog. square deal. info. like it is. fizzle. flop. on the up and up. 1 . the emess. gleek it. nowhere. turkey out. screw up. comedown. bloomer. up to the mark. the latest thing. on the legit. take the knock. miss the boat. have a coral sandwich. jim a deal. close one's doors. not work. lose out. deadbeat. ball up. get sucked up the face (surfing). FACULTY n. slip up. die on the vine. goof. muck up. bottom line.

plugged in. spieler. put on an act. belly flop. See DECEPTIVE. phony. nose dive. monster. double-crossing. cock-and-bull story. fan. Christian. nervy. crush. dishy. gyp. easy on the eyes. promoter. Roman hands. freak. gaily. 2. FAITHLESS adj. demon. cocky. belly whopper. FAMILIARIZE v. stub one's toe. crock of shit. fake. con. See ADVISE. fishy. step out on one. check out. get the lay of the land. See CELEBRITY. bufF. true believer. header. con artist. ersatz. sharp. tuned in. F A L S E a d j . See also COUNTERFEIT. could eat the asshole out of a bear. let next to. grits time. slick. rack. straight stuff. shady. bunco. dog-hungry. pirate labels. fixed. on one's side. story. fakey. Michigan roll. keel over. See FLOUNDER. skin game. two-faced. cook the books. See also GROUP. oil merchant. take a belly whopper. plant. fan. queer. filbert.flam. bobble. go ass over teakettle. shit kick 149 FALSIFICATION n. See LIE. bugged. go go. case. great one for. kept posted. know one's stuff. put on. pirate goods. FALSIFIER n. See UNFAITHFUL. freaked out. have a tapeworm. w. FALSEHOOD n. 1. straight from the shoulder. wired. Bearflanks. high on. way off. smart ass. put one in the picture. FANCIER n. chippy on one. Clean. name. smart. right up there. hound. call em as one sees em. beaut. the whole famdamnly. FAMILIAR adj. reach-me-down. folks. get together. junkie. knockout. honey. shirt-tail relatives.fancier straight.shell game. take a dive. it won't fly. crock. quack. culture vulture. fresh. starved to death. FAKERY adv. pseud. two-timing. put on a false front. FALL v. hokey. framed. frame. sincere (sarcasm). ace in. sassy. go in the tank. put on to. Susie Smith concept. nose-dive. bunko. FALL n. sucker for. lame. baloney. no such animal. biggie. third rail. click. FALSE BANKROLL n. let down one's hair. get with it. dirty work. dyed in the wool. promote. latched on. true blue. FAKE v. FALSIFY v. junque. spoof. stock. mix. home folks. white. straight arrow. cheater. straight out. freak. boy scout. drop the ball. line of jive. fib. ring. string along with. what you see is what you get. FAMILY n. lose it. front. stand up for one. break the ice. (well known). put on an act. sincere. hooey. faithful but not blind. phony up. fourflush. faked. story. fall down and go boom. get buddy-buddy. See DEVOTEE. out of line. Sammy Smith concept. bogotified. fly right. not what it's cracked up to be. number. b o g o s i t y . four-flusher. crank. could eat a horse. planted (evidence). jiggery pokery. ace through. get the lowdown on. soft shell. biggety. cock-and-bull story. FALSE MODESTY n. crusty. nut. honest Injun. tip over. crazies. belly buster. stiffing it. turned on. out in left field. bold as brass. off the same rack. snide.flimflam. crew. FAITH n. cheeky. bum. demon. FAIRBANKS. 2. pseudo. line of cheese. jive ass. tight. all set. kissin' cousins. crock of shit. flipped. b o g u s . star. actor. bent. fiend. crank. window dressing. See also LIE. in the know. tip. peach. fishy. fresh. jive turkey. fiend. come a-cropper. yarn. land on one's ass. 3. big number. FALLACIOUS adj. bum. frame up. cop a feel. FAMILIARITY adj. starved. fake it. crowd. 3. wise ass. store. oncer. feeler. frenzie. bullshit artist. See DEVOTEE. straight dope. 1. cheeky. thick. crap merchant. See INSOLENT. buddy-buddy. straight shooter. kinfolks. FAITHFUL adj. 1. hands trouble. 2. Conner. trip up. tall dark and handsome. FANATICAL adj. down home. See KNOWLEDGEABLE. cover-up. come through. smart alecky. behind one. bug. b o g u e . looker. grounded. come a-cropper. witch. brassy. eat this shit. mob. bogosity. balls. FALTER v. savvy. FAKE n. hem and haw. thick as thieves. con merchant. chummy. pratfall. tip off. munchies (follows marijuana use). nuts for. palsy-walsy. phony. face. See also PRETEND. crooked stick. fool. bogue. whitewash job. damn white. with it. Hollywood. celeb. wig out. See LIE. salt. ACT. fluff one's lines. strictly union. dive. 2. outfit. belly up. bum. dive. gang. jivey. phony. hit the dirt. See ENTHUSIASTIC. off. FAMOUS adj. ALASKA n. post. FAIT ACCOMPLI adj. empty. Mr. falsie. salt a mine. two-faced. See INTIMATE. gil. whopper. cover-up. put on. take a header. See DECEITFUL. wrong number. See BEAUTIFUL. brassy. bullshitter. FAMISHED adj. insiders. FANATIC n. smart aleck. fly light. bunch. numéro uno. do a pratfall. tank. phony. nut. in-laws. song and dance. cheatin' heart. starving. con man. wrong.k. autobogophobia. scam. flip. whopper. not kosher. . hogwash. crooked. take a dive. put on.

spoil for. get a wiggle on. storm out. a hoot and a holler. (as soon as possible). yen for. hook. fantasmo. FANCY n. pack the mail. zanzy. like a blue streak. sizzler. hot pants. lech for. hitch up. stone's throw. button. get a move on. on cloud nine. NORTH DAKOTA FARM n. hell-bent. fantasmo. like a bat out of hell. in the door out the door. campy. FARMER n. in. plow jockey. clover kicker. out of this world. hitch on. spark. frilly. unreal. frou frou. eyes for. See also ORNATE. tickled pink. hay shaker.A. get cracking. wowed. joky. freeze to. FANCIFUL adj. jumping-off place. ta ta. gagged up. to beat the devil. in-one-door-and-out-another comedy. thing. scream. pour it on. pie in the sky. shit kicker. zazzle. stay put. pronto. bye-bye. let one fly. later. tickled to death. trip out. ciao. FANTASIZE v. itch for. FANTASY n. like mad. FARCICAL adj. 2. for grins. going like a raped ape. spitball. FART v. yen. throw up. hang-up. nail. in a jiffy. speed boy. fer piece. high camp. fool's paradise. latest thing. a shlep. lickety split. like crazy. hooked. toot sweet. really rolling. shake a leg. hook up. on cloud seven. quick on the trigger. faddy. FANCY adj. rube. See LOVE. quick on the draw. eighty-eights. inthing. so long. primo. spanking. back of beyond. break neck. piece. newest wrinkle. apple knocker. pie in the sky. hummer. two whoops and a holler. whip through. cut the cheese. like all get out. sticks. on the dance floor but can't hear the band. See OBSESSION. quickie. bug. before you can say Jack Robinson.150 fanciful clay eater (Southern). good ways. cook up. boondocks. sold on. egg orchard. like greased lightning. stir your stumps. See FABULOUS. in two shakes of a lamb's tail. first class. to beat the Dutch. trendy. See ATTRACT. slap on. woohat (Georgia). head over heels in. leave one. gullyjumper.S. thing for. in two shakes. castles in the air. peace. bag. hop to it. See CREATE. trump up. castle in the air. See also LOVE. hayseed. end of the rainbow. FASCINATED adj. tag. make it snappy. pleased as punch. get moving. crazy about. hell-for-leather. have it bad. knock together. sweet tooth. abyssinia. moon. move your fanny. grabber. cup of tea. see ya. like wow. pipe dream. FASHION TRENDS n. turned on. like a BAB. tack on. 2. cob. a go-go. chop chop. See also NEW. FAREWELL interj. poot. long chalk. on the double quick. like a streak of lightning. good-byee. Alvin. double time. See DESIRE. FASCINATE v. high ball. have the hots for. haul ass. stick like a barnacle. See STYLE. now. fall for. anchor. clodhopper. slay. swamp angel. trendy. FANCY v. almost over the county line. spinach. joshing. flaky. a go-go. bit. good hands. druthers. FAST adj. to beat the deuce. godforsaken place. FARCE n. the rage. hard-on for. in thing. like a house on fire. stare into the middle distance. toodle-oo. PDQ. hell to split. neck-breaking. speed merchant. mad for. keep the faith baby. weakness for. groove on. like shit through a goose. get going. like fury. head trip. dream up. last word. dirty neck. like a shot out of hell. FANTASTIC adj. mind trip. hay rube. in nothing flat. horseback. out of sight. whoop. blue sky. wham bam. the cat's meow. backfire. John Farmer. rat fuck. throw together. like sixty. like sin. floating on clouds. Arkie. trip. floating. dream up. chichi. sleeper jump. nose-closer. hubba-hubba. on the double. have a nice day. flossy. sent. new wrinkle. mod. take it off the top of one's head. pipe dream. cut one. turned on to. ING. peel rubber. knock dead.P. step on it. See PARTLittle Twins. head trip. gone on. just down the road. send. lickety cut. make up. wow. barrelling. gone on. FASCINATION n. don't spare the horses. whomp up. latest thing. offbeat. have a good one. right off the bat. country boy. See GOOD-BYE. Clyde. dust raiser. swan song. FARE v. pratfall comedy. hair trigger. you can't get there from here. chic. come on. far piece. clear to hell and gone. spinach. vamp. snap to it. . seven-ply gasser. make out. Clem. I'll be seeing ya. double clutchin'. best ever. like a shot. to hell and gone. pretty damned quick. fool's paradise. fudge together. to beat the band. ad lib. fly. cushy. megagnarly. snap. FASTEN v. far out. FASHIONABLE adj. seed. handle. pie in the sky. get the lead out. pipe dream. head trip. FASHION v. faddy. a hop skip and jump. the butler's revenge (silent). the last word. boonies. briar hopper. 1. pipe dream. type. ways. backwoods jockey. spitting distance. flash. Sunday run. spiffy. screamin'. FAR adj. big eyes. yokky. build castles in the air. Oakie. 1. hot. a good long walk. tidy step. hook on. lech. burn rubber. middle of nowhere. FAREWELL n. Bill Shears. itch. like a scared rabbit. gone in a cloud of sour owl shit (WWII). wild for. low camp. woolgather. tullies. delicious. groove. turn on. jack off. A. move your tail. in half a shake. get with it. the New Look (1947). hillbilly. play with oneself. tag on. snappy. kinky. camp. speedball. like a bigassed bird. bait. I'm outta here. break wind. think up. FARGO. God knows where. hell-bent for election. camp.

puffy (exaggerated). crusty. lardo. burned out. See DESTINY. asshole suckin' wind. heebie-jeebies. duck soup. schmeer. blow. okey-dokey. gutsy. wisecrack. butter up. gutsiness. candy boy. lard-ass. gutty. fagged. fox paw. See MISTAKE. goose bumpy. louse up. fuddy-duddy. fatty. fair-haired boy. gremlins. plainer. que sera sera. burn out. big daddy. man mountain. have eyes for. fatso. cold shivers. dad. daddio. sitting in the drivers seat. creeps. buttoned up. persnickety. pappy. 2. tub of lard. easy as pie. jolly. simple as ABC. the way the beads read. cocky. hipsters. smart ass. pucker. for. Crisco (fat person). poop out. asshole suckin' wind. buddy up. rank. padre. tub. hipped on. fag out. lather. to a fare-you-well. granny. doable. See PERFECT. knock out. the way the ball bounces. heavy. sitting pretty. white-haired boy. spare tire. shaky. cold creeps. go for it. groove. take a fancy to.feast 151 FASTENED adj. zaftig. stew. beatsville. papa. stickler. candy ass. tun of flesh. gutbucket. FAULT n. root for. jerky. take a shine to. spetters. kiss of death. pucker-assed. pet. cotton to. crank. smart alecky.. chesty. fair-haired boy. whiner. anchored. number one boy. FATIGUE v. bubbleheaded. fuss. in a cold sweat. FATIGUED adj. out of gas. built for comfort. oil. blue-eyed boy. hot shot. pet. crispy. fat slob. textbook. okay. bitcher. comma counter. keen about. FAULTLESS adj. fats. cow. hairy. cool hand. brain fag. golden-haired boy. fuck-up. miscue. pro. tucker out. bay window. golden oldie. goof. FEAR n. pap. right on. whale. old maid. love handles (hips and thighs). to-do. cinch. See FOOLISH. FAVORED adj. gremlin. ice in one's veins. pop. take a liking to. meat show. pecker-assed. breeze. pleasingly plump. tun. smart. sitting in the catbird seat. crack. biggety. ballsy. corn-fed. in the groove. chutzpahdik. fusspot. See MISTAKE.M. crust. hitched up. wise ass. chalk. the way the cookie crumbles. whippersnapper. locked. fizzle out. hippy. FEAST n. FAVOR v. FEASIBLE adj. daddums. gaffer. See also LUCK. FEARLESS adj. glitch. spunky. carpet-bag. fox pass. solid suet. FATE n. pie. jitters. thejims. rabbity. muff. take to. pooped. asshole puckerin'. corporation. lamebrained. See also DARING. cock stuck up. weak-kneed. sappy. easy as falling off a log. fancy pants. two-ton Tessie. chunky. on target. battle of the bulge. boner. run scared. come on strong. rave. on one's side. heavy cream. in the cards. FEARFUL adj. Lady Luck. uptight. nebbish. mess up. Mr. FAVORABLE adj. the jimmies. pins and needles. walrus. boggle. in the lap of the gods. four-o. flip. shmendrick. quivery. stroke. iceman. gutiness. pops. have a thing about. FAULTY adj. gritty. back. front-runner. nailed. tucker. pizzazz. guv. tilt towards. creeps. leaping heebies. . broad in the beam. catch. warden. stage fright. main man. See COMPLAINER. gamble on. scared shitless. needles. buttoned down. cheeky. wise guy. too big for one's britches. old man. old woman. governor. sweetheart deal. goof. zit. sorehead. FAUX PAS n. heebies. sassy. boo-boo. 10. blimp. kowtow. OK. flub. See also BLEMISH. poop. for it. bold as brass. pill. have it for one. roly-poly. jittery. blow card. FAT adj. be serious. 1. fat city. fire-eater. pratt boy. the jams. karma. nervy. shake in one's boots. bug. See also PREFER. ain't scared of shit. chit. sure. FAVORITE n. look like ten pounds of shit in a fivepound bag. hung up. fat stuff. teacher's pet. punk out. See EASY. fat-assed. conk out. have cold feet. asshole buddy. ague. O. chunky trunks. tub of guts. locked in. meat. blue-eyed boy. moveable feast. have butterflies in one's stomach. beef. zingers. flash. cold feet. picky picky. asshole puckerin'. flop. in a dither. daddy. played out. snow. big feed. hooked up. See IMPERFECT. lay it on. FATED adj. thejimjams. nitpicker. handwriting on the wall. pernickety. flap. setup. racked. poppa. got the faith baby. ace. beerbelly. hippo. crab. peter out. salty. fizzle. FAWN v. goose bumps. curry below the knee. FATIGUE n. See also PARTICULAR. yellow. birdbrained. lard-assed. fall all over. play up to. FASTIDIOUS adj. the handwriting on the wall. See AFRAID. shoo-in. brassy. fussbudget. zoo daddy (divorced). gutless. game. jelly-belly. horse-heavy. baby elephant. tough it out. flaked out. ten. slob. hell of a note. piece of cake. bodacious. chicken out. beef trust. snap. fave. in a sweat. D and D (deaf and dumb. blowout. weak in the upper story. on the ragged edge. LIKE. buck fever. lemon. FATUOUS adj. fag. all-overs. turned on to. a few bugs. porker. muck up. piss in one's pants. pa. no sweat. lippy. gaily. jumpy. bagels. FATHER n. mousy. fresh. hung. rubber tire. suck ass. hefty. scared spitless. ass in a sling. worriment. zonked. fidgets. FAULTFINDER n. pater. go. burnout. sure as shit. pucker-assed. griper. See also STUPID. blubber guts. puffed up. bulge. buck for. tubby. evergreen. clutch up. fox pass. pucker. picky. seconds. avoirdupois. massage. main. boo-boo. glitch. afraid to testify). asshole buddy. bushed. eat this shit. typo. wore out. Five by Five. See TIRED. break. butterball. pushover. pus gut. shivery. go for. tubster.

gondolas. See also PRETEND. fathead. shlub. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION n. lamebrain. dreck. fall apart. G-man. 1. basket case. nougat. gang. clown. clam. shithead. numb-headed. feeb. 2. pig out. muttonhead. Fannie Mae. full up. woodenhead. FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD n. canal boats. newt. 2. Charlie. loogan. horse hocky. bubblehead. puddinghead.B. rake-off. dummy. nebbish. See ASSOCIATION. slice. balloonhead. have a hunch. F. dumb ox. boob. eight ball. hocks. dumbo. See also COUNTERFEIT. FEES n. See also ARTICLE. crowd. bite. droop. turd. peahead. lowbrow. FEATURE n. goopus. jerk. mutt. all tore up. funky. thick. handle. dud. feel in one's bones. bullhead. numb-nut. T-man. tie on the feedbag. shit. Federal. G-men. dork. plates. gazers. stutter step. canoes. potato head. boob. fish. rattlebrain. cabbagehead. mess. captain of the head. Freddie Mac. dill. ANIMAL n. FECES. put up a bluff. family. crew. dumb cluck. hookup. twist. F E I G N E D adj. don't have the horses. shmendrick. frisk. winner.I. flats. FECES n. pads. FEAT n. barking dogs (sore). dopey. fake. tax man. draddy. fed. pups. doesn't know from nothing. earth pads. simp. jughead. lead-footed. bonetop. have a funny feeling. shook. doesn't know A from izzard. paper tiger. nobody. clock. know where one is coming from. FEED v. emoting (simulate). woozy. stompers. cheesehead. Feeb. dildo. half-baked. feed one's face. ante. shnook. wimp. have a funny feeling. get one's gage up. cow chips. hang one out to dry. Elmer. have heart. good fellow. trotters. dingleberries. deadhead. dumdum. zero. take-in. fling a fang. out of it. all torn up. dopey. doesn't know the time of day. end. gunboats. syndication. hocky. rattleweed. a coupla quarts low. feeble. cementhead. deek. FIB. Ginnie FEDERAL AGENT n. lunch. feel in one's guts. birk. doggy do. tie-in. dodo. faked. prohy.. lunkhead. deek. FEEBLE adj. put up a front. shook up. scarf. get vibes. fake it. house. tie-up. put the feelers on one or something. the Fed. phony.152 feat stunt. dimwit. bloke. revenuer. where one is at. ninny. horse apples. vibes. schlemiel. jackass. fake one out. dodunk. birdbrain. saphead. submarines. bird turd. Foley Square. hounds. pumpkinhead. wishy-washy. See also ACTION. snack. feel up.. boots. deadneck. . lardhead. cluckhead. put on. doughhead. gut reaction. FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION n. numb-brained. weak in the upper story. FEDERAL AGENCY BOND n. shmoe. FEELING adj.B. meathead. golden apples. dunce. sap. FEIGN v. a little something to sweeten the pot.. out to lunch. share. See EAT. Uncle Charlie. mitzvah (good). phony up. gonus. Fannie Mae. See PRETEND. bumhead. chicken. munch out. sam. ring. nitwit. weak sister. hard John. pointyhead. dumb bunny. moose nuggets. Big Charlie. See BOWEL MOVEMENT. mope. dub. gag. put on an act. FEET n.M. numbskull. box. Freddie Mac. buckethead. scoff. horse hocky. Candy Man. road apples. lunchie. salt a mine. cluck. FEINT n. emote. See WEAK. nobody home. doesn't know from A to B.I. frantic. hammerhead. chickenhead. nuthin' upstairs. whiskers. mob. 1. banana head. the Feds. nerd. flathead. stonewall. flub. stupe. dumb head. blockhead. number two. mushhead. clod-pated. chucklehead. gravy. Funny Candy Company. airhead. nurdy. tribe. Big Double C. outfit. bunch. FEE n. have good vibes. rocky. chowderhead. piece of the action. piece. gasser. put on the feedbag. out of gas. simpatico. monkey. chump. crap. tootsies. stutter-step. spooks. FEEL v. four-letter man (dumb). give out. mallethead. play possum. narc. dumb bill. dunderhead. FEINT v. alley apples. doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain. schlamozzle. feeble. FEDERATION n. moose beans. cow plops. all shook up. meat. goofus. FEEBLEMINDED adj. pool. loser. clunk. knows from nothing. marble dome. hoofs. shlump. feel stuff. commish. turkey. shmuck. barkers. squarehead. moose pecans. Mae. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION n. blubberhead. feeb. have a hunch. fish. chunk. juice. oofus. FCC. FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION n. goon. shake and bake. nincompoop. soft in the head. knucklehead. juke. goof ball. fake out. got a hole in the head. platters. tugboats. nibble. get in touch. pinhead. be turned on to. do a bit. muttontop. gimmick. have vibes. doesn't know which way is up. a little slack. clodhoppers. feel in ones bones. cut. doggy do. See also CHARGE. hard John. grab ass. F. big department. dumb Dora. angle. flicker. B. slant. juke. four-flush. take. knuckle. blunderhead. sucker one. CHARACTERISTIC. dogs. Friendly Candy Company. where one lives. dump. peck. bow wows. skig. caca. bonehead. one eye.

skirt. cheesecake. blow. Chessycat. China white. perform. fib. bouncy. boyo.). FETCH v. smell out. dutchess. horseshit. yarn. sucky suck. pussy. clambake. cutie. hunk. Edsel. stud. crock. French. peppy. spinach. hot to trot. meow meow. yucky. cock suck. drag one's foot. donah. he she. unglued. FIBBER n.). stir bird. birdie back. go great guns. hot pants. old bat. yarn. jazz. hot for. shoulder. shindig. bohehead play. coon cat. spyboiler. piggyback. buck. piece. intended. plant. bullshitter. bash. hopped up. jazz. swagsman. bananas and cream. shovel the shit. kitty cat. See STORY. sixty-nine. FIANCÉ(E) n. juiced up full. burning up. jamboree. gung ho. burning up. promoter. conner. chichi. scene. old lady (girl friend). turd. lug. future. road apples. FELLATIO v. around the world. beefcake. oil merchant. FETID adj. mess. fox. . See PARTY. flop. bullshit. wingding. FEVER n. hot. cuffs. phony. FESTIVITY n. snappy. FETTER v. have dead to rights. cowshit. frail. wired. stone fox. in a sweat. heel. hell broke loose. jag. unscrewed. bonehead trick. alley apples. See FAILURE. daddy. go go. women's lib. mama. double-crossing. chirpy. running a temperature. sneakin' deacon. a shot upstairs. buffalo chips. cupcake. dickie lick. 2. upbeat. shuck and jive. keyed up. twisty. spieler. jazz. jive ass. fuss. deep throat. rotten. rumble. tomato. BS. bugger. old man. be on to. dame. old lady. gun. FIB n. See LIE. jailbird. story. icky. jice. lifer. chain gang. gross. cow chips. tell a little white lie. feller. book. hang up. smoke out. FERVOR n. derbies. See EXCITED. creaming to. ten. shit. chump heister. fresh one (new). give head. mind-blowing. strong. promote. FERRIS WHEEL n. pinned. cow pats. hot. blow job. FICTION n. whooper-dooper. See also CRIMINAL. ready for Freddie. weakness. whiffy. cheat. tote. witch. fuzzbuzzy. jive. fish. chipper. cannibal (one who performs). stir. See UNFAITHFUL. flopperoo. lane. mac. commo. stinko. hog-tie. cuffs. grody. guy. con merchant. perky. See also FOUL. do. shit for the birds. rocking. tuna. bra burner. pack. jive turkey. FENTANYL n. gotta have. row. wren. high. bomb. dude. like mad. See also REVEL. twat. like crazy. hyper. driven. See WOMAN. con artist. cliff-hanger. shit. 2. go down on. two-timer. bullshit. French job. should have stood in bed. SMALL. steady. lousy. yardbird. foofooraw. See also HAPPY. sis. See MAN. four-time loser. dustup. femme. fairy tale. FERRET n. FERVENT adj. swinging. throw a monkey wrench into the works. monk. speak with forked tongue. shindy. short. unzipped. dumb trick. boychik. See HINDER. yo-yo. two-time loser. yechy. 1. suck off. zippy. See also ENTHUSIASTIC. scumsuck. running a temperature. hell-cat. See also LOVE. whoopee. darbies. bullshit artist. my beauty. turn on. FERTILIZER n. line of jive. give cone. ride. meat. nosy. peter puff. suck. clothesline. she-stuff. not let any grass grow under one's feet.fiction 153 FELINE n. gobble. beaut. FELLOW n. cop a joint (all Obsc). crap merchant. battle-ax. old wives' tale. stink. FEMINIST n. boob stunt. slim pickings. hump. lawn dressing. clinker. FEMININE adj. cow flops. See LIE. broad. filly. beauty. stallion. pops. quack. pinup. women's libber. play the skin flute. crock FERMENT n. head. FETTERS n. FIB v. 1. shlep along. ex-con. pussycat. BS. finger pop. vie. she-stuff. FEMINISM n. See TURMOIL. fall all over oneself. bunk. bobble. man. rhubarb. stinking. the shakes. zappy. grooving. the shakes. bullshit. horse hocky. stinky. FEW n. John. crap. punk. whopper. truck. libber. bodice-ripper (romance). hold up. FETTER n. blowout. FEVERISH adj. bird. brother. potboiler. bull. bullchitna (Esk. fofarraw. hot to go. on fire. batshit. new jice. on fire. rock crusher. back. FESTIVE adj. 10. penilingism. bullchitna (Esk. about to piss one's pants. FENCE n. abortion. FICKLE adj. fired up. pick up on. oomph. gooky. nose out. FELON n. going steady. See also AMOUNT. cheat on. dumb thing to do. puss. toughtec (mystery). old woman. swagman. zingy. kitty. dying to. talk trash. con man. golden apples. brig rat. FIASCO n. flap. FEMALE n. hoopla. kid. donar. cuff. heifer. pearl dive. jill. jumping. FERRET OUT v. to-do. babe. dud. whinding. pep talk. shlep. disaster.

FILAMENT n. backlot. brannigan. built like brick shithouse. rumpus. briar. A. words. smack. ape. come out swinging. stuffed. mix-up. bone to pick. V-man. full house. duke out. straw boss. brawl. thing. hoedown. long suit. put the slug on one. FIEND n. made out of whole cloth. have at it. half a buck. hook up with. palm. FIGUREHEAD n. string. hellion. . knuckle buster. ants. FIFTY-FIVE MILES PER HOUR doing the fifty-five. FIGHT v. behind the camera. put up an argument. juicer. FILM v. FIELD n. jittery. sardined. gaffer. beef. basket case. RIOT. FILM n. shindy. pitch a bitch. blindside. lay for one. FICTITIOUS adj. FILL v. fancy Dan. five-five. chassis. tot. dummy. row. dustup. sold out. ants in one's pants. (ass't. hell broke loose. lay into. snuff film. flick. See VIOLENT. fly in the teeth of. topped off. go after each other. square up. punching bag. lens. tall story. be agin. lousy with. duke. palooka. tanker. rowdydow. run down. when push comes to shove. FIFTY CENTS n. run-in. nervous wreck. goo-goo. knuckle duster. give one a fat lip. kill-crazy. break with. full up. mug. antsypantsy. can. raise FILIPINO n. duke it out. socdolager. get out the sharp pencil. break it up. top off. spat. talkathon. FILM FESTIVAL n. bone of contention. FILLED adj. See ANXIOUS. filled to the rafters. brush-off. jackpot. kick up a row. double nickel. shuffle. square off. knock one's brains out. go a couple of rounds. take account of. SRO. take on. FIFTY DOLLARS n. honest numbers. tummel. See PRIZEFIGHTER. frame. tiff. turn. shitlist. figure in. appropriate. gin. no such animal. the old one-two. break the news (police). liberate. snipe. 1. sweat it. standing room only.D. put up a fight. half a rock. jam. gone clean (The. wired up. tote up. on the PegFIGHT n. count noses. hitting out in all directions. raise sand. classy chassy. swagged up with. roll. put on the gloves. straw man. bag. shittin'. gone ape. gook. put up one's dukes. flickie. weakness. FILCH v. 2. promote. mix it up. remake. go. fuck film (Obsc). dresser. lock horns with. half a bill. bag. slugger. foofaraw. nudie. jumpy. pack like sardines. penguin. FILE n. pissin'. romp. light into. jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. skin flick. shoot it out with. cut some ice. cauliflower ear. four bits. FIDGETS n. punch out. on pins and needles. roughhouse. top. gugu. crumbed up with. BOXING. jam-pack. swindle. slasher flick (horror). queer.154 fictitious of shit. swipe. helmer. onetwo. lug. scrap. lenser. tangle with. take one on. jam packed. setto. shape. full as a tick. FIGURE n. filmfest. rumble. blowup. donnybrook. front man. up the wall. sail into. ants in one's pants. shoot. packed. pug. romp. mano a mano. spooked. enemies list. hey rube. front. go to the wall. little devil. dope out. blowtop. FIGHTER n. tote. hustle. cross swords with. crummy with. paper (The. tot up. stand up to. See STEAL. boost. clean. rowdydowdy. sardine. brush. Number One (owns own dress suit). knuckle with. moke. slice and dice film.) FILM EXTRA n. falsie. packed like sardines. battle royal. fuss. phony. bod.). stuff. ruction. wrangle. set to. snitch. S list. fake. bang heads. take a poke. cut ice. megger. bump heads with. flipped. FIERCE adj. antsypantsy. banana oil. nick. sucker list. work out. hyped up. fly in the face of. racket. See also ATTEMPT. silver wing. stooge. movie. See also ARGUMENT. fantobs. put in the can (com- FILM CREW n. half a C. antsy. classy chassis. up to here. ruckus. cup of tea. FILIBUSTER n. footage. nix. hit list. stew. pettifog. squab. stuffed to the gills. build. smoke. grip. hassle. pair of fives. holding in the reins. hassle. DOSSIER. flap. roughhouse. expo. best boy. go toe to toe. scrounge. tangle ass with. stagehands. go to the mat. 3. fit to bust. props. yantsy. dailies. See DEVIL. crap list. buck. go after it. brawl. jump. built. count heads. terminological inexactitude. sand. (punished or ostracized). talkie. half bill. half a yard. double buffalo. pair of nickels. hyper. FIGHT FOR v. plete). open up. shivaree. hellcat. rhubarb. stiff with. See MOTION PICTURE. antsy. scrap. See LIE. knock down and drag out fight. rushes. pack em in. pitch into. beat up. FIDGETY adj. go up against. jam. plug. FIGURE v. fish story. jammed. Charlie McCarthy.). you got four feet? (invitation to fight). See OCCUPATION. a go at each other. FILM DIRECTOR n. hooey. See DIRECTORY. flip (WWII). free-for-all. charts. faked. dance. figure out. tangle. slug. keep tabs. raise cain. atmosphere. porno flick. row. heavy.

FINALE n. See DIRTY. knock it off. button up. and that was all she wrote. FINE n. stumble on. juice. bag it. venture. wind down. flag one. call off. crummy. roll FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE n. forks. FILTH n. tighten (move closer). long time coming. come to a screaming halt. polish off. turn it off. See BEST. first inning. see the light. long shot. tie it up. cut it out. head for the barn. closing. pick up the tab. loan shark. cut. FIND v. when the fat lady sings. staker. FINANCIAL ANALYST n. con. dolly (move). rip. wrap. picky. finish off. and that was all she wrote. lay off. fairy godmother. footage. it's about time. poppers. blow over. mop up. cut the shit. bankable (film. right under one's nose. feeler. button (last note of a musical). picky picky. robber baron. nitpicker. swan song. truck. lay on one. bow. what you see is what you get. nit pick. cut off. poor-mouth. the big stick. shoot down. fang (musician). prime the pump. FINISH v. hit with a fine. bad-mouth. granny. scuz. close out. get on the wagon. close up. break it off. swan song. in the home stretch. unreal. giltedged. nuke. rap. lady bountiful. end piece. first run. punch out. drop it. Santa Claus. FINISH n. FINE adj. See also BUSINESSMAN. See END. grift. dig up. See also END. fusspot. close down. ice. hit upon. shoot down in flames. pull the plug. pull strings. persnickety. FILM PRODUCTION n. FINANCEABLE adj. See also PARTICULAR. FINICKY adj. zap. call it quits. run around. slap with a fine. package. . choosey. break in. drek. put the lid on. FINGER n. FINANCIER n. afterpiece. aces. mean. wrap it up. meal ticket. knock off. hummer. drop the curtain. drop. ass end. hooks. cool it. clinch. crack. FINESSE v. dailies. FILM TERMS roll. bitch bitch bitch. grubstake. piece one off. hold it. dab. fold. pick up the check. wrap up. break it up. See also EXCELLENT. go for. bankroll. sponsor. print. blow-off. wind up. comma counter. butter and egg man. first outing. pick apart. bean bailout. faniggle. come off it. number one.). shutter. old woman. slough a joint. See CONSUMMATE. wrap-up. establishing shot. round up. can it. blow the whistle on. See ULTIMATE. tops. gamesmanship. wirepull. tycoon. stakeman. fold up. business. crumb. bottom line. throw the book at one. FINE v. gnarly. See also GIVE. racket. print. ticky. lay a bad trip on one. greatest. yecchy. finagle. fade out. premier. all-time. fuddy-duddy. crud. wrap. break it up. on location. sleaze. not too shabby. shake. wash out. come to a shuddering halt. sugar daddy. See CRITCIZE. two shot. jockey. the bankroll. baaadest. walk off fifteen yards. Threadneedle Street. come to a grinding halt. hundred proof. let up. LaSalle Street. angle. FINALLY adv. spiffy. sleazy. operate. close up.). lint-pick. loosen (move camera back). fish hooks. cut loose. etc. unloading. fat cat. grungy. the Bourse. unspooling. zoom in (decrease lens angle). already. world class. smut. closer. Wall Street. coolsville. scratch. bitter end. screening. stickler. stake. corral. cool. kick. take. scuzzy. wrap. knock (Bl. Lombard Street. crusty. scrub. grubstaker. lunch hooks. find the smoking gun. pull wires. stealers. come off. angel. full shot. cap on. FINGERPRINT n. angel. can. gimmick. FINGERPRINT v. FINAL adj. cap. track. call all bets off. rip. cut off one's water. blow off. back. counter. rushes. last hurrah. pull the big one. backer. the curb. cut the crap. pinkie. getaway. pan (move across). uncover. savvy. clean up. chuck it. rig. pack it in. dock. trip over. FINALIZE v. FILM SHOWING n. cover (alternate plans). come to a screeching halt. the one who signs the checks. get it under one's belt. roll'em (start camera). cold turkey. FINANCE v. over the shoulder. gold). know-how. henpeck. break off. blow the whistle on. when the balloon goes up. See DISCOVER. opener. the end. wicked. wipe up. clinch the deal. leave off. claw. fade in. plow back into. put on ice. hang it up. cruddy. neato. project. FILTHY adj. sign off. sneak (unscheduled test preview). zoom back (increase lens angle). FINESSE n. cut (stop). preem. the money. smoke out. fussbudget. curtains. play games. calling card. curtains.finish 155 FILM OPENING n. chaser. See also SENTENCE. collar. clinch. numbers cruncher. ring down. shut down. wrap a joint up. FIND FAULT v. FINEST adj. first round. oneupsmanship. strike (oil. kiss off. reverse angle. curtains for. call it a day. FINANCIAL DISTRICTS n. solid. end of the line. great. the street. scrag. curtain. unspooling. payoff. See also MOTION PICTURE. wipe out. old maid. trash. deal. baron. turn off one's water. key light. close. sew up. pernickety. See EXCELLENT. meat hooks. wangle. pay through the nose.

cat fit. turn on the heat. big nickel. . See also SUITABLE. up to the mark. finished up. blown away. to a T. kick out. get down to the short strokes. hooked up. washed up. gig. fire running (spreading rapidly). China cracker (Obs. Anumber one. FIST n. tied up. to a frazzle. bunch of fives. FIREMAN n. Mr. set in concrete. kayo. trouble man. See ASTONISHED. open and shut. See GUN. chuck habit. blip. hang tough. FIVE DOLLARS n. torpedo. by bits and pieces. See DISCHARGE. redline (Mil. up to snuff. duke. crown fire (treetop). zip gun. hot spot (particularly active area). zap. face lift. bunch of knuckles. ring. five of clubs. done with. five. squeeze one off. case. stand pat. send one south. click. bounced. FIXATION n. hard-nosed. laid off. right off the bat. wound up. mop up. FIT adj. rapid oxidation. go the distance. Rock of Gib. fiddle with. shit hemorrhage. FLABBERGASTED adj. FIRE v. stick like a barnacle. blow one's topper. nail down. wrapped tight. snake den. equalizer. first off. duck fit. number one. R). in the bag. blow a gasket. bowled over. bowled down. wrapped up. snub nose. FIRST adj. FIT n. five spot. FIRE AT v. cover (any vegetative material). pink slipped. FITTING adj. six-shooter. hand one his walking papers. blast. Rock of Gibraltar. club. put it in concrete. FITFULLY adv. trigger. chuck horrors (prison food). five C's. blaster. difference. axed. bug up ones ass. fire running (rapidly spreading). gun. dead set on. D. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS n. See WELL. fini. wingding. knuckle sandwich. tune out. just what the doctor ordered. debug. herky-jerky. pop at. See OBSESSION. plunderbund. first class. on the button. FIRE STATION n. slash (debris left after logging or brush cutting). pfft. five dollars. put on the brakes. fix up. See also CORPORATION. widow maker. be in at the kill. when the fat lady sings. done to a T. finif. cherry bomb. fit as a fiddle. by fits and starts. have on the brain. five-case note. buffalo. yesterday's news. grand. FIRSTHAND adj. FIREFIGHTING TERMS blow up (sudden increase in fire intensity). hemstitch (machine gun). megacorp. locked in. five-ouncers. deuce of clubs. FIRED adj. little Miss Fixit. hang-up. FIREARM n. winkie (volunteer). kaput. drop anchor. let one go. small nickel. FINISHED adj. straight from the horse's mouth. peter out. smoke jumper (airborne firefighter). nailed down. set. tiger by the tail. nailed. FIXED adj. lay off. fiver. See DISCHARGED. numéro uno. FIRECRACKER n. right up front. on ice. the wild blue yonder. crowd.156 finished in. put a cork in it. up in smoke. when the balloon goes up. shot. in dribs and drabs. all set. put the finisher on. give em both barrels. turkey shoot (helicopter Vietnam). piece. lilly whites.). troubleshooter. throw lead. lid. gang. fire-eater. under one's belt. bang away. on the nose. home.). pink slip. doctor. See also ACCOMPLISH. flat. anchored. dago bomb. persuader. done to a frazzle. FIRM adj. fish scale. stay put. outfit. all over but the shouting. five FIX v. put away. multinational. spaghetti. mopped up. FIRE n. half a grand. iron. five centuries. crush (Rom. struck all of a heap. got the ax. open up. signed sealed and delivered. set. bunch. See STUBBORN. hams. trade lead. squib. blow one's top. sack. that's the idea. blow a fuse. at the head of the line. freeze to. smoke-eater. paws. get the drop on. fin. that's all there is there ain't no more. fire-eater. that's the ticket. hardware. done to a finish. golf ball. let go with. FIXER n. See also RESTORE. buttoned up. FIREFIGHTER n. fog away. bake head (R. efficiency expert. give the gate. retread. grabbers. beat to the draw. hot spot. FIRMAMENT n. right from the horse's mouth. cleaned up. can. bake head (marine). See ERRATICALLY. gat. home free. crown fire (treetop). anchor. primo. doctor. FIVE CENTS n. give the bum's rush. deal coming down. wiped out. FISHING SPEAR n. speaker. locked. rod. put to bed. FIRE HOSE n. mitts. conniption fit. convincer. hit or miss. canned. the blue. shoot em up. right on. conniption. right and left.). let fly. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS n. half a G. top of the list. blow. blow one's stack. Saturday night special. have a thing about. Fixit. See also ABLE. FIRM n. mob. drop the hammer. winkie (volunteer). top of the class. almost home (nearly). crew. got the gate. a wrap. 1. kill. KO. lead off. jell. to a finish. tool. put the kibosh on. hitched up. pull the trigger. smoke-eater. go the route. 2. thrown off one's beam ends. See FRENZY. written off. take a pop at.

run after. high falutin. run like a scared rabbit. chicken. sweet nothings. work on. screamer. bug. make a break for it. curry below the knee. ear banger. Star-Spangled Banner. zip. grease. not what one used to be. posy. step on the gas. out of shape. whip out. malarkey. splash. mucked up. GAUDY. joint. play to the gallery. glamour. FLAUNT v. lay it on. get. bagplay. soft soap. fade away. knock off. flaky. wail. get away. work over. strut one's stuff. bootlick. bunk. parade one's wares. glim. pull out. jive. oil. FLAVOR v. kid along. attaboy. rag (semaphore). FLASHLIGHT n. oil. blowout. Jolly Boger. dialogue one. smack with. pablum. go through one's paces. See IMPERFECT. put on an act. show and tell. egg sucker. glitch. fuck one over. FLATTERY n. blah. caboodle. fly the coop. stroke. buildup. sling it. FLAIR adj. shoot a line. windy. greenhorn. baked wind. farty. zesty. hand one a line. red white and blue. do one's stuff. fade. old Betsy. splurge. buzz. fladge.K. buck. grody to the max. gone to seed. applesauce.). sweet talk. flash. make up to. clip. dull as dishwater. good and flabby. chuck one's weight about. kiss ass. take it big. short con. do the heavy. See BORING. red (danger). yes-man. draddy. fan it. grody. breeze. gassy. beat it. shoot the bull. a line. FLAGELLATION n. FLAVORFUL adj. FLAVORLESS adj. polish the apple. go over like a lead balloon. drip. footsie-footsie. ass kisser. skip. promote. FOREIGN n. build up. cut and run. have a bump for. play Mr. balloon juice. wart. bugged. See INSIPID. boost. soap. flashy. flat. butter salve. rusty. . play footsie. boot. powder.. shoot the crap. honey. glitched. overdo it. kick off. yes. dommy. FLAWED adj. have something on the ball. snow. hoke. make a getaway. make a scene. smoke. flaming. sweet talk. A. Meatball (Japan). take a powder. yummy. fade out. See CHEAT. honey. hanging out. gremlin. flashy. cop a mope. show off. baloney. Tricolor (France). contract. play up to. string along. soft. take it on the lam. take one to the cleaners. pizzazz. FLAT adj. butter up. zap it up. be a yes-man. shot in the ass. head for the hills. simonize. jump. puff up. act up to. stick out like a sore thumb. lay an egg. white (surrender). rank. fish. blarney. skin out. nose closer. gassy. sell. suck ass. See GAUDY. roll out. jerk one around. shot in the arm. con. make tracks. sport. suck up to. purple. draggy. run a game on. rook. presence. See APARTMENT. lam. brownnoser.). Stars and Stripes. massage. fuck off. rookie. have plenty on the ball. spot one like a lead dime. FLAT TIRE n. shit. dimmer. scram. windy. crush out. toss a bouquet. loud talk. gold star. wave it around. messed up. snake oil. sporty. simonizer. schmear. get around. break out. suck off. shine in. condo. dog it. bunko. horse feathers. throw one's weight around. not come up to scratch. Stars and Bars (Confederate). glamorous. trade last. rabbit-foot. See TALENTED. go over the wall. get the hell out. spring. apple-polish. jolly. puncture. trot out. snow job. goo. rub the right way. flat as a pancake. exfiltrate. amscray. bombed. bunkum. con. jump off. suck around. soft soap. rapid oxidation. carpet-bag. have to hand it to one. lay it on with a trowel. stroke. charm. FLAGRANT adj. FLAG. fart blossom. flimflam. let it all hang out. FLAMBOYANT adj. Nice Guy. burn. flash. greenie. grandstand. place to lay your head and a few friends. shaft. Maggie's drawers. streak. stooge. handshake. fart sniffer. shit. flat as a pancake. give a posy. buddy up. See also CONSPICUOUS. step on it. shine up to. FLEDGLING n. bouquet. spread it on. vanilla. FLAME n. pull one's leg. gross. lick ass (Obsc). walk up. hot shot. shove off. loused up. go down (basement). hot air. suck off. showcase. shiner. a lemon. cream. dash. zero. typo. take a runout powder. footsie-wootsie. banana oil. blah. 157 FLATTERER n. pat on the back. delish. hot it up. sell. bullshit. dull as dishwater.fleece FLABBY adj. See SYCOPHANT. take off. vamoose. get while the going is good. schmeikle (Yid. pad. make oneself scarce. eyewash. git. dust. FLAW n. give the man a big cigar. lay it on thick. schmear. hokey-pokey. politic. run to seed. dick one around. Maple Leaf (Canada). abreaction route. cut out. slipup. spring with. blarney. monkey flag (Mil. smoke. hogwash. leaves one cold. ho hum. hokum. See also ABSCOND. shove. tenderfoot. hook it. ho hum. FLATULENT adj. fall over. bull's eye. catch. blow. clear out. strokes. split. sling the bull. get git. nothing. FLAT n. snow. massage one's ego. ass-licker. trade last. brownnose. skip out. hotfoot. bullshit. sweeten up. fall all over. kowtow. TL. hotdog. crap. TL. gyp. sporting. Old Glory. flat. soften up. hightail. FLATTER v. Union Jack (Great Britain). out of condition. come the heavy. co-op. get next to. pep it up. crash pad. shine at. FLEE v. See NOVICE. hose. FLEECE v. FLAG n. heel. jazzy. GO. duck and run. zip it up. catch 22. hit one with.

goo. cracker box (house). FLORIDIAN n. dilly-dally. make a pass. twit. flustrated. windy. bitch up. dope (heavy such as sauce). birdwoman. from hunger. make a mess of. get. breezy. tease. . tanning. go to pieces. rickety. trip up. beat the shit out of one. smart alecky. blow. dose of strap oil. stew. flip. See also DALLY. See VACILLATE. sassy. drop the ball.158 fleeced FLEECED adj. come apart at the seams. birdbrained. blow it. hang loose. hit it big. getaway car. like a big-assed bird. FLEXIBLE adj. work up. clipped. paddling. make bedroom eyes at. bugged up. gaga. 1. eyeball. barrel punishment. lead on. exfiltration. aced out. whip ass. FLIGHT n. larrup. piss up. been taken. blow the gig. flash in the pan. cooler. pitch. jived. See FAST. hickory oil. boards. dose of hickory oil. suckered. chaser. FLIGHT ATTENDANT n. slapdash. tan one's hide. in a flusteration. FLIRT v. curdle. brodie. screamin'. cow pilot. take it out of one's hide. dose of birch oil. jump. chunk. flub. Sunshine State. sling. foul up. roll with the punches. balloonhead. meat show. drop a brick. strap oil. switch hitter. screw up. humpty-dumpty. walloping. FLIRT n. tacky. spaz. FLINCH v. velvet trap. flummox. dropping hairpins (homosexual conversation). like a house on fire. come on. FLEETING adj. get to. lick the dust. bug juice. on the double. el cheapo. reckless eyeball. hide. fresh. break. pratfall. gleek it. goop. give one the eye. 2. helihop. discombobulated. nervy. paddle. cruising. out. harebrained. wolverine. getaway. make one's move. have one's place in the sun. drop the ball. licking. jet jockey. fungible. pickup. crack up. live high on the hog. put one's foot in one's mouth. mope. going like a raped ape. crack. popcorn. flip. put one's foot in it. be on top of the heap. get ahead. high falutin'. beat. cosplug. toss. boo-boo. lollygag. figary. FLOOR n. vamp. tear away. gam (Bl. slip up. FLIRTATION n. discombobulate. cheap jack. held together by chewing gum.). chuck. FLUSTERED adj. FLIMSY adj. flag it. camp. FLOGGING n. kerflumixed. dust ball. See INSOLENT. come along. bubbleheaded. blow hot and cold. FLIGHTY adj. fluff one's lines. FLING v. sleazy. FLICKERING adj. been had. farmisht. bat one's eyes at. snafu. absquatulation. nancy. stiff. stew zoo FLOAT v. FLOUNCE v. move in on. whaling. birdman. wax. flop. dressing down. stumble. get hung up. land on one's ass. thrown. louse up. Everglade State. fertummeled. unglued. bobble. really rolling. flub the dub. kittens. crash. make a hash of. powder. come a-cropper. FLUSTER v. gold digger. get one's lumps. larruping. rocky. stub one's toe. lumps. Peninsula State. bugger up. birch oil. wise ass. hazel oil. fadeout. slut's wool. canvas. bold as brass. fire. drop hairpins (homosexual conversation). come on to. See PILOT. like greased lightning. See DISTURB. See DISTURBED. ball up. come hither. See HIT. shafted. all around. hiding. rattlebrained. FLOWERY adj. bite the dust. See CHEATED. FLEET adj. See also CONFUSE. player. FLOURISH v. airplane driver. wolf-whistle. chowderhead. man trap. FLOUNDER v. foozle. one who can do it all. barrelling. runout powder. craze. fall flat on one's face. house of cards. lob. flyboy. flax. harumscarum. speedball. ding-aling. dose of hazel oil. shilly-shally. getaway route. make waves. trip up. blink. gimcracky. swinger. (quarters). spook. bitch. look sweet upon. FLIPPANT adj. chickenhead. spring. FLORIDA Bikini State. fall down and go boom. go every which way. tease. shellacking. T and A. mat. phumpher. alligator bait. juice. rinkydink. purple. lay an egg. FLOW v. mess up. make goo-goo eyes at. smart. in a flush. shook up. smooth along. airedale. adjy. breakout. muff. Mickey Mouse. muck up. brassy. belt. in nothing flat. leather. in a flustration. FLUID n. hop. mooch. airhead. whomp. go at it ass backwards. tits-and-ass FLOOR SHOW n. acdac. held together by spit. lippy. skinned. See also CONFUSED. push. miss one's cue. whop. lathering. be on the skids. pussies. make eyes at. show. putty in one's hands. peg. cruiser. gold dig. gassy. bugger. lay a bomb. deck. be fat dumb and happy. flag. vamp. smart ass. FLUCTUATE v. swish. hit on. proposition. taken for a bundle. fall flat on one's ass. flam. dingbat. airedale (Navy). See SUCCEED. cave in. crappy. FLIER n. psych. hem and haw. in a tizzy. heave. ticky-tacky. pick up. flicky. snookered. smooth along. waxing. muff one's cue. set up. dingdong. operator. leathering. blob. FLOG v. barnstormer. stir up. bug. AC/DC. yo-yo. boot. pitch. FLUFF n. fuck up.

FOOL n. yumyum. gridlocked. play catch up. bamboozled. grub pile. bushwa. . FOOD n. hang up. hornswoggle. kooky. bear hug. throw a monkey wrench into the works. FLYER n. grope. put on. next off. snow. run rings around. hedgehop (low). outfox. yum. draft. pea soup. FOE n. shadow. crimp. on the prowl for. play footsie. hanger-on.foot inspection 159 FLUTE n. feel out. sweat. flipper. sky out. semolia (Bl. opposish. dork. oppo. queer. throttle jockey. rattlebrained. handout. crazy about. zero in on. stymie. fucked up. horse's collar. shlep along. CANNED n. lovey-dovey. flimflammed. weak in the upper story. slaphappy. hot on one's tail. scam. cheese. punchdrunk. on one's can. bandit. on one's biscuit. smazy. stick whistle. foolheaded. stonewalled. sweller FLY v. go after. wing out. dumb de dumb dumb dumb. fouled up. ceiling zero. tag after. See STUPID. stuff and nonsense. FOLLY n. moveable feast. dodge. spoof. FOOLED adj. soupy. home in. outfoxed. skinned. jump. ho daddy. FOOL v. jerked. chocker. birdbrained. smog. scoff. take out. smaze. dippy. shadow. devil-maycare. tommyrot. screwy. fogged in. knuckle down. angries. stymied. echo. buddy fucker. crab. get around. pour it on. tail. buddy (sarcasm). bushwah. trail. shake. springer. fudge. birdwoman. string along. fool around. whip silly. FOG n. chop. chop chop. swag. up the wall. bubbleheaded. ninny. track. cakes. meat.). cramped. me and you. seagull (N. FOLK SINGER n. loser. shmendrick. flummoxed. 1. FOOT INSPECTION n. FOLLOWING adj. ditch. sharpen. mushy. See also THINK. key on. balloon juice. drive. yo-yo. give the run-around. fly by the seat of one's pants. ribs. stooge. grit. crip. dry lump. horse's ass. airedale (Navy). go out on a limb. FOCUS v. air travel). sticks to one's ribs. total cahcah. shake off. flathat. crimped. chow. dingy. peelings. slop. dodo (Stu. natural. See also DEFLATED. pogey. FOOLISH adj. See also DEVOTEE. smoggy. gump. goonk. pea-soupy. grab ass. whoosh. airedale. sappy. blue plate. buff. paw. squirrelly. scuzz food (junk food).). socked in. See PILOT. See SUPPORTER. See TRICKED. dumb trick. deeked. lamebrained. asshole. partial to. dumbo. schnooky. poppycock. slappy. zero in. juke. jerk off. sky in. pull a fast one. twaddle. fool trick. put something across. scoffings. hornswoggled. chick (prison). clutch. tailgate. lunchie. grubbery. have a go at. hone in on. set down. foxed. crabbed. birdman. juke. short order. goodies. jerked around. go juice. FOILED adj. horsefeathers. on one's keister. upset one's apple cart. visibility zero zero. nutty over. punk. See also LATER. plaster. stick to. give the slip. Mickey Mouse. scatterbrained. fan. dog ear. suck in. snowed. See also HINDER. punchy. fast food. 2. pea souper. turkey. goofus. See TRICK. leave oneself wide open. See also NONSENSE. jerky. slip one over on. opposite number. schlemiel. screwloose. con. crazy for. shag. run down. feed. skull drag. get one's head together. jive. bite. groceries. snack. pecks. folkie. skip out on. nutty about. hone in. airhead. dumb trick. tag along. put something over. conned. fucked over. dumb thing to do. FOOLHARDY adj. home in on. See CARELESS. narrishkeit. on one's quiff (closely). fuck up. sharpen up on. FONDLE v. gooby. onto. soul food. put a tail on. whiffer. bad guys. big for. shmoe. goulie. booshwah. balloonhead. feedbag. FOLLOWER n. squeeze. dingy-dingy. flapdoodle. flyboy. lump. dingbat. peckings (Bl. take a hop. deek. sucked in. kid. cahcah. wing. punk and white wine. See PREVENT. meatballism. put a spot on. cockeyed. harebrained. flunky. black plate (soul food). schlub. all over one. wing in. cramp. ho dad. spike one's guns. a line of cheese. cop a feel. on ones pratt. FOOLISHNESS n. ace. horse's neck. flamdoodle. jet jockey. barnstorm. jet out. bend the throttle. home cooking. take out after. doesn't know from A to B. London fog. garbage. caca. (spoiled). out to lunch. chuck. piss and punk. fox. nobody home. helihop. schlemiel. queered. buy a pig in a poke. dodo. hung up on. dog show (WW II).). through the mill. shuffle off. fake out. bollix. hop. halfbaked. tail. glop. spook. duck. ground clouds. soup. FOIL v. pea-soup fog. fool's trick. foul up. spoof. zero zero. fool trick. skip. eats. whose side are you on?. flaky. vittles. buddy-buddy. freeze. put away. crazy over. go off the deep end. grub. jet over. goopy. stroke. fiddle-faddle. FOOD. go in for. soft on. dog. drive an airplane. See also FOOLISHNESS. winner. fool's trick. gubbins. tail down. FOND adj. run circles around. skyman. horse's tail. FOLD v. go out for. move in. closed in. chewings. feel up. schloomp. nerdy. FOLLOW v. claptrap. fiddlesticks. big. heart in the right place. faked out. ditz. FOGGY adj. bollixed up. dog one's heels. diddle. chase. buzz.

suicide squad. up the gut (through the center). whistle dead (end the play by a whistle). turn on the heat. muscle out. chicken fight (repeated blocks). hard-boiled. be big. nix. flash. an 800 pound gorilla. flankerback. pick. thread the needle (between defensive players). go easy with. FOR prep. twist one's arm. red shirts (ineligible players). the stuff. sweep (a sweep around left) bootleg. front four. check. pick off (interception). fake. lock up. bulldoze. circle. muscle in. railroad. straightarm. snappy dresser. tailback (backfield). burn. Monday morning quarterback. fire out (fast move off the ball). go upstairs. squeeze. eat the ball (quarterback has no option but to be tackled). on. take to the air. clunkers. muff. steamroll. railroad through. gridiron. interception. shoot the gap (get through to tackle). take care of. hook. dump off to. FOOTBALL RULES gridiron lawyer. illegal). bust it wide open. suicide squad. in the trenches (the line). grind out (ground play). lean against. stymie. Hail Mary (a desperation. put it on the carpet (fumble). fleaflicker (complex play). a conversion. clip. sweat one. Statue of Liberty play. chalk talk (lecture session). sit on the ball. crew. completion. bump and run. fade away (quarterback move). cool out. lean on. jam. check off (change the call). playing a catch-up ball. cornerman. run double posts. naked reverse. push around. throw a scare into. carry. long gainer. wishbone T. hike (start). cram down one's throat. scramble (quarterback ball carry). squad. break it. earth pads. all the way. slant. blitz. the pits (line of scrimmage). what it takes. eleven. flying wedge. flat (both sides behind the line). hang time. expecting a tackle). nutcracker (rough practice). unload (get rid of the ball). FOOTBALL SCORE take it over. go long. rusher. clotheshorse. jitterbug (defensive back). coffin corner (out of bounds inside the five-yard line). go to the air. See also UGLY. schmear. down and in. See PROHIBIT. hand off. FORBIDDING adj. uprights. sport. running game. safety blitz (by safetyman). drive (consecutive successful plays). walk heavy. clout. bomb (long). aerial. throw one's weight around. sack (tackle the quarterback). pow. sock. put the gueril on. leather. cool. put the screws to. runner up. down and out. live with. boot. skull practice. taxi squad. pumpkin. ground gainer. FOOTBALL KICK n. roll over. Beau Brummel. FOOTBALL TACKLE dump. put the arm on. put the chill on. put the squeeze on. all star (honors). cut block. shut down. shotgun. snap. sit on a lead. FOOTWEAR n. crackback (blindside block. intercept. strongarm. steamroller. incomplete. oval. nose guard. incompletion. cut off one's water. freeze. closed. the call. blow in. loop. barkers. pigskin. run double corners. off limits. jump pass. wide open. necessary line (gain needed for first down). FORCE n. dog. (they shut off the short gain). put the scare on. scatback (ground gainer). shut off. put the screws on. read (he read the hand off). FORCE v. looper. . rainbow (high arc). outta bounds. turnover (lose possession of the ball). blind pass (without looking). pro. pitch out. ram down one's throat. FOOTLIGHTS n. the force. soldiers. squib (outside kick). chain (ten-yard measure). clodhoppers. 2. illegal). eat the clock. macaroni. the pocket (quarterback zone). FOOTBALL PLAYER n. shut down (they shut down the offense). wishbone. dump it off. bull in. blitzer (linebacker). FORBID v. bottoms. circle pass. no no. right on the numbers. put the chill on. hear footsteps (distraction. hog-tie. hit the hole. huddle. go coast to coast (goal to goal). wide open. bring down. held (they held them from scoring). crawling (trying for more yardage after tackle. audible. hold up. go up on top. yardage. belly series. FOOTBALL PASS v. Dapper Dan. canal boats. full head of steam. scrambler. comebacker. boomerooski (trick play). tough. clothesline. monster. troops. put the heat on. beef. make one an offer one can't refuse. front line. clip (illegal block). razzle-dazzle. smashball. punch.160 football FOOTBALL n. right on the money. run out the clock (stall). clamp down. complete. break it open. grandstand quarterback. FOOTBALL TERMS grid. juke (feint). soft shell. go all the way. 1. slant in. horse collar. See POWER. beefer. cough up (lose ball during play). run to daylight (any opening). ding. safety. go easy FORBEARING adj. pump (feint). gridder. rollout (quarterback move sideways to pass). comeback. automatic (both substitute play call). all pro. gunboats. high pressure. foots. red dog. fumble. long pass attempt to score). gueril. block. fake out. booter (kicker). belly back (ball carrier feint). kill the clock (timeout). convert. button hook. nickel defense. nail. break it (long gain). hold. pressure. FOP n. See also COERCION. crock down. closed up. whistle down. take it in. monster back. flare. horses. lean on it. safety man. bomb squad. FOOTBALL PLAYS ground game. pop (short pass). spike. put it on the ground. cut back. reserve (substitute). FOOTBALL SIGNALS call. arm-twist. steam. toff. See SHOES. chain gang (officials positioning chain). swell. spike (he danced under the goal posts then spiked the ball). hassle. safety valve (short pass option). closed down. ground grabbers. kamikaze corps (special teams). make it hot. FORBIDDEN adj. smashgut. shop. hang up. zing. dude.

pit boss. honcho. chisel in. in full swing. bill poster. get one's buns warmed. See also NEW. scratcher. FOREWARNING n. one of a scratch mob. feel in one's bone. smooch. call it. FORESEEN adj. Al. hang paper. when the donkey flies. FOREKNOWLEDGE n. vibes (good or bad). dope out. gammon. See PREVENT. smash a stiff. pirate. scratch man. egg on. sixth sense. FOREFRONT n. like gangbusters. strong as an ox. ersatz. FOREIGNER n. rough up. See also COUNTERFEIT. give the high sign. work on. sinking feeling. all out. have a hunch. heavy. cut em off at the pass. put one wise. see it coming. boss. penman. it was in the cards. see it in the stars. call the turn. See POWERFUL. eat face. see it coming. hoss. make like. no big surprise. hunch. muff dive. sheet passer. cock tease. heavyweight. wind change. gringo. jaboney. hit one with. hotdog. go to town on. paper-hanger. no big surprise. goum. steamroller. knock the props from under one. fun and games. bush patrol. not put it past. bosshead. Big Brother. bouncer. as advertised. till the cows come home. See PREMONITION. 161 FORESEE v. bear down on it. hot stuff. big sticks. go-go. pour it on. PASSER OF n. tip off. etc. lay paper. spider. cop a feel. got the horses to do it. tease. canoe.). till you're blue in the face. call the turn. FORESTALL v. kiteman. wave a red flag. dark setting (Bl. neck. make book. number one. wetback. powerhouse. call the turn. push a stiff. FORGED adj. scratch. true to form. stiff. not what it's cracked up to be. spoon. hoke up. turn on the heat. till hell freezes over. phony. dope out. psych it out. FOREMAN n. the handwriting was on the wall. primo. A per se. fly kites. feel-up. bill poster. offshore. nag. jawbone. lizzie. it's what always happens. tip off. be just like one. slam-bang. footsie. numéro uno. figure out. FORGE AHEAD v. on the line. FORGED CHECKS. pirate labels. (fresh off the boat). FOREWARN v. put a bug in one's ear. tomcat. jibone (all Derog. flying bedstead (1920). in the cards. FORECAST v. be one all over. See PREDICT. paper layer. full bore. pirate goods. A-l. FORD CAR n. dope. FORETOLD adj. for keeps. boodle. leading edge. jackboat. cutting edge. state of the art. FORESKIN n. at the cutting edge. phony up. greaseball. plow ahead. it's looking to. in the wind. come at it from all sides. FORGE v. see it coming. FORESHADOW v. See PREDICT. at the leading edge. vibes (good or bad). FORGED CHECKS. butterfly kiss. Model T. hit on. slave driver. FORCEFUL adj. hokey. See also EXECUTIVE. figure. butterfly man. hot shit. FORCEFULLY adv. hoke. FORGER n. FOREVER adv. roughhouse. cobbler. FOREIGN CURRENCY n. ginzo. FORETELL v. PASS v. the force.). bounce bum paper. FOREIGN adj. sardine box. See also ALIEN. dry hump. full tilt. group grope. saw it coming. push paper. guinzo. dope out. tin lizzie. sour paper. handwriting on the wall. chief. Henry. move in on. See ALWAYS. furriner. throw cold water on. queer. ball of fire. deuce (1932). punchy. See COUNTERFEITER. sinking feeling. bull of the woods. pull one's coat. FOREST n. figger out. hooper-dooper. FOREMOST adj. gutsy. paper pusher. since Hector was a pup. ESP. footsie-wootsie. put one's back into it. since God was young. fake. pet. the handwriting was on the wall. funny. figure. fake. shoe (also passports). spike one's guns. heavy stuff.forger sweat it. hot flash. dope. bear down. A-number 1. scratch. See PREDICT. 1. cat. 2. next week East Lynne. punch. as advertised. in the thick of it. cloud up. hot paper. come on strong. handwriting on the wall. head honcho. hotshot. feel. FOREPLAY n. cop. piasters. upset one's apple cart. smell a rat. pusher. pitch woo. crystal ball it. T-bone. gaffer. Model A. bounce sour paper. lay sour paper. pee. smack with. read. bounce. dump on. tip. See BEST. horn in. straw boss. fling woo. funny feeling. telegraph. flag. bull. vibrations. charge. . it's what always happens. go-getter. true to form. saw it coming. figger. crystal ball it. head. See FORESEEN. headman. tin can. the hand- lace curtains (homosexual). push kites. boost. take over. showboat. feel in one's bones. psych it out. figure out. FOB. writing on the wall. in the trenches. bull. shover. pea (pesos.). funny paper. finger fuck. funny feeling. take charge. it's looking to. by storm. telegraph. put a flea in one's ear. chase. FOREBODING n. telegraph. See AMOROUS PLAY. greenhorn. P. since the year one. we're not talking about nutmeg here. cruise.

get one's end wet. talk turkey. FORSAKE v. jazz up. sloppy. straight. sked. FORMIDARLE adj. put out (Female). CRIMINAL CHARGE OF n. paperFORMALITIES n. 1. water over the dam. get the breaks. come through. back. polish off. FORM n. guts. have one's ticket punched. boff. looking out the window. bleach. straight shit. blow. wash one's hands of. See LUCKY. hold aces. get one's ashes hauled. walk out on. screw. FORTUNATE adj. brain fade. FORSAKEN adj. out to lunch. Spring Break. stuffy. luck out. FORK n. hop up. bang. blue. add fuel to the fire. fell between the cracks. strike it lucky. let off. soup n' fish. left at the church. gutsiness. in the dumps. what it takes. asleep at the switch. thrown over. launder. X. right up front. up front. ropes. bang. get it on. punt [someone or something] off. intestinal fortitude. ballbuster. juice up. Dutch courage (intoxicated). bring together. ball. hump. slipped between the cracks. leave flat. when one was knee high to a grasshopper. See DIFFICULT. back when. lay. true grit. call a spade a spade.). drift away. trim. got the blue devils. FORGOTTEN v. sanitize. rough go. by the book. fudge together. stiff. FORGERY. FORNICATION n. built. blown over. twin. parallel parking. spunk. godforsaken. FORGIVING adj. work alike. build. channels. water under the bridge. spring. change one's tune. FORGETFULNESS n. FORGETFUL adj. when Hector was a pup. clean forgot. white tie and tails. dork. straight from the shoulder. airheaded. by the numbers. See ABSTAIN. See also COUNTERFEIT. draw a blank. clock. wink at. let one off easy. blow one's lines (The. on the level. FORGIVEN adj. olden days. pipe dreaming. commute. get laid. knock out. staying power. formal. disremember. blow up. clean forgotten. cook up. hot up. let it go. give up. See also CONCILIATE. knock off. honors. ex. real people. get in. layout. asleep on the job. hammertails. jazz. kiss good-bye. starch. on a roll. soup up. See ABANDON. clean forget. mooning. away back. blackout. disrecollect. tough proposition. balling. FORTHRIGHTLY adv. take the oath. Fort Liquordale. boilerplate. V-man. let one off this time. slipped one's mind. 2. grit. nerve. FORTITUDE n. See UNHAPPY. FORMER adj. clear. fooling around. level. down and out. stomach. down memory lane. draggin' ass. pass up. spike (drink). charge up. don't know if one's comin' or goin'. hot hand. tails. absentminded professor. lose one's marbles. hand out clemo. give in. carbon copy. FORTUITOUS adj. big. build up. backbone.162 forgery FORGERY n. balloon. woolgathering. FORGET v. the dirty deed (all Obsc). gone glimmering. poke. not what it's cracked up to be. white tie. lay. dream up. left in the lurch. FORMAL adj. pull off. throw together. take the oath. let go. godforsaken. like it is. hot. pisser. bottled courage. write off. give up. disrecollected. be big. luck in. get it off together. leave holding the bag. deal level. by the numbers. See BODY. pass on. baggy. goofing off. mount (The. FLORIDA Beach City. blobby. not on the job. block out. luck in. lay it on the line. wipe it off. take the cure. blink at. pour it on. time was. 2. change one's song. tuna. put it on the line. dork. luck out. FORM v. ). go easy on. lifeboat. FORMLESS adj. in from the cold. wipe the slate clean. go up. pack in. go all the way (all Obsc). fuck. one shot. throw up. whitewash. boff. destroyed. squaresville. needle. make out. FORTIFY v. jiggle. whomp up. See CONVENTIONAL. p's and q's. go dry. FORNICATE v. swear off. bib and tucker. built like brick shit house. See SINCERE. pass. FORGIVE v. popcorn headed. screw. no lie. setup. carbon. hairy. playing their game. FORGO v. FORLORN adj. monkey suit. . See SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. murder. See SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. bitch. moony. go blank. fall into the shithouse and come up with afive-dollargold piece. hanging in there. See COMPASSIONATE. let up on. lucky dog. run out on. get some. look alike. open. FORMERLY adv. heart. FORT LAUDERDALE. fuck. blow a line (The. balls. beef up. go on the wagon. dash off. one time. disremembered.). straight arrow. See LUCKY. spear. tux. tall order. fluke. would lose one's head if it wasn't tied on. go the limit. FORTHRIGHT adj. step up. bury the hatchet. boiled shirt. FORMAL ATTIRE n. action. corazon. heat up. hanging fall. let off. punch up. hump. See also PAST. all systems go. live with. knock together. sit out. leave high and dry. 1. scratch rap. draw a blank. moxie. jump on one's bones.

rinkydink. on the level. row. ruckus. See also SINCERE. Greeks. 1. get going. straight from the shoulder. 1. stable. in a swivet. even-steven. fired up. high. keyed up. cut. janfu (joint army navy foul-up). chickadee. slice. stab. FRAME n. FOUNDATION n. all shook up. 2. banty. mudlark. ticky-tacky. come-atable. lucky hit. mix. weird. balloon. hot. luck into. Bones. hyper. FRANK adj. fighting chance. everything's coming up roses. kismet. fucked up. in a tizzy. shook up. all keyed up. fubar (fouled up beyond all recognition). real gone. wired up. rock bottom. run in. get all worked up. run with. house. what the cat dragged in. cage. held together by chewing gum. father. pledge (pending acceptance). susfu (situation unchanged still fouled up). below the belt. nervy. rustle. unzipped. fetch. true blue. pal up. yucky. stinking. pushy. groceries. in the cards. Mr. fubb (fouled up beyond belief). big end. that's the way the cookie crumbles. have kittens. freaked out. connection. bitchy. hot under the collar. weenie. boid. icky. having a spazz attack. meat and potatoes. TEXAS Cow Town. slice of the melon. karma. cussed. hang around with. FOUND v. See FLIMSY. frater. the real goods. lucky break. open. FRAGMENT n. bowwow. don't have the horses. mellow. straight arrow. straight from the shoulder. feeze (join). FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK n. floss around. straight dope. gone. streak of luck. raunchy. weirded out. bedpost. wise ass. call it like it is. in a panic. skank. nub. four by four. hot and bothered. in a stew. warm up. FOULED UP adj. held together by spit. stick. get with. straight shit. piece of the pie. call a spade a spade. wired. 2. jaafu (joint Anglo American foul-up). brawl. mad. rhubarb. Coney Island pup. whack. unscrewed. hunk. rumpus. house of cards. like crazy. tie up with. house. frat house. puppy. big end. in a dither. hut. lucked out. have a fit. flier. vomity. scrappy. tarfu (things are really fouled up). mean. ring in. tout. footlong special. humpty-dumpty. See WEAK. devils's bedpost. ornery. halver. mix up. 3. put it on the line. mind-blowing. FORWARD adj. sapfu (surpassing all previous foul-ups). at heart. barfy. Dame Fortune. weak sister. out. shit in one's pants. fluke. fish. slice of the pie. lion's share. make no bones about it. FRAGRANCE n. zonkers. on the up and up. FRACTIOUS adj. hot dog. like it is. wigged out. in a lather. hassle. tetchy. loosen up. sad sack. nittygritty. in a pucker. fly right. start up. bottom line. squat pad. bigger half. talk turkey. beginners. that's the way the ball bounces. real. bigger half. hit the ceiling. FORT WORTH. break the ice. on the level. open up. talk turkey. no lie. get down. straight. chickabiddy. commfu (complete monumental military foul-up). beenie.fraternize 163 FORTUNE n. mazel (Yid. FRANKLY adv. pimp stick. shoot straight. bite. FOUR OF CLURS n. halver. FOUL adj.even-steven. FRATERNITY HOUSE n. gang up. horse's mouth.). coal and ice. FOWL n. See DIRTY. piece. the roll of the dice. FRACTION n. far out. right up front. pal around. cast a kitten. smithereen. tuifu (the ultimate in foulups). thin-skinned. in a foofaraw. come on strong. straight. in a sweat. . chunk. spazzed out. FRATERNIZE v. tipster. mazeltov (good). mind-bending. animal FOUNTAIN PEN n. turned on. snafu (situation normal all fouled up). crazy. frat. start the ball rolling. lay it on the line. fucked. brother. guts. dead level. nuts and bolts. like mad. biddy. FORTUNE TELLER n. good break. sleazy. house. rickety. smart ass. chick. yecchy. See also BEGIN. FRATERNITY n. hot. legacy. dead on the level. wimpy. nabu (nonadjusting ball-up). smell good. See LUCK. chum with. cut. flap. chili bowl (person). wheel drive. go up in the air. rake-off. real people. wicked. up front. ball point. bred in the bone. shot. birdie. barn. level. fifty-fifty. FRACAS n. brassy. chunk. Greek. FRANKFURTER n. chicky. 1. See SHARE. poor fish. bite. guttersnipe. run of luck. jacfu (joint American Chinese foul up). FRANTIC adj. frank. talk like a Dutch uncle. pheeze. lump. fresh.fifty-fifty. mitt reader. take down one's hair. 1. all fucked up. unglued. lay it on the line. straight out. toss up. smell well. pigpen. 2. lion's share. fifty-fifty. stew. 2. steamed up. tacky. fumtu (fouled up more than usual). FOYER n. chum together. get down to brass tacks. wild. not cricket. slice. gob. See ARGUMENT. tong. See IRRITABLE. make the rounds. See also SHARE. ABC's. ballsy. raw deal. dyed in the wool. put all one's cards on the table. tube steak. See AGGRESSIVE. brass tacks. theemess. break. FOUNTAINHEAD n. four- FRAIL adj. drop. FOUNDLING n. scratch. FRATERNITY MEMRER n. rocky. flipped out. hot dawg. wishy-washy. bun pup.

FRENZY n. hound. go to town. mellow (close). sidekick. chips. sting. bucket shop. now. let off the hook. fresh. little brother. blow a fuse. main squeeze (girl). get into a dither. FRENCH CANADIAN n. free-wheeling. See FRANTIC. 1. on the cuff. hang about. buddy. unscrewed. mate. goombah. frosh. own FRIED EGGS n. See CHEATER. cherry. day. funny business. fourflusher. daisy FRENETIC adj. rumpus. pass. shoestrings. tadpole (child). get out from under. Coffee Nerves. hamma (girl). hassle. line of cheese. play. cake cutter (circus). snappy. let down one's hair. blow one's cork. get hours. weirded out. Mister Ducrot. double-dealer. sweet way.F. kiting checks. deadhead. FRETFUL adj. crab.164 fraud FRENCH FRIED POTATOES n. FRIEND n. roomey. fish. 3. break loose. kiss off. hyper. fuzzbuzzy. crock. fox. scam. blow one's roof. buddyroo. old boy. paper. wired up. See DISCORD. skunk. free pass. wreck. something is beating down on one. rumpus. the engineer's daughter. Billy. mechanic. free run of. getaway day. ace. twofer. FRICTION n. conniption. fast one. comp. lather. back on the street. blow one's top. FREE WILL n. shark. f. FREE v. sunny side up. pal. steak fries. all-overs. bitch. blow a gasket. lightning. work oneself into a lather. stir. fofarraw. green pea. Annie Oakley. free lunch (seems free but isn't). sidekicker. put on the street. twofer. Pepsi. put on the sidewalk. on the arm. having a spazz attack. walked. blow one's topper. bleed. stew. ruckus. limb. freshie. save one's neck. handout. FREEDOM n. shenanigans. FRENCH HORN n. one's own sweet time. what's in. freeze one's tits off. fast shuffle. let go. grouchy. cat fit. B. crook. put on the bricks. off hours. fly kites.I. row. pretzel. grift. Froggy. clinker. hang around. 2. FRECKLE n. for love. cuffo. on the ice. fr. get a twenty-four. string. schnorrer. duck fit. hit. ruction. free for all. tripe. go way back. blow one off. far out. hell broke loose. FREE PERIOD n. all hanging out. freeloader. for nothing. autograph. gyp. fish over. dipsy doodle. row. needles. monkeyshines. song. monkey business. hankypanky. the latest. Canuck. flimflam. in a lather. FRIDAY n. cranky. See PETULANT. phoney. brand new. FRESHMAN n. blow one's cap. on the house. newie. blow on's wig. do it for one's health. just out. See COLD. paper. zingers. tramp. flip one's lid. Mister Dumbjohn. hang. main man. vanilla. every which way but up. flake. FREE TIME n. FREQUENT v. Mr.G. old man. bail one out. Mister Doolie (A. spare. take on. freeze one's balls off. freebie. blow one's stack. time to kill. playmate. family. . f. FREE TICKET n. all hell broke loose. rumble. Stu. cousin. partner. get a floater. free-spirited. say so. let off. dog. wigged out. spring. FRESH adj. FREEZING adj. free ride. tap. See NEW. four and one. matie. haroosh. buddy boy.. skunker. set-to. down. one used an airplane. chum. paper the house. drop in. ruckus. shit kicker. hocus-pocus. fries. graft. fella. rowdydow. freeze one's ass off. shit hemorrhage. Mister Dumbguard (West Point). Carrie Watsons. ornery. rust bucket. crabby. bodo (1920). up front.F. hummer. FRET v. good buddy. own say so. free ride.). don't give a damm.F. eat one's heart out. cobber. FREAK n. guy. tap game (advertising). borax. out. bosom buddy. stretched out. Jack. con man. haunt. get into a stew. conniption fit. roommate. flap. doolie. stew. See also ABSOLVE. bone to pick. own hook. to do. hoser. foofaraw. blow. FRAUD n. sour note. run. Acad. horse trader. cut dub (reformatory). claptrap. T. FREIGHTER n. on one's own. fuss. hassle. get down. geek (circus). plebe (1920s). FREE adj. cut loose. what's happening. unglued. fuzzbuzz (commotion). flak. something is eating at one. peck horn. better half. See SWINDLER. ruction. frog. one had a pony. couldn't care less. comer. sister.). Jack at a pinch. state of the art. carry a heavy load. frog. pigeon. let off. etc. dithers. tub. chum buddy. blow one's lump. sweat it out. hustle. let go. See also COUNTERFEIT. pard. for free. double trays. float (no class. give a play. asshole buddy. time to burn. smoke. put on the pavement. pseud. hugger-muggery. got up on the wrong side of the bed. beat the rap. brother. rhubarb. save one's bacon. FRENCH n. redhead. equestrian (test cheating). cheese eater. mean. spazzed out. wired. mint. freebie. wingding. boiler room. kissing cousin. matchsticks. captain. run of. FREED adj. 2. comp. compadre. chit. goof-off time. skip out. bad vibes. turn out. frog eater. one-dog night. Frenchy. song and dance. shoot the moon. Annie Oakley. con. loose wig. two-dog night. amigo. hang out at. pardner. over easy. blow ones noggin.f. 1. work oneself into a sweat..

downright neighborly. pally. icebox (place). crimp. reader with a tail. See COLD. flummoxed. break the ice. FRIGID adj. spider. cramped. Scotch. fuss. lean against. mellow. chicken-hearted. big baby. goosy. diesel juice. cold shoulder. put-on. queered. DISAPPOINTED. mugg on the board. wild goose chase. bald-headed row. have kittens. hang tough. frosty. dog eye. FUEL n. kick up one's heels. drag. in a dither. cold tit. jumpy. living in each other's pockets. FRIGIDAIRE n. have small pox. a yellow streak down one a yard wide. three-dog night. get together. colder'n a witch's tit. jumped a mile. fool around. have the willies. give one a dirty look. yellow stripe down one's back. on the ragged edge. mix. gutless. bitter pill to swallow. pop FUGITIVE adj. bollixed up. rabbity. nebbish. bitter pill. fizzle. scared spitless. have butterflies in one's stomach. afraid to testify). faked out. burn. kissing up to. FRUITLESS adj. put on the muscle. jellyfish. walk heavy. roommates. burn up. piss in one's pants. FROLIC v. white. full of ginger. pigeonhearted. FUEL v. bog pocket. in a cold sweat. do a slow burn. nickel-nurser. spook. sissy. bowl down. crap out. synfuel (synthetic). reader. yellow streak down one's back. FRITTER AWAY v. candy ass. See SPIRITED. bowl over. sleepin' together. clutched up. scaredy cat. act the lion tamer. mousy. get with it. See also DEFEATED. golden FRISKY adj. fandangle. bad eye. apple knocker. yellow. downer. gewgaws. See REVEL. FROWN v. swap spit. parachute. scare to death. juice. make one jump out of his skin. hairy. perks. cramp one's style. grabber. snappy. bad eye. wimpy. put one through the wringer. make one jump a mile. ice box FRINGE RENEFITS n. clubby. stonewalled. get buddy-buddy. stoop. stump. jumped out of one's skin. See also STARTLE. setback. diddle away. make one shit in ones pants. blow. feeling one's oats. push the panic button. cuff. wanted. run through. scared stiff. square shooter. ague. FRIGHTENING adj. put away. scare silly. pucker-assed. give one a turn. general. chummy. shivery. throw money around. colder than a well digger's ass. bummer. FROG n. foul up. FRUSTRATION n. zippy. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. thing. creeps. cut loose. FRUSTRATE v. fraidy cat. enforce. FRILLS n. milk-livered. freeze one's ass off. chill. give one a whammy. FRONT PORCH n. milksop. asshole puckerin'. buddy-buddy. through the mill. have a fit. with a yellow streak. bells and whistles. piss away. juice. alky. spinning one's wheels. scare the bejesus out of. let loose. scary. shoot em up. the jimjams. shit in one's pants. wetback. hang up. fudge one's pants. Dutch nightingale. the old one-two. fudge one's undies. scare shitless. fringes. bracero. kissy-kissy. scare hell out of. spooked. shaky. trade spit. pump up (gambling). scare the pants off. full of piss and vinegar. D and D (deaf and dumb. . heebie-jeebies. motion lotion. go on a tear. scared witless. soup. quivery. strike all of a heap. spooky. put on the arm. tightwad. make a kisser. making it with. tight. false front. absurd). chicken out. See USELESS. fill 'er up. in a sweat. put the heat on. cloud up and rain on one. pucker. palsy-walsy. push around. skinned. give one the evil eye. scare the shit out of. weak sister. chiller. motion potion. struck all of a heap. asshole suckin' wind. hair-raising. dirty look. fake. Milquetoast. pee in one's pants. FUEL ADDITIVE n. lammister. chicken out. seagoing (large. pecker-assed. yellow-bellied. dodger. dingbat. peppy. shit. sucking around. chill off". FRYING PAN n. leaping heebies. bulldoze. go juice. the jims. doodad. on the lam. hold up. raise hell. throw a scare into.fugitive-wanted poster 165 FRIENDLY adj. goose bumpy. Casper Milquetoast. See STINGY. fouled up. uptight. regular. let go. chicken-livered. FRONT n. gas 'er up. stymied. frozen. fridge. trigger happy. right neighborly. turn on the heat. shake in one's boots. tight-assed. gingerbread. FRIGHTENED adj. bowled over. full of beans. furry. gimcracks. give the run around. FRUIT PICKER n. FRONT ROW n. garbage (food). penny-pincher. white-livered. bad eye. goose. letdown. See also STARTLING. FROWN n. jumpy. fucked up. right nice. run scared. hot. cool. lily-livered. give a jolt. cramp. hung up on. crabbed. punk out. showboat. FRIGHTEN v. weak-kneed. hung up. the jams. See HINDER. baby. FRUSTRATED adj. FRUGAL adj. have cold feet. jazz. whip one around (intellectually). look daggers. last of the big spenders. go through. scared shitless. let down one's hair. link back. See also HINDRANCE. lean on. crimped. bowled down. phony. tight. cuchala-muchala. cozy. buffalo. 1. cold. put the chill on. up the wall. FUGITIVE-WANTED POSTER n. scare stiff. stymie. chicken. whoop it up. kissing counsins. go places and do things. See DISSIPATE. 2. jittery.

nest egg. FUNDAMENTAL adj. kick-up. filled to the rafters. public trough. a going concern. stickler. See ERR. humdinger. public till. yokky. FURBISH v. Charlie Noble (ship).166 fulfill FUNNEL n. on a treadmill. See also BASICS. lifer (Army). FURIOUSLY adv. laugh riot. doodad. fix up. See AMUSEMENT. lay on one. stink. make it. lousy with. primo. FURTIVELY adv. See FINANCE. go fight City Hall. get one's jollies. helter-skelter. had em in the aisles. to-do. spruce up. knock (Bl. fix up. royal. percolating. FUNNY adj. mad as a wet hen. rise. make the grade. See ANGRY. See also VIOLENTLY. all the way. nitpicker. bone box. juice. field day. ruckus. FUROR n. get off. back up. put on the dog. browned off. undercover. conniption. sore. public crib. get down to brass tacks. crummy with. ABC's. planting. bottom line. on the quiet. groceries. coal and ice. blow. skins. full house. storm. skin joint (shop). go with. something terrible. thump the tub for. be just the ticket. get down. like mad. hacked. lots of laughs. FULLY adv. ballyhoo. where it's at. topped off. flap. creep (mission). guts. scene. get with it. also LEAVE. granny. gas. in place. FURBELOW n. priceless. frou-frou. triff. comma counter. nitty-gritty. get some grins. See TURMOIL. clean. ticking. fusspot. dead wagon. commo. hush-hush. have a conniption fit. piece one off. cold turkey. pork barrel. hit the ground running. FUMBLE v. bankroll. hysterical. open doors. FUNDAMENTALS n. out the window. sardined. back. glass wagon. bummed out. beginners. dried barkers. bail out. turnout. lost the handle. in holes and corners. budget. meat wagon. hooper-dooper. fluff. just the ticket. See also SATIATED. FULFILLMENT n. big scene. FUR n. huff. goin' round in circles. FURTIVE adj. fuddyduddy. in a hole-and-corner way. rhubarb. on the q. dingbat. picky picky. FUNERAL n. See SATISFY. stiff with. cat fit. jammed. gewgaws. sure shock. FULFILL v. FURTHER v. blowup. do one's thing. wingding. FUNCTIONING adj. gussy up. full up. pick up the tab. just what the doctor ordered. raise sand. See SECRET. choosy. percolate. FUTILE adj. a zetser. locking the FUNERAL WAGON n. nuts and bolts. ramble-scramble. operate. hopping mad. kitty. ticky. flub. holusbolus. phumpher. jam-packed. stuffed to the gills. just name it. a scream. FUNCTION v. free-for-all. push. get one's kicks. in full swing.. put on the bells and whistles. stakes. dyed in the wool. bent out of shape. smoking. clicking. strictly hush-hush. on track. raise cain. FULL adj. meat and potatoes. gingerbread. SRO.). backing. swagged up with. commo. bells and whistles. on line. more heat than light. name of the game. on the sly. fussbudget. meat and potatoes. fit to be tied. laffer. up to here. flare-up. crumbed up with. fuzzbuzzy. bottom line. kicks. See ANGER. knee-slapper. buck passer. brass tacks. at heart. move. wingding. slow burn. grubstake. riot. bankroll. fun and games. FURY n. something fierce. too funny for words. picnic. apparatchik. give a boost to. empty suit. feather one's nest. fuss. See also EQUIP. for grins. See SUPPORT. hot. high old time. fill the bill. persnickety. FUSSY adj. picky. bred in the bone. thing. FUND v. going. grins. under wraps. FURNISHINGS n. flaky. cook. get off on. orchid hunt (WAC).t. from soup to nuts. take care of one for. FURLOUGH n. laughs. stuffed. mad. See AMUSING. conniption fit. packed. jokey. total shuck. old woman. stew. steamed. Charley Noble. undercover. angel. FUNDS n. gone clean (The. hit the bull's-eye. score. last ride. See also ENTERTAINMENT. deck out. make one's move. you got it. See also GIVE. boiling point. line one's nest (at the expense of others). loan shark. under wraps. sold out. from A to Z. See ACT. paper shuffler. doll up. on stream. See BASIC. duck fit. go to town. layoff. hiatus. Black Maria. dander. pernickety. . row. nub. nut. old maid. ). coal and ice. hell broke loose. fandangle. FUNCTIONARY n. hush-hush. stake. heel (money). fit to bust. big stink. tref. See COMPLETELY. doing one's thing. like crazy. blow ones cool. See also ASSETS. standing room only. couldn't get a handle on it. ball. ruckus. just for grins. jazz. See FURNISH v. deep six (sea). FURIOUS adj. kick. prime the pump. lend a hand. rock bottom. hurry-scurry. nitty-gritty. cold meat party. packed like sardines. FUN n. See also PARTICULAR. pick up the check. oink (police). TCB (take care of business). shit or get off the pot. puff. all out. rainmaker (fund-raiser). Irish. FUSS n. full as a tick.

FUZZ n. from here in. down the road. See USELESS. in the cards. . down the line. down the road a piece. kittens. from here on out.fuzz 167 barn after the horse is stolen. dust ball. by and by. looking for a needle in a haystack. down the pike. pussies. See EVENTUAL. FUTURE adj. from now on in. save one's breath. just around the corner. slut's wool.

GALL n. roast. give one the needle. bugger. bat about. sharp. hit the trail. cheek. card shark. gismo. snap up. ball the jack. See also REVEL. needle man. wingding. WW II). spark plug. GAIN n. old man. one-upmanship. GALLANT n. in the black. score. trap. 2. plunge. police use). going. big shot. get-together. cut. See WANDER. the money. toilet. dealer. fool around. crust. cut loose. the hawk. flat. GAFFE n. tin horn. spec. 1. GAMBLING TERMS action. sucker. GAMBLER n. feather ones nest. blast. rubbers. steam-up ghee. dunker. put one's foot in it. count ties. make a killing. punter. knock about. joint. house. zip up. tents. take. GAD v. harvest. 168 . carry on. action. sweet. long shot. irons in the fire. gritty. golf. hign roller. GAINFUL adj. 2. See APPARATUS. shoot the works. chinook. bust out. mistral. bust. player. donkey roast. pup GALVANIZE v. brass. contraption. brawl. walk the tracks. big timer. GAIETY n. GAMBLING CASINO n. keep the lid on. fireman. clear. GAINS n. stormy petrel. bat around. GALE n. pick up. copper on copper off. dohickey. jazz up. stand tall. trips (three of a kind). pyramid. bum. whoop it up. groot. press up. boat (full house). squelch. skim. pep up. wave maker.). rake-off. velvet. nigger heaven (Derog. whatchamacallit. GALVANIZER n. jump. See WAGER. gunboats. goofus. crib. put zip into it. dead man's hand (aces and eights). staker. hit the road. peanut gallery. put up. Broadway boy (small time). fold (go out). crap out (lose). come. bigger'n life. (known gambler.G G n. knock around. up. jig. shot in the dark. brawl. GAMBLE v. belly rub (dance). put the lid on. sugar daddy. feed the kitty. the bankroll. gunslinger. dojigger. boneshaker. boost. GALLIVANT v. jack up. do. kibitz around. adjy. under the gun (first player dealt to). GAIT n. horse around. boost. let go. See INCOME. flame. big blow. paid off. goulashes. cork. thigamajig. bash. fox pass. velvet. stag. going concern. creep dive.G. Don Juan. bloomer. in the black. play. nerve. shindig. sweeten the pot. shut down on. get down. build up. squash. snowball. peanuts (small). hairy. bat about. press a bet. traipse. spark plug. See also REVEL. GALA n. GADFLY adj. See SILENCE. blowout. scalper (ticket seller). bust-out joint. hit the road. bottle up. take the action. clambake. hatchet man. cork up. Ethiopian paradise. bloody-nose gallery. outside chance. George. jag. pusher. wrong riff. turn on. guts. fox paw. GADGET n. hit the trail. prof. cardsharp. GALLERY n. have a fling at. payoff. fire eater. shindy. sandbag. angel (The. put pep into it. make whoopee. carder. let loose. GAIN v. GAMBLE n. paradise. lame duck (stocks). getalong. kick up one's heels. bundle. buildup. Casanova. cream. gravy. lick. shindig. zap. ball. shill. See GET. jamboree. sport. rub. howler. red. GALLEY n. operator. player. bean gun (mobile. GAMESMANSHIP n. big store. chutzpah. mother. upping. builder-upper. store. cut capers. See MISTAKE. zig. package. desperado. GAG v. GALOSHES n. creep joint. sharper. cut a dido.). prom. take a flyer. Lothario. blow card. stab. rack up. hike up. skim. knock around. crap shooter. play it close to the vest. ante up. See TRAVEL. knock about. psych out. whooper-dooper. See also PROFIT. moveable feast. come again (repeat winner). promote. See INCOME. See WAGER. cut. GAMBOL v. Mister Hawkins. jump up. hell. black money (income). whoopee. plunger. hop. beef up. K. cush. clinker. GALLANT adj. shop. bump (raise). bat around. 1. parlay. drag party. grins. crumb stash. clip. sharpie. wingding. wheeler-dealer. put one's money where one's mouth is. backer. hike. mooch. See STIMULATE. perk up. boo-boo. toss up. spec. traipse.

blabbermouth. drapes. See TALKATIVE. focus. threads. spruce up. hold the glims on. war councillor. splendiferous. rag out. ethyl. harness (leather. See also PRETENTIOUS. toilet. confab. GARAGE n. beam. See also CRIME. flashy. gun. dreck. creep dive. garbage (food). GANG LEADER n. gun. showy. flat. super-colossal. big mother. 1. dirt GARBAGE COLLECTOR n. peaked. dope out. splurgy. inner workings. heavyweight. gabby. put on the bells and whistles. weeds. INDIANA Yellow Air. See also SEE. mafioso. store. splendacious. gang around. splashy. GAMING HOUSE n. feathers. mobster. dealer. inner man. rig up. chichi. get a load of. See also CRIME. goonlet (young). gunsel. hood. take one's measure. hell. figure. lit up like a Christmas tree. eye. size up. hairpin. mob ghee. take account of. GARRULOUS adj. eyeball. full of beans. GAS CHAMBER n. bug juice. turn out. sporty. eyeballs buggin' out like percolator tops. big juice. gassy. have one's number. tie-in. size. See CLOTHING. spot. corral. chick (WW II. hold the glims on. GARB n. gossipy. hoodlum. stuff. skeleton. GARB v. long-winded. gun moll. loud. lit up like a Christmas tree. troupe. grandma (low gear. glitzy. joint. sky parlor. dance hall. rap session. barn. guesstimate. go juice. gettogether. eye. See also APPARATUS. get a load of. guts. soldier. whistles. thing. eye. gawk. give the eye. gawk. gussied up. mungo. motormouth. See BIG. schmotte. flaky. GARNISH v. stamping ground. gussy up. bib and tucker. gun. outfit. pizzazz. moll. drape. member of the family. gas. give the eye. jumbo. honking brown (flashy). in-spot. especially motorcycle). ass backwards. underboss (second in command). ring. 2. hit man.gear 169 GAME WARDEN n. threads. glad rags. GANG n. GAUNT adj. vine. mo ghee. hang out. snazzy. lolloping. zippy. dude up. duds. putting on the dog. bunch up. take in. figure in. digits dealer (numbers). turnout. bust-out joint. See GAUDY. rat pack. ORGANIZED. yacky. peaky. See GROUP. inners. syndicate. See CLOTHING. tie up. double talk. gash. truck). monstro. kit and kaboodle. kitschy. house. hammer. outfit. inner works. GATHER v. whopping. powwow. full of piss and vinegar. GANGSTER n. biggy. pipe. GARISH adj. get up. get an eyeful. GARBLED adj. flap jaw. combination. dud. GAS PEDAL n. get an eyeful. deck out. GASOLINE n. screaming. feathers. GATHERING n. piece man. racketeer. showy. make the scene. rig. GAZE n. chipper. GAPE v. check. deck. rag up. juice. slammer. lamp. creep joint. fix up. department of the interior. beam. doll up. Rachel (high gear). setup. squeeze. G-man. GAY adj. sock frock. humongous. 3. rubber. See MEETING. punch. rattleboned. GEAR n. GAPE n. GATHERING PLACE n. feeling one's oats. pin. gingerbread. glitzy. GARRET n. GARMENTS n. clan. See THIN. capture. size up. GAS MASK n. fish eye. Army). eyeballs buggin' out like percolator tops. meet. skin and bones. stack of bones. dude. GARY. place. spieler. zappy. pusher. hangout. look over. suit up. tailor-made. superduper. screaming. frou-frou. jazzy. GAUGE v. poke. GARBAGE TRUCK n. thumping. the grab. in place. putting on the ritz. rags. thumper. crowd. dog out. GANGSTER'S GIRL n. flossy. combo. kitschy. cowboy. trap. button man (Mafia). gussied up. size up. chirpy. eyeball. hui (Hawaiian). ORGANIZED. humungous. shop. GAUDY adj. bouncy. san man. goon. tog. drapes. bag (WW II). feathers. check out. rig out. back asswards. hooligan. scare up. garbahge. chewing gum. godfather. pin. loud. round up. contraption. gun. capo. pipe. bass ackwards. GATE n. spaghetti. dig it. rubber. bells and . tribe. GAZE v. GARBAGE n. vine. honey wagon. GARNISH n. possum sheriff. peg. weeds. duds. fish eye. GARGANTUAN adj. innards. insides. mob. See also HAPPY. doll up. lamp. bunch. huddle. drapery. zoo. Chatty Cathy. GASTROINTESTINAL ORGANS n. See also SEE. gang up. crib. godfather. Yellow Breath. clambake. fit out. bag of bones. ritzy. take in. doghouse. See APPRAISE. big store.

the Walley (San Fernando). cookie. thing. rock candy. GENTLY adv. joint. nautch. chipper. no end. unisex. pud. GENITALIA n.). upbeat. ding. piccolo. that's the ticket. dong. piece. See SINCERE. the business. the brains. ying-yang. up front. sand smeller. high. GERM n. stink with. bearded clam. the Panhandle. shaft. prick. GENTILE n. chocha. expecting. trim. threads. GENEROUS adj. rock. receiving set. sparklers. snag. that's the idea. cock. roxy. clear. creeping crud. Down Home. knob. deballed. mink. nookie. ace of spades. dummy. Down Under. jack. tame. See also MAN. shlong. jing jang. equipment. handle with care. stick. don't bend the nervous pudding. moving parts. tool. nuts and bolts. open. Wild West. muff. oven. shlong. cut off one's balls. lace curtain. corky. pinga (Sp. bucket head. Heinie. beaver. heart. have a bun in the oven. quim. crud. middle leg. family jewels. tail. dange. meat. gigi. . instrument. dang. Mr. GEOLOGIST n. clay eater. dick. no end in sight. hustle. fireplace. pink. cabbage. FEMALE n. duds. brains. jigger. GEOGRAPHIC DESIGNATIONS Coast. snatch. muff. dork. Jerry. doll. GEORGIAN n. kosher. blue blood. quiff.). short-arm drill. have a heart. hung (big). private parts. the beach. big.M. alter. whiz kid. twenty-four carat. altered. softie. shegets (M. meat whistle. short arm. GENERAL MANAGER n. sparkler. real people. rod of love. the Peach State. good Joe. Down East. dork. soft touch. coffee shop. fag. pup. G. quim. jelly roll. score. fruit cup. prince of a person. Little Merry Sunshine. goy. tool box. cracked ice. the shore. on the nose. Cape Horn. beaver. love muscle. See ARISTOCRAT. Happy. GENITAL INSPECTION n. ice. do jigger. West.). meat. white meat. cock. peter. righteous. Christmas. hung (big). rocksy.). tool. quiz kid. See VAGINA. shiksa (Fern. GENITALIA. bicho. have a cake in the oven. banana. Boche. one-eyed monster. jing-jang. TESTICLES. be big. loose. the islands. schwantz. upper cruster. WASP. good Joe. laid back. goldmine. stones. moneymaker. pennyweight. East Coast. infanticipating. Bible Belt. schmeckel. GENTLE adj. deep South. togs. ice. doodle. ass. Borscht Belt. peter. See CHEERFUL. promote. hung like a bull. bighearted. GENIAL adj. pole. chacha. bug. machine. the right stuff. GEMS n. trump. hole. all heart. GENDERLESS adj. perky. rod. muffin. bone. give one the shirt off one's back. brick. Overseas. right on. East. pretzel. works. GERMAN n. pussy. thing. stout fellow. cunt.170 gear shift toggery. on the button. fixed. dingus. crack. honey pot. booboos. cunny. on target. crack. Sun Belt. for real. gadgets. cootie. GEM n. bishop. Little Mary Sunshine. See PREGNANT. pecker. rags. GENITALIA. GESTATION n. gash. snapper. glass (imitation). twat. junk jewelry. tootsie roll. worm. pego. See PLENTY. GELDED adj. swell. fur. heart in the right place. privates. pecker. aplenty. ace. basket. jang. sausage (soldier) (all Derog. the plague. 2. gun. prick. silk stocking. the Carolinas. GET v. GENEROSITY n. kosher. chirpy. meat. parts. good guy. deball. the Old Country. up. GENTLEMAN n. putz. GESTURE n. 1. Snow Belt. joy-stick. good egg. snake. Army use). merchandise. root. the Y. sunny. GENUINE adj. schatzi. Simple Simon. See also CLOTHING. hickey. wang. in the family way. slash. grab. pussycat. orig. hotchee. expecting a blessed event. pencil. West Coast. sauerkraut. heart. Brahmin. machinery. cabbagehead. twelge. quiff. apparatus. skin flute. fix. pennyweight. trim. body language. purse. wang. GERMANE adj. divining rod. a girl's best friend. schmuck. GEORGIA the Empire State of the South. Santa Claus. Dust Bowl. goober grabber. clean up. one's business. See also INTELLIGENCE. turner. Seaside. dick. box. one-eyed wonder. 2. glass. genuine article. dime a dozen. knocked up. what's going around. weenie. the goods. staff. See PENIS. what it takes. hung like a chicken. blessed eventing. purse. box. cool. GELD v. cunt. futy. joint. the real McCoy. GELATIN n. mellow. arm. GENIUS n. cuzzy. goyim (pi. hardware. GEAR SHIFT n. the Valley. upper.. all Derog. glad rags. legit. cash in on. the Mountains. pick up. nice guy. Down South. the Y. puka. snatch. MALE n. clam. jazz. wangle. headlight.). jellyroll. sunny side up. solid south. head. poontang. snowball. twat. the lower forty-eight. hole. the Old South. joy knob. krauthead. galore. shaf. snapping pussy. jellyroll. See APPLICABLE. kraut. love muscle. long-arm inspection (erect penis). the stuff. schanzi (girl). brain. short-arm inspection (general or relaxed penis. rocks. 1. jock. legit. pussy. stick. notch. business. hung like a rabbit (all Obsc). spark. high sign. dark meat. parlay.

cutie. gander. hamma. GHOSTWRITER n. plunk down. whistle bait. supercolossal. come across. back down. sweat. slam. chick. nature of the beast. meat. catch. haint. gun. get hold of. cock teaser. corn bread. kiddo. blimp. get it up. stake. spooky. a circus.F. gaunch. cover. hip chick. drop. couzie. beast. ace lane. see. blitz. mad. bag. phenom. wren. slaphappy. frail. GLADIOLA n. bird. mort. star GIRL n. dig. big moment. pass it on over. she-she. make a haul. juniper juice. mott. fairy godmother. ginch. make a killing. baby. put up or shut up. battle. poke out. (Obsc). have a bump for. shine in. hot patootie. josan (Korean war). piece. cou. latch on to. fold. See ABANDON. sis. fancy man. plank down. floozy. cop. sugar. jill. parting shot. GIN n. teenybopper. pass the hat. companion. give in. light-headed. do one's part. come down with the needful. weed. muff. GHOST n. cakie. goodie. comeback. slip. duke. sugar pie. come through. gift with. doll. GLAD adj. love bird. gunpowder. bottom line. baggage. hand over. main squeeze. CT(all Obsc). take the oath. baby. See also SURRENDER. helping hand. yuppie (young urban professional). baby doll. GLAMOROUS adj. bad eye. walk out on. a GIST n. up. mama. mouse. look-see. glad. See also DIZZY. backer. handout. have the smarts. hand out. boss. blade. humungous. bow out. pull out. skirt. lady bountiful. hag. make hay. build. rocky. drift. square broad. pigeon. broad. geneva. GIN RUMMY TERMS laydown. nifty. classy chassy. bathtub gin. dish out. butterfly. give away the store. swipe. make a buy. import. dog. babe. li'l mama. ace. jiggle. spook. jumbo. bun duster. quality. rack up. feather one's nest. GIFTED adj. corral. scope the local units. buy off. kick in. GIBBERISH n. See BEAUTIFUL. glom. kitten. got it. snoff. drop-dead gorgeous. sweeten the kitty. frame dame. patootie. chicklet. haunt. jelly roll. sugar bowl. cupcake. whale of a.. woozy. hot. put something in the pot. kissing cousin. drop like a hot potato. mungo. sweeten the pot. hotshot. bush. write-off. GIVE v. the way of it. spook. chick. floogy. take up. sweet patootie. lump. dishy. cave in. home cooking. gidget. bubbleheaded. post. flame. heavy cake. hellcat. GIRL WATCH v. pussy patrol gubble. cake. main queen. monstro. frill. sweet mama. come down with. get one's hands on. heifer. stone fox. GHOSTLY adj. chip in. spring chicken. eyeball. foxy. floating on air. jump steady. double GIBE n. point. pony up. angel. heart. scary. hand. glamour girl. nuts and bolts. drooly. pussy. give up. jab. cheese. stone. mini skirt. kid. sugar-wooga. total babe. tomboy. stone marten (beautiful). Schneider. See also DONATION. blow one's self to. T and A. moby. 10. hant. San Quentin quail. cunt. classis chassis. GIFT n. shine at. white. squab. jail bait. rank out. babe. humongous. ante up. panther. blah blah. punch line. dirty dig. See BIG. nub. Gordon water (not common). ubble gubble. bunny. talk. ghost. gaga. name of the game. constant companion. chicken out. put down. GIRLFRIEND n. big mother. righteous. baby cake. faloosie. queen. gadget. leg show. eatin' stuff (Obsc). hammer. line one's nest. crock. mitzvah. gash. bubble gum rocker. gross. nub. have the goods. boytoy. get it on the line. frail eel. gin. slip. pigmeat. boost (all steal). things that go bump in the night. harebrained. throw. hinge. filly. jane. buy up. glom onto. go. GIVE UP v. throw in the towel. biscuit. GLAMOUR n. tickled. GIDDY adj. GIVER n. build up. super-duper. buckle under. topless. cow (fat). fancy Dan. have plenty on the ball. panther piss. twist. little missy. old lady. jellybean. body and soul. bobbysoxer. kitty. gift. jigglywiggly. make it big. capture (computer data). heavy hitter. lady-killer. gifting. kipe. dump. fork over. See HAPPY. gimme. destroyer (beautiful). package. make a good thing of. nitty gritty. strip joint. flash. gash (unexpected). candy kid. GIGANTIC adj. oyster. canary. razzle-dazzle. tickled pink. snap up. See LADIES' MAN.glance 171 scare up. witch. pleased as Punch. put out. look like a million. a lot of nifty. spookish. class act. brickbat. shell out. GLANCE n. scat. giveaway (often prize). have it on the ball. cub. swivel. buy into. sugar daddy. tits and ass. armpiece. fork out. whaling. slant. punchy. gussie mollie (not common). lock up. crack. turtle dove. stuff. GIRLIE SHOW n. come across with. tomato. score. cry uncle. G. get it on. gumdrop. biddie. feed the kitty. See INTELLIGENT. hopped up. tickled to death. access. wash one's hands of. maxed out (political limit). run with the ball. GIGOLO n. squeeze. Santa Claus. can't complain. burleque. rib. quasar. animal magnetism. put a buck ones way. stake. bail out. lamp. ten. wench. sweetie. put up. . gash hound (Obsc). jerry. missy. pike. buy out. the glad eye. lobo (ugly).

flap jaw. dispatch. shove. burn rubber. fog. get a load of. highball. sashay off. hop off. blue funk. take in. blow the joint. put up. make a hog of oneself. check it out. run out on. GLOVE COMPARTMENT n. amscray. low. professor (wearer). toddle along. See FROWN. hee haw. push off. vamoose. flashy. roll. GLIMPSE v. plow ahead. absquatulate. skip. get an eyeful. drag one's freight. hightail. skip out. move out. gummy. jump off. no see um. stagger along. full up. slick. opt out. cheese it. GLARE v. tinsel. get a hinge. chomp. eye. kick off. blow this pop stand. pelican. husky eater. perk. boogie. gander. head for the barn (home). nix out. get. hip pocket. make a break for it. bow out. up stakes. make tracks. snake out. beat it. pill. glom. spaceship Earth. real estate. check it out. GLITTERY adj. leg. book. bellygod. smooth operator. step it. quit cold. haul ass. trot along. drag it. ooze out. peepers. get going. cut ass. glims. dedomicile. get lost. cut and run. in the dumps. munch. fly the coop. snifter. sun specs. GLOBE n. goggles. collar a broom. eyeball. run out. See SEE. give it a thumb check. duck and run. scarf out. fling a fang into. dispose of. build up. gunk. GLUTTED adj. drift. bat an eye at. GLASS n. goonk. scat. slough. get git. specs. glitzy. cut loose. eyeball inspection. take a gander. nip off. nippers. glitz. percolate. spit. jump up. down in the dumps. horse laugh. GLUTTONIZE v. take off in a cloud of sour owl shit. gum. eat one's head off. gross out. soft-pedal. give one the horse laugh. frames. bug out. big blue marble. kick out. See also EXAGGERATE. tick. GLOOMY adj. catch out. eyeball. smear. fly the coop. slurp. quit the scene. cheaters. apple. get off the dime. globby. flake off. cloud up and rain on one. have to see a man about a dog. show. sniff a powder. duck. give with the eyes. put it to the wind. tool. swivel. drift away. bop off. fresser. ease out. ankle. gun. the glad eye. blue. drift. foodie. tear out. scarf down. blast off. git. chaw. swoop. get the lead out. barge out. pike. sus-specs. clear out.172 glance GLANCE v. dig out. Split. walk out. shove off. four eyes. get the hell out. down in the mouth. take a walk. See also SEE. GLEAM n. pull up stakes. GLOAT v. bail out. jack up. light out. tear off. dust. zap. bop glasses. peel rubber. eat a worm. skidoo. . drift away. burn out. ditch. mask (sun). eat like a horse. cop a broom. bottle up and go. dragged. scramble. take a hinge. duck out. GLUTTON n. showy. greedygut. glim. See SEE. run like a scared rabbit. get a load of. take off. slide. chow down. make a pig of oneself. hinge. in a blue funk. GLIB adj. gobble down.B. put away. powder. mini specs. fade away. smooth. pull one's freight. dirty look. scratch gravel. in the dumper. put on a pedestal. butt out. fast talker. hit the trail. screw. blow. do a slow burn. hike up. blimp out. boost. cut out. rims. light off. GNAW v. eyeball. eat out of house and home. spieler. gooky. See MELANCHOLY. buzz along. flake out. act the lion tamer. skate. breeze. GLIDE v. pony. flash. take the air. flip. glitz. See TALKATIVE. get to steppin'. coming out of one's ears.. lousy with. boo out. hike. wolf. time to book. ball the jack. wing it. bug off. bag ass. big hot-air artist. phase out. stickum. gulp. take a powder. pig down. gummy. jigger. give one the eye. make it. scarf back. be getting along. gift of gab. zappy. skin out. slant. bolt down. GLARE n. play on down. ship out. hog. shades. leave high and dry. fade out. See MELANCHOLY. lamp. drag. fade. nip. gunk. take a run out powder. hit the bricks. lick one's chops. time to bail. give one a dirty look. GLORIFY v. GLUM adj. up to one's ass in. smooth along. cover up. buzz off. take in. gabbo. light. scream. sphere. scorf down. blow away. rub one's nose in. stay out of one's face. I'm outta here. knock off. GO v. bolt. leg it out of here. gobble. show. skidaddle. tool along. bad eye. hat up. googs. scram. take off like a big ass bird. GLUTINOUS adj. grannies. GLASSES n. gloppy. pig. hotfoot. dimmer. got the blue devils. GLITTER n. flash. pellet. dog eye. give with the eyes. skedaddale. hit the road. truck. windows.A. look daggers. pull out. GLJSSANDO n. take a hinge. take off in a cloud. look-see. See also EAT. take GLIMPSE n. sad sacky. pipe. flash. walk out on. get a hinge. mean scorfer. gooey. let the doorknob hit you. take off like a B. gook. check out. scooch. getaway with. truck on out. kiss good-bye. push out. hang crepe. flash. pork out. greedyguts. bad eye. get out of one's sight. eye. up to here in. exfiltrate. ease on. bad eye. dog it. skidoodle. peel out. hefty eater. shove in one's clutch. GNAT n. walk. pipe. munch out. storm out. packed. See FULL. fuck off. GLUE n. zap. bat an eye at. dog eye. do a vanishing act. hop it. do a fade. give one the eye. take a gander. all jaw. haul one's freight. flash. See also SUN GLASSES. punkie. leave flat. make oneself scarce. get an eyeful. ease on out. I'm history. cruise. take gypsy leave. GLOSS v. slam off. get away. pig out. wolf down. heel. whitewash. in the doleful dumps. do oneself proud. scarf. gulp down. punky.

pez. way. GOLF STROKE n. ballocks. GONADS n. abyssinia. rim (the ball rimmed the hole and didn't drop). ta ta. goose. see you. home hole (final hole). pretty boy. yellow stuff. bug out. cherro. burn. . pop in. it's been real. clap. dogleg. banana ball (slice). buzz off.). see ya. scat. double bogey (2 over par). flavor (Bl. gnarly. good-byee. petered out. down. yip (bad putt). teriff. diamonds. go over the hill. Dad. so long. surgical mission (precise target). GO. go peddle your papers. breezy. batting a thousand. GOLF CLUB BAR ROOM n. old Joe. sidehiller (putt along the slope). GONG n. Jesus lover. COMMAND v. softie. rabbit (pro golf qualifier). chow. come. back door (putt). drooly. gool. get away with murder. read the green. away (ball farthest from hole). dig ya later. foozle (clumsy). See STIMULATE. gimme (short putt). that's thirty. blast (from sand). GOALn. cajones. ING. down the drain. bust in. ace (hole in one). dub (hit poorly). shove off. GO FREE v. mosey along. scoutmaster. ABSCOND. split. blow. front nine. sandie (out of the trap in one). sclaff (divot digger). Jasper. waggle (she waggled the club to relax). swan song. up to snuff. bad. holeable. sound. eighty-eights. take it on the lam. ground zero. lay up (intentionally short). dreamboat. dried up. trigger. olive oil. lookin' chilly (Bl. scratch player (plays at par). cheerio. scram. take it easy. cheese it. wood. go over the fence. work up. organic. way rad. breeze in. zero. bunker. flake off. goalie. GOATEE n. mosey off.). 1. hole out (finish a hole). See BEAUTIFUL. baffy. lulu (painful case). see you later alligator. thirty for now.. go chase yourself. hook (ball hit to left. back nine. GOD n. hammer (usually iron triangle). Jesus freak. fat (wide part of green). bag ass. basket. claps. bunkered (in a hazard). See also NICE.). wail. dose of clap. cheat sheet (course plan and yardage chart). screw. egg on.O. candy ass. head cold. walk. have a nice day. git. go chase yourself. righthanded player). uncounted). marshmallow. FO. out. keep the faith baby. dust. mosey. take care. See also DEAD. Adonis. toodleoo. make tracks. Man Upstairs. knee bender.L. goose up. dishy. punk. GOOD-NATURED adj. up anchor. Nice Guy. rocks. GONE adj. fire up. 10. good looker. picked up something. hole (hole one). social disease. stick. make yourself scarce. duck hook (low). lie (ball location). later. go over the side. ears. explosion shot. hammer head clap. I'm outta here. push off. I'm history. bug off. GO IN v. the drip. making brownie GOLF CLUB n. gut hammer. come breezing in. allow for slope). See also PARDONED. amscray. take a walk. carry (distance). see you in church. fat. shove. get. blind hole. balls. lam. got a birdie). GOOD-LOOKING adj. some (that's some doll). billy goat. short game (approach and putt). got religion. get off. phat chick. approach shot. birdie (one stroke under par. take a powder. D. family jewels. eagle (2 under par). old dose (neglected case). bye now. happy landing. down the spout. See PARTmitzvah (Yid. kiss [something] good-bye. goody two-shoes. let off. niblick. get lost. key up. down the rathole. Head Knock.. See also DIE. prairie. righteous. Holy Joe. hole out. Mr. real down. come busting in. take a hike. penetrate. GOOD-BYE interj. dose. See also BEARD. on your way. GOAT n. sink. rub of the green (grain). hit the road Jack. Lordy. rad. V. fall between the cracks. neato. hooker (inferior player).W. up to the mark. goody. break in. butt out. handsome thing. clear out. billy. Christian. good scout. pushover (player). slice (ball hit to GOOD DEED n. GOLF TERMS creep (slow round). nasty. stay out of my face. be good. get outta here. caught a cold. goodie. some kind of. cherry. ace in. bogey (one stroke over par). 2. down the tube. vamoose. shovel sticks. anchor man. don't take any wooden nickels. chippie (approach shot that drops into hole). spark. work up into a lather. out the window. boo boos. nineteenth hole. tall dark and handsome. duffer. GOLF COURSE n. borrow (putt. the whites. mooch in. peace. Nassau (type of wager).good-natured French leave. fuck off. goody-goody. hit the bricks. get the hell out. See also VIRTUOUS. ten. barge in. let go. GOOD adj. lover boy. points. GODLY adj. skedaddle. come barging in. not too shabby. eighty-eights. doin' a hundred. born again. beat it. picked up a nail. make like a tree and leave. blue balls. iron. 173 right). bag. pissing razor blades. access. looker. GOOD-BYE n. GOLF SCORE halve (tie). nuts. GONORRHEA n. blow in. up (he was 3 up on Watson). mulligan (extra shot. scoot. See PRAISEWORTHY. up to speed. old clap. you're excused. put up to. turn on. dub. bueno. ciao. bye bye. GOAD v. dormie (strokes ahead equal to the holes yet to play). nanny goat. Mary. brassie. get on your horse. GOLD n. go A. good hunting. nanny. beat the rap. GOALTENDER n.

call the signals. dirty wash. with a snootful. 10. Big Brother. greedyguts. pig down. easy on the eyes. swell. gramps. hold up. GOURMANDIZE v. panic. blue blood. boss. pig out. centerfold. pork out. nifty. on the take. stick. Brownie point. get one's hands on. greedygut. B: three-pointer. stone fox. fed up. eat one's head off. pip. something else. night. goose pimples. lulu. flubdub. scorfdown. gasser. solid gold. See also EXECUTIVE. Uncle Sam. getaway with. rap. windy. blimp out. klutzy. gulp down. D: dog. mean scorfer. sting. stuffed to the gills. busybody. clothesline. with a bellyful. see you in dreamland. fuck over. dish the dirt. all jaw. be in the drivers seat. bat the chat. galoot. GRADE n. man-sized. four-pointer. gross out. blowup. head. upper cruster. sweet dreams. ear duster. take in a movie. schmoose. clip. payoff money. hog. marvy. GOURMAND n. do oneself proud. gramp. yenta (Yid. granddada. gobble. bad-mouth. granther. GRAFTER n. GORGE v. bat one's gums. GRANDFATHER n. GOVERNMENT AGENCY Fed. tabby. run things. BIG. GRAB v. cut one into ribbons.C. load of wind. smashing. cut up. gulp. time. GRADUATE n. bolt down. evil. picnic. See EAT. hefty eater. headman. Washington. munch out. the right side of. turn off the light and don't let the bedbugs bite. fuck. hat. whispering campaign. goose bumps. ear loft. gramper. grad. stunning. hash. bag. spiffy. grandpapa. nab. skimming. windbag. granddaddy. back-fence gossip. head up. put the glom on. oil. GOSSIPY adj. five-pointer (high). gramfer. jam packed. blast. the Feds. GOOD NIGHT interj. chow down. feds. unreal. chew the fat. flag. jammed. wiggle-waggle. gobble. padding. See OVERCHARGE. beat one's gums. MICHIGAN Chair City. bolt. get one's fingers on. earful. dream puss. pull the strings. blimp out. GOVERNOR n. snatch. make a hog of oneself. packed. the Feds. pork barrel. GOVERN v. bumps. gassy. C: hook. Fed. polly. eat like a horse. seconds (flawed). GOSSIP v. dirty linen. USA. fed to the teeth. run. the goods. back-fence talk. the digger. GRADUATE STUDENT n. grapevine. E: eagle. pelican. See IMPRESSIVE. public trough. boodle. US. head. clodhopper. land. GRANDEE n. wire. leak. gam. pork out. See also BRIBE. GRAFT n. stuff. two left hands. granddad. GRADUATE SCHOOL n. old man. juice. doozie. super-duper. ten. dish. vanilla. dynamite. gross out. pig. glaum. beaut. GO TO THE MOVIES v.. call the shots. full up. chew. scuttlebutt. bleed. foodie. bat the breeze. GOVERNMENT FUNDS n. fab. rat fuck. rattle on. ten. bibful. glom. drugola. D. payola. pig down. bellygod. snag. bend one's ear. GOVERNMENT n. flunk. post doc. the Union. dispose of. fleece. guv. corral. fed to the gills. nighty-night. jive (gaudy). put the snatch on. knock one's eyes out. lace curtain. F: fade (low or failing). glahm. make a pig of oneself. swell. GORGEOUS adj. 10. scarf back. GOODWILL n. alum. scarf back. two left feet. run the show. wolf. bang-up. grampa. GOODS n. super. clunky. husky eater. flimflammer. skin. with a skinful. See BEAUTIFUL. See also ARREST. See also DIGNIFIED. foxy. GRAND adj. bleed white. GOOD TIME n. GOSSIP n. public crib. doc. GRACELESS adj. GORGED adj. GOSSIPER n. material. hook. put the snare on. old grad. alphabet soup. scarf down. grad school. grandpap. flick it. PROTECTION MONEY. page-oner. fresser. big-mouthed. gatemouth. scarf. talk. tattletale. nail. grandpappy. feds. duck GOOSEFLESH n. clap hands on. See MANAGE. eat out of house and home. the mighty dome. squeeze. ball. GRAND RAPIDS. See CLUMSY. high old the good side of. gate-mouth. make pay through the nose. put away. See also EAT. latrine rumor. cut one into little pieces. Big Brother. soak. pig out. scarf out. A: ace. GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE n. catty. grad. cut one up and down. gabby. glom onto. ). schmoozle. eat like a horse. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES n. head rush. hot wire. drop-dead gorgeous. screw. make a pig of oneself. ear dust. collar. See also TALKATIVE. shake. Ginnie Mae. stone. the juice man. silk stocking. GOUGE v.174 good night dispatch. gobble down. magnif. sleaze monger. GOVERNMENT NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION n. gayola. grandpa. under the table. public till. wolf down. payoff. . out of this world. slime. satch.

lube. no shit. glaum. gammer. a little slack. meaningful. serious shit. grease. greaseball. Tight Little Island. moby. schmear. deep six. tumble. GRASP v. Flash Gordon. fab. champ. fill the bill. hook. you got it. See FREE. gyppo. fine and mellow. cue. like you say. heavy. downhill. sweetener. flag. rat fuck. pass on. See SURRENDER. the green deck. sign on. nanny. GRATIFYING adj. heavy number. GREED n. bone orchard. fringe benefit. free ride. strictly business. gilt-edged. come across. GREEK n. out of this world. marble town. perk. give one five. GRAVEYARD n. gammy. stuffed to the gills. yes one. lump. hit the spot. a somebody. ciao. in seventh heaven. grandma. GREETING interj. thumbs up. superstar. blow wise. See SERIOUS. handout. hundred proof. gloppy. deadpan. hey. shoulder. high flown. get it on. what's going down?. zulu. make. poligot. GRAVY n. cold storage. pushing up daisies. goopy. mostest. grease job. A number one. give one a toss. GRATING n. 1. GRANT v. sure thing. lush. tickled pink. I hear you. somethin'. globby. gooey. stake. get off. hi. cold storage. GREAT FALLS. GRASS n. bitchin'. GRANDMOTHER n. get the picture. give with. glop. lagniappe. baaadest. body-snatching. grabby. 2. car coat. tumble. zero cool. boneyard. jumbo. GREATCOAT n. humungous. big-eye. hits the spot. get the hang of it. get one's jollies. dust bin. bag. G M T GREET v. planted. drop. greedyguts. button. aces. GREETING n. chip. get off on. no bird terdin'. give one the glad hand. cold sober. cannonball. kicks. See EXCELLENT. gift. whistle down. mungo. 1. ice. catch on. nab. gimme some skin. GRAVE adj. mister big. hit the spot. give one a flop. bellyful. heavy. marble orchard. glom. make a hit. land. star. stone. come around. mess. sign off on. hits the bull's-eye. salve. 1. tickled to death. jibe. put out. G R E E N BAY. slick. 1. out of sight. benny. flop. 2. zukes. GRAPEFRUIT n. headstone city. thanks I needed that. whistle for. get off on. grabby. GREAT BRITAIN Blighty. glob. GREEDY adj. on cloud nine. humongous. a little somethin'. six. WISCONSIN Title Town. hopper. super duper. GREAT adj. major league. Benjamin. tip. like dynamite. waffle iron. skinful. lie down and roll over for. grease the wheels. give one the key to the city. 4. horse blanket. GRATIFY v. on the house. fed to the teeth. GRATIFIED adj. sure shock. six feet under. slick on. give out. old woman. jelly. gift with. snag. not crack a smile. put the glom on. See CELEBRITY. hoppergrass. freebie. GRATIFIES v. come through. hit. nana. cuffo. carpet. GRASSHOPPER n. murder.greeting 175 GRANDILOQUENCE n. get one's kicks. GRATIS adj. high falutin'. gravy. the gimmies. See also BEST. one way (5 or 10 cent). pick up. rumble. poke out. do the trick. toke (gambling). GRANDIOSE adj. brutal. a blow. binny. gramma. GRANT n. grammy. put the snatch on. gifting. for kicks. gop. fed to the gills. granny. Annie Oakley. gunk. nervous. go along with. glom onto. velvet. kicks. highball. latch on. wild. gimme ten. GRAVE n. purple. just name it. grandmama. mega-gnarly. perks. tits. 3. put the snare on. howdy. bus ride. give the nod. mister big shot. See SATISFY. GREASE v. gippo. See GIVE. bad. John Bull. goodies. tough. sober as a judge. big mama. gonest. what's happenin'?. subway. no more room. daisy. makes it. shake on. granmam. I'll drink to that. nail. gimme five. See also ALLOW. kick. scores. bless. collar. balls out. give one the glad eye. a little something to sweeten the pot. See BIG. boss. Albion. GREASING n. purple. mellow. cool. have no kick coming. See HAPPY. GRATUITY n. See also MAGNIFICENT. lion. pleased as Punch. grannam. high five. . gonest. monstro. serious jelly. you got it. big league. dunk sauce. goo. big talk. tall talk. what's coming down? what's the skinny? See HELLO. grandmammy. terrible. snatch. Merry Old. palm oil. splendiferous. just what the doctor ordered. glahm. bone factory. serious talk. monster. cold. hellacious. get off. GRAVE-ROBBING n. G R E E N W I C H M E A N T I M E n. GRATIFICATION n. See also EXCELLENT. snootful. showy. splendacious. hat. GREATEST adj. Limeyland. flash. give in. highball. roll out the red carpet. MONTANA High Water. get. lube. See UNDERSTAND. for love. cool. 3. corral. rug. give away the store. grandmaw. 2. 2. goop.

UGLY. clean. blast. GREYHOUND BUS n. suck ass. get one's hands on. gross. See FLOUNDER. gang up. yucky. prut. GROUCH n. See also SOCIGROPE v. crack a smile. mishmash. raunchy. put through the third degree. beef. carry on. put through the grind. manhole cover. GROUP AGAINST SMOKE AND POLLUTION n. GRIP v. GRIN v. See MISERY. blanket. take on. clutch. one customer). dust. . a hoo-ha. smoking gun (crucial). mix. ready. get down to brass tacks. gross. made up. weirdo. dog. hook up. mixed bag. all Obsc). bootlick. whataya talkin'?. roast. grab. See BAD. tie up. old sod. dopey. grin like a Chessy cat. GROOVE n. bug up ones ass. lick into shape. scare up. nuts and bolts. go over. just talk. get down. fragging. bug up one's nose. GRENADE KILLING n.. sked. crush. pineapple. rumble. put the pressure on. grody to the max. where's the beef?. rap. 2. punchy. gripe. big stink. grin from ear to ear. dido. GROUNDLESS adj. troops. GASP. rock bottom. bug. bullshit. flapjack. cry me a river. bellyache. See VULGAR. GRIME n. crew. Wimpy. scuzzy. who sez?. nail. tribe. grouse. flack. GROUNDS n. third degree. the boys. circle jerk. GRIEVE v. talking through one's hat. cheap. the emess. See also DISTRESS. round up. where'd ya get that shit? GROUND MEAT n. ax to grind. GROUP v. big dog. suck up to. sleazy. make a face. field. pain in the ass. pool. chewed fine. superburger. prep. swinging. collision mat (WW II). See TRAIN. shape up. weird. stink. flats. go at it ass backwards. hot air. GROSS adj. get one's fingers on. Chicago overcoat. same old shit. jiffy bag. set. shtick. tsuris (Yid. clean up the kitchen (order for hamburger. terra firma. group grope. eat dirt. punch. sick. real estate. 1. GROTESQUE adj. make the scene. GRIDIRON n. potato masher. apple.). whole schmear. everything but the kitchen sink. hang out. yoot (teenage). See also PREPARE. hamburg. tote bag. beef b u r g e r . clout (auto thieves). GRISLY adj. See WHOLE. keister. gang around. saddle blankets. straight stuff. crud. cruddy. flu. roar. dope. See also ASSOCIATION. prepped. gang. those one runs with. cockamamie. GRENADE n. See also SLEEPY. kludge (parts). clan. GROUP n. grody. tsuris (Yid. tie in. troupe. lick ass. ready. ABC's. crunch. GRIP n. groupie. my eye. meat and potatoes. the boys uptown. coming from nowhere. a knock. loud-mouthed. take it big. info. nitty-gritty. crowd. beginners. take it hard. ABLE. cahcah. rat pack. bottom line. glom onto. outfit. line up on. yes. SOS. pain. sing the blues. put on the grill. put through the mill. kiss ass. be a yes-man. combo. S. party (two prostitutes one customer). daisy chain. See DAZED. poke. See FACTS. bug. the gripes. bunch up. corral. valpack. GRIMACE v. bunch. put the screws on. hash or stew). goods. rip. off base. GROOM v. brass tacks. squawk. hotcake. cheeseburger. one white prostitute. CC (chief complaint). whole ball of wax. b u r g e r . eat one's heart out.O. See MOURN. GRIEF n. vanilla and chocolate (one black. slotted. holler. brown bucks. MISFORTUNE. whole shebang. phumpher. zoo. heartache. wheat. grind. tire patch. gook. howl. family. slaphappy. vanilla chocolate and pecan (interracial). insiders. GRIMY adj. fall over. pain in the neck.).176 gregarious GREGARIOUS adj. ring. GRIEVANCE n. beef squad (union toughs). kick. ashram. eat crow. grid. GRIPPE n. blues. the hound. clubby. one white customer. mob. clap a hand on. syndicate. GRILL v. hang crepe. sleazy. dreck. 2. clubbable. out of it. GROUPING n. GROVEL v. lemon puss. woozy. coal and ice. tie in tie up. GROOMED adj. stooge. whole nine yards. gunk. whole enchilada. See QUESTION. circle. flowered. bonehead into it. yell. grin like a Cheshire cat. click. sourpuss. gang bang. grody. moresome (three or more). made up out of whole cloth.S. gospel. GROUP SEX n. ones slot. bitch. you're talkin' like a man with a paper ass. GROUND n. combination. mug. weird. gang shag. cockeyed. daily grind. cookie. GRIDDLE CAKE n. white meat turkey on pumpernickel (two black prostitutes. hurting. 1. sugar and spice. pull a train. the numbers. debs (girl gang members). chapter and verse. GRIPE n. GROGGY adj. the know. punch-drunk. combo. See COMPLAINER.

taser (electric shock). housesitter. whanger. box. angel. mind one's p's and q's. GUARD v. artillery. tumble for. 1. GRUESOME adj. stick. GUITARIST n. Bolivar. bet your ass. roller. mister speaker. jaboney. GROW OLD v. kid oneself. lay chickie. cover. Saturday night special. sure as shooting. one-upsmanship. dirty dealing. sidewinder. sneaking suspicion. cosign. heat. tour guide. with a weather eye open. gross. GRUMRLER n. babysitter. See SPECULATE. str- goozle. GUARANTEED adj. clink. gitter. 2. bankroll. Baedeker. See also ASSURE. by the numbers. cush. heater. GUEST n. hog's leg. gorm. ball-park figure. bum steer (false). watch. alarm clock. barker. tip off. difference. dirty pool. shoot up. See SWALLOW. leery. have a lock on. caught red-handed. hush hush. smoke wagon. double-cross. sure. brig. mushroom. easy mark. gargle. easy. forty-five. trigger man. See GUARDIAN n. wolf down. blaster. be a patsy. bibles (TV). sure as the devil. grody to the max. six-gun. sicky. GRUDGE n. figure. belly gun. dirty. GRUEL n. for damn sure. persuader. sure thing. formats. peeve. cover one's ass. pick up the check. chopper. take hair off the dog. lug. kowtow. runaround. stab in the back. in the ball park. snippy. hot lead. lead-pipe cinch. swallow whole. bone to pick. heavy. hang (balance). GROWTH n. lookout. yoyo. See also EXPAND. GUARDHOUSE n. Betsy. sure enough. hike. bite. caught with one's hand in the cookie jar. lookout. Judas kiss. GUILTY adj. on the lookout. popper. quarterback. sick. belt. git. See MANAGE. a lock on. juice. cop. gruesome twosome. bean shooter. scatter gun. lap up. swallow hook line and sinker. print. mark. deuce-deuce. hardware. no-no's. sure as death and taxes. gat. guinea's harp (not common). rod. snug. GUN n. hairy. green. equalizer. sprawl (urban). toss one back. See DIFFICULT. take the bait. spearhead. gagged gat. crowd-pleaser (police). smoking gun. cagey. git fiddle. wide-eyed. stun gun. yard bull. cannon. prod. stand up for one. herder. chapter and verse. bark. convincer. dirty work. handle with kid gloves. GUESS n. ass-busting. GUIDE n. hunch. GUARD n. snubnosed automatic. curry below the knee. sissy rod (silencer). green thumb. snappy. tour. have a handle on. GUARDED adj. dispatch. GUARANTEE v. size up. boom stick. blue eyed. by the book. biscuit. stockade. GUIDEBOOK n. slim. stab. short. sky. dirty trick. patsy. beefing up. snub noser. iron. get behind one. sign for. fleshing out. burp gun (submachine). company. bellyacher. put mileage on. jerry. bear insurance. GUESS v. piece. pop. patsy. buildup. snub nose. upping. stonewall. out-of-towner. peashooter. hung up. GULLET n. boost. jiboney. shot. shields. crank. eyes. swallow. . bird dog. crab. out of line. stake. inhale. bet your bottom dollar. caught in the act. push. beefer. lockup. zip gun. off base. hack. cover up. lock. gamesmanship. See also TRICKERY. chatterbox. gorp. swabble. mahoska. drop (drug). scarf down. up. fall for. for a fact. GULP v. dispose. be taken in. sellout. hooligan. blow. speaker. hungup with. bolt. tool. stab in the dark. See CERTAIN. grouse. wolf. ing whanger. roach. for a fact Jack. See also FLATTER. potato. bouncer. for sure. go to bat for. snowball. also JAIL. graveyard watch. GUILE n. tell tale. sitter. guzzle. mush. grease gun. grubstake. GULLIBLE adj. works. plink plunker. pick up the tab. eat up. take a shot. boom boom (WW II). bugster. go out on a limb. bow wow. Oscar. copper-dropper. dumb gat. guesstimate. See also UGLY. shepherd. damned. GUIDELINES n. snubby. be a sucker. visiting fireman. pull pages off the calendar. swig. alarm clock. on ice. GUITAR n. spud. GUIDE v.gun 177 fall all over. GROW PLANTS v. chaser. canister. noise tool. sure as God made little green apples. See CERTAINTY. pyramid. smokepole. guesstimate. Chicago piano. screw. pickle. cry baby. GUARD DUTY n. trailblaze. surefire. pipe. yold. bible (authoritative book). stick. back. go for. with one's eyes peeled. grits. GUARANTEE n. toy. lead. take a stab. sixshooter. canojerod. gauge (shotgun). bird dog. belly fiddle. shotgun. shot in the dark. rock one back. git box. See COMPLAINER. chugalug. pet peeve. fer shirr. bitcher. weird. trey-eight. GRUFF adj. sucker. plunker. GRUELING adj. roscoe. mastermind. GROW v. griper. ride shotgun for. gobble. business. grody.

tumbling. GYMNASTICS n. fingersmith. lugging iron. shootist. GYNECOLOGIST n. all over one. toting a gun. give one the heat. GUN. jip (1890. carrying. carry the difference. raghead. GUSHY adj. heat. wired. well heeled. Fourth of July. GUNPLAY n. heat. GYMNASIUM n. totin'. give one the heat. carry iron. GUNFIRE n. fireworks. trigger. piece man. rodded up. carry GUNNER n. take on over. fireworks. GUNFIGHT n. shoot-out. hit man. loaded. . carry on over. Obs. pack heat. GUN COVER n. rave. See KILLER. packing a gun. bloomers. gym. gyp. fall all over one. bubbling over.178 gun. lug a rod. guns. packed. sweatshop. GUNMAN n. heeled. go on about. heeled up. gunplay. pack a rod. war. CARRY v. GYPSY n. spa. lug. whoop it up for. pack a heater. gat up. shoot-out. GUSH v. shootemup. equalized. trigger man. make a to-do over. gunplay. fireworks. gunsel. gym. shootemup.). shoot-out. blaster. health club.

shoulder. turf. Navajo. squat pad. streaked. give one a flop. 1. old saw. monkey on one's back. baldy. tumble. tripping. Isfro. gook. HALLUCINATE v. California. gloppy. HAIRSTYLIST n. HAIRDRESSING n. get one's rug beat. wig. how. frizzies (split ends). goopy. hell. mind-blowing. mind bender. pageboy. wool.H H n.A. load of hay (long). conk (Bl. roach. egghead. 179 . grind. See also HAIRSTYLES. gunk. punk. yawp. 1. bald as a coot. CUSTOMARY. Caesar. natural. righteous moss. See ACCLAIM. HALL n. pink elephants. HACKSAW n. goop. bandhouse clip. glop. bums. See HEALTHY. D. baldy (Army). HAIRSTYLE n. ponytail. HALFWAY adj. head trip. crewcut. See NEIGHBORHOOD. HAIRDRESSER n. afro. righteous moss. into. middle of the road. scone tail. HALE adj. hack out a deal. cave. hotel. punk. pipe dream. chipper. beehive. punk wave. Jones. high hair. fuzz cut. hear it for. ducktail. over the hill. whistle for. axle grease. trip. make a deal. California. halvies. flattop. old hat. double-o. dork.). roach. gamin. same old shit. D. duck's ass. give one the glad hand. sound as a dollar.. over the hump. goonk. curly. crib. Unisex: punk. down there. cue ball. trip.A. rattlebrain. pro. mohawk. hondle. groove. 2. See HOUSE. territory. goo. feather cut. dreadlocks. pink elephants. 1. familiar tune. Italian cut. gooey. bald as an egg. deal. old pro. HAIRCUT v. pomp (WWII). HAIR BAND n. Elvis. See NEGOTIATE. pachuco. skinhead. slickum. pixie. HADES n. grubstreet. home plate. See STUPID. domi. corny. birdbrain. hokey. HACKNEYED adj. flag down. dreadlocks. See TRITE. head-tripping. HAIRLESS adj. HALF adj. one's bag. digs. alive and kicking. lunchie. dicker. daily grind. bandhouse clip. butch. glob. seeing little men who aren't there. den. pad. HABITUAL adj. naps. chilibowl. hair bender. pez. natural. globby. HAGGLE v. hook. oofus. eggbeater. English. fro. regular. flop. crew. fit as a fiddle. Men's: trim. 2.). made (straightened. jerk. HABIT n. in the pink. trim. hot spot. afro. cueball (just had a haircut). punk. pixie cut. give one a toss. box. continental. out to lunch. Detroit. head trip. give one the glad eye. pointyhead. hang-up. slap in the middle. 2. Jew down (Derog. HABITUÉS OF THE STREET n.). Bl. blow dry. duck's ass. feather cut. Women's: do. betwixt and between. hood. smack dab in the middle. SOS. holler. flag. cut. mind-blower. hairdo. gooky. monkey. hammer out a deal. get ones ears raised. HACK n. HALLUCINATION n. mow the lawn. horse tail. fried. work out a deal. old chestnut. poodle cut. skinhead. briar. HAIL v. Detroit. HALF-WIT n. the other place. halfway in the middle. baldy (Army). HALLUCINATING v. blow one's mind. pachuco. Elvis. skell. See also street people. tripe. continental. English. crew. HALLUCINOGENIC adj. run of the mill. devil's grandmother. mind-bending. even-steven. chilibowl. neck of the woods. condo. plump in the middle. lamebrain. fifty-fifty. Caesar. half and half. poodle cut. HAIRCUT n. hair bender. brushcut. headache band. HAIR n. kick. shot. bald as an eagle. cut. wrapped tight. get ones head scratched. four-letter man (dumb). See also HELLO. brushcut. loser. freak out. butch. goup. fro. dumdum. holler out. ducktail. grind. crewcut. razor cut. smack in the middle. cueball (just had a haircut). hole. Jewfro. See also ROUTINE.. fuzz cut. Navajo. go on a trip. thing. root for. spikey. HABITAT n. nappy (kinky). highball. knock down the price. stomping ground. flattop. mohawk. yoo hoo. rat's nest (1950s). numbnut. work-horse. grass. halvers. whistle down. double-o. greasy grind. 3. razor cut.

squeal. morning after. smoke. HANDKERCHIEF n. action. chicken tracks. string up. shot. crown fire. flyer. the shakes. HANDSOME adj. HANDWRITING n. make out. dumb gat. what goes. chipper. the munchies (food). dick in the dirt. HANDSPRING n. HAMPER v. break-off. HANDSHAKER n. stocked. gimp. jitney bag. hamstrung. what's cooking?. snubby. a hair of the dog (cure). necktie social. ears. piece. pass it on over. meat hook. hurdy-gurdy. hen tracks. Salisbury steak. sunny side up. sad sack. HANDBAG n. dish out. have eyes for. tuna. floating. cap (racing). drop anchor. the feebles. difference. clutch. HARANGUE n. See DESIRE. flip. HANKER v. gimme. cream for. HANDICAP n. come to a shuddering halt. HANDCUFF v. come to a screaming halt. drag one's foot. behind the eight ball. HAPPY adj. eating out. mitt glommer. lover boy. blow one's mind. stretch. artillery. get one's grits. poor fish. See OCCUR. run things. schlemiel (Yid. biscuit hook. literature. high fiving celebration (congratulations). fin flipper. fork over. leather. put on the cuffs. darbies. duke. scribble. hand-carry. cool it. bracelets. sneezer. put on. flipping. baggage. fleabag (Navy). mitt. cuff. jiffy bag. derbies. See UNFORTUNATE. bag. gimme ten. spiel. game. HAMBURGER n. taken out. big boy. just what the doctor ordered. blow the whistle on. irons. equalizer. backflips. the urge. put out. on a cloud. dance. superburger. yen. thumbs. gassed. hopped up. flipper. cufflinks. stymie. HANDICAPPED adj. jonah. the willies. high as a kite. See MANAGE. can't complain. lookin' good. HAMPERED adj. be crooked. give the man some. put a cork in it. HANDLES n. throwaway. cuffs. shake. game. go through the trap. make the grade. floating on air.180 hallway HALLWAY n. crip. put on the HANG v. catch rope. come down. sniffer. geed up. snakebit. iron. hunk. swing. (silencer). HANGOVER n. clean up the kitchen (order for hamburger. tea'd up. gimp. up. zazzle. geed up. flyin'. See DESIRE. psychological baggage. gimme five. beefburger. stuck. higgledy-piggledy. yen for. ground round. big head. reading out. what cooks?. jinxed. hummy. screaming halt. tickled to death. out of commission. cutoff. hide. grunt. stretch rope. high. HAND v. wowed. hand-walk. duster. out of it. a winner. stoppage. gagged gat. break. handsprings. hemp fever. Saturday night special. keister. snowed. bracelets. ham. ham and. all over the map. tie up. tear duster. HAND ORGAN n.). hoist. weed. HAM AND EGGS n. come to a grinding halt. deal with. stuck with. paw. HALT v. Noah's boy. freeze. chirpy. hang-up. See SPEECH. potato grabber. what's going down. hush hush. Wimpy. the glad hand. Big Mac. g'd up. See GUN. letup. high five. on cloud nine. loser. fin. tickled. tickled pink. get in the way. HAPHAZARDLY adv. gimme some skin. crip. necktie party. See HINDER. druthers. sidelined. what's happening. blowing one's roof. gat. glad-hander. tall dark and handsome. hassle. top. pretty boy. hardware. HALT adj. hold up. can it. HAPPEN v. handout. wipe. hog-tied. cooking with gas. bunch of fives (fist). Little Mary Sunshine. willy-nilly. hash or stew). stung. frame. hamburg. upper. DTs. upbeat. g'd up. shuddering halt. have one's mouth fixed for. HAND n. have a case on. on cloud seven. cheeseburger. HANDGUN n. gimpy. have no kick coming. hook. grabber. hang up. in seventh heaven. layoff. fat dumb and happy. perky. Little Merry Sunshine. HAMMOCK n. See also PREVENT. down. sunny. fire in the belly. . what's coming down. See ERRATICALLY. burger. Texas cakewalk. scrawl. mark. HANDCUFFS n. HANKERING n. hack it. come across with. lily white. partial to. pleased as Punch. dodger. corky. scrag. Adonis. call the signals. chewed fine. HANDSHAKE n. hog-tied. any old way. get a handle on something. necktie sociable. peashooter. HANDLE v. happy as a clam. drop. necktie. popping one's nuts. flyin' high. cluck and grunt. weakness. cut the mustard. HANDBILL n. HAM n. See STOP. HANGMAN'S ROPE n. slave bracelets. on a joy ride. under the weather. duke. hit the spot. spouting. handsome thing. cramp one's style. grinding halt. squat pad. hoodooded. HANGING n. gimpy. blower. duker. HALT n. flip-flop. nippers. snot rag. roscoe. HAPLESS adj.

burn. chimney. whip up. hard shell. See STUBBORN. hard-boiled. wing. get a wiggle on. tune in on. HASTEN V. See WOUND. batten down the hatches. working girl. hard-boiled. bug. hassle. dead ass. bitch. pull in one's belt. sky. HARLEM tion). in sync. See also FRIENDLY. by the skin of one's teeth. cut the comedy. yesterday today and forever. grossed out on. skimmer. bimbo. shorten sail. hate one's guts. bend the goods. socko. in nothing flat. HARSH adj. rough. uphill battle. hash up. greasy grind. mess up. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. beaver. stump. rim. steamed. get. by a hair. turning a trick. pussycat. See ANNOY. broad racket. spitball. hit it off. topper. sombrero. get cracking. tough. eager beaver. HARASS v. CONNECTICUT Stag City. pigheaded. snap shit. heesh. opera (folding). blow off. rattle ones cage. grind. on the same wavelength. HARMONICA n. HARASSING. get on a soapbox. give one the needle. jack one around. tough nut. mean. gook. barrel ass. pick up. Irish turkey. clean up the kitchen for one. muck up. cap. chop chop. 1. going out for a buck. dump on. rum go. simpatico. hard row to hoe. get the lead out of one's ass. on one's uppers. spiel. put the pedal to the metal. torn down. drag. head in concrete. white slavery. Stetson. hang tough. call girl. model. world's oldest profession. frame up. pretty near. snappy. stand pat. good vibrations. See SPEED. HARDWARE STORE n.hate 181 HARANGUE v. hash head (user). have a hate on for. See PROSTITUTE. See also MARIJUANA. unass one. slump. bullheaded. hard put to it. PDQ. See also INTIMIDATE. See also DISLIKE. brain bucket. fore and aft (admiral). noodge. HARM v. hairy. tar bucket. bowler. zing. uphill. give a bad time to. dream up. work on. harp. ten-gallon. the big trouble. heavy. sailor. HATCH v. dicer. gimme cap. sheish. tart. See CALLOUS. candy. See ORATE. make tracks. tit cap. hustle. get. come up with. go on about. hash. stepping out. rainy days. 2. mix. up shit creek. wham bam. murder. case. cady (1850 U. the life. Sugar Hill (elite sec- . fighting to keep one's head up. sky piece. slumgudgeon. tough luck. gooey (WW I). no more cards to play. run for cover. cold fish. the gentleman will take a chance (order). pooh pooh. ding. See ANNOYED. the bottle. See DIFFICULT. downer. HARLOT n. at the end of one's rope. hard knocks. hit one where one lives. spout. shady lady. cut the shit. hairy. total. have no use for. HASTY adj. tough proposition. hostess. cold-blooded. boater. Army and Marines). stove pipe. deer stalker. HARD HITTING adj. tough. cook up. See also DESPERATE. HARMLESS adj. louse up. HARDWORKING adj. crash. hard row of stumps. See STERN.). picked on. runnin' out of time. crusher HARD TIMES n. softie. bad times. HATE v. tee'd off. bummer. dog biscuit. get a load of. HARDTACK n. whiz. See PLAN. tin hat. rotten luck. on the skids. bugle warmer. HARLOTRY n. wicked. go-to-hell cap (WW II. sockeroo. quickie. browned off. hardnosed. give one a hard time. throw together. catch. can't stand the guts of. ballbreaker. in tune with. up shit creek without a paddle. grabber. do a number on. wrack up. pro. bust. chew the scenery. rainy day. pisser. See LISTEN. scraping the bottom of the barrel. brainstorm. work one's tail off. ride. up against it. 1. HAT n. slack season. fog. be all ears. chippie. have an allergy to. on the double. keef. dress down. hitting the turf. tweak. knock on one's lobes. togetherness. get to. HARDHEADED adj. hard hat. HASH n. got lead balls for eyes. put down. plug hat. HASHISH n. lid. shake a leg. lay a bad trip on one. in the soup. HARDLY adv. down on one's luck. spooked. yell one's head off. (1929). pronto. See DAMAGE. hustle. gone to the dogs. Panama. listen up. HARTFORD. hustler. pretty damned quick. HARASSED adj. HARKEN v. hacked. locked in. down on. back to the wall. Soul City. bitchy. tough break. iron hat. Soulville. gone to pot. 2. eat. See FAST. riled. hard up. practically. mystery. nick. on one's shit list. can't even get arrested. punchy. HARMONIOUS adj. See also ADVERSITY. rhinoceros hide. ball up. tryin' to stay alive. dip. double clutchin'. good vibes. cussed. STOP v. See INDUSTRIOUS. trump up. allergic to. See also SCHEME. on the turf. up against it. hooker. plug. hard as nails. HARDSHIP n. HARD PRESSED adj. fuck off. hotfoot it. mean. pig joint. ho. prosty. in the life. kissing kin. thick-skinned. straw. mouth organ. hard-nosed. get cracking. paper tiger. HARD adj.

182 hateful HATEFUL adj. uncool, unhep, unhipped, awful, beastly, bitchy, cussed, mean, ornery, gross, grody, grody to the max, pesky, pestiferous, funky (Bl.), act like one's shit doesn't stink. See also DESPICABLE. HATRED n. allergy to, no use for. Charlie (Bl.), top dog, kingfish, lead-off man. See EXECUTIVE. HEADACHE n. migraine. head, have a head, hangover, a

HAUGHTY adj. biggety, sniffy, snooty, snotty, uppity, stuck up, high hat, on one's high horse, have one's glasses on (Bl.). See ARROGANT. HAUL v. lug, pack, piggy back, ride, shlep, shlep along, tote, truck, back, birdie back, buck, gun, heel, hump, jag, shoulder, move. HAUNT n. hangout, the place, stamping ground, old stamping ground, stomping ground, ole stomping ground. HAUNT v. hant, spook, voodoo, hoodoo. See also FREQUENT. HAUNTED adj. hanted, spooked, spooky. HAVE v. lock up, get hold of, glom on to, latch on to, bogart, corner, corner the market, get a corner on, hog, get one's hands on, sit on. HAWAII Aloha State, the Islands, Wahoo. HAWKER n. candy man, pusher, (drugs); cheap jack, cheap John. See VENDOR. HAZARD n. 1. long shot, hundred to one shot, go at, stab, have a fling at, outside chance, snowball chance, toss up. See WAGER. 2. that's the way the ball bounces, that's the way the cookie crumbles, that's the way [any number of things], lucky hit, lucky break, run of luck, luck into. See LUCK. 3. double trouble, thin ice, hot potato, dynamite, risky business. HAZARD v. take a plunge, go for broke, skate on thin ice, go out on a limb. See RISK. HAZARDOUS adj. hot, hairy, unhealthy, widowmaker, dicey, chancy, can get burned, touchy. See DANGEROUS. HAZE n. ground clouds, smaze, smog, soup.

HEADLIGHTS n. glim, glimmers, one eye, eyeballs, quads (four), bright, dims (parking lights). HEADQUARTERS n. ad building, tower of power, HQ, GHQ, CP, home office, puzzle palace (higher), Pentagon, toy factory (C.I.A.). HEADQUARTERS ASSIGNMENT n (police). palace guard

HEADSTRONG adj. bullheaded, mule, hard-nosed, hard core, hard shell, Turk, locked in, has one's Dutch up, murder (he's murder). See STUBBORN. HEALTH, BAD adj. poorly, one foot in the grave, one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, on one's last legs, a walking disease, walking wounded. See ILL. HEALTHY adj. alive and kicking, wrapped tight, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, chipper, together, fit as a fiddle, full of beans, full of piss and vinegar, in fine feather, in fine whack, in high feather, in the pink, sound as a dollar, right, right as rain, solid as a rock, beefy, husky, strong as a horse, strong as a lion, strong as an ox. HEALTH SPA n. fat farm, milk farm.

HEAR v. listen up, pick up, catch, read, get, get a load of, be all ears, have one's ear to the ground, get an earful, hear tell, give ears, knock on one's lobes. See LISTEN. HEARSAY n. scuttlebutt, talk, grapevine, clothesline, leak, ear loft, latrine rumor, wire, heard over the backyard fence. See GOSSIP. HEARSE n. meat wagon, dead wagon, glass wagon, bone box, last ride, black Maria. HEARTBEAT n. back beat, tick, tick tock.

HEART n. 1. pump, ticker, clock, chimer, puffer, pumper, bad pump, bum clock, bum ticker. 2. bottom line, meat and potatoes, nitty-gritty, nub, nuts and bolts, groceries, coal and ice. See BASIC. HEARTBROKEN adj. destroyed, sing the blues, cry the blues, hang crepe, bummed out, hurtin', hurting, in pain, in the pits, off one's feed, cracked up, cut up, tore up, all torn up, ripped. See UNHAPPY. HEARTLESS adj. cold fish, cold-blooded, hard as nails, thick-skinned, dead ass, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, got lead balls for eyes. See CALLOUS. HEAVE v. peg, chuck, chunk, fire, lob, pitch, sling.

HAZE v. needle, put on, rag, razz, rib, roast, jive, jolly, josh, kid, horse. See TEASE. See also JOKE. HAZY adj. smoggy, smazy, muzzy, soupy. HEAD n. 1. bean, old bean, noggin, noodle, noddle, dome, pate, attic, conk, conk piece, top story, upper story, upstairs, block, biscuit, cabbage head, calabash (Arc), can, chimney (Bl.), cupola, coco, coconut, pimple, potato, poll, pumpkin, punkin, bonnet, cruller, knob, lemon, sconce, squash, thinker, think pot, box, think box, think tank, knowledge box, dream box, gray matter, little gray cells, wet ware (brain), solid ivory, wig. 2. CO., bosshead, czar, godfather, head honcho, the man, Mister

HEAVEN n. pearly gates, happy hunting ground, promised land, glory, kingdom come, upstairs, up there, blue, Blue Broadway, wild blue yonder, big skip, the old

heroin 183 bye and bye, the great ball park in the sky, the great ad [or any business] agency in the sky. HEAVY adj. hefty, lead-footed, tough, beefy, fatso, two ton Tessie, like lead. See also FAT. HEAVYSET adj. built, well-stacked, built like a brick shithouse, built for comfort, busty, curvy, zaftig, fatty. See also FAT. HECTIC adj. jungle, zoo, madhouse, nutsy, all hell broke loose, to do, hassle. See FRANTIC. HEDGE v. cop out, cop a plea, jive, shuck, shuck and jive, stonewall, hem and haw, blow hot and cold, flip flop, shilly shally, sit on the fence, waffle, fudge, hedge one's bet, pussyfoot, beg the question, cover your ass, CYA, pass the buck, run around, give one the run around, stall off, get around, beat around, beat around the bush. HEED n. listen up, pop to, spotlight, tender loving care, TLC. HEED v. 1. sit, baby-sit, keep tab, keep tabs on, ride herd on, mind the store, watch the store, watch over, not get off base, not get out of line, stay in line, toe the line, toe the mark, keep one's distance, keep a weather eye open, keep one's eye peeled, watch one's step, watch out, watch out for. 2. catch, get a load of, give ears, have one's ears on, knock on one's lobes, listen up, pick up, dig, spot, give a ghee a toss, give a thing a toss, give a thing a play, rap, rumble, tumble. HEEDFUL adj. listen up, not miss a trick, pay mind to, shine me on, glued, hooked, keep on one's toes, walk wide. See CAUTIOUS. HEEDLESS adj. out to lunch, asleep at the switch, goofing off, daydreaming, fast and loose, slapdash, sloppy. See CARELESS. HEIGHTEN v. hop up, beef up, jazz up, punch up, soup up, heat up, hot up, add fuel to the fire, pour it on. See INTENSIFY. HEINOUS adj. gross, grody to the max, beastly, raunchy, sucks, stinking, godawful. See BAD. HELICOPTER n. chopper, copter, whirley bird, eggbeater, eye in the sky, telecopter (TV news, traffic), trafficopter, gunship, windmill; air bear, bear in the air, dustoff, smokey copter (police); Charlie copter (Govt), Huey (Mil.), angel (Navy). HELIUM n. balloon juice. ya, howdy, howdy do, how de do, how do ye do, how do?, hey now, say now, whatayasay?, well a hey, how you doin'?, how's things?, how's tricks?, how goes it?, how's every little thing?, how's the world treating you?, hello Joe what do you know?, long time no see. HELMET n. hat. brain bucket, hard hat, hat, iron hat, tin

HELP v. 1. mayday. 2. boost, buck up, brace up, give a boost to, give a leg up, give a lift, lend a hand, plug, hype, push, hold a brief for, go with, go for, go to bat for, go to the mat for, go down the line for, go the route for, make a pitch for, beat the drum for, plump for, run interference for, grease the wheels for, thump the tub for, root for, stump for, front for, stand up for, stick up for, ride shotgun for, take care of one for, save one's bacon, put a flea in one's ear, put a bug in one's ear, open doors, hand out, splash, spot, throw the spotlight on, puff, ballyhoo, put on the map, press agent, up, backup, bail out, hold ones end up, straighten one out. 3. pick up the tab, angel, back, bankroll, grubstake, stake, go for. See FINANCE. HELPER n. help, temp, sec, girl Friday, gal Friday, man Friday, gofer, hired hand, mother's helper, yard man, flunky, home guard, peon, savage, serf, slave, slavey. See ASSISTANT. HELPLESS adj. handcuffed, with one's hands tied, pinned, basket case, over a barrel, tapped, tapped out, up the creek, up the creek without a paddle, up shit creek, up shit creek without a p a d d l e . See also DEFENSELESS. HEMORRHOIDS n. grapes. HEN n. banty, biddy, birdie, chick, chickabiddy, chickadee, chicky, gull, gump, sea gull, albatross (WW II). HENCHMAN n. flunky, stooge, yes-man, goon, asshole buddy, ass kisser, brownnose, running dog, toad, ward heeler, heller. HEN HOUSE n. egg orchard.

HERD v. poke, punch, round up, scare up, corral. HERMAPHRODITE n. morph, morphodite.

HEROIC adj. stand tall, bigger'n life, fire eater, gritty, gutsy, gutty, ballsy, hairy. See DARING. HEROIN n. C , H., aitch, the big H, horse, snow, sugar, smeck, smack, bag, cadillac, piece, weight (ounce), fix, shit, the tragic magic, liquid sky (with sex), Lady H, yen shee, stuff, hard stuff, white stuff, junk, hook, hot shot (overdose), pack, blanks, bones, boy, brother, brown, brown sugar, Mexican brown, Mexican mud, black tar, Chinese, Chinese red, red chicken, chiva, cobics, crap, doojee, Dojee, doorjee, estuffa, first degree, heroina, powder, joy powder, flea powder, polvo, scag,

HELLO interj. hi, hey, hey there, ciao, look out, gimme some skin, gimme five, gimme ten, cherrio, chorro, cherry, what's happenin'?, what's going down?, what's coming down?, what gives?, what's shaking?, what's the skinny?, what's the low down?, what's the scoop?, what's the poop?, what's the rave?, what cooks, what's cookin'?, what's cookin' good-lookin'?, what it is, hi


heroin addict HIGHBALL n. tall one, fresh one (another).

scar, scramble, tecaba, thing, bombita, dynamite, cold 45, Colt .45, schmee, antifreeze, caballo, deck, salt, him, hero of the underworld, Harry, Big Harry, witch hazel, angel, noise, lemonade, poison, eye opener (first of day), goldfinger (synthetic). HEROIN ADDICT n. Scag Jones, smack slammer. speedball, dynamite. atom bomb.

HIGH FLOWN adj. high falutin', high-hatted, high nosed, high-toned, toplofty, stuffed shirt, put on airs, dog it, purple, gassy, windy, given to twenty-dollar words, bor-ring, over one's head. See also POMPOUS. HIGHJACK v. jack, hijack, skyjack, heist. HIGHLY adv. awful, awfully, real, really, but good, jolly, bloody, daisy, so much, mighty, plenty, too much, mucho, so, stone (stone deaf), terribly, terrifically, almighty, powerful, right. HIGH-MINDED adj. cocky, puffed up, stuck up, highflown, high nosed, have one's glasses on (Bl.), dog it, smarty pants, smart ass. See ARROGANT. HIGH-PRICED adj. pricey, steep, upscale, uptown, executive, high, pretty penny, up to here (elbow), highway robbery. See EXPENSIVE. HIGH SCHOOL n. hi, high. prep, preppy,



HEROIN USE v. chase the dragon, coast, cook, cook it, do up, pop it, jab a vein, sniff nose candy, snort dust. HEROIN USER n. Jones. smackhead, smack slammer, Scag

HESITATE v. pussyfoot, pussyfoot around, hem and haw, straddle, fence straddle, on the fence, sit on the fence, hang on the fence, run hot and cold, blow hot and cold, hedge, hedge off, shilly shally, waffle, tic and twitch. HETEROSEXUAL n. straight, right-handed, vanilla, fish (lesbian use), jam (homosexual use). HEX n. evil eye, whammy, double whammy, horns, kibosh, hoodoo, voodoo, kiss of death. See CURSE. HEX v. cuss, damn, darn, jinx, spook, put the horns on, put the whammy on one, put the double whammy on one, give one a kine ahora (Yid.), hoodoo, hoodoo one, voodoo, voodoo one. HEXED adj. spooked, hoodooed, voodooed. HIDDEN adj. covered up, holed up, put in the hole, planted, stashed, under wraps, under the fig leaf, doggo, incog, Q.T., hush-hush, hushed up. HIDE n. dried barkers, skins, skin joint (shop).

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT n. preppie; freshie, frosh (first year).

HIGH SOCIETY n. upper crust, hoity-toity, the big bucks, 400, high hat, rich bitch, jet set, mainliner, FFV's, Mister and Mrs. Gotrocks. See ELITE. HIGH-SPIRITED adj. 1. chipper, chirpy, corky, high, sunny, sunny side up, up, upbeat, upper, perky, Little Merry Sunshine, Little Mary Sunshine. See HAPPY. 2. full of piss and vinegar, full of beans, full of prunes, full of hops. See SPIRITED. HIGH-STRUNG adj. uptight, wired, wired up, hyper, jittery, jumpy, all shook up, clutched up, on pins and needles, on the ragged edge, choked, zonkers. See NERVOUS. HIGHWAY n. bricks, pavement, dragway, pike, rip strip, super slab, bowling alley, four lane parking lot, world's longest parking lot. See ROAD. HIGHWAY POLICE n. CHIPS (California). HIKE n. bear, Smokey, Smokey Bear,

HIDE v. 1. stash, stache, stash away, ditch, duck, plant, squirrel, squirrel away, hike, put in the hole, stick in the hole. 2. whitewash, sweep under the rug, bury, cover, cover up, duck, stonewall, finesse it, palm, paper over, hold out on, keep buttoned up, keep it under one's hat, keep under wraps, skim (income), unload, launder. 3. hide out, hole up, play dead, lie doggo, lie low, sit tight, tunnel, cool off, duck outta sight, melt into the scenery, take it on the lam, do a crouch, flatten out, out, hit the shade, hit the mattresses. HIDEOUS adj. animal, beast, gross, plug (M.), plugugly, ugly as sin, grimbo (Fern.), hagged out, face would crack a mirror, pruneface, sick, weird. See UGLY. HIDING PLACE n. cover, fig leaf, safe house, hideout, hideaway, getaway place, the scatter, hole, plant, shade, sneezer, stash, stache, drop, drop joint, drop off. HIERARCHY n. pecking order, place, slot.

constitutional, legwork, shlep, traipse.

HIKE v. leg it, hoof it, ride shank's mare, stump it, hit the road, hit the dirt, hit the grit. See WALK. HILARIOUS adj. crack up, gas, boffo, a scream, yokky, gagged up, laffer, riot, priceless, screamingly funny, gutbusting, for grins. See AMUSING. HINDER v. queer, crimp, cramp, put a crimp in, cramp one's style, stymie, get in the way, put a cork in it, skin, crab, hog-tie, tie up, pin, hang up, hold up, bring to a screaming halt, freeze, blow the whistle on, foul up, fuck up, louse up, snafu, bollix, gum, gum up the works, fake out, shut out, shut off, close out, close off, choke,

HIGH adj. high rise.

hoarder 1S5 choke off, stonewall, stall, flag one down, fix one's wagon, saddle with, drag one's feet, put on the brakes, weigh down, hang like a millstone round one's neck, flummox, stump, give one the business, sandbag, torpedo (a plan), throw a monkey wrench into the works, upset one's apple cart, spike one's guns, cut off one's water, turn off one's water, steal one's thunder, trash, take one down, take care of, take the wind out of one's sails, knock the bottom out of, knock the chocks from under one, knock the props from under one, down one, ditch, give the slip, skip out on, duck, dodge, get around, give the run around, run circles around, run rings around, monkey with the buzz saw, monkey with, mix in. See also RESTRAIN, BURDEN. HINDRANCE n. hang-up, baggage, excess baggage, psychological baggage, foot dragging, stumbling block, catch, catch 22, glitch, joker, one small difficulty, a lock, jam up, gridlock, bugaboo, crimp, crimp one's style, hump, stinger, monkey wrench, albatross, albatross around one's neck, ball and chain, millstone, shlepper, shlep along, get off my side, get offmy case, get out of my life, whose side are you on?, with you as a friend I don't need enemies. HINDSIGHT adj. Monday morning quarterback, second guess. HINDU n. raghead (Derog.). HIT v. bash, trash, drub, flax, wax, lace, lather, larrup, leather, lambaste, blitz, cane, spank, paddle, work over, wham, bam, whop, whomp, whack, bushwhack, shellack, whip, whipsaw, wipe, hide, tan, tan one's hide, take it out of one's hide, take it out of one's skin, brain, bloop, bonk, conk, pop, bop, boff, biff, bean, belt, bat, bung, blind, K.O., kayo, chill, stretch, bust, dust, dust off, drop, deck, dump, dish, total, sock, slug, slog, smack, poke, powder, pepper, clout, clobber, cream, lump, lump up, clump, clunk, plunk, clonk, clock, crown, clip, flip, flatten, get, soak, zap, zetz, paste, waste, wing, measure, bump, jump, heel, mug, hurt, yerk, bust up, come at, have at, lay at, go for, pitch into, light into, sail into, wade into, lay into, crack down on, lean on, clean on, take one, take out, shot, take a shot, take a whack at, take one over the hurdles, take care of, take down, take one down, put down, slap down, smack down, shoot down, shoot down in flames, chop down, shut down, lay one out, lay one low, lay on sap, lay a glove on, wipe out, hand it to one, punch out, work out, knock, knock cold, knock dead, knock in, knock off, knock around, knock one out, knock the beholden out of one, knock the daylights out of one, knock the shit out of one, knock into the next county, knock one into next week, knock for a row of [anything], knock on the head, knock one on one's ass, knock one ass over teakettle, knock one on one's ear, knock one's block off, knock one for a loop, knock on one's biscuit, knock on one's can, knock on one's keister, knock on one's pratt, knock on one's quifF, knock one on one's wallet, deal a knockout blow to, whale the daylights out of one, whale, wallop, welt, blast, blast on, fire on, throw a punch, slough, slough around, put the slug on one, sock it to one, give one a fat lip, tangle ass with, go up against, let have it, dust one's jacket, give a deal to, give a dose of birch oil, give a dose of strap oil, give a dose of hickory oil, give a dose of hazel oil, floor one, banjax, plant one, down one, wheel and deal, ring one's bell, haul off on one, let one have it, land a haymaker, put the bee on one, boot, boot around, put the boots to, coldcock, cold pack, Chinese, drygulch, double bank, give one the blanket, give one the works, put one in the hospital, give one a going over, break one's face, hit a clip, go to town, kick one's cruller in, kick one's lemon in, kick one's sconce in. HITCH n. catch, glitch, bug, hang-up, snafu, holdup, joker, one small difficulty. See DIFFICULTY. HITCHHIKE v. hitch, hitch a ride, thumb, thumb a ride, thumb one's way, bum a ride, cadge a ride, hook a ride, long arm. HITTER n. slugger, mugger, pile driver, knuckleduster, lip-splitter. See also FIGHTER. HOARD v. sock away, squirrel, stash, scrimp, skimp, put aside for a rainy day. See SAVE. HOARDER n. hog.

HINT n. lead, hot lead, tip off, telltale, print, bum steer (false), flea in one's ear, sneaking suspicion. HINT v. leak, spring, spring one's duke, tip one's duke, tip one's hand, let the cat out of the bag, put a flea in one's ear, drop hairpins (homosexual). See EXPOSE. HINTERLAND n. boondock, boondocks, boonies, outback, sticks, stix, woods, up country. See COUNTRY. HIPPOPOTAMUS n. hippo.

HIRE v. sign on, sign up, take on, ink, pact, bring on board, come on board, truck with. HIRED adj. on board, inked, signed, pacted. HIRELING n. help, stiff, apparatchik, flunky, temp, pencil pusher, girl Friday, man Friday, white collar, pink collar, hard hat, blue collar. See WORKER. HISS n. Bronx cheer, raspberry, razz, the bird.

HISTRIONIC adj. hammy, schmaltzy, hokey, tearjerking, scenery chewing. HIT n. belt, clout, cut, chop, whop, wham, whammy, biff, bash, bat, shot, swat, swipe, sock, slug, slog, zap, zetz, zinger, clip, lick, wallop, lollop, haymaker, bonk, dint, dozer, plunk, clump, one-two, one-two punch, onetwo blow, roundhouse, roundhouse sidewinder, Sunday punch, the leather, blindside (unexpected).

186 hoax HOAX n. 1. hustle, con, con game, sting, flimflam, scam, racket, dodge, fast shuffle, total shuck. See CHEAT. 2. crap, crock, fib, cock-and-bull story, whopper, bunco, hooey, banana oil, snow job, diddling. See LIE. HOAX v. rook, run a game on, fleece, sting, Murphy, pigeon-drop, play games with, suck in, pull one's leg, set up, frame up, fake out, humbug. See TRICK. HOBBLE v. gimp; hang up, crimp, put a crimp in, cramp, cramp one's style. See also HINDER. HOBBY n. bag, thing, kick, schtick, shot, go in for, be into, have a weakness for, do one's thing. HOBO n. bum, stumblebum, king of the road, bo, stiff, stiffo, bindlestiff, bindleman, deadbeat, floater. See VAGRANT. See also BEGGAR. HOBO CAMP n. jungle; crum, crumb, crumb roll (bedroll, blanket or pack). HODGEPODGE n. everything but the kitchen sink, mishmash, mishmosh, duke's mixture, mixed bag, goulash. See MIXTURE. HOG n. porker, porky, cob roller (young or small). HOME n. pad, crash pad, condo, joint, domi, flop, digs, diggings, hole in the wall, castle, cave, home plate, turf, ole stomping grounds, roost. See HOUSE. See also APARTMENT, NEIGHBORHOOD. HOME ECONOMICS n. home ec.

HOMELIKE adj. comfy, cushy, homey, folksy, down home, haymish, snug as a bug in a rug. HOMELY adj. pig, dogface, airedale, animal, beast, gross, plug-ugly, gruesome twosome, face would stop a clock, homely as a mud fence. See UGLY. HOMESICK adj. rhino. HOMESPUN adj. vanilla, folksy, homey, haymish (Yid.), open and shut, meat and potatoes man, plain as an old shoe. HOMICIDE n. offing, ride, wasting, bang job, big chill, bump off, erase, hit, rubout, scragging, the big M, the works, fragging (officer, Mil.). See KILLING. HOMILY n. bromide, old saw, broken record, daffodil, cracker barrel, chew one's cabbage, chew one's tobacco. HOMING PIGEON n. homer.

HOLD v. 1. stay put, cling like a burr, cling like ivy, freeze to, hold on like a bulldog, stick like a barnacle, stick like a leech, stick like a limpet, stick like a wet shirt. 2. bogart, hog, lock up, get hold of, glom on to, latch on to, corner, corner the market, get a corner on, get ones hands on, sit on. 3. swear up and down, swear on a stack of bibles, swear till one is blue in the face, cross one's heart and hope to die, say so. See AFFIRM. 4. take as gospel truth, take stock in, set store by, swear by, okay, OK, buy, bet one's bottom dollar on, lay money on, lap up, have a hunch, have a sneaking suspicion. See BELIEVE. 5. cool, cool off, cool down, hold down, hold off, keep the lid on, get one in a box, bottle up, cork up, lock up, put a lock on. See RESTRAIN. 6. sock away, squirrel, stash, scrimp, skimp, put aside for a rainy day. See SAVE. HOLD BACK v. fudge, back off, dial back, go back on one's word, weasel out, worm one's way out, worm out of, welsh, renig, nig, back water. HOLIDAY n. two weeks with pay, liberty, layoff, a few days off, eyes to cool it, gone fishing. HOLISTIC MEDICINE n. HOLLER v. holismo (as a cure all).

holler out, give a shout, hoot, squawk.

HOLLYWOOD n. Hollyweird, filmdom, Glamour Town, Movieland, Movieville, moviedom, Tinsel City, Tinseltown. HOLY adj. Holy Joe, Jasper, knee bender, goody, goody-goody, goody two shoes, scoutmaster.

HOMOSEXUAL n. gay, homo, mo, faggot, fag, agfay, fruit, fruitcake, queer, fairy, pansy, lily, flower, auntie, aunt (elderly), nance, butterfly, fly ball, bait, bronco (novice), mandrake, father fucker, out, out of the closet, gunsel, gazoonil, gazooney, gonif, swing the other way, lover, John, lacy, left-handed, lightfooted, Mary, mintie, mother, Nancy, bent, three dollar bill, chicken, chicken delight (young), faunet, faunlet (pre-adolescent boy), chicken hawk, punk, government inspected meat (Mil.), boy, capon, cocksucker, flamer, drag queen, main queen, closet queen, flute, fluter, freak, frit, fooper, gobbler, girl, limp wrist, jocker, maricon, piccolo player, pix, peter puffer, swish, faygeleh, mola, pato (Sp.), out, paleface (white), pogey, bird taker, man's man, third sexer, eye doctor, cannibal, punk, jock, jocky, trapeze artist, tusk, wolf, ring tail, sod, angel, baby, salesman, mason, male oriented, identified, cake eater, sister, three-letter man (fag), four-letter man (homo), lamb, ma, nellie, skippy, rough trade (sadistic), truck driver (rough), twink, willie, geep, fruit ma toot, cruiser, flinch bird, guzzler, muzzier, nibbler, snake charmer, joker, keister bandit, daddy, papa, uncle, prussian, short arm bandit, short arm heister, turk, wheelman, apple pie, bender, bindle boy, brat, Mr. Brown, charity stuff, coozey, flap, floosie, flit (30s), les, lez, dyke, bull dyke, diesel dyke, butch, bitch, boondagger, daisy, fairy lady, Amy, bird, gal officer, lesbine, lesbo, marge, lady lover, doublebarreled broad, shemale, top sergeant (all Derog. and Obsc). HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVIST n. Gay Lib, Gay Libber.

hopeless 187 HOMOSEXUAL CLUB BAR n. gay bar, fag joint, meat market, fruit market, market, camp, gay hangout. HOMOSEXUAL, FEMALE n. les, lez, lesbine, lesbie, lesbo, dyke, bull dyke, bull dagger, diesel dyke, butch, crested hen (butch), bitch, boondagger, daisy, fairy lady, Amy, bird, gal officer, marge, lady lover, female identified, female oriented, femme, finger artist, double barreled broad, shemale, harpie, Jasper, sergeant, top sergeant (all Derog.). HOMOSEXUAL GATHERING n. bird circuit, grab party, lavender convention, meat rack. HOMOSEXUAL GRATIFICATION meat. about it, talk turkey, all wool and a yard wide, card carrying, salt of the earth, clean as a hound's tooth. See also SINCERE. HONESTLY adv. for real, honest to God, indeedy, no buts about it, no ifs ands or buts, real, really truly. HONOR v. roll out the red carpet, give one the key to the city, give one the glad hand, give one the blue ribbon. HOOD n. doghouse. HOODLUM n. hood, con, wrong number, hooligan, crook, tough, toughie, punk, yoot (teenager), soldier, deuce (small time), gorilla, goon, gun, gunsel, torpedo, wise guy. See CRIMINAL. HOODWINK v. dick one around, run a game on, snake one in, fleece, gas, clip, con, scam, stiff, sting, double shuffle, skunk. See TRICK. HOODWINKED adj. stung, been taken, taken for a sleigh ride, fucked over, set up, sandbagged, burned, fleeced, snowed, snowed in, snowed under. See TRICKED. HOOLIGAN n. ape, gorilla, pug, strongarm, mug, goon, muscle, muscle man, hatchet man, hatchet boy, big boy, sleazeball, slimebucket, maggot, heavy, hood, clipper, bad actor, tough, tough cookie, hellion, terror, holy terror, sidewinder, roughneck, bruiser, mugger, ugly customer, plug-ugly. See also CRIMINAL. HOOT n. Bronx cheer, razz, razzberry, raspberry, the bird, boo. HOOT v. howl, put up a howl, set up a howl, holler, give a shout, give one the Bronz cheer, give one the raspberry, give one a razzberry, give one the bird, boo. HOPE n. bright side, fool's paradise, light at the end of the tunnel, pipe dream. See also PROSPECT. HOPE v. sweat, sweat it, sweat it out, hang in, keep one's fingers crossed, look on the bright side. HOPEFUL adj. on the make, glad-hander (overly), gung ho, high, high on something, scoutmaster, keeping the faith, rosy, upbeat. See OPTIMISTIC. HOPELESS adj. no way, no-win situation, can't win for losin', no more cards to play, sunk, shot down, gone, goner, gone goose, dead duck, put the kibosh on it, at the end of one's rope, not a ghost of a chance, not a Chinaman's chance, not a prayer, not a snowball's chance in hell, not til hell freezes over, in the soup, in the toilet, in deep shit, up shit creek, up shit creek without a paddle, up the creek, up the creek without a paddle, hard up, up against it, tryin' to stay alive, runnin' out of time, scrapin' the bottom of the barrel, got ones back to the wall, clutching at straws, spinning one's wheels, fighting to keep one's head up.

HOMOSEXUAL, MALE n. fag, agfay, fairy, pansy, nance, boy, lily, capon, cocksucker, flamer, aunt (elderly), drag queen, main queen, closet queen, flute, fluter, freak, frit, gobbler, girl, limp wrist, jocker, maricon, piccolo player, pix, peter puffer, swish, faygeleh (Yid.), chicken, chicken delight (young), chicken hawk, bronco (novice), left-handed mintie, mola, out, mandrake, paleface (white), pogey, bird taker, man's man, third sexer, eye doctor, cannibal, punk, jock, jocky, trapeze artist, tusk, wolf, ring tail, sod, angel, baby, salesman, mason, male oriented, identified, cake eater, sister, three-letter man (fag), four-letter man (homo), gunsel, gazoonil, lamb, ma, mother, nellie, skippy, rough trade (sadistic), truck driver (rough), twink, willie, geep, fruit ma toot, cruiser, flinch bird, guzzler, muzzier, nibbler, snake charmer, joker, keister bandit, daddy, papa, uncle, Prussian, short arm bandit, short arm heister, turk, wheelman, apple pie, bender, bindle boy, brat, Mr. Brown, charity stuff, coozey, flap, floosie, flit (30s) (all Derog. and Obsc). HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT n. Liberation. Gay Lib, Gay

HOMOSEXUAL REVELATION v. come out, come out of the closet, drop beads, drop a hairpin. HOMOSEXUAL UNION to be married, to go shot for shot, to play sixty-nine (Obsc), to swap stew for beans, swap spits, fag bag (woman married to). HONEST adj. up front, right up front, open, going the hangout route, like it is, call it like it is, lay it on the line, on the up and up, on the level, the emess, no lie, what you see is what you get, WYSIWYG, honest to God, honest injun, sure enough, twenty-four carat, square, square John, square shooter, true blue, righteous, Christian, kosher, boy scout, down home, fly right, Mr. Clean, regular, legit, on the legit, for real, real people, okay people, saint, straight, straight arrow, shoot straight, straight shooter, straight from the shoulder, straight out, straight dope, straight stuff, straight shit, third rail, talk like a Dutch uncle, call a spade a spade, white, damn white, put all one's cards on the table, make no bones

188 horde HORDE n. mob, push, turnout, blowout, crush, jam, jam up, everybody and his brother, everybody and his uncle, loaded to the rafters, wall-to-wall people. See CROWD. HORN n. pretzel (French). beep, honk, toot. horny toad. HORSE RACE RIDING up, in the irons, acey deucy (right stirrup shorter) win going away, hand-ride, near side (horses left side). HORSE, RACING n. the ponies, pony, the g.g's, nag, gee gee, bangtail, mudder, pig, plater, dark horse (unknown entry), stick out (superior), maiden, chaser (steeplechase racer), claimer, bug (never won; apprentice jockey), beetle, cooler, lizard, getty up, glue pot, goat, hide, weanling, baby, juvenile (2-year-olds), lug in, lug out (rail), lugger, side wheeler, skin, stiff (loser), tacky, stretch runner, break down (injury while racing). HORSE RACING TERMS also ran, bear in, bear out, lug in, lug out, wear blinkers (restrict horse's side view), blow out (workout run), break (start from gate), the call, drive (he won under a drive), early foot (fast starter), speedball (fast horse), one-run horse, handily, breeze, post time (starting time), photo (photo finish), scratch (withdraw entry), bat, gad (whip); caller (race announcer); fast, lightning fast, good, heavy, muddy, sloppy, slow, gumbo (track conditions); the flats, flat racing, give away weight (carry extra weight handicap), footing, maiden race, go, run, in the money; pilot, rider (jockey); railbird (spectator), tack (equipment), the track, the charts, boat race, drug store race (drugged or fixed); sweep (sweepstake); golf ball, soup, T, tea (drugs); produce race (unfoaled entries based on bloodlines), Run for the Roses (Kentucky Derby); claimer, seller, selling race (claiming race); starter (an entry), steal (lead all the way), wire to wire (start to finish), hardboot (jockey or fore), green (inexperienced horse), shipper (horse from another track), improving the breed (horse racing), dropping in class, dogs up (early morning workouts). HORSESHOES n. HOSE n. gasoline). barnyard golf.


signs, scope, Big Zee.

HORRIBLE adj. awful, beastly, sickie, barfy, furry, hairy, skin crawling, grim, scary. See BAD. See also DREADFUL. HORRIFY v. chill off, scare shitless, scare the pants off one, scare the bejesus out of one, scare to death. See FRIGHTEN. HORROR STORY n. chiller, chiller-diller, thriller, monster movie, blood and guts, spine tingler. HORS D'OEUVRES n. munchies. dip, finger food, spread,

HORSE n. hoss, hack, nag, bronc, bronco, bangtail, broom tail (mare), old gray mare, old Nellie, pony, bushtail, bum, crab, crip (crippled), crowbait (ugly or mean), refugee from the glue factory (sick, thin), cayuse, daisy cutter, plug, paint horse, old paint, pinto, G.G., geegee, trotter, dobbin, hayburner, plater, jade, crock, crowbait, goat, stiff. See also RACEHORSE. HORSE MANURE n. apples. road apples, golden apples, alley

HORSEPLAY n. monkeyshines, shenanigans, hijinks, fun and games. See also AMUSEMENT. HORSEPLAY v. horse around, fuck around, screw around, roughhouse. HORSEPOWER, ADD v. soup, soup up, souped up, hop up, hopped up, juice up, juiced up. HORSE RACE BETTING across the board (first, second, third), win, on the nose, place (second), show (third), exacta, trifecta (win, place, show pools), daily double, pick six, quinella, out of the money, also ran, parlay, claim agent (bettor), the chalk (smart money), chalk eater (bookie) chalk favorite, odds-on favorite, long shot, layoff bet, if bet, hunch player, line, morning line (early odds), scratch sheet, tipster, tote board, odds board, tout, to tout (the tout touted me off number two), tout sheet, vigorish (track percentage share of betting pool), handle (total betting), OTB (Off Track Betting). HORSE RACE CARE n. cooler (light horse blanket), cool out, exercise boy, hot walker, nerved (nerve block to h o o v e s ) , put down (humane k i l l i n g ) , bute (phenylbutazone, painkiller), swipe (a groom).

Georgia Credit Card (used for siphoning

HOSPITABLE adj. red-carpet treatment, roll out the red carpet, put out the welcome mat, give one the key to the city, break out the champagne. HOSPITAL n. bone factory, butcher shop, pogey (prison), alley (corridor). HOSPITAL ZONE n. pill hill.

HOST v. do the honors, spread oneself, throw a party, pick up the check. See also ENTERTAIN, SOCIAL. HOSTELRY n. motel, airtel, aquatel, boatel, floatel, fleabag, chinch pad, flophouse, scratch crib. HOSTILE adj. ornery, scrappy, snorky, bitchy, waspish, anti, be agin, allergic to, have a chip on one's shoulder, at outs, on the muscle. See ANTAGONISTIC. HOTCAKE n. flapjack, blanket, brown bucks, flats, manhole cover, saddle blankets, tire patch, wheat, collision mat (WW II).

humiliate 189 HOT CHOCOLATE n. cups). hot cha,fifty-one,fifty-two(two HOVEL n. dump, hole, pigpen, pigsty, rattrap, rathole, stall. HOVERCRAFT n. flying bathtub, flying crow's nest. HOW ABOUT? how's about? HOWARD JOHNSON RESTAURANTS n. Hojos.

HOT ROD n. bomb, bug (car and driver), can, rod, chopped (low chassis), low rider, hauler, hot iron, raked car. See also AUTOMOBILE. HOT ROD TERMS nerf (push a car with a car), sandbag, shaved, speed shop, squirrel (weave from side to side, a novice driver), twin pots, wrinkle rod, fishtail, forked-eight, bent eight. HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS Hot Water City. HOTEL n. motel, shortel (hourly rates), airtel, aquatel, boatel, floatel, chinch pad, flophouse, scratch crib. HOTEL ROOM n. flop box. HOT WEATHER n. broiler, roaster, scorcher, sizzler, swelterer, sticky, close, steamy, steam box, sweaty, one can fry eggs on the sidewalk, hotter than blue mud. HOUND n. hound dog. See also DOG.

HUBBUB n. hubba-hubba, buzz-buzz, boom-boom, hoo ha, rowdydow, all hell broke loose, ruckus, hullabaloo, fuss. HUCKSTER n. HUFF n. HUG n. HUG v. squeeze, Arab, pitchman.

miff, pet, stew, tiff, snit. See PIQUE. bear hug, squeeze, clinch, lock. grab, grab ass, clinch, clutch, bear hug,

HUGE adj. gross, humongous, humungous, mungo, monstro, king-size, big mother, super-colossal, jumbo, whopping. See BIG. HUMAN BEING n. PERSON. naked ape, human bean. See also

HOUND v. 1. hassle, dog, penny dog, dog one's case, jump on one's case, on one's case, on one's back, bug, ride, be at, be on the back of, all right already, graum, yap at, on one's tail, tail, rag, rag on, curdle. See ANNOY. 2. bird dog (scout), scout, beat the bushes, scratch, scratch around, look all over hell, search high heaven, turn upside down, turn inside out, leave no stone unturned, take out after, track down. See also FOLLOW. HOUNDED adj. dogged, picked on. HOUR n. a chime, a coupla bells, straight up.

HUMANITARIAN n. Robin Hood, bleeding heart, dogooder, good scout, good Sam. See also BENEFACTOR, PHILANTHROPIST. HUMBLE v. prick one's balloon, make one sing small, put one away, take down, take down a peg, take the starch out of, cut to the quick, put away. See HUMILIATE. HUMBLED adj. crawling, eat crow, eat dirt, eat humble pie, sing small, in bad, in Dutch, in the doghouse, lost face, drummed out, took down, knocked from one's high horse. See HUMILIATED. HUMDRUM adj. garden, garden variety, everyday, vanilla, dullsville, bromidic, dime a dozen, square John, Clyde, meat and potatoes man. See BORING. HUMID adj. close, boiler, steam bath, steamy, sweat box, sticky. HUMILIATE v. tear down, shoot down, cut down to size, cut rate, run down, put down, downplay, play down, take down, take down a peg, take down a peg or two, take the starch out of, take the shine out of, cut to the quick, rip, pan, slam, smear, squash, squelch, hit, blister, roast, scorch, rap, take a rap at, take a swipe at, take the shine out of, fluff off, brush off, dump on, shit on, do a number on, shred, mudsling, needle, give one the needle, knock, knock down, poor-mouth, bad-mouth, bitter mouth, back cap, backbite, rip up the back, give a black eye, give one one's comeuppance, thumb ones nose at, pooh-pooh, rubbish, sour grapes, mark lousy, put the crimpers in, put the hooks in, put the needles in, put the zingers in, put away, put a tuck in one's tail, poke full of holes, shoot full of holes, prick one's balloon, puncture ones balloon, take

HOUSE n. pad, crash pad, crib, condo, co-op, coop, pied-a-terre, joint, cubbyhole, den, domi, dommy, setup, layout, flop, flophouse, kennel, digs, diggings, roof over one's head, hole, hole in the wall, pigpen, pigsty, shanty, shack, lean-to, sty, dump, castle, box, cave, hi lo (split level), railroad flat, homeplate, palace, rack, roost, turf, old stomping grounds, bullpen, dice house, yurt. HOUSEBREAK n. HOUSECOAT n. caper, heist. duster.

HOUSE OF CORRECTION n. jug, slam, slammer, pen, can, pokey, clink, lockup, cooler, brig, maxi (maximum security), pink clink, crossbar hotel, college, up the river, lockup. See JAIL. HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION n. house, cathouse, massage parlor, rap club, poontang palace, snake ranch, chicken ranch, hook shop, nautch joint, service station. See BROTHEL. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES HOUSEWORK n. House.

shitwork, chickwork.

HOUSTON, TEXAS Astrodome City, Dome City.

thumb one's nose at. shake a leg. give one the finger. HURL v. fly light. Hunky. punster. boffo. HURDLE RACE n. HYPERSENSITIVE adj. move your tail. make it snappy. have a tapeworm. See also EMBARRASS. put down. stymied. peg. scratch around. playactor. sincere. bird dog (scout). lost face. See WOUND. four-flusher. could eat a horse. snap shit. bean. get your ass in gear. thunderboat. my man. wolf in sheep's clothing. miffy. dust. have to scrape one off the sidewalk. touchy funky. gil. on the hitch. lay it on thick. sing small. wired. HURT v. take down. fake. two-faced. heave. HUNDRED n. shake it up. HUSBAND n. eyes for. shake a leg. thin-skinned. goop. clown. hit one where one lives. brand. draw in one's horns. man. chuck. phony. lay a bad trip on one. busted up. HUNTING EXPEDITION n. gagman. 1. mister. HURRY UP interj. get a wiggle on. feel in one's bones. have one's nose out of joint. total. gone to hell. hype. haba-haba. jivey. eat humble pie. bug (not common). burned one's ass. tool. See AMUSING. gross out. put on the after burners. nuke. gun. psalm-singing muzzier. nick. crawling. knocked from one's high horse. get going. put away. . flying boat. rat mark. hypo. give one a left handed compliment. cry crocodile tears. breadwinner. doomsday machine. fling. wired up. spinach. lob. mission stiff. ballyhoo. gagster. stand up comic. eat dirt. pitch. get the lead out of your ass. joshing. HUMILIATED adj. walking wounded. munchies (follows marijuana use). big talk. fog. knocked off one's perch. yokky. make a mountain out of a molehill. puff. shake up. cherry. die. HUMOROUS adj. screwed up. make tracks. mess up. cut up. mark. knock the chocks out from under. HURT n. camp. beat the bushes. sore. cutup. jig cut. HUMILIATION n. 2. ouch. sling. too funny for words. move your ass. comedown. campy. fraud. chunk. hook. HYPOCRITICAL adj. fake. knock the props out from under. grits time. See SPEED. hurtin'. burned. big eyes. zing. touche. down. snofari (snow) HYMEN n. lay it on with a trowel. starved to death. stumped. megabomb. get cracking. empty. jive-assed. medical student's dis- HUNTSVILLE. shook up. HUNGRY adj. HUNGARIAN n. zing. HUNT v. itch. ease. HURRAH interj. 1. took down. put down. the wind out of one's sails. slick. priceless. chop. big issue over a little tissue. chop chop. stool mark (knife). in Dutch. in bad. sweet talk.R. could eat the asshole out of a bear. bunged up. hotfoot it. HUMORIST n. run down. search high heaven. make one sing small. See SENSITIVE. hit where one lives. blow sky high. timber topper. zinged. HURRY v. get a move on. gagged up. shout. century. wing. get on one's horse. starved. egg on one's face. lay it on. get with it. barrel. one C. uptight. get one's comeuppance. jokey. C. have a funny feeling. HUNGER n. in the doghouse. all torn up. graze. screaming. fire. comedown. lean on. drummed out. ace lane. chewing gum. gone to the dogs. buffalo. knock one off his perch. HYPERBOLE n. for grins. cut up. snide. phony. two-way ghee. get your motor running. shook. fishy. maidenhead. black and blue. HYDROGEN BOMB n. wishy-washy person. touchy. don't spare the horses. look all over hell. cut. the bomb. wisecracker. tall talk. an issue over tissue.(WW II). main man. knock the bottom out of. zazzle. smoothie. starving. sweet tooth. roll. HYPOCHONDRIA n. HYMN n. nicked. two-faced. can't even look at one crosseyed. rip. put down. hard-on for. dog hungry. HUNCH n. snap to it. quipster. old man. Bohunk. See INSINCERITY. hot pants. See EXAGGERATE. get the lead out. fluker. Hollywood.190 humiliated hop to it. move. hubba-hubba. 2. reach me down. See SEARCH. rough up. burned. wax. ALABAMA Rocket City. dumped on. move your fanny. eat crow. boo-boo (minor flesh wound). get on the ball. See DAMAGE. scratch. red-faced. move. shit. scratch. See JOKER. get moving. HYPOCRISY n. tear ass. tuck in one's tail. jokesmith. bleedin'. HYPOCRITE n. nick. H-bomb. uptight. damaged. P. hooey. chicken. miffed. gone to bad. winged. HURT adj. chicken shit. shot down. soft soap. yen. lech. stir your stumps. hustle. crocodile tears. comeuppance. step on it. HYDROPLANE n. split the breeze. tetchy. See PREMONITION.

sneaking suspicion. hypo. . go out on a limb. hype. work oneself into a stew. hit the ceiling. See also SPECULATE.hysterical 191 HYPODERMIC INJECTION n. jabber. take a stab. pop. flip one's lid. hook. blow one's top. bang. booster. toss out. dram (narcotics). race ones motor. shot. square needle. fix. have a short fuse. hypo. take a shot in the dark. get hot under the collar. shot in the dark. guesstimate. run a temperature. hunch. stab in the dark. shot in the arm. blow one's stack. pop one's cork. work oneself into a pucker. HYPODERMIC NEEDLE n. See also BASIS. artillery. bayonet. flip. fly off the handle. gun. HYSTERICAL adj. talk off the top of one's head. spike. work oneself into a lather. skin pop. weirded out. shot. work oneself into a tizzy. HYPOTHESIZE v. nail. come unglued. stab. take a shot. point. See also DISTURBED. blow a gasket. blow up. HYPOTHESIS n. main-line bang. brainstorm. come apart. booster shot. nip. hype stick. spitball. hit.

IDENTIFICATION n. hare-brained. out of action. make. rare bird. lie down on the job. sit on one's butt. See SAME. proposition. slant.. riff (musical). scoutmaster. brain wave. topping. See also CRIMINAL. setup. IDENTICAL adj. tin. monkey around. twit. wrinkle. big play. flea in one's nose. action. not have all one's marbles. See FOOLISH. goof off. get no place fast. head hunter. IDIOSYNCRASY n. dreamer. See also PERFECT. potsy. bail out. sugary glop. I. malt). slash. it hit me. mud pie. See UNEMPLOYED. button down. scenario. See ICE CREAM n. dog tag. big picture. IDEALIZE v. ident bracelet. angle. IDEOLOGICAL DIVISIONS n. IDLE v. scrounge around. tab. lurk.. sextet. black (chocolate). all around chocolate. doesn't know which way is up. IDENTIFICATION TAG n. ICING n. chocolate sauce). vanilla ice cream. game plan. futz around. put one's finger on something. shlep along. See also LINGER. batty. fuck-you money. screw off. rumble. icing (illegal play). shtick. same difference. it just come to me. slap pass. on the shelf. card. like two peas in a pod. shield. white (vanilla). gorked. See STUPID. numéro uno. spark. queer fish. knock around. bell-ringer. ice cream man. fuck the dog.D. IDIOSYNCRATIC adj. Dudley. off the wall. wig. bit. flash. flash. pitch. IDEAL adj. ditto. poke. dumdum. featherbed. I. fiddle fart around. bug up one's ass. mishegoss. IDAHO Gem State. dog tags (armed forces). out to lunch. I pro. Good ICE HOCKEY. Prudhoe pineapple (bucket). kooky. mess around. sit on one's ass. hat trick (3 goals by a single player). outrageous righteous and relaxed. stargazer. new wrinkle. jerk off. drop case. double. yellow tin. ball (single scoop). buzzer. Big Blue. bug in one's ear. Shangri-la. stick around. 192 . story. put down for. diamonds. meathead. case. what's the action. approach. cookie cutter. out of the rat race. the name of that tune. poke around. wienie. jackass. CHARACTERISTIC. xerox. pop (on a stick). IDENTIFY v. press the bricks. bum. layout. tag. fake off. gimme a drag on that before you throw it away. tool. PLAY assist. I got it. child. tail. spark plug. hack around. six of one and half a dozen of the other. sneaking suspicion. India. bum around. flub off. iron curtain (Russia). fathead. burn (score) deke (deceive). ICE HOCKEY PLAYER anchor man. rat. IDIOM n. make. cage (goal). tune. dingaling. build castles in the air. finger. ICE n. carbon copy. goalie. goof around. mosey. toddle. big three (me. fool around. sit on one's duff. dead ringer. number one. OK Uncle Dudley. ID. brainstorm. bracelet. judgment call. kneeing. slap shot. chirp. tag. body check. IDIOT n. pie in the sky. jack around. item. big idea. look at the world through rose-colored glasses. op. down. picture. IDLE adj. R. booby trap. deep think. dog tag. daffy. and I). on the bench. shake. silk curtain (Middle East). yo-yo. bad talk (radical). fiddle around. gimmick. IDEALIST n. rap.D. high sign. stick check. See ECCENTRIC. bee. bamboo curtain (China). dumb ox. ICE HOCKEY TERMS sin bin (penalty box). rat fuck. F. IDIOTIC adj. say so. mooch around. meshugenah. float. poke along. white tin. button. myself. shadow (guard closely). bat around. IDENTIFY. squirrelly. scene. Humor man. kook. flop. how one figures it. poot around. talk through one's hat. IDEA n. bit. character. flub the dub. two cents' worth. rag (keep possession of puck). out of the swim. weirdo. lingo. freaky. pinhead. spitting image. strange one. numbskull. never-never land. fuck around. ice man. weasel words. warm a chair. double chocolate (chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce). vanilla cow (vanilla soda.I I n. glop. Eskimo. yours truly. jive. IBM n. black cow (root beer with vanilla ice cream). twist. jelly. bee in one's bonnet. look-alike. slapper. minus some buttons. logo. flash (thieves). fuck off. cat. asshole. dork. put the finger on. hang out. hokey-pokey. what's cookin'. black and white (soda. brainchild. have it all. hail. papers. potchky. check. ICE CREAM VENDOR n. street talk. peg. jive talk. closed down. whacky. pointy head. flash on it. steal. knee. hang around.

drowning. touted. cheap. one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. the rackets. lot. pay no mind. nuts about. johnny. heavy. uncool. racket. poorly. struck by lightning. zillion.illness 193 IDLENESS n. trots. ILLEGAL SEARCH n. not getting it. whore's bird. one foot in the grave. by blow. I pass. shady. the runs. running a temperature. drugstore cowboy. have a thing about. dope. ILLINOIS Lincoln. drag. God knows. under the table. lowbrow. hanky-panky. green around the gills. salty. a mushroom. under the table. blind as a bat. time to kill. rotten. IDOLIZED adj. bastard. ILL-HUMORED adj. born on the wrong side of the blanket. wink at. IDOLIZE v. fascinoma (Medic). cut dead. ILK n. loud-mouthed. runs. crunch. spiky. not be with it. doesn't know the score. loser. can't even get arrested. wildcat. wildcat. unhip. butt hole. bletcherous. mean. IGNORAMUS n. I give up. ILLEGITIMATE adj. gool. ILLEGAL adj. in the dark. ILLICIT adj. burned (VD). below par. half-cocked. score. dial out. tune out. not know the score. let it go. let slide. skank. 1. run down. mad about. out of line. goaty. haven't the foggiest. cussed. double whammy. under the table. unhep. IGNORANCE n. play past. out of line. ILL-NATURED adj. black-bag job. half-baked. mad for. not know a rock from a hard place. ratty. upchucking. Land O' ILL-MANNERED adj. sidelined. be asleep at the switch. nuts about. raw. mean. pay no never mind. IGNORE v. goof off. 1. give one the brush. half-baked. Lord knows. not give one the time of day. bug. search me. barfy. ugly customer. fuck-off time. dipshit. roughneck. cold-shoulder. high hat. likes of. under the counter. ILL adj. grody. doesn't know one's ass from first base. passed up. gone. crud. time to burn. umpteen. dirty. damned if I know. asshole. it has me guessing. on the sick list. rocky. it's got me guessing. lowbrow. John. IGNORANT interj. dumbo. shine one on. wild about. fall between the cracks. how should I know?. outta action. up shit creek without a paddle. rainy day. cantankerous. hipped on. peaked. out to lunch. off base. you've got me. IGNORED adj. brush off. ILL FORTUNE n. search me. let one off this time. beach bum. good for nothin'. halfassed. ILLEGAL ENTRY n. tacky. bubblehead. cussed. not there. crazy about. can of worms. dirty. twit. meatballism. fuck off. stuck on. not know the time of day. double scrudfantods. hung up with. . seedy. out of it. off one's feet. the trots. doesn't know from nothing. bummy. crazy over. dose. out of line. in the cold. See ADMIRE. See COUNTLESS. God only knows. the pip. the flu. hung up. play it cool. racket. heavy. cover. ice. feeling rotten. down with. have a thing about. leave out in the cold. let ride. scrappy. highly touted. fell for. raunchy. dad. airhead. half-cocked. chili. shady. half-assed. green. See IRRITABLE. cool. 2. on the blink. ornery. got the bug. let go to pot. thick as hail. wildcat. feeling something terrible. laid low. let one off easy. bunk fatigue (WW I). Prairie State. under the counter. lounge lizard. not know shit from Shinola. willies (mythical). daffy about. ig. fireeater. down. freeze on. grody to the max. birds of a feather. ILLIMITABLE adj. deep shit. lunchie. bitchy. cut. drop. cake-eater. no end of. See ADVERSITY. look the other way. bum. thick as flies. hanky-panky. okay people. peaky. goldbrick. jillion. off base. bag job. not know one's ass from one's elbow. a wreck. 3. a big know-it-all. no end to. downer. come in though a side door. out in the cold. bummer. doesn't know one's ass from a hole in the ground. not have a clue. tough shit. See also VULGAR. galoot. not know one's ass from one's elbow. numbnut. creeping crud. beats the shit outta me. chip on one's shoulder. who knows?. shlepper. it beats me. dirty. See STUPID. likes. off-color. foot-dragger. punk. off one's feed. sleepyhead. dummy. look right through. lazy good for nothin'. gone on. 2. off base. chill. one's own sweet time. See also ADULTEROUS. live with. feeling awful. nobody knows. left-handed. ILL-CONSIDERED adj. on the bum. goof-off time. gone on. need it like a hole in the head. I don't know what. pukey. crooked. woozy. airhead. pukish. pointyhead. IGNORANT adj. off the top of one's head. IDOL n. ornery. wild about. more than you can shake a stick at. 2. square. fall between the chairs. wacky about. under the counter. sick as a dog. bitchy. damned if I know. crooked. See LOAFER. ice out. Head Knock. winner. shady. sleazeball. number. don't look at me. hard head. poohpooh. dumdum. dodo. burpy. TS. nerd. heaven knows. balloonhead. 1. racket. Sucker State. it's Greek to me. See IRRITABLE. keen about. under the weather. blue around the gills. what's going around. heavy. loud. love child. ILLNESS adj. ILLEGAL CACHE n. give the go by. IDLER n.

kinky. birdie (teenage). mirror. pound. in the soup. brain wave. soak. IMBIBE v. major league. castles in the air. blue sky. spitball. make like. pipe dream. See UNSOPHISTICATED. show and tell. dunk. takeoff as. monstro. fool's paradise. breaking new snow. spotlight. gross. play the (affect a role). on the double. . trumped up. IMAGINATION n. twin. IMBECILE n. super. soak up. brain wave. knocker. put-on. hang on a few. peahead. motherfucker (Obsc). sophomore. IMMATERIAL adj. cockeyed. 1. in nothing flat.194 illogical ILLOGICAL adj. put away. bonetop. flimsy. nerd. See CELEBRITY. immaterial. humungous. rummy. king-size. jillion. umpteen. heavy stuff. pointyhead. 2. knock off. go like. in half a mo. lay out. IMITATE v. work alike. borrow. celeb. rhubarb. half-baked. w. ditto. mox nix. pipe dream. dodo. in a New York minute. belt. brainwash. open one's head. copycat. pirate labels. thick as flies. dupe. castles in the air. cantankerous. right off the bat. dupe. lamebrain. See DRINK. 1. bitchy. clone. break down. peas in a pod. steal one's stuff. in half a jiffy. take a leaf out of one's book. like now. ILLUSTRATION n. knock off. zillion. big mother. big league. 2. touchy. off the beam. queer. barn door. a bit previous. BFD. do like. all of a sudden. head tripping. a jillion at least. junque. catch 22. do. grumpy. star. See COPY. nutty. ILLUSORY adj. chip off the old block. no biggie. superstar. not what it's cracked up to be. See CREATE. steal. in a flash. tosspot. IMMEASURABLE adj. like a shot out of hell. spotlight. phony. not dry behind the ears. pipe dream. roll out. double time. humongous. brainchild. autobogophobia (fear of bogosity). send up. raise a few. moby. trump up. knock back. float. in a shake. crowk (radio use. draw one a picture. See ARGUMENT. toss down. offbeat. knock down and drag out. clodpated. double. elbow bender. dork. at the kick-off. ticking bomb. have another think coming. ILLUMINATE v. ILLUSTRIOUS adj. baby. trip. trumped up. See FALSE. juice back. mother. booze up. sponge. umpteeenth. ringer. first crack out of the box. ditto. highlight. like a BAB. carbon copy. bogue. hit with a light. lift.C. bell-ringer. stat. way out. 1. abracadabra. toot sweet. can of worms. dummy. repro. animal). no big deal. lush. go. pirate goods. ersatz. bogosity. spit and image. big fucking deal. knock-off. hit with a spot. jack off. See STUPID. banana head. take it off the top of one's head. nuts. dreamed up. clone. pseudo. IMITATOR n. nuthin' upstairs. ILLUSTRATE v. more than you can shake a stick at. hokey. hit with a beam. (well-known). carbon. jumbo. halfassed. crock. birdbrain. mungo. like a shot. xerox. dead ringer. copycat. kettle offish. brainstorm. get over.clouds. IMAGE n. off the pop. IMMENSE adj. no end of. See FANCIFUL. xerox. IMMERSE v. queer. fool's paradise. carbon copy. soft shell. crib. ILL-TEMPERED adj. pretty dammmed quick. spot. exercise the elbow. See WRONG. compatible). grouchy. carbon. ugly customer. PDQ. boozer. spark. program. 2. no skin off one's nose. run in. pinhead. give a frinstance. trip. IMAGINE v. big idea. bogotified. dead ringer. pseud. bogotifïed. knock off. stat. blue sky. green. phony. See COUNTERFEIT. in the limelight. kid. make up. fake. See also IDEA. in half a shake. stand-in. IMAGINARY adj. off the wall. IMAGINED adj. crabby. dream up. fantasmo. See EXPLAIN. double. pair of ducks. See UNIMPORTANT. See COUNTLESS. pronto. IMAGINATIVE adj. limelight. shikker. dipshit. IMBIBER n. punch out. ILLUSION n. down. IMMATURE adj. for instance. in two shakes of a lambs tail. phony. wrinkle. bogue. don't mean shit. IMITATION adj. alive with.k. take off. flash on it. mimeo. put on. like a big-ass bird. brawl. See DRINKER. IMITATION n. do a take-off. soap opera. ersatz. pipe dream. wienie. wino. far out. come up with. spitting image. brainstorm. irrigate. play with oneself. the plot thickens. spitting image. page-oner. stew. in a jiffy. limelight. See IRRITABLE. frinstance. short fuse. on the dot. IMMEDIATELY adv. dreamed up. flack session. floating on. brown bagger. head IMBROGLIO n. IMBUE v. fuck with one's head. 4. carbon. mimeo. new wrinkle. trot out. avant-garde. get across. kid stuff. name. flaky. angel (radar). See BIG. big deal. 3. before you can say Jack Robinson. tank up. look alike. makes no never mind. no end to. chugalug. cooked up. crawling with. monster. play with oneself. highlight. act like. fake. move your ass. pie in the sky. 3. compatible (P. cook up. pirate. weird out.

murder (he's murder). in the wind. nailed down. pants stopper. shot in the ass. fence sitter. get hot under the collar. hit the ceiling. See CONCEITED. a glitch. wide open. steamed up. like crazy. See also ANXIOUS. blow the whistle on. saddle with. waiting on. ego-tripping. bang into. gone on. cramp one's style. dead set on. clinker. See OBSCENE. see it coming. IMMODERATE adj. antsy-pantsy. contact sport. IMPASSE n. gone. goof up. showboat. jabbed in the ass. run a temperature. See PERFECT. it's looking to. aces. windmill. IMPACT SPORT n. dinged. ball and chain. glitch. totalled. IMMUNIZED adj. on target. tied up. blue. shot in the arm. stand pat. IMMUNIZE v. work oneself into a pucker. kick. IMMOVABLE adj. turned on. IMPACT n. have a short fuse. gremlins. hit one. Hunkie. See EXTREME. corner. hopped up. four-o. mule-headed. See also DISHONEST. See HINDRANCE. call em as one sees em. put a stopper in. middle of the road. throw out the baby with the bathwater. work oneself into a stew. down. blowhard. stymie. anchored. from hunger. dawk (neither a dove or a hawk). hang-up. ham. really into. wild about. the handwriting is on the wall. IMPENDING adj. stabbed in the ass (WW II). shit. flip. See ENGROSSED. hash up. glitched. shot. anythingarian. stonewall. apple pie. 10. smash. bracero. lemon. freeze. creaming to. dead end. in the cards. catch 22. starry eyed over. in the cards. ding. wetback. gummy. the noose is hanging. handwriting is on the wall. too-too. out of sight. jolt. stoned. Hunk. IMPACT v. up to here in.imperfect 195 IMMERSED adj. in the wind. X-rated. baggage. wrack up. fast and loose. smashup. eat sleep and breathe something. ready for Freddie. bend the goods. catawamptious. ants in one's pants. dud. register. on pins and needles. throw a monkey wrench into. fly off the handle. meat-eater. kaput. not let any grass grow under one's feet. See HINDER. binged. hit one like a ton of bricks. rarin' to go. IMPAIRED adj. hot. IMPEDE v. blow a gasket. 1. crap. ripe. ants. See ENTHUSIASTIC. tie up. lousy. creep. IMMIGRANT n. cocky. open. got the square needle. matter of life and death. crash. dog. jam up. gridlock. waiting to. hang one up. nerf. crash. IMMODEST adj. crack up. IMMOBILIZE v. ape over. psychological baggage. rat's ass.O. a few bugs. blow one's top. cut off one's water. prop. piece of shit. Mexican standoff. crappy. tweak. IMPARTIAL adj. snafu. loudmouth. hot to go. work oneself into a lather. ants. gridlock. snarl up. give one the square needle. hot for. chips are down. (fresh off the boat). eggbeater. wrack up. IMPERFECT adj. IMPECCABLE adj. turned on. on the fritz. standoff. busted. total. See also STUBBORN. creepy. gum up. when you gotta go you gotta go. G. gone to bad. wrapped up in. . bohunk. blower. flip one's lid. IMPAIR v. set in concrete. at hand. 2. keen. hellion. garbage. nailed. dreck. fast. greenhorn. IMMOBILE adj. gridlock. jitney. on the fence. piss-poor. mugwumpish. there's no turning back. gung ho. club. ten. outrageous righteous and relaxed. even-steven. on the blink. IMPATIENT adj. locked in. take one out. orders are orders. self-starting. swell-headed. worked up about. go great guns. kick. gremlins. junk. cheap John. full of get up and go. crud. IMPEDIMENT n. See also ANTICIPATED. butter paddle. hard-nosed. fall all over oneself. gook. cruddy. schlocky. stick to ones guns. biggety. ants in one's pants. too much..I. hang up. IMMINENT adj. See DISSOLUTE. fantobs. close off. give a shot. into. hellcat. undocumented. at hand. IMPASSIONED adj. smash. 1. queer. punk. bulletproof. had it. blow one's stack. hurry-up call. borax. See DAMAGED. in a lather. fan. blow up. shoot. F. hot for. booster. excess baggage. mugwumpian. shut down. rough up. gone to hell. all hopped up about. freeze. seconds. booster shot. hold up. speedy. about to piss in one's pants. steamed up. documented. Mickey Mouse. work oneself into a tizzy. smash up. no go. dig in one's heels. gaga over. on downtime. fiend. in a sweat. pat. stuck on oneself. See DAMAGE. catch. jelly bean. IMPERATIVE adj. shut off. tough nut to crack. damned if you do and damned if you don't. the noose is hanging. pickle. see it coming. IMP n. See STUBBORN. tip-top shape. greeny. See URGENT. 2. like mad. IMPATIENCE n. flag one. antsy. IMPELLER n. got the hook. funky. IMPENETRABLE adj. hot about. dying to. IMMORAL adj. crunch. crack up. it's looking to. race one's motor. spark plug. box. itchy. hole. IMMUNIZATION n. rinky-dinky. jack up. a few bugs.B. A-okay.

big apple. not a snowball s chance in hell. saucebox. big chew. blarney. pseud. pin on. got one's neck out. smartass. something else. hard as nails. whip cracking. hot flash. stuff.. IMPLEMENT n. fat. fresh. CHEAP. pain in the neck. turkey. See also CELEBRITY. smart alecky. IMPERFECTION n. steal one's stuff. no go. stand in with. throw one's weight around. underlined. for the birds. not make it. no-win situation. IMPERTINENCE n. four-flusher. IMPOSITION n. bone. baron. it won't fly. itchy.P. con. two bit. big ghee. on ones high horse. roll with the punches. lip. hoke. hot shit. hoohaw. wire. not playing around. no shit. read the riot act. wise guy. work on. the big picture. top brass. high-muck-a-much. big deal. not turn a hair. cottonpickin'. IMPOSSIBLE adj. drift. abortion. something. muscle in. dead set on. heavy number. ditto. kuhnocker. See also ASSURED. cheesy. higher ups. IMPORTUNE v. major league. See also FORCE. VIP. IMPERILED adj. take a leaf out of one's book. temp. grungy. name of the game. hock one's çharnik. fab. polly. big spud. go off halfcocked. hot dog. big boy. big league. V. goose. carry a lot of weight. See ANNOYANCE. visiting fireman. out of line. MASTERFUL. dead ass. EXECUTIVE. big one. sass. buckle down. we're not talking about nutmeg here. chill out. big player. hot shot. heart. gremlin. See UNBELIEVABLE. make like. punch line. throw a lot of weight. high-muckety-muck. like all get out. faker. high pillow. straight. big shot. string along. rank. have one's ass out. keep one's shirt on. won't wash. Big. 1. mean business. walk tall. fly-by-night. too much. noodge. IMPERMANENT adj.. IMPLICATE v. heavy stuff. clean outta sight. lay it on thick. nature of the beast. IMPLAUSIBLE adj. go off the deep end. high and mighty. bogue. face card. name. not a Chinaman's chance. it sucks. not get one's balls in an uproar. fishy. serious jelly. See QUACK. dump on. See IMPULSIVE. come back. slimpsy. something else. cold turkey. stick it to one. sleazy. plastic. hurryup call. not to be sneezed at. finger. bottom of the barrel. no way. crust.196 imperfection IMPORT n. gun. play the role). nitty-gritty. big number. back talk. 2. dish it out. meaningful. . See also INADEQUATE. band-aid. lay on the line. bent on. sassy. big noise. not come up to scratch. mirror. something to write home about. wisecrack. can't win for losin'. cold fish. one who knows where the body's buried. not up to scratch. biggest frog in the pond. business end of. point the finger at. here today gone tomorrow. honcho. wheel. brass. actor. big man on campus. See PERSUADE. big cheese. score. big wig. phony. lion. the way of it. full of holes. See INSOLENT. cut ice. high profile. catch. loused up. chips are down. lay down the law. go like.O. crack the whip. meat and potatoes. not get one's self in an uproar. walk heavy. IMPERSONAL adj. major league. tripe. shit. can-opener (safe). keep one's cool. connection. frame up. without a nerve in one's body. name. not till hell freezes over. megadual. do like. chutzpahdik. play into one's hands. mega. big man. glitch. quick and dirty. big butter and egg man. ass kicking. do. main squeeze. IMPERIL v. cold. IMPORTANT adj. See AUTOCRATIC. See APPARATUS. unflappable. serious shit. sell. stick one's neck out. drag. in. heavy. bound and determined. apple. minus. reachy. get down to business. heavyweight. pull rank. magoo.M. high cotton. mind-blowing. double-barreled. move in on. high monkey monk. keep a stiff upper lip. IMPOSE v. heats on. backchat. no bird turdin'. chisel in. godfather. on the line. scrape the bottom of the barrel. See IMPRESSIVE. below the mark. stick one's neck in the noose. lippy. IMPOSTER n. mucked up. act like. a somebody. lay at one's door. low. fire in the belly. money talks. tycoon. B. on the spot. topsider. (affect a IMPERSONATE v. his nibs. give it to one. whole cheese. See also POWERFUL. bug. put one's foot down. bossy. the juice. big league. frame. top drawer. cool as a cucumber. caboodle. big timer. cheeky. not a chance in hell. big name. out on a limb. nub. creaming to. cool. the force. pain in the ass. messed up. wheeler-dealer. gall. chance it. IMPERIOUS adj. point. rhinoceros hide. egg one on. thick. hang something on. wire-puller. not a prayer. in the limelight. meat. Armstrong (requires strength). real cheese. big wheel. caught with one's pants down.C. big shit. no fooling. thin. movers and shakers. not a ghost of a chance. pushy. guff. chutzpah. IMPERTURBABLE adj. strictly business. bottom line. big gun. take off. top dog. contraption. lay it on. strictly business. one for the book. thick-skinned. nuts and bolts. throwaway. horn in. big. not up to snuff. far out. dish out. ticky-tacky. hopped up. cool. won't hold water. connection ghee. hell bent on. IMPERTINENT adj. off base. IMPOSING adj.I. nub. driver. brass hat. hoke up. blow the whistle on one. put on the spot. fake. See INCRIMINATE. IMPETUOUS adj. brass. matter of life and death. biggie. jump the gun. Mr.

piss-poor. a gas. slay. jam. swear word. looking up. in college. on the lift. hot lick. swell. skyrocket. toss out. jazzy. lean on. cooped. IMPRISON v. showboat. cook up. get on the ball. one for the book. brainwashed. truly needy. hot stuff. dash off. shoot from the hip. dud. no toothpaste in the tube. spruce up. See WEAK. glitzy. book. make a big splash. four-letter word. turn the corner. whammy. in the slam. IMPROVE v. fake. walk heavy. not in the cards. on the comeback trail. upbeat. knock one for a loop. like wow. IMPROVING adj. take for all one's got. hotdog. knock one's socks off. scorcher. move. clean one out. nifty. no go. no-no. step up. in the 197 clink. on the upgrade. polish. out of line. out of the woods. slap up. step up in class. large charge. not a prayer. put away. off the beam. make up. whip up. get with it. throw off. ad lib. upgrade. go straight. IMPOVERISHED adj. on the upbeat. brace up. flashy. knock out. take off. not a snowball's chance in hell. make one's teeth fall out. whip up. on the rocks. grab. IMPRECISE adj. knock one out. knock off. nerdy. show off. take a brace. gussy up. straighten out. showy. impro. off the cuff. get one's act together. make first rate. put on ice. it don't figure. boggled. fire blanks. clean outta sight. mad. come out of it. sharpened. cuss word. See also WRONG. faze. up the river. play piano. See DESTITUTE. dream up. smashing. away. put one's foot in it. register. can't cut the mustard. 1. sent up. come around. knock up. clean up one's act. cuss. shoot blanks. fell. fake it. pick up the pieces. sizzler. bounce back. something to write home about. oofless. soup up. brainstorm. cool. get off. blow away. blow room. grandstand. buffalo. wild. scandalous. not a snow ball's chance. play it as it lays. spitball. bulldoze. pick up. knock off. jinx. blow one away. dynamite. up. big splash. turn things around. don't have the horses. shape up. it won't fly.improvise IMPOTENT adj. wing it. bat out. shuck. fake it. stony. boost. See JAIL. strapped. paper tiger. pretty up. IMPRESS v. wipe out. guesstimate. groovy. blank cartridge. IMPRISONED adj. off the top of the head. live one. ad lib. get in trouble. way off. taking it for a ride. shoot from the hip. play by ear. lush. put together with spit and chicken wire. bulletproof. spiffy. IMPRESSED adj. slap out. in the pokey. iced. on the rims. mess around. suck dry. the most. dolce vita. megadual. slapdash. gutless. bend the law. shove out. frantic. solid. swinging. put one's foot in one's mouth. off the wall. pull out of it. can't hack it. on the upswing. over the hump. voodoo. look up. cooped up. get back in shape. jugged. off the cuff. souped up. throw off. perk up. off the hip. dress up. kill. off the wall. flat broke. IMPROVED adj. strike off. improv. jumping. cage. retrofit. out in left field. not a chance in hell. on the rise. dash off. IMPRACTICABLE adj. sharpen. 2. nervous. . straighten up and fly right. IMPRECATION n. spark. score. IMPRESSIVE adj. vamp. stunning. not a chance in hell. dash off. be out of the woods. far out. come from behind. real cool. off the hip. something to shout about. it won't fly. turn on. jamming. bottoming out. IMPROVEMENT n. vamp. take one's last penny. can't make the grade. play by ear. looking good. off the top of one's head. fix up. improv. toss out. double whammy. off the top of ones head. kicky. strike off. trump up. wimpy. clean. out of sight. marvy. bleed. think up. come back. riff. mean. off base. IMPREGNABLE adj. toss off. upgrade. toss out. cool. mindblowing. play it by ear. off the hip. work something out. improv. noodle around. ball-park figure. go over. off. doll up. uptick. dirty word. outside chance. rootin'-tootin'. out in left field. something. not a snowball's chance in hell. not cricket. on the comeback trail. make a comeback. noodle. strike off. toss off. unreal. wing it. IMPROMPTU adj. shoot from the hip. IMPOVERISH v. can't get it up. solid sender. mind-bending. snazzy. mind-fucked. ad lib. lick. hurting. IMPROPER adj. put in the family way. bottom out. spitball. 1. not have it. not a Chinaman's chance. fake. knock off. off color. can't cut it. turn around. come alive. in the groove. IMPROBABILITY n. real gone. throw out. out of town. ball park. wrong number. spitball. fab. enforce. off the cuff. no lead in the pencil. turn on the heat. reet. lock up. send up. got two chances: slim and none. IMPROVISE v. go up. very iffy. fake. not a Chinaman's chance. come along. have-nots. stunner. dirty name. live wire. something else. hold. hoodoo. hundred-to-one shot. throw off. whomp up. mostest. break. blow session. gone. out of gas. ace high. be on the mend. make a grandstand play. snap out of it. diddly bop. bleed white. large. in the slammer. vamp. turn over a new leaf. flat. IMPROVISATION n. push around. whip up. hairy. toss off. mega. razzle-dazzle. tapped out. programmed. bad form. fine. winging it. IMPREGNATE v. See IMPOSSIBLE. noodle around. head trip. 2. 3. hit like a ton of bricks. out of this world. ice. zero cool. get well (monetarily). bang-up. headfucked. See also EXPLETIVE.

pile of shit. out of action. runt. off the cuff. slob. swipe at. in cold storage. IMPUDENT adj. guff. rank. lox. break in. zillion. can't cut it. put one's foot in one's mouth. pin on. have another think coming. not cut out for. INADEQUATE adj. at one's own sweet will. zing. take out. in a holding pattern. Mickey Mouse. no end to. wise ass. Mickey Mouse. smear. ad lib. slough up. throw a monkey wrench into the works. go to sea in a sieve. lay out. slapdash. dog. spitball. gimpy. crust. cooked. dime a dozen. INCAPACITATE v. go for broke. a menace. sass. mooning. bush league. See sucks. gummy. shit. hamstrung. slough. butterfingers. grungy. hold. IMPULSIVE adj. off. jump the gun. gimp. taken out. off base. fuck-up. bupkis. ala kazam. cut to bits. INCAPABLE adj. off the deep end. ham. not make it. sit on one's duff. hoodoo. put one's foot in it. flip. off the beam. cage. pin on. INACCURATE adj. reference. cheesy. INCARCERATE v. sleazy. horse's ass. halfassed. INCAPACITATED adj. make up. have something on. cool one's heels. put down. Mickey Mouse. creepy. go out on a limb. IMPULSE n. on the shelf. off the hip. INCARCERATED adj. put out of commission. blast. low man on the totem pole. not come up to scratch. no good. cook up. jerky. knock off. shoot from the hip. a glitch.. schlocky. umpteen. See also INISPID. play by ear. voodoo. harebrained. get things rolling. jillion. step off the deep end. bow. turkey. duffer. step off the deep end. abracadabra. off the top of one's head. INATTENTIVE adj. winging it. off the cuff. book. whip up. geed up. a real winner. throw off. seconds. off the top of the head. jugged. clip the wings of. mad. See also SPONTANEOUS. way off. ticky-tacky. wrong number. thick as flies. nerd. outta gas. up the river. slam. INCAUTIOUS adj. play with fire. it . off. blah. dopey. off the wall. umpteenth. scrape the bottom of the barrel. toss off. yo-yo. dipstick. bad form. thumb down. draggy. jelly bean. fire up. out of the swim. smart ass. rinkydink. dreck. piss poor. band-aid. iced. quick and dirty. ad lib. in the slammer. See BEGIN. a few bugs. open sesame. popcorn headed. bottom of the barrel. lemon. clunker. IMPUTE v. ring in. pay no mind. cruddy. more than you can shake a stick at. IMPUGN v. garbage. put one's foot in it. hog tied. kick off. out in left field. blow hot and cold. uncool. up and down. from hunger. gook. can't cut the mustard. go off the deep end. second string. come down on. g'd up. lump. second fiddle. gremlins. zilch. lay the arm on. no end of. muffer. two bit. See also CARELESS. game. weak in the upper story. crappy. on hold. See INADEQUATE. mumbo-jumbo. off base. run down. IMPUDENCE n. have nothing on. put one's foot in one's mouth. on the bench. off the beam. loser. a real loser. throw the book at. half-baked. See WRONG. chutzpahdik. slimpsy. ASSIGN. leave oneself wide open. dub. sit on one's ass. See FOOLISH. out of line. also ran. ice. break. back talk. can't make the grade. way off. junk. daydreaming. any old way. hamstring. thick as hail. garbage. G. INACTION n. cool. tar. rap. out of line. bringdown. piece of shit. plastic. asleep at the switch. out of commission. cut to ribbons. off base. can't hack it. low. INCANTATION n. sit on one's hands. See also INEFFECTIVE. chutzpah. stand by. spike one's guns. fast and loose. INCALCULABLE adj. send up the river. nothing on the ball. not hack it. not up to snuff. settle. brass. See DISABLE. muff. INACCESSIBLE adj. knock. go off half cocked. smarts. sappy. goopy. hogtie. sack artist. nerky. that doesn't track. not have it. sidelined. face. in college. cheek. can. lousy. clinker. lummox. too little too late. fly-by-night. off base. for the birds. put on ice. break the ice. put one's foot in it. See DISTRACTED. throw the book at. cotton-pickin'. bend the law.I. back chat. sauce. improv. strike off. INAPPROPRIATE adj. brassy. tripe. See IMPROMPTU. funky. below the mark. drag ass. flash. chicken shit. out to lunch. nerve. INACTIVE adj. IMPRUDENT adj. out of the rat race. winner. jump off the deep end. goofing off. looking out the window. put away. INAUGURATE v. no got. out to lunch. flaky. fumble-fist. lock up. queer. lamebrained. ditzy. toss out. not up to scratch. See also UNEMPLOYED. away. put one's foot in one's mouth. dash off. get previous. all wet. rat's ass. See COUNTLESS. closed down. borax. Stepin Fetchit. birdbrained. all thumbs. INAPPLICABLE adj. buy a pig in a poke. trash. minus. hit or miss. the smarts. go off the deep end. stand pat. jitney. down. skin alive. See INSOLENT. send up. punk. lip. railroad. dream up. turkey. See IMPRISONED. stick it to. come up with. smart ass. hang something on.198 improvised IMPROVISED adj. crip. clown. zap. out of pocket. off color. not hold a candle to. loser. take one away. yen. burned out. hocus-pocus. INANE adj. loser. gall. cheap John. sit on one's butt.

sound off. far cry. the whole ball of wax. I give up. all hot and bothered. velvet. See ANGER. huffy. out of this world.incontrovertible 199 play with fire. nerd. runt. mega-gnarly. flubdub. druthers. See also COMPENSATION. put the zingers in. get to. shrimp. far out. out of sight. for ever so long. weakness for. no great shakes. where one is at. out of touch. get in one's hair. spook. hard-on for. stormy petrel. burned up. I pass. real loser. INCISE v. INCOMPREHENSIBLE adj. not a ghost of a chance. posilutely. beats the shit outta me. clown. lamebrained. picked on. diff. incog. hands on. make waves. two-faced. head-set. bottom line. INCENSE v. BFD. mezz. thin. 2. make it tough for all. not a Chinaman's chance. bug. mind-set. INCIDENT n. sure as death and taxes. twerp. you've got me. dynamite. offbeat. See EVENT. like it is. runt. brown off. hatchet man. two bit. weird. a nobody. rabble-rouse. in the till. thing. the most. no two ways about it. ask for it. this is some kinda . ask for it. hap. not cut out for. ride. riled. See UNIMPORTANT. melon. take in. not a chance in hell. open-and-shut case. pay. bugged. mad. duke one in on. psych. INCITE v. 2. go on make my day. something. rings phoney. in one's hair. INCONTROVERTIBLE adj. ham. turn on. cash flow. entry level (job). jerkwater (small town). fantasmo. trigger. catch 22. INCONCEIVABLE adj. turkey. eyes for. steam up. See also WHOLE. See also ANGRY. can't hack it. fireman. hell of a note. INCLUSIVE adj. stick ones neck out. pissed off. rile. happening. low profile. miffed. INCOME n. fuddy-duddy. INCESSANTLY adv. flash. 1. nebbish. fuck up. yo-yo. turned on to. hacked. loser. pusher. INCONSISTENCY n. picky picky. shine in. put up to. seven-ply gasser. add fuel to the flames. hung up. See UNBELIEVABLE. needle man. step out on one. lump. zero cool. 1. rake off. two-timer. phoney. handle. bummed out. wimp. make a scene. mess. lech. not a prayer. dud. cush. dinky. send. fumblefist. take to something like a duck takes to water. clear as dishwater. the utmost. big eyes. in orbit. winner. like night and day. gravy. INCLINATION n. real winner. wishy-washy. bull-staller. amateur night. thick. handy at. groove. halfassed. it's Greek to me. nailed down. murder. absofuckinglutely. stick in one's craw. cut one in on. jazz up. it beats me. devil may care. INCITER n. See OBSCURE. leave oneself wide open. reachy. hot pants. needle. harvest. 3. peeved. ham. nowhere. get one's goat. driven up the wall. sweet tooth. clear as mud. throw wood on the fire. gate. get in the act. have a bump for. revenue stream. jerk. piss one off. brown off. no biggie. uptight. adjy. rat fuck. won't wash. chippy on one. fire up. muff. 2. real trip. bush. cream. come off. teed off. softpedalled. split. sure thing. wall to wall. get a rise out of one. dead one. sure as shootin'. the end. INCENSED adj. INCONSPICUOUS adj. out of pocket. picky. peed off. bush league. shmendrick. IN CONTENTION adj. cheat on. funky. goings-on. INCOMMUNICADO adj. peanuts (small). craze. duffer. half-baked. unreal. turn one on. pure bullshit. fab. catch. . egg on. bearding. rubbed the wrong way. get. stunning. dogged. take home. steam-up ghee. INCONSTANT adj. in the hunt. cup of tea. make a fuss. net. See CARELESS. go down. discombobulate. poles apart. and no mistake. sit in. in the black. rousted. hell of a way to run a railroad. get under one's skin. take. march to the beat of a different drummer. strength. kick up a row. fire up. big zero. pair of ducks. not born yesterday. dog one around. INCONSEQUENTIAL adj. it won't fly. chiv. fishy. mind trip. on ice. uncool. shiv. adjy. too much. 1. INCOMPETENT adj. bringdown. type. bag. surefire. something else. work up into a lather. buffaloed. out of one's depth. sure as God made little green apples. put the needles in. stick in one's craw. steamed. cold. small potatoes. get under one's skin. INCOMPETENT n. stir up. big fucking deal. at the end of one's rope. sweetener. butterfingers. slob. Mickey Mouse. trip. scene. not have it. like wow. all the options. day and night. zazzle. juice. dipstick. get a rise out of one. work up. flip out. browned off. key up. see-saw. yo-yo. hard put to it. bottom line. across the board. nose cone. payoff. can't make the grade. muffer. round the clock. happenso. T-off. wave maker. dub. where it's at. INCLUSION n. yen. gnarly. egg on. funky. See IMPOSSIBLE. lummox. in over one's head. See CERTAIN. cool. See also DESIRE. whale of a difference. absitively. can't cut it. the big time. out to lunch. INCLUDE v. tilt. the size of it. amateur night in Dixie. See UNFAITHFUL. blow up. low keyed. spooked. no way. spark plug. sweetening. bupkis. See also ALWAYS. INCOGNITO adj. zilch. yard on. flub the dub. no-go. can't cut the mustard. itch. what's in it for one. natural at. in one's hat. INCOMPATIBLE adj. See also ANONYMOUS. eightball. schmo. haywire. give one the needle. burn up.

dead set on. not turn a hair. let one have it. up. into the shylock. button down. wrong ghee. tough. fair to middling. for real. dump on. INCORRIGIBLE adj. boost. INDIAN RESERVATION n. pin it on one. 2. tag. pyramided. bound and determined. blah. marry (film). blue. padded. ramp up. put in a hole. jacked up. join together. put the finger on. See ABSOLUTELY INDEFATIGABLE adj. fetch up. hot and cold. snow. (scripts. that doesn't track. in the red. tish. discombobulate. mushroom. hop up. stick one with. finger. . piggyback. INDEBTED adj. high sign. boosted. See OBSCENE. sweeten. spun out. free wheeling. don't give a shit. iceberg. work one's tail off. signal. name. cool. cool as a cucumber. jazz up. just going through the motions. all wet. frame. shape up. bent on. slot. find the smoking gun. INCORRECT adj. INDIAN n. filthy. press a bet. on the cuff. frame up. See DEBT. don't give spit. hedge off. hell bent on. pussyfoot. cross dissolve (film). join up with. hiked. superfly. high sign. pin down. See UNDECIDED. Speed Town. into. walk through it. buck. drag out. a bit much. 1. reachy. couldn't care less. soup up. stick it to one. INDIFFERENT adj. frame. twitchin'. INDECENT adj. on the tab. put on a spot. INDICT v. give one a bad time. run out. whistle-blow. dues. tie in. build up.200 inconvenience INCONVENIENCE v. tag on. weenie. builder-upper. redskin. hook up with. indef. phone it in. spark. snowball. cold fish. strung out. off the beam. on the fence. you can say that again. hiked up. don't give a fuck. See also ACCUSE. fantasmo. hard as nails. have fuck-you money. send a signal. beef up. indie (film). on the fence. flasher. amen. raunchy. lay one's finger on. outrageous. apple. See WRONG. hook in. on a string. pad. Circle Indy. plug into. head-fuck. butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. rhinoceros hide. injun. See also HINT. add fuel to the fire. IOU. hitch on. bring up. paddle one's own canoe. in hock. speed up. no more cards to play. beefed up. flesh out. thick. put in a spot. redskin. won't wash. a circus. jack up. jump up. wink. Naplus. INDEFINITELY adj. string out.. INDIANAPOLIS. got lead balls for eyes. owe one one. thin. hooked. stick it to one. look out for number one. fishy. INDIANA City. Indy. name. right rather. rings phoney. don't give a flying fuck. hard-boiled. one's own sweet way. big deal. pick up. tab. fuck with one's head. rough. pussyfoot around. build. skrouk. cue in. I should worry? See also ALOOF. hike up. INCORPORATE v. hang up. mix (recording). don't sweat it. run up. heat up. step up. hike. in hock. you better believe it. hem and haw. don't give a darn. INCURABLE adj. songs). too far gone. way off. foulmouthed. See also NONPARTISAN. See BAD. hook on. program. big fucking deal. INCRIMINATE v. pool. nowhere to go. brave. don't give a damm. don't give a hoot. wrong number. INDEPENDENT adj. hardhearted. beastly. finger. put up. so what?.pin on. work over. ms. full of beans. nose to the grindstone. give one a hard time. pour it on. spin out. no sweat. See FABULOUS. INDECISIVE adj. built up. what's the diff?. INDIANA Hoosier State. indeedy. See also INSTRUCT. shoot up. don't give diddly-shit. put down for. straddle. dead ass. make. thick-skinned. finger. meet in the alley. cold. INDICATION n. upped. INCREASE v. that's your pigeon. shilly-shally. fuzzbuzz. don't give diddly. what the hell. See HOPELESS. stinking. See INDUSTRIOUS. don t give a damn. frame up. dragged out. red man. mugwumpian. parlay. roll with the punches. phoney. too much. point the finger at. bound. spike. cool cat. See also TROUBLE. put the finger on. sure thing. three-time loser. put one's finger on. See ASSOCIATE. dub. break down. on one's own hook. mugwumpish. brainwash. loser. flash. INCULCATE v. blow the whistle on one. card. tack on. loose. raw. ass backwards. add bells and whistles. that's your lookout. on one's own. ironclad. had it. fab. goose up. X-rated. in the soup. INDEED adv. it's all the same to me. could care less. hang something on. INDIANAPOLIS SPEEDWAY n. yes indeedy. on the nut. off-color. gross. BFD. make it tough for. pyramid. put up a job. dirty. lay at ones door. make a noise. poker-faced. go with the flow. laid back. slap on. at the end of one's rope. pinpoint. flat. unflappable. stick to one. peg. on the cuff. piss-cutter. sign. mind-fuck. gang up. INCREASED adj. INDEBTEDNESS n.. glor. sweeten the pot. on the arm. runnin' out of time. brickyard. Uncle Tomahawk (white establishment oriented). sevenply gasser. waffle. INCREDIBLE adj. put together. put up a job. res. keep one's cool. on the arm. stick at nothing. keep one's shirt on. INDICATE v. nod. unreal.

dude. dander. INDIVIDUAL n. bugged. long way. fox pass. INDISCREET adj. put on the dog. twist one's arm. flat broke. laid up. go along with. back. INDISPOSITION n. run on the rims. poorly. stew. boob stunt. See also INSTRUCT. INDUCTION n. ace (good). left-handed compliment. crazy. INDISPUTABLE adj. put one's foot in one's mouth. landsman. screw up. boo-boo. live with. INDUCT v. outta action. head. down. break down. funky. guy. boost. See also ANGER. con. long way home. burned (VD). below par. INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNT n. turn a cold shoulder. more heat than light. See CERTAIN. maverick. bent out of shape. Irish. sure as shooting. home towner. dead sure. Keogh. sell. chill. cold. INDIGNITY n. clown. feeling rotten. INDIGENOUS adj. go on an ego trip. INDISCRETION n. blah.'d. rain or shine. sore. leader. weird. soft-soap. local. get behind. boot. sure as I live and breathe. go with. draft bait (subject to conscription). bless. INDUCE v. live high on the hog. See ANGRY. fuck with one's head. out of the swim. weirdo.indulgent 201 INDIFFERENT. bug. bugger. nature boy. under the weather. got a bug. flat. rocky. draggy. backhanded compliment. no buts about it. go easy with. greetings. burned up. See ECCENTRIC. spoil rotten. INDORSE v. INDUBITABLE adj. the Murphy. hard sell. go at it ass backwards. spoiled. pet. checked and double checked. See also LAPSE. fox paw. make one's blood boil. See ENDORSE. make a boo-boo. iggle. live on the fat of the land. cold in hand (Bl. 3. on the shelf. huff. promote. muck up. paesano. offbeat. spoiled rotten. bloomer. brainwash. programmed. live it up. gaff. goose.o. hard up. . busted. made over. foul-up. See COMPASSIONATE. INDOCTRINATED adj. twist one's arm. fascinoma (Medic). cool off. lox. See also KNOWLEDGEABLE. and no mistake. ditto. dopey. o. INDULGE v. go along with. put out. down with. slow burn. bet your life. put one's foot in it. run a temperature. sweet talk. slipup. p. duke in. brainwash. stub one's toe. oofless. rise. dump. letter from Uncle Sam. unit. local yokel. out of action. hippie. go for. miscue. INDIGNATION n. pull a bloomer. get a rise out of. down. piss-poor. pissed off. blow card. brickbat. sweet-talk. 'd. hep. drop the ball. fuck-up. open and shut. jump out of the frying pan into the fire. mad. wasted. needy. take care of number one. played up to. on the sick list. headfuck. buy. See INSULT. eat one's mind. an original. far out. whale of a difference. IRA. sign on. teed off. diarrhea of the mouth. march to the beat of a different drummer. boot (bl. open and shut case. See INTEMPERATE.). beatnik. tenderfoot. mind-fuck. absitively. freak. See CERTAIN. miffed. oddball. spoil. down and out. t. INDOCTRINATE v. put-down. misspeak. INDULGENT adj. offbeat. put one's foot in it. hook. head-fucked. soft soap. that's a fact Jack. went by way of. out of the rat race. go easy on. bugger up. steamed. lock-and-win situation. hash up. steamroller. stud. chill up on. swear in. the runs. pull a boo boo. fer sher. hip. on the shelf. strapped. suck in. dose. See ILLNESS. burning. far cry. sure as shooting. trots. closed down. INDUCEMENT n. put on the ritz. what's going around. drop a brick. bait. make a mess of. number (hot number). chill off. See ILL. fox paw. come-on. INDIGNANT adj. out of sight. dump on. ticked off. goof. ego trip. bad form. fool mistake. stroked. go easy with. mess up. hold with. soft shell. sell one on. the flu. stumble. INDIVIDUALIST n. loss leader. dumb trick. INDISPOSED adj. INDIVIDUALISTIC adj. snow job. on the rocks. yippie. square peg in a round hole. on the rims. go easy on. sign up. boot. take down. boiling point. through the safety net. bitch up. See DESTITUTE. rookie. See PERSUADE. miff. truly needy. bitch. shovelin' shit. INDIGENT adj. poor fish. joker. goose. INDULGED adj. pull a boner. be big. INDIGENCE n. See also BRIBE. way out. INDOLENT adj. rubberstamp. foot in the mouth disease. See also LAZY. crud. sack artist. sure as death and taxes.). mess. shoot oneself in the foot. know damm well. INDIRECT adj. creeping crud. hairpin. make a boner. go round the barn. cat. bobble. work over. program. pull a blooper. look out for number one. on the bench. squeeze. BECOME v. browned off. no ifs ands or buts. bet your ass. drag ass. See PERSON. diff. cool. Stepin Fetchit. for a fact. 2. poles apart. 1. motherfucker. tapped out. bird. INDUCTEE n. brainwashed. make a blooper. get on the bandwagon. bet your ass. like night and day. mofo. mind-fucked. the pip. louse up. be on an ego trip.

crazy for. fumble-fist. burn. stick at nothing. get nowhere. dirt cheap. sure as death. hyper. dud. wimp. G. closed down. dog cheap.. on the go. scut. hankering. beaver fever. stuck on. on ice. INFATUATION n.I. eager beaver. down. can't cut it. in the toilet. name of the game. ham-fisted. springbutt. steal. perky. polluted. yo-yo. missed the boat. not turn a hair. out of one's league. zilch. See also BUSINESSMAN. m u l t i n a t i o n a l . near miss. smashed. keep one's cool. that's the way the beads read. wooden. bum. all thumbs. crew. flunk. foldo. a jillion at least. unflappable. plugger. in the bag. lead eyeballs. on the rims. fuddy-duddy. fireball. stinking. hipped on. INEBRIATED adj. washout. half-assed. I N D U S T R Y n. INFATUATED adj. far gone on. limp dick. kid. straight face. bought for a song. clown. See PLENTY. amateur night in Dixie. limp dishrag. ham. See WRONG. cold. stewed. pat. out of one's depth. See also BUSINESS. cant even write home for money. calflove. INEFFECTIVE adj. no dice. kaput. in the cards. INFANT n. fuddy-duddy. ham-handed. locking the barn after the horse is stolen. mad for. el cheapo. bambino. dud. lumpy. loaded. way off. no going back. for certain. bunch. nipper. outfit. bullstaller. See LOVE. a real buy. INEXPENSIVE adj. spring chicken. bound. mad about. fried. nowhere. crowd. INEXPENSIVELY adj. on the rocks. cut rate. IN. three sheets to the wind. ring. robber baron. weakness. bet one's bottom dollar on. can't hack it. roll with the punches. the fix is in. cheapie. See BABY. buried in concrete. . dead set on. nickel and dime it. go under. whiz. foul ball. shine. See also INADEQUATE. stiff. crap out. Motown. See CERTAIN. fuck up. itch for. not cut out for. bent on. piss-pour. false alarm. Rocka Gibraltar. pickled. papoose. umpteen. has a thing about. locked in. pissed. Pacific Rim. loser. fall down on the job. green. zillion. INDUSTRIOUS adj. on the bench. out of one's depth. chiseled in stone. more than you can shake a stick at. See INCOMPETENT. m e g a c o r p . on the skids. nobody. fall on one's face. turn-on. paddlefoot. grunt. out of action. footslogger. See also STUBBORN. no way. out of it. cool. set in concrete. a real steal. dogface. no great shakes. like death and taxes. See SOPHISTICATED. virgin. Establishment. butterfingers. Rust Belt. sure as death and taxes. not come off. should have stood in bed. in too deep. crash. down-and-out. dead one. deadpan. See DRUNK. case. bum. karma. kid. leg (Vietnam). See INCOMPETENT. chipper. hooked. real loser. looking for a needle in a haystack. all locked up. have a skin full. flubdub. amateur night in Dixie. fat cat. Sun Belt. shnook. See IMPERTURBABLE. deadbeat. mob. bo. haywire. oil patch. smitten. flash in the pan. crush. loser. doughboy. nothing to write home about. kismet. sad sack. go hit your head against the wall. locked. CORPORATION. cheap it out. that's the way the ball bounces. down the drain. buy. can't even get arrested. out of luck. INEXORABLE adj. INERT adj. tight. spoiling for. pie-eyed. nose to the grindstone. half-baked. INEVITABLE adj. tycoon. mash. in over one's head. go fight City Hall. can't punch his way out of a paper bag. neverwuz. amore. no end of. can't hack it. don't know shit from Shinola. cheap as dirt. low cost. INEXPERIENCED adj. clambake. See LOVE. INEPT adj. preemie. Mickey Mouse. that's the way the cookie crumbles. tanked up. INEXCITABLE adj. green-ass. fall on one's ass. total shuck. wuss. amateur night.202 industrial groupings INEVITABILITY n. can't cut the mustard. ball of fire. gone. sure as fate. off. in orbit. in full swing. INEFFICIENT adj. INDUSTRIAL GROUPINGS smokestack industries. blind drunk. partial to. rookie. pokerfaced. grind. cost next to nothing. jumping. INEXPRESSIVE adj. strike out. flunk out. jillion. good for nothing. plunderbund. lamebrained. bundle. lame duck. mean business. wasted. flop. Silicon Valley. no end to. shooting blanks. shooting blanks. plastered. babykins. half-baked. cheese factory. fish eye. Rock of Gibraltar. INEXHAUSTIBLE adj. the beads. hell bent on. on ice. INFANTILE adj. bombed. dime a dozen. tipsy. work one's tail off. in a vicious circle. A for effort. no go. See SOLDIER. nebbish. haywire. Northern Establishment. eightball. embalmed. GI Joe. hot pants. no buts about it. cost nothing. INEXACT adj. go on a wild goose chase. cool as a cucumber. INFANTRYMAN n. down the chute. puppy love. baron. seeing pink elephants. stick to one's guns. keep one's shirt on. gang. bringdown. low tariff. sad sack. See also CERTAINTY. down the toilet. ironclad. yen. amateur night. without a nerve in one's body. fall down. set. little deduction. INDUSTRIALIST n. Mickey Mouse. on the shelf. sot. pash. out to lunch. flub the dub. See also SPIRITED. gay cat. kid stuff. feeling no pain. bound and determined. toddler. back to the drawing board. shikker. wild for.

what's going around. name. spit it out. lay it on the line. droid. big gun. network. big chew. hike. hike up. back seat. give a pointer to. let in on. wire-pulling. squawk. alzo. extracurricular activity. See EXPAND. add up to. See EXCITED. hell. trots. sweet talk. thick as hail. give one a tip. put on to. See also INSTRUCT. jump up. at one's beck and call. bug.D. bush league. See also PERSUADE. connection. peon. worked up. tip one's duke. virus. put it on the street. for a month of Sundays. what's going around. See also POWER. hanky-panky. wire. down there. . spill one's guts. build up. INFLAME v.inform INFECTION n. hard core. See ILL. move in on. hot dog. lace one's boots. creeping crud. drag. boil down to. big noise. clue one in. low rent. lay it on one. driver's seat. fix. sleazy. SPECULATE. blank cartridge. put in one's two cents. let it all hang out. lead by the nose. put hip. INFINITELY adv. twist one's arm. rocky. shoot blanks. boost. twisting one's arm. bug. for a coon's age. under one's thumb. See also FORCE. second string. figger. string. pad. dead set on. buildup. turn one on. schlocky. playing around. INFIRMITY n. 2. one who knows where the body's buried. low man on the totem pole. stiff necked. post. grease. bug. big player. peach. boost. up. solid as a rock. spear carrier. bottom man. give one the word. PENETRATE. squeal. pull one's coat. second fiddle. zapped up. a slave to. put it on the line. seconds. con. update. inside track. last hired first fired. spill the beans. horn in. See IMPORTANT. bottom rung. put one wise. put one in the picture. put a spin on. whitewash. fold an ear. turned on. spring ones duke.). stick it to one. slave. hanger-on. INFER v. main squeeze. have a big mouth. two bit. crappy. pyramid. leak. till the cows come home. INFERENCE n. INFLUENZA n. laid low. poor man's something or somebody. five percenter. serf. what's going around.). verbalize. tout. suck. working late at the office. show one the ropes. willies (mythical). INFLUENCE n. 2. hike. let down one's hair. let next to. fixer. See COUNTLESS. drum. lemon. crank one in. no end to. break it to one. junk. double scrudfantods. squeak. getting some on the side. read into. let in on the know. movers and shakers. wire. what one is saying is. all fired up. thing. the pip. more than you can shake a stick at. overheated economy. major league. in. impact on. locked in. steer. thick as flies. weight. work up. be afraid. have a big bazoo. punk. INFERNO n. pull strings. beef up. chiseled in stone. a lot to do with. stuck in concrete. penetrate. pull wires. chisel in. give away. third string. flesh out. spill. fire up. for ever so long. flunky. runs. license. in one's clutches. level. lay down the law. two-timing. balloon. give it to one. connection. upping. crack. pull ropes. See STUBBORN. wire-puller. put one's foot down. blab. sell. channels. till you're blue in the face. See EXCITE. put up. bottom man on the totem pole. let the cat out of the INFERTILE adj. talk. affair. INFLUENCE PEDDLER n. a jillion at least. bottom sawyer.ride. fire blanks. the flu. jack up. till shrimps learn to whistle. burned (VD). sneaking suspicion. rat. shot. stab. trots. apparatchik. INFIRM n. get one's hooks into. borax. INFINITE adj. no toothpaste in the tube. INFLICT v. big wheel. the other place. heat up. jillion. low . jazz up. switch on. minus. wirepull. 1. access. no lead in the pencil. con. guesstimate. crud. soft soap. bound and determined. shot in the dark. body English. wise one up. dish out. no end of. zillion. hunch. ropes. throw one's weight around. buried in concrete. INFLUENTIAL adj. steam up. suction. stand one's ground. for a dog's age. pratt boy. fascinoma (Med. pull. tip off. put next to. gook. snow job. snow. crack. till hell freezes over. zipped up. stab in the dark. INFLATION n. stiff. the runs. shit. put a flea in one's ear. subtext. cheesy. jawbone. hooks. access. carrying on. dud. the way one sees it. set. See ILLNESS. give the show away. INFERIOR adj. logroller. gummy. read between the lines. muscle in. slavey. your place or mine? See ADULTERY. furp. give with. infra dig. up. dish it out. flu. dreck. man Friday. snow job. INFIDELITY n. led by the nose. INFORM v. second banana. read the riot act. in one's pocket. flu bug. See also BELIEF. sad. cop a plea. have a hunch. sell. touch base with. in one's power. stool. dump on. connection. entry level (employment). hard line. flue. at one's feet. not up to scratch. contacts. a lot to say about. INFILTRATOR n. clout. umpteen. figure. blabber. crud. See IMPERFECT. nuts. INFLATE v. snow. INFLEXIBLE adj. Mao flu. dose. put a bug in one's ear. See also INADEQUATE. tip. at one's mercy. lay it out for. Mickey Mouse. girl Friday. set in concrete. juice. crap. See mole. 1. brick wall. hook. 203 INFLAMED adj. INFLUENCE v. keep posted. yes man. burned (V. do or die. juiced up. INFILTRATE v. creeping crud. turn on the heat. work up into a lather.

locate. sell out. whistle-blower. square. call it like it is. butt in. hot poop. rat on. let one's hair down. hit the ceiling. blow in. skinny. See BEGINNER. bent. mark. open. See HINDER. cheese-eater. fink. leak. dope sheet. picture. blow the whistle. spunk. hang up. INFORMANT n. blab. dream up. 2. tip. deep throat. INFURIATE v. network. preacher. bunk out. apple-polish. part and parcel. talk turkey.). steamed up. puff. dime one out. earful. 2. drag one's foot. brownnose. faded boogie (Bl. corked up. chip. ring in. blow the gaff. send it home. punch. INHABIT v. loose. pipeline. snake. hookup. INGRATIATE v. tattletale. See ANGRY. brass tacks. steam. mouse. shit kicker. push. source. insider. chapter and verse. get under one's skin. stoolie. songbird. shot in the ass (bad). cramp one's style. sell down the river. right off the bat. snort. straight dope. p'd off. cat. whistler. put on the brakes. break. the know. slurp. hit. dry snitch. drive. See ENCROACH. hang up ones hat. INHARMONIOUS adj. steal. put oneself outside of. copper. INFURIATED adj. See FLATTER. See CASUAL. blow one away. boot snitch. know the score. sound a clinker. cue. haymish. for openers. T-off. blow. clue. hang out. narc. pull. fire up. rat. folksy. telltale. mow (mow a burger). INFORMAL adj. 1. hot. loose as a goose. beat. INJECTED adj. what's happenin' what's going down. mainline. See also FACTS. blabber. ear duster. fall all over. chalk hat. INGREDIENT n. rookie. cheesed off. geepo. lowdown. the latest. pestiferous. garbage. monkey with the buzz saw. fat mouth. pissed off. INJECT v. ringtail. suck up to. make up. squeeze in. fuck one's buddy. INHALE v. give one the square needle. INITIATIVE n. dump on. hog-tied. whip up. lug in. brown off. makin's. burned up. pick one's brains. sour. tuck in. See KNOWLEDGEABLE. sing like a canary. hose. fire up. laid back. dirt. clinker. off the cuff. savvy. deal. hung up. snitcher. perch. chirper. tie-in. finger. know what's what. start the ball rolling. mellow. sour note. get up and go. 2. worm in. bouncing. much. stymie. double-cross. sing. open up. lift. iced. holler. chirp. let down one's side. cheese bun. straight shit. bootlick. hot poo. drag. uncool. dope. put one's Irish up. tout. get one's feet wet. nose. INGRATIATING adj. fuck. INITIATE n. See EAT. too bag. into. bottled up. sporty. goods. bat-carrier (1925). for starters. piss one off. on top of. INHIBIT v. chilled. weasel on. ear loft. square.204 informal hacked. improv. kiss ass. trigger. lug in by the heels. tattletale. juice. on the war path. INHALATION n. kick in the ass. first crack out of the box. squealer. sandbag. snake in the grass. graze. mad as a wet hen. go ape shit. singer. INGENUOUS adj. stool. inside dope. blabbermouth. cook up. got the square needle. hot tip. drop a dime on one. . stab one in the back. new boy on the block. gumption. deep throat. score. squat. sound a sour note. rat. scoff. nightingale. chisel in. weasel. squeal. crash the gates. INFURIATING adj. crib. snitch. hash. fish. down home. skin pop. come out with. joy pop. belch. do one dirt. put the finger on. 3. greenie. medicine. moxie. tuned in. call a spade a spade. poop. hole up. boy. come up with. new kid on the block. break the ice. pushed outta shape. INFORMATION n. copper-hearted. shoot. haymaker. eat cheese. canary. hip. park. sing. squeal on. sniff. crash. hand one a line. whole story. See BEGIN. tattler. green. scarf. snooperscope. let down. steam up. See also COPY. shoehorn it in. INFRARED IMAGE CONVERTER n. brush-up. INHIBITED adj. smarmy. boot. fink. cool. stabbed in the ass. newie. pokesy. faze. snitch. hog-tie. bunk. fork tongue. See UNSOPHISTICATED. pirate. fudge in. story. intro. See FRANK. canary. drag in. tout. inside story. INITIATE v. stool on. gorp. yodeler. flip. rile. stuff one's face. scoop. wet behind the ears. knife. punk. roost. borrow. stool pigeon. nark. finger. like it is. tight-assed. hit a sour note. See ANGER. buzz (in secret). inside wire. INFORMER n. pirate. drag in by the heels. easygoing. fink on. kowtow. fat mouth. yell bloody murder. crash. source. are you ready for this? page-oner. wolf down. rape. switch. kick off. whistle blower. smoking. doublecrosser. stoolie. beefer. buddy fucker. make no bones about it. throwaway. snitch. hot wire. ammo. what's what. tenderfoot. hang up one's shingle. kept posted. wise to. info. INITIALLY adv. binged. uptight. rat fink. See INFORMER. posted. turn on. goulash (false). suck ass. up front. blabberer. pesky. hit a clinker. with it. screw. INFRINGE v. homey. blabbermouth. split. fink. rev up. hotshot. INFORMED adj. pack it away. a bit much. got the hook. motor mouth. kissy ass. low tech. burn up. babe in the woods. poop sheet. INGEST v. give a shot. nest. croon. fixin's. 1. 1. shamus. shoot up. see red. pull. turn in. have a shit hemorrhage. muscle in. inhale.

INNOCENT n. the loop. tripes. INNOCENT adj. go out on a limb. crew. See OPPORTUNITY. bat house.. no go. gotcha. graze. INNOVATE v. out of one's gourd. on the squint. schitzy. INJURE v. out of order. See ORIGINATE. rough up. sore. insiders. give one a left-handed compliment. fire new. fix. on the lake. (eye see). wimp. third. crazy house. booster. put away. got the hook. umpteenth. thick as flies. muck up. Q. INJURY n. boatel. INNER CIRCLE n. shot. circle. fishing expedition. the needle. freaked out. totally baked. crackers. stuffings. burned. miffed. zillion. warehouse. what's happening?. white bread. off one's rocker. hick. walking wounded. do in. mark.insane asylum 205 INJECTION n. binged (WW I). low tech. feel out. gurdy. hurtin'. cut. what's in. unscrewed. live. INNOVATION n. wing. breaking new snow. avant-garde. jab. newfangled contraption. grill. flipped one's lid. more than you can shake a stick at. down. feeler. crowd. lost one's marbles. wax. snoopy. lead. soft walls. flophouse. INOFFENSIVE adj. hitting below the belt. aquatel. on the fritz. in the ozone. latest thing. nut house. shook up. hunch. nip. break. shot down. See DAMAGED. just out. hit. out of one's tree. INN n. go at. hit up. in-thing. See RECKLESS. busted up. gang. unglued. one's move. nick. big break. INOPERABLE adj. search me. See DAMAGE. 1. kaput. play with fire. section 8. shoot. INJUDICIOUS adj. tipoff. babe in the woods. third. See also INVESTIGATION. INQUIRY n. too much. leading edge. 1. put one's foot in one's mouth. zing. lay a bad trip on one. See UNSOPHISTICATED. wringer. inside the beltway (WASHINGTON. alive with. booby hatch. hit where one lives. tip. nosey. INOCULATED adj. hurdy. fucking. See NEW. Golden Bantam. INQUIRE v. fucked up. INNING n. cutting out paper dolls. no end of. INK n. go off the deep end. wringer. eight ball. bleedin'.C. fling. haywire. INSANE adj. softie. square. innerspace. witch hunt. bunged up. cutting edge. rubber room. go down. airtel. royal fucking. put out a feeler. crawling with. green. newie. state of the art. hit one where one lives. uncool. simp. too-too. funny house. 2. queer. jillion. stabbed in the ass (WW II). crashed. chinch pad. kick around. have to scrape one off the sidewalk. scratch crib. latest wrinkle. zinged. booster shot. not cricket. out of one's bird. shake up. screwy. legwork. break out. raw deal. gonzo. screwed up. total. railroad. bughouse. winged. put one's foot in it. See COUNTLESS. on the prowl. bananas. See WOUND. brand. motel. acorn . INOCULATE v. gone ape. shot in the ass. INORDINATELY adv. schizzed out. on the earie. shot.). cutting edge. INQUISITIVE adj. off the cob. on the gun. test the waters. have one's nose out of joint. bang. rubbernecking. what's cooking?. straw in the wind. ouch. on the pike. INJURED adj. whack. ding. bend the goods. last word. vanilla. give a shot. wide-eyed. what's happening. clean. thick as hail. flea in one's ear. INKLING n. greenhorn. leave oneself wide open. shot in the ass. CESSIVE. nicked. INJUSTICE n. dump on. whacked out. slug. lily white. damaged. sneaking suspicion. new wrinkle. one's turn. bunch. on the blink. cut up. gotcha. sellout. cheap shot. one's say. INOCULATION n. half deck. what's with one or something. uptight. send up a trial balloon. and A. See QUESTION. shnook. INNER adj. click. psyched out. on the i. burned one's ass. nutty as a fruitcake. all torn up. in the flesh. shot in the arm. poll. third degree. see which way the wind blows. pen juice. dirty pool. whacko. no end to. dram. give one the square needle. boo-boo (minor flesh). See UNSOPHISTICATED. royal screwing. funny farm. gonzxoitis. nosey Parker. gross out. the power curve. witch hunt. off one's chump. tweak. out of commission. down. loony bin. shook. go over. booster shot. on the mooch. guts. INNOVATIVE adj. INSANE ASYLUM n. INQUISITION n. black and blue. buy a pig in a poke. breaking new ground. out of whack. jig cut. tell-tale. fouled up. leading edge. out of kilter. See also INVESTIGATE. See also EX- IN PERSON adj. third degree. shot in the arm. avant-garde. got the square needle. trial balloon. knock. cut up. kid. contempo. 2. D. what cooks?. chop. psycho. hot lead. nick. ring. conked out. playing the bird with the long neck. screwing. stool mark (knife). floatel. rat mark. booster. pussycat. scratch. go. bonkers.e. hack up. hit. miffy. roast. shot. nuts. clean. unzipped. INNARDS n. INNUMERABLE adj. umpteen. newfangled. put the screws on. See CRAZY. ingroup.

grungy. Navy). tapped out. flip one's stack. fly speck. whippersnapper. diag (gold braid. seen better days. chevrons. beige. go bugs. no big deal. double O. icky. it's Greek to me. go crackers. clean. go bananas. go under. wise ass. small beer. a snooze. off base. wise to. bull shooter. hokey. INSPECT v. minx. blow one's cap. blow a gasket. cooties. hash stripe. gold bars (2nd Lt. ruptured duck. crumb. you've got me. has lead balls for eyes. piss-poor. hardware. hokum. eyeball. pop one's cork. tough. Hollywood. lousy (afflicted with). chewing gum. give the once over. come off the wall. bullshit artist. head for the funny farm. go ape shit. scratch. commit to asylum academy. INSANE. stick in. bore one stiff. aha reaction. skag. shove it in. go round the bend. chutzpah. touchy. jerkwater (small town). get the straw hat and the red tie (be committed). go offone's nut. schizz out. (Army Captain). See OBSCURE. shoot the shit. eye. jive-assed. dog. out of line. guff. on thin ice. flash on. threestriper. goop. two-and-a-half striper. a yawn. big deal. barefaced. go coo coo.). fruit salad. go off the track. bullshit. nut factory. click. chicken shit. tracks . INSIGNIA n. homing pigeon. psych out. flip out. COMMIT TO ASYLUM v. flip one's lid. get previous. shuckin' and jivin'. two-striper. small pot. lippy. a hump. INSOLVENT adj. crack up. INSERT v. belly up. savvy. go offone's base. touch and go. blow a fuse. fly. hussy. horseshit. come unglued. chicken guts (trimmings). flake out. shaky. Navy Captain). lose all one's buttons. scout. dullsville. hanging by a thread. no big deal. See DECEITFUL. go for soft-wall treatment. bold as brass. a lightweight. fudge in. chapter 11. the least. smarty. INSECTS n. INSANE. chicken guts (trimmings). pokerino. bug. on the rocks. crumby. one-striper. uptight. gummy. flat tire. sassy. nowhere. fried egg. nut hatch. wise guy.). slip one's trolley. gasser. Podunk. go ape. make the bughouse. tracks. look-see. it hit me. zero. fishy. lay an egg.r. go daffy. check. blow one's top. sauce box. put on. chest hardware. crock of shit. real winner. flat broke. gold bars). drag in by the heels. piece of shit. blow one's mind. monkey flag. INSOLENT adj. college.206 insane. INSCRUTABLE adj. go belly up. puppy. cut it in. come unzipped. two blink. tired. INSOLVENCY n. Annapolis). INSIGHT n. hard as nails. blow one's roof. hooks (chevrons). phony. nothing. INSINCERITY n. See DESTITUTE. lose all one's marbles. biggety. breezy. flash on it. hep to. INSIDE adj. cry crocodile tears. fresh. put on. flat. cheeky. blow one's noggin. INSIGNIAS n. soft soap. gaily. nervy. go nuts. INSIDIOUS adj. loser. stone broke. sweet talk. worm in. bull. nickel and dime. it beats me. rhinoceros hide. doubledealing. drop the net on. rundown. crocodile tears. go off one's rocker. snide. lip. choked. cold fish. brass. See also DISHONEST. jivey. spinach. con. hokey-pokey. snap. spear carrier. ho hum. 1. GO v. dull as dishwater. Nadaville. scrambled eggs. small fry. hash mark. go bonkers. nothing doing. Hershey bar. INSIPID adj. nut farm. gall. bor-ring. squeeze in. cheek. kick the tires. on one's ass. winner. clock. fast talk. nut up (Stu. zoo. didiepins. crummy. big yawn. pipe. chutzpahdik. shoehorn it in. chapter 13. crusty. bombed. flea. it just come to me. see the light. scope. seam squirrel. 2. INSOLENCE n. crum. shit. flat as a pancake. brag rags. gil. bug bomb. no big shit. jazz. flip. crabs. INSECURE adj. smart ass. big shit. hooey. draggy. ding tank (holding cell). real loser. See BANKRUPTCY. close the doors. underwhelming. flash. snake in the grass. travel bars. drag in. peanuts. down to one's last penny. thick-skinned. sincere. two-faced. chicken. grunch. do a number on one. in the tub. chapter 7. reach-me-down. spam cluster. scrambled eggs. smart alecky. jumpy. blow one's stack. strapped. put down. blow one's cork. blow. go out of one's skull. penny ante. freak out. lower rung. Mr. small time. downer. innerspace. cut out paper dolls. lose one's taffy. the bird (Eagle. noplaceville. hard hearted. buzzard (Army. cocky. run down. bottom rung. lug in. go off the trolley. lag. See UNIMPORTANT. dead ass. go over like a lead balloon. slick. strips. clear as mud. bull shot. go off one's head. not worth a hill of beans. wiped out. gadget. entry level (job). big zero. lug in by the heels. railroad tracks. crow. flip. deep. Army Colonel. jazzy. get one's drift. brassy. shimmy lizard. jack (Cavalry). jive. in the toilet. dead. no biggie. lamp. small change. worm. case. not worth the powder to blow it to hell. on slippery ground. See SEE. back talk. INSECTICIDE n. snake. check out. nut college. smarty pants. shot. INSIGNIFICANT adj. INSENSITIVE adj. shoot the bull. smart. Ducrot (West Point). give one the business. bull skate. grayback. sass. INSINCERE adj. (second Lt. weisenheimer. on the same wavelength. pablum. nebbish. lay it on thick. blah. See CALLOUS. costume jewelry (WAC). I got it. throw the bull. diddly bop. r. fake. take a bath. wiseacre. draddy.

smart alecky. cheap shot. signifying shucking and jiving. tout. make up. steam up. flash. blue sky. spark plug. gaily. out of line. plugged in. scorch. INSURANCE POLICY n. give one a zinger. in the know. INSTANTLY adv. fold an ear. adjy. add fuel to the flames. put a flea in one's ear. INSULT n. cheeky. have a hunch. shake. smart ass. read. DWIM (do what I mean). INSTINCTIVE adj. spark. put next to. have a funny feeling. open up. put a bug in one's ear. jazz up. dump. INSPIRED EFFORT v. brainstorm. brainwash. keep posted. zap. buy on time. slap in the face. nose for. short. get bent. bell-ringer. . stormy petrel. put through the grind. I got it. blitzkrieg. knee-jerk reaction. like now. flying by the seat of one's pants. INSTRUMENT n. miffed. INSTRUCT v. frisk. cap. headfucked. put-down. dream up. trigger. INSTANT n. poop sheet. left-handed compliment. INSPIRED adj. put in one's two cents. sharp. rev up. get things rolling. cut up. burn.). give a pointer to. throw wood on the fire. give one the cold shoulder. like a shot. once over. eyeball inspection. put one in the picture. shucked and jived. brainchild. See SUPPORT. dirty dozens. nose. make waves. level. castles in the air. approach. cut. checkpoint. INSPECTION STATION n. bleeding. chicken shit. let next to. split second. See also OFFENDED. rah rah. juice. Sing n' J ing. chop. hit one where he lives. See BEGIN. turn on. pie in the sky. pipe dream. INSULTING adj. INSTIGATE v. into. without a leg to stand on. INSTINCT n. deep think. INSTILLED adj. sec. open. hang of it. light. nervy. drum into. flip one the finger. thumb one's nose at. tip. See IMMEDIATELY. flash. sassy. turned on. cut up. look-see. fly-by-night. put one on top of the world. slam. get up on one's ear. helluva note. dope sheet. give one the finger. play over one's head. push. INSTRUCTOR n. See also INSPIRATION n. nothing flat. See also APPARATUS. INSULTED adj. knock one's self out. dump on. break the ice. pronto. brainwashed. INSTALLMENT PLAN n. cut to the quick. ax. black eye. doodad. heads up play. thingamajig. bag (Bl. half a shake. zinger. hurl brickbats at. dirty dig. good nose. INSTITUTE v. juiced up. lay it on one. brainwash. put through the mill. it just come to me. gun. blitz. bow. put hip. INSTILL v. fired up. put hep. on one's ear. turn one on. juice up. chalk talk. hang. buy jawbone. big idea. See also INADEQUATE. check. egg on. double time. cheap jack. 2. woofing. blow off. coverage. back-handed compliment. put on to. shortfall. spark. 1. get a lift. pretty dammmed quick. program. know one's business. pull one's coat. See STIMULATE. Cook's tour. wing. eighty-six. update. flip. cook up. clue one in. wave maker. mind-fucked. biggety. double O. work up. wise ass. too little too late. crusty. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS n. pooh-pooh. fire up. gross out. tuned in. break in. the finger. wise one up. come out with. go fly a kite. ring in. fireman. savvy. two shakes of a lambs tail. slave driver. come up with. half-assed. feel in one's bones. fresh. in half a mo. tick. sound. wise to. ADVISE. INSTIGATOR n. adjy. blister. miff. curdle. grounded. kick one around. brain wave. zing. squawk (WW II). let in on the know. rev. rumble. break it to one. steer. rap. give a lift. give one five fingers. put down. dozens. nick. Checkpoint show one the ropes. prof. See INSOLENT. half a mo. INSTRUCTED adj. intro. thingamabob. cocky. give one a left handed compliment. needle man. work up. blown off. take-down. stir up. tip off. it hit me. start the ball rolling. DTRT (do the right thing). skin alive. brickbat. fire in the belly. INSULT v. roast. See also INCLINATION. fire up. put one on cloud nine. single-digit salute. lay it out for. sparked. half a tick. mess around with. bupkis. play dirty dozens. half-baked. teach. floater. INSUBSTANTIAL adj. steam-up ghee. pumped up. put up to. sound dozens. spark plug. fuck with one's head. give one the word. by the seat of one's pants. minus. put down. jiffy. low rent. pusher.insurance policy 207 INSPECTION n. woofing. short. signify. smart. move your ass. mo. grind. PDQ. See IDEA. skull session. needle. really into. hit. miffy. hatchet man. by the seat of one's pants. single-digit salute. break in. INSTRUCTION n. INSPIRE v. kick off. give one a tip. lay it on the line. slap in the face. all woke up. lace one's boots. know how. post. INSTRUCTIONS n. tool. bat of an eye. before you can say Jack Robinson. programmed. See also PROFESSOR. fire up. rabble-rouse. half a jiffy. See KNOWLEDGEABLE. give one a backhanded compliment. gismo. dump on. put one wise. INSUFFICIENT adj. zapped. baby-sitter. savvy. Charlie. turn on. eyeball examination. go-go. juiced.

have the goods. butt in. thumbsucker. INTERCOMMUNICATOR n. ivory dome. compatible. mesh. INTELLIGENT adj. See COMMUNICATE. keep in touch. connect.Q. have a good head on one's shoulders. INTELLIGENCE AGENT adj. network. bird. adios it. deep six. kicking up a row. mole. See SPY. I. not a snowball's chance in hell. stuff. See INFORMATION. See also ASSURE. gray matter. contact.20S insurance racketeer INSURANCE RACKETEER n. the whole ball of wax. pointyhead. brain. INSURE v. got the smarts. together. stick one's nose in. See also BRAIN. kicking up a shindy. INTERCEDE v. accidentally on purpose. live in the fast lane. wig. throw in together. dirt. INTELLECTUAL n. See also INTELLIGENT. quick on the trigger. a lot of nifty. 2. INTERACT v. rocket scientist. insider. have the smarts. high living. connect. what's going down. drive in the fast lane wih no brakes. double dome. with it. no-go. reach out and touch someone. INTERCHANGEABLE adj. got one's INTERCHANGE v. let one in on. point. See PLAN. no dumbbell. where one's heading. makings. raising a ruckus. intercom. six of one and half a dozen of the other. keek (industrial). long-hair. the brain. commonsensical. thumbsucker. got it up here. put six feet under. big think. on a tear. gasser. have something on the ball. relate. have the stuff. quick on the uptake. INTERCHANGE n. INTEMPERANCE n. INSURMOUNTABLE adj. . jazz up. keep in touch. genius. poop sheet. workalike. interface. bug. savvy. scenario. MEDIATE. live in the fast lane. pointy-headed. networking. the stuff. INTELLIGENCE n. not born yesterday. leak. give tit for tat. tit for tat. meal ticket. brush up. raising a rumpus. add fuel to the fire. cover up. brains. have what it takes. inside story. long-hair. wizard. what it takes. inside dope. burn one's candle at both ends. hot up. setup. spook. mesh. back channel (secretly). cover one's ass. smart as a whip. picture. not so dumb. have plenty on the ball. smarts. INTER v. nuts and bolts. have a bump for. 1. build up. the goods. off base. heat up. bright. go to hell in a handbasket. have gray matter. come together. INTERCEPT v. whiz. whiz kid. See also BLEND. heart. the right stuff. touch base. bug test. nifty. drive in the fast lane with no brakes. not a ghost of a chance. Philadelphia lawyer. score. touch. team play. get together. egghead. interact. squawk box. punch up. See also INTRUDE. have horse sense. out of line. ivory dome. INTELLECT n. go to hell. donah. skull. deep. green thumb. kit and kaboodle. back channel (secretly). big think. forget it. savvy. add bells and whistles. cut in. company brownnose. jump out of the frying pan into the fire. nobody's fool. highbrow. wig. have savvy. setup. nub. reach out. going steady. chatterbox. nerd. INTENT n. flopper. nature of the beast. plenty on the ball. the way of it. genius. it won't fly. got it all together. pundit. INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT n. punch line. heavy. donar. pour it on. relate. all together. no-win situation. hot tip. shortstop. have all one's marbles. steady. INTEMPERATE adj. not till hell freezes over. life in the fast lane. go to hell in a handbasket. got it. sharp as a tack. future. on the ball. egghead. INTENTION n. INTENSIFY v. bottom line. avant-garde. plant. Einstein. hop up. spike (usually drink). Mexican infantry (Mil. skull. good head. game plan. what it takes. gimmick. interface. See INTERFERE. mix in. barge in.Q. 1. boots on. beef up. nuts and bolts. repeater. fget it. drive in the fast lane. get the message. not a chance in hell. have a head on one's shoulder. tit for tat. INTENDED n. contact. brainy. not a Chinaman's chance. longhaired. how one figures it. sheep dip (military disguised as civilian). highbrow. asked for. agent. throw a monkeywrench in. kicking up one's heels. drift.Q. pinned. clue. have one's head screwed on right. double dome. good head. gasser. angle. grok. hellbent. hedge one's bet. INTELLIGENCE TEST n. quick on the draw. not a prayer. name of the game. operative. mesh. interface. info. get across. hedge. See ASSOCIATE. grok. meat and potatoes. the right stuff. See also FACTS. burn ones candle at both ends. INTERACTION n. out of order. set. fixings. networking. can't win for losing. give tit for tat. whiz. lay off. nitty-gritty. cut off. beard. stuff. twister. wizard. the goods. meld with. have truck with. part and parcel. action. I. teamwork.). See also WHOLE. have the right stuff. network. lowdown. IQ. INTEGRATE v. monkey with. 2. step up. conehead. Einstein. beard. no way. cut off at the pass. smarts. soup up.. growler. INTEGRAL n. pundit. I. mesh. meat. nub.

jazzy. works. INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL POLICE ORGANIZATION n. poke one's nose in. break break. action. butt out. butt in. third. commish. See ERRATICALLY. cutout (secret). fudge in. blackout. horn in. 1. muscle in. no end of. turn-on. five. knock. mixmaster (highway cloverleaf). See INTERACT. INTERPLAY n. in dribs and drabs. by fits and starts. INTERFERE. vig. lug in by the heels. hit or miss. strung out. INTERMINGLE v. Interpol. SHARE. breather. teamwork. INTERSECTION n. INTERTWINE v. no end to. juice. in house. crasher. game. relate. chime in. give one the third. INTERROGATE v. into. monkey with. planting. into. breakoff. racket. INTERROGATION n. 1. throw together. turned on. See INTERFERE. till you're blue in the face. break. tit for tat. looped. throw a monkey wrench into the works. See also INFLUENCE. . See ASSOCIATE. grill. for ever so long. INTERRUPT v. worm in. muscle in. buy it. eat sleep and breathe something. for a dog's age. timeout. squeeze in. department of the interior. connect. break. parallel parking. INTERNAL ORGANS n. bust in. horn in. oil change. See INTRIGUE. cut off. third degree. jazz. teamwork. mess with. lay. cramp one's style. boff. ten. grabber. shove in one's oar. stuffings. connect. don't mix in. screw. lookout. put in one's oar. mesh. for a coon's age. downtime. See ASSOCIATE. letup. See ENGROSSED. kibitz. meat injection. bag. connection. the dirty deed. chip in. INTERRUPTION n. stick one's nose in. sold. letup. break-off. butt in. INTERPOSE v. barge in. INTEREST n. lean in. buttinsky. See also PERCENTAGE. put ones two cents in. break. cross street. INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION ICC. breathing spell. INTERMEDIARY n. I Can Catch (truck driver use). DON'T v. five. mix in. horn in. drag in. come together. shortstop. throw in with. hook. fudge in. layoff. poke one's nose in. hang up. reach out. deep six. inner workings. go over. till shrimps learn to whistle. See INTERFERE. dragged out. mess around with. chisel in. drag one's foot. ten. herky-jerky. hump. lug in. covered up (radio). INTERNE n. timeout. tern. INTERFERENCE n. fooling around. balling. network. spaghetti. and then and then. See QUESTION. INTERJECT v. forever and a day. fixer. put one through the wringer. jam. breather. breathing spell. for a month of Sundays. jazzed up. INTERMENT n. five. break. fish to fry. caught. breathing spell. guts. flitter (radar). layoff. 2. on a treadmill. networking. nookie. layoff. background. See SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. gone. INTERMITTENT adj. INTERMINABLY adv. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINE n. pool. inners. networking. more than you can shake a stick at. insides. letup. coffee break. 2. gate crasher. inner man. put the screws on. roast. cutoff. put in one's oar. cut in. turn on. really into. network. break. hooked.interval 209 INTERCOURSE n. break-off. inner space. kishkes. freeze. layoff. innards. INTERESTING adj. work over. butt in. squeeze in. time. breaker breaker. letup. day and night. on the case. INTERPLAY v. thing. shortstop. up to here in. fool around with. vigorish. team play. INTERNIST n. time-out. buckshot. flipping (interest on interest). buzz off". till the cows come home. network. IBM. mix in. fool with. points. keep your nose out of. interface. go-between. grab. INTERVAL n. mesh. mesh. willynilly. flea (Medic). turn one on. relate. downtime. give tit for tat. INTERESTED adj. inner works. cutoff. cold meat party. INTERMISSION n. close down. Big Blue. break in. barge in. front-end loading. spun out. mind your own business. monkey with the buzz saw. INTERNAL adj. INTERFERE v. INTERIOR adj. put one's two cents in. bump. round the clock. till hell freezes over. touch. in house. INTERMINABLE adj. stick one's nose in. swing in with. fuck off. See also EXCITING. drag. poke one's nose in. INTERIM n. plumbing. fuck. by bits and pieces. hit up. See also INTRUDE. mesh. monkey around with. ten. sweat out. mesh. INTERLOPER n. INTEREST v. mess over. worm in. downtime. hold up. team play.

stinking. clubby. INTOXICATE v. angle. 1. panther piss. bug in one's ear. steer. vibes. booze up. good buddy. wow. See FRIGHTENED. get with it. kickapoo joy juice. let the cat out of the bag. lean on. See FRIEND. mix. gritty. right neighborly. INTOLERABLE adj. main man. can of worms. buddyroo. making it with. swacked. cattle call (The. spaghetti. red-eye. knock dead. on a bat. straw that broke the camel's back. pat. juiced up. INTRIGUED adj. white. bombed. scare shitless. INTRIGUE n. too much. chill off. clutched up. call. high as a kite. regular. finagler. male chauvinist pig. stoned. make one jump out of his skin. game. kissing cousin. D and D (deaf and dumb. red-neck. one-sided. scare to death. snake pit. INTERVENE v. spook. INTIMIDATED adj. gutsy. sweep off one's feet. break the ice. fog cutter. showboat. downright neighborly. on the hook. make noise. alky. cozy. See SCHEME. kibitz. set up. hunch. stuffings. barge in. spunky. hard core. bait. sauce. gasser. likker. INTOXICANT n. chill. wirepuller. sleepin' together. liquor up. hang on a few. be in cahoots with. have a funny feeling. See DRUNK. IUD. 2.). palsy-walsy. pat. bowled down. chiseled in stone. INTRAVENOUS RACK n. get a bun on. ballsy. INTREPID adj. cook up. make one shit in one's pants. give one the come on. get schnokkered. have cold feet. INTESTINAL ORGANS guts. frame up. jingoist. bowled over. inners. down on. con. stand pat. buy it. butt in. caught. poison. roommates. booze. tout. sold on. vamp. frame. bat one's eyes at. kishkes. jackboot. promote. INTIMATE v. spring one's duke. department of the interior. give one a come-hither look. tanked up. hardheaded. really into. Kentucky fried. sold. tough nut to crack. smashed. tip one's hand. give one a turn. operate. walk heavy. put a flea in one's ear. get cockeyed. turn on. gone. INTOLERANT adj. enforce. innards. sinking feeling. bosom buddy. red-baiter. Barney (fixed). let down one's hair. medicine. fix. asshole buddy. See also PREJUDICED. locked in. sucking around. frame up. get a buzz on. stewed. scare silly. whip one around (intellectually). weighted. rock-ribbed. kissing up to. mousetrap. chuchala-muchala. INTIMIDATE v. inner man. tip one's duke. pussy butterfly. locked. spring with a crack. hooch. trade spit. INTIMATION n. go on a drunk. scare hell out of. brain. head in concrete. wheels within wheels. See STUBBORN. hang tough. mellow. sloshed. tied one on. spill the beans. scared shitless. telltale. fried. scare the pants off. put one's two cents in. INTIMATE n. inner workings. hot lead. shikker. put the chill on. horn in. guts. knock out. roomey. 1. tilted. hookup. right nice. scare the shit out of. firewater. hit the booze. chicken out. finagle. have a short fuse. turn on. Rock of Gibraltar. pal. hooked. INTRIGUE v. good old ivy pole. operator. get pissy eyed. afraid to testify). full court press. 2. STUBBORN. agin. . turn on the heat. See SCHEME. blotto. ice in one's veins. lead one on. hang tough. lead up the garden path. work hand in glove with. feel in one's bones. spring. blind. lean against. grab. a bit much. hi tech. goose. stewed to the gills. amigo. enough already. tight. last straw. INTRICATE adj. dead drunk. send. feeling no pain. mix in. gutty. fight a bottle. wangler. stand pat. tripes. scare stiff. beer up. that's it. looped. push around. have a hunch. sneaking suspicion. good old boys network. put on the arm. scared stiff. schnokkered. put-up job. insides. vibrations. hang tough. flea in one's ear. on the case. lead. humbug. tough nut. turned on. bodacious. iceman. inner works. make one jump a mile. INTOXICATED adj.210 intervene boys. INTIMATE adj. tipsy. whip up. chisel in. mastermind. stick one's nose in. Rube Goldberg. rotgut. INTRANSIGENT adj. INTRACTABLE adj. brother. tight. buddy-buddy. belt the grape. MCP. See LIQUOR. INTRIGUER n. insides. Archie Bunker. spaghetti. turn one on. Jewbaiter. INTRAMURAL adj. INTESTINE n. scare the bejesus out of. See also BEWITCHED. draw. pally. shill. a regular Archie Bunker. family. get together. bowl down. black-baiter. peach. make a hit with. See INTRUDE. crack a six-pack (beer). seeing double. mega-factor. hook. swap spit. buddy boy. buffalo. get buddy-buddy. cuff. get high. locked. into. bad eye. in-house. put the heat on. embalming fluid. put one through the wringer. main squeeze (girl). muscle in. McCarthyite. See EXPOSE. pig. rat's nest. get a snootful. palsy. little brother. that tears it. hang a few on. strike all of a heap. suck in. leak. buddy. INTRAUTERINE DEVICE n. INTERVIEW n. rope in. that blows it. put on the muscle. hit the sauce. call back. tough nut to crack. feel the heat. throw a scare into. get pissed. hit the red-eye. See FEARLESS. plastered. locked in. gin up. tip-off. tough nut. square shooter. See STUBBORN. chum. bulldoze. sister. little game. pull. bowl over.

knock the bottom out of. knock down. bull market. get around. fishing expedition. have a funny feeling. stick one's nose in. cool out. weirdo. INVALIDATE v. cook up. 1. put ass backwards. turn the tables. put in one's oar. check. buzz. breaking new snow. do the honors. improv. stab. Xout. back. snow. butt in. crack down on. See also INQUIRY. roast. bat the eyes at. egg one on. INVENTIVE adj. INVENTION n. See FINANCE. lay it on thick. tax sheltered. oil. legwork. schmear. loner. coil. snow. INTRUDE v.investment terms INTRODUCE v. come down hard on one. go in. give a knockdown. get around. candle. lace into. have at. dream up. light into. kid along. bankroll. butter up. out for bear. put ack basswards. double-o. feel in one's guts. knock the props out from under. witch hunting. hand one a line. INVESTIGATING adj. See also ILL. frobnitzem. knockdown. juice. drip. scorch. flutter. lay it on. white knight (friendly bidder in a takeover). barge in. spout. creep. put one's two cents in. mothergrabber. backing. lambaste. peaked. lay it on with a trowel. knock off. pepper. See APPARATUS. go to town on. bust in. rip into. INUNDATE v. by the seat of one's pants. gool. shoot a line. INVERT v. have vibes. renig. poke one's nose in. BONDS. buzz. start the ball rolling. jolly. gunning over. crash. rope in. sail into. open up. give one the blanket. INVESTED adj. lay out. nerd. black box. fake. get together. smart money. spring with. RECONNOITER. chisel in. hunch. scrounge around. hold up. 211 on. pike. sling it. INVESTIGATION n. read one out. blow sky high. 2. nosey. sling the bull. soften up. stump. spiel. go-go. jump on. kick off. INVEIGH v. give it the once over. mix in. think up. gimmick. ad lib. get on a soapbox. get in touch. eyeball examination. market. pushy. let one have it. grubstake. penetrate (secret agent). FLATTER. nosey. rip up. angel. barge in. crash the gates. hang up. spread it on. get into. let one have it with both barrels. skin alive. buttinsky. squack. tap. body mike. See DETECTIVE. feel in one's bones. access. on the Erie. come up with. See also RAID. See IMAGINATIVE. outta action. INVALID adj. take on. inside. come on to. feel in one's bones. pitch into. mince. plow back into. chapter and verse. INVENT v. eyeball it. gray knight . play up to. INTUITION n. suck in. lay at. in. look-see. goose. come down on. butter. wiretap. INVESTMENT FUND n. See CANCEL. ex. hunch. fly in the teeth of. sweeten up. honey. give a come-hither look. bugger. fix up. blow. lay into. nose around. swamp. jump down one's throat. oddball. sink money in. INTRUSIVE adj. shoot the crap. land all over one. blister. nix. shoot full of holes. flying by the seat of one's pants. snow under. poke full of holes. trash. gismo. kibitz. wimp. See also ATTRACT. blast. have a funny feeling. INTRUDER n. INVENTORIED adj. See also STOCKS. bagplay. have a hunch. See also SEARCH. break the ice. in on the ground floor. work over. loaded for bear. jam. Erie. doodad. a good nose. charm. peaky. stake out. aha reaction. have a hunch. ears into. spec. flood with. right money. overdo it. check out. bought in. flier. case. INVESTIGATE v. flip-flop.) little pitcher with big ears. be turned on to. jump on one's case. stroke. muscle in. put the cart before the horse. below par. bearish market (low). creepy. slurp. cream. sleeper (M. go after. preem. by the numbers. knock the chocks out from under. gander. INTUIT v. QUESTION. give em hell. shoot the bull. poorly. give it the OO. string along. ofTthe cuff. shot. run down. plunge. a nose for. slap down. INVEST v. check it out. tune in on. soapbox. massage. down. come out with. back track. sock it to one. INVEIGLE v. lay it on. laid low. give one the works. intro. pick up the check. bear market. wade into. cobble up. See CREATE. wet blanket. hatch. shot in the dark. give it the double O. intro. be all ears. on the sick list. pull one's leg. feel out. run it down. take one over the hurdles. plumber. hook. spy out. work over. go-go fund. piece. soap. bring out. snoopy. muscle in. blarney. stake. fishing expedition. rip up one side and down the other. go for. horn in. blind date. go in for. soft soap. sweet talk. hustle. put bass ackwards. work INVESTMENT TERMS takeover (merger). plunge. toss off. read. ESP. bug. listen in. get vibes. buy in. double O. case. crasher. avant-garde. grabber. check up. See also ORIGINATE. pick up the tab. check over. horn in. money INTROVERT n. INVADE v. sixth sense. off the hip. contract. off the top of one's head. dealie bob. boot. frisk. scout it out. gut reaction. doowillie. blitz. buck. INVESTIGATOR n. fake it. shuck. a nose. dunk. give one both barrels. double back. gate-crasher. bullish market (high). caboodle. INVESTMENT n. get things rolling. OO. INTRODUCTION n. flyer. figure.

INVINCIBLE adj. rain check (for another time). odds-on. See also FINANCIER. zipped up. the bankroll. IRREPRESSIBLE adj. IRISH REVOLUTION n. for a fact Jack.). proposition. INVITATION n. cuffs. IRRESPECTIVE adj. nitpicking. get in the act. IRRELEVANT adj. the throubles. hooked into. up to ones ass. IRE n. the money. See ANNOY. helter-skelter. cantankerous. blow one's stack. blow a gasket. teflon. looker. juice up. bet one's gospel truth. ape shit. bat the eyes at. by bits and pieces. bummed out. INVESTOR n. all right already. IRK v. out to lunch. spec. greenmail (takeover defense payment). See also LURE. See ATTRACT. derbies. uptight. stone. hopping mad. swindle up. IRRESOLUTE adj. don't give a shit. bat one's eyes at. IRKSOME adj. repo. See CRAZY. garbage. backer. INVULERNABLE adj. by fits and starts. oh yeah. willy-nilly. wrapped up in. really into. drooly. bog hopper. wolf whistle. zip up. herky-jerky. feisty. Pollyanna. See BEAUTIFUL. Troubles. pushy. be at. off the wall. See ANGER. kooky. hyper. hit or miss. hit. cockeyed. ticked off. bent out of shape. foosle. IRREGULARLY adv. 2. IRREFUTABLE adj. edgy. troubles. fast and loose. lame duck (stocks). scoutmaster. flaky. bulletproof. smoking gun (error by a shark permitting the target escape through an antitrust ruling). charged. embrangle. chirk up. foxy. fuck with one's head. See CERTAIN. get behind (a person or idea). cockamamie. put up a job. conniption fit. See UNDECIDED. come on to. suck in. ray of sunshine. shark repellent (takeover defense strategy). plunger. wishy-washy. checked and double-checked. any which way. See IRRITABLE. shilly-shally. wimpy. noodgy. See also RECKLESS. the one who signs the checks. sit-in. set. behind. absitively. knee-jerk reaction. traffic stopper. can of worms. Irisher. dead to rights. pussyfooting. rope in. glamour girl. willy nilly. pissed off. IOWA Hawkeye State. IOTA n. stunner. INVOLVEMENT n. throw out the baby with the bathwater. do you want an engraved invitation?. IRISH n. Mulligan. See ANGRY. teed off. swindle in. come-on. the troubles. beaver. give one a come hither look. grouchy. p. hook. bear. thin-skinned. duke in. ready to fly off the handle. See STIMULATE. trigger. turn on. open sesame. hands on. get around. pep up. give one the come on. mumbojumbo. abracadabra. any old way. noodge. put zip into. mink. See also INCRIMINATE. cat fit. make waves. stunning. bulletproof. snap up. turn on the juice. gunslinger. head rush. waffly. jazz up. See also COMPELLING. hopped up. Paddy. INVITE v. frame. hit or miss. perk up. give a comehither look. gorilla (bond trader). finger. up to here in. bet on. sucked into. frame up. hoodoo. on the fence. pepped up. the (opportunistic second bidder). hocus-pocus. slapdash. 1. turn on. hang something on. paper. ogre. uptick. set up. fence hanger. shanty Irish (poor). chewed fine. sex kitten. hit on.212 investor IRATE adj. Harp. charm. Rube Goldberg. IRREGULAR adj. gasser. See also UNRESTRAINED. devil may care. ironclad contract. suck in. slow burn. pass the buck. put pep into. turf cutter. See also UNIMPORTANT. bag. bad-assed. contract. snake pit. pass. eat sleep and breathe [something]. p'd off. come on to. herky-jerky. boiling point. IRRATIONAL adj. IRASCIBLE adj. heavily into. wheels within wheels. scrumptious. humdrum. eat. hi tech. nut job. shark (unfriendly financier forcing takeovers). Mick. IRRESISTIBLE adj. where the tall corn grows. darbies. pussyfooting around. voodoo. target (a vulnerable company). parking (holding stocks to hide investment). invite. in dribs and drabs. piss one off. lacecurtain Irish (prosperous). blowup. INVIGORATED adj. zapped up. vamp. give one the eye.o. shamrock. cold lay. itsy-bitsy pieces. irregardless IRRESPONSIBLE adj. wacky. bog trotter. sweep off one's feet. bid. bet your ass. turned on. INVIGORATE v. Greek. high. stone fox. eager beaver. flipped out. angel (The. steamed. d. come hither. rope in. rat's nest. pass. into. run hot and cold. loony. INVOLVED adj. staker. scalper (ticket seller). zap. INVOCATION n. INVOLVE v. freaky. . t'd off. See ERRATICALLY. feeler. knee deep in. no ifs ands or buts. pick up. conniption. more heat than light. no account. give one a hard time. snappish. right on. get a lift. INVOLUNTARY adj. juiced up. get to. stiff card. IRONS n. tough. let George do it. See ENGROSSED.

fire-eater. firecracker. cool. See ANGRY. ITALIAN n. dingbat. una mas. IRRITATE v. drive one up a tree. blow it out. on the ragged edge. cross the t's and dot the is. chapter and verse. botheration. IWW Wobbly. go like. See also CHILD. by the numbers. spic. bottleneck. offspring. IRRITATION n. ISOLATED adj. cranky. headache. ISOBUTYL NITRITE n. get down to brass tacks. fresh. ITINERARY n. choke point. guinea. uptight. defrosted. write-up. play it cool. snappish. Eytie. pesky. run that by me once more. a bundle of nerves. grouchy. tetchy. wreck. bitchy. blister. do like. bear. bad ass. out in left field. edgy. get down to cases. hotheaded. ugly. spiky. white shoe. blowtop. get under one's skin. dehorn (leave IWW). thin-skinned.. outta sorts. ugly customer. IVY LEAGUE n. spiky. See ANNOY. Obs. beat. crabby. a pain. pain in the neck. pain.IWW 213 IRREVERENT adj. ready to fly off the handle. bummed out. say again.). make like. ISOLATION n. bouncing. key. ITINERANT WORKER n. wop. uptight. rub the wrong way. spaghetti bender. pestiferous. IVY LEAGUE STUDENT n. See INSOLENT. See also ALONE. pushed outta shape. Wob. waspish. cocky. dino (laborer). get. rattle one's cage. grousing. solitary. driven up the wall. spaghetti. popper. scrap. scrappy. Mr. fuck with one's head. ticking bomb. wise ass. ginzo. salty. run. police. mean. spaced out. floater. off color. a bit much. crusty. Eyetalian. flip. the bricks (hobo. too much. quote chapter and verse. wetback. like (e. ITEMIZE v. one more time. . cheeky. Key. ITERATE v. spell out. far out. blow one's cool. ISTHMUS n. IRRITABLE adj.). ditto. See REPEAT. get (animal). cantankerous. pissed off. ogre. ginney. sassy. it's like 90 degrees). union). bit. beefing. bellyaching. column. pain in the ass. out of line. do. echo. Okie. cussed. the hole. IS v. white bucks. dago. grumpy. got up on the wrong side of the bed. Kee. drag. bugged. bitching. come again. the cold. greaseball (all Derog. chew one's cabbage twice. again. IRRITATING adj. think piece. sweat the details. off base. shoe. short fuse. Coffee Nerves. pushing out one's lips. piece. greaser. back to the salt mines. blurb. IRRITATED adj. lay out. ornery. wet blanket. sucking eggs. scoop. worriment. ITEM n. clear (member. dead wood. give a bad time to. See ANNOYING. white buck. macaroni. rile. take it line by line. smart ass. bug. See ANNOYANCE. all hot and bothered. spiggoty. blue room (prison). See also CATALOGUE.g. salt mines. spig. out of it. give one a pain. pizza man. give one the business. ringtail. ISSUE n. story. ITEMIZED adj. browned off.

JABBER v. covered up JACKSON. lock up. See JAUNT v. See CHEERFUL. beat one's gums. cally. calaboose. jive.J n. button. cooped. gobbledygook. JANUARY n. college. crowbar hotel. blah-blah. house sitter. JAILED adj. yard bull. lockup. tank. can. bunkum. glass jaw. quad. hoosegow. lag. chichi. JANGLE v. (radio). herder. bat the chat. hook. chokey. JAIL TRANSFER v. 2. bouncy. federalese. calaboose. 214 . red lead. choky. Dixieland. caboose. quads. chirpy. bibble-babble. jug. put on ice. See TRAVEL. jive. cage. slammer. icebox. mumbo-jumbo. See also SPEECH. stir. buckshot. Rocky Mountain canary. graybar hotel. full as a tick. first thirty. limbo. gridlocked. chipper. nifty. jive talk. run on. JAILER n. in college. ritzy. send up the river. hit a sour note. sound a sour note. lockup. shoot off one's face. gas. cat. slough. snazzy. mod. the hole (solitary confinement). swanky. away. JADED adj. dressed to kill. go on. prod.). bucket. doggy. Capital J. now. done it all. big cage. joint (federal). had it up to here. joint. JAMMED adj. in the clink. soul music. roach. zippy. Tojo (soldier). progressive. go on and on. up the river. run off at the mouth. gook. locked down. reet. clink. really now. JARGON n. hit a clinker. cruise (pleasure trips). sharpie. JAILn. cooped up. jaw. dump. hooligan. See IMPRISONED. See also WARDEN. iced. in. full up. guardhouse (Mil. jig. screw. rebop. bull. talk through one's hat. maxi (maximum security). swing. trendy. lay the arm on. cool. MISSISSIPPI JACKSONVILLE. JAUNT n. full of piss and vinegar. sharp. fish tank. go-go. chops. flash (thieves). hit a clinker. JAUNTY adj. slough up. bastille. Mao. booby hatch. soak.). JAIL CELL n. JAGUAR n. cooler. roller. coop. crossbar hotel. fashion plate. shoot the breeze. hospital. bafflegab. mellow back (Bl. weasel words. have diarrhea of the mouth. doing time. drunk tank. sound a sour note. can. hit the dirt. street talk. bullshit. yackety-yak. jazzbo. school. the bricks (outside). sent up. bop. yackety-yak. tough can. eighty-four (N. dap. the rack. high powered. jook joint.). fed up. rag. crate. JACKASS n. clam shells. officialese. hip. inside. bandhouse. joyride. put away. Nip. blues. natty. cage. hack. slant eye. refrigerator. in thing. gas. wire city. toney. coop. feelgood. JAPANESE n. feeling one's oats. jam. bandbox. swamper. JAZZ n. Cook's tour. Q (San Quentin). graystone college. jam-packed. lingo. gab. JAMMING n. gab. mellow. solitary. high wide and handsome. Eisenhower. FLORIDA Jax. railroad. send up. been around twice. tank. up the river. sitter. go round the horn. brig. pen. point. take one away. put on ice. JAR v. chic. big joint. buzzwords. bibble-babble. yellow peril (all Derog. JANITOR n. settle. out of town. sardined. chaser. big school. Juliette. SRO. JAIL v. spiffy. TRAVEL. Jag (auto). JACKET n. pink clink. cage. yak. throw the book at. Jap. crumb boss (hobo and logger). hillspeak. cool. See also VERNACULAR. skippy (woman or prostitute). See CROWDED. yak. jugged. See also SPEAK. flogger. up to the rafters. hit the grit. bug house. so what else is new. mill. ice. slave driver. throw the bull. ho hum. blah. peacoat. JABBER n. Camp Adirondack.). standing room only. Jake. 1. hot air. slam. G. JAMAICA GINGER n. cat's meow. pokey. twiddle. bull pen. full of beans. pop. JAM n. in the slammer. county hotel. BS. super. right joint. doublespeak. quod. playhouse (small). threads. boogie woogie. mobbed. up to here. bebop. eyes. pokery. iron house. hit the road. background. talkee-talkee. book. big house. sugar house. bat the breeze. hit a sour note. See also INDIFFERENT. bull pen. fish bowl. laid back. JAW n. hold. statesville. sky. knock one's eye out. campus. guff. shoot off one's mouth.

swinging like a gate. double trouble.. put the double whammy on one. JIGGLE v. pennyweight. wig. Jew boy. fizz job. green-eyed. clipped dick (all Derog. JILTED adj. drop. Jesus Mariah Christ. kiss of death. JOBBER n. burnout. JEOPARDY n. jam session. JEST n. madcap. JAZZ MUSICAN n. stones. thrown over. stone joint. low-down and dirty. stick one's neck out. swipe. . daffy. See also BANTERER. JEWELRY n. funk. Jesus H. race music. meet (jam). back alley. Goldberg. rabbi. cool cat. Jerusalem Slim. dumped.T. rocks. card. yank. JEALOUS adj. give one a kineahora (Yid. gagged up. hoodoo. jock. trickster. See JOKER. JIMSON WEED n. racket. JELLY n. sammy. JESUIT n. send. crazy. ice. blow. See also AIRPLANE. porker. sheeny. swindle. JET FUEL n. JEFFERSON CITY. boffo. on the spot. put the whammy on one. yerk. jolly. parting shot.jocular 215 ragtime. comeback. dump. REJECT. gator. clip cock. JEWELRY STORE n. JOB n. scramjet. roast. hardware. jam. on the dole. herky-jerky. in dribs and drabs. swinging gate. Ikie. See JOKE. cat. Christ. spoof. wisecrack. ear man. combo. put on. go out on a limb. gullion. slum joint. gullion joint. lip-splitter. rocker. on layoff. funster. red lead. on the rebound. joshing.). give one the air. chance it. put on the spot. flamethrower. JELLO n. who you jivin'?. fail to cover one's ass. nervous pudding. clown. low down dirty. Abe. funky. Abie. crack. ramjet. by fits and starts. shitwork. put down. dirty dig. JILT v. sideman. razz. satchel. flameout. JINX v. solid sender. See JOKE. dump. blowtorch.. band man. JET ENGINE STALL n. in short pants. whammy. blaring tailgate. hoodoo one. crack. kike. on the line. hand one one's walking papers. kibitzer. way out. spook. JINX n. leave at the altar. leave. HaySoose!. eat one's heart out. voodoo one. JERKY adj. jive. jet. Hebe. paper man. cutup. eagle beak. Christmas. closed down. jelly. middleman. brass (cheap or fake). Head Knock. M.). JAP. Yid. sending. jokey. gig. jigget. put on. lightning rod (fighter). give back one's ring. stovepipe. rag. rank out. sender. jigger. yokky. flare-up. JERK n. got one's neck out. carrying weight (blues). on the line. coast. jive. josh. voodoo. spoof. JAZZ TERMS jam. get off (solo). jab. pull one's leg. give one the wind. ice palace. JETTISON v. quipster. blowing cat. alligator (white). far out. slurred gutbucket. voodoo. lick. mop mop. zip fuel. ditch. gully low. hoodoo. JEOPARDIZED adj. funnin'. heat can. MISSOURI Jeff City. Hymie. play into one's hands. JET PLANE n. kibosh. JESUS CHRIST J. rat race. spritz. JEW n. dig. JEST v. One Of Our Boys (Yid. lay it on the line. Yehuda. cup. push. one-liner. wacky. deep six. blow up a storm. out on a limb. Jebby. blue blower. down home (New Orleans). throw over. for grins. junk jewelry. ditched. devil's trumpet. geese. out of action. jam session.O. JEALOUSY n. give one the gate. mellow. leave at the church. cool jazz. JET n. gate. rag man. Jewish American Princess. laugh. squirt. lumpy (played badly). slam. left at the church. riff. out. rib. rib. campy. Jeeze. hook nose.). whale. break it off. strictly union. ribtickler.C. JEOPARDIZE v. caught with one's pants down. pale face. hep cat. flying blowtorch. JESTER n. cat house. break. mocky. monster (popular). stick one's neck in the noose. member of the tribe. JOCKSTRAP n. jive. higgledy-piggledy. sparklers. air breather. grind. light (sympathetic to). clip. electric. darn. See WORK. blow the blues. faker (illiterate). have one's ass out. gag. grooving. camp. JEER n. gay cat. iron man. JOBLESS adj. riff. down. needle. Izzie. barrelhouse. See also REJECTED. Joey. brickbat. nifty. life of the party. kid. by bits and pieces. long underwear. glass. green-eyed monster. on the spot. JOCULAR adj. cuss. gutbucket. sour grapes. nervous pudding. coon shouting. make a funny. a funny. flaky. put the horns on. smooth and mellow. leave flat. ice house. in orbit (avant-garde). turn green. See also DISCARD. See UNEMPLOYED. tailgate. damn. out on a limb. double whammy. nine-to-five shit. See also ABANDON. the Man (leader). cloak and suiter.

JUDGE n. jive. gagged up. dizzy. funny book. grins. life of the party. knock about. Monday Morning quarterback. chroniker. fool around. Joey. cloud nine land. kibitz. get off a joke. See TEASE. yak. wingding. See also CRITICIZE. give one a shot. second banana. scandal sheet. flipping. 2. paper. feed line. rock. call down. cruise. daffy. 1. ride. bat around. crash. needle. daily. value judgment. gag. cub. laughs. throw in together. join together. 3. extra. bouncy. old saw. put on. boffo. kibitzer. boffo. jaunt. straight line. cut. hopped up. jet around. bench nibs. See also CRITICISM. sizzler. shook up. See HAPPY. fish wrapper. pull one's leg. bombed out. feed. high. horse. shindig. hit. straight man. comeback. See SURPRISE. picnic. 4. JOLT v. horse around. come down hard on. JOKE LINE n. bowl over. zapper. slap on the wrist. flash. nitpicker. jive. pen driver. See also FASTEN. loony. jokey. JOURNALIST n. hoopla. topper. See also CHEERFUL. upbeat. a ha-ha. yuck. crazy. JOURNAL n. See TRAVEL. come down on. upper. wisecrack. smart crack. Little Merry Sunshine. bouncy. See JOVIAL. snitch sheet. jet. ride. wisecracker. JOYOUS adj. gagster. circus. floor. razz. old turkey. throwaway. rag. high time. snapper. rag. pencil driver. popping one's nuts. corn. needle. crack wise. weekend. make a funny. cutup. rap. write-up. wig. bugger. cutting. set up. lay on a hard rap. double whammy. wisecrack. team up. the word. clown. booger. droopy. JOIN v. jolly. flying. big deal. 2. off the wall. monk. hanging judge. baggy-pants comic. jokesmith. overnight. joshing. ghee with plenty of numbers. dragged. crack wise. plug into. JOLLITY adv. chipper. kibitz. lots of laughs. . flyin'. size. let one have plenty of numbers. size up. yokky. tomfool. crack. on a joy ride. go places. pencil pusher. notice. junket. lots of laughs. See SURPRISED. kid around. hot one. low. comic book. tack on. See also OPINION. Cooks tour. punster. boff. flyin'. marry. laid there. See also AMUSING. big shit. a million laughs. one-liner. card. beagle. chestnut. beak. sheet. hard rapper. wisecrack. CHEERFUL. rough and tumble. say. 1. wisecrack. kibitz around. daffy. action. kick in the ass. shot in the ass. country hop. fun and games. knock for a row of pins. news hen. knock. JOSH v. JOURNEY n. JOYLESS adj. funnin'. take one's measure. kibitz around. jokey. make the call. 1. JUDGE v. flipping. a bomb. for grins. big time. junket. bark. trickster. kid. top banana. an egg. gork. the way one sees it. tickled to death. See also WRITER. lower the boom. scratcher. quipster. chipper. from out in left field. slaphappy. trek. spoof. See also BANTERER. Blackstone. pen pusher. joshing. tickled. rib. dippy. doing backflips. down in the mouth. nifty. JOLT n. chirpy. ball. funster. rib. kid. flyin' high. stooge. whoopee. rocked. old chestnut. aisle sitter. See EXCITEMENT. old wheeze. roaster. fireworks. scrivener. gorked. roast. jump all over one. high as a kite. funny. doing handsprings. whooperdooper. jive. 3. buzz. madcap. jump down one's throat. leg man. sold on. rap on the knuckles. hop. hokum comic. hit like a ton of bricks. spoof. join up with. bromide. shot. chirpy. flak. JOSTLE v. rowdydowdy. SENTENCE. cruise. the riot act. 2. See TRAVEL. spoof. payoff. blow one's mind. JOKE n. get off a joke. gagman. run it up the flagpole. howl. WITTY. JOKER n. high. clanked. zippy. who you jivin'?. nerf. take a decision. high old time. news hound. put on. shake one up. 1. yock. bump heads. mopey. push around. tea'd up. tie up with. See HAPPY. an omelet. come aboard. JOKE v. brawl. doing backflips. See ASSOCIATE. 2. gavel jockey. oldie. do the crazy bit. knee-slapper. JOLLY adj. needle. fall. Father Time. blat. do the crazy act. zippy. bulldog (earliest edition). joke with whiskers. See also MAGAZINE. rib-tickler. knock. swindle sheet. See AMUSEMENT. paleface. set up. in the pits. toilet paper. make a funny. sunny. JUBILANT adj. JOYFUL adj. make a monkey of oneself. have the blahs. pleased as punch. set up line. See SURPRISE. See APPRAISE.216 join tomfool. globe trot. spring something on one. large charge. sunny side up. sign on. whiz bang. JOVIAL adj. story. JUDGMENT n. tag on. for grins. lay on. get in with. JOKE. rib. stringer. lots of laughs. columnist. foolheaded. put-down. land on. warmed over cabbage. See UNHAPPY. slap on. lay out. PARTY. JOLTED adj. fool around. run it by one again. scribe. hitch on. tough ghee with too much time. throw the book at one. See ECSTATIC. throw one a curve. JOURNEY v. horseplay. bladder. do the crazy shtick. let one have it. bang into. on the move. shook. hizzoner. stand-up comic. get some grins. banana. knock one over. punch line. zinger. wheeze. 2. laugh. laid an egg (unfunny). horseplay. 1. JUBILATION n. nutty. tumul. judgment call. whammy. josh. ink slinger. swing. beat.

lip. gavel jockey.. hookup. JUMBLE adj. JUSTIFY v. See EXCUSE. juvey. hanging judge. bench nibs. 1. the big idea. alibi. TRAVEL. JURIST n. song and dance. JUVENILE adj. tub. square oneself. shyster. googly. JUKEBOX n. growler (large for beer). JUSTICE OF THE PEACE n.D. zoo. slot. gavel jockey. the whyfor.). garbage. JUT v. beak. stick out. g'dong. YOUNG WOMAN. goola box (Bl. legal eagle. jaycee. bucket.juvenile delinquent 217 JUG n. juke. JUVENILE n. get down on one's marrowbones. beagle. yoot. worm out of. blindfolded lady with scales. squirm out of. alibi out of. 2. bug out. J. crawl. the whatfor. JP. 1. tie-up. put the best face on. diaper-rashed punk. TEENAGER. JUNK n. Philadelphia lawyer. Father Time. story. make up for. straight. JUMP v. kid stuff. turf. chicken. hard rapper. junior hi. Blackstone. ambulance chaser. JUVENILE COURT n. territory. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL n. wing. JUVENILE DELINQUENT n. square things. JUNCTION n. mouthpiece.. goop. pop out. short-pants division. See also JUNKET n. goulash. g a r b a g e . the L. old man. monk. GIRL. glop. face. cry sour grapes. JUSTICE n. tie-in. square deal. 2. YOUNG MAN. hard rapper.. bomber (divorce). See also CONTROL. beak. juvie.). J. gedunk. jailbait (Fern. beagle. juve. stomping grounds. mishmosh. gash. punk. monk. rush the growler. whitewash. JUSTIFICATION n. hanging judge. one's neck of the woods.A. sky. San Quentin quail. JUNIOR COLLEGE n. cop out. See ATTORNEY. JURISDICTION n. See also BOY. yoot. the whole idea. bench nibs. the why and wherefore. minor. the idea. wig. Blackstone. junior high. pud. crawl out of. hogwash. .C. barge. mishmash. hooker. cop a plea. inter- JUNGLE n. wig. bobby-soxer. plug-in. Father Time. YOUTH.

shirttail kin. executive fallout (business). a ride. offed. KEEN adj. karma. wipe out. lug iron for. blip off. party pooper. scrag. big chill. in the cards. zap. give one a wood overcoat. KENTUCKY the Blue Grass State. iceman. sneeze. top. bang man. twister. sneeze. worrywart. whiz. do away with. wiped out. cool. give the works. the snatch. put the snatch on one. clip. done for. KILL v. Jayhawker. take for a ride. knock-off. Einstein. heart. croak. red lead. kick ass. smear. blood. that's the way the beads read. give him an ass full of leather. dump. heart. put out a contract. give one a tokus full of toes. erase. Mil. KANSAN n. blaster. KINDLE v. wipe off the map. get. down the tube. croaking. work up. kaput. off. big. screw. hired gun. KIND adj. stamp out. frag (usually hand grenade).K. pop one off. knocked off. bottom line. dying to. set up for a hit. kiss off. gotta have. liquidated. rubout. body snatch. old softie. kick the beholden out of. sharp. disappeared. chilled. take out. whack out. dust. hatchet man. chill. off. ivories. fragging (officer. key up. put away. Kasey. homefolks. down the drain. clipper. burn up. KIDNAP v. drill. dognap (dog abduction). button man. dropper (hired). had it. KILL. that's the way the ball bounces. kid stuff. do. hijacking. finished. softhearted. shootist. KANSAS Casey. gone. grease. set over. neutralized. erase. finish off. KANSAS CITY.K K n. piece man. meat and potatoes. gorilla. sourbelly. KIDNAPPING n. whiz kid. score. hog eye (skeleton). all heart (Derog. kick the daylights out of. take for an airing. knock off. offing. give one the foot. liquidate. KO. mow down. make one disappear. KANSAS The Sunflower State. take out of the box. skyjacking. sourball. egg on. skyjacker. bumped off. punch one's ticket. highjacker. take care of. See INCITE. iced. whack. X out. pull the plug. give the business. hit. red paint. nobody's fool. KICK v. boot. burn. take the wind out of. highjacking. snuffed out. fix. wasted. push across. skyjack. See DESTINY. mitzvah. pop one. dying of the measles. send to kingdom come. snuff. sourpuss. KEYBOARD n. drip.). done in. Calamity Jane. hashed up. KINDNESS n. neutralization. snatch. pay off. klik. Guitar City. quick on the trigger. cooled off. scragging. hit man. KEY n. likes of. knock-off ghee. ). moldy fig. bump off. KIDNAPPER n. taking out. take one out. gunman. quick on the uptake. plugger. snatcher. wax. kick the bejesus out of. gun down. 218 . torpedo. klick. folks. KILLED adj. bop. settle. lynch (Bl. liquidation. nitty gritty. colonel. hit. offed. KENTUCKIAN n. gloomy Gus. blow one's brains out. totalled. total. K. pack a rod for. neutralize. terminator. snatch. let one have it. chill. hijack. knock out. wet blanket. sunk. MISSOURI Beef City. plug. that s the way the cookie crumbles. have a contract on. grab. pickle. enforcer. creaming to. kinfolk. hijacker. MICHIGAN Zoo Town. dead and done for. gun. KISMET n. king. go cool. push off. KILLJOY n. nub. 2. waste. 1. KIND n. snuffed. crepe hanger. red hot. lay out. kiss-off. KANSAS CITY. stamped out. eighty-eight. kilo. cool.C. blot out. sneezer. guzzle. number. troop. liquidated. KILLER n.). ice. blow away. INTENT TO v. KERNEL n. trigger man. wasting. bleeding heart. downer. bumpman. KILLING n. the big M. cook. cool off. turn on.. iron out. trigger. butcher. KALAMAZOO. exterminator. cut down. click. no dumbbell. grab. kissin' cousin. KINSMAN n. gun for. lot. pack a chiv for. KILOMETER n. cool. drag. lay one out. fire up. bumpoff. drygulch. wash out. put on ice. See INTELLIGENT. smart as a whip. buy one concrete golashes. shoot down. snatch man. kick the shit outta. cream. cooked. K. tubed. the beads.C. See IMPATIENT. pop. shanghai. KINDLY adj. mellow. KETCHUP n. get smoking. blast. fragged. sharp as a tack. gunsel. polish off. push. heart in the right place. soldier. do in. put the snatch on. the works. lug a chiv. likes. do away with. rub out. cool out. bang job. stick in the mud. drop. fog. rubbed out.

clip. buzz. shiv. on the inside. floor one. mouth music. take one down. have down pat. no dumbbell. See also THIEF. whiz kid. smash. jag. booted on. foxy. put down. pumping up. brand. have down cold. See also HIT. cool. See also FLATTER. hang of it. smack down. spark. posted. erase. knock on one's biscuit. chivving match. pat on the head. swap slops. KUDOS n. KNEES n. flatten. . inside. eat face. KNIFE n. have savvy. wizard. See also HIT. hit the mat. X. chib. groovy. hipped. taking klepto. go along with. know one's onions. Army). sticky fingers. kept posted. switch. shank. got it. catch on. ear to the ground. roll over and play dead. booted on. lay one on the lips. picture. light fingers. the know. knock one ass over teakettle. cry uncle. getya. into. Chinese. flip. lay one on the lips. total. beeper. cold pack. bill (Bl. really into. what's happenin'. grounded. hip to the jive. cool. KNIFE FIGHT n. Doctor Spocking the help. know all the ins and outs. See also FLATTERY. muzzle. get the point. See also INTELLIGENT. plugged in. have down cold. have one's head screwed on right. power tool. kissy-poo. peck. smooch. go-go. KITTEN n. knock one for a loop. smear. knock one on one's ear. suck face. See SKILL. WW II). smart as a whip. carve. waste. knuckle under. nobody's fool. to U. gray matter. sharp. into. know one's stuff. not born yesterday. buss. O. have a good head on one's shoulders. lay one out. give in. not born yesterday. have one's ships in a row. what's going down. footer. open up. shoot down in flames. deal a knockout blow to. cut a new kisser for. land a haymaker. knock on ones quiff. Arkansas toothpick. street smarts. the smart money. all woke up. KNOWLEDGE n. soul kiss. KOREAN SOLDIER n. what's what. sugar. stick. tuned in. have the smarts. Philadelphia lawyer. flick. prayer bones. wipe up the floor with. KNOW v. have a head on one's shoulder. knock one on one's ass. hipster. goulash (false). SKILLED. wise to. sharp as a tack. buss. highbrow. kayo. know damn well. on the beam. pussycat. hepster. K. drygulch. pat on the back. knock one on one's wallet. chop down. have smarts. play ball. know one's business. puff. kissy face. gook. say uncle. have savvy.S. know one's onions. tuned in. phenom. knuckle to. KNOCK OUT v. put away. bean gun (mobile. prayer handles. into. sugar. soul kiss. know all the answers. know the score. know one's p's and q's. butterfly kiss. IQ. take down. poop. brainy. mush. in the know. wised up. know the score. smack. stick. KNOWLEDGEABLE adj. dope. brains. shank. hear say. pro. really into. mouth music. together. KLEPTOMANIA n. crumb stash. crackerjack. inside dope. collar the jive. know what's what. cutting match.kudos 219 KISS n. knowhow. blade. KISS v. ring one's bell. hep. ways. butterfly kiss. on to. hit the deck. flatten. shiv. put the slug on one. muzzle. peck. gotya. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. KLEPTOMANIAC n. PR. bylow (Barlow). cold cock. See also ALERT. on top of. got one's boots on. See INFORMATION. deuce of benders. swap spit. down one. double digs. curtains for. punch one out.. pucker up. deck. knobs. crack. KITCHEN n. have the inside track. toe the mark. French kiss. knock on one's pratt. on. crazy like a fox. deck. drop. Tennessee toothpick. hang. good hands. knock on one's keister. KLAXON n. lay one out. be up on. have horse sense.). pussy. K Town. KNIFE v. Harlem toothpick. get the idea. with it. floor. knock one out. KNACK n. smooch. cereb. go social. T E N N E S E E KOREAN (SOUTH) n. carve initials in one. lay one low. KOWTOW v. puss. know-how. shivving match. inside story. tool. know the ropes. enough ducks in a row. plum. puffing up. commonsensical. ripper. wised up. kitty cat. sharp. See SHREWD. hepcat. all woke up. knock one into next week. lie down and roll over for. blow wise. ROK. frog sticker. not so dumb. cut. lower the boom. switchblade. shoot down. know it all. KNOXVILLE. got it up here. hear tell of. wipe up the place with. KNOWING adj. mush. savvy. kiss the canvas. honker. steel. See also WOUND. See UNDERSTAND. got it all together. French kiss. strokes. knock on the head. on top of. in the picture. KNOCK DOWN v. smack. cave in. dukes. katusa (Korean attached katusa. hearts and flowers. fold. knock cold. X. dirt. slice. kitty. raves. knock on one's can. give up.

asshole buddy. work one's head off. landing strip. blue collar. little shaver. queen. LAMENT v. geed up. floater. goshawful. workhorse. not hack it. half-assed. LANDLORD n. bitch. inexperienced). fancy man. flunky. boyo. wet behind the ears. g'd up. mare. grease job (smooth). lousy. LACKING adj. LAND v. YOUTH. Pasadena). sing. dame. See DAWDLER. come along (temporary. bleed. ballbuster. broad. dull as dishwater. set her down. Lima. cry me a river. bug torch. slowpoke. hog-tied. game. glim. toad. ho hum. frail eel. ditch (crash). goon. grind. birdcage. plug away. lounge lizard. LABORIOUS adj. short. flat. phoned in. frail. not make it. See INSIPID. make a three-pointer. LACK v. tough one. lab. saw. dirty. See real estate. LAND n. nothing. gimpy. See INADEQUATE. get no place fast. LACKEY n. rain. crip. blah. take it hard. campus butcher. spring fever. grim. LAGGARD n. dimmer. help. goof-off. lady-killer. kid. take it big. parlor snake. prentice. bugger. godawful. ditch. asskisser. buddy. candy LANGUAGE n. RIDICULE. old sod. touchdown. power off. breadwinner. out. LABORER n. go in. tough job. dead stick. bitch lamp (hobo). boo hoo. splashdown. logo. heavy hitter. 86. get out the crying towel. hamstrung. See also ARRIVE. SAD. touchdown. rough go. hurting. LAME adj. sing the blues. minus. plug along. blade. splash. can't cut it. hemo jo (hard labor). wolf. wicked. touch and go (practice). LAMPOON n. pablum. come in. three-pointer. stooge. airstrip. gimp. landlubber. backbreaker. shitwork. laid back. three point. tough shit. LABORATORY n. shitty. raise a howl. bub. hard hat. donkeywork. LABOR v. howl. See BOY. no got. take on. laid back. bafflegab. daily grind. See also YOUNG MAN. shlep along. blue-collar worker. flat as a pancake. grease it in. half-baked. hard row of stumps. poodle faker. gruntwork (Army). boychik. LANDING n. See WORKER. butterfly. moonlight. stewer (old). tough proposition. See DIFFICUILT. out of commission. doubletalk. bun duster. fancy Dan. cake-eater. working stiff. photo lab. sidelined. blue collar. punk kid. LACKADAISICAL adj. LANDING FIELD n. LAMP n. sailor. LAMENTABLE adj. lingo. landprop. daydreaming. go for a crying towel. dirty neck. slumlord. home plate (A. jelly. not come up to scratch. biddie. the salt mines. bug. hairy. come up short. roast. come up short. strip. good-time Charlie. put-on. big stick (firefighter). gobbledygookese. hurting for. runt. See AIRPORT. LABOR n. tail. kenten (for opium). See INFERIOR. bitch. takeoff. scratch. bust one's buns. gash hound. LAD n. bitch. pancake. killer. mama. uphill battle. kiddo. kick one's self. See WORK. hurt. eighty-six. chaser. day gig. thump in. old bag. hard row to hoe. running dog. zero. invent the wheel (unnecessary). doublespeak. stick in the mud. chicken. brownnose. JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab. See LANGUID. can't cut the mustard. doll. minus. stinking. tea hound. LABEL n. splash. gay cat. fuck-off. doe (alone). furper (1930). queen bee. carry on. ballbreaker. hard pull. make-out artist. draggy. takedown. beat one's breast. ward heeler. moony. ground gripper. sweat and slave. pour it on. LADIES' MAN n. Washingtonese 220 . vanilla. rank and file. LACKLUSTER adj. bag. fine fryer.F. put her down. rotten. awful. prom trotter. too little too late. gump light (miner). bear down on it. dinner-pailer. cry the blues. hay burner. love. bug (industrial or baker). shlepper. LADLE n. think tank. LADY n. pancake. LANDSMAN n. eat one's heart out. LADDER n. LAG v. tool. toddle. blubber.). heavy cake. hillspeak. stick daddy (police). half-pint.L n. splashdown. tad. cry over spilled milk. See also BAD. See WOMAN. See LINGER. beat one's brains out. See WORK. goldbrick. harpie. See also NAME. dog it (inferior). TS. yes-man. foot-dragger. runway. terra firma. kid. chem lab.

LAUGHABLE adj. hot stuff. birdcage. bug torch. joshing. palm oil. check plus. goof up. muff. missed the boat. off-color. pipes. bitter end. toss a bouquet. in a bind. nasty. heifer. Chicana. LAUGH n. bubble-gum rocker. Lost Wages. blew one's chance. chicklet. field day. come Sunday. lowdown and dirty. king-size. foulmouthed. seagoing. jive talk. the nick of time.). monstro. See DETERIORATE. LATITUDE n. crack-up. be in stitches. time out of mind.). break one up. LANGUID adj. See PERMANENT. have spring fever. hot pants. caper. fool mistake. jammed. raunchy. build up. run of. softcore. LATE adj. room to swing a cat. stilt. blooper. wingding. See BIG. teriff. pigeon. gagged up. hardcore. zukes. spaghetti. give the man a big cigar. clothes pole. drippy. miscue. LAST MINUTE n. salve.). faddy. ass end. dopey. low-down. fox paw. big mother. fall out laughing. blowout. conk out. downstream. heavy. facilities. humongous. beaut. in. slipup.). stellar. would choke a horse. head. ball. LARK n. snooze you lose. have to hand it to. horror show. by and by. rib. shindig. salty. LATRINE n. hang loose. stretchy. 2. Yinglish (English using many Yiddish words). moony. hay burner. blow a gut. X-rated. go soft. tear. blew it. sleepyhead. camp. little missy. barn door. hellbender. gangly. fag out. gum up. altar room. out of it. hung up. down the line. See STYLISH.F. LANGUISH v. down the road a piece. chip. Chicano. laugh it up. LASCIVIOUS adj. tear one apart. for a coon's age. teenybopper. boff. down the pike. dopey. dago (working class). high jinks. high old time. boffo. swan song. jellybean. beanstalk. piss house. gag. jailbait. peg out. nasty. elbowroom. till hell freezes over. LAUD v. tail ass (A. See also PARTY. TOO adj. die on the vine. cream jeans. f e d e r a l e s e . now. where the dicks hang out. crapper. Dice City. li'l mama. Latino. klong. lock the barn door after the horse is stolen. LARGESS n. LATEST adj. for grins. LARGE adj. chamber of commerce. See FLATTER. in the gutter. gross. snap. rough stuff. See THIN. shithouse. spiggoty (all Derog. leeway. show some teeth. clinker. bust. LANKY adj. Franglish (French using English words). hot for. gump light (miner). LATE. come apart at the seams. cue. blimp. latest wrinkle. bottom of the barrel. till the cows come home. lunker. See also TOILET. turned on. last hurrah. case (cards). howl. really now. boost. laid back. spindleshanks. belly laugh. somethin'. trendy. the thing. hell around. the chips are down. lechy. carousing. Divorce City. tucker out. old soldiers' home. up to the minute. yuck. har-de-har. showers. boo-boo. gidget. LAST RESORT adj. nebbish. left at the starting gate. man-sized. jokey. space. hotfoot. fracture. jill. gnarly. on the nod. guffaw. rough. bird. howl. LASTING adj. the end. bitch. in for the long haul. . go to pieces. atsa nice. LARYNX n. mod. fox pass. screw-up. fluff. jammed up. curtains for. give a posy. LAST adj. die. LATER adj. San Quentin quail. pat on the back. John. filly. throne room. LAUDABLE adj. hot.C. strapped for time. curtains. gaff. broomstick. poop out. D. boffo. hats off to. laid back. scrape the bottom of the barrel. horny. snoozy. thumping. chick. doll. burn the midnight oil.)> officialese. run. Sin City. bootin' height. humungous. LATIN AMERICAN n. wimpy. letchin'. for a month of Sundays. Yerkish (artificial). eleventh hour. blah. goof. not bad. the boat has sailed. blue. spic. twiggy. amenities. peter out. mungo. See MISTAKE. LAUGH v. See PRAISEWORTHY. flash (among thieves). bobby-soxer. NEVADA Vegas. bean pole