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Ethan Headlee Mr.

Telford Math 1040 5/20/13 Written Report The purpose of the study was to see if there was an association between someones grade point average (GPA) and the number of hours of sleep they get per night, on average. We decided that we wanted a sample size of thirty; therefore each group member gathered ten samples. We collected the data by doing a random sample. We numbered the tables and then numbered the chairs in the schools cafeteria and then generated a random number using a calculator for a table and a chair. Then during lunch we gave that person sitting at that table at that chair a questionnaire asking for their GPA and the number of hours they sleep per night, on average. We then gathered all the data and organized it into the following table and graph.

The first quantitative variable, the independent or explanatory variable, is hours of sleep. Mean: 6.633 hours Standard Deviation: 1.2313 hours Five-Number Summary: Minimum= 3 hours First Quartile= 6 hours Median= 6.75 hours Third Quartile= 7 hours Maximum= 9 hours Range: 6 hours Mode: 6 and 7 hours Outliers: 3 and 9 hours



The second quantitative variable, the response or dependent variable, is grade point average. Mean: 3.6533 GPA Standard Deviation: 0.28129 GPA Five-Number Summary: Minimum= 3.0 GPA First Quartile= 3.5 GPA Median= 3.7 GPA Third Quartile= 3.9 GPA Maximum= 4.0 GPA Range: 1.0 GPA Mode: 3.9 GPA Outliers: 3.0 GPA Histogram:


Linear Correlation coefficient: r= 0.27245847942467 Regression line equation: y=3.2404473085671+0.062244124336614x Scatter plot with line of regression:

There were no difficulties with this project. The only surprise was that there is no association between the average number of hours someone gets per night to their grade point average. I thought that the more sleep someone got the better grade point average they would have. The distribution of the first quantitative variable is normally distributed. The distribution for the second quantitative variable is skewed left. There is a lack of correlation between the two variables. The value for r is 0.27245847942467 and the critical value for a sample size of thirty is 0.361. In conclusion, the original question, is there an association between the average number of hours someone gets to their grade point average, has been answered and the answer is that there is no association or correlation between average number of hours of sleep to grade point average. I came to this conclusion because the value for r is not equal to or greater than the critical value and the points on the scatter plot do not closely follow the line of regression.