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Course Outline IB

Course Outline IB

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Published by: nivedita_h42404 on May 24, 2013
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Course Outline Centre for Management Studies Presidency College, Bangalore Semester: Third Semester Faculty: Course: International

Business Thilak Venkatesan

Course Objectives: To enable students to acquire knowledge & skills in forex management, the mechanics involved, use of forex to reduce risk that a business faces. Methodology: The methodology comprises of lectures, case studies, group assignments with problems and solutions. Students need to prepare for module wise test and passing in each test is mandatory. Evaluation scheme: Sl no. 1 2 3 4 Component Module wise tests (1-5) depending upon the no. of modules Mid-Semester Exam Class Participation Case study / Assignments/presentations End Term Exam Total Subject learning outcome: Understanding of concepts in International Business, the framework, Institutions involved & practices. The familiarize students with practical case studies & update on the latest issues in IB. Books recommended: International BusinessK Aswathappa Weight age 25 marks 15 marks 10 marks 30 marks Remarks Each test will cover the module syllabus To cover the syllabus covered Answering question & general participation Written submission & presentation of assignment/case study Covers the entire syllabus

20 marks 100

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