All You Wanted to know About The Planets

1. Aries (Mesha) : A ram, resides in forests among other four legged animals like sheep, goat, grassy meadows, canals, lakes etc. Areas abundant with precious stones and minerals, which includes their mines, snake holes. 2. Taurus (Vrishabh) : A bull, farmlands, cow sheds, forests but in the present contexr also the towns, cities, beautiful places and locations where business is transacted. 3. Gemini (Mithuna) : A man and woman holding a trumpet and a harp, also considered as holding a mace and a violin, towns and cities, parks, gambling dens, places of worship, pleasure houses, music and ballet room, couch and lounge (bed room). 4. Cancer (Karka) rivers. : Crab, resides in water and forests, places near water, ponds,

5. Leo (Simha) : A lion or other wild animals, lives in mountains, caves and forests, places inhabited by hunters, places where rishis live. 6. Virgo (Kanya) : A woman holding a corn and a lamp, resides near water in pasture lands, or having water and food crops, pleasure rooms, near a shop, temple. 7. Libra (Tula) : A man holding a weighing balance in his hand, signifies place of business, markets, bazaars valuables or articles of trade, a shop. 8. Scorpio (Vrishchik): A Scorpio, living in a hole, cavity, crevice, burrow, anthills, rocky areas, habitat of poisonous insects which is partly watery, ponds. 9. Sagittarius (Dhanu) : Body of a horse and face of a human, holding bow and arrow, habitat of horses and elephants, king’s abode, a battle field, a fort, brave and accomplished. In the present context expert in firearms, rest houses, military cantonments. 10. Capricorn (Makar): Mouth of a deer, shoulders of a bull and eyes of an elephant, resides in forests, rivers, areas full of water, places inhabited by potters, home if tribals. 11. Aquarius (Kumbh): A man holsing a water pot, or a pot containing pickles, habitation in water, gambling dens, art gallery. 12. Pisces (Meena) : Two fishes, the head of each close to the tail of other, deep caves, resides in water, temples and pilgrimages.

Mode of rising mode of rising

signs of the zodiac

Shirshodaya (rising with the head) Prishtodaya (rising with the hand) Ubhayodaya (rising with both) Benefic of malefic As per general parashari rule All odd signs are malefic All even signs are benefic

3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 1, 2, , 9, 10 12

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Another viewpoint is that signs having lordship of benefic planets are benefic and those having lordship of malefic planets are malefic. Hence based on lordship. Malefic signs having malefic lordship Benefic signs having benefic lordship Strength All odd signs are considered strong during day all even signs are considered strong during night. However, the following classification of strength of signs during day and night is more acceptable. Signs powerful during night (Ratribali) : 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 Signs powerful during day (divabali) : 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 Ratribali signs are governed by Moon and divabali signs are governed by Sun.
Lunar or Solar Solar signs are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 whereas lunar signs are 4, 3, 2, 1, 12 and 11. There is another viewpoint to consider diurnal signs as solar and nocturnal signs as lunar signs which are as follows. Lunar Signs Solar Signs Male or Female Male Signs are all odd signs Female Signs are all even signs Element of Signs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12

1, 5, 8, 10, 11 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12

Fiery Earthy Airy Watery

Aries, Leo Sagittarius Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

(1, 5, 9) (2, 6, 10) (3, 7, 11) (4, 8, 12)

Nature of Mobility Movable Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (1, 4, 7, 10) Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius (2, 5, 8, 11) Fixed Dual Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces (3, 6, 9, 12) Movable signs indicate mobility or change of status whereas fixed signs indicate status quo or no change. Dual signs fall in between the two and in the context of prashna the rising degrees determine its tilt towards moveable or fixed. A dual sign rising with 0 to 15 degress is closer to a fixed sign and gives results accordingly. On the other hand dusl sign rising with 15 to 30 degrees is closer to a moveable sign and gives the results of a moveable sign.
Directions Directions are determined from the sign in the rising Lagna. East Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (1, 5, 9) South Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (2, 6, 10) West Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (3, 7, 11) North Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (4, 8, 12)

For the purpose of Arudha Lagna however the direction are allotted in accordance with the direction from which the querist approaches the astrologer. Aries and Taurus represent East, Gemini South-East, Cancer and Leo South, Virgo South-West, Libra and Scorpio West, Sagittarius NorthWest, Capricorn and Aquarius North and Pisces North-East.
Caste Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Brahmin Radiance or grow Shining Lusterless Qualities or Gunas Sattwik Rajasik 1, 5, 9 2, 6, 10 3, 7, 11 4, 8, 12

3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10

4, 5, 9, 12 (Signs owned by Sun, Moon and Jupiter) 2, 7, 3, 6 (Signs owned by Venus and Mercury)

6. first half of 10 (strong in 10H ie. when in 7H) Another viewpoint is to consider Scorpio and Pisces as keeta rashis or land reptiles whereas Cancer and second half of Capricorn as watery (jalchara) reptiles. Ascension Short ascension Medium ascension Long ascension 1. 8. 9. 5. first half of 9. 3. 6. 12 (strong in 4H i. 11 3. 8. 6. 8. 8. 7 Philosophic and philanthropic 4. The duration given above is at equator which varies with increase in latitude. 7. 12 Affinity with women Scare affinity Medium affinity Excess affinity Nature Imperious and authoritative 1. 5. 2. 9. 10 3. 3.Tamasik Appearance Rough appearance Smooth appearance Based on feet Biped (two Feet) Quadruped (four Feet) Reptiles (many Feet) 1. 6. 4. 2. 9. When any of these signs are in 10H) 4. 12 Assertive and energetic 8 Lazy and indolent 10. 7. Foe each place the .e. 10. 11 (strong in Lagna i. second half of 10.11 Signs based on aspects or looks Urdhvamukh (upward looking) Sign left behind by Sun and its trines Adhomukh (downward looking) Sign occupies by Sun and its trines Tiryankmukh (sideways looking) Sign to be occupied by Sun and its trines Agramukh (forward looking) Sign third from Sun and its trines. 10 2. 7.e. 9. when any of these signs are in Lagna). when any of these signs are in 4H) 8(Strong in 7H i.e. 5. 5. 1. 5. latitude and the hemisphere. 2. 4. 11 (Signs owned by Mars and Saturn) 1. 11. 1. second half of 9. 7. 12 3. 6. 11 4. 10 The duration of rising Lagna varies with sign. 2 2.

5.duration of rising of a sign called oblique ascension must be done in mind. 8 Mula 3. 5. 8 Mula 3. 4. 9 Dhatu The above mentioned scheme is generally acceptable. . 6. 4. the categorization is: Odd 1. 5. 9 3. Colours Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Constitution Dhatu Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn Colour Red White Green Pink Off White Variegated Sign Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Colour Black Saffron Golden Various colours Dark Brown White Mula Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius Jeeva Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces Dhatu. 4. 7 Dhatu Mula Jeeva Jeeva Dhatu Mula Even This difference of opinion may hold the key to the failure of this technique in mook prashna and hence it requires further testing. 7 Jeeva 2. Mula and Jeeva based on rising sign and navamsha Sign in Lagna Navamsha Indicates Odd 1. 9 3. 6. 4. 7 1. 5. 6. As per Krishnacharya however. 6. A combination of any two indicates the type of article depending upon the planet and sign in Lagna. 8 2. 9 Jeeva Even 1. 7 Dhatu 2. 8 2.

A debilitated planet gives unfavourable results pertaining to its lordship as well as for the house where it is posited. Mercury is malefic if associated with malefic otherwise not. Cancer 5 deg. Ketu Note: 1. Capri. it is widely accepted that the exaltation sign of Mercury is the own sign of Rahu and own sign of Mercury is the exaltation of Rahu. This viewpoint too is acceptable and gives results accordingly. In this very context it is believed that the exaltation sign of Rahu is Taurus. crops. Rahu and Ketu give good results in saumya rashis or benefic signs which are the signs owned by Mercury. 0-10 deg. Venus. Virgo and Pisces are the own signs of Rahu and Ketu respectively. Leo 0-10 deg. Cancer 28 deg Pisces 15 deg. Pisces Sagit. Rahu. Aries Libra 10 deg. Mars. Virgo 15 deg. 2. roots Burnt vegetation Livings beings Wastes or excretion of animals Seeds PLANETS Natural benefics and malefics Natural benefic planets : Jupiter. Hence Gemini is the exaltation sign of Ketu and debilitation sign of Rahu. 3. However. Capri 28 deg. Libra Taurus 4-10 deg. Saturn. Sun is cruel or krura. Jupiter and Venus. Several combinations of cancellation of debilitation called . Mercury and Moon Natural malefic planets : Sun. Moon is benefic from ashtami of shukla paksha to saptami of Krishna paksha and malefic from ashtami of Krishna paksha to saptami of shukla paksa. 5 deg. Scorpio 3 deg. Capricorn Libra 0-15 deg Virgo Aquarius 0-20deg. Aries 20 deg There are controversies with regard to exaltation and debilitation signs of Rahu and Ketu.Planet indicates Dhatu Dhatu Dhatu Mula Mula Mula Jeeva Jeeva Jeeva Sign indicates Dhatu Mula Jeeva Mula Jeeva Dhatu Jeeva Dhatu Mula Combined indication Metal Tree. Exaltation. Scorpio Aries 0-10 deg. Mooltrikona Planet Exaltation Deep Mooltrikona Debilitation Deep Sign exaltation sign debilitation Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Aries Taurus Capricorn Virgo Cancer Pisces Libra Aries 10 deg. Virgo 27 deg. Debilitation. Pisces 27 deg Libra 20 deg. Cancer Virgo 16-20 deg. plants Animals made of metals Root Fruits. Taurus 3 deg.

When debilitated planet is posited in Kendra from Lagna or Moon.neech bhang raj yogas have been given which are summarized as below. 5. Saturn and Ketu Human Jupiter and Venus Note: Eunuchs must be considered to give neutral results. when debilitated planets sign dispositor. 2. this in an interesting area of research. These principles of cancellations though important for natal horoscopes are rarely used in prashna charts though they must be tried and tested to reach at a definite conslucion. Mars. Whenever mixed results are obtained. 3. When debilitated planet’s exaltation sign lord is in Kendra from Lagna and Moon. Venus and Rahu Sun. The planet which gets exalted in the debilitated planet’s sign is posited in a Kendra from Lagna or Moon. influences that planet by position or aspect. when debilitated planet’s debilitation sign lord and exaltation sign lord are in mutual aspect or kendras. Mobility Movable Fixed Dual Moon. the majority influence decides the sex of the thief. In prashna however there is an entirely different method of analyzing retrograde planets. Mars and Jupiter Eunuchs Mercury. When lord of debilitation sign is in Kendra from Moon. progeny etc. As per Sarvarth chintamani when an exalted planet is retrograde it gives the result of a debilitated planet whereas a retrograde debilitated planet gives the results of an exalted planet. It must by understood that such a cancellation gives results for the house whose lordship the said planet carries. 4. Similarly there are different viewpoints with regard to the cancellation of exaltation also. Jupiter and Saturn Mercury . based on my observations. 1. which is its debilitation sign lord. Sex Females Moon. It has been enumerated in the chapter on “General Principles of Prashna” However. Venus and Rahu Males Sun. 6.

Mudita 4. On the other hand when it becomes visible on moving away from the Sun. Deepta avastha 2. a retrograde planet specifically gives repetition. it is termed as heliacally rising. heliacally rising and not When the planet is combust Planet in its sign of debilitation Planet defeated in a planetary war When posited with malefic planets When the planet is heliacally set. Khala avastha 9. Particularly in prashna analysis. a planet in retrogression does not find a place. rough and thorny Mars Creepers Moon and Venus Trees which bear fruits. enumerated above. as viewed from Earth’s a planet is not visible to the naked eye when it is too close to the Sun. Bheet avastha Planetary position Planet in its sign of exaltation Planet in its own house Planet in a friends house Planet posited in the vargas of benefic planets. Heliacally setting or rising of planets as mentioned in shakta and bheet avasthas needs to be understood. A planet in such a situation is called heliacally set. This is explained in chapter on “General Principles of Prashana”. When the planet is bright. Planetary avasthas are classified in different ways by several learned scholars. During the journey of a planet around the Sun. cancellation or failure depending upon the overall influences.Trees Strong and tall trees Sun Trees which ooze liquids e. Vikala avastha 10. in my view. In the generally accepted ten avasthas. Swastha avastha 3. Shaant avastha 5. Peedit avastha 7. eatables Jupiter Trees which bear no fruit Mercury Trees giving beautiful flowers Venus Thorny or other useless trees Saturn Bushes. Deen avastha 8. Shakta avastha combust 6. clump of old dead treesRahu and Ketu Planetary Avasthas Name of avastha 1. resin Moon Shrubs.g. .

Mars and Saturn Planet always strong (sarvabali) Mercury These planets in Lagna or aspecting Lagna indicates the time of the event as they are considered strong. Jupiter and Venus Strong during night (ratribali) Moon.COLOURS Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury CASTE Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Outcaste or malechha Colour Dark Red White Light Red Green Planet Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu. Mercury and Jupiter Morning Sun and Mars Noon Venus and Moon Afternoon Saturn and Rahu Evening Strength during Paksha Malefics are strong during dark half or Krishna paksha Benefics are strong during bright half or Krishna paksha. Strength in different ayaans Benefics are strong during Uttarayana Malefics are strong during Dakshinayana Directional Strength In Ascendent Jupiter and Mercury In 4H Moon and Venus In 7H Saturn In 10H Sun and Mars Strength of Planets – other considerations Lord of the Year . Ketu Colour Golden Blue Black Variegated. Black Jupiter and Venus Sun and Mars Moon Mercury Saturn Strength during day or night Strong during day (divabali) Sun.

the first day of the Hindu year has special status for the whole of that year and is strong for full one year. Shapes signified by planets Moon Round and Fat Venus Lean but beautiful Sun and Mars Square Jupiter and Mercury Round Saturn and Rahu Long Tattwa Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Tattwa Fiery (agni) Watery (jal) Fiery (agni) Earthy (prithvi) Planet Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Tattwa Ethereal (akash) Watery (jal) Airy (vayu) Airy (vayu) Tastes Signified by Planets Planets Taste Sun. Lord of the week day The lord of each weeday is strong during the concerned week day. hora lord assumes great importance and is explained in detail in the chapter on miscellaneous techniques of prashna. Lord of the month Similarly lord of the pratipada of each month in shukladi system gains importance and strength for the full month. Lagna lord. 6H or 6L signify these three humours and the resultant diseases due to their imbalances: Planet Humour Diseases it signifies . Rahu Pungent Planets signifying vaat. Mars Bitter Moon Salty Mercury Astringent Planet Jupiter Venus Taste Sweet Sour Saturn. Lord of hora In Prashna. pitta and kapha Planets which influence Lagna.Lord of chaitra shukla pratipada.

wheat. aushadhi. green clothes Gold. buffalo. yellow clothes. gram Silver. boils and ulcers Imbalances of these three humours gives diseases. Diarrhea and dysentery. wheat. wheat. the remedies for propitiation of dosha causing planets include mantra. gur Silver. ratna. Saturn or Rahu body and Vaat Mercury or Jupiter All three multiple Remedial measures Remedial measures for the imbalance of vaat pitta and kapha have been mentioned in our classical ayurvedic texts. rice. urad sabut (whole). joint pains. red clothes. blue clothes Instrument. Cough and cold. Arhar Green Gram Moong Bengal Gram Kabuli Chana Cow Gram Lobia Sesamum or black grains Til. til. stomach High blood pressure. pneumonia. brass.Sun or Mars disorders Pitta Fever. chana. mishri Iron. clothes. rheumatism. tamarind. gold. black clothes. Constipation. oil. jaun. daan. Red Gram Dal. Grains Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Jewel Ruby Pearl Coral Emerald Topaz Diamond Blue Sapphire Gomedh Cat’s eys Offerings or daan Gold. Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn black Rahu Ketu (urad. milk. til. snan and upvaas. kangni) Grains Hindi Equivalents Wheat Kanak. sarson oil. sugar. gehun Rice Chawal Pulses. rice. curd Red cloth. paralysis. neurotic disorders Moon or Venus Kapha bronchitis. white clothes. seven grains Moongi. asthma. til. tandul. copper. kulthi Blanket. headaches. Astrologically however. jaundice Gastric troubles. masur Green gram (whole). Kale anaj . coconut. gehun. tnatra.

Libra. Gemini.  The ten avataras of Vishnu are Matsya. Jupiter Vishnu Venus Lakshmi Venus in sattwik signs and own houses Annapoorna Venus in rajasik signs and benefic houses Lakshmi Venus in tamasik signs and malefic houses Yakshi Venus in odd houses with male planets Ganesha Saturn Ayyappa*  A God which is both Shiva & Vishnu Rahu Serpents Ketu Ganesha Gunas or qualities of Planets . Mercury also represents the God depending upon the planet with which it associates. Budha and Kalkin. Varaha. Vamana. Aquarius (other odd signs) Mars in any even sign Mercury in moveable or dual signs Vishnu avatars* st nd Krishna Mercury in 1 or 2 dreshkon of fixed signs rd Vishnu Mercury in 3 dreshkon of fixed signs  1. Rama. Balarama. Narasimha. Kurma. Parashurama. Kali Mars in Leo or Sagittarius (Sattwik odd signs) Mars in Aries.Rahu Ketu Black gram Horse gram Kala Chana Kulthi Deities denoted by different planets Planet Sun Sun in 1st dreshkon of a dual sign Sun in 2nd dreshkon of a dual sign Moon Strong Moon weak Moon weak and/or in the signs of Mars Diety Shiva Subramanyam Ganesha Durga Kali Chamunda Subrahmanya Bhairava Chamunda.

old. worn Black or Variegated Seasons signified by planets Sun and Mars Summer season Moon Rainy season Mercury Autumn season Venus Spring season Jupiter and Saturn Winter season Directions allotted to planets Various directions allotted to planets are as follows: Planet Direction Planet Direction . Moon and Jupiter Philanthropic Mercury and Venus Mars.Sun. Rahu and Ketu Time Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu Ages Sun Moon Mars Mercury Sattwik Philosophical or Rajasik Imperious Tamasik Mild and Lazy Period Season One ayana or six months Summer (geishma) One muhurat (48 minutes) Rainy (varsha) Day and Night (ahoratri) Summer (grishma) Season or two months Autumn (hemanta) One month Winter (sharad) One paksha Spring ( vasanta) One year Winter (shishir) 8 Months 3 Months 50 years 70 years 16 years 20 years Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu 30 years 7 years 100 years 100 years Colour of clothes Sun Saffron Moon White Mars Red or Burnt out Mercury Green Jupiter Venus White Saturn Rahu Yellow Black. Saturn.

corner of Wall Moon. Mars and Saturn also have special aspects which can be summarized as follows: Planet Jupiter Mars Saturn All other planets Aspect 5. obliquedirection. 7. basement Mercury. 2. level with ground Or Agradhrishti Tajik aspects As per tajik system of astrology. 10 Neutral aspects considered as no aspect 2. the aspects are as follows: Friendly aspects Openly friendly 5. Jupiter Samadrishti Even looks. underground. roof. 11 Inimical aspects Openly inimical 1. 7 Secretly inimical 4. height Saturn. Ketu Status Ministers Servant Defence Personnel Aspects of Planets All planets aspect the 7th house from where they are posited. floor. which has a great bearing and value in prashna analysis. In addition Jupiter.Sun Moon Mars Mercury Status Planet Sun. Venus Tiryankdrishti Sideways looks. Mars Urdhvadridhti Upward looks. 9 4. 9 Secretly friendly 3. 8 . 10 7th aspect Aspects of planets on directions Planets also have the following types of aspect depending on the direction in which it aspects. Moon Mars Mercury East North-West South North Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu or Ketu North-East South-East West South-West Status King Commander Heir to the throne Planet Jupiter. 7. Venus Saturn Rahu. 8 3. Planets Aspect Place or direction of aspect Sun. Rahu Adhodrishti Downward looks. 7. 6.

Other than this fact tajik aspects should not be used. To know whether the death will be peacefully or unhappy. 12 from a planet’s mooltrikon sign are its friends and others are enemies. whether parashari knowledge was inadequate to analyze prashnas with excellence. If benefic is posited there than the death will be peaceful otherwise not. 12. In prashna analysis parashari aspects only need be used and this emphasis has been duly illustrated in this book. whether parashari or tajik. 3. From any planet. The influence of the following planets on the 8H indicate the cause of death. 64th navamsha or 85th dwadashamsha and their lords should also be considered. see the 7H from Mandi in the navamsha chart. A correlation between natural and temporal friendship gives us panchadha maitri which is not generally considered in prashna. Parashari or Tajik There has been a debate as to which aspects should be used in prashna. then it is termed as neutral. 8. 2. 4 are its friends and other enemies.Which aspects to use. 4. Here we consider group friendship which is as follows: . Natural friendship is gauged from a planet’s mooltrikon sign Lords of 2. 5. When a planet is a friend considered from one lordship and enemy from the other. However. 11. 22nd dreshkon. as follows: Planet Sun Moon disease Mars death Mercury medicine Cause of death Fire Drowning Weapons/Accident High fever Planet Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Cause of death Disease Thirst/sexual Hunger/Sudden Poisons/Faulty Planetary Friendships Planetary friendships is of two types. natural and temporary. This point must be understood clearly to avoid any confusion at the stage of analytical reasoning. 9. those posited in 10. In the same context it is argued that before tajik principles were evolved. Cause of Death Planets posited in the 8H show the cause of death. Temporary friendship and enmity is seen from the placement of planets. Tajik aspects are an essential criteria for the formation of tajik yogas.

Mars. Mercury as jeeva and Venus as mula. Saturn. These are broadly of two types. Dhatu All minerals and mental extracted from the earth are dhatus. mula or jeeva As per Krishacharya Dhatu or mineral Mula or root Jeeva or living Planets Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu & Ketu Body Parts Fat Semen Nerves and Muscles Bones and feet Moon. Parts of Body Planets Body Parts Sun Bones Moon Blood Mars Marrow Mercury Skin Dhatu. Some consider Sun and Saturn to indicate both dhatu and mula. Silver. Rahu and Saturn Sun and Venus Jupiter and Mercury There are divergent views in this classification also Jupiter is Jeeva. Out of these planets.Group I : Sun. Jewels Inexpensive group – Soil. jewel etc. For the sake of convenience let us call them expensive and inexpensive group. Moon represents both dhatu and jeeva whereas Mercury and Venus indicate both jeeva and mula. Rahu Expensive group – Gold. minerals. those which influence Lagna signify the particular category of dhatu. Ketu Group II : Mercury. silver. The first group includes gold. They can also be classified as malleable or non malleable metals. mula or jeeva. Saturn. Jupiter. Moon. Venus. whereas the second group has soil. As per another viewpoint. Rahu Planets within a group are friends and outside the group are enemies. Mars. coal minerals. Planets influencing Lagna In the navamsha of malefics In the navamsha of benefic Any of Moon. although technically it is not so because certain minerals are even more expensive than silver and gold. . Mars. Saturn indicates mula. stones. However the accepted. Sun. stones. Mars and Rahu represent dhatu.

keeta or insects. They are also of two types. chatushpad or four legged.Planet related with karyesh Sun Venus and Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Saturn Rahu Type of dhatu Pearl Silver Brass. Planets influencing Lagna In the navamsha of watery Signs (4. 3. Vegetation which grows on land is called sthalaj mula and which grows in water is called jalaj mula. The genesis of andaj jeeva is from eggs. like birds. 9) : Sun or Venus : Mula or growing in water jalaj mula : Mula growing on land sthalaj mula Jeeva All livings beings are jeeva. 7. They are further divided into dwipad or two legged. 6. 5. red stones. 11. coral (moonga) Gold Gold studded with jewels Iron Bones including Ivory Mula All vegetation is mula. Keeta jeeva includes insects and pindaj jeeva are the other living beings not falling in the above two categories. 10. This classification is also on the basis or origin. 8. 12) In the navamsha of other Signs (1. 2. Planets influencing Lagna Jupiter or Venus Sun or Mars In the influence of malefics In the influence of benefics Mercury or Saturn In Watery signs In other signs Moon or Rahu In the influence of malefics In the influence of benefics Mercury or Jupiter Two legged dwipad Four legged chatushpad Wild animals Pet animals Birds Birds living near water Birds living on land Insects Poisonous insects Non Poisonous insects Mrityu bhaga or fateful degrees pf planets .

place relationships. Ven 8 25 22 22 21 1 4 23 18 20 20 10 19 8 25 23 29 28 14 21 2 15 11 6 14 13 12 8 18 20 10 21 22 7 5 15 29 12 27 6 4 13 10 17 11 15 28 19 15 11 17 10 13 4 6 27 12 29 19 28 4 Sat. there are various others which have benn tabulated under relevant columns of dhatu. jeeva parts of body.forest Father Dosha Place Bile. faculties.These fateful degrees of planets in different signs called mrityu bhaga are considered inauspicious: Sign Lagna Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Sun 20 9 12 6 8 24 16 17 22 2 3 23 Moon Mars Mer Jup. bones . SUN Body Dhatu Mula Jeeva Relationship Copper Timber Cattle Fortress. abstract. Rah Ket 10 14 8 Mandi 1 9 22 22 25 2 4 23 18 20 24 10 13 7 12 9 11 12 24 16 23 3 22 18 21 28 10 14 20 13 18 15 8 23 18 24 20 11 10 12 21 13 22 14 23 8 24 18 11 20 12 10 13 21 14 22 Pushkara bagha of planets Certain fateful degrees of planets give auspicious results in different signs. society and miscellaneous. feverish or Heart. Moon in the following degrees in different signs gives auspicious results. Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Longitude of Moon 21 14 18 8 19 9 Sign Longitude to Moon Libra 24 Scorpio 11 Sagittarius 23 Capricorn 14 Aquarius 19 Pisces 9 Other significations of Planet at a glance In addition to the significations explained above. They are called pushkaramsha. mula.

atman or soul at sacrifice yarn. power or strength Anything auspicious.Brass. traveling dealing with affairs of or airspace physician officiating trees half over Kingdom or Government priest at open conduct. body. tank Mother. Stomach. deer soul goose diseases of eye buildings and head. ruler favour of king. wool. ruby orange Stones. sattwik temper. yagnas. gold almond river Valuables chillies palatial Ornaments. capturing the foe. circular Ambition. thinning apartments of hair. red Coral. facial Phlegmatic Wells. enthusiasm. strong noon.wandering Awakening of knowledge the hills. shores of temples. Courage. grass Pearls. Doesn’t cool easily mountaineering Abstract Society Heat. west . topaz lion.thick Short stature. other Mind. Wickedness. valour having thorns. mental. face inflammatory complaints. world of mortals. face constitution facing. bitter taste. anger that saffron. forms.cloth Freedom from disease. MOON Dhatu Mula Jeeva Body Dosha Place Relationship Silver Fruits Fish.blood red. self Pearls Sugarcane acquatic luster. worship of Shiva King. purity a year. red eyes Faculties Miscellaneous Vitalities.

farming. impartial sleep. good food And blue eyes. butchery . saline. swiftness. Abilities.Diamond wheat species stomach world Crystals pulse. manaha or mind fountains. muhurat lover philgrimages. waist band. Happiness. nourishment night. vulture monkey carnivorous Animals kitchen hide-outs underworld. sense of worship of Parvati washer-man salt. ailment tiger. cat marrow wounds. ulcer middle. favour. middle distant places. tapasvi Humour. perfumes.algae serpents oral. pleasures. milk Beauty. short stature whiteness. brown age. nature Diseases. ailments toilets of shoulders distilleries Abstract Society Miscellaneous Intelligence. Dhatu Mula Relationship Tin. cavity Ruby barely horned Flowers animals Faculties epilepsy. eating Fondness for curd. soft crockery Speech. acidity. ram bone jackal. strong going at to cutlery. ruby Tree Brothers Jewels cashew house. malaria kitchen fever. heat Place Land hall of the ruler. fame. season. laziness Brahmin monsoon. relatives Gold coffee Copper lotus Metals pepper Minerals Jeeva Body Dosha Loss of virility bile. Quadruped Blood snake. noon. delicacy MARS Sea bath. liquids. consumption woman going to fortrees Outlook.

foes. supporter. ruling King. controversy. navel. firearm. argument In archery. village axe. speech summer season. MERCURY Dhatu Mula Jeeva Body Dosha Relationship Ornaments betel Horses. neck Skin disease Maternal Compound leaves birds. strength of Firmness of limbs. opposition minister fool.obstinate Charitable nature. forest officer.thief Archeologist. samavedha. strength. sky. spear Enemy. eating NonVeg food. leanness. cooks day. going to a foreign Shortness. abusing Cruelty. desire deep red objects. steadfastness battle. skill under ruler. love of goldsmith. obstacles of army. spreading rumours. chief. Skin.Facilities Abstract Society Miscellaneous Valour. fame. sight over people. Fondness. sex wind. pungent taste. sound of trumpet. man. . bile & grand-father Place Treasury. anger Carrying weapons. scandals. fine places. clothes. stamina earthen ware. sword. Brahma burnt place. summer. service commander country. peculiar.

Brain horses. Son. astrology of places. Temples Faculties Abstract Miscellaneous Knowledge. phlegm. grandGold. tendency to system. speech Education. Control. sculpture writing. younger Plants co-borns With no Fruit library parrot organs phlegm (vaat. pitta and kapha in even ration heavens. dancing. dust Beneficial nature. scholar rites. Dhatu Precious Daughter. new clothes Lecturing. disorders wind complaints.Substances grass. wise. self commerce. season. ratna parkhi Society Infrantry eunuch. pilgrimages. towers of temples garden. child. dropsy Place Mansions strange peculiar knee. bills. devotion. bad dreams looking cross Laugh well versed moisture. evenness. strong hemanta of winter). In puranas. grammer Scholar. grass Fear. JUPITER Body Dosha Digestive. Stones. (beginning Witty language. Vedanta colour. construction green black magic. dear Mula Jeeva Relationship Peepal Cows. humility maths. buffaloes fats . religious in morning. shudras tantrik clerks Script. black father. tree. renunciation.

Topaz. Diamond Mica. astrologers throne. oil Logic. honey. treasury. idol of Gentle. valour. physical health. peacock. drama. Others thoughts. friend. houses of prostitutes. Mula Jeeva Relationship Flowers Bipeds. intellect. colour winter. Ornaments. wealth of Vedanta half of place of Brahma Dhatu Silver Wife Pearls husband Precious Stones. holy water. mantra Nature. horses creepers. cinema hotels. secondLong. Indra. yellow. Cat’s eye fruit elder brother Faculties in the body place Abstract Miscellaneous Jurisprudence. silky. Great eloquence. charity. proficiency. age. elephants. old philosophy. harem cotton. juicy silk fruits Faculties Miscelleaneous Abstract Society . Genitals cherry elephants urinary tract VENUS Body Dosha Cough Places Watery place theater. gram. sattwik penance. fame duties. dancing halls. traders Chariot. paunch Knowledge of texts impartiality pilgrimage. Benefic Society Brahmin teachers. Body. reading of long poems. large Religious and other deposits.

Musical instruments. Iron. firmness. Lead. born during Inferior snake. Women. Tin Mula Jeeva Relationship Wood. dancing Beauty. respect proportioned limbs. cosmetics.eminence. SATURN Body Dosha Dhatu Precious Stones. acid. kingdom. nerves night) cereals goat. rajasik nature. fortnight Fame. conveyance. structure . enjoyment tenderness. welldecoration. merchant middle age.flute Built. well Trade. Disease Cousin. inclined to sex. youth. walking. Expert in Bharat natyam Veena. marriage fortune. marriage. happiness from Income. Horses Skin. taste Women clothes. buffalo bone. swimming. Love of humour. profoundity festivities. cross vision. possessing many Good white taste. strange poetry. dog Place Dirty house. music ruler. garbage dilapidated. charming speech call girls yajurveda. battle field. (for those grains. saltish – Pride. ass bird.Gentle. spring season. short stature commands. luster. where labour class lives. vaishyas umbrella. Sex life. father black elephant tendon.

thefts. owl abdominal ulcer malignant tumour grave yards acute duodenal world of . a Year. indignation age. sesamum grand – Emerald father snakes Insects hills. roamingLong lasting. strong at Cruelty. chained sins. death. maid servant Mind.Faculties Abstract Relationship Distrees. duties. eunuchs. disgust. Brahmin with tamasik qualities. Dhatu Mula Relationship Gomedh bushes Maternal Iron. mosquito Bug. in the born colour. Serpents Bones Hidden reptiles. blanket. ashes. friendship with from a low Wicked. catarrh pain. happiness from. ant Jeeva RAHU Body Dosha Place Difficult places dense forests. Black smith Black limbs. of wind and phlegm. exertion woman. shudras. charity standards. end of the day. telling lies woods. complaint tunnels. generosity servant’s. enmity. boils and eruptions. wind. Fierce. dirty cloth. old persons with deformed Longevity. obstruction Income. severe. destiny woman/adultery or a widow. dirty Ill health. Society Outcastes lords.

Of mind. Salvation. ass feet Painful. taking bath salvation. association with masochism. observing . heights like a flag. mast charmers. snake Wealth. Valour. women. Hypersensitivity. corruption animals. Dog. instability in Ganges. Abstract Society Place Holes. living in a irreligious umbrella. friendship treasure. travels. duration of Perplexity. darkness Faculties Miscellaneous Pain. fever. prosperity. unclean. wounds. grief. looking downLogic. mantra shastra.Faculties Abstract Society Miscellaneous Harsh speech. final With hunters. air. Vultures Horned Animals complaints. falsehood. tunnels. person one muhurat. strong at malechha Sinful woman. Persian or Homosexuality bribery Urdu language. cock. southern breeze. skin eruptions Small pox. old age. great penance Zoology. hunger. family Gambling. wards. achieving the shudras. consumption Doctors. duodenal ulcer. silence. sex with shudra. diseases of stomach and eyes. wind Thorns. heretic. wicked world of dreams. great sunset. planet of conLesbianism fusion and material inspiration KETU Dhatu Stones Father’s father Mula Jeeva Body Dosha Relationship Bush.

shudras.Ashadha U. Punarvasu. Jyestha. Moola. Swati.Stupidity. Ashadha. Dhatu. Of NAKSHATRAS Male or Female Male Nakshatras :Ashvini. Hasta. Shatbhisha. suffering from foes. Eunuch Nakshatras : Vishakha. P. Mula and Jeeva Dhatu Mula Ashivini Bharani Rohini Mrigshira Jeeva Krittika Ardra .Bhadra. Bharani. knowledge of association Brahma. U. mysterious of Knowledge of animals. Anuradha. fortune Buddhists Vedanta. Bhadra. Shravana. Chitra. Ashlesha. Magha.Phalguni. Krittika. U. Rohini. Revati Female Nakshatras: Ardra. which also indicates Poor eating habits revocation imprisonment. Pushya. with planet intrigues. Mtigshira. Dhanishta. P. P. Phalguni. luxury. renunciation.

Mercury. place dream.Mental ship State Body. Mercury 5H Jupiter 6H Mars. Jupiter Jupiter. efforts related Beings body. skin unhappiness old age Husbandry head. Saturn House 7H 8H 9H 10H 11H 12H Significator Venus Saturn Sun. Sun. complexion renouncement to object or Cattle Self Happiness.Punarvasu Magha Hasta Vishakha Moola Shravan Purva Bahdrapad Pushya Purva Phalguni Chitra Anuradha Purva Ashadha Dhanishtha Uttara Bhadrapad Ashlesha Uttara Phalguni Swati Jyestha Uttara Ashadha Shatbhisha Revati HOUSES Fixed significations of houses Houses Significator 1H or LagnaSun 2H Jupiter 3H Mars 4H Moon. Limbs Birth Animal hair. sleep Peace query . vitality sound health Living proportion of decency. Saturn Jupiter Saturn Dhatu Mula Jeeva Physical State Wealth -Longevity I HOUSE Body Place Relation.

Virtues Abstract Miscellaneous respect Faculties Knowledge.reputation of th mother. livelihood. being 2nd from12th .hospitals. 3rd from11th 4th from10th - Profession from 9th – father’s illness of 6th from 8th th 7 Relatives from 7th - health. wisdom defamation spouse’s family or Ability to work appearance. Moral character court expenses Fame. 8 th Of spouse from 6th -obstacles to 9th from 5th – long journeys Children 10 from 4th . self insult. 11 accruing to brothers 12th from 2nd family and food II HOUSE th Home from 3rd - gains loss of Dhatu Physical state Mula Jeeva Body Relation Ship Mental state . family. stigma antecedents speculative fortunes Honour. strength gambling good behaviour journeys/co-borns of friends Dignity. achievements in career or Respect. associates Proficiency enemies and debtors Personal charm and fortune of 5 th Relationships with of other houses.

chin. right followers eye. cheeks. good journeys of Speech. lores 6th from 9thenemies of for the purpose of hoarding modesty. Acquisition of Talkativeness 2nd from 1st- money more pertaining money memory. lies speculation and Business Eloquence. nose. Abstract speech. eatables determination affluent living Precious stones nine kind Copper. metals of grains Nine gems. home of friends Learning. Artificial products Virtues with respect Faculties being Faith in sacred everything to Texts. deceit maintaining unearned gains to Hypocrisy. mouth miserliness. nails Family. accounts death of spouse Enjoyment of journeys/fortunes Pleasures relatives 7th from 8thspouse 8 from 7thth 9th from 6thof maternal . pearl Corn. faith teeth Miscellaneous Relationships to other houses. ailments and than for enjoying. Horses prosperous and Diamond. face. family friends grace. close Control or tongue. splendor 3rd from 12th-short secret enemie 4th from 11th5th from 10thinvestments in domestic articles friendship.Wealth. trading in household or father Truth.

10th from 5thcareer and profession of Children 11th from 4thgains and social activities of Mother 12th from 3rdlosses. legs. hospitalizati on of Brothers or neighbours III HOUSE Body Place Dhatu Mula Jeeva RelationMental Physical Ship state state Ornaments crops Soldier Right ear. collar bone environof body Corn. friends. near Mental Fitness. relatives instability clean food and Of ears bulbs hand between heaven. being . valour Fruits thumb and index library neighbours duties physical growth servants Grains. shoulder.casual strength Defective nervous system ings acquaintances Slaves Virtues Faculties Abstract Miscellaneous Relationship with respect to other houses. taking Ornaments roots servants throat part of road. feet Land or Brother. blade ment maid-servants personal Good/ growth of body surround. religious the like.

relatives body. hobbies Abode of Gods War. mother. seriousness sterility first child. of inheritance vehicles. affairs foresightedness fertility courtships. breast shoulder.partner/husband/wife’s father and their long journeys 10th from 6th. medicine. eatables. humility Disciples. illness Of children Education. Harvest Jeeva Buffaloes. faith or allegations Trust. water. spices.Courage Valour. paternal Ministers belly.enemies and debts of friends 7th from 10th.sudden. income 10th from 7th-career of spouse or partner 11th from 6th-gains of enemies 12th from 5th-loss in speculation. pure or things that Steady intellect give Happiness. pilgrimages Correspondence and occupation of enemies 11th from 5th. hospital-isation of mother Dhatu Sculpture Wealth Treasure Hidden Underground Mula Clothes agriculture abundance of crops. short journeys. publishing. being . Great partition.father’s inheritance 9th from 8th . direction of stolen article Relationships with respect to other houses. lottery.children of friends 6th from 10th. Education.litigation in own career 7th from 9th.losses. Small Maternal uncle Victorious thoracic well. drink milk. oil bath. secrets. perfume paternal. Hand Children. Mind. vehicles. Virtues Faculties Abstract Miscellaneous Relationships with respect to other houses. piety Second co-born. Mannerism Dhatu Mula Jeeva Body V HOUSE Place Relation Ship Mental state Physical state Sculptures Clothes King. chest Virtues Faculties Abstract Miscellaneous National or Govt work. friends elate region of mandap friends. property Heart. emotions. luck. causing sorrow partitioning wandering small. Garden. travels. 6th from 11th. suffering Appealing. good False Name. Prize. dreams. garden. good Qualities. property. cows. caste. Stomach. being 2nd from 3rd – profit of brothers 5th from 12th. army wicked intentions 5th from 11th.father’s trade associates 9th from 7th. discretion Pregnancy love.progeny of sudden gains Secret enemies.spouse of career partners associates 8th from 9th .gains of children 12th from 4th. bull horses elephants IV HOUSE body Place Relation Ship Mental state Heart Land.

domestic. of poetry. profits. mental torture heavy breathing Virtues Faculties Miser Forgetful. genius 10th from 8th. from mother.gains from wife. 8th from 10th. miserliness. vices enmity. affairs vehicles character. thieves with brothers. auspicious 2nd from background of the Family of spouse Cheerfulness purva punyas or 11th from 7th.secret enemies and clandestine past life deals Mula Boiled rice. cars Vivek (disin literature money. official estates. agony or worry obstacles. 3rd from 3rd. transfer 10th from 9th-father’s career 11th from 8th-legacies of friends 12th from 7th-secret enemies & affairs of Spouse. Fighting in war delight of foes. Dejected loose . service Humiliations working class Superstitions industries.grand father. hated small pox. by many. receiving alms. being 2nd from 5th. wearisomeness. Mental Physical state state Madness. cars 5th from 2nd. grains Jeeva Body Place animals Urinary pets. reproach poison. education 7th from 11th. herbs. public Health sanitation Mula Beetle Jeeva People Body Senmen. public their sickness Between bad any plan or speaking. swelling Calamity.uncles. with loose women. aunts on maternal side 4th from 3rd. mental Diseases. Miscellaneous Relationships with respect to other houses. enemy. insanity venereal boils. scheme. tract. father’s luck Wisdom. Deeds. creatures. estates. crimination literary work.children’s families 3rd from 4th. VII HOUSE Place Relation Ship Mansion Adopted son. scholarship means of earning 4th from 2nd. quadrupeds navel donkey region camel disease Abstract VI HOUSE Relation Ship Prison Maternal uncle cousins.liasions with associates. family trade 7th from 12th-affairs and sweet hearts of enemies 8th from 11th-death of friends 9th from’s friend education. Cruel. eye diseases. belly. cruel. foresight 9th from 9th.Virtuous deeds Mantras Umbrella. lottery 6th from 12th-problems of secret enemies. property of father.losses in career Welfare. discharge of debt. speech. slender. good composition documents. And good). arms misunderstanding quarrels. waist.luck through singing. gambling. chained of imprisonment or handcuffed. Debts. resourceful minister. partnerships the goodness of 12th from 6th. Mental state Physical state Deviation from Marriage.

living By earnings Interest. death of enemies. lender. sexual. Worries from punishment Ailment. victories in Battles 11th from 9th-fathers personal effects and His gains 12th from 8th-tracing and detention of thieves Dhatu Mula Jeeva VIII HOUSE Body Place Relation Ship Loss of Fortress Slaves. enmity of health brother Mental state Physical state Buried New poisonous Treasure crops. banker 8th from 12th-penalty. Butchers. distant bones. travels commerce or trade. brothers. break. mode of death. Underground Work. insects Enjoyment Of food Happiness. Destruction of Enemies.hospitals music and flowers. battle scandals. Flowers Pulses. accidents death in water. mental dispute among anguish. being Having perfumes. longevity worry about cancer. caves Abstract defeat absence of quarrels debts. dead limb.Leaves. of memory union. literary talent 6th from 3rd-brother’s enemies and debts 7th from 2nd-substance of wife or husband 9th from 12th-antecedents of conspirators 10th from 11th-profession of friends or Elder brother . 2nd from 6th-wealth of enemies. fear beheaded of water. loss sex life. gain of money from distant place Agreements. surgeons Relationships with respect to other house. being 2nd from 7th-dowry. Age. partner. of enemy relations. terrifying Sorrows. sex place urge wife or husband. fall From height. business gains Business partnership 10th from 10th-merit in career. borrower.. Contracts Receiving Honour abroad Miscellaneous Relationships with respect to other houses. valour Charity. change food with cereals of residence overthrow of enemies 5th from 3rd-nephews and nieces controversy deviation 6th from 2nd-family disputes from right path. impurities. Food of Liking or public reproductive own place organs. anus foreign or kidneys. long awaited or unearned money. punishment black money. loss of money. rectum. Diplomacy Passion Abstract Victory in love or passion. curd 3rd from 5th-brothers of sweet heart. clinics delicious food. wealth 9th from 11th-friends antecedents and kept elsewhere. capital death. misfortune anger Miscellaneous money coming from insurance. punishment from govt. possessing clothes 4th from 4th-property of mother. cruel Acts. income from partner 3rd from 6th-supporters of enemies 4th from 5th-children’s education and schooling 5th from 4th-happiness through writings. sorrow Virtues Faculties Sin. theft desire arguments Virtues Faculties Husband’s Purity. profit through jails. 3rd co-born right path.

Mula Medicines Agricultures Jeeva Horse Body Place X HOUSE Relation Ship Mental state Inclination to give orders to be obeyed Physical state Prosperity good living. law religion. joints of residence adopted Back bone son Virtues Faculties Fame. elephants.letters of partnerships. house 5th from 6th-children of servant’s or tenants 6th from 5th-enemies or adversaries of children 7th from 4th. being 2nd from 8th –gains through inheritance 3rd from 7th. teaching recitation of mantras. Sacrifices Capabilities of Abstracts Honour from ruler. news distant place aptitude for work happiness. sacrifice Religious bathing Abstract Penance. Virtues. Relationship with respect to other house. morality Miscellaneous Service. luck science. distant acharya Places boss Virtues Faculties Charity. short journeys.11th from 10th-gains from profession 12th from 9th-father’s hospitalization. place Mother. quality lordship. auspiciousness legal matters inventions.mother’s public activities/trust . Self Control. fortune. Gods. occupation. coronation grandson. fame wisdom. Political imprisonment. Miscellaneous Pilgrimage. luxuries Knee sky. assembly guru Halls. right Path. polity listening good stories. Thighs Temple Father. nobility Generosity. devotion And respect of Elders/Gods. Good Conduct. spouses. begin 2nd from 9th-father’s income and family 3rd from 8th-end of obstacles through efforts karma 4th from 7th-spouse’s mother. rain. virtuous Acts. Buffaloes halls. 4th from 6th-properties of enemies 5th from 5th-speculative gains of grand/children 6th from 4th-mother’s health/debts legal battles 7th from 3rd-brother’s wife or Sister’s husband 8th from 2nd-monterary losses or Obstacles 10th from 12th-acts of enemies. Mula Medicinal Drugs Jeeva Body IX HOUSE Place Relation Ship Mental state Purity of mind efforts to learn splendour Physical state Valour Horses. prosperity paternal property distribution of money. Conspiracies 11th from 11th-gains of friends/elder Brother 12th from 10th-tricks and conspiracies Of enemies. foreign journeys emigration of immigration Relationship with respect to other house. travel of conveyances fortune. Compassion Vedic. Teaching Ability. power ambitions. success. ruler commerce.

Jewel XI HOUSE Mula Jeeva Body Relation Ship grains cattle Shanks Elder brother corn wealth left ear paternal uncle left hand friends. hated by public.the person. 7th from 5th-marriage of son or spouse of son/daughter 8th from 4th-mother’s inheritance 9th from 3rd-long/foreign journeys of Brother 10th from 2nd-family occupation. inauspicious House Disturbed sleep. dawn of a minister of fortune good. limbs or loss of limbs. fears from foes. objectives principal plus commendations interest of lent money museum many wives Dahtu Jeeva Elephants Horses. all forms of others. profits. left eye. important papers realization of and documents. Cattle. gain of desires. desires. Beasts Body Feet. being 2nd from 10th-income from own efforts 3rd from 9th-paternal uncles. reformative wisdom. dependence of mother Physical state Skill in earning. physical ailments. Business/reputation 12th from 12th-end of losses and Recouping of health Dependence of Gains. position income. mental imbalance Physical state Imprisonment. gold Ornaments. death foot of progeny Acquaintances Abstract Miscellaneous Mental state Evil desires. return skill in the art cooking. of painting paternal/property acquisitions. recovery from ill health Virtues Faculties Worship of Gods/sattwik Deities. jail Enemy hospital foreign land. loss of wife or husband . influence Government drought 8th from 3rd-death or legacies of brothers & sisters 9th from 2nd-general fortune of family 11th from 12th-friends and sympathizers of i Well wishers 12th from 11th-elder brother expenditures And losses Dhatu Pearls. longevity. loose sex life. Crippled XII HOUSE Place Relation Mental ship state Bed. right of spouse. short journeys of father 4th from 8th-legal education. anger. blaming others virtues wicked desire Relationship with respect to other house. illness their debts. break down of marriage. Riches of Every kind. secret knowledge 5th from 7th-spouse’s affair 6th from 6th-enemies of enemies. brother feet.

The original Prashna marg verses written by a namboodri Brahmin of Kerala in 1649 A. Fear. cunning fear. receipt Blackmailing. exile. banking Ancient Present context (monarchies) (democracies) The king or the ruler. researched. refers to certain specific significations of houses. Effort has been made to group them into different heads for practical and easy reference. of charity. treasures. mundane affairs etc. loss Ascetic life. Raj jyotishi had all his efforts directed towards the king and the kingdom. They can be viewed in the context of the period when they were written or more logically the period when they were observed. House No. tenants. lossesphysical. envy heaven. Secret plans. Malice. politics. repayment of debts 8th from 5th-death or kidnapping of children 9th from 4th-foreign residence 10th from 3rd-career or profession of Brother th nd 11 from 2 -gains for family business. end. well being Wealth. Seclusion. intrigue impediments Intrigue inferiority Treachery Significations of houses for kingdoms and democracies The significations of 12 houses have been dealt in considerable detail in the previous pages. assimilated and applied. poverty chained or handcuffed losses. expenditure of all kinds. Of the kingdom . ascent to Adultery. finances Finances of the country. migrating to a distant place. paternal property. debt. tested. Friends of relatives Obstinacy freedom from. sufferings. convent or life in monasteries. Cleverness. 2. being 2nd from 11th-invitation for good food from friends 3rd from 10th-short journeys/efforts related to career 4th from 9th-grand mother ancestral land 5th from 8th-insurance investments for progeny 6th from 7th-ailments of wife 7th from 6th-disputes with servants. sorrow. 1.Virtues Faculties Abstract Miscellaneous Relief from debts. These have been given here with the present context in which these significations can be effectively used with regard to prashnas pertaining to countries. Relationship with respect to other house. discharge of Or scheming. his The President or Prime Minister Physical body. financial and emotional. of authority.D.

relations. The enemy debt 7. services 11. small villages red in colour. debts of the nation (external And internal borrowing) Civil and social unrest Term of life for the ruler and The underground wealth. its technical advancement. white in Colour. hot countries. trade The gains and income Foreign policy and foreign. rocks. : House of Mars. head portion. Hump portion of the Bull. education education and System 6. food grains. fiery Battle field. Cattle sheds. warriors of the weaponary. ruler/s 10. Revenue and expenditure. level of literacy. communications 4. 12. vehicles agriculture 5. business. Government. Taurus : House of Venus. . stones. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF ZODIAC SIGNS Aries places. The armed forces.3. lands Diplomacy. face (forehead). fruits. Lands. Communications 8. insurance The religious and moral fabric Judiciary. working and mind of the Trade and commerce Income Expenditure Employment. The army. sophisticated Defence The seat of of the the country. Production. Violence. Longevity Government. sector 9. thorn planets. Diplomacy. The mind of the king of the nation. hills. Central Government.

gambling house. Grey in colour. Capricorn : Houe of Jupiter. wild places. place of dust water. place of deities. balcony. : House of Saturn-secret place. jungles. tanks. place of good looking. thigh. crowd of trees. milk booths. small village. round shape. big hall. Origin of Ganga. coins. place of intellect. belly. shoulders. Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius : House of Jupiter. Kingdom. : House in sun-caves. knees. forest places. Aquarius Pisces . bath room. underground. ground where there is no hard stones.Gemini : House of Mercury. place of business. pot shape. abdomen. feetHoly place like Haridwar (in India). forest. pink in colour. variegated in colours. treasury. brown in colour. pilgiramges. green grass and leaves. valleys. place of Dwarapalakas/guards. : House of Venus. place of armouries. : House of Mercury. colour of black and red. : House of Moon. place of learning. male and female secret organs (for example by nature Scorpio lives in a hole or cave thing like where it enters a hole which denotes a women secret organ and also the Scorpio has a tail which indicates the secret organ of a man and hence the aspirant is to posses a character of both men and woman in general by nature. buttocks. stomach. place of administration. gambling mutton market. big commercial locality.Bank of holy rivers. creepers. tank. : House of Jupiter. road containing full of thorns and some pieces. archery. platoons. : House of Mars. place containing venomous reptiles. Commercial place. cities. State Government. place of dark. place of toddy shops. place of amusements. water place. villages. group of maids.

the Moon Valsya. Saturn. 8) Black. (Heat and its effects). the Sun and Mars Kshatriyas. 9) Golden. Mars and Jupiter are males. 11) Val legated and 12) Deep Brown. 3) Green.KethuChristian. 4) Pink. Mercury and Venus intellect and preserving. Venus and Rahu females. 7) Variegated. and Mercury. Saturn and Kethu eunuchs. Moon and Jupiter are pious. Saturn – Vatha – effect from wind like gastric troubles. PLANETS AND GENDERS The Sun. and others like Mars. 10) Yellow. Mercury of mixed religion. Saturn and Rahu Mars and Rahu Mercury and Kethu Menials.Muslim.COLOURS OF SIGNS: The colours of the twelve sign are in order1) Red. Rahu are Tamasa and where Kethu stands for Mokshakaraka like a Sanyasi. 6) Grey. the Moon. Varsha (the rainy season). sarad (the . Moon and Venus – where Moon indicates cold effects like kapha. Saturn-Sudra and Rahu. RELIGION OF PLANETS Jupiter and Venus are Brahmins. PLANETS AND THEIR HUMOURS Sun and Mars have pittaor bile. 2) White. Sikhs Bengalis PLANETS AND THEIR QUALITIES The Sun. PLANETS AND THEIR SEASONS There are six Ritus which are explained as follows: Vasanta is called spring. 5) Brown. and Venus like (vata) Meha. and Mercury a mixture of consolidation of over-thoughts. Grishma (the summer).

season of Autumn. 5) Jupiter. 2)Apah or Water. 4) Mixed. 5) Bengal gram 6) Nishpava or cow gram. These are subtle things of which you see the grosser forms in the world. 3) Bitter. the Moon’s Pearl. Lead a tattered clothes are owned by Rahu. Hemanta (Dewy). 7) Sesama. 3) the Moon. and these belongs to 1) Venus. Mercury’s Marakata of Emerald. 5) Akash or Ether. They are in order 1) Copper. Venus’s Diamond. 4) Green gram. The Characteristics of Gems. Their Grains: The grains owned by the nine planets are in order – 1) Rice. Mercury Earth. Jupiter Ether. while a mud pot and pieced-together as well as Saffron clothes by Kethu. 5) Sweet. and 6) Saturn respectively. 3) Adhaka or Tuvar. and Saturn Wind. 3) Tejas or Fire. In this connection let me tell you the metals owned by the planets. Jupiter’s Pushyaraga or Topaz. 5) Gold. 4) Mercury. 2) Wheat. Their tastes are in order 1) Pungent. 8) Black gram and 9) Horse gram. Do not confuse these things with the visible earth etc. the Moon and Venus Water. Rahu’s Gomedheka or Agate and Ketu’s Vaidurya or Lapis Eazuil. 6) Sour and 7) Stringent. The Sun and Mars own Fire. . Saturn’s Nila or Sapphire. They are 1) Prithvi or Earth. and Sisirea (the cold season or winter). 6) Silver and 7) Iron. Mar’s Coral. 2) the Sun and Mars. 4) Vayu or Wind. 4) Lead. 2) Salt. The clothes worn by them have the same colours as they themselves posses. Planets and their Tatwas (elements) You know there are five elements constituting the entire universe. Metals. 2) Bell-Metal. 3) Cooper. Tastes of Plants The Sun’s precious stone Manikya or Ruby. but those of Saturn are rags and those or Mars signed by fire.

The Planets and their Portfolios The Sun and Moon are the Royal couple. Venus Moon Mars Ketu Venus. Moon : Parvathi – the Divine Mother. Jupiter sound (ear). These seven planets also represent in order the Soul. Sexual Passion and Grief and Kalapurusha. Rahu and Kethu touch (skin). Rahu Mercury Sun & Venus Mars. the Moon and Venus taste (tongue). and Saturn the servant. the Sun and Mars form (eye).B. Courage. Planets and their presiding Dieties Sun : 4 am to 12 noon – Brahamamsha-Creator (Exact 12 Rudramasha after 11am) (12 to 4 pm-Noon-Shiva-Destruction 4 to 7 – Evening – Vishu Amsha – Sthithi. and whereas they should be properly understood or manipulated for future guidance. Mars & Jupiter Mercury Venus & Saturn Moon Sun & Mercury The rest Nil Mars Sun. and lessons given by us. Wisdom. The Planets and their relationship with other planets. Mars the Commander. Happiness. Moon Jupiter Saturn N. Moon & Mars _ Shakthi (Power) . Planets Friends Neutrals Enemies Sun Moon. Speech. Mind.the Lord of Status quo. The Karakatwas or mutual relationship between the planets referred in our lessons are subject to future lessons or guides although different persons are likely to have their views or opinions. and Saturn. Moon & Jupiter Venus & Saturn Mercury. Jupiter & Saturn Moon Jupiter Sun. Mercury the Crown Prince. Jupiter and Venus Ministers. Moon & Mars Rahu Mercury. Saturn. They also represent the senses and their functions thus-Mercury governs small (nose). Moon & Mars Saturn Mercury & Venus Venus Mercury & Saturn Mars & Jupiter Sun & Moon Saturn Mercury & Venus Jupiter Sun.

Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

: Lord Subramanya – (incarnation of Lord Shiva). : Lord Vishnu : Brahma (Jagadguru) – (Dakshinamurthy) : Lakshmi the Goddess : Lord of Karma (Yama Sseiamsha) : The Lord of Serpents : Brahma

Face governed by the Planets (i.e. 9 Planets) Right eye Left eye Eye Brow Forehead Nostrils Cheeks Chin Mouth Hair Teeth Tongue : Sun : Moon : Mars : Left and right parts of the forehead governed. : Jupiter : Venus : Right and left part of the chin governed by Saturn : Rahu : Kethu : Mars : Mercury

General characteristics of Planets Characteristics of the Planets will be dealt in different types. But the same planets will have 2 or more causative effects. SUN For example Sun is the causative planet of, father: and this same planet will denote sons of father and after giving issues will become father of his children

As per Indian Astrology, Sun is the Soul and is known as the Almighty. MOON As per the above example Moon is the causative planet of Mother in Male and Female birth chart. In the chart of married women, which will guide the character of the Mother and Mother in Law. According to the Nadi Reading Moon is the causative planet of Mother, Maid, Mother-in-Law and also in some of the circumstances which will own the place of Wife, Because the Moon is the incarnater of Parvathi, Who is the Mother of the Universe, Mother and Mother- in-Law can give birth to continue the general of this world, after giving birth every maid will become Mother. MARS Mars indicated the native’s brother, when he will entage with planet of Karma, it denoted partner of his career. Whenever these planets are situated in particular sign, if the planet is associated in friendly sign which will give the good effects, otherwise the native will have to struggle with misunderstandings. MERCURY Mercury is the causative planet of younger brothers, father-in-law’, friends education, knowledge. But the same Planet will be considered as maid, wife, because Mercury is the incarnation of Mahavishnu. While referring to Indian Mythology, Vishnu had to become won form under two instances, viz., once during the distribution of Amritha, after the churning of Meera Parvathi and again during the Mohini Bhasmasura thus indicating that the Vishnu Karraka is a mixture of man and woman (involved with Bhudha). While considering the predictive Nadir-Astrology, it is observed that Vishnu Karaka (incarnater of Mahavishnu) is indicated by the planet of Mercury. JUPITER

Is the Planet of Jeeva or causative planet of life. Sun is Soul or Atma, Jupiter is the life, combination of both in a sign of the native’s birth chart will give knowledge of philosophy, high status and also he is the master. Out of his male children, one is incarnator of his Grand father, Jupiter is Dharmakaraka Graha. SATURN The planet Saturn will denote the native; in other words he is the ‘indicator of KARMA’. In Hindu philosophy much importance is given to Dharma and also to Karma (Jeeva + Karma); therefore generally public will give much importance to these two planets. RAHU AND KETHU Although these planets having much powers, some of the authors have omitted in their literature this aspect. But in the Nadi-system Rahu the causative planet of Pithamah, Grand-father and Mouth (main entrance) “ KALIPURUSHA AMSHA”.

TRANSITS (Indian Method) The method of transit was also handled by ancient Indian astrologers for the purpose of predicting future events. The name by which this method is known in the Indian system is Gochara. There is, however, one difference. In the Indian system, the house of the Moon at birth is taken as the first house for purposes of Gochara calculations. In the following paragraphs the effects of the transits of the planets in the twelve different houses, counted from the Moon’s house at birth are tabulated. The following effects will be felt only when the vedha places of the planets are not vitiated by the presence of incompatibles as tabulated here. Here are the planets and their vedha places. Sun Moon Mars 3/9; 6/12; 10/4; 11/5. 1/5; 3/9; 6/12; 7/2; 10/4; 11/8. 3/12; 6/9; 11/5.

4/10. 12th House: Excess of heat. 4th House: Ill-health. anxiety. delay in work at hand. domestic unhappiness. 2/12. enjoyment. loss of money. 8th House: Indisposition. honour. increase in income. decline of prosperity. disease pertaining to the abdomen. 7th House: Sickness. deception. indisposition. frustration. 3/1. abuse. quarrel. increased income. 10th House: Success. sorrow. 8/5. 9th House: Frustration of objective. 11th House: Gain and expansion of business. 11/5. 6/9. 5th House: Indisposition. st . 1/8. preferment. gain of clothes and jewels. 3rd House: Success.Mercury Jupiter` Venus Saturn 2/5. 4th House: Anxiety. monetary difficulty. 7/3. 8/1. anxiety. quarrel. disease of the eye or head. un-necessary wandering. 11/8. loss of sleep. 9/11. 8th House: Accident. 11/12. 12/3. 3rd House: Health. But unless the 9th house is not vitiated by the presence of other planets (Saturn is an exception). 11/6. st MOON’S TRANSIT 1 House: Good for and sleep. 5th House: Fear from enemies. success. The following are exceptions: there is no vedha between Sun and Saturn. 6th House: Domestic happiness. gain of wealth. 2nd House: Obstruction. travel. good health. good health. friendship of great men. Moon and Mercury. 9th House: Fear from foes. 4/3. good health. 2nd House: Fall in income. mounting expenses. 11th House: Arrival of relatives. good health. indifferent health. 3/12. 6th House: Success of undertakings. increase in expenditure. sorrow. 10th House: Monetary gain. 2/7. The Sun for instance is good in 3rd house from Moon. illness. 12th House: Heavy expenses. the good effect will not accure. 7th House: Gains. 9/10. danger. gains. frustration of objective. unprofitable wandering. 6/9. SUN’S TRANSIT 1 House: Change of place. 5/9. ill-health. 10/7. 5/4.

MERCURY’S TRANSIT st 1 House: Setback in education. change of job. 4th House: Abnormal expense. happiness in domestic life. excess of heat in the body. 6th House: Success. separation from beloved ones. gain. ill-health. 3rd House: Success. 2nd House: Gain. ill-health. gain of gold. gain through speech. 2nd House: Gain or wealth. domestic happiness. 9th House: Disagreement with relatives. quarrel. 7th House: Domestic quarrel. heavy expenditure. unwarranted blames. excellent mental activity. 9th House: Setback in undertaking. displeasure of relative. mental aberration. sorrow. 7th House: Success in undertaking. st JUPITER’S TRANSIT 1 House: Loss of job or shifting of residence. quarrel. ill-health. slavery imprisonment. 5th House: Feud at home. loss of money. 7th House: Exhaustion. preferment. gain of wealth and jewels. 6th House: Loss of money. 12th House: Humiliation.MARS’ TRANSIT 1 House: Travel. affliction of children. trouble to the abdomen or eye. fear from foes. 12th House: Trouble in the eye. riches. 8th House: Travel. loss of money. success. ill-health. friendship of great men. 2nd House: Displeasure of employer. 6th House: Success. displeasure of superiors. fear from foes. displeasure of superior. quarrels. 5th House: Ill-health. an unruly tongue. 4th House: Gain. sorrows. fear from foes. bodily injury. 11th House: Domestic happiness. 8th House: Affliction of wife and children. 3rd House: Danger. 10th House: Health. frustration. 8th House: Success and happiness. disease. 4th House: Undesirable association. preferment. 3rd House: Trouble through enemies. 10th House: Gains. failures. gain through speech. humiliation. 11th House: Very favorable. good food. quarrel with enemies. 5th House: honour. death of relatives. mental aberration. wandering st . tragedy at home. injury. increase in emolument.

6th House: Disease of wife. 9th House: Fall in income. Rahu and Ketu wield the same influences as Mars and Saturn respectively. romance. nd 2 House: Ill-health. 11th House: Promotion in job gain.9th House: Gain in friendship. expenses. happy events. wandering. 10th House: Setback in work on hand. . honour. acts of charity. 3rd House: Success. recognition of merits. quarrel with women. loss of money. public disapproval. 4th House: Joy-rides. 3rd House: Gain from friends. quarrel through argument. 10th House: Failure of undertakings. gain. expenses. 8th House: Death of near relative. increase in produce. 12th House: Accident. children and near relatives. 11th House: Gain in money and woman. 5th House: Well-being of son. disease. humiliation. unwholesome food. loss of cattle. 6th House: Loss of enemy’s interest. 12th House: Tendency to florid adornment. preferment. 9th House: Charitable activities. humiliation. 12th House: Wife’s travel. separation from beloved. 11th House: Gain. Saturn at the time of leaving the houses. gain in riches. humiliation. 8th House: Improvement of landed properties. happiness of parents. unwarranted allegations. fear from foes. sorrow over relatives. success in undertakings. 7th House: Journey. VENUS’ TRANSIT st 1 House: Good meals. loss of money. 5th House: Loss of money. sex-enjoyment. honour of relatives. humiliation. quarrel. 2nd House: Domestic happiness. reward. dispute. SATURN’S TRANSIT st 1 House: Affliction of wife. 7th House: Loss of peace at home. gain. confinement. feud. 10th House: Disease. Improvement of habitation. sleep and enjoyment. domestic happiness. affliction of parents. Moon and Mercury all through their sojourn. expenses. Of these planets. Sun and Mars will usher their influence immediately as they enter the houses: Jupiter and Venus while half-way in the houses. wandering. 4th House: Ill-health. sorrow.

The Moon just becomes an amplifier of the good or bad effects indicated by the different planets with which it becomes associated during its short sojourn in the different houses. And however beneficent a planet may be in its gifts during transit. whereas the bad aspect. In transits too. TABLE OF DASA ALLOTMENTS Nakshatras Krittika Uttara Phalguni Uttara Ashada Rohini Hastha Whose period Years Sun 6 Moon 10 . the relative strengths of the different planets and special aptitudes in respect of individual horoscopes should be taken into account: or no two horoscopes are identical and each reading should be individualized. while pronouncing opinions by this method. This method should always be handled jointly with the dasa system. of two bad planets will increase the bad effects. the dasa period should permit the same to be taken full advantage of. the results of all the planets in the different houses should be considered. rulership and aspects of their planets.It should be borne in mind that the effects enumerated above will be modified by the strength or weakness by position. for the net effect alone should be taken. checking one by the other as it were. an aspect between a good and bad planet neutralizes the effects of both. For instance besides the vedha positions already explained. The good effects of a weak planet will naturally become weak like milk mixed with water. Further.

the total amount of the years of the opening dasa must be equated to this 13 degrees 20’ and that portion of the years which is proportionate to the degrees yet ot be traversed by the Moon in order to complete that nakshatra Venus . This will give us the exact position to the above table. we can immediately find what the opening dasa is. What remains for us is to find how much of the opening dasa is outstanding at the time of birth.Shravana Mrigasirsha Chitra Sravishta Ardra Swati Satha Bhishag Punarvasu Vishakha Purva Bhadra Pushya Anuradha Uttara Bhadra Ashlesha Jyeshtha Revati Aswini Makha Mula Bharani Purva Phalguni Purva Ashada Mars 7 Rahu 18 Jupiter 16 Saturn 19 Mercury 17 Ketu 7 20 -------120 so all that we have to do is to calculate the longitude of the Moon from time of birth from Raphael’s Ephemeris and subtract from it the ayanamsa of the year of birth. So. It has already been shown that the measure of a nakshatra is 13 degrees 20’.

those of the lords of the second. fear from foes during that of the sixth house lord marriage in the case of the seventh. ON DASAS IN GENERAL Generally speaking the dasas or major periods. third and eleventh houses. good business conditions during that of the tenth gain in the eleventh and sickness. Childbirth during the rule of the fifth house lord. Their hands are tied as it were. During the major period of a planet. The other dasas will follow afterwards in the fixed order. Apparently the planets choose to remain neutral out of humility. interest in good undertakings in the case of the ninth. During the period of rule of the lord of the first house. the native will be strongly entrenched. setting up family and domestic happiness are indicated. during similar disabilities. During that of the ruler of the second house. Table of Yoga Karakas Lagna Malefics Marakas Benefics Yoga . The Sun and the Moon are however exceptions to the odium in respect of the eighth house rulership alone. eighth and twelfth houses unrelieved by other favorable factors are always harmful. recovery from illness in the case of eighth. expenses and confinement in the twelfth are indicated. fulfill their promises through the medium of their colleagues which are similarly placed or aspected during their sub-periods. Acquisition of properties is indicated during the rule of the fourth house. The planets. unfavorable results accrue. of planets who are lords of the angles or trines produce favorable results. During the periods of yoga karakas the malcontents find themselves incapable of doing any mischief. These effects will accrue when the lords are strong. prodice mixed results and those of the sixth. its own sub-period will be inconspicuous. This will be the outstanding years of the opening dasa. When the lord of the third house rules.must also be found.

The major periods of those planets which are the lords of the third. Venus Dhanu Venus Mars. Sun Saturn. Mars Sun. Venus. Jupiter. Sun Vrischika Mercury. Venus Moon Mercury. Mer. Mer. Moon Mer. the sub-periods of good planets which are un-influenced by the ruling planet. are hardly productive of good results. Jup.Karakas Mesha Saturn.. Ven. Venus Kanya Mars. Mars. Moon Thula Jupiter. Sat. Mars Meena Saturn. Sun Mercury Jupiter. Mars Venus Moon. Similarly in the major period of a harmful planet. Moon Venus. Mer. Sun. Moon Venus Jupiter. Mercury Jupiter. Sun. Moon Mithuna Mars. Moon. Venus Mars Mercury.. Sun. Mars. Venus. Sun Jupiter. Mars. Saturn Mars. fifth or the seventh nakshatras from the janma nakshatra are also evil. Venus. Venus. Mercury Simha Mercury. Moon. Sun. Moon Saturn. The highly beneficial effects of a planet that gives raja yoga. Venus Mars. Mars. Jupiter Venus. Sun Kataka Mercury. Venus Makara Mars. Mars. Sun. Mercury Jupiter. Mars Saturn. Mer. Mercury Jupiter. Jupiter. Jupiter. Those that are influenced give mixed results. . Mer. Venus Mars Mars. Venus. The good results go on increasing in the subperiods of harmful planets during the same major period. Sun Saturn. Moon Kumbha Jupiter. Venus Vrishabha Jupiter. Moon. manifest themselves in the sub-period of the maraca (death-dealing) planet during the major period of the former.

enjoy life to the brim. The indications for the same are a long face. etc. and beautiful body are the indications. Vallaki – If all the seven planets are distributed at the rate of one planet in a sign starting from Lagna consecutively. Sasaka – This is when Saturn is similarly placed. but will be a derelict and immoral person. Hamsa – This yoga happens when Jupiter is placed in the same manner as the above. gift of the gab. Malava – When Venus is similarly placed this yoga is said to be formed. wealth by various means. the good effects of favorable planets begin to take shape when the Sun or Jupiter usher their sun-periods in the major period of the former. this yoga is said to be formed. scholarship. Kingship. brilliant intellect. fame and generalship. victory.. charitable-mindedness. large family. servants. admiration even by the enemies. The native will be wealthy. YOGAS Certain special positions of planets or Yogas which are remarkable for their effects are described in the following paragraphs:Ruchaka Yoga is when Mars occupies his own place and in trine or angles to the Lagna. wealthy and praise from the learned. vehicles. dancing and allied arts.In general. . officership. Bhadra – This is when Mercury is placed as above and in trine or angles to the Lagna. plenty of cash. The indications are long life. doggedness. the effects being great wealth. The indications are: the native will be a lover of music. landed property. charitablemindedness.

do hateful actions and be a servant for life. Neecha bhanga Rajayoga – When a planet occupies his neecha position. Daridra – Lord of 11th in 6. occupies big post. He will be poor. 12 or 11th occupied or aspected by malefics. riches and fame in public life. A person who has any one of the above combinations will be highly venerated and will be dharmic minded. Kesari Yoga – Moon in Kendra to Jupiter. speak and behave awkwardly. He will most probably live in bondage doing undesirable things. (a) If the lord of that neecha house aspects the neecha planet. The indications are that the native will have interrupted fortunes but famous. Chamara – This is a very desirable yoga and happens when there is a benefic in the langa which is well placed and well aspected and the lord of the lagna is similarly well-placed and well aspected. they produce very favorable results in all undertakings.Dhama – This is when the seven planets occupy six signs from lagna consecutively. Rajju – This happens when all the planets in a horoscope occupy the movable signs. Raja yoga – If the lords of the 9th and 10th houses are in conjunction in either of the above house or are situated in one another’s house. The effects are formidable to opponents. indebted. able speaker in large assemblies. keen intellect. . (a) if the lord of that neecha house or the lord of its uchcha house (7th from it) occupies Kendra position from Lagna or Moon. (b) If the lord of that neecha house occupies his house or exaltation or Kendra. and very capable. famous. 8. Then the native will be highly charitable. Khemudra – If there are no benefic planets in or on either side of Langa or Moon’s place or in their kendras then the man will be a run-down even though born rich. The effects are long life.

Now we will explain the method of knowing yearly results by this method. 1.Chakata Yoga – Moon in 6. Since this quantities in a way. retiring as a sorrow-stricken man. and have happy family life. 3 planets rule the year. Rahu and Ketu are malefics. If all the three planets are malefic the complete year will be bad. good at figures. wealthy. This is also considered here under Gochar results given here. Venus waxing Moon. waning Moon. If one planet alone is benefic and the remaining two are with rare intermittent good results. If all the planets are fully benefics the year troughout will be good. uchcha or friendly mansions and strong. 2. liberal in gifts and will enjoy a luxurious life. 9th or Kendra and at the same time in own or uchcha places constitute this yoga. Mars. . during each year of their age. RESULTS FOR EACH YEAR OF THE AGE OF THE NATIVE RULED BY 3 PLANETS EACH YEAR For persons born in 27 stars. 8 or 12 from Jupiter. the results of ruling planets each year. healthy. He will find himself against great odds and finally be defeated in the battle of life. Saraswathi Yoga – Venus. wealthy. Lakshmi Yoga – Venus and lord of 9th house in 5th. Mercury not connected with malefics are the full beneifcs. Jupiter. Saturn. beautiful. This calculation of knowing the results is prevalent mostly in northern districts of India. Sun. poet. Mercury in Kendra or trikona or 2nd house and Jupiter occupying own. If two of the planets are benefics and the other is malefic the result will be good but at the same time there may be also bad results to a certain extent. Such a person will be a scholar. Jupiter. Such a person will experience great changes in fortune. The native has to suffer to the maximum throughout the year. Such a person will be blessed with a happy family. Mercury connected with malefics.

The Lords are Venus. Now get down the birthday of the year of the age of person should be noted down. . Now let us take the age of the native is at present 68.Rahu. the year will not be good at all. However. Hence during this 68th year he will havce completely bad results which means. Hence this year will be 50% good for the native. 71st year Here only Venus . Ketu and Mars. 68th year Lords are 2. Hence this year will be very good. in his 72 years you will see that Lords are Moon. Ketu --whenever Mercury’s transit is not connected .Lords are Venus. Now look at the tables first from the perpendicular first column upside down all the 27 stars are given one by one.Lords are Ketu. Let us suppose that his Janma Nakshatra is Chithra. 4. Mercury. Ketu and Mars a bad year . Note down the Janma Nakshatra of the person. In this square you see the planets Rahu.Here Venus will do good.3. all are malefics. and Jupiter. Ketu and Mercury. 5. 4. First we should calculate the present age of number of which we have to know the results. Mars and Moon. Moon will do good when waxing that is for 6 months he will be good. 69th year Moderate only 1/3rd good with malefics. . Now look down under 68 in the horizontal column where the horizontal column cut the vertical column. From that day only the particular new year of age for which you have to know the results begin. Next you may see the horizontal colums showing different ages. From the above we can see that 1. 3. 70th year .

the middle four months will only be good. Hence out of all the years from 68 to 72nd years of age will be good on the greater side II. 1. 72nd year Moon.5 planets are good this year. Here Moon will be good when he . 69th year.833 good with intermitten good and bad periods.Now take the 72nd year. the Lords being Venus. Hence 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/6 = 2+2+1 = 5/6 the year will be good and Mercury is good. . 2nd 4 months will be very bad. that is he functions as benefic planet for 50% of the year including Venus 1. The second planet gives results from 3 to 8th months of the particular age. During the third 4 months 2 months will be good with intermittent 15 days period each whenever Moon is waxing. Jupiter is fully good. whenever Mercury is not connected with malefic planets. Mars and moon here first 4 months will be good. For each afe 3 planets are given. The Lord are Jupiter. Now with this in view if you look the case of the native. Hence he will have 50% good results and 50% bad results With intermittent periods. First planet gives results up to 4th month of the age. The third planet gives results from 9th to 12th month of the age. 70th year. Whenever he is not connected with malefics. 68th year will prove completely bad. Now we can know the results in yet another way. Now these 3 planets should be understood to give 4 months of each in the year beginning from the first planet given in the order now. Jupiter and is waxing hence He is 50% good. 1. 5. 2.

The lord being full benefic during the first 4 months period 50% will be good with intermittent gaps when ever the lord Moon is through waxing phase. First 4 months will be completely good second 4 months will be completely bad (Ketu rules) During 3rd & 4th months say 50% i. Bharani Sun Saturn Mercury Moon Mercury Moon Mars Jupiter Mars Ketu Venus Sun . 4. 2 months period will be good with intermittent fap whenever Mercury is not connected with any malefic. projects etc. Now you can refer to your table and find out which years of the age of the native will be good. And 72nd year will be very good and during this year you can start new things.e. 71st year also will be limits to that of 70th year if not lesser good. In this way. the second and third 4 months period will be very good. Ashwini Ketu Sun Jupiter Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Ketu Jupiter Moon Rahu Venus Ketu Moon Sun Mercury Mercury Moon Mars Jupiter Mars Ketu Venus Mercury 2. THRIPATHA CHAKRA TABLE SHOWING RULING PLANETS FOR EACH YEAR OF HUMAN AGE Your Birth Star The Year of Your Age 2 3 4 38 39 40 74 75 76 1 37 73 5 41 77 6 42 78 1. 72nd year. we can analuyse the results for each year of the age for the native.3. In the above case from 68 to 71st year age results are not good.

Aridhra Jupiter Ketu Rahu Rahu Jupiter Sun Ketu Moon Mars Venus Ketu Ketu 7. Punavasu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Moon Ketu Venus Ketu Moon 8.3. Pushya Rahu Ketu Venus Sun . Mrigasrisha Mars Ketu Mercury Ketu Venus Ketu Mars Venus Mars Venus Rahu Moon Mars Sun Mars Venus Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Mercury Mars Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Jupiter Sun Rahu Moon Mars 6. Rohini Mars Rahu Mars Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn Saturn Jupiter Rahu Moon Sun 5. Krithika Sun Saturn Mercury Ketu Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Mercury Ketu Jupiter Rahu Moon Jupiter Mars Jupiter Mas Ketu Venus Mercury Jupiter Sun Moon Rahu 4.

Pubba Sun Saturn Moon Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Moon Jupiter Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Venus Venus Rahu 12. Hastha Mars Rahu Ketu Venus Mercury Venus Saturn Saturn Rahu Rahu Ketu Sun . Makha Sun Ketu Mercury Moon Venus Jupiter Mars Rahu Venus 11.Mars Venus Sun Mercury 9. Uttara Mars Ketu Venus Mercury Venus Saturn Rahu Rahu 13. Ashlesha Rahu Mars Ketu Rahu Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Jupiter Ketu Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Jupiter Ketu Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Jupiter Ketu Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Mars Ketu Venus Venus Moon Moon Jupiter Ketu Moon Moon Ketu Venus Moon Moon Sun Ketu Mercury Moon Venus 10.

Chitta Mars Ketu Moon Saturn Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Moon Saturn Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Ketu Saturn Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Venus Ketu Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Venus Saturn Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Venus Ketu Mercury Ketu Saturn Saturn Venus Rahu Jupiter Rahu Sun Rahu Ketu Mars 15. Jyestha Venus Ketu Moon Sun Saturn Mercury Moon 19. Visaka Jupiter Venus Sun Sun Rahu Rahu Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Moon 17. Anuradha Rahu Rahu Mars Jupiter Ketu Rahu Ketu Rahu Venus Venus Rahu Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Saturn Moon Sun Sun 18. Swathi Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Venus Sun Rahu Rahu Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu 16. Moola Sun ketu Moon Saturn Mars Sun .14.

Shadabisha Saturn Sun Rahu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Mercury Mars Ketu Mars Ketu 25. Poorvasadha Venus Mercury Rahu Mercury Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Rahu Mercury Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Ketu Mercury Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Saturn Ketu Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Saturn Ketu Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter Venus Sun Saturn Ketu Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Ketu 21. Dhanistha Mercury Sun Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Mercury Sun Rahu Mars Mars 24. Sravana Mars Rahu Saturn Mars Venus Mercury Sun Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Sun 23. Poorva- Sun Rahu Ketu Venus .Ketu Saturn 20. Uttirasadha Mars Saturn Venus Mercury Sun Saturn Ketu Rahu 22.

Uttarabadrapada Rahu Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus ketu Mercury Ketu Venus Mars Moon Sun Ketu 27.badrapada Saturn Ketu Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Sun Jupiter Sun Mercury Sun Mars Sun Jupiter Mars Jupiter Sun Sun Ketu Mars Mercury Ketu Mars Moon 26. Revathi Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mars Mercury Moon Ketu Your Birth Star 7 12 43 48 79 84 Saturn Sun Moon Saturn Rahu Jupiter Jupiter Moon Ketu Saturn Mars Mercury The Year of Your Age 8 9 10 44 80 45 81 46 82 11 47 83 1. Bharani Rahu Venus Sun Ketu Jupiter Ketu Rahu Moon Venus Ketu Mercury Sun . Ashwini Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Venus Mars Ketu Rahu Ketu Venus Ketu Moon 2.

Krithika Rahu Mars Venus Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Mars Venus Ketu Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Venus Ketu Moon Rahu Sun Jupiter Rahu Mercury Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Rahu Mercury Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Rahu Mercury Ketu Rahu Ketu Venus Venus Rahu Moon Venus Ketu Moon Sun Saturn Mercury Moon Sun 4. Pushya Mercury Ketu Mars Mars Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu .3. Rohini Sun Ketu Mercury Mercury Rahu Jupiter Sun Mars Venus 5. Aridhra Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Mars Venus Mercury Sun Saturn Mars Ketu Rahu 7. Punarvasu Mercury Rahu Ketu Venus Mercury Mars Mars Mars Sun Rahu Ketu Sun 8. Mrigasrisha Sun Mars Rahu Mercury Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Mars Venus Sun Mars 6.

Chitta Moon Mars . Ashlesha Mercury Venus Ketu Mercury Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Ketu Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Rahu Mars Saturh Ketu Mercury Jupiter Ketu Mercury Sun Jupiter Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Mars Rahu Saturn Mars Mars Mars Mars Rahu Jupiter Sun Sun Rahu Ketu Mars Ketu Ketu 10. Pubba Rahu Sun Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mars Mars 12. Makha Jupiter Sun Sun Rahu Ketu Mars Ketu Mercury Ketu Venus Mars Moon 11. Hastha Sun Mercury Mercury Moon Mars Jupiter Mars Ketu 14. Uttara Ketu Sun Ketu Venus Venus Ketu Moon Rahu Sun Saturn Venus Ketu Moon Sun Mercury Mercury Moon Mars 13.Venus Rahu 9.

Swathi Sun Saturn Sun Jupiter Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Mercury Ketu Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn Moon Saturn Saturn Mercury Ketu Rahu Mercury Ketu Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Mercury Jupiter Mars Venus Ketu Moon Mercury Venus Mercury Mars Saturn Ketu Rahu 16. Moola Jupiter Mars Sun Rahu Ketu Ketu Ketu Jupiter Ketu Venus Mars Moon .Sun Jupiter Moon Saturn 15. Visaka Mars Rahu Mercury Moon Venus Mercury Mars Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Sun 17. Jyestha Saturn Mars Saturn Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Moon Ketu 19. Anuradha Mercury Mars Saturn Saturh Mars Rahu Jupiter Jupiter Sun Rahu Moon Mars 18.

20. Shadabisha Mars Venus Saturn Mercury Venus Saturn Rahu Rahu 25. Sravana Sun Moon Moon Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Venus Venus 23. Poorvabadrapada Mars Rahu Moon Mercury Ketu Saturn Venus Rahu . Dhanistha Sun Saturn Moon Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Moon Jupiter Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Venus Saturn Rahu 24. Uttarasadha Venus Jupiter Moon Sun Moon Mercury Moon Ketu 22. Poorvasadha Jupiter Moon Mars Venus Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Mars Venus Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Ketu Rahu Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Jupiter Ketu Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Jupiter Ketu Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Jupiter Ketu Rahu Ketu Mars Saturn Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Venus Jupiter Venus Ketu Jupiter Ketu Venus Moon Moon Sun Ketu 21.

Bharani Mercury Mercury Moon Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Venus Ketu Sun Rahu Mars . Uttarabadrapada Mars Ketu Moon Saturn Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Moon Saturn Saturh Moon Venus Saturn Rahu Sun Mercury Ketu Saturn Saturn Venus Rahu Jupiter Rahu Sun Rahu Ketu Mars 27. Ashwini Mars Rahu Ketu Sun Jupiter Jupiter Mars Mars Sun Jupiter Ketu Venus 2. Revathi Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Venus Sun Rahu Rahu Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu Your Birth Star 13 18 49 54 85 90 Moon Jupiter Mars Jupiter Rahu Saturn Mars Ketu Ketu Jupiter Venus Ketu The Year of Your Age 14 15 16 50 86 51 87 52 88 17 53 89 1.Jupiter Mars 26.

3. Krithika Mercury Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn Moon Saturn Rahu Mercury Ketu Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Mercury Ketu Sun Mercury Rahu Mercury Mars Venus Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Mars Venus Ketu Mars Venus Mercury Mars Venus Saturh Mercury Rahu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Moon Ketu 4. Aridhra Venus Jupiter Moon Rahu Moon Mercury Moon Ketu 7. Pushya Sun Mercury Ketu Moon Jupiter Mars Moon Ketu . Punarvasu Sun Jupiter Mars Moon Moon Jupiter Mars Ketu Venus 8. Mrigasrisha Rahu Mars Mars Jupiter Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Venus Ketu Moon Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Jupiter Moon Sun Moon 6. Rohini Jupiter Mars Sun Rahu Ketu Mars Ketu Jupiter Ketu Venus Moon Sun 5.

Uttara Saturn Moon Rahu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Venus Mars Ketu Rahu Ketu 13. Hastha Jupiter Ketu Mars Rahu Venus Mars Ketu Rahu Ketu Venus Ketu Moon 14. Pubba Mercury Moon Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Venus Sun Rahu Rahu Mars 12.Moon Rahu 9. Ashlesha Sun Saturn Ketu Rahu Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Jupiter Ketu Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Jupiter Ketu Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Moon Saturn Sun Mercury Jupiter Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Mars Moon Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Mars Rahu Moon Venus Mars Moon Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn Mercury Ketu Mars Saturn Venus Rahu Rahu Sun Venus Rahu 10. Makha 11. Chitta Rahu Ketu Venus Sun .

Swathi Rahu Mars Moon Saturn Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Ketu Saturn Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Venus Ketu Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Venus Ketu Moon Saturn Sun Jupiter Venus Ketu Mercury Mars Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Venus Venus Sun Moon Venus Ketu Rahu Moon Ketu Venus Venus Moon Saturn Rahu Mercury Moon Ketu 16. Visaka Sun Rahu Mercury Mars Ketu Jupiter Mars Venus 17. Jyestha Mars Ketu Jupiter Mercury Saturn Venus Sun 19. Anuradha Sun Saturn Rahu Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Rahu Jupiterq Rahu Mars Rahu Rahu Venus Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Sun 18.Moon Saturn Sun Mercury 15. Moola Mercury Ketu Saturn Saturn Saturn Rahu Sun Sun .

20. Poorva- Mars Ketu Rahu Mercury Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Rahu Mercury Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Ketu Mercury Rahu Mars Jupiter Moon Saturn Ketu Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Saturn Ketu Mars Juptier Ketu Mercury Saturn Ketu Mercury Ketu Saturn Mars Mars Rahu Jupiter Sun Sun Rahu Ketu Mars 21. Uttarabadrapada Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Saturn Sun Rahu Saturn Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu 22. Sravana Jupiter Saturn Mars Sun Rahu Sun Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Moon 23. Poorvabadrapada Sun Ketu Sun Mercury Mars Mars . Dhanistha Rahu Sun Mars Jupiter Ketu Sun Ketu Venus Venus Sun Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mars 24. Shadabisha Venus Ketu Moon Sun Mercury Mercury Moon Mars 25.

Bharani 19 24 55 60 91 96 Ketu Mercury Moon Saturn Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn Moon Saturn The Year of Your Age 20 21 22 56 92 Venus Ketu Moon Sun Saturn Venus Sun Mercury Rahu 57 93 Sun Venus Mercury Moon Rahu Jupiter 58 94 Moon Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Venus 23 59 95 Mars Ketu Venus . Revathi Mars Mercury Venus Mercury Mars Saturn Ketu Rahu Your Birth Star 1. Uttarabadrapada Venus Mercury Sun Jupiter Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Sun Jupiter Mercury Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter Venus Sun Saturn Ketu Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Moon Mercury Jupiter Mars Mars Venus Ketu 27.Ashwini 2.Ketu Saturn 26.

Punarvasu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Saturn Mars Ketu Sun Ketu Venus Ketu Moon 8. Krithika Sun Saturn Venus Ketu Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Venus Ketu Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Venus Ketu Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Rahu Mercury Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Rahu Mercury Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Rahu Mercury Moon Jupiter Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Venus Mercury Saturn Saturn Sun Rahu 4. Pushya Rahu Ketu Ketu Saturn Venus Sun Sun Ketu .3. Mrigasrisha Mercury Rahu Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Saturn Sun Rahu Sun Mars 6. Aridhra Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Saturn Sun Rahu Sun Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu 7. Rohini Mars Rahu Rahu Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn Saturn Saturn Rahu Sun Sun 5.

Makha Sun Ketu Mercury Moon Mercury Jupiter Mars Mars Venus 11.Sun Mercury 9. Pubba Sun Saturn Sun Jupiter Rahu Moon Jupiter Sun Jupiter Moon Ketu Venus Mars Mercury Saturn Mars 12. Hastha Mars Rahu Ketu Saturn Mercury Mercury Rahu Saturn Saturn Sun Ketu Mars 14. Chitta Mercury Saturn Jupter Rahu . Ashlesha Rahu Mars Ketu Mercury Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Saturn Ketu Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Saturn Ketu Mercury Saturn Sun Saturn Saturn Ketu Mercury Sun Moon Mercury Sun Jupier Venus Mars Moon Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Saturn Mars Ketu Venus Venus Sun Moon Ketu Moon Venus Sun Moon Sun Ketu Mercury Moon 10. Uttara Mars Ketu Venus Mercury Mercury Saturn Mars Rahu 13.

Moola Sun Ketu Mercury Moon Jupiter Jupter Mars Moon Venus . Jyestha Venus Ketu Moon Sun Jupiter Mercury Moon Moon 19.Swathi Mercury Venus Sun Jupiter Satun Moon Saturn Sun Ketu Jupiter Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Mercury Ketu Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Mercury Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Mercury Mercury Ketu Moon Saturn Ketu Rahu Mercury Sun Mars Mars Ketu Ketu Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Mercury Sun Rahu Mars Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu 16.Sun Jupiter Saturn Ketu 15. Visaka Jupiter Mercury Moon Sun Rahu Mars Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Moon 17. Anuradha Rahu Mars Mars Jupiter Ketu Mars Ketu Venus Venus Mars Moon Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Jupiter Moon Sun Moon 18.

Dhanistha Mercury Moon Ketu Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Venus Sun Rahu Mars 24. Sadabisha Saturn Moon Rahu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Venus Mars Rahu Rahu Ketu 25. Uttarasada Mars Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Ketu Rahu 22. Poorvasadha Venus Mercury Mars Venus Moon Saturn Sun Saturn Mars Venus Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Ketu Rahu Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Jupiter Saturn Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Jupiter Ketu Saturn Moon Saturn Sun Jupiter Ketu Sun Saturn Ketu Mercury Rahu Moon Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Moon Jupiter Jupiter Mars Moon Venus Ketu 21. Sravana Mars Rahu Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Venus Sun 23. Poorvabadrapada Jupiter Moon Rahu Ketu Ketu Venus Venus Rahu .20.

Uttarabadrapada Jupiter Moon Moon Saturn Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Moon Saturn Sun Jupiter Sun Mars Ketu Moon Rahu Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Ketu Mars Jupiter Ketu Venus Ketu Venus Rahu Moon Sun Ketu 27.Rahu Mercury 26. Revathi Venus Venus Ketu Sun Rahu Moon Moon Ketu Your Birth Star 25 30 61 66 97 102 Saturn Sun Sun Jupiter Rahu Mercury The Year of Your Age 26 27 28 62 98 63 99 64 100 29 65 101 1. Ashwini Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Mercury Mars Ketu Mars Moon Venus Ketu Moon .

Mrigasrisa Sun Mars Mars Mercury Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Jupiter Venus Moon Mars 6. Krithika Venus Ketu Moon Sun Jupiter Mercury Moon Moon Venus 4.2. Punarvasu Mars Rahu Ketu Mercury Jupiter Mars Moon Ketu . Aridhra Moon Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Mars Jupiter Venus Mercury Moon Mars Ketu Rahu 7. Bharani Jupiter Moon Ketu Moon Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Mercury Ketu Mars Saturn Ketu Mercury Jupiter Ketu Ketu Saturn Venus Mercury Mercury Ketu Moon Rahu Saturn Saturn Mars Venus Mercury Sun Moon Jupiter Mars Venus Rahu Mercury Mars Jupiter Ketu Mars Ketu Ketu Mars Ketu Venus Ketu Moon Sun Sun 3. Rohini Venus Mars Moon Venus Ketu Mercury Moon Jupiter Jupiter Mars Moon Venus 5.

Chitta 15. Uttara 13. Makha 11. Pushya Mars Ketu Mars Venus Venus Ketu Mercury Venus Ketu Rahu Mars Moon Saturn Jupiter Rahu Jupiter Jupiter Sun Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Moon Ketu Venus Moon Moon Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter Saturn Rahu Sun Mercury Ketu Mars Mars Jupiter Rahu Jupiter Moon Sun Rahu Ketu Mars 9. Ashlesha Mars Jupiter Rahu Mercury Moon Sun Rahu Moon Mars Ketu Moon Ketu Venus Ketu Moon Sun Ketu Mercury Moon Ketu Jupiter Jupiter Moon Sun Rahu Ketu Mars Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Ketu Moon Sun Venus Mercury Moon Venus Jupiter Mars Venus Venus Rahu Ketu Mars Ketu Venus Ketu Venus Venus Moon Sun Venus Mercury Moon Rahu Jupiter Mars Rahu Venus Mercury Rahu Saturn Ketu Venus Ketu 10.Jupiter Mars 8. Hastha 14. Swathi . Pubba 12.

Visaka Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Venus Venus Mercury Venus Saturn Mars Venus Venus Mercury Rahu Saturn Saturn Rahu Rahu Merucry Rahu Saturn Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Ketu Sun Saturn Ketu Rahu Jupiter Saturn Sun Rahu Saturn Mars 17. Ashwini Mars Rahu Ketu Venus Mercury Venus Saturn Saturn Rahu Rahu Ketu Sun 2. Krithika Saturn Jupiter Rahu Ketu .16. Bharani Mercury Venus Sun Saturn Saturn Sun Rahu Jupiter Ketu Sun Rahu Mars 3. Anuradha 18. Jyestha Yours Birth Star 31 36 67 72 103 107 Moon Jupiter Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Mars Ketu Ketu Saturn Venus Saturn Mercury Venus The Year of Your Age 32 33 34 68 104 69 104 70 105 35 71 106 1.

Punarvasu Sun Mars Mercury Moon Sun Jupiter Mars Ketu Venus 8. Mrigasrisha Rahu Rahu Mars Jupiter Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Venus Ketu Moon Ketu Ketu Ketu Venus Mars Moon Sun Sun 6. Pushya Sun Mars Ketu Mercury Moon Mars Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Ketu Mars . Aridhra Venus Mars Moon Sun Sun Mercury Moon Ketu 7. Rohini Mars Sun Venus Ketu Rahu Mercury Jupiter Moon Venus Ketu Sun Mercury Rahu Mars Rahu Mercury Mars Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Rahu Mercury Ketu Mars Venus Mercury Rahu Mercury Moon Rahu Rahu Sun Ketu Mars Saturn Mars Sun Ketu Jupiter Rahu Sun Rahu Ketu Mars Ketu Saturn Ketu Venus Rahu Moon 5.Venus Ketu Rahu Moon 4.

52 to 56 Methodology After understanding the nature and characteristics of planets. Vowels 57 & 61. : 34 to 38. 75. the next step is to determine their Vedha aspect on the five important components of the individuals. Consonants : 2 to 8. 46 to 50. 69. These all pertains to the brigh constituents of the native. 78. 79. 62 to 64 : 74. 33. Signs 3. 18 to 24 & 26 to 32 : 58 to 60. 78. 17. 65. 6. These are as under: Star (Nakshatra) at birth occupied by Moon Sing (Rasi) at birth occupied by Moon Lunar Tithi at birth and birthday Consonant – First word of the native’s name Vowel – swara of the native’s name . 45.77. The vedhas pronounced as auspicious in the charka bring happiness but those declared as evil produce only miseries and calamities. Lunar Tithies 4. The details of varga number and their constituents are as follows. Weekdays 5. Ashlesha Sun Mars Mars Mercury Jupiter Ketu Moon Sun Ketu Mercury Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Mars Sun SARVATO BHADRA CHAKRA Mars Rahu SARVATO BHADRA CHAKRA is term used for predicting transit of planet in a more precise way. Stars 2. While considering the effect of transit of a planet. 51. 80 and 81 : 74.9. whose transit results are to be considered. Refer to the diagram of SARVATO BHADRA CHAKRS (Fig). the charka should also be used. 76. 80 and 81 : 1. These all pertains to the brigh constituents are as follows. 40 to 44.. 9. 73. 10 to 16. 39. 76. 25. The main constituents are as follows: Varga Numbers 1.

no. 8.All these can be determined from the birth chart. 3. please refer to the table given below: Stars – Padas & consonants: S. 5. 13. when we do not know through birthday star. 14.Phalguni Hasta Chitra Savti Visaka Anuradha Jyestha Mula P. 22. 25. 24. 7. 16. 20. 9. 19.Phalguni U. 23. 17. Star Pada1 Pada 2 Pada 3 Pada Varga Consonant Consonant Consonant Consonant number 1. 18. 12. decide on the basis of most popular latest name of the individual. 4. 2. 11. 21. Ashwini Bharani Kritika Rohini Mrigasira Ardra Punarvasu Pusya Aslesha Magha P. In case the birth chart is not available.Sadha Abhijit Sravana Dhanistha Satabhisaj Chu Le Aa O Vay KU Kay Hu De Ma Mo Tay Pu Pay Ru Thi Na No Yay Bu Bhe Ja Khi Ga Go Chay Lu Ee Va Vo Gha Ko Hay Du Me Ta To Sha Po Ray Thu Ni Ya Yo Dha Bho Jay Khu Gi Sa Cho Lay U Vi Ka Na Ha Ho Day Mu Ti Pa Na Ra Ro Thay Nu Ye Ba Pha Ja Jo Khe Gu Si La Lo A Ve Ki Chha Hi Da Do May Tu Pi Tha Ri Tha Tho Nay Yu Bi Da Ji Gha Kho Gay Su 31 32 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 4 . 15. 6.Sadha U. 10. To know the star of the person from the first letter of these name.

Mercury associated with malefics is also malefics. Motion – speed . produced in certain stars by they aspect in any of the three aspects front. If produced by ashubha grahas (malefic planet gives bad results). without stopping. is considered most important.26. It’s Vedha aspect is called front vedha. and right vedha when retrograde. Revati De So Tha Do Do Jha Cha Di Na Chi 28 29 30 Before judging the results you should note the following: 1. P. left when in high speed. planet moving from Aries to Taurus. Mars. Vedha With inter-play of transit of planets through stars. it is known as direct motion. The anti-clockwise movement of the planet is called retrograde. have following types of speed. All the nine planete have three types of vedha aspect as under: In Sarvato Bhadra Chakra. depending on the speed of a planet.Aspect Front Left Right Direct motion : When a planet moves direct in clockwise direction. Usually the planets. Sun. U. The 9 planets have three types of Vedha aspect as under: .Direct motion – Normal speed . 2. right to left.Bhadrapada Du 28.Bhadrapada Say 27. Saturn. speed of a planet is of vital importance because of types of Vedha aspects depend on speed. e. Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets.Direct motion – High speed . Waning Moon is also malefic. Types of Vedha aspect In Sarvato Bhadra Chakra.Retrograde motion – Backward Vedha . The vedha produced by suba (benefic planets) grahas give good results.g. which may be direct. This aspect is front when in normal speed. aspect of planets. Venus and Moon are benefic. Jupiter. left and right which is called Vedha. because Vedha depends on aspect. the effect.

Fast planet can aspect only on the left direction. sha.Sun. Right side Vedha aspect by a retrograde planet can cause Vedha of all the five components. the Bu. Rahu and Ketu can aspect in all the 3 directions. Planet in 4th pada of Sravan causes Vedha of 1st pada of Dhanistha and ‘EE’ vowel (by left aspect). the ku. As regards fromt Vedha by a planet some Sages suggested that this Vedha should also cover the other 4 components. na tha. Mars. . gha. Planet in 4th pada of Aslesha causes Vedha of 1st pada of Anuradha and ‘E’ vowel (by left aspect). Planet afflicting Hasta Star. the pu. Front Vedha of a planet can only cause Vedha of star & pada in opposite direction. na. Planet affliction Purvashada Star. Planet with normal speed can aspect in front direction only. Right and left Vedha aspects is always angular at 45 degrees and causes Vedha of all components occupying vargas in that direction. Left side Vedha will also cause Vedha of all the five components. Venus. Mercury. Retrograde planet can aspect only on the right direction. Chha consonants are also afflicted. consonants are also afflicted. pha and da consonants are also afflicted. Jupiter. Moon. dha. Special Vedha Aspect Planet in 4th pada of Bharani causes Vedha of 1st pada of Krittika and A vowel (by left aspect). Saturn. have Vedha aspect in one direction only depending on their speed. Planet afflicting Aridra Star.

the impact of victorious planet will prevail. Mercury. Moon is benefic when it is waxing. Malefic Planets : Sun. Visaka and Sravan cause Vedha of 5. Vedha aspect of a planet of 2 types. if retrograde becomes highly benefic – 200%. Benefic planets : Moon. if retrograde becomes highly malefic – 200% Benefic planet. Mercury is benefic when it is alone. Saturn. Malefic planet when it leaves the Vedha Star and shifts to another Star. Rahu and Ketu. 10. They are 100% malefic. Malefic planet. Mars. Micro-when a planet aspect a particular pada of a Star. it cannot give malefic results. Macro-when a planet aspects a particular sign. Vedha by 2/3 planets in the same pada. They are 100% benefic. Jupiter. These (words) consonants belong to different pada of stars. Ashlesa. although they may be in their own signs or even exaltation signs. Vedha of Lunar Tithi in Bright half (Shukla Paksha) is 100%. specially without any malefic planet.These consonants are not provided in SBC. Hence their Vedha may be examined in this way. whereas Vedha in Dark half is only 50%. Jupiter and Venus cause benefic vedha aspect only. Similarly planets occupying 4th pada of Bharani. . Mars. This type of Vedha is less effective as compared to pada Vedha aspect. Venus and Saturn have only one aspect at a time depending on their speed. Mercury. will cause malefic Vedha aspect only. 15. 30 Lunar Tithies and Saturday which is not possible in normal course.

In addition to the above. or aspect by 2 planets occupying 2 different signs but planets opposite each other at a distance of 180 degree eg Sun 10 degree in Aries and Saturn 10 degree in Libra. trade. Special Note on Vedha. Let us consider that retrograde Saturn is passing through the star “Rohini”. Simple way of onterpreting Sarvatho Bhadra Chakra by Vedha of malefic planets. it’s motion (speed). When a planet is causing Vedha of a particular sign. Vedha means a special relationship between the planet in motion and other celestial bodies. the vedhas aspect should be considered by the first letter of the individual name either vowel of consonant. Aspect by planet play important role in influencing human life. Retrograde planet on first pada of Krittika. 1st pada of Dhanistha causes Vedha of 4 vowels – 5. commerce. 15. when birth star is not known. 30 & Saturday. Hence the Saturn causes vedha through right side aspect affecting ‘U’ Vowel and Ashwini star. Now Simple Example 1. 1st pada of Anuradha.Each Tithi has its own consonant. 10. influencing agricultural products. it’s vowel consonant & Tithis are also having Vedha automatically. its conjunction with other planets – when 2 planet occupying same longitude in a star or its pada. The benefic or malefic nature. the consonant is also having Vedha automatically. 4th pada of Magha. This aspect is most dangerous. So when Tithi has Vedha aspect. which are fixed in the SBC of the native. . market fluctuations. nations. Total effect of Vedha aspect of subha and sibha planets are to be considered and the greater side will give good or bad results as may be indicated. sign of a Tithi is also having Vedha. Similarly. very bad results occu if one the other hand is effect by vedha aspect of benefic planets will be benefic. Hence the transit is bad for people having first name starting with ‘U’ vowel and also those born under Ashwini fear.

Mercury in the similar Vedha gives keen intellect. The result of planet occupying the 27 stars and how they cause vedha is given below:. if waxing Moon is transiting it will also cause vedha to Poorvasadha people and will give them full good results. etc). 1. jewels.If in the place of Saturn. The result are as under for the front aspect. vahana yoga and new vehicles. this will affect Poorvasadha nakshatra born people. Vedha is passing through the star Rohini. If in the above case. money. 8. Similarly. In the same position. children. the results of vedha caused by other planets should be considered. 2. 5. Front aspect of Sun causes worries Front aspect of Mars results in loss of money. it aspects front side. Rahu or Ketu similarly causes impediments and obstruction. marriage. 3. including comfort. enjoying luxuries. especially through writing and publication of books. Sanu similarly causes affliction of health and longevity. then the results will be very good. Mithuna Rashi and will also affect the letter ‘AA’ the people having names starting with VA and RA. 7. It will affect the people born in Abhijit nakshatra. Now let us take that Saturn is in ordinary transit. etc will be enjoyed. 2. Waning Moon causes difficulties and full Moon causes benefic results (comforts. Mithuna Rashi people as well as well as people having their name starting with ‘O’ and also Swathi born people will have malefic results. 4. If Jupiter is causing vedha all benefic results. Venus in similar position gives dress. 6. if the planet is speedy in transit namely Athichari then Saturn will see to the Left side and the letter table IFA on page 11a HB . Second Example Suppose Sun is placed in Aridra Star its aspect will be front aspect. progress.

5. the star Poorvabahdrapadha by right side aspect and aspects Moola star by front aspect and causes vedha with it. consonant Sa. Cha.1. The planet posited in Kritthika creates vedha with Bharani star. Meena . the vowel ‘A’ by right side aspect. by aspecting the consonant ‘Ha’. It creates vedha by aspecting the vowel ‘A’ the consonant ‘LA’. vowel ‘oo’. It creates vedha by aspecting consonant Ka. the planet posited in the star aspects the letter Cha. The planet posited in the Star ardhra creates vedha by aspecting the consonant ha. the consonant ‘Dha’. the vowel ‘LU’ the consonant ‘TA’ and the star Hastha with left aspect. It creates vedha with the consonants VA. and star Revathi by right aspect. the star Rohini by left side and aspect also Poorva Phalguni by front side. 6. Thula Rashi by side aspect and creates vedha with shravana star by front aspect. the star Ashwini with right side aspect and aspects the star Abhijit with front aspect. and the star uttarashada by front aspect. Mithuna Rashi. 4. Rishaba Rashi. Kanya Rashi the consonant ‘RA’ and the star Swathi by left side aspect and creates vedha with the letter ‘VU’. 2. The planet posited in Bharani aspects the letter La Aries Rashi. Ashwini. Out of these it aspects Bharani star by right side. Riktha and Jaya Tithis. it aspect the letter ‘A’ Taurus Rashi. 7. the star Uthara by left aspect. ‘Ma’. the star Visaka and Shravan. the consonant ‘PA’ the stat Chitra by left aspect. Meena Rashi. 3. The planet posited in Rohini Creates vedha with letter AV. and the vowel Lu and the star Utharashadha by right side aspect and the star Moola by front side aspect. A planet posited in Pushya star produces vedha by aspecting the vowel ‘Voo’ and the star poorvaphalguni by left aspect. The planet posited in Mrugaseera creates vedhas by aspecting Karaka and Simha Rashis. It aspect the letter U. Nanda and Nanda and Badra Tithis. it aspects star Kritthika. Taurus Rashi. The planet in the star punarvasu creates vedha by aspecting consonant ‘Da’. 8. it aspects the letter ‘Na’ and Scorpio Rashi by right side aspect.

11.m vowel AM. the Makara Rashi the consonant Kha. later ‘Bha’ and star utharashada by left aspect.Rashi and star Sathabisha by right aspect. Kanya Rashi. Dhanus Rashi. 14. vowel ouv. The star Ashlesha by right side aspect and aspects the star Bharani in front aspect. Nha and star Moola by left aspect with consonant PA. . consonant ‘Ma’. Scorpio. it produce vedha with consonant MA. as well as Kumba Rashi by right aspect and creates vedha with the star Anuradha by front aspect.A planet posited in star Utharaphalguni prodices vedha with consonant PA. ‘YA’ vowel EAA and star Poorvashada by left aspect with the consonant TA.A planer posited in Swathi star produces vedha with vowel Rew star Jyestha by left aspect with the consonant Ra. the consonant JA and the star Abhijit by left aspect with vowel Voo. the Mithuna Rashi by right sode aspect and the star Sathabisha by front aspect. HA. KA and Kataka Rashi by right side aspect with the star Poorvabadrapadha by front aspect. Cancer Rashi Nanda and Riktha Tithis. Thula Rashi.A planet posited in Hastha Nakshatra produces vedha with consonant ‘RA’.A planet posited in Chitra star produces vedha with consonant Tha. 12. the star Dhanistha. 13. Bhadra and Haya Tithis. and the star Shravana by left aspect. 15.A planet posited in Maha produce vedha by aspecting Simha Rashi. the consonant Da. Ga. DA the star Punarvasu by right aspect and with star Revathi front aspect. 9. vowel Lu and star Aridra by right aspect and the star Utharabadrapadha by front aspect. and produces vedha by aspecting the star Jyestha by front aspect. A planet posited in the star Ashlesha produces vedha by aspecting star by left aspect.A planet posited in Poorvaphalguni produces vedha with consonant Ta. 10. respectively. star Pushya by right side aspect and star Aswini by front aspect respectively.

22. vowel AM. TA. consonant ‘Cha’ and star Aswini by left aspect with star Swathi.A planet placed in star Moola produces vedha with the consonant Bha. vowel Ruo. 17. rashi Scorpio. Rishaba Rashi. the vowel and the star Krithika by right side aspect and with star Dhanistha by front side aspect.A planet posited in the star Utharasadha produces vedha with consonant Kha. Thula and the star Uttaraphalguni by aspect with the star Mrugaseera by front aspect. Meena Rashi. and the star Poorvasadha by left aspect.A planet posited in Anuradha star produces vedha with Vishaka star by right side aspect with the consonant Na. Badra. SA. Scorpio and Aries Rashi.A planet posited in Vishaka star produces vedha with the star Anuradha by left aspect with the consonant Tha. Dhanuse Rashi. the consonants BHA. 18. Tha.16. Revathi star by left side aspect with the consonant Na. Kumba Rashi. vowel EAA. the vowel Amby the star aspect. Capricorn and Simha Rashis and the star Makha by right side aspect and Krittika by front aspect. 20. Makara Rashi. the consonant Dha. the star Chitra by right side aspect and with the star Punarvasu by front side aspect. 23. by right side aspect and produces vedha with the star Pushya by front aspect. Ga. Ruu. 21. .A planet posited in Jyestha star produces vedha by aspecting consonant Ya. the star Poorvaphalguni by right side aspect and the star Rohini by front aspect. PA.A planet posited in the star Poorvashadha produces vedha with consonant JA.A planet posited in Shravana produces vedha with star Dhanistha left side aspect with the consonants KHA. the star Shathabisha by left aspect with the consonant JA. Nandha Tithis. Thula Rashi. the star Hastha by right side aspect and the star Aridra by front aspect. MAA with the Tithis Jaya and Bhadra. 19. consonant RA.A planet posited in the star Abhijit produces vedha with vowel. La. vowel “I” Utharabadrapadha star by left side aspect with consonant YA. Bharani star and Jaya and Riktha tithes by left aspect and with star Ashlesha by front aspect.

Hence his aspect will be towards right in creating vedha. 1. and Mithuna Rashis. and with star Utharashada by right side aspect and with the star Chitra by front aspect. LU. Examples We have already given some examples in the beginning. BHA with Kumbh Rashis and the star Moola by right aspect with the consonant LA. DA. KA with Mesha and Rishaba Rashis. 28. In this case. the star Aridra by left aspect with the consonants SA. Kumba and Kataka Rashis.A planet posited in Dhanishta produces vedha with consonants GA.A planet posited in Poorvabadrapadha star prodices vedha with consonants DHA. the star Shravana by right side aspect and the star Vishaka by front side aspect. Now we will look into some more.A planet posited in Revathi star produces vedha with consonants DHA. Though we can work out actual examples for transit of all planet for the present we will consider only Jupiter and Saturn. 26. the planet is retrograde. 27.A planet posited in Sathabisha Nakshatra produces vedha with the consonants SA. the star Pushya by left aspect with the vowel RU and the star Abhijit by right side aspect and with the star Swathi by front aspect. JA the vowel ‘I’. the star Mrigsira by left aspect to with the star Uttara Phalguni the by front side aspect. As on date (22-12-2000) Jupiter is transiting Krittika 4th padha retrograde gets direct motion on 25-01-2001 and passes to the star Rohini only on 1302-2001. the star Ashlesha by left aspect. VA. According to the standard texts in this case the Jupiter create vedha to people born in Bharani star people with the first letter of this first . Riktha and Nandha Tithis.24.A planet posited in the star Uttarabadrapadha produces vedha with the consonants CHA. HA. star Poorvashada by right side aspect and with the star Hastha by front aspect. the vowel A. 25.

name in the vowel AA people born in Rishaba Rashi, people with the first letter of their name in the consonant THA as well as people born in Vishaka star by right side aspect. These people will have good results due to the vedha created. It should be not benefic planet (Jupiter in this case) give good results when they cause vedha to stars. When they are retrograde, it gives immense good results (double benefic results and the reverse in the case of malefic). Now let us take the case of an individual whose birth star is Bharani. This man should get good results now creating vedha to third star by right side asepect due to Jupiter being in 2nd. Now Jupiter being retrograde, will give immense good results (and the conventional if Jupiter should give bad results in the conventional dictum, the reverse results namely very good results should happen. This is the uniqueness of Sarvatho Bhadra Chakra. 2. Now take the case of Saturn. Saturn is malefic planet who gives malefic results only to the constituents with which he produces vedha. Now he is retrograde in Krittika star. He becomes direct only on 2501-2001, after which his malefic results will be somewhat reduced. Saturn for that matter any planet in Krittika star produces vedha with same instances of constituent star given above for Jupiter. Now letus take the case of some man who is born in Bharani star. Saturn creates vedha to Bharani star with right side aspect. For Bharani people Saturn will be in second house from their Rashi Krittika will be the Sampath Thara from their birth star. Though this is last 2.5 years of Sadesathi beginning in Sampath Thara, he may minimize the bad results. But since he produces vedha with Bharani, these will be malefic only, be retrograde in vedha, it gives malefic results in Double Quantum (Sadesathi will be too bad for him) As explained above Jupiter producing Vedha to Bharani people being he also in retrograde. He will give good results only being retrograde and also benefic. Unfortunately since both these varsha grahas peculiarly enough are in the same star and also retrogrades and those good and bad results get cancelled. However we can conclude that as long as Jupiter will be in

the star Krittika, Saturn’s bad result as Sadesathi will not affect the native. This is a rare consideration only. Along with this, the effects produced by vedha caused by the planets by aspects over the Tithis, the Rashis etc of birth of the native can also be assessed and the nature of collective good and bad effects can also be judged. However the prominent consideration is only of Vedas produced on rashis and birth stars. Similarly, Sarvatho Badra Chakra result should be judged for the transit results of other planets.

JUDGEMENT OF HOROSCOPES ( Western Method) HOROSCOPE reading is essentially a synthetic process, the different components of which we have explained in some detail in the previous chapters. All one has to do in judging a horoscope is to collect all the relevant information revealed by planetary positions, house positions, aspects, etc., and syhthesize them with a little imagination, remembering always the environment of the native. The first thing that demands our attention in a horoscope, especially when it belongs to a new-born child, is whether the native will live long or not. For that we must consider the nature of the rising sign, its Lord, the nature of the planets rising, the condition of Moon and Sun and the lord of the eighth house. If the Sun, Moon and Lord of the 8th house are strong predict a long life. The opposite will be the result when: 1. Saturn, Uranus or Mars is near the rising degree and afflicted by the ruler of the 8th house without benefic aspects from Jupiter or Venus. 2. The greater Sun, Moon and lord of the ascendant are afflicted, the shorter will be the life.

3. Children born during the course of an eclipse.

For the physical description of a person, look for the rising sign, the ruler of the ascendant, planets aspecting the ascendant, along with the signs they occupy. The effects have been individually described in the earlier chapters. There will be bodily defects in the following combinations: 1. Sun and Moon afflicted in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. 2. Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces rising and malefics afflicting the rising degree. 3. Defects in those parts of the body (represented by the house) where a malefic is situated and badly aspected. 4. The native will be deaf when:(a) Mercury is in the 12th house or is lord of the 12th house afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Sun or Uranus, (b) The house corresponding to the ear and its lord are afflicted. 5. If Uranus occupies the sixth house and Mercury is afflicted, the native will be subject to an ailment which will defy doctors and be possibly incurable. 6. (a) If Sun or Moon is in Aquarius and is afflicted by Saturn or Mars by opposition or conjunction the native will be blind; only in the case of Moon, there is hope of remedy. (b) Defect of the eye is indicated also when Mercury or Venus is combust, i.e., very near the Sun. SPECIAL POINTS If any of Pisces, Linra, Aquarius happen to be the 2nd house and Mercury or Venus be there without affliction, the native will be marked for eloquence. If, however, Mercury afflicted by Saturn occupied either Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces he will stammer.

If the house. permanent residence in foreign countries is not advisable. its occupant or ruler is badly aspected. Venus in that house badly aspected in women indicated strong love life. For problems relating to love. If the planet in the 5th house rules the 2nd house. An angle between the Mars of a male horoscope and the Venus of a female horoscope makes for strong physical attraction. Sun in the 9th house is male horoscope and Moon in female horoscopes denote philosophical or religious inclination. if it is badly aspected by Mars it denotes separation.For purposes of finance we look for the Moon and planets in the 2nd house and 10th house in the case of men and Sun instead of moon in the case of women. Mars in the 2nd house badly aspected by Venus leads to financial losses caused by luxury. The place of Fortuna also has great influence on one’s wealth. and/or the planet in the 2nd house rules the 5th house it denotes great lcuk in gambling or lotteries. Mars for rise through one’s . yet the root of occupation lies with the 1st house. etc. Although the 10th house is generally considered as the house of occupation. If Sun and Moon connected with the above danger spots are afflicted the accident will be serious. Saturn in 10th house denotes rise in the latter half of native’s life. for parsimony and avarice. If Uranus or Neptune be there or rule the house. makes for wise economy. Affliction there of Mars or Uranus by another planet or for that matter any planet occupying the ascendant afflicted denotes accident. The part of the body liable to injury can be guessed by reference to the sign from which the malefic influence proceeds. well aspected. reciprocity of luminaries in the 1st and 7th houses between two horoscopes denotes strong affinity between two people. Moon badly aspected in the 7th house denotes changes. badly aspected. afflicted by Jupiter in connection with the 7th house denotes divorce. we look for the 5th house. and afflicted it indicates perversion. The cusp of the 6th house and the cusp of the 8th house are the headlights of accident. children.. speculation. Saturn in the same.

untiring watchfulness and constant anxiety. The rule of thumb method will be to take the houses one by one and examine them in all their aspects. or sink into oblivion. etc. ‘They cynosure for wandering eyes.’ they must play their elected part without recess. electricity. because of marked individuality. Uranus in the 10th house indicated rise by revolution. while strong Jupiter indicates a politician. GENERAL “It may be said. it also brings them under greater compulsion and in a sense into greater servitude. But when the majority of planets are cadent there is seen to be a degree of indifference to the common ambitions of life and a peculiar inconsequence of temperament. murder by a sexual cause is indicated. if the 5th house is also involved.” – Sepharial. while it gives an apparent independence of character. The effects held out by each house will depend upon (1) The nature of the house .own energy. Jupiter indicated occupation in connection with law or officialdom. invention. wellaspected Mercury. JUDGEMENT OF HOROSCOPE (Indian Method) the principles of judgment according to the Indian system are pretty much the same as those of the Western system. A bad Mercury-Neptune combination is indicative of the criminal. Strong connection between Venus and other planets is required for becoming successful artists. being by nature plodders than pioneers. machines. Those on the other hand in whose horoscopes the planets are in succedent positions owe their measure of success not so much to prominence before the world or to the compulsion of circumstances but rather to steadfast endurance and application. Mars in bad aspect with Saturn or Neptune points to the murder suspect. For those to attain to positions of great eminence hold them only by continual effort. Successful businessmen need strong 2nd house and well-placed. in fact. that the more the planets in a horoscope are angular the more is the subject of the horoscope impressed with the peculiarities and potencies of such planets. Strong Mars or Uranus in a horoscope indicates an engineer to technician. making in effect a personality strong enough to force itself into public notice whether for good or evil. Thus.

jewels. Neptune for psychology and Pluto for ideologies. Ketu Maternal grandfather. Rahu Paternal grandfather. body. Mercury Maternal-uncle. silver. mind. unpleasantness. longevity. Jupiter Children. gnana. own houses. Saturn Poverty. during day. moksha. elder brother. . priesthood. Sun Karaka for father. bravery. gold. if birth is during daytime. art. leprosy. certain planets are always responsible for certain aspects of human life. eloquence. Venus and Mercury will suggest a prosperous life. milk. KARAKAS According to both the systems. poison. Below is given a list of the karakas and their charge. romance. cold. soul. Venus Wife. We can add from our experience that Uranus be taken as karaka for electricity.(2) the nature of its lord (3) nature of its dispositor (4) influence of other planets upon it and (5) the state of the particular Karaka planets. government. trade. irrespective of the lagans or other changing factors in a horoscope. nephew. Moon for Mother during night. livelihood. GENERAL A number of planets occupying exaltations. dishonour. writing. husband. fame. trines or angles and strong Jupiter. spiritual gnana. weapons. honours. accidents. pilgrimage. father during night. mother. Mars Younger brother. trade. education.

. be harmful to the native. 6th and 11th houses will not. It is always advisable to consider bhavas with reference to (1) Lagna (2) the Moon and (3) karaka. or occupies 1. Jupiter and Venus specially so. well-aspected Moon will also suggest the same. Lords of 2nd and 12th houses will be greatly influenced by company and aspects by other planets. Misery should be predicted when malefics are placed in a similar manner. independently. The result will be found to be tabulated on a later page under the title Table of Yogakarakas. Benefic. Lord of the 8th house (Sun and Moon excepted) will be unfavorable except when he is lord of lagna when he is bound to do good. middle age and late in life respectively. The association of the lords of Kendra and trikona is capable of doing immense good. Look for the 9th house lord. Lords of the 5th and 9th houses will do good whereas those of 3rd. if lords of Kendra houses or trines will do good whereas benefics as Kendra lords will not.A well-placed. Also good yogas. If he is exalted or strong. 3 or 9th house. An analysis of the different possible dispensations of the planets with reference to each of the twelve bhavas is worth attempting. Malefics. This process will go a great way in clearing doubts. even though they may. say that this will be glorious life. panapara and apokliha houses will indicate a happy tume during childhood. planets in Kendra.

unaspected and unaccompanied by others. will be considerably weakened. or their occupying uchcha. and no benefic lord of the 8th keeps company. mixed results will follow. own or friendly positions will strengthen the bhavas. Complete destruction of bhava should be predicted when the Sun occupied the 8th from it. or friendly planets will thrive. This is true of lagna as of the remaining eleven bhavas. Those bhavas which contain neecha planets lords of 8th or 12th houses. Mercury or Jupiter. uchcha. 8th or12th houses or unfavorable planets occupying bhavas are detrimental to the bhavas. nor containing the lords of 6th. Bhavas occupied by own. or are aspected by them without being vitiated by the company or aspects of other planets will yield favorable results. All kinds of prosperity should be predicted for those bhavas whose trines and angles are occupied by benefics and not occupied or aspected by malefics. each of the twelve houses or bhavas should be situated in all its bearings and then a synthetic version should be put out. and aspected by benefics. Each bhava or house should be treated as lagna and tested for strength or weakness and their sum-total would apply to the horoscope as a whole. . Bhava lords occupying Kendra or trikons positions. the effects will be reversed. If mixed. lord of bhava be combust. The principles governing the examination of the different bhavas is simple. 8th and 12th houses. Bhava lords occupying 6th.BHAVAS IN DETAIL In order to have a complete picture of a horoscope. But if they are aspected by benefics. A reverse position will mean the opposite result. At the same time if the lords of bhavas be similarly aspected or joined by the said benefics. Those bhavas which contain the benefics Venus. the bhavas become doubly strong.

It follows that when the dispositors are strong by positions like uchcha. become strong. It may totally change the face of a horoscope. however good. If the lord of a bhava occupies 6th. is incapable of lifting it from the morass. own or friendly houses in the navamsha chart. Then if that friend happens to be weak by neecha or similar disability. occupy 11th. then the whole bottom is knocked out of you contention that the original bhava is strong. A similar disability in the navamsha chart. friend’s or own placed.Lords of bhavas bracketed with 8th house lord indicate the destruction of the bhavas. then the original bhavas even when weak. too. A bhava is said to be strong when friends of its lord. A very important consideration in the evaluation of the strength of bhavas is this. combust. those bhavas are progressively productive of good result.. Although ill-placed in the lagna kundali. if lords of bhavas occupy uchcha. The destruction of a bhava will also take place during the pendency of the dasa or bhukti of the planet which happens to be the lord of the 2nd or 7th from that bhava or posited there. say in a friend’s house. whether in the lagna kundali or the navamsha kundali. or be aspected by benefics in the navamsha chart. But these planets should not be neecha. his uchcha lord. Predominance of malefic influences on bhavas will destroy them. or be enemies to the houses. 8th or 12th house position or be neecha or in enemy’s house. then the planet occupying the bhava. 2nd or 3rd places. that planet to which that bhava is uchcha. It will become evident from the last two rules how important is the navamsha chart. Hence it is necessary to erect the correct navamsha kundali in each case and predictions should not be given without reference to it. The strength of a bhava is proportionate to its navamsha. will indicate the same result and vice-versa. . Suppose a bhava lord is strong by position.

In that case. aspects of 8th house lord will cause danger to life. because some planets have double house rulership. But it a malefic planet happens to be the lord of bhava and aspects the same. The question of direction (East. etc. aspect of 12th house lord will cause penury. the houses occupied by the bhava lord either in the rasi kundali or in the amsa chart or their trines. Whenever a planet. House indications will be enlivened when the significators pass through sympathetic planets in the horoscope. Each will be felt at its own time as explained above. whichever is the stronger of the two will prevail. One planet may have two conflicting effects to bestow with reference to a single bhava. When the eighth house lord transits any of the above places. by transit or during their dasas and bhuktis vide infra. Suppose we are considering the first house: an aspect to this house from the lord of the 6th house will cause trouble through enemies.Here are some special points to be remembered in this connection. . you must expect at that time such effects as are indicated in the original horoscope as being due to that planet. A bhava fructifies when (1) the lord of the lagna or (2) lord of the bhava or (3) karaka planet or (4) Jupiter transits one of these: the bhava. One must predict the nature of a house indication from the nature of the influence that house receives. Two opposite indications of two different planets will not destroy each other. defect to the bhava should be anticipated. a good aspect of the lord of the lagana to a particular bhave will ensure its success. West.) with reference to a bhava will be decided by one of these:(1) lord of Bhava (2) planet occupying it (3) the planet aspecting it (4) the navamsha of the bhava lord (5) the navamsha of the bhavakaraka. then success is doubtful. crosses the lagna or the place occupied by the lord of lagna by transit.

LONGEVITY We have indicated in a previous chapter certain factors that are detrimental to the life of the new-born child. the same for lagna. 8th house and 10th house. The following combinations indicate long life:(1) Lord of lagna strong. the dispositor of langa-dhipa strong. at the same time lord of 8th house strong. MARRIAGE . Moon strong. 3 Weak Moon in the 8th house and adverse planets in angles and trines. eighth house and Sun on friendly terms. absence of affliction to Saturn (karaka for longevity). Otherwise the afflictions would be considerably mitigated. Moon’s dispositor strong. In all the above cases it is assumed that the planets receive no beneficial rays from Jupiter and that the essential planets are not strong. lord of 8th house a little less strong. (2) Benefics in Kendra and malefics in upchaya. 2 Moon either in the 6th or 8th house aspected by adverse planets. 1 Adverse planets on both sides of the lagna and the house which the Moon occupies. lords of lagna. 4 Moon in lagna along with Saturn or Rahu or Mars occupying the eighth house.The same will be the effect when the lord of the lagna behaves in a similar manner with reference to any planet. (3) Lord of lagna in exaltation and aspected by Jupiter. We now continue to examine what other factors contribute to balarishta.

and the lord of the house it occupies and Venus (karaka for wife) or Mars (karaka for husband) must be strong and free from affliction. The direction of the locality in which the girl is born is determined as follows: Of the lord of the 7th house. 2. . The lagna of the girl whom a man will marry will be one of these: 1. If the Lord of the 7th house along with anyone of Sun. The direction denoted by the house owned by that planet will be the required direction. Moon. Lords of second. Mercury. 3. seventh houses or Venus in the sixth.The 7th house indicated marriage. inter alia. Venus or Lord of 7th house occupying even navamshas indicate more than one wife. The houses of exaltation of the lords of the 1st or the 7th house in the man’s horoscope. Either the 5th or 9th. hence this house must be free from affliction for a happy marriage. Also its lord. eighth or twelfth house and/or also otherwise afflicted. eighth or the twelfth house. fourth or eighth house from that of Venus. the malefics denoting death. from the house occupied by the lord of that man’s lagna or his 7th house. Sun occupied the 7th houses in the Rasi kundali and the house of Mars in the Navamsa kundali. by the number of planets in the 7th house. the occupant of the 7th house and Venus ascertain which is the most powerful. 2. Affliction of wife is indicated if – 1. the native will not enjoy married life in full measure. The number of wives a man will marry is determined. Venus and Mars occupies the sixth. Venus hemmed in between two malefics or malefics situated in the second.

2. According to the dasa system. marriage will take place in the dasa of either the lord of the 7th house or the planet powerfully aspecting it especially when the time is propitious by Gochara (described later) also. When Jupiter transits the house occupied by the lord of the 7th house either in the rasi or navamsha chart. When either Venus or the lord of the 7th house transits the house occupied by the lord of the first house either in the rasi chart or navamsha chart of their trines.The time of marriage can also be found by the following methods: 1. . 3.

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