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Multi-Select the Easy Way
Multi-Select Parameters
Available in 2.2 Builds an array of values

Often Used with SQL
Constrain query to range of values Where state in (‘MN’, ‘NC’, ‘CA’)

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Implementation Techniques
JavaScript Event Handlers DataSet Property Binding Two Issues
Maintenance (query & expression) SQL Injection

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SQL Injection
select * from orders where state in (?)


? = “ ‘MN’); drop database; select * from dual where 1 in (‘1’ ” select * from orders where state in (‘MN’); drop database; Source at:


Parameter Binding
Supported by JDBC and all Databases Stops SQL Injection Attacks select * from orders where state in (?,?,?) Each parameter value requires a binding
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Can BIRT Do This?
Absolutely Design Engine API
Read QueryText Find Parameter Names / Values Modify SQL Text to add ‘?’ Add Parameter Binding to DataSet

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Can BIRT Do This Easily?
Absolutely Use standard SQL Syntax Use ScriptFunctionExtension point
Build your own functions Expose those functions in the UI New to 2.3.1

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Standard SQL Syntax
Select * From Orders Where 0=0 -- and status in (‘MS:parameterName’)

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Use the ScriptFunctionExtension
The easiest BIRT extension point Extremely useful Many simpler applications
Combining the DEAPI and ScriptFunctions is more difficult. Don’t Let these examples scare you away.
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Simple DEAPI Example
Add a Label to a blank design

Work with Parameters
Dynamically show parameters in design

Multi-Select Example
In action
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Questions and Contact Info
Scott Rosenbaum (763) 225-8418 Keith Mericle (562) 698-8583
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Questions ?
Source in Subversion project: innovent.birt.functions

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