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The Assassination Of

By: Cortez Herron
About Lincoln

• Lincoln was a honest person he help

lots of people.
• He was well now for his great
leadership and the war habits.
• He had four kids two died and two
• He then marred Mary Todd Lincoln
November 4.
This is John shooting Lincoln
W ho k il le d L in coln ?
 John Wilkes Booth
killed Lincoln
 He killed Lincoln
because he did not
like him.
 John had shot him
left ear and with
behind his right eye.
Ho w d id L incoln die
and w er e w as h e at?
 Lincoln died in a
theater up in the
 After he got shot he
was paralyzed and
barely breathing.
 He was with friends
and his wife.
These are other pictures of
Lincoln our about him.
In conclusion that was why Lincoln was
hot and will always be now as a
intelligent person and honest and to have
good war habits.