These days the US federal authorities have little spare cash to help the ordinary people of the country

who are facing severe financial duress and struggling very sorely to make ends meet. Money from the Treasury has been drained to meet countless federal expenses including paying for the president’s vacations and air travel and to feed the huge US military machine and fund its excesses abroad. The money churned out by the US controlling central bank has gone straight into the bottomless holes of local and foreign bankers and investment houses manipulating the various physical markets while also busily inflating stock bourses almost everywhere. The US central bank is truly in big cahoots with the wheelers and dealers of the biggest operating casino ever known. Due to this chaotic situation, many ordinary people in the US have been driven into poverty and crimes are rising. Policemen are shooting people in the streets as if they are shooting wild ducks and jails are being filled to overflowing. Local authorites are bankrupt and squeezing ordinary citizens for money because the president and the US Congress cannot provide help. One way to squeeze ordinary people and force them to cough up lots of money for the local authorities and city councils is by way of imposing huge fines for traffic offences. People who break traffic laws typically pay up to a few hundred dollars for each violation in the US today. So lucrative is this method to obtaining money US traffic police in many states / districts now have ‘quotas’ to meet. Last year, Washington DC alone managed to obtain an extra income of over $78 million this way.

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