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Personality Plus

Personality Plus


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Published by: ainun_nadwah on Apr 18, 2009
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Personality Plus

Learn to understand others by understanding yourself

Four type of temperaments
Sanguine Perfect Melancholy Powerful Choleric Peaceful Phlegmatic

Let's have fun with Popular Sanguine
 Appealing

personality  Talkative, storyteller  Life of the party  Memory for color  Hold on to the listener  Good on stage  Wide-eyed and innocent  Enthusiastic and expressive  Curious  Volunteers for jobs  Creative and colorful  Make friend easily

Let’s get organized with Perfect Melan
 Deep, thoughtful and analytical  Serious and purposeful  Genius intellect  Talented and creative  Likes charts, graphs, figures and  Detail conscious  Orderly and organized  Neat and tidy  Perfectionist, high standards  Economical  Deep concern and compassion  idealistic


Let’s get moving with Powerful Choleric
Born leader Compulsive need for change Strong-willed and decisive Can run anything Goal oriented Organizes well Delegates work Thrives on opposition Has little need for friends Is usually right Excels in emergencies

Let’s relax with Peaceful Phlegmatic
All purpose Low-key personality Easygoing Calm, cool, and collected Patient - well balanced Happily reconciled to life Has administrative ability Mediates problems Easy to get along with Has many friends Good listener

How to get along with others
Popular Sanguine

task realize they talk without thinking first realize the like variety and flexibility help them to keep from accepting more than they can do don’t expect them to remember time praise them for everything they

difficulty in completing

Perfect Melancholy

that they are very sensitive and get hurt easily They have pessimistic attitude Compliment them sincerely and lovingly Accept that they like quiet sometime Try to keep reasonable schedule Realize neatness is necessity Don’t let them sacrifice themselve

Powerful Choleric

they are born leader Insist in two way communication Know they don’t mean to hurt Don’t push your luck Try to divide areas of responsibility Realize they are not comppassionate Know they are always right

Peaceful Phlegmatic
They need Help them

reward Don’t expect enthusiasm Realize they putting thing off as tool of defense Force them to make decision Don’t put all the blame on them Encourage them to accept responsibility

direction motivation set goals and make

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